Forbes’ Willingham Wrong on Courts, Vaccine Injuries and Brain Damage
Cathy Jameson On Labor Induction and Autism on Fox 5 DC

Emily Willingham on "Mispresenting the Facts" in Forbes

WillinghamBy Anne Dachel

Emily Willingham at Forbes reminds us at the beginning of her articles, "I write about the science they're selling you."   I couldn't agree more.  In her coverage, she regularly announces that vaccines don't cause autism.  Her latest update was August 9, 2013: Court Rulings Don't Confirm Autism-Vaccine Link

"There’s a post making the rounds courtesy of something called 'Whiteout Press' with the headline 'Courts confirm vaccines cause autism.' It’s spreading across sites, through chains of elementary school parent communities, and onto radars of other communities that overlap. In other words, it’s viral. If only there were a vaccine for it.

"The post itself is a cobbled together retelling of stories everyone’s already known for years. Whiteout Press might have been surprised to learn about this 'ongoing story,' but each element of it has been widely reported in the mainstream media over the last decade and a half, in exceptional detail.

"The centerpiece of the 'courts confirm' article is the 2012 finding of a local Italian court that a child was diagnosed with autism a year after receiving an MMR. The court, in linking the two things, relied very heavily on the retracted and fraudulent 1998 Wakefield MMR Lancet paper and the testimony of a single physician, hired by the plaintiff’s attorney (widely known for advising parents on how to avoid compulsory vaccinations). The physician, Massimo Montinari, it seems, has written a book on how vaccines cause autism and peddles an autism 'cure' that he’s devised."
Willingham ridiculed the idea that an Italian court could be expected to make a sound decision about vaccines. "Italian courts, provincial or otherwise, are not known for basing their rulings in science. "  She said we can rely instead on the scientific evidence and the vaccine court rulings in the U.S.

So why don't we believe her?  Why haven't we been convinced by all the studies that show no link and the rulings against parents who claim vaccines caused their child's autism?

Willingham: "What baffles me–genuinely baffles me–is why they expend the energy on such an internally inconsistent, crazy-quilt job of an argument to level these false charges against vaccines. No medical intervention is without risks, and vaccines are no exception. But vaccines are among the safest, most-effective, and most widely life-saving interventions of all time."

After that ringing endorsement, she cautioned us, "Mispresenting the facts about them does no one any good at all and has done considerable harm."

"Mispresenting the facts"?

Willingham is typical of media people who maintain a cult-like mentality when it comes to vaccination. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines save lives, is their sacred mantra.

No matter how many parents say their healthy child became autistic right after a huge round of shots, there is no link.

No matter how many doctors admit they no longer follow the recommended vaccine schedule, there is no link.

No matter how many studies by well-credentialed experts challenge this tenet of faith, there is no link.

No matter that the federal vaccine court has compensated lots of autistic kids, there is no link.

So was Fox News "mispresenting the fact" when they aired the story, Government Paid Millions to Vaccine-Injured Kids,  on May 9, 2011?

This coverage revealed that 83 cases have been found where a child injured by a vaccine was compensated by the federal government and that child’s injuries included autism.

Listen to Dr. Sarah Bridges talk about son’s case. He was a healthy baby until he was vaccinated. The court agreed that the vaccines he received caused his autism.

Louis Conte, who was involved in the discovery of those 83 cases of vaccine induced autism compensated by the federal government had this to say about Willingham's piece:

Forbes’ Willingham Wrong on Courts, Vaccine Injuries and Brain Damage

Emily Willingham’s missive on on 8/9/13, “Court Rulings Don’t Confirm Autism-Vaccine Link” was in response to a Whiteout Press article called “Courts confirms vaccines cause autism.” Willingham criticized the Italian courts for a decision last year where they ruled that an MMR vaccine caused a child’s autism. She criticized Italian Courts in general but sang the praises of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), for saving vaccine manufacturers millions because the United States is a “hyperletigious society” and life-saving vaccines need to be protected from the civil justice system. She incorrectly and selectively describes the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (she called them the “autism omnibus trial”), seizes the customary opportunity to criticize Dr. Andrew Wakefield and re-iterates the mainstream claim that the science against an autism-vaccine link is “overwhelming.” Willingham claims that the courts show that “vaccines don’t cause autism.”

