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Autism File Magazine Now a Free Digital Download

TrayManaging Editor's Note: We have good news, Autism File Magazine is now at your fingertips in its new digital format. Even better? It's free. Loaded with articles on education, adult issues, biomedical options and general info from experts around world, Autsm File is an invaluable resource to families, teachers and professionals. So what's with the photo of the retro tray? Well, you'll just have to read the Fall issue to find out. Hint, it's in my kitchen and part of my column.  Cat Jameson and many other familiar friends write for the magazine. Subscribe today at .www.autismmediachannel.com

Autism Media Channel acquires Autism File Magazine
Company announces decision to move to a free digital download

Austin, TX – The Autism File, the first magazine ever published devoted exclusively to Autism Spectrum Disorders, announced today that the upcoming August/September issue will mark the magazine’s entry into the world of digital publishing. 

Since the first issue of the magazine appeared in 1999, the Autism File has been described by readers as a “lifeline”.  “Thanks to the most knowledgeable experts and experienced parents from around the world, we’re able to present cutting-edge content and critically needed support to families affected by autism,” said the magazine’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Polly Tommey.  “The new digital format will allow parents and professionals—no matter where they live—to have immediate access to the crucial information provided by our contributors.”

In addition to the magazine’s bi-monthly publication, which will be available as a free download six times per year, the Autism File’s team of editors and writers will provide a weekly update focusing on relevant topics including nutrition, biomedical treatments, sensory issues, advocacy, and safety.  “There is an overwhelming number of concerns that autism families face each and every day, and often on incredibly tight budgets,” said Polly.  “Our readers will now have the latest innovations and strategies for all aspects of living with autism right at their fingertips, and at no cost.”

To subscribe to the Autism File, go to www.autismmediachannel.com.

Autism Media Channel is a multimedia TV, Internet, and feature production company devoted to improving the lives of families affected by autism spectrum disorders. For further information please contact info@autismmediachannel.com





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Ivon Lopez

was not able to see last months copy on line, or other months prior. can I request in an email?

Sue Morgan

I can't figure out why, but www.autismmediachannel.com will not load. I get a blank page. I've been trying for several days now...

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