You Said It, Steve!

"My worst fear is writing something I think is good but someone who really knows the field knows is mawkish newbie poppycock." Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes, in FT.

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You Said It, Steve!

"My worst fear is writing something I think is good but someone who really knows the field knows is mawkish newbie poppycock." Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes, in FT. 





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I had to turn it off ,Reader, it was making me sick, chocked full of lies. The one truth they will not tell, the killed vaccine shot will NEVER protect against the created vaccine strain . "Neil Diamond" song in my head.."and it's coming to America". Our kids will be lined up for the oral polio vaccine , another huge "win" for the profiteers and a fail for our children's lives.

CNN and Sanjay are now lying on television about how Pakistan etc have polio because they are not vaccinated. It couldn't be Bill's OPV that actually gives people NPAFP could it??
They actually showed staff giving the people the oral vaccine, too. Unbelievable.

Teresa and All,
I will double post this interview that Jeffrey Smith did a few days ago with Zach Bush MD. Talking about the healing the microbiome. He has a product called Restore. I have not read the whole transcript yet. Looks important (audio and transcript):

Grace Green, People like you and I need to stick together. We are capable seeing further and in more detail than most people, although they disrespect us for it. We are flukes, those of us who have absurdly gained something from the brain damage inflicted on us. Gained a lot of abuse too, yes, but also the ability to think for ourselves and discern between a lie and a truth. Regardless, we are a minority. Some of us are exactly what was planned, some of us just got some of the attributes that were planned, and in some of us, just one or 2 of the planned attributes is present but massively over exaggerated. This is because everybody's state of health is different to begin with, based on the general health of our ancestors past and our own health at the time of the assaults on our bodies. The less wealthy your family tree is, generally, the less healthy you will be. So for hundreds of years, poverty was required for the majority of humans. There is no riddle. The truth is quite plain. I must let you know that I did not gain my knowledge on the internet and you will find no truth at Infowars. I thank you for your compassion towards me and I mean no disrespect of course, in my disagreement on this small aspect. You know this because the ability of people like you and I to love and forgive one other and to see all creatures as equal is endless compared average people. That's one of the exaggerated things in us! I will give you one massive hint. Start looking for rainbows. In advertising, in media propaganda, in education, children's tv..... Wherever you see the rainbow, you can compare and learn. The planned evolution of the world is about bringing forth a planned "rainbow race". But don't make the mistake of assuming you already know exactly what that means. With love and respect.

We know the science is never "in"...understanding how the immune system works in the brain is a new and emerging study..

Feeling very alone, you are not alone. Many people, including myself - also an autistic woman - have understood that the vaccine holocaust is a deliberate effort to dumb down the population at large and that the dead and severely damaged are an unfortunate unwanted consequence. As well as some people on this website you will find others who have woken up to this on sites such as Infowars and other alternative news outlets. Best wishes, Grace.

Welcome to the New Age. Transcendant transhuman transgender trans central. The false prophecy of the rainbow race coming true before our eyes. It was a planned evolution. And now it's done. No one saw it until it was too late. The human race never even put up a fight.

I don't even know what story I'm commenting on and I don't care. I'm sick of hearing speculation from people who don't know what they're talking about. I do. I really do. But no one wants to hear it. And I just don't give a shit anymore. Brainwashed stupid people everywhere. Their arguments are based entirely on the false propaganda they've been programmed to absorb and repeat. You can have all the information in the world but if it's the wrong information, it's not going to help you. The autistic people of this world are MY people. I feel responsible for them because I am an autistic woman myself and I alone seem to be the only person who knows why this has been done to them. History has been rewritten for this. The world was reorganized for this and it happened without anyone even noticing. Stupidity is the reason for that. Because everything that is done to the population works. Because chemistry is everything. It hurts to be burdened with knowledge that is beyond most people. It's very isolating. As if autism isn't isolating enough. Why couldn't I have had an obsession about celebrities or lego? Why did my obsession have to be finding out why I was different? From the age of 5 I have been studying. Most people cannot comprehend the amount of hours of my life that I've been working. And for what? The things I know now, no one can even comprehend. I am finally able to help my people and it's too late. It's progressed too far. The propaganda means no one will ever be able to hear me. They might as well be deaf as well as dumb. Every special need or mental health issue, every different disorder is caused by the same thing but we label the presenting symptoms not the cause. In fact they are all the same. Brain damage. It's very simple. Obvious brain damage and death are not the purpose of vaccinations. Those events are unfortunate and unwanted side effects. The purpose is the homosexual epidemic. Same reason for the plastics. Same reason behind pretty much everything. A certain amount of brain damage is necessary to achieve it. To reduce population. I am the invisible woman. No one hears me. No one is capable of hearing me because i am not a credible source of information even though information is what i have. People have been programmed not to hear this. Programmed to reject this one thing. I'm very tired. It's been a long life. I've worked very hard and it's all been for nothing.