Willingham’s perspective of the NVICP is shallow and naïve. A thoughtful review of the program reveals a justice venue that lacks compassion, abuses petitioners and their witnesses and has become a vassal of the pharmaceutical industry it protects. The truth is that the NVICP conceals the reality of vaccine injury by keeping vaccine injury victims out of the view of American citizens and juries.

The Omnibus Autism Proceedings ultimately denied justice to thousands of petitioners. The federal government’s Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, which screens all the cases that enter the program, failed to disclose the fact that the program regularly compensated children for the vaccine induced brain damage who also had autism since its inception in 1988. These children were typically compensated for brain damage - the NVICP Table Injury called Encephalopathy - an acknowledged outcome of vaccine injury. Autism is a behavioral manifestation of brain damage in many of these cases. In the peer reviewed Unanswered Questions From the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury, (28 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 480 (2011) Available at: Holland, Krakow, Colin and I reported on 83 such cases after gaining access to a small percentage of the cases compensated over the past twenty years. Our two year investigation revealed that autism secondary to brain damage has long been understood within the NVICP. How clearly understood? Note this comment from a Special Master in the 2003 Kienan Freeman case:
“It was noted at the hearing that Kienan's neurologic disorder has features that might cause it to be labeled as "atypical autism," a condition within the category of "autistic spectrum disorder." (Tr. 103-108.) I note, however, that even assuming that Kienan's disorder is correctly classified within the "atypical autism" category, that is essentially irrelevant to my ruling concerning the entitlement issue in this case. As Dr. Kinsbourne explained, Kienan's autistic-type features seem to be a result of the brain damage that caused his severe mental retardation. (Tr. 9, 21-22.) As Dr. Kinsbourne further explained, brain damage is one of the many possible causes of autism.”

The statement that the courts show that “vaccines don’t cause autism” is false. Many cases in the NVICP show that vaccine injury can result in brain damage and that autism is often a result.
The United States government compensated vaccine injured children with autism years BEFORE. Dr. Wakefield published his paper. It has become fashionable for many journalists to attack Dr. Wakefield, restate that his paper on twelve children with autism was retracted and blame him for the association between autism and vaccines. In contrast, few journalists report that the man behind much of the government’s “overwhelming” scientific evidence – Poul Thorsen - is presently a fugitive from justice ( He is charged with stealing over one million dollars from the Centers for Disease Control, the federal agency that funded his research. And Thorsen’s research – which is flawed in too many ways to list here - was cited over twenty times by Special Masters in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings. This felon is presently evading extradition in Europe. Willingham begins many of her articles with the statement "I write about the science they're selling you." If so, she ought to be writing about Poul Thorsen.

One can imagine that the Whiteout Press article “going viral” upset the legion of vaccine industry supporters who dominate the public discourse on this controversy. Willingham admits that the staying power of this debate “baffles” her. Does she consider that what motivates many (including me) is the desire for children to be protected from drugs that may be injuring them and justice for those injured? I invite her to read any of the case decisions on vaccine injuries from the NVICP. These legal decisions often describe the pain and suffering of vaccine injury victims who may well be impaired for the rest of their lives. Many cases result in death.

Does one case “prove” that “vaccines cause autism”? No, but eighty-three cases - and more recent cases like Mojabi (SAEID B. MOJABI and PARIVASH VAHABI, as legal representatives of their minor son, RYAN B. MOJABI v. SECRETARY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (06-227V)), show a clear pattern. Vaccine injury can lead to brain damage - and autism. It is time for serious, independent investigation of the health outcomes of those compensated for vaccines. --Louis Conte
Personally, I’m waiting for Emily Willingham to do a piece where she talks about how she interviewed Hannah Poling's parents, some of the 83 Pace Law Review parents, some of Dr. Wakefield’s parents, along with at least a couple of the experts on our side.  I want her to really investigate this controversy and see if she remains convinced the vaccines do not cause autism.  That's what reporters are supposed to do.
And if Ms Willingham really really wants to do something worthwhile regarding this issue, she'd demand a comparison study of fully vaccinated and never unvaccinated children to see if both groups have the same autism rate. She could be enthusiastically predicting that we'll clear this up in her favor. She might even look for unvaccinated autistic kids herself just to prove to us that they're out there somewhere. The vaccine debate would be ended overnight if one in every 31 never vaccinated boys also has autism.

