Autism Ain't Ancient

Autism is new: Oliver Sacks, who wrote about autism (and passed away on Sunday at age 82) was born earlier the same year as Case 1: Donald T. in the original case series on autism. -0- Catch one of our...

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Autism Ain't Ancient

Autism is new: Oliver Sacks, who wrote about autism (and passed away on Sunday at age 82) was born earlier the same year as Case 1: Donald T. in the original case series on autism. 
Catch one of our favorite vaccine choice advocates Wed. at 12:00 PST with Jeanie Keltner of KVMR radio in California. To listen to it livestream, go to
Frank Gifford (born 1930) was older than the eldest child (born 1931)  in the first case series on autism. 
Thanks to Jeannette Bishop for this unofficial text of Posey remarks on U.S. House floor:  TO BEGIN WITH, I AM ABSOLUTELY, RESOLUTEY PRO-VACCINE. Advancements in medical immunization have saved countless lives and greatly benefitted public health. That being said, it's troubling to me that in a recent Senate hearing on childhood vaccinations, it was never mentioned that our government has paid out over three billion dollars through a vaccine injury compensation program for children who have been injured by vaccinations. Regardless of the subject matter, parents making decisions about their children's health deserve to have the best information available to them. They should be able to count on federal agencies to tell them the truth.
For these reasons I bring the following matter to the House floor: In August 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worked with a whistleblower attorney to provide my office with documents related to a 2004 CDC study that examined the possibility of a relationship between mumps, measles, rubella vaccines and autism. In a statement released in August 2014, Dr. Thompson stated, "I regret that my co-authors and I omitted," OMITTED, "statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the Journal of Pediatrics." [end quote]
Mr. Speaker, I respectfully request the following excerpts from the statement written by Dr. Thompson be entered into the record. Now quoting Dr. Thompson: "My primary job duties while working in the immunization safety branch from 2000-06 were to lead or co-lead three major vaccine safety studies. The MADDSP MMR Autism Cases controlled study was being carried out in response to the Wakefield Lancet study that suggested an association between the MMR vaccine and an autism-like health outcome. There were several major concerns among scientists and consumers advocates outside the CDC in the fall of 2000 regarding the execution of the Verstraeten study.
"One of the important goals that was determined up front in the spring of '01 before any of these studies started was to have all three protocols vetted outside the CDC prior to start of the analyses so that consumer advocates could not claim that we were presenting analyses that suited our own goals and biases.
"We hypothesized that if we found statistically significant effects at either 18 or 36 month thresholds, we would conclude that vaccinating children early with MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features.
"We all met and finalized the study protocol and analysis plan. The goal was to not deviate from the analysis plan to avoid the debacle that occurred with the Verstraeten thimerosal study published in Pediatrics in '03. At the September 5th meeting we discussed in detail how to code race for both the sample and the birth certificate sample. At the bottom of Table 7, it also shows that for the non-birth-certificate sample, the adjusted race effect statistical significance was huge.
"All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September '02 not to report any race effects for the paper. Some time soon after the meeting we decided to exclude reporting any race effects, the co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard-copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.
"However, because I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retained all associated computer files. I believe we intentionally withheld controversial findings from the final draft of the Pediatrics paper." [end of quote of the doctor]
Mr. Speaker, I believe it's our duty to insure that the documents Dr. Thompson provided are not ignored. Therefore, I will provide them to members of Congress and the House committees upon request. Considering the nature of the whistleblower's documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask, Mr. Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the appropriations committees to please, please take such action. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I yield back.
Wise words from Cynthia Cournoyer: "The people in the health industry actively, yes deliberately and actively, disregard any information coming at them. This is the only possible explanation for their wholehearted embrace of the vaccine philosophy that says, vaccines are safe and effective. We learn from those health care workers that left the industry because they felt they could no longer go against their conscience. The idea that vaccines are doing more harm than good is devastating to the status quo. Those who still administer vaccines? Too dangerous to read package inserts and then investigate. Too dangerous to be curious about anything vaccine related. Just ignore common sense and go along to get along. Put the blinders on... la la la la, hands over ears!"
Whatever else one may say about him, there's no denying that the leading GOP candidate for president says the insane CDC vaccination schedule causes autism. And he trusts parents over "fudged-up reports."
"There is a peril in faith in government orthodoxies." -- RFK Jr.
Nice to see a capital-D Democrat, California State Sen. Mike Gatto, call the new anti-choice vaccine law there "too broad to be constitutional" in USA Today op-ed. This is a nonpartisan issue.
Gov. Brown signs California bill sharply limiting vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren, MSNBC reports.
 So sorry to hear  Dr. Jeff Bradstreet has died. He was a doctor, friend, and mentor to so many. The loss of too many fighters too young is weighing on our community.
Eli Lilly is sponsoring CNN bio of Glen Campbell, who is bravely facing Alzheimer's. Lilly's chutzpah is breathtaking -- they unleashed thimerosal, which causes autism and (in the souped-up flu shot) no doubt Alzheimer's. 
1938: the last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in their (and my) hometown, Chicago. Congrats! And the first year autism was observed, triggered by first use of ethyl mercury in vaccines and pesticides. Autism is recent.
Supreme Court set to decide on "major rule requiring coal- and oil-fired power plants to reduce emissions of mercury and other toxic air pollutants hangs in the balance," USA Today reports.


