RFK Jr. on Thompson

Documents CDC scientist gave Congress are "not just a smoking gun but a wildfire that will burn the CDC vaccines division to the ground," Bobby told Trace Events audience Wednesday in D.C. Thompson wants to testify; needs subpoena. -0 I'm...

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RFK Jr. on Thompson

Documents CDC scientist gave Congress are "not just a smoking gun but a wildfire that will burn the CDC vaccines division to the ground," Bobby told Trace Events audience Wednesday in D.C. Thompson wants to testify; needs subpoena. 
I'm hearing from multiple sources that Laura Hayes' powerful speech in Sacramento is being taken down from Facebook posts. Anyone else experience this? Let us know -- and please post it and report what happens.
From AOA commenter "Greg": I am having a tough time dealing with the WTFness about the autism epidemic denialism. Except for the likes of AoA and fellow commenters here, I would say the entire world has gone stark crazy mad. The CDC official stance is they do not know if there has been a real increase! Hello --even we are stupid enough to take you at your word, shouldn't you do a little more and lift a finger to see if there is indeed an epidemic of brain damaged kids?!? And the brain-dead public continues to swallow this BS hook, line and sinker. The whole saga truly belongs in a distant universe and distant time, but, tragically, it is happening right here and right now."
Thanks to E. White for the latest five-star Amazon review of our book, Vaccines. 2.0: "This is a must read for any potential or new parents. I found this one of the best books for information I was hungering for. No cliches or quick dismissals from arrogant physicians who can't take two seconds out their assembly line health care day to talk to you about this serious serious decision. We are making the decision for our children to participate (or not) in the government mandated vaccine program and it is a heavy burden not to be treated lightly. We bring our healthy babies to the table - the drug makers, government and the doctors need to really make it safe. That should be their responsibility. They currently are failing miserably and big money is the emphasis not child safety. If your child is damaged or killed you are the only one that is responsible for the whole mess - Doctors and drug companies cannot be sued for damage/death for anything vaccine related... that is a sobering truth many of us parents have no clue about. Start there and read this book as you do your own research... don't believe it unless you can prove it to yourself and your precious child!"
First Oregon, then Washington, "now Maryland bill to repeal the religious vaccine exemption has been pulled by its sponsors!" reports Ginger Taylor. Rebel Alliance is alive and well: California, here we come.
There are 40 million children 10 and under. There are 50 million doses of flu vaccine that contain mercury. CDC won't state preference for mercury-free vaccines. So how is mercury in vaccines no longer a threat to kids?
The rush to restrict vaccine exemptions in state legislatures is hitting speed bumps, from what I hear. When it comes right down to it, most political types don't want to go on record restricting personal rights.
I think I heard a CNBC host make a joke under his breath this morning about vaccine mandates  meaning kids can't go to school. Did anyone catch it? Anyway, it's how the truth gets expressed these days.
Measles vax was cultured from a boy who lived in D.C. ... named Edmonston ... local news reports that he still lives here and ... decided not to give his son the measles vaccine. ... didn't say why. Wild.
"The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause." -- the late, great Bernard Rimland, who showed autism wasn't the parents's fault, then showed what was, and how to treat it. July 14, 2003.
Vaccines 2.0 is now the No. 2 book in Immunology on Amazon and climbing quickly. Give us a boost and yourself a boon by ordering today ... Get 2 or 3 and share with new or expectant parents.
Chris Cuomo on CNN: "I can't have my kids bring peanuts to school but a parent has a choice on whether to vaccinate their kids?" Hey bro, tell it to the CDC -- vaccines caused those peanut allergies!
New Republic 2.2.15: "It is hard to explain why, despite being repeatedly disproven, the superstition that vaccines cause autism remains." Because it's true, perhaps?
NIH's Anthony Fauci, in Financial Times, on AIDS activists who besieged government, Wall Street for urgent action in the 1980s: "They were aggressive but they were right." We are, too.  -0- How recent is autism? So recent that Rod McKuen, the pop poet who just died at 81, was born a few months earlier than Don Triplett, Case 1 in the first case series report on autism. "Donald T." still lives in Forest, Mississippi.
"Vaccines are the answer," George Stephanopolous said on GMA, regarding measles. They are also the answer to, "What is causing the autism epidemic?" Which is why parents resist measles vaccine!
First review of Vaccines 2.0 on Amazon, from "Avid Reader": An excellent, clear guide for parents asking the important questions about vaccines. For a topic that's polarizing parents more dramatically than politics or religion, Mark and Dan have provided a no nonsense reference. I will highly recommend this book to my own patients.
The official pub date is Feb 3, but Dan and Mark's book is available on Amazon now. (We're already a best seller in Immunology!) Get it, give it, add a review and scare the medical industrial establishment silly ...
"Every time we get a new vaccine I think it's a wonderful thing," said Dr. Rich Besser of ABC (and formerly the CDC). "I think you should get them on schedule." 
Heartbroken to hear of the death of one of the great advocates for sane pediatric practice -- and one of the best friends AOA will ever have. Mayer in a word? Ebullient.
Let's see, the flu shot doesn't work and the current rotavirus vaccines cause intussusception just like the first one that was pulled from the market. Let's hope it makes parents think twice.
How recent is autism? So recent that the late great director Mike Nichols, born 11.6.31, was just a few weeks younger than
Vivian Murdock, oldest child in the first case study on autism, born 9.13.31. Autism is man-made.
There are now no Ebola patients on U.S. soil (because all but one, who didn't catch it here, recovered). All with no vaccine! Now back to the milliions of vaccine-damaged U.S. kids ...
So glad to see Sharyl Attkisson's terrific, tough-minded book on toothless mainstream media at No. 1 in journalism, No. 31 overall at Amazon!
Apparently, questioning the CDC is not political suicide. Rep. Bill Posey won a fourth term in Florida with two-thirds of the vote. In minor, related news, GOP regained control of the Senate.
NY, NJ govs (one Dem, one GOP) clamp down on Ebola quaratine for returning health care workers, slam ever-changing CDC guidelines. That's because politicians are accountable to the people, unlike arrogant CDC.
Here's an idea -- if you've been treating Ebola patients in Africa and come back to NYC, lay low for 21 days. Don't doctors and public health officials have what non-experts like us consider common sense?
New report says 26 percent of Americans admit to being Internet trolls. I feel like I've met 25 percent of them! Or, as Dorit would say, "Please cite evidence for 25 percent figure. Study was not peer-reviewed."
Don't look now but the massive horrible awful Ebola epidemic in America is probably over. But Enterovirus 68 is just getting started. 
Time to quite worrying about chickenpox vaccine coverage in Marin County and get with it re Ebola, if you ask me. And Dr. Nancy, go home and stay home!
Mediaite: "A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will be announcing major programming changes sometime in the next month, including the cancellation of Ronan Farrow‘s afternoon program, Ronan Farrow Daily."
"'Ronan Farrow Daily,'" the network's heavily promoted new afternoon show, which stars a 26-year-old Rhodes scholar with a high-profile Hollywood lineage, has been largely a dud." -- NYT, 10.13.14
"Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?" Best documentary award at Oktoberfest Film Festival, NY. Yea!! Showing in Dallas on Oct 16th, just prior to GR conference. Please come! Our camera gal Francesca, there in NY to receive the award.


Dr. Gupta on CNN Thursday morning on Enterovirus 68: "In some ways it's a much bigger threat than Ebola, as much as we've been talking about this" one case in the United States.


From CBS: "Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country." See our earlier reporting: The Age of Polio, and "Doctors May Have Missed Pesticide Clue in California's 'Polio-Like' Cluster":

By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

One of the California children with “polio-like” symptoms ate raspberries right before she got sick, her mother said Wednesday -- but that didn't seem to set off any alarm bells about pesticide residue from the medical experts investigating the baffling outbreak.

“She was wheezing, then she had lunch with raspberries and then we went to [the] pediatrician's office where they said she sounded like asthma,” Jessica Tomei said in an email, describing the symptoms her daughter, Sofia Jarvis, experienced in November 2012.

“On the way home she threw up. The next day we were in the hospital.  5 days later her arm was paralyzed.  I kept mentioning the raspberries but botulism was ruled out.” 

Doctors and public health officials have focused on microbes in their hunt for the cause of the cluster, which so far comprises five children in the San Francisco Bay area and a reported 20 more throughout the state. The five cases occurred between August 2012 and July 2013. Officials said a rare enterovirus – a stomach bug – was detected in two of the cases.

But given Jessica Tomei’s account, pesticide residue seems to us like a prime suspect. “Fruit is notoriously difficult to grow organically and without pesticides,” Jeff Moyer, farm director at the Rodale Institute, an organic research institution, is quoted as saying on the institute’s Web site. According to the institute, “Because most fruits have soft skins, the pesticides that are used to kill those bugs (and the molds and fungi that also love fruit) get into the flesh and into your mouth, and no amount of peeling or washing can remove them.”

We reported Wednesday morning that Sofia’s parents, Jessica Tomei and Jeff Jarvis, are professional winemakers, but her mother was dubious of a chemical connection via that route. On Wednesday, she mentioned the raspberries as a likelier source of pesticide.

“She had raspberries the morning of her illness -- they ruled out botulism.  If what you are saying is true, perhaps the raspberries played a part.  I believe more chemicals are used in that type of agriculture vs. vineyard.  Interesting thoughts.”