And the study group is out there. Lots of parents are now too scared to vaccinate and our health officials do retrospective studies like this all the time.

(Something else the mainstream media has ignored is the fact that eight years ago, Dan Olmsted, then a UPI editor, revealed that he'd found two groups of unvaccinated children and they also didn't have autism.)

Finally, my message to Emily Willingham and everyone else bemoaning the fact that we just don't get it: You need to prepare yourselves.  If this study isn't done, the controversy is only going to get worse.
Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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vendetta people are made after a long ferment

difinition of anti-vaccination people: People - mostly young mothers that witnessed vaccine reactions.

John Stone


The Madsen study (co-ordinated for the CDC by fraud fugitive Poul Thorsen)? You have to be kidding.

Even Cochrane pointed out the fraud in the paper:

"The follow up of diagnostic records ends one year (31 Dec 1999) after the last day of admission to the cohort. Because of the length of time from birth to diagnosis, it becomes increasingly unlikely that those born later in the cohort could have a diagnosis"


"And if Ms Willingham really really wants to do something worthwhile regarding this issue, she'd demand a comparison study of fully vaccinated and never unvaccinated children to see if both groups have the same autism rate."

That study has already been done.

It found no link.

This study has been out since 2002, and yet anti-vaccination people have completely ignored it. So I don't recommend any further research into the topic. We'll just keep finding the same thing, and you guys will still keep ignoring it.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Christine Thompson, It is very important to tell everyone who deals with your son how painful certain sounds are for him. You need to use words like pain and hurt. I am so used to having children in my nursery school with sound sensitivity that I use a low voice and sing low notes when teaching a class that has kids like that, but from what little I have seen in the U.S., many people including teachers have very little understanding of this. I also had sound sensitivity as a child and what I recall is that I was unable to get away from the sound. One would imagine that a child would go away from an unpleasant sound, but I distinctly recall my mother running the vacuum , and it was so unpleasant for me, but I could not get away from it.It would have been simple enough to go outside or upstairs. And of course, when any student is not in his comfort zone, he will not learn anything or be capable of paying attention. Please look for any way on earth, that is not harmful, to get the mercury out of your child. It will go out on its own, but slowly- and as it goes, symptoms will decrease. I recently found that I had made a note, (source unknown):
"most of the fluoride dumped into U.S. water supplies is imported from China. It is heavily contaminated with lead and arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals" And remember never to give tylenol to your child because it depletes the proteins that remove mercury from the body.

Christine Thompson


Max is non-verbal so I have observed that his biting centers around his frustration and anger at not being understood a great deal of the time. He is also sensitive to disruptions in his transition routine. As for noises that torture him, he has a younger sister (autistic as well) who's noise level can be somewhat intense. Max finds relief in the bathroom as the bathroom fan serves as white noise. This summer has been better for him but I'm dreading the coming school year as the pressure increases his behavior. Maybe the Autism Whisperer will whip out her magic wand and I can tell her where to stick it. Thanks for your thoughts.