AoA are not going to want to miss this!

In this 3-minute clip from a recent presentation at UC Berkeley by CA's Senator Pan, he says,

"You know what's the most dangerous ingredient in the vaccine? Water."

Do not miss his explanation for this statement when a very perplexed moderator asks him to explain himself!

Another mumps outbreak in Iowa?

Spotted in the left side bar of AOA's homepage an ad for a new documentary "50 Cents a Dose". Seeing that it costs $2.99 to rent for a month, I almost didn't watch it, but I am so glad that I did. I have to share with you all that this is an outstanding film, extremely ambitious in its scope and very well done - the film really knocks it out of the park. It is a must see. This is the best film to give to friends and relatives that don't know what's going on. Well worth the price of admission. I may now have to buy DVDs to give away. It's that good, entertaining and enjoyable to watch but also loaded with information and history.

Leah, re: the FLDS women; worth mentioning is that Warren Jeffs had them all on PROZAC(this came out in court). So they were hardly "wholesome" in the medical sense. Their bodies may be healthier than the typical American, but they were effectively LOBOTOMIZED, which explains so much.

The media loves to go on about the FLDS, but curiously they never mention what is arguably the most scandalous aspect of the entire cult! Half of them are zombified w Prozac! Or, I shouldn't say "half" because women make up MOST of the cult.

Not sure which is worse, but if I had to choose I'd probably go for the lobotomy, in this age.

If you haven't yet looked at the research from the Weizmann Institute (Israel - Michal Schwartz), on several neuro-immune conditions including schizophrenia, you will probably find it interesting. She scares me a little when she talks about developing a depression vaccination, but I find her research fascinating. She brings in the endocrine system and shows one possible malfunction of the endocrine system in immune deficient people that could result in schizophrenia. Very interesting.

"Neurotribes" is presently at the #1333 spot at Amazon books. It won the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. It was a New York Times bestseller.

Published less within the same week in August was "Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC". It has won no awards, never appeared on any best seller list, and is at #80,426 in Amazon books.

"You Said It, Steve!

"My worst fear is writing something I think is good but someone who really knows the field knows is mawkish newbie poppycock." Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes, in FT.


Dan, yes - and you wonder why anyone is going to be interested in another "feel good" book about autism. Perhaps it deserves an award for being the best feel good book about autism ever. What a stupid genre!

Perhaps he should henceforward be known as Steve "Thirty pieces of" Silberman!

And what do you want to bet that there is an increase in childhood diagnosed schizophrenia now?

Last night I was watching a TV show called Escape From Polygamy which featured a bunch of episodes (it was a TV marathon) about young women escaping from polygamous families in Utah. It was hard not to notice how good they looked. I said to my boyfriend, these people are damn good looking. He said, yeah, they look wholesome or something. Not one had acne. They just looked different from most young adults. Later it comes out in another episode that none of them had ever had a vaccination. Makes you wonder. Way before hearing this, we both remarked at how well they seemed to look.

I realize that this is something absolutely nobody wants to hear, least of all Steve Silberman (aka Neurotribes author). However, after years of study -- first of autism, then of schizophrenia -- I am finally coming to the firm conclusion that autism, originally part of the definition of schizophrenia -- was erroneously separated as it became more common with increased mercury exposure in infancy and early childhood. In fact, autism is clearly a Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder. All schizophrenias appear to be caused by problems eliminating heavy metals, with mercury as the chief culprit. The differences in how the disorder manifests are determined 1) by age of onset; and 2) types of metal exposure involved.

So, try to sell that one, Mr. Autism Can Be Fun. If you call it what it actually is, your book is going to tank. No one is going to buy the idea that schizophrenia can be fun.

ugly process..who has the stamina while trying to heal their vaccine injured child to go through this..

This youtube video from an AAP Calif. conference has an MD talking about how he has developed a program to teach peds about autism because, he states, there is a gap in knowledge. This video came on automatically after a youtube of Pan getting an award from Offit for "Legislator of the Year" at the same conference. It blows my mind how these idiots can not even be hiding the fact that they know nothing about a disorder that has gripped two generations of children now, and that they are supposed to be the experts. Complete lack of professional responsibility. They're not experts. They're charlatans.

"Introductory Training on the Early Behavioral Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children"

Introductory? Twenty five years into the epidemic?

I hope Republicans don't vote Caraon in. I'm afraid he's had one too many flu shots. Rubio is completely owned. Worst of the bunch.