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Thanks Jeannette

OT: Truth in Media coverage of anti-psychotic use linked to violent shootings:

Marcia Hinds (author of ~I Know You're in There~) on Tim Donnelly Show, yesterday, approximately 40 minute mark:

used to be a DJ and Public Affairs programmer at KVMR also and did lots of shows on vaccine dangers and one of my stories in the late 90s on dangers of anthrax vaccine was picked up by Pacifica, MSNBC and CNN. So you never know!

Thank you, Jeannette, for tuning in, and for your kind comments :)

Thank you, Laura and Jeanie Keltner! A superb job getting in many important aspects for informed consent!

Re Trump...
I just want to point out that MSN online news has had at least one feature article on Trump every single day going back at least a month. Every day. From the Washington Post, the Atlantic, etc. And, not about his problems and short comings - about how he is loved and has so many followers. I'm telling you, he has been chosen. For now anyway that's how it looks. It would be different if any other candidate had this kind of coverage - they don't. The only articles on Clinton are about her problems. They don't want her. Nothing or scant on Bush, Paul or any other of the candidates, save for Biden. They did have an article saying he may run. But Trump is front and center every day.

The aluminum research funding project looks to be going very slow at only 1.6% funded with 29 days left. If the project doesn't meet it's goal, it will not happen. This is important research! Please donate at:

If everyone who reads AOA donates just $1 or $5 and asks friends and family to do the same, the research will be done! Ask everyone you know. Please.

"About 40% of all Western headwater streams are polluted by old hard-rock mines, the EPA has said. Colorado has 22,000 such mines, ranking third behind Arizona and Nevada. Cleaning them up is difficult because the owners are often dead or unknown. Even if they are alive, many fear making matters worse by trying to remedy the situation, as the EPA just did.

"Early mining techniques were all about speed and efficiency, with little or no regard for the environmental consequences.

"For example, the Sierra Fund's 2008 report titled 'Mining's Toxic Legacy' said that millions of gallons of mercury were used to extract gold from ore and that untold tons of waste rock were left to leak their toxic contents into rivers and streams."

The reports on the contents of this spill seem to be a little inconsistent (or in flux) in the media...

I wonder if the mercury content is at least as threatening as lead, cadmium, etc. if we will hear much about it?

""Neymar will be out for two weeks after being diagnosed with parotitis (mumps), despite the fact that he had previously been vaccinated against the disease," said Barca in a statement on their website."

