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Autism and Vaccine Injury: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib World

MadLibsThis week Cathy Jameson shared her post as "Mamacita" from the Thinking Moms' Revolution.  It's a "Mad Libs" take on well visits.  Remember Mad Libs? The small flip over story books where one person asked another for a verb, noun, adjective - and inserted them into a story. The results were always funny, sometimes even naughty.  But never so ________ (adjective) as this post from Cathy.

Everywhere. Every state. Every race. Across many ethnicities, neighborhoods and communities. We Thinkers hear it: All. The. Time. It’s the same story. Different kid. Different doctor’s office. Same regressions and unexpected journey. Surely you, too, have heard it before. It goes something like this:

I took my brand new baby to the ___________ (adjective) pediatrician’s office for the second time. The first “well-baby” visit didn’t go very well at all. The __________ (adjective) nurse told me quite ___________ (adverb ending in -ly) that she wanted to stick __________ (#between 1-15) vaccines into my child. “_____(same #)! __________(exclamation)”, I balked. I looked around the exam room and wondered what my Thinking Moms friends would say about this ___________ (adjective) plan.

**Here’s where things can change for the better. What if more parents realized they had more of a say in their child’s health care? Back in the exam room: I looked around the exam room and wondered what my Thinking Mom friends would say about this ____________ (adjective) plan.

Read the full post at Thinking Moms' Revolution.


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......what would thinking mum's say.....?

As a mum who lives every day with a vaccine injured, non-verbal and severely Autistic 11-year-old. I never took time-out to do my own research about vaccines.

I put my full trust and faith in my doctor because I thought that he knew best when it came to deciding what actions to take about their health. Afterall he is their doctor!

Many mum's are already overwhelmed with the arrival of a newborn. Now to add more pressure they have to do their own research to decide whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Best Mad Lib son and I have kept about 7 or 8 books since he was old enough to start these books...ty ty ty. Don't know why I didn't think of it before. Genous girl.

I really like this. Very Clever and well done, Cathy.

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