In our 2011 series, The Age of Polio – How an Old Virus and New Toxins Triggered a Man-made Epidemic, we proposed that beginning in the late 1800s, the poliovirus – for millennia a harmless enterovirus – was rendered dangerous by its interaction with the new agricultural pesticide lead arsenate. Our theory: the pesticide caused damage that allowed the virus to penetrate the nervous system and reach the spinal cord, where it caused the paralysis called poliomyelitis.


A comment from Cherry Sperlin Misra: Circa year 2000 I was running my nursery school in New Delhi and seeing an occasional case of autism (after about 1995) I then got a copy of the new vaccine schedule that was coming in - used by the private pediatricians- not the government (The gov't still used fewer vaccines in their clinics) I saw that the new schedule had about 9 vaccines by age 9 months and all or most had mercury in them.

So I thought to myself- "If this theory that mercury is causing autism is correct, then , in about 3 years I will begin to see more autism in my school." Then I thought a little more "No, you probably wont notice a change, because even if autism increases by 100%, that could mean one case per year (rather than one every second year), but statistically it wont work out like that- It could be three years of no autistic child and then three in one year- so it really could take quite a few years for there to be clarity on the increase.

In fact, the effect of the mercury was so dramatic, that we soon saw many autistic and near-autistic kids every year. Obviously, they really had to cook the books to cover up the obvious. Well, most people arent running a nursery school and have little science background, so it was easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

Notice too, the huge campaign to label everything as "genetic" , which I think was more in line with what people had observed in their lifetimes. I recall growing up with a neighbour child having Down's syndrome. That was just how he was; he was born that way ; and no one gave it any thought. I think that autism fit easily into that mental slot.


Texas judges reject Andy's appeal, won't allow his defamation suit against Brian Deer and the BMJ to go forward. Sad, but not terribly surprising. Court also orders him to pay all costs. Nasty.


Comment from David Foster on CDC's William Thompson: "So much for all the claims that there is no concrete claim of malfeasance by the CDC. 'I have a boss who is asking me to lie.' Any questions?"


Obama to Atlanta to announce Ebola initiative in West Africa? How about Obama to Atlanta to clean house and begin to uncover the truth about the autism epidemic weakining our national security right here at home?


This observation by Truth Is Hard To Come By strikes me as highly original and probably true: I think the study on the sleeping pill link to Alzheimer's is interesting and alarming, but another explanation of what it indicates seems possible/probable to me. A big problem I had prior to getting my MANY amalgam fillings out and detoxing per the Andy Cutler approach was inability to sleep. Post detox, I fall asleep way earlier than I used to (like 9 or 10 instead of 1 or 2 am); I began staying asleep all night (rarely did before) and now I wake up early. Night owl insomniac to pretty peaceful sleeper and now a morning person. What the heck? In all the years that I couldn't sleep, I never took sleeping pills because I have just never liked to take pills or drugs of any sort for any reason. But I would guess that lots of people suffering the same problem would quickly resort to whatever the advertisements or their doctor suggested. I think Boyd Haley's observations regarding mercury and Alzheimers fit in with this picture all too well. --Mercury toxic people (--poisoned by amalgam fillings, vaccines, eating too much toxic fish, exposure to broken fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, or gauges; living in homes painted with mercury-laden water-based latex paint, coal fired power plant emissions, and/or a multitude of other exposures) --a likely consequence: inability to sleep well --take sleeping pills --develop Alzheimer's. That middle step may not be a significant part of the equation, imo. It seems highly likely to me that about half or more of senior US citizens are mercury toxic due to accumulated mercury from multiple sources and poor diets that really don't support the body's natural detox systems. (Coincidentally, It appears that roughly 50% of the population has either the APOE4 variation (20%) or an MTHFR variation (30%) making them more vulnerable to mercury and/or less able to excrete it. Hmm.) So far at least I haven't developed Alzheimer's. Time will tell. Hoping the amalgam removal and detox (and now also avoiding flu shots and other known sources of mercury) will save me from my father's fate. His illness started at about the age I am now. To my knowledge, he never took sleeping pills but he did always have a hard time sleeping. His hair test indicated mercury toxicity by Cutler's counting rules. Of course my experience is purely anecdotal and therefore should be totally disregarded.


... So recent that Joan Rivers, born June 1933, was three months older than Case 1 -- Donald T., in the first medical journal report of autism.


Enterovirus 68: Let's remember this virus was mentioned in connection with the cases of sudden paralysis in California children last year, which we speculated might involve a co-factor such as pesticide exposure, like the polio epidemics ... It appears to affect those with asthma the worst. And why do so many kids have asthma? Postponing the DTaP shot by a couple of months lowers the risk of asthma. Just for instance. But they'd rather talk vaccines against Enterovirus 68.


Latest: Whistleblower suit against Merck for faking data sailed through to discovery phase. Judge rejected Merck motion to dismiss; threw out parts of related suit not brought by whistleblowers.


Comment from "Lisa": Oh my God! Are you guys listening to the interview? This guy DeStafano says "um" and "you know" more than the teens working at the local Dairy Queen. He sounds so incredibly inarticulate, and also incredibly GUILTY.


William Thompson: "I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information [that] suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at increased risk for autism. ... protocol was not followed." That's HUGE.


"Flu Shot Kids" -- AOA 02.14.08: L"A pediatrician who treats a large number of kids with autism tells me she has started to detect a new pattern. Most of the very youngest children are what she calls 'flu shot kids.' Their mothers got mercury-containing flu shots when they were in utero. The kids got the shots right on schedule starting at 6 months.

"She emphasized this was only an impression, not a study or even a survey. But this is someone who has been very astute about the autism epidemic since the early days – she first began noticing something amiss with the kids in her practice starting in the mid 1990s. They were just plain sicker. Too many allergies, too much asthma, too many with juvenile diabetes. Too many with autism.

"Too many, too sick. So I think what she says about the flu shot bears repeating and watching."





"If history remembers no other journalist who fought back against the spurious claims about vaccines, it will remember Brian Deer." -- Columbia Journalism Review, "Sticking With the Truth," May 1, 2013


This is nice and clear: "What the CDC did, in essence, was recreate the original study design after it was discovered that the original one showed adverse effects associated with MMR." 


"This is not just a health crisis, it's a journalistic crisis.  Journalists have to stop taking the word of a captive agency with a vested interest in thimerosal, and instead look at the science." -- RFK Jr.


On a long drive, I heard NPR promote a program being co-reported with Kaiser Health News. Since when is an HMO a reporting partner for a supposedly independent news outlet?


Jen Forsyth on HuffPost: "It was never my intention in life to become a vaccine advocate. I have to do enough just advocating for my kids, as two of three are on varying degrees of the autism spectrum."


Awesome comment by Anita Donnnelly on Laura Hayes' awesome article: "Once you get it, once you get that your toddler went catatonic because of vaccines you are shocked and profoundly sad.

"Once you get that it didn't have to happen, that it was totally preventable, you add to the tragedy the knowledge that you and your child and all children have been brutally betrayed and violently poisoned. For money or for pride. By tragic hubris, or by cynical profit. But it didn't have to happen. And your child's suffering is for nothing. Your child's suffering did not keep some other child from getting chicken pox because they could have been protected without the participation of vulnerable children that they KNOW how to detect (see Dr Jill James' research on glutatione) . No, your child's vaccine did no good to any child. And it prevented your child from getting full use of his destined life or her destined brain.

"Once all the little pieces click into place, it's like discovering a mate has been unfaithful, or a loved one has cancer, or that you are going to have to file for bankruptcy after all.

"It is something you simply cannot 'unknow'. And it hurts like hell to admit what has happened, how we've been lied to, and that our own lack of wanting to know hurt our infant.

"It is a betrayal beyond belief.

"We will get through it, and overcome it, with each other and truth speakers like Laura Hayes.

"AWESOME powerful story!"

Posted by: Anita Donnnelly | August 05, 2014 at 08:33 PM


"Should they not be looking for the Ebola gene??? Which determines why some do not catch the virus ??? This should only take about 20 years, why fuss with treatments."


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? CDC/NIH leave smallpox vials laying around, expose workers to anthrax, freak out about the flu in China, then import Ebola via Americans who tragically came down with it. Something wrong with this picture.


Start of NY Times Mag piece on autism recovery: "At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress..." You don't say!


"But if we had scientific method we would be meticulously following up the adverse consequences: instead we have an aggressive culture of assertion and denial in which the reality is that products are inevitably neither as effective or as safe as their official profile: they couldn't possibly be (and the studies themselves are a pack of lies). Thimerosal is interesting because mercury is a deadly toxin (the quantities in a single shot 250 times the hazard level for toxic waste) and they just went on adding more. IT'S THE CULTURE. We have this arrangement whereby vaccines are mandated, and manufacturers have effectively no liability. We have the US national rubbish dump of cases reported to VAERS (nearly half a million by now despite passive reporting). And they go on adding more products as if there is no limit (hence Offit's preposterous and terrifying 10,000 vaccine theory). If anything the system in the UK is even more slippery. All the systems by which the products could be properly monitored have been short-circuited. Parents are ignored, insulted, bullied, concerned scientist are harassed and isolated, and this could not be more prejudicial to good science or product safety. It's the culture: it is bad science and toxic politics together with an increasingly chronically sick and neurologically impaired population. Of course, with this blanket bombardment of multiple products the picture is extremely confused (and that incidentally is how the scientific bureaucrats would prefer to leave it) but it is all a reckless and irresponsible experiment."