Trump has voiced concerns about lobbyism and spoken out about vaccines, not many other candidates have. Im not sure if I buy that he's paving any way for Hillary because he has spoken against her re her emails. Who knows, I do think his ego is big enough to be in it to win it and just maybe even he sees the corruption has gone too far. He has children and his children are having children, I think he's plugged in.
In other news, the London Times has just reported a study saying Alzheimer's or dementia is happening 10 years earlier now than it did 20 years ago. One researcher noted that it couldn't be anything other than environmental causes. Yearly flu shot anyone?

Just to add...

As Trojan Horses go, Trump may ultimately make Obama look like a miniature pony.

Re Trump...
Watch carefully who the media is promoting. Despite the intermittent jabs and seeming ridicule, they are saying over and over again how popular he is, that he is the front runner. He is all over the press. They are promoting him - "all eyes on Trump". Do you think if 100% of the American public wanted him in office that he would be put in front of a camera if the media didn't want him?

We know that we are in the fight of our lives to save our country from organized crime in government. I don't know Trump and I have no knowledge of the answers to the questions I'm about to type...
But...How do you think he made his billions? In real estate? In places like...Vegas?

He might be the answer. Or, he might be their answer. Just saying.

"There has been a major outbreak of mumps in Ireland over the past 12 months with almost 2,000 cases of the highly infectious disease having been notified to the health authorities....The HPSC said recent results were in line with other international outbreaks of mumps which had shown waning immunity to the mumps component of the MMR vaccine as a factor in a number of outbreaks of the disease.

Research has shown there were 1,993 reported cases of mumps notified to the health authorities in the past 12-month period with outbreaks reported across most regions and all age groups. Males accounted for 56% of all cases....

Two-thirds of those infected with mumps were aged 15 to 24. Among those cases for whom vaccination data was available in the 15 to 24 age group, a large majority of these reported having received two doses of the MMR vaccine."

Dr. Drew asking what Trump is tapping into: one word: corruption.
I used to like Dr. Drew but the fact is he doesn't have a clue if he couldn't see this for himself.

trace amounts, child's age at immunization or number of vaccines. other than being male, my child doesn't fit the criteria. Dan was almost 6, had received 1 DT and 1 polio when he got 1 MMR and descended into autism. isolated, CDD. I think the initial inflammation didn't stop measles from affecting the single strand RNA, messaging systems, German measles affects DNA, magnifying or loosing senses and mumps is detrimental to glands, causing type 1 diabetes. All together they heighten immune responses, asthma, eczema and other inflammatory disease.
They know much more than they say.

As per today's article, looks like "Respectful Insolence" (Scienceblogs) is taking increasing criticism, even from within the ranks. Here is one comment that is interesting:

"I’ve seen the anti-vaccine sites, and I thought they were crazy. This blog is every bit as crazy as Age of Autism, but on the other spectrum. No punn intended. Vaccines do save lives, you win. Unfortunately, this scientific truth has absolutely nothing to do with the current schedule being standardized and mandated. An unfortunate truth that is completely ignored here. This site doesn’t actually adhere to science, or it would acknowledge reality. Instead, it encourages that we demonize any individual who questions the scientific consensus of our time regarding the current vaccination schedule. That equals red flag, and not as a result of a conspiracy theory. It’s quite interesting if you explore scientific consensus and those who questioned them in history. It’s noteable that the science deniers were often correct. I hope it ‘s realized that any “moderates” who visit this site will most likely subscribe to the anti-vaccine lunatics you so deplore. During the next outbreak from a vaccine preventable disease, you can thank yourself.. This site denies science every bit a much as someone who identifies as anti-vaccine. If someone adheres to science, then they also understand that there is no such thing as pro or anti vaccine in regards to the current vaccination schedule being standardized and mandated. To support it is as unscientific and simple minded as those who advocate to refuse all vaccinations. You might be surprised how small that group actually is, but you can thank yourself for growing their..."

Jeannette Bishop: it is there because you are a great blogger - always very informative. and thought provoking.

"Trace Amounts Q&A"

@ 27 minutes

Rev. Tony Muhammad -- "...I've been reaching out to Congressman Elijah Cummings...'I am the chairperson over the committee that oversees the CDC...I'm going to get with Congressman Posey...we will bring in Dr. Thompson to Congress...'"