Birgit Calhoun

To Cherry! Graham George, a Canadian scientist said the same thing about ethyl mercury, i.e. it reaches the brain, if I remember correctly, within less than half an hour and has no trouble passing through the blood-brain barrier. He is better known for studying methyl mercury in zebra fish. He did a lot of his work at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). But he is now back in Canada.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Birgit, The Norwegian reference is very interesting.
To All - For anyone interested in mercury- please see the you tube pieces of Chris Shade. His work with mercury is a new level of advance, and I wonder if any of his findings have application to autism biomedical - or has it already been incorporated. A couple of his statements:
That he considers ethylmercury, the kind in vaccines to be the most dangerous type of mercury because it easily enters the brain and quickly transforms into more toxic forms.
That among adult Americans the main causes of mercury toxicity are fish and dental amalgams. I thought this was interesting because I think people dismiss fish too easily.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Christine Thompson, What a great comment. the first time I read it- baffled ; the second time- almost burst into laughter. the mad hatter and Alice in Wonderland come to mind- more appropriate than the puzzle piece.
But regarding the biting- Can you watch what your son is doing or what his circumstances are when he does NOT bite. It would seem that your answer lies there, though you may find some negative aspects. If the answer is that stress is causing this, the stress needs to be diminished. Recently there was an account about an older autistic boy who began to communicate, and expressed that he still hates the facility where he was sent as a young child, where he was restrained. He considers that to be abuse. Could he be hearing any noise or sounds that are torture for him?


"I saw my son regress from a typical happy go lucky kid making typical age appropriate progress into one that was severely disabled after his MMR shots. ... My son will never have a normal life."

IMO your son has hope that MUST be realized through YOU. The simple fact that the MMR was the participating event is actually quite hopeful. This may indicate gastrointestinal problems as a main problem to solve. There is a LOT of experience dealing with autism GI problems, Doctor Wakefield being one of the most recent; IMO contact some of the many groups dealing with this problem.

Autism Gastrointestinal Problems have usually yielded to resolution using

Doctor Natasha Campbell-McBride's gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Treatment.

There are literally hundreds of other salubrious things you can do for your son. IMO try.


"In other words she gets it but millions of parents that saw their typical children regress following vaccinations are too dumb to get it."


And what is it that she gets?

Has she seen any gold standard clinical trial in sufficient size by non-biased independent testing authorities that demonstrate that ANY "vaccine" is safe and effective? No she has not because such a clinical trial DOES NOT EXIST.

Yet she and tens of millions of similarly propagandized lost souls acting as agents of the corrupt state repeat the mantra ad nauseum.

"Once the child goes to sleep the parents wake up"

Christine Thompson

I had one of the most surreal doctor appointments the other day. I took my son Max into a behavioral health clinic to see if they could advise me on how better to help my son stopping biting his hand/arm. After 3 & 1/2 hours of waiting & filling out BASC-2/ABAS-2 forms the great M.D. - who shall forever be known in my family as the "Autism Whisperer" because she whispered to me throughout our discussion - made her grand entrance. Dr. Lynn Wegner's first question to me was, "Okay, if I had a magic wand what would you wish for?" I really didn't know what to say to her other than I don't believe in magic wands. She gave me one of those "Gee, that response makes me sad" faces and attempted the same question but this time substituting the magic wand for a crystal ball.

She barely acknowledged Max, gave me a list of after school programs/respite services/ASA contact info, all of which we have done, attempted or on waiting lists for etc. Asked for his IEP for the next appointment and proceeded to order lab work for 5 cell microarray, lead, angelman deletion and a host of others. I asked the Autism Whisperer what this blood work had to do with helping Max with his self-abuse. She then suggested that if I went on anti-depressants his hand biting would most likely stop. And as for the blood work "it's helpful for research" and oh, right maybe for my child. You know, the reason why I made him sit in an exam room from 8am to 12pm. I'll tell you he was a real trooper!

Her last whisper was "And remember every child... even one such as yours deserves to go to camp." Thanks Dr. Lynn Wegner, you're my hero!

Birgit Calhoun

I was full of anticipation, I don't know if you could call that hope. But I thought the people who called themselves doctors were really caring people. I have not found them. Even for myself and my other family, I hear more of "It's all in your head" etc. than I could have ever imagined. It's an eye-opener when you have a really low functioning person to deal with. I think the medical profession is in denial and they can't deal with the fact that there is a situation that they either cannot or won't address. It's not in the textbooks. So, it doesn't exist.

I was born in 1941 at a time when people still died of Scarlet fever and diphtheria. You got whooping cough and measles and the whole family had to suffer through it. We had a great general practitioner who was a doctor we trusted. We got vaccinated against smallpox. That was all.

In my book vaccination has to make sense, and when it does what it did to smallpox, I am fine with that. I am not fine with it when there is such a lack of transparency about the design of vaccines that it makes you suspicious every time you read of a new one.