Gotta love the first negative comment on "Thimerosal" book on Amazon: "Kennedy is a anti-vaccine ideology who ignores all the legitimate scientific studies." Say no more!


From Jenny Allen: I don't have personal experience about other countries, but in Scotland where I live, peanut, egg and other child allergies are profoundly changing procedures and protocols in schools and nurseries. Baking and eating the baked items, used to be a wonderful learning and social experience, but this is no longer permitted. Most manufactured common ingredients now have disclaimers 'may contain nut residues'. Worse- parents can bring in a birthday cake to enable their child to blow out the candles, but not one crumb of the cake can be eaten by children on school premises. This applies regardless of whether the cake is home baked or bought in a shop. These days every scool and nursery class can expect one or two children with ASD, and several with assorted allergies including peanut. Asthma and diabetes are now common. Classroom cupboards now typically contain several inhalers and packets of biscuits for the diabetic children. Teachers also require special training to cope with these cases. They are simply NOT coping with the ever rising numbers. All that is happening is more and more 'bans' on what is brought into schools, but unless children are subjected to the kind of security checks carried out at airports, sharing their smuggled treats, can have disastrous consequences. Allergies can manifest in simple rashes, or at the other end of the scale, anaphylactic shock. Yes-teachers are now being trained to administer emergency adrenalin. Where will it all end? For vaccine manufacturers to bleat 'non proven' is disgraceful, particularly since they are permitted to list several vaccine ingredients under a single generic title. Whatever happened to the caveat of erring on the side of safety? Peanut allergies are amongst the most dangerous and if there is even the smallest suspicion that peanut oil is present in those 'any vegetable oil' adjuvant ingredients, then it should be removed immediately. There are plenty of other alternatives.


"It's hard to understand reporters who are so willing to risk their reputations by ardently defending the use of toxic mercury in vaccines when the science simply isn't there." -- Anne Dachel


As people attack RFK Jr.'s new book and say a link between ethylmercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism has been disproven, tell them this: the second child ever diagnosed with autism (1943) had a father who was experimenting with ethylmercury dust when he was born. What do they say about that and about Case 7, whose pediatrician mother pushed the first thimerosal-laced vaccines? Seriously, what do they say? That RFK Jr. is nuts?


“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,” CDC Director Frieden says of anthrax, flu, smallpox incidents. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.”


Sent this out on Facebook and wanted to share here, about the growing reports linking pesticide exposure and autism: pesticides are a critical clue, perhaps THE critical clue, to the manmade, environmental nature of the rise of autism and, by clear implication, the central role of vaccines. it is exciting to see new research homing in on pesticides, and there is the potential for a breakthrough, i think.

the first pesticides that contained ethyl mercury triggered the first three cases of autism reported by Leo Kanner in 1943, as mark blaxill and i showed in our book. this also implicates vaccines, of course, which were first produced with thimerosal at the same time. anything that implicates pesticides today strengthens our thesis, and hopefully the connection we outlined will gain more attention. it really is the smoking gun for ethyl mercury as the trigger for the rise of autism. please help spread the word -- if we could get some mainstream attention for this early connection to pesticides with ethyl mercury, in the context of new research implicating pesticides, it could be significant. feel free to share this with news sources and anyone else. 

our ten minute video spells it out. ask people to watch it before they repeat the empty claim that a link between vaccines and autism has been "discredited" even as millions of babies around the world get mercury-containing shots every year.




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Trace Amounts is available for digital streaming on Amazon. Those who've already viewed the film might want to consider adding a review.

Danish documentary about HPV vaccine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO2i-r39hok&feature=youtu.be

Learned about it from Lawrence Solomon's excellent VaccineFactCheck blog:

Godfrey; Being an American citizen - with our laws, and rights and all - I would think so too.

But if you look around at the whole state of corruption in all things -here - just a short list: The Financial crisis we had was linked to federal agencies that were all intertwined with Wall Street and big banks, the Fast and Furious project that involved the FBI backing one Cartel, the EPA climate warming of changing data to suit them so big shots could claim global warming as they made big money off of cap and trade, The IRS targeting private citizens belonging to the wrong political party, and above all the rest - in corruption -a shining bright beacon of evil doers is the CDC!

We are talking about a federal agency that goes to the length of hiring some thug from Denmark and he had so much greed that he was finally charged with embezzlement (can't push the government around even if they are doing sleazy things). They had secret meetings where ignorant doctors woke up to what was happening and scrambled to save their own family while keeping it quiet for the rest of us that would be Simpson Wood and the Aluminium conference. That would include; hiring for a couple of decades Colleen Boyle who had previously did a great job of keeping the lid on the agent orange caused cancer in our vets. That would include making sure that Tom Insel ran the IACC, and the whole NIMH; he was bound to be loyal to them since his brother invented the Hib vaccines . If you are willing to sit for hours at a time and watch the IACC meetings, it does not take long to figure out he has his cronnies when needed to be called upon to vote out any research that has to do with not just the vaccines, but anything that involves the environment, or the immune system

And then Tom Insel gets on TED talk and tells us horrible stats of how many have mental illness in this country. He actually makes a joke (so comfortable in his evil) that with those stats, he should be fired. Well, hell - yes -he should be cause it is his fault along with the others working in these health based federal agencies that it has come to 1 out of 20 being bipolar. but he is powerful and he is backed by powerful people.

Even at that Tom Insel in his political correct way - tells us the psych drugs are for short term use and cannot be used long term because NOT the wording he would use but he indicates long term use will SHRINK YOUR BRAIN!

And this involves many high up powerful guys that has purposely did very bold and very corrupt things - that is totally out of hand.

When; not IF the American people finally realize what they have done; it is going to be terrible for them. So Dr. Thompson well knows he better do everything he can think of to protect himself during the mean time.

I am beginning to think we are going to have to cut budgets to all federal agencies to the bare bone -- I have never seen so much corruption that comes out of these initial labeled government run agencies meant to serve the people. Unbelievable!

"Thompson wants to testify; needs subpoena."

The only reason I can think of that Thompson would need a subpoena is if he were in effect asserting that he had engaged in criminal conduct. What this would be I cannot imagine.

Would he refuse a simple Congressional invitation to testify? He has counsel, and he is quite immune, under the WPA, from retaliation for cooperating with Congress.


This story just breaks my heart. This father has been accused of child abuse and insists he did not deliberately harm his daughter. When I started reading thru the story, I wondered if this was a case of 'possible' vaccine injury. As I continued reading, I read that the baby had to be delivered via vac extract, which can cause some of the injuries she has suffered.

Then, sure enough, as I continued reading, there it was; she had just been vaccinated one week prior to her injuries:

"...Naomi Became Ill One Week after Multiple Vaccinations

Mr. Burns says that Naomi received her scheduled vaccinations on March 7, aged 2-months, and that she became ill one week later. This was confirmed in the medical report written by Dr. Bethany Mohr. She reported that Naomi became ill on March 16, 2014, and on page 81 of her report, she wrote:

“IMMUNIZATIONS: Up to date. Naomi received her 2-month immunizations on March 7th 2014.”

Therefore, it is possible that Naomi’s injuries were a direct result of a vaccine injury.
Fact: Studies Link Vaccines to Shaken Baby Syndrome

In a peer-reviewed study, written by Dr. Michael Innis, titled Vaccines, Apparent Life-Threatening Events, Barlow’s Disease, and Questions about Shaken Baby Syndrome..."

These Senators/Assembly members NEED TO UNDERSTAND the causality with vaccines/injury. Are we shooting ourselves in the foot re not explaining more of the science to them?

So much for new "independent study" claiming no link between toxic MMR vaccination and autism. All lies, propaganda, falsifications, anti-science, criminal.


Am sharing the below from the "Californians For Pro Choice" Facebook page. Any fellow Californians who may be able to help re the below, would be appreciated:


"The Education Committee seemed to be in opposition of the bill, however decided to delay their vote until next Wednesday. They are going to work with Dr. Pan (the author) to possibly amend some language in the bill and get their questions answered.

The Education committee has several concerns:
- children will be denied a public or private education
- parents will not be able to afford homeschooling
- if parents can't afford homeschooling, their kids will be truant
- homeschooling children cannot join other families in a small group learning environment
- the option of adding new vaccines to the state requirements is unsettling
- taking away religious freedoms is a huge concern
- shedding vaccines and still spreading disease
We need to flood the education committee with emails, calls and faxes. Thank them for their concerns, and remind them WHY they need to vote NO.
We are sooooo close. Keep fighting the good fight! We will win this!

Here is their info:
Education Committee
Senator Liu (Chair)
State Capitol, Room 5097
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4025
Fax: (916) 651-4925
Senator Huff - (Vice Chair)
State Capitol, Room 305
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916.651.4029
Fax: 916.651.4929
Senator Marty Block (co-auth)
State Capitol, Room 4072
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4039
Fax: (916) 651-4939
Senator Hancock
State Capitol, Room 2082
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4009
Fax: (916) 651-4909
Senator Tony Mendoza
State Capitol, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4032
Fax: (916) 651-4932
Senator Vidak
State Capitol, Room 3082
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916.651.4014
Fax: 916.651.4914
Senator Connie Levya
State Capitol, Room 4061,
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4020
Fax: (916) 651-4920
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Pan is a pediatrician, a professional who is supposed to care about children, who is campaigning to disenfranchise thousands of children, to deny them not only an education, but a place in society, socialization, just the way that pediatricians who are vaccine fanatics deny partially or unvaccinated children medical care.