If Congress will not, or cannot, control the federal bureaucracies, we need someone at the executive level who can say to Dr. Coleen Boyle, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Frank Destefano, “You’re fired.” Whose job is that?


I'm guilty of both grinning and wincing a little at seeing my name near the all caps part, and I certainly wouldn't mind if it was edited, or replaced with Adriana's stellar transcript, or something else, if anyone in charge of AoA felt so inclined, but more guilt be told, I tend to seriously start reading/listening to Mr. Posey at, "That being said..."

@Barry, none, other than the first couple of lines were cut and pasted from the C-SPAN time marker text.


OK. But for what it's worth... most people are here because their children have been maimed by vaccines.

I cant speak for other parents here, but for me, opening up this website and having those words jump out at me, is incredibly offensive .

@Barry, none, other than the first couple of lines were cut and pasted from the C-SPAN time marker text.

"... Thanks to Jeannette Bishop for this unofficial text of Posey remarks on U.S. House floor: TO BEGIN WITH, I AM ABSOLUTELY, RESOLUTEY PRO-VACCINE....."


Is there a reason why only this part of the entire Posey transcript has been capitalized ??

One way in which our media manipulates its population:

This is a great, short video to watch. It's so important to understand how the masses are manipulated into whatever mindset the media/others WANT us to accept...sometimes with just a click of a key on a board.

"Effort to recall Richard Pan over vaccine bill cleared for signatures"

"Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens"

This is why I've never been fond of petitions. It's useless energy, wasted on the belief that they will have any true, meaningful impact. This is one of the first things I learned in my early activism days.


My take, anyway...

In case anyone is interested in these vaccination issues in Kenya:

Fate Of Busia Children Injected With Misery

Polio Vaccination Row

The Big Question Discussion On Polio Vaccination Row

The petition to pardon Edward Snowden has also been "denied", with "explanation". Similar number of signatures ie more than 100,000.

"We live in a dangerous world".

Fear fear fear fear and more fear.

And it's almost like they want us to learn that any effort put forth, even hundreds of thousands of individual protestations, will only result in authoritative denials from unnamed officials.

They either want a revolution, or an excuse to do an authentic, old-timey purge of dissidents.

It seems these petitions are nothing more than lists of subversive persons, to them. Ready-made lists.

@ @Jeanette (Jeannette, whatever), you're welcome.

@ Joy, thanks, I think (no really, thanks for the heads up). I had to spend the first few seconds trying to stop thinking "muppet, muppet, muppet..." so I could actually listen, but by the end I was relieved of that burden instead thinking "lies, lies, lies!"

Well, we "petitioned" our "government."

Hoping to answer the lies and the violations of rights with "Recall them all."

Video of "Murthy's" "response" to the petition;

A "government reply" from the Surgeon General and the "White House"(as if, right?) has been posted and sent to all signers of the below petition; "PROHIBIT ANY LAWS MANDATING THE FORCE AND REQUIREMENT OF VACCINATIONS OF ANY KIND."

Wow. Just wow. So, I take it no number of signatures will bring this petition into relevancy. All of the heartfelt signatures are met with, basically, a troll-tract straight from a Dorit-Oracbot.

The crumbling Soviet Union had nothing on this f***ery.

Thanks for the video. It does explain why even losing a referendum wouldn't offset the fact that many Californians would be educated more on the issue.

David Gorski is taking quite a bit of flack and rightfully so, for his mockery of anyone reporting the suspicious deaths of so many doctors as, "suspicious." Hilarity ensues when he comments that a naturopathic doctor "cherry picked" patients to affect the outcome of his treatments. Lol isn't that like how they use only the healthiest people in vaccine trials?

"CA SB277 Referendum To Stop Mandatory Vaccination By Tim Donnelly"

Posting this in 2 places to make sure it's seen:

Professor Christopher Exley is crowd funding to do "The first clinical trial testing the link between Alzheimer’s disease and Aluminium."