I was going to be a pharmacist. Thalidomide was the reason why I didn't wind up in that profession. And here comes Emily Willingham.

Doug Troutman

I have always thought that autism was acute mercury poisoning and alzheimers was chonic mercury poisoning. I quit reading Forbes, Time, and the Wall Street Journal because of the articles like this. They have an agenda and it is not for the betterment of this country. I attended the AO conference and listened to the congressman. The thing that really bothers is that I know they read the same emails that I read and do nothing. How many trillions of dollars is the epidemic going to cost?


I saw my son regress from a typical happy go lucky kid making typical age appropriate progress into one that was severely disabled after his MMR shots.

When you've seen this first hand and have the videos to confirm it, well you don't need drs or journalists or anyone else to try to convince you there's not a relationship.

My son will never have a normal life. And it's severely affected everyone else in our family and forever changed their lives as well. For someone with no knowledge of this, just shut the hell up, I don't want to hear it.

The relationship is real, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. At least it was for mine.

Katie Wright

I think Willingham is on the spectrum
She seems unable to understand a perspective that is not her own
Willingham's child is HF and doing great! Therefore everyone else is lying if their child is not the same as hers. And God forbid they recount adverse vaccine reaction reactions! Clearly these parents are set out to endanger the entire world


Bridget I never thought you were meek, just younger and full of hope and maybe willing to take.

Me too.

But that same sentence was said to me many times. Why do you want to know.

Are you kidding me--
And I know what you mean -- if they went to medical school how come they seem to know so little.

They still know so little
For seizures the diet was published in the Epilpesy magazine of the neurologists waiting room - and not a word do they say. Even when they are asked about it, they are careful to answer like it is some political question.

With no more than a "Yeah that would be a good thing". That is it, and that is just last year.

I know what you mean by mad. And I think they aer still treating parents like that.

Young parents is that how it still is?


Emily smemily.

Carter's Daddy

...and people pay to read propaganda.

Jeannette Bishop

I've been trying to find this visual for some time. BI picked it up:

They have another interesting graphic on the media "choices" we have:

We have a lot of whistleblowers getting no press unless you look into the "tin-foil wearing alternative media." Before Snowden we had people like William Binney who helped code some of the NSA spying algorithms trying to warn the U.S. citizenry of the extent they are being spied on, (so why is the corporate media spending so much time on Snowden now--trying to control the narrative that is already out there? distract from other important issues?). Of course it's acceptable Truth now the Mainstream Media is talking about it so they'll probably make past illegal activities legal and tell us they are reigning in the NSA at the same time. We have World Bank whistleblowers, like Karen Hudes, trying apparently now for years to coordinate a return to the rule of law with global financial institutions with various world leaders, all while Eric Holder is trying to put her in jail for "trespassing." I feel like maybe I'm just getting something of a clue, no thanks to any "media" source except in their very telling across the board participation in what was such a controlled, corrupted presidential election in the media and each step of the process from one party view this last fall that I don't believe we had an election on the national level, and I guess we've only had an illusion of choice for some time.

The same with vaccination, controlled across the board, they want everyone happily taking every shot with skewed and selective information, with token attempts at safety monitoring and compensation and obscure exemptions creating an illusion of choice for some and at the same time fear-inspired peer pressure that coverts into force, particularly upon the vulnerable. In a subtle way (maybe less subtle lately?), it's done with the types of controls dictatorships resort to.

People like Willingham may believe they are independently representing reality, but the only individuals not enslaved IMO (excluding those who consciously fight the truth--I guess they are something else) are the ones who have risked, often sacrificed their livelihoods and sometimes their own preferred view of reality to seek and present what is known and not known.

maurine meleck

Seems that people that use the "they just don't get it" set themselves up as above everyone else when, in fact, it's a stupid and meaningless sentence. In other words she gets it but millions of parents that saw their typical children regress following vaccinations are too dumb to get it. She's more like a willing pig to exploit autism families and praise drug companies. (my apologies to pigs everywhere)
Ciao Emily. Tu comprende niente. Thanks Anne. I like you even if Emily doesn't. Not to worry.