Orac sockpuppet and outsourced pharma troll "Skeptical Raptor" on the attack again at Dailykos:


Claims Dr Pan has been getting death threats and scolds "Liars About the Age of Autism". They just can't help mentioning this website, every screed.

Adorable, really.

The glowing comments are soon to come I'm sure. Someone called this person out and reported them to the mods for not disclosing their conflict of interest, but by them time the mods could be bothered the damning info had been scrubbed from the troll's own website.

Re the hearing, Senator Pan referenced a "fraudulent" study as being responsible for the measles outbreak. Since the events that have actually transpired are that MMR uptake has remained high, possibly bolstered by truly fraudulent research per the CDC, and a lot of children are injured from vaccination (of which the MMR itself cannot be separately exonerated) as more are beginning to understand and outbreaks are still occurring under vaccine mediated immunity, as predicted by other research and and demonstrated by outbreaks in China where compliance is mandatory...anyway, it doesn't promote vaccination for those aware to see that the doctor(s)/legislators trying to mandate it, willing to undo protections of informed consent, are either uninformed and misinformed or willing to misrepresent events.



"Bowing to concerns from parents and lawmakers that children would be denied a public education, a state Senate committee Tuesday held off voting on a bill requiring most parents to vaccinate their children as a condition of enrolling them in school.

“If I were you, I would not take a vote today,” Sen. Carol Liu, D-Canada Flintridge, who leads the Senate’s education panel, told Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, the bill’s author. “Otherwise I don’t think your bill proceeds out of this committee.”

Numerous parents testified that they would pull their kids out of school, though some said they could not afford to home-school their children. In requiring vaccinations as a prerequisite for enrolling children in school, detractors said, the bill would legalize institutional discrimination.

“A measles outbreak does not justify the elimination of the fundamental right to education for a substantial minority of California citizens,” said Robert Moxley, a Wyoming-based lawyer who represents people injured by vaccines.

"...Lawmakers on the committee echoed those concerns. Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, asked the bill’s author to explain a “compelling state interest in doing something so draconian.” Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, declined to support the bill because it could put an obstacle between children and education.

“The bigger question here is the penalty for not immunizing their kids is that you have to have either home school or you have to take the kid out of public school, and I don’t think that’s a solution to the problem,” Liu said.

“I don’t think it’s fully cooked,” added Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar..."

YES!!! Let's pray that this bill is killed in committee next week.


Senate Education Committee meeting live online.

Reminder to everyone to pray for California today as the bill goes before the Education Committee.


Future Doc: Autism Alternatives with Dr. Biddle Part 1

Yes, it's official...Paul Offit DID back out of debate with Dr. Toni Bark, as per Toni's Twitter account:


It would appear Offit has backed out of the debate with Dr. Toni Bark:


I sat up one night last week, posting the youtube accounts of several different individuals related to the bill..none would stick on facebook. I interspersed them with videos of kittens, cute puppies, even the 2004 phantom of the opera with gerry butler..(wonderful btw)..I played with this until three in the morning...it's clearly censorship, as all of the cute youtubes stuck just fine.

I sent the link to Verizon's "spam updater" last night (or early this morning) and can email it now, so I believe they determined it is not spam.

Tried to repost Laura's speech from the AOA link --to Facebook. Will NOT post.

I posted Laura's speech immediately after it first appeared on Facebook. I just checked and yes, it has been removed.

Send her speech into your elected representatives !

I've sent it into the 650 puppets who think they run the UK .

It won't post for me

Have posted the AoA link to Laura Hayes speech on 4 FB sites. Will watch to see if it lasts!!

I posted a second time on a group page with success. Let us hope it has been glitch and not a harbinger.

I just successfully posted the link on my Facebook page.

For a little more troubleshooting, I tried sending myself a video with the same subject, "Censored video," and a link to a Hilary Clinton video that has about 2 million views currently.

The Hilary Clinton video came through fine, so I tried the same subject line with the link to Laura's speech to myself...still "spam." I feel pretty censored if Verizon won't let me "spam" myself, and only myself.

My email that has been "determined to be spam:"

Hi, guys. I hope you don't mind me testing something. There's some online talk about FB and/or Google or some other entity disrupting sharing of this video from the last NO on SB277 rally (we're one of the states in which some interests want to try removing vaccine choice as much as possible--basically completely):


So I'm just trying good old copy and paste here.

If you want to take the time to try it and don't mind, please let me know whether or not it works.

Thanks so much and I hope you are all doing well!

I just tried a copy and paste of the video link only in an email to a few people and got a message saying the message I attempted to send was determined to be spam. Never seen my email provider do this before.

Someone just commented on YouTube that they tried to share on FB and the link didn't show, so the posted the link and the video picture didn't show (I don't know enough about FB to know if that's atypical).

Another comment in Dutch(?) says
"link werkt niet opent niet als ik hem ergens wil plaatsen"

Google Translation -> "Link does not work does not open when I want to put him somewhere"

It kind of sounds to me like someone might be disrupting the YouGooTube "sharing" mechanisms, maybe in addition to Facebook censorship?

For those interested: "The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney"


Binney states that he's found the government to be so corrupt there isn't much left worth saving. "All they do," he states, "is cover up their crimes."

Sound familiar?

@Jeannette Bishop:

Thank you so much for posting that link! I just finished viewing that entire debate and am THRILLED this was done. I'm frankly amazed. You really don't see debates such as this one ANYWHERE. The last one I can recall occurred in Texas a few years back when Dawn Richardson of the NVIC and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny debated a pediatrician (I think he was a pediatrician).

So - SUPER job and shout out to both Ginger Taylor and Dr. Meryl Nass on this debate! Wouldn't it be terrific if we were able to see more such type debates. I don't believe I've seen anything quite like this in all my 20 plus years of activism on this issue...

Major post IMO and great job by Ginger Taylor, Dr. Nass:


Will any other local news stations rise to this standard?


Student Who Refused to Lie About Vaccines and was Kicked out of Nursing School Fights Back with Lawsuit

"...This week I was dismissed from nursing school and I was almost finished. The reason for my dismissal according to the DON, and Dean was harassment of faculty. Apparently discussing vaccines and their unethical approach to teaching us was considered harassment. I only posed questions how the way they were teaching us and how it went against the ANA standards set forth for all nurses.

Two weeks ago, 2 different instructors were promoting manipulation and misleading information as a way to coerce parents that deny vaccines into compliance.

The first scenario was: Some hospitals require expecting moms and dads to be vaccinated with TDaP before walking into the labor and delivery floor. If significant other is not vaccinated, we the students would be administrating these vaccines. I asked for the rationale behind this. The instructor said this and I quote ” What if you were a new mother and an unvaccinated person came onto the floor carrying pertussis and your newborn contracted it and died.” My response was ” This is a worse case scenario, but vaccinating on the floor doesn’t provide antibodies to pertussis for 6 weeks to 6 months and sometimes not even at all.” I asked how they could promote this when they were giving these families a false sense of security. The instructor ended the conversation and said we would be discussing this more in the coming weeks..."

Editors: The link I refer to, above, doesn't seem to have appeared in the comments section(?) Can you post it?

When reading thru that last link I've provided, below, understand that the individual who wrote this 'blog' is essentially defaming Sibel and her efforts.

I decided to post this link because it contains material/transcripts from her Ohio deposition, information of which is also shared by other whistleblowers, such as William Binney, formerly of the NSA.

This piece I posted provides transparency into the inner workings of our government. We are literally losing our freedoms, on so many levels. When people ask how this can happen to this country of ours, all one need do is research who is actually running things.

Speaking of the world having gone 'stark crazy mad,' here's a bit of something I've been reading up on today and after having thought about this for a bit, I've decided to share it here.

Perhaps this may be a bit of an eye opener for some who read/comment over here. For some of us, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what we've known for quite some time. The following requires no explanation; this is the reason I hold Sibel Edmonds in such high esteem.

I hope many of you will read thru this. The following information does not pertain to anything as regards vaccines/autism, but yet...at the same time...it does, as it pertains to our political system of government:


Thanks, Bayareamom. The RFK Jr speech made my day. Everyone, be sure to continue watching into the Q&A after he's done with his presentation.

I appear to be on a roll with these video links; here's yet another I've just finished viewing: RFK, Jr.'s speech before a Senate hearing in Illinois. He's awesome. My heart and hat go off to him...


Join this amazing and empowering event as we help MAKE HISTORY by raising funds to help COMPLETE the URGENT AND TIMELY Documentary Film to get the REAL TRUTH out regarding vaccine safety and those who have CONCEALED it from us at our children's expense... Help DEFEAT SB-277 by helping Dr. Andrew Wakefield get this film FINISHED!

When: Wednesday, April 29th from 6:00pm-9:30pm

Where: Ocean Institute in Dana Point

Cost: $35.00 pre-sale /$40 at the door (per person)


The night will include:

Silent Auction
LIVE Entertainment
A taste of your “HEALTHY TASTE OF OC” favorite restaurant eats
An inspiring presentation by Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Candlelight vigil



Fantastic discussion re FOIA/Freedom of the Press issues...

Re my previous post re Jonathan Emord's interview on C2C: His interview starts at approximately the 12:27 mark...