"Aluminium is now the most commonly and widely used metal on Earth and there are myriad ways in which we are exposed to it in our everyday lives including; our diet (particularly processed drinks and food); medicine (notably antacids, buffered aspirin, vaccinations); cosmetics (examples including antiperspirants and sun blocks); aerosols ( the air that we breathe can be full of particulate materials composed of aluminium)....

This trial will tell us if aluminium is contributing to Alzheimer’s disease

The proposed clinical trial will not tell us if aluminium is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It will tell us if aluminium in our body is contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. This is powerful information and if we then choose to act upon it by reducing our everyday exposure to aluminium and helping the removal of aluminium from our body by making silicon-rich mineral waters a natural part of our everyday diet then for the very first time we will have the tools to fight back against such a devastating condition as Alzheimer’s disease."

Please see more at link and consider donating:

Politics is a numbers game, and there are two kinds of voters. Those who have or know a vaccine-injured child, and those who do not. Until the former exceeds the latter, we are in an uphill battle. BILLBOARD: “Know the Signs of Vaccine Injury: inconsolable screaming, loss of eye contact, migraines, stops talking, self injury, intractable diarrhea, feces eating." And more.

Dr Sarah Branch
Deputy Director
Vigilance and Risk management of Medicines Division
Telephone: +44 (0)203 080 6373

More BBC lies and treachery !
Cause and Causation , Enola Gay & Hiroshima .

Dr Sarah Branch, Deputy Director Of Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines at the UK's drug regulatory body, the MHRA, said: "More than eight million doses of HPV vaccine have been given in the UK, with close to 90% of eligible teenagers vaccinated. With this very high level of vaccine uptake, such reports are to be expected. But the vaccine isn't necessarily the cause and coincidental illness is a factor."

The MHRA says it has been notified about 12 cases of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and 10 cases of complex regional pain syndrome.

SN792 forced vaccination up next in California. Trump needs to speak out on this government overreach, nanny statism. Lobbyists have too much say.

Not sure who may have attended the Bradstreet memorial, but if there are any clips from the event please post them.

So very, very tragic.

Recent interview with Jon Rappoport re vaccine mandates, etc.:

There is a poll at the USA Today editorial page where The USA Today takes a stand for tightening vaccine exemption laws. Shameful stupid editorial. Approx. 50% strongly disagree with it, but not many votes overall.

Maybe it's the same thing as CDC intelligence org that Ebola nurse Kaci worked for. You can't see much on her anymore but now she's up for person of the year awards and stuff, it's weird.

Regarding the FOX article, it's possibly interesting that they got a quote from someone from the same university that Senator-Dr. Pan trained at (where he experienced the same deadly measles outbreak that also very strongly impacted Dr. Offit) about a death across the country:

(Maybe Pennsylvania is just one of the nation's infectious disease expertise centers...)

I wish they would talk about what measles strain was involved.

The Honorable Mike Gatto is a member of the California Assembly. In Letters-to-the-Editor in hyperlocal media, however, it's a pile-on against his stance with trite soundbites.,0,4356378.story,0,496712.story,0,305811.story,0,436409.story

I've only seen only one letter in support from constituent George Fatheree:,0,7975398.story

Fatheree also provided strong testimony in Sacramento before the Assembly Health Committee despite a shocking display of arrogance and disrespect from Assemblymember Loretta Gonzalez (D) during the hearing. Video available at CalChannel archives.

Yes, the ISSUE is nonpartisan but the BILL/LAW is sickeningly and acutely partisan with Democrats supporting except for a minuscule minority and Republicans opposing with rare exception. Worse was the UNACCEPTABLE condescending, contemptuous, sneering and dismissive tone from haughty and appallingly ignorant California Democrats across the board with rare exception throughout all of the hearings.

As a lifelong Democrat previously from NJ, I'm acutely aware of how ditching Corzine (D) for Christie (R) proved an illusory fix for corruption. Nonetheless, I changed my CA voter party affiliation from (D) to NPP (no party preference ) immediately after the bill was signed into law by the governor and will vote against anyone who supported this legislation without hesitation as a single issue voter until reason prevails.