Birgit Calhoun

Don't misunderstand, I am not meek. I do know how to hold my own. These doctors are the special kind, the academics. They are a certain breed that is above it all. The guy questioning my need to know said he "was not treating patients any longer". He said he "was in research."

These types of people have the fanciest equipment. One of those doctors was not present, as we were, when a scintigram was performed of Erik's kidney. That's a test where radio-active material is injected and you can see the way this material moves through the kidney. We could see on a computer screen how unsymmetrical the two kidneys performed. The report talked about exactly the opposite, that these kidneys had symmetrical output.

I felt as if I was in Alice's Wonderland. These kidney specialists were all quite capable transplanting a kidney; but none of the ones we met could explain what the kidney is supposed to do. None of them knew what terrible things mercury does to the kidney's ability to save the good and to excrete the bad.

They didn't know that the kidney produces hormones that are vital to a person's bone health, that control blood pressure and that help in the function that promotes building oxygen-rich blood. It's pathetic.

I learned all I needed to know through the internet. I even learned where the mercury cloggs up the kidneys and that that is the same place where the metabolite of Vitamin D (1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol or 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) is made.

One of Erik's doctors also fired us, saying she didn't have to treat him. She thought it over when she, no doubt, thought about Hypocrates and the oath she must have taken.

Anyhow, those are the kinds of doctors that ask that kind of question, and they don't have their patients undress. They don't care how skinny the patient is or whether there are bruises, or even a broken bone under the pants legs.

I could go on, but it makes me too mad.


Birgit Calhoun: I have heard the same thing myself - exact words - of why.

And they have the nerve to say it in anger - mad little flare.

I was young then, now that I am older none have said that to me for a very long time. - - I do wonder if I now give off an ambiance that they might get it right back and plus.

What kind of question is that anyway?
Is this the kind of question they learn to ask in medical school?

Birgit Calhoun

Over the years I have questioned one doctor after another about Erik's condition. His symptoms went beyond autism (he was autistic: he didn't talk; he didn't relate; he was severely disabled).

Doctors treated every one of his body-parts separately, and when they were done, they probably wrote up their findings in some paper they didn't tell us about. Generally the more questions I asked the less interested they became. One doctor I asked about Vitamin D deficiency only questioned me back asking: "Why do you want to know all that? What good does it do you to know those details." My only answer was: "I am interested. I want to help my son."

Another doctor, a gastroenterologist who found out that Erik was severely Vitamin D deficient also discovered that he was severely zinc deficient. Those two things go together. He prescribed a huge amount of Vitamin D and zinc as replacement therapy. We were allowed to come back to see him again only once. After that he and the people in his office refused to make any appointments for Erik. He stopped being interested. All that must have been done in the name of science.

At one point Erik's autism was made into a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. We tried to get that off his records. We couldn't, even though we filled out form after form.

Why am I writing all this in response to the article above. Science has become weak. The importance of it has taken a backseat to interests out of our control. There is very little science any longer in view of the fact that today's universities depend so much on grants from industry.

I believe autism has to do with vaccines and mercury and possibly other additional environmental factors.

I try to avoid reading more of what pseudo-scientists are offering nowadays.

My son died before anyone was able to give me answers. I am still looking, and until a doctor tries a little harder, I know as much as any scientist knows.

As far as justice, there is no special master or judge who is independently knowledgeable. Most of them are devoid of scientific knowledge. And the special masters in the vaccine court are not picked to find fault with vaccines.

We as a group have to be the doctors. We know what happened to our children.

The following article is an article I found interesting regarding autism. It's by a Norwegian:

Joe Sulaco

She's a hopeless goofy "ain't the Federal Government grand" proselytizer. There's really no talking to these people. Their minds are broken.

Merck's Law

Emily isn't as nice as she looks.


Willingham, if I'm not mistaken, got her start in public relations. I think it's safe to say that she's still in that biz.

Erik Nanstiel

I read Willingham's piece. We exchanged a few tweets. I called her a shill. She says she doesn't work for Pharma. Well maybe they aren't sending her paychecks, but honey... YOU WORK FOR PHARMA.

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