Attorney Jonathan Emord's recent appearance on Coast to Coast; two hour interview on vaccines, personal rights and freedoms:


NJ is officially in trouble.

"N.J. Senate committee approves restrictions on religious exemption for vaccines"

"With the outbreak in January of measles at Disneyland in California still fresh in people's minds, state Sen. Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex), said he sponsored the legislation because "it is too easy" for parents to cloak their philosophical grounds behind religious beliefs. The Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, which Vitale chairs, voted 5-2 to pass the bill.

A parent's notarized letter must explain "the nature of the person's religious tenet or practice that is implicated by the vaccination and how the administration of the vaccine would violate, contradict or otherwise be inconsistent with that tenet or practice," according to the bill (S1147). The statement also most show the tenet "is consistently held by the person," and is not MERELY "an expression of that person's political, sociological, philosophical or moral views, or concerns related to the safety of efficacy of the vaccination."

Hear that? Because one's "political, sociological, philosoplical or moral views" or one's concerns related to the safety or efficacy of the vaccination DO NOT COUNT AND ARE NOT VALID CONCERNS.

So, if a person doesn't like the idea of being injected or otherwise exposed to a laboratory made and designed microbe suspended in chemicals, THAT'S TOO DAMN BAD if you live in New Jersey. This is not unlike the federal legislation that the CTIA had passed which states that health concerns are not valid reasons to object to having a cell phone tower looming over you. Of course you are being exposed to radiation and there is abundant research to show that there are ill health effects, but none of that matters because our government has been bought.

Where is the American Civil Liberties Union on the issue of the forced drugging of the entire American population with whatever the government in collusion with Pharma mandates?

If this video doesn't bring it all home, I don't know what will:


Folks, this wasn't a GSK seminar for sales reps...


To add a quote from GSK re this video:

"Thank GOD for political donations."

You've gotta love France. They are calling a spade a spade in terms of this latest plane disaster. They did not waste time being diplomatic about the possibility of it being murder. They also seem to act on vaccine damage, an example being the UNmandating of the hep B vaccine there when so many lawsuits emerged regarding it.

Another "Autism gut issue breakthrough" from FOX Health


GEE... could this be the measles virus, typed to the vaccine strain, growing in the gut of Autistic children FIRST NOTED by Dr. Andrew Wakefield nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO ???

Of course... ALL of his research was quickly HALTED to keep MMR/ drug money flowing into the Royal Free Hospital in London.

"STOP Mandatory Vaccination" crowd funding project:


I was just told by someone that that link I posted re the airlines is a spoof...

Good to know if it is...

I think that they're going to claim that as a matter of national security it must be decided and legislated on a federal level, which would be unprecedented, but I don't think that will dissuade them. A significant number of our political leadership are brazenly corrupt.

My previous comment should have read not, "to ban such exemptions," but rather, "to uniformly require exemptions."


"Knowing that the citizens of Washington State, Oregon, Texas and Maryland have strongly opposed bills aimed at eliminating vaccine exemptions, how then could the federal government even entertain the idea of passing federal legislation that would go against the wishes of the electorate and which would also be the first legislation of its kind in any developed democracy?"

As I have remarked previously regarding the on-line White House petition to ban such exemptions, any federal action one way or the other strikes me as very probably an unconstitutional encroachment upon what has traditionally been entirely within the purview of the individual states.

As a point of comparison, I would mention the decision in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, which upheld the insurance requirement of the Affordable Care Act. In so doing, the Court rejected the assertions that the mandate was a valid exercise of either the Commerce Clause or the Necessary and Proper Clause. The mandate was instead upheld as a valid exercise of the federal government's taxation authority.

This was also the decision which invalidated the mandatory expansion of Medicaid by the individual states, on the basis that any attempt to limit such funds--unlike the case of monies for highway maintenance in exchange for changes in speed limits, for example--would cross the line from encouragement to coercion of the states.

Federal regulation of the states' abilities to regulate school admission on the basis of vaccination status is an eventuality that simply is not going to come to pass. It would have no apparent enforcement mechanism which would not directly parallel Medicaid funding.

"Trouble is, if you have children nowadays you actually look into the " science" and it's not sound by any means! No wonder the majority of "nonvaccinators" said "health" rather than religious or philosophical reasons were why they made that choice. Another poll showed that 40% were uncertain about the science pertaining to vaccine safety.
Grab a brain, Sandie! Higher educated people are realizing the research is biased bs..."

No truer words!

Knowing that the citizens of Washington State, Oregon, Texas and Maryland have strongly opposed bills aimed at eliminating vaccine exemptions, how then could the federal government even entertain the idea of passing federal legislation that would go against the wishes of the electorate and which would also be the first legislation of its kind in any developed democracy?

Just who are they representing?

oops..I meant nitric oxide... marker of airway inflammation or oxidant stress in exhaled breath.

It is suggested that
autism may result from an interaction between genetic, environmental,
and immunological factors, with oxidative stress
as a mechanism linking these risk factors.source http://www.keytoxins.com/hgbiblio-files/oxidative.pdf

The synergy will one day be found and be found stunningly dangerous for the developing brain. This is autism, a child on a freshly chemically treated lawn, a child exposed through vaccination to metals such as mercury and aluminum, a child injected with antigens..each on it's own, maybe not so dangerous, however, this synergy, the mitochondrial compromise, the glutathione depletion, the addition of an array of antigens..vaccination is nothing more than the final ingredient in the cauldron of poison. We know there are pesticides that increase the uptake of mercury in the brain, as there are chemicals that decrease it ,as well.We need science and it's not going to get the funding, until then anyone who vaccinates is subject to an injured child depending on something as simple as where that child was playing that day, what she ate, what she breathed, and what she received via the vaccinations before. Example..who knows about the nitrous oxide in exhaled breath after flu vaccine? Dr.Offit? He's not a man of science, he's on the frontline telling the world that the antioxidants and supplements needed to thwart autism syndrome are useless, he will be known as criminal, he's stopping the science and the work needed to figure this all out. Stop with letting head counts tell us that vaccines don't call autism.We know they do, we know our children.

A comment I found that bears looking into...

I object to laws carving out exemptions based only on religious beliefs. What about people of reason who object based on rational convictions? If we’re going to carve out exemptions, then why shouldn’t reasons based on “political, sociological, philosophical or moral views, or concerns related to the safety of efficacy of the vaccination” count any less than religious reasons?

It doesn’t take a legal or constitutional scholar to understand that a strictly religious exemption violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The Founders used freedom of religion and freedom of conscience interchangeably. Clearly, freedom of conscience is the broader term, and the Founders sought to protect everyone’s freedom to live by their convictions, whether religious or secular. Religion has no monopoly on such spiritual matters. That’s why the First Amendment protects not only freedom of religion but freedom from religion. By carving out only a religious exemption, the law is in effect sanctioning religious over non-religious beliefs, a clear—albeit back-door—establishment of religious over non-religious beliefs.

The religious exemption also violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. The government should never discriminate for or against any individual or segment of the population in the enforcement of its lawmaking function. Rather, it should protect everyone’s rights equally and at all times. It’s not only a legal and constitutional matter, in my view, but also a matter of fundamental fairness to extend the exemption to all, or to none.

I think the word science is being wrongly used all over the media. Where is the science? I've read time and time again that epidemiological studies "prove" vaccines don't cause autism. I've read that biological assays "prove" vaccines do cause autism. Then they are weighted, "we've more epidemiological studies funded" so they WIN? This isn't a game, and yet the politicians and the media are playing with our children's lives as if it is. They've tossed out science because it doesn't fit the agenda of the pharmaceuticals that our cdc bows to?

Even libertarians are starting to cave in to forced vaccinations.

How has science substituted religious authority? It was always the case that politicians would pander to any theology that their voting base would have. Nowadays it is all about this abhorrent use of the "scientific method" mantra.

Why humans are not able to outgrow violence and abuse, and only change the rhetorical decoration that accompanies those impulses?

Why there is always an Empire, a Holy Inquisition and a bunch of Heretics? It is the Inquisition what creates the Heretics or are the Heretics who create the Inquisition?

"Vaccination Request Shot Down by Mandel." Well, well, Alberta Liberals, indeed the Liberal party of Canada is also the one pushing vaccines. Liberal leader David Swann pressed the issue for a second straight day...

OT, petition to impeach fed judges and prosecutors involved in the illegal harassment of Daniel Smith for selling MMS:



Dana, thanks, it's like injections are some nebulously wonderfully magically innocuous thing, but swallowing can be really risky...unless you are talking about GMOs maybe.

The yahoo link is already obsolete, but I found something related on the story, and I was confronted with this by Yahoo if anyone wants to do some error correction on the HuffPost (Facebook is not something I use anymore):


Johnson and Johnson to pay 25 million for failing to remove heavy metals from Children's Tylenol: https://www.yahoo.com/health/maker-of-childrens-tylenol-contaminated-with-113346156332.html. But it's OK to inject the heavy metals contained in vaccines.

Re Hg math... we also keep hearing reports of varying understated amounts in independently tested vaccines that are supposed to only have "trace." And the amount of aluminum just keeps climbing, while most of the faceless vaccine promoters online don't seem to know about synergy with Hg, and the CDC is either just as ignorant and dismissive, or they have got to be counting on the parallel and synergistic toxicity.

A very good vaccine aluminum discussion with Chris Shaw:


4:35, Gulf War Vets were getting about 25 vaccines on top of the anthrax vax in a short period of time...