From go Rand's article:

"It's not clear exactly why doctors failed to catch her measles diagnosis until after her death, but the woman's compromised immune system may have played a role, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Center for Health Security."

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's CENTER FOR HEALTH SECURITY?

What do they do there?

At RI they have decided that no one likes Hep b vaccine or Gardasil because they are connected to sexuality, that is sexually transmitted. Nah, the adverse events frequency couldn't have anything to do with it. Didn't NVIC compare side effects rates for Gardasil with another vaccine that showed they were worse? Didn't Japan, India pull it from the mandated schedule? That must all be because they are also prudish right?

Ultra pro vaccine Reddit is experiencing problems.

Please google Shots for Tots, a New Jersey state run clinic that was just closed after giving Gardisil shots to a two year old and expired vaccines, and non-refrigerated vaccines. It was reported on the TV news last night. I think the fact that it got on the air was interesting.

First US measles death in 12 years: How was it missed ???????

... SADLY you can have the MEASLES, they MISS the damn problem, and you die from it....

"No side effects caused by incorrect prescription are expected, ICE representative Richard Rocha said in a statement. That analysis was supported by Peter J. Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. 'If anything, you may get a higher immune response,' Hotez said."

Yet they are monitoring them, and they don't just go ahead and give all children the higher dose (yet)...and I wonder if informed consent was even possible for these people?

Horrific info about Dr. Bradstreet. Apparently now talking about vaccines and autism is a biggest crime in the US punishable by death?

Sorry to intrude on this post but I didn't know where else to post this. A website featuring alternative solutions besides drugs for multiple sclerosis (vitamin D treatment, diet, CCSVI, stem cell research) has been given a cease and decist order for bogus reasons in Canada. This happened within the last couple weeks. I notice that one of the articles the site owner featured recently was on the U Virginia Med school finding that the brain is directly connected to the immune system through vessels previously thought not to exist...with treatment implications for autism, Alzheimer's...This is just getting unconscionable. A friend has MS and this is just so disheartening the way they try and intimidate people.

Bayer: Rat of the week NBC reports on how FDA and Bayer knowingly infected many with HIV with tainted plasma. Watch on YouTube

Further, with California allowing minors as young as 12 to consent to vaccines against STDs without parental knowledge, will SB 277 allow minors to essentially consent to being in a vaccine trial without parental knowledge?

They recently determined that the new HPV vaccine may prevent 80% of cervical cancer cases (by looking at tissues of cancer victims?)...

...though they say it has to be given before the age of 12.

They wouldn't be hoping to do more HPV vaccine research in California particularly, starting next year?

Pan complained of the delay in "protection" a referendum could cause, but that's after allowing all current students with any PBEs (all 2.7% of them) to continue in school with their "unvaccinated" status.

Of course, all the dialog and discussion of vaccine issues inspired by this bill might be something that alone could inspire the urge to hurry, or maybe a referendum is a wrench in the wheels of the TPP on that urgently needed "fast track?"

In the text of SB 277 there is this section:

"(e) The department may specify the immunizing agents that may be utilized and the manner in which immunizations are administered."

Doesn't this potentially let "the department" dictate which exact vaccine for any disease and timing, maybe even other aspects of the "administration" like location, and ...?

Also, looking again the "open door" clause:

"(11) Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians."

Doesn't the above sound like "the department" could deem any vaccine appropriate, even if the NVAC, the AAP, and the AAFP haven't gotten around to recommending that particular vaccine yet?

Could "the department" for instance specify that one group of kids get vaccine A and another group vaccine B (kind of like during some vaccine trials) and maybe specify that blood work will be done later to see if the vaccinations were effective (so they can re-vaccinate if needed I am sure), and then further on there might be publication(s) showing how vaccine A was found to be about as "safe" as vaccine B in various U.S. populations, and as effective as whatever resulting titers mean ... it would seem to be pretty natural, especially with this being an aim of the ACA ... view centers of learning as the best place to learn more about the vaccines the corporations develop, especially if they are already equipped with "healthcare" workers, age-specific groups of children, likely increasingly all comprehensive health records at the click of button, etc. ...

