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The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust Featuring Mark Blaxill

Radio micThis interview aired on The Vaccine Myth on March 31st, 2013 with host Shawn Seigel.

The guest is Mark Blaxill, editor-at-large of the Age of Autism.

The issue of trust will be the recently-announced studies finding no correlation between the full schedule of vaccines and the continuing foreboding rise in the incidence of autism - brought to us by the good folks at the CDC and the IOM, the same sweet people who created the myth of the success of the polio vaccine and insulted us by covering up the CDC's own study in 1999, that found a direct correlation between the mercury in vaccines and the already-rising rate of speech and learning disorders and autism.


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After listening to Mark Blaxill's interview in the above tape recording, I watched portions of the CDC/Congressional hearings on C-Span. Sorry I can't remember the gentleman's name but the guy who represented the Asperger's syndrome people in colleges and said that Asperger's was NOT a disease and there was no cure made me think that there might be two separate conditions that really might not be related.

One condition is genetic and the other is biological. For about twenty years I had a child with all the symtoms of what is called autism on the higher functioning level. My child after the MMR lost language, lost coordination, lost fine motor movement, would repeat phrases over and over again, and had social problems. She was also sick all the time with strep and tonsillitus serious enough to have anti-biotics four or five times a year. She had black circles under her eyes, terrible nightmares, and very low energy. Eventually she was diagnosed with celiac disease and has recovered. Without question she had a biological condition with many of the characteristics of autism.

My cousin's child has asperger's syndrome. He was an extremely odd child but was a remarkable student, and now is high up in some company. He doesn't seem to have food intolerances of any kind--has a terrible diet in fact and gets away with it. He doesn't appear sickly.

Perhaps one remedy for the treatment gap is to start separating out those kids with obvious biological issues like bowel disease, collapsed immune systems from other kids who appear basically healthy, do well in school, and yet have social problems. This way children with biological problems can be diagnosed and treated, covered by insurance, etc. Those with social problems can get the therapy and life skill programs they need.

Shell Tzorfas

Mark Blaxill for Congress! Shell of "Recovering Autism ADHD, & Special Needs."

Media Scholar


I kept wondering when the good song writers and good poets would start writing about this.

You know the numbers are there when this happens, and you know that it will be remembered in history.

I listened to this -- this afternoon while I painted some of the house.

Excellant as always Mark!

Thorsen segment -- yes, where is he-- on a tropical island spending the money, or hiding out in Siberia, or down under the ground six feet deep.

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