10:00, CHOP had posted a claim that aluminum was an "essential element"

What happens with injected aluminum and the brain around 20:00...

23:00 viral-linked-with-aluminum molecule contaminating Gardasil...now CDC is claiming it's not a contaminant...

27:00 aluminum chelation with silicate...

28:00 Dr. Exley (http://www.keele.ac.uk/aluminium/groupmembers/chrisexley/ ?) expert on aluminum

35:00 Gardasil 9 coming out with double the dose of aluminum ... Are we going to see commercials telling girls, boys, women to make sure they are "one" in a million "less" ...

@ Who is ...

Thank you.

for Jeanette Bishop :



State Of Wisconsin
Circuit Court
Fond Du Lac County

Case No. 92 CV 579

Nation of India
City of New Dehli
A. K. Susheela, Ph.D., being first duly sworn on oath, under penalty of perjury, and with personal knowledge of the information contained herein, respectfully states to the Court as follows:

1.I, Dr. A. K. Susheela, have spent more than 20 years doing scientific research in the field of Fluoride Toxicity and Fluorosis.
2.I am a full Professor of Anatomy (Histocytochemistry) and Chief of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Laboratories, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
3.I have held Faculty positions at the same Institute since 1969.
4.I am a Ph.D from India, with Post-doctoral training under LORD WALTON (Neurologist) of U.K. and Dr. Ade Milhorut of the Muscle Institute, New York, USA, (which no longer exists).
5.I was a Visiting Professor at the Allan Hancock Fn. at the University of Southern California during 1974-76.
6.I am a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medical Sciences.
7.I have won the prestigious Ran Baxy Research Foundation Award (Cash Prize) for outstanding research in medical sciences.
8.I have been involved in teaching medical students of all levels and carrying out research and guiding research in the field of muscle diseases and Fluorosis for more than 20 years.
9.My field of interest for the last 20 years has been Fluoride and Health Hazards.
10.Numerous funding organizations have been calling upon me during that time for evaluating projects for funding in the field of Biomedical Research.
11.I have been a member of several National Committees since early 1970s, where issues related to Fluoride are debated and discussed.
12.I have convened an International Conference on Fluoride and Fluorosis research in India in 1983. I edited a book on Fluoride Toxicity during 1985.
13.I have been invited to speak on my experience in the field of Fluoride Research at various scientific meetings held in: (1) Japan; (2) Denmark; (3) Switzerland; (4) Kenya; (5) U.S.A. (several times); and (6) Hungary.
14.I have guided 6 Ph.D theses in the subject of Fluoride and Health Hazards. A 7th Project is ongoing.
15.I have more than 80 scientific publications in leading Western and Indian Journals.

16.From my extensive experience, I state without hesitation and with a high degree of scientific certainty, the following evaluation of fluoridation.
17.Fluoride destroys muscle structure, muscle function and depletes muscle energy.
18.Fluoride destroys the bone.
19.Fluoride destroys the teeth.
20.Fluoride destroys the RBCs.
21.Fluoride destroys the Blood Vessels.
22.Fluoride destroys the lining of the stomach and intestine causing GI problems.
23.Evidence that is forthcoming also strongly suggests that in some individuals it causes infertility (not in all, depending on their hormonal status).
24.Substantial scientific evidences has emerged in recent years from studies conducted on Human Subjects and Hospital patients & those residing in areas/ regions/villages where fluoride content ranges in drinking water from 0.5 p.m to 38.5 ppm.
25.Twenty years of follow-up studies have now been concluded and the important findings include the following.
26.Gastro-intestinal complaints are the earliest manifestations of Fluoride toxicity and Fluorosis. The most common complaints include (1) Headache; (2) Nausea (Loss of appetite); (3) Pain in the stomach; (4) Gas formation in the stomach (bloated feeling); (5)Constipation; (6)Intermittent fermentation diarrhea.
27.As a result of the above, GI complaints in endemic areas are considered as early warning signs of the fluoride toxicity and are used as a diagnostic parameter under field based conditions. See Fluoride Ingestion and its Correlation with Gastrointestinal Discomfort. (Exhibit____).
28.Studies on human teeth have shown that fluoride alters a chemical substance in the matrix of the tooth. The mineralization process is abnormal, leading to changes in mineral content, and cavities or pitting are known to occur.
29.In other words, Fluoride induces cavity formation, as well as discoloration of teeth. It is also evident that use of fluoride can lead to loss of teeth at an early age and one becomes edentulous. See The Status of Sulphated Isomers of Glycosaminoglycans in Fluorosed Human Teeth. (Exhibit____).
30.Fluoride in circulation has an affinity to get deposited in tissues rich in calcium although some amount is excreted. In children, the fluoride ingested has adverse effects on kidney function. See Fluoride: Too Much Can Cripple You. (Exhibit____).
31.During the last 20 years, six Doctorate Degrees which were carried out under my supervision and guidance have been conferred on theses on Fluoride Toxicity & Fluorosis.
32.Thesis No.1 (Ph.D): "Muscular and Neural manifestations in Fluoride Toxicity in Rabbit and Man". Submitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the Ph.D. degree to RAJ D. KAUL in 1976.
33.Significant Findings emerged from studies on human patients of skeletal fluorosis. Degenerative changes were well defined at the ultrastructural level in the fluoresced muscle obtained from patients of Skeletal Fluorosis.
34.Thesis No.2 (Ph.D): "Certain structural and functional aspects of bone with reference to Fluoride Poisoning". Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to MR. MOHAN JHA during the year 1983.
35.Significant findings emerged from the thesis and have added a new dimension to our understanding of fluoride poisoning and fluorosis. The thesis has reported a sensitive blood based test which has been developed based on the chemical defects occurring in the tissues as a result of fluoride poisoning.
36.Thesis No.3 "Erythrocyte membrane abnormalities during Fluoride Toxicity and Fluorosis". Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and conferred the Doctorate degree to MR. SURESH K. JAIN in 1987.
37.Significant findings emerged from the thesis, showing that fluoride inhibits the activity of enzymes of Glucose-6-Po dehydrogenase and pyruvate kinase in erythrocytes leading to impairment of carbohydrate metabolism.
38.Fluoride adversely affects membrane bound enzyme (ATP - ase) and affects the transfer of calcium and magnesium ions in erythrocytes.
39.Fluoride inhibits antibody formation in rabbits and may occur in human subjects as well.
40.Fluoride inhibits protein and DNA synthesis in cultured lymphocytes.
41.Fluoride reduces the number of lymprocytes in circulation by inhibiting their proliferation.
42.Thesis No. 4 (Ph.D): "Fluoride Toxicity Studies on Glycosaminoglycans and its Sulphated Isomers in the Calcified Tissues" Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and conferred the degree of Ph.D. to MR. KAMAL SHARMA in the year 1988.
43.The findings emerging from the studies on both tooth & bone have made significant contributions to negate the belief that fluoride is good for teeth.
44.Instead, Fluoride does more damage to teeth than any good. Prolonged use of fluoride leads to a decrease in the organic matrix of rabbit tooth but Dermatan Sulphate content is increased.
45.High Dermatan Sulphate content appears to be the detrimental factor in causing dental fluorosis.
46.Thesis No. 5 (Ph.D): "Effects of excess fluoride ingestion on calcification of bone with reference to Glucocorticoids". Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Ph.D to MR. TAPOSH K. DAS during 1991.
47.The above treatise has contributed significant, novel information in the understanding of the pathogenesis of skeletal abnormalities occurring in chronic fluoride toxicity and fluorosis.
48.Reduced plasma cortisol levels in patients afflicted with fluorosis is reported for the first time. Fluoride treated animals also produced less cortisol and revealed adrenocortical hypofunction.
49.The study also revealed for the first time, pituitary gland hypofunction which is possibly the reason for adrenal insufficiency in the production of steroid hormone.
50.Fluoride toxicity was shown to impair cortisol production, thereby altering the bone matrix constitution both organic and inorganic, leading to defective and abnormal mineralization process.
51.Thesis No. 6 (Ph.D): "Effect of fluoride on soft tissues - Structural and Biochemical studies". Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Ph.D to MRS. POONAM KHARB during 1991.
52.This thesis focuses on the biochemical mechanism of ectopic or soft tissue calcification.
53.Although the treatise was completely devoted to animal studies, it offers the message to both the developing and developed world, particularly in the prevention of cardiac problems. Aortic calcification, which is very frequently occurring, perhaps is a result of excess ingestion of fluoride through food, water, drugs, cosmetics like tooth paste/mouth rinses and fluoridated water.
54.The disappearance of Dermatan Sulphate from soft tissue (which normally has high concentration of Dermatan Sulphate) is the beginning of nucleation for calcification of the soft tissue. This process is activated by fluoride.
55.The impact of the above contributions in the Indian National scene has been significant.
56.India launched a Technology Mission on "Safe Drinking Water" in 1986 (now re-designated after the late Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, as Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission) in which every drinking water source in the rural sector is checked for water quality, specially for Fluoride.
57.People are keen to defluoridate the water due to gastrointestinal problems and are adopting indigenous technology for obtaining potable (defluoridated) water.
58.Results include reduced abortions (as Fluoride is known to induce calcification of blood vessels of the fetus).
59.Reduced still births (as Fluoride is known to induce calcification of blood vessels of the fetus).
60.I am absolutely certain that large numbers of persons all around the world are suffering from Fluoride Toxicity, to one degree or other.
61.The various and frequent health complaints, caused by fluoride ingestion, are often (or invariably) over-looked due to unawareness at all levels, which include the health professionals or, perhaps, due to the prevailing ill conceived, unscientific notion that "fluoride is good for teeth."
62.Fluoride is potentially a dangerous chemical and a poisonous substance, which does no good to the human body.
63.With a high degree of scientific accuracy and certainty, I conclude that artificial fluoridation of drinking water is an ineffective means of improving dental health, and is in fact quite dangerous to those forced to consume it.
64.I make this Affidavit in support of the Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment

Did You Know Fluoride Exposure Is Linked to Reduced Intelligence?

