CDC: Can Damage Country

“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,” CDC Director Frieden says of anthrax, flu, smallpox incidents. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.” -0-...

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CDC: Can Damage Country

“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,” CDC Director Frieden says of anthrax, flu, smallpox incidents. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.”


Sent this out on Facebook and wanted to share here, about the growing reports linking pesticide exposure and autism: pesticides are a critical clue, perhaps THE critical clue, to the manmade, environmental nature of the rise of autism and, by clear implication, the central role of vaccines. it is exciting to see new research homing in on pesticides, and there is the potential for a breakthrough, i think.

the first pesticides that contained ethyl mercury triggered the first three cases of autism reported by Leo Kanner in 1943, as mark blaxill and i showed in our book. this also implicates vaccines, of course, which were first produced with thimerosal at the same time. anything that implicates pesticides today strengthens our thesis, and hopefully the connection we outlined will gain more attention. it really is the smoking gun for ethyl mercury as the trigger for the rise of autism. please help spread the word -- if we could get some mainstream attention for this early connection to pesticides with ethyl mercury, in the context of new research implicating pesticides, it could be significant. feel free to share this with news sources and anyone else. 

our ten minute video spells it out. ask people to watch it before they repeat the empty claim that a link between vaccines and autism has been "discredited" even as millions of babies around the world get mercury-containing shots every year.



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I can't see how, while sanctioning on a general level the experimentation with deadly germs, even efforts to weaponize them, make them more virulent, jump species, etc. occurs with the assumption that similar cavalier or just plain ignorant actions won't occur at smaller levels in the process.

Especially when many resources and labor are simultaneously spent on denial, and cover-up of harm from other dubious practices by the same institution.

Does this coverage represents a truly increasing trend in risky practices and mistakes (hopefully not something worse, but it's pretty hard to view H1N1 vax recommendation for pregnant women as just a mistake) at the CDC or something like a PR distraction-followed-by-reforms process?

I thought Dr. Tom Frieden's "totally unacceptable behavior" quote was gonna point to the CDC vaccine coverup. Gosh darn.

Off topic, but you absolutely would not believe how topical pets and vaccines is and the issue of over vaccinating pets. No wonder then that people are starting to wonder about vaccination in general. pesticides..Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria ..the set up for vaccine damage..we need true scientists to research ..not these paid for puppets ..with their science produced to order.

I would suppose the vaccine industry and lawyers have arrived at the Southern US border to seek out the 4 billion or so to help these children...

Pesticides were in full use back in the 1960's when I was a kid, and yet, we were not seeing all these kids with autism back then. BUT, we weren't getting vaccinated with the many vaccines that kids are getting these days, either.

I'm not in any way stating that pesticide use doesn't pose health ramifications to the outside populous - it does. But I still believe that overall, the biggest 'environmental factor' re: the autism increase we're seeing today, is the continued and prolific use of the bolus doses of vaccines our kids are receiving.

I'm no longer doing the type research I used to do re: this subject, but something doesn't smell right with this pesticide hypothesis to me.

It still seems to me that you all are postulating on this mercury issue, which is of course, an issue with vaccine use, but mercury is NOT the only issue with vaccines. Why is it that I never see anything that Dr. Blaylock has spoken about in his lectures, over here? He states repeatedly that it's not just the mercury issue with vaccines that is causing so much harm.

There were no answers when my son was born and growing up, because I did not know the questions. When I was searching for answers on the "new internet" about my adult Asperger's son, I came up with many, many hits of websites about vaccines, thimerosal, mercury and autism. It made little sense to me, because my son was one of about 10,000 at the time he was born. However, because of the vaccine/thimerosal/mercury/autism research that I read, I was able to google some searches that never would have occurred to me before. So I put "paper mill mercury" in the search engine, and came up with many hits about paper mills and mercury pollution. I was in tears, I was pregnant downwind of a coal-fired paper mill, and lived near a paper forest too (no doubt it was full of herbicides). There was my son's common denominator with all the autistic children that followed him when the vaccine schedule proliferated out of control.

How long has that bottle been a laying around?
Could it possible still be -- ALIVE!

There are stories out there cmo -- lots of true stories of how both Russia and the United States government has handeled all these microbes -- stupid - stupid - stupid -- To the point it reminds me of th three stooges movies.

Years ago at Yale (I beleive that is the right univerisity) a researcher obtained a sample of small pox he had requested for his lab - his lab was on the top floor three floors up -- but a girl that was on the first floor came down with small pox.

100s coming down with small pox in a small Russian town -that was located across a lake from a Russian research facility - it was a different strain of small pox.

Fox Health

Dr. Manny upset about smallpox and the CDC.

"This news is mind blowing to me. Smallpox is one of the most lethal viruses on the planet, and many often speculate that this disease could one day be harnessed for potential bioterrorism purpose – especially because millions are not immune to it. Such a discovery of this kind should make us pause, and think, “How are our government health agencies being run?”

ANY IDEAS on WHY the CDC cannot figure out Autism after 20 years ???

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