One of the 'coincidences' from Freda Birrell's excellent presentation to the Scottish Parliament re HPV vaccines. (The full transcript is included in an AoA article):-

"Do we accept what the manufacturer and their list of experts are saying and assume HPV vaccines are safe and effective and there just happens to be an epidemic of psychosomatic disorders spreading round the world affecting certain young people who have one thing in common, they were injected with HPV vaccines?"

interesting comment ... " I was extremely undereducated about vaccination through my training. I didn't know the levels of aluminum were 100 x EPA standards, nor did I understand the disruption of methylation or sulfur dependent enzymes and the metabolic crisis or chronic metabolic dysfunction this may incur, nor did I know the types of binders used and that they have not been studied internally, nor did I know the constant problems of culture medium contamination with bovine, egg, peanut and human fetal tissue that create autoimmune responses, nor did I know that acellular vaccine create a chronic humoral response rather than true immunity which oly occurs through contracting disease through integument, we only mount chronic high levels of antibodies which adjuvant antigen complex is still in tissues ( this is what the lab work demonstrates- not consistent with theory of vaccination), nor did I know live virus vaccines not only shed but change genotype in the gut, this is why the CDC had to admit in 1983 that they caused the increase in polio in the last fifties forward by the vaccine campaign, nor did I know the chronic skews in immune cells post vaccine seen since the 1930's has never been followed up upon how this effects our overall immune function although we are now finding chronic immune dysregulation underlies most chronic disease, nor did I know The heads of CDC are most often pharmaceutical executives, nor was I ever educated why herd immunity occurs in unvaccinated populations at 68 percent and has never demonstrated to occur in vaccinated populations. Wild type Measles is a benign childhood illness in a nourished child who has access to clean water and sanitation, they then protect their community as they achieve immunity for life. We can not speak to safety of genotype a we are spreading through vaccination, nor can we speak to achievement of a vaccinated person achieving life time immunity when exposed. We know ( if you read FDA alerts) that DTaP vaccinated individuals when exposed to disease are contagious for an average of 8 weeks, some who had disease does not carry it and pass on immunoglobulins to their infant as typics one is rendered 30 yrs of immunity after disease. I think their is a lot of confusion among physicians on efficacy and understanding theory of vaccine. I believe this is not unintentional, but because too much of our education comes from pharmaceutical writers, rather than unbiased discussion between researchers. Lastly, we are educators of an imperfect human science. If we coerce others, we are not healers but soldiers. Nature and the Universe is a perfect science and religious feelings about vaccines one way or another is completely unprofession. All medicine should be given in care, alternatives should be offered- this is the standard of care."

Thanks Dan - I fear it wasn't original, but it was worth repeating.

New commentary re Common Core by Professor Duke Pesta:

Just started viewing this. Duke Pesta explains this is a new (sad) commentary re aftermath/implementation of Common Core. I would suggest anyone who has not yet viewed any of Pesta's lectures, to view the first video I've linked, below, then view the above.

To learn more about Common Core, see here (excellent video):

This lecture is excellent. Professor Duke Pesta explains in minute detail re how Common Core was designed and how it was implemented. Very eye opening; a must view for ANY parent with a school-aged child.

Some say Common Core is designed to cause some to fail (perhaps creating a situation to take more control of the system), and the math methodology to me sounded geared towards getting group consensus in some cases, or getting trained to put methodology before accuracy in others.

I'm too isolated currently from public education, but I'm having a hard time accepting that scores have steadily gone up prior. Is that because more and more children are excluded by IEPs or assigned testing accommodations by IEPs?

"Expectant Moms, Stay Away From These Toxins To Avoid Autism In Your Kids"


"These chemicals may find their way into the brain through the fetus’ still maturing blood-brain barrier (BBB), a physical layer of protection that selectively filters out most substances from ever reaching the central nervous system, as well as through the placental barrier that prevents all but nourishment from reaching the fetus. It’s believed these chemicals can hijack the transport systems nestled in each barrier, discreetly hitching a ride along to the brain where it can wreck havoc with the signaling pathways of PGE2. That in turn can “trigger atypical brain development and lead to neural pathologies such as ASDs,” the authors concluded. Since the BBB and the placental barrier aren’t up and running until around the 10th week of pregnancy, the authors believe that might represent the start of the fetus’s most vulnerable period of increased risk.

The laundry list of toxins referenced include diesel exhaust and tobacco smoke; organochlorine pesticides like DDT — which have been outdated in the United States for years but still linger in the environment; phthalates, which can be found in everything from lotions to cream-based dairy products; and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and MERCURY. For those wondering, VACCINES WERE NOT CITED AS A SOURCE OF THE LATTER by Crawford and her team. And as aforementioned, these environmental factors work in concert with other influences such as our specific genes to heighten ASD risk."

another of my neighbors has lost a child to a heroin overdose..we are losing more to heroin than to our ever rising murder rate..I knew all of these children, and I don't understand why, when we see these perfect babies, vaccinated, evolving into the "d's", add,adhd,ocd, and depression can we not expect a leap to self medication's so in the house behind in the house facing 16, one 20..last night on the news, it was said, in one of our counties, eleven year old children are starting heroin..and then we have people such as Pan and Offit who we ALLOW to sell our kids out for fat pharmaceutical checks..evil people such as gorski and dorit and others ..IMO/ How can we allow a few who profit off of this destroy the health of children worldwide??

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