On Canadian news today Sandie Rinaldo tells us that vaccine science is "very sound." Sure Sandie, if you really aren't aware of the issues and don't do your own research I guess that's how it would seem. Trouble is, if you have children nowadays you actually look into the " science" and it's not sound by any means! No wonder the majority of "nonvaccinators" said "health" rather than religious or philosophical reasons were why they made that choice. Another poll showed that 40% were uncertain about the science pertaining to vaccine safety.
Grab a brain, Sandie! Higher educated people are realizing the research is biased bs. I don't even know if Sandie Rinaldo has children but even if she does, does she not see how debilitated the children are these days? Does she know how many more vaccines today's children need?
She may be a reporter (of biased sponsored bullshit news) but no journalist.

EXCELLENT interview with Dr. Shiv Chopra (one of my favorites):





...excluding awareness from this study that a mandated "public health" measure might do (or contribute to) unforeseen (or foreseen?) harm.

Since flouride is used in some antibiotics, I wonder if water flouridation is another exposure that messes with the gut and immune health, etc...

and might also be acting in synergy with the vaccine schedule to harm our children...

It's baffling to me that in states such as Oregon that promote diversity and freedom on many issues, so many politicians are willing to go all Hitler and Goebbels on us. Maybe we need to change the wording for those states.

How about this: I support equality of cellular immunological diversity, just like I already support equality of cellular diversity of the skin, and equality of cellular diversity for women, and equality of cellular diversity regarding sexual orientation, and equality of cellular diversity of religious origins, and equality of cellular diversity in cultural history.
You know - all those cellular diversity issues for which we fought against the Nazis in WWII. Now we are supposed to segregate and beat down those interested in preserving our cellular immunological roots and differences? Hmmmmm, give me just a minute to think about that . . .

I could do with some good news, but so far all I am hearing is that the bills to reduce or eliminate exemptions in Washington state and Oregon are both going through to the house. Not sure what is happening in California?
Right now, I am praying for some road bumps. Does anyone have any news sources which say the bills are unlikely to pass?

Petition goal surpassed. Thanks to Infowars and all others who helped push it over.

The Loudermilk article's comments are now 'working'...a week later.

And the gov petition, after vigorous support was noticed, has been SHUT DOWN.

Your tax dollars at work here, my friends.

Another physician speaks out against vaccines:


Vaccination and the Path of Medical Technology.

..."In conclusion, I want to go back to the beginning, to the essentially political aspects of vaccination, that oblige us to reason and deliberate together about matters of common concern, and to reach a clear decision about how we choose to live. I have stated my own views regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and I hope that others of differing views will do the same.

But I am deeply troubled by the atmosphere of fanaticism that surrounds the subject, whereby vaccines are forcibly imposed on the public in the absence of any public health emergency, often against their will, and serious discussion of them is ridiculed, stifled, and ignored by the medical authorities as if the question had been settled definitively and for all time. Here is a the classic triumphalist view, from the great scientist Macfarlane Burnet, whom we have met before:

It is our pride that in a civilized country the only infectious diseases which anyone is likely to suffer are either trivial or easily cured by available drugs. The diseases that killed in the past have been rendered impotent, and in the process general principles of control have been developed which should be applicable to any unexpected outbreak in the future. [52]

Quite apart from the truth or untruth of these claims, they exemplify the smugness and self-righteousness of a profession and a society that worships its own ability to manipulate and control the processes of Nature itself. That is why, as Robert Mendelsohn has said, “we are quick to pull the trigger, but slow to examine the consequences of our actions.” [53] Indeed, methodically slow, one would have to say. In 1978, for example, the American Academy of Pediatrics was commissioned by Congress to formulate guidelines for Federal compensation of “vaccine-related injuries,” and included the following eligibility restrictions in its report:

1. Such a reaction should have been previously recognized as a possible consequence of the vaccine given.

2. Such a reaction should have occurred no more than 30 days following the immunization.

These restrictions would automatically exclude all of the chronic diseases, and indeed everything else except the very few adverse reactions that have so far been identified, which clearly represent no more than a tiny fraction of the problem. Still less can either the government or the medical establishment be considered ignorant of the threat that haunts every parent, that vaccines can cause cancer and other chronic diseases. Precisely that possibility was raised by Prof. Robert Simpson of Rutgers, in a 1976 seminar for science writers sponsored by the American Cancer Society:

Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, and so forth, may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These could be molecules in search of diseases: when activated under proper conditions, they could cause a variety of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Parkinson’s disease, and perhaps cancer.

Unfortunately, this is just the sort of warning that few people are ready, willing, or able to hear, least of all the American Cancer Society or the American Academy of Pediatrics. All of us still want to believe in the “miracle,” as Dubos calls it, regardless of the evidence:

Faith in the magical power of drugs often blunts the critical senses, and comes close at times to a mass hysteria, involving scientists and laymen alike. Men want miracles as much today as in the past. If they do not join one of the newer cults, they satisfy this need by worshiping at the altar of modern science. This faith in the magical power of drugs is not new. It helped to give medicine the authority of a priesthood, and to recreate the glamour of ancient mysteries.

The idea of eradicating measles or polio has come to seem attractive to us, simply because the power of medical science makes it seem technically possible: we worship every victory of technology over Nature, just as the bullfight celebrates the triumph of human intelligence over the brute beast. That is why we do not begrudge the drug companies their enormous profits, and gladly volunteer our own bodies and those of our children for their latest experiments. Vaccination is essentially a religious sacrament of our own participation in the miracle, a veritable auto-da-fé in the name of civilization itself.

Nobody in his right mind would seriously entertain the idea that if we could somehow eliminate, one by one, measles and polio and all the known diseases of mankind, we would be any the healthier for it, or that other quite possibly even more serious diseases would not arise and quickly take their place. Still less would a rational being suppose that the illnesses he or she suffered from were “entities” somehow separable from the patients who suffer them, and that with the appropriate chemical or surgical sacrament such a removal can literally be carried out. Yet these are precisely the miracles we are taught to believe in, and the idolatries to which we aspire, forgetting the older and simpler truths that the liability to disease is deeply rooted in our biological nature, and that the phenomena of illness are the expression of our own life energy, trying to overcome whatever it is trying to overcome, trying, in short, to heal itself.

The myth that we can find purely technical solutions to all human ailments seems attractive at first, because it bypasses the problem of healing, which is a genuine miracle in the sense that it can always fail to occur. We are all authentically at risk of illness and death at every moment: no amount of technology can change that. Yet the quixotic mission of technomedicine is precisely to change that: to stand at all times in the front line against disease, to attack and destroy it whenever and wherever it shows itself.

That is why, with all due respect, I cannot have faith in the miracles or accept the sacraments of Merck, Sharp, and Dohme and the Centers for Disease Control. I prefer to stay with the miracle of life itself, which has given us illness and disease, to be sure, but also the arts of medicine and healing, through which we can acknowledge and experience our pain and vulnerability, and sometimes, with the grace of God and the help of our friends and neighbors, an awareness of health and well-being that knows no boundaries. That is my religion; and while I would willingly share it, I would not force it on anyone."

Original Source. Reprinted with Permission.

About the Author

Richard Moskowitz, M.D. has been a licensed physician since 1967. He received is B.A. from Harvard in 1959, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude in General Studies (Biochemical Sciences). He received his M.D. from New York University in 1963. After finishing a Graduate Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of Colorado, he completed his internship at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver.

The regime has just blocked the public petition to Obama to prohibit any laws demanding vaccine mandates. The petition was very active, gaining thousands of signatures each day. Now this public voice was blocked so the vaccine terror could be rained upon us without restrain.


Re: Loudermilk issue

When I enter the link I provided, I don't see ANY comments under the video/article re: Loudermilk's statement about not immunizing his kids. But at the top of the screen - in the upper right-hand corner, I see "comments/86 (or 87, can't remember), but when I tried entering the comments section, I can't. I tried several times.

I managed to find ONE other website which carried Loudermilk's comments re: the vaccine issue and rather unfortunately (although highly expected), the comments section was filled with blistering comments re what an idiot he is, etc., so forth.

Re the Loudermilk article the same happens for me. When I click the comment link (on the home page) the comments come up for a few seconds (just enough time to see that someone says Loudermilk is an "idiot") and then they get erased. With other posts on the politics blog, after the "erasing" the comments are re-displayed, but not with the Loudermilk article.

I've had something similar occur with a site that uses Disqus a couple of times while an article related to vaccination has been up on the main page. I can see the comments for a few seconds, then they clear and I get a message about Disqus taking longer than usual ...then after the articles I wanted to comment under are no longer current, I can access and make comments again. My computer has also experienced a major performance dive with the media measles mayhem meme...I might just have some bad luck with software compatibility update timing or something...bad luck this week (or something) also seems to place or retract quite a few of my comments into moderation black holes ...