...but maybe I'm just being paranoid as ever, and maybe on top of that, somewhere in the health code the possibility of mandating an experiment in a little more outright manner than occurs currently is somehow ruled out altogether?

Two more prominent holistic doctors found dead in Florida. "Authorities say MD was murdered."


Weren't the deaths of Dr. Andrew Moulden and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, also deemed to be suspicious?

Two more prominent holistic doctors found dead in Florida. "Authorities say MD was murdered."


At sporting events they sometimes say "make some noise to get the fans going.
Even Jim Carrey is speaking out again

Thirty Pieces of Silver

I think that is a good question, or as a friend put it "Did he shoot himself before or after he got in the water". Suicide seems a very odd deduction and not one immediately bought into by his family. I doubt also whether one could put any trust in the findings of the FDA raid.

Why was Dr. Bradstreet's death immediately labeled an "apparent suicide" instead of an "apparent homicide"? Has a note been found, yes or no? This would be an easy question for investigators on the scene to answer. Why don't we have an answer?

How absurd is it for Willingham to cry "conspiracy theory" in response to questioning what appears to be a murder. As if criminals don't conspire. What an idiot.

Article here on Dr. Bradstreet's "suspicious death" - shot in the chest, found floating in the river.

Requesting funds for investigation -

Well "science"blogs and Emily Willingstooge at Forbes are only too happy to write off any questioning of this most suspicious death as part of some "conspiracy theory."

"Studies of people who are prone to subscribe to conspiracy theories indicate that readers drawn to conspiracy-related online news tend to be more focused on what filters into their narrow, conspiracy-oriented communities, reinforcing confirmation biases and adding fuel to the conspiratorial machine. In the US, “conspiracist beliefs,” which are widespread, correlate with being more likely to use alternative medicine and to shun mainstream medicine, even to the point of being less likely to have an annual physical. Researchers call the internet a “natural medium” for the diffusion of conspiracy theories, and the rapidity with which this one spread and took hold is no exception."

I suppose we are to assume that the cult of science (industry bought as it is now) has no narrowing of filters, no confirmation bias?? And certainly none of them could be paid to be spouting off their views, right, Emily;) and none could be demonstrating reaction formation to the idea that one of their beloved medical interventions could be causing harm. For some parents I think the thought that vaccines could have affected their child's health and development is just too painful. Gladen's film shows just what havoc a vaccine can wreak.

His office in Buford was raided by the FDA with DEA muscle, the day before he was found shot in the chest in a river in the next state over? What in the heck is going on here?

I've seen a couple of reports that Dr. Bradstreet was shot in the chest and found in a river. Is this true? If so, I hope AoA will follow up on this story.

#UnitedWeStand #SB277 Rally California State Capitol - scheduled to start at Thursday, June 25 2015 1:30 PM EDT (Thursday, June 25 2015 5:30 PM UTC) -

I've placing this link here as well. For those of you who wish to view the California SB277 rally today, please see above link.

(So far - TERRIFIC!)

Very very sorry to hear this sad news!
I suspect foul play. :(

It's like the Duggar family sponsoring birth control pills.

Very saddened to hear of the passing of any our people .
Dr Bradstreet , thank you for all you did and tried to do no doubt against overwhelming tyranny and odds .

Sad news. Dr. Bradstreet was one of my son's autism doctors many years ago. He treated him for PANDAS with IVIG for 18 months. It was the most progress my son ever made in his life during that treatment. When we visited his office in Florida he would always say a prayer over his patient before administering a treatment. Never had a doctor do that before or since. RIP Dr. Bradstreet you helped a lot of kids.

Anyone heard of this or similar research (maybe this affect can be seen from other vaccinations)?

Kind of makes one wonder if there is any good time to administer MMR and what we might be faced with if they decide to "recommend" a third dose for adults or maybe teens?

Strategic editorial influence purchase?

Lilly also helps support an autism school/group home in Indianapolis. Now that's chutzpah!

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