Why Edmonston did not vaccinate his own child
When the time came to vaccinate his own son in the 1970s, Edmonston and his wife decided not to because they were concerned about possible reactions to vaccines.
“She was dead set against (the vaccination) and I was a bit disappointed. But you see we had an agreement that child rearing was largely in her hands, so I went along,” he said.
Now, Edmonston attributes high rates of vaccination to the fact that his son, now 34, never got measles.
“Our own child did not benefit from the measles vaccine in which I had a small part. We knew that we were benefiting from a risk that was being taken by others,” he told the Star in an email.
“I quite understand why some people would say our decision was morally wrong. Also, having read about the more recent studies on vaccinations … I’ve changed my thinking and now agree with those who say that it is in each child’s best interest to be vaccinated, based on the statistical chances of infection and of apparent bad reactions.”

That AJC link is still not displaying the comments - but for some reason the number of comments has been steadily increasing.

What is going on, I wonder?

I don't have any blocking software or security extras on my Mac. And as I said, other articles display their comments just fine.

@Joy B.:

Yeah, I just checked the comments section and I can't read any of them, either (didn't try to before, though). Don't know what to say about that...

I found that link off a comment written by someone over on Sherri Tenpenny's Facebook page.

Interesting that no one has picked up Loudermilk's comments about not immunizing his kids; even the so-called alternative sites haven't carried it.

Bayareamom - for some reason, the comments section of that Loudermilk article is inaccessible to me - and none of the others on that site are.

WTF. I mean I can literally read the comments section to every article on that site EXCEPT the one about Loudermilk's vaccine stance.

And ofc no other outlet has reported on his statement.

US regime, Congress and CDC cartel are killing not only American children with toxic vaccines, but also pregnant women. US is among a few extremely poor 3rd world countries, where maternal mortality is increasing. Bill Gates and CDC must be proud of their achievement.


“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Freshman U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, hosted his first town hall meeting last week in Cartersville. The last question he fielded was on the hot topic of vaccines:



J. Beach, "Today's Scientists Need an Awards Show as Big as the Oscars." Really? Maybe they need awards for:
- biggest whistleblower
- scammer and malfeasance artist with most impact (this would be Poul Thorsen)
- most conflict of interest (Offit)
- most pharma funded
- please feel free to add more award categories

The Federal Judiciary Channel (YouTube) has a video about the Vaccine Injury Program:


@3:47 " ...more special management to get them to settle..." ?

@4:15 -- The percentages presented do not seem to match everything I've heard about the "court?"

@11:23 "...a highly successful experiment..."

The "changed my thinking" in the last sentence makes it seem there were likely concerns on his part as well as his wife's:


Why Edmonston did not vaccinate his own child

When the time came to vaccinate his own son in the 1970s, Edmonston and his wife decided not to because they were concerned about possible reactions to vaccines.

“She was dead set against (the vaccination) and I was a bit disappointed. But you see we had an agreement that child rearing was largely in her hands, so I went along,” he said.

Now, Edmonston attributes high rates of vaccination to the fact that his son, now 34, never got measles.

“Our own child did not benefit from the measles vaccine in which I had a small part. We knew that we were benefiting from a risk that was being taken by others,” he told the Star in an email.

“I quite understand why some people would say our decision was morally wrong. Also, having read about the more recent studies on vaccinations … I’ve changed my thinking and now agree with those who say that it is in each child’s best interest to be vaccinated, based on the statistical chances of infection and of apparent bad reactions.”

Toronto Star pulls HPV story 2 weeks later. "There is no dark side to the HPV vaccine, the science has spoken."
Mainstream will also not report the conflict of interest in Jennifer Hibben White's rant. Come to think of it there will be no reporting of Norm Johnson (a public, government Rep) mocking those who have suffered vaccine damages. Just a normal week for the non news of mainstream...

Is Academic Medicine For Sale? by Marcia Angell, M.D.


"In 1984 the Journal became the first of the major medical journals to require authors of original research articles to disclose any financial ties with companies that make products discussed in papers submitted to us. (1) We were aware that such ties were becoming fairly common, and we thought it reasonable to disclose them to readers. Although we came to this issue early, no one could have foreseen at the time just how ubiquitous and manifold such financial associations would become. The article by Keller et al. (2) in this issue of the Journal provides a striking example. The authors' ties with companies that make antidepressant drugs were so extensive that it would have used too much space to disclose them fully in the Journal. We decided merely to summarize them and to provide the details on our Web site.

Finding an editorialist to write about the article presented another problem. Our conflict-of-interest policy for editorialists, established in 1990, (3) is stricter than that for authors of original research papers. Since editorialists do not provide data, but instead selectively review the literature and offer their judgments, we require that they have no important financial ties to companies that make products related to the issues they discuss. We do not believe disclosure is enough to deal with the problem of possible bias. This policy is analogous to the requirement that judges recuse themselves from hearing cases if they have financial ties to a litigant. Just as a judge's disclosure would not be sufficiently reassuring to the other side in a court case, so we believe that a policy of caveat emptor is not enough for readers who depend on the opinion of editorialists.

But as we spoke with research psychiatrists about writing an editorial on the treatment of depression, we found very few who did not have financial ties to drug companies that make antidepressants. (Fortunately, Dr. Jan Scott, who is eminently qualified to write the editorial, (4) met our standards with respect to conflicts of interest.) The problem is by no means unique to psychiatry. We routinely encounter similar difficulties in finding editorialists in other specialties, particularly those that involve the heavy use of expensive drugs and devices.

In this editorial, I wish to discuss the extent to which academic medicine has become intertwined with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and the benefits and risks of this state of affairs. Bodenheimer, in his Health Policy Report elsewhere in this issue of the Journal, (5) provides a detailed view of an overlapping issue — the relations between clinical investigators and the pharmaceutical industry.

The ties between clinical researchers and industry include not only grant support, but also a host of other financial arrangements. Researchers serve as consultants to companies whose products they are studying, join advisory boards and speakers' bureaus, enter into patent and royalty arrangements, agree to be the listed authors of articles ghostwritten by interested companies, promote drugs and devices at company-sponsored symposiums, and allow themselves to be plied with expensive gifts and trips to luxurious settings. Many also have equity interest in the companies..."

"FDA criminals are as guilty of child abuse and genocide as CDC bureaucrats."

And Nazis.

Scandalous cheating of American public by the FDA and pharmaceutical cartels revealed. Toxic vaccines are among many other toxic drugs which were illegally approved by FDA. FDA criminals are as guilty of child abuse and genocide as CDC bureaucrats.


Thanks, Bayareamom, for the link to the Walter Kyle interview. There is some data in there like the BERV contamination I've not heard about. I found a little more info here:


This interview should be required reading for anyone researching vaccine safety concern issues:




"Walter, that’s exactly what vaccine safety advocates—especially I—have been suggesting, asking for, and promoting with regard to mitochondrial DNA. Sorry to interrupt, but that is amazing.

The FDA “fix,” unfortunately, was in place at the time of the meeting and the Committee discussion at the end of the day foreshadowed what FDA planned for this revolutionary diagnostic tool. VRBPAC members voiced concern that someone might use the LLMDA on other vaccines or products and newly detected agents would appear that VRBPAC could not explain. The unspoken fear, in my opinion, was that vaccine reactions could now be scientifically correlated to agents in the vaccines, and no longer defended with argument and innuendo which formed FDA’s historical basis for publicly assuring vaccine safety.

Walter, if such technology is available—and its invention may have been funded by taxpayers’ dollars—what kind of conspiracy or collusion is going on that prevents the public and their physicians and pediatricians from having access, especially now that the CDC’s VAERS reporting system shows serious numbers of adverse events. Oh my goodness—Congress ought to get involved and mandate FDA release LLMDA to professional and health consumers’ access. Please continue.

The meeting itself appeared to be a “red-herring” approach to quell public outcry over a non-required vaccine, which contained a contaminant that had been in the vaccine for 15 years and could have been detected by PCR (polymerase chain reaction). FDA members on VRBPAC assured the public that no reactions had been associated with the pig viruses in the vaccine during those fifteen years.

That, Catherine, was the FDA at its Orwellian best – its orchestration glibly implied that testing for pig viruses was routinely performed in diagnosis of a potential reactants unusual symptoms. The FDA failed to disclose how many, if any, physicians had ordered PCRs for these pig viruses in the past fifteen years. Why would they? Chances are high that no testing was ever done, which is probably why the FDA “spun” this lack of data into “proof of safety” – and allowed the continued distribution of the vaccine..."

Many thanks to Alan Phillips, Esq. for posting the link to this article on his weekly radio show newsletter...

..."It is not just the number of vaccines that is the cause of autism, but vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by only one single vaccine."


The greater the number of vaccines, the greater the number of caases of autism, that is true. However, it is not the cause of autism. The Kanner children had for the most part only gotten the one diphtheria vaccine, and it caused autism in them. I reacted to the first DPT at three months with vaccine encephalitis, the only vaccine I had gotten. My baby reacted to the hep-B vaccine with vaccine encephalitis, the only vaccine she had ever gotten. It is not just the number of vaccines that is the cause of autism, but vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by only one single vaccine.

That article by Dr. Rimland used to be on the ARI website. Now if you search for "Rimland" & "excessive vaccinations," all you get is "Your search did not return any results."

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