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On a long drive, I heard NPR promote a program being co-reported with Kaiser Health News. Since when is an HMO a reporting partner for a supposedly independent news outlet? -0- Jen Forsyth on HuffPost: "It was never my intention...

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News of the Weird

On a long drive, I heard NPR promote a program being co-reported with Kaiser Health News. Since when is an HMO a reporting partner for a supposedly independent news outlet?


Jen Forsyth on HuffPost: "It was never my intention in life to become a vaccine advocate. I have to do enough just advocating for my kids, as two of three are on varying degrees of the autism spectrum."


Awesome comment by Anita Donnnelly on Laura Hayes' awesome article: "Once you get it, once you get that your toddler went catatonic because of vaccines you are shocked and profoundly sad.

"Once you get that it didn't have to happen, that it was totally preventable, you add to the tragedy the knowledge that you and your child and all children have been brutally betrayed and violently poisoned. For money or for pride. By tragic hubris, or by cynical profit. But it didn't have to happen. And your child's suffering is for nothing. Your child's suffering did not keep some other child from getting chicken pox because they could have been protected without the participation of vulnerable children that they KNOW how to detect (see Dr Jill James' research on glutatione) . No, your child's vaccine did no good to any child. And it prevented your child from getting full use of his destined life or her destined brain.

"Once all the little pieces click into place, it's like discovering a mate has been unfaithful, or a loved one has cancer, or that you are going to have to file for bankruptcy after all.

"It is something you simply cannot 'unknow'. And it hurts like hell to admit what has happened, how we've been lied to, and that our own lack of wanting to know hurt our infant.

"It is a betrayal beyond belief.

"We will get through it, and overcome it, with each other and truth speakers like Laura Hayes.

"AWESOME powerful story!"

Posted by: Anita Donnnelly | August 05, 2014 at 08:33 PM


"Should they not be looking for the Ebola gene??? Which determines why some do not catch the virus ??? This should only take about 20 years, why fuss with treatments."


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? CDC/NIH leave smallpox vials laying around, expose workers to anthrax, freak out about the flu in China, then import Ebola via Americans who tragically came down with it. Something wrong with this picture.


Start of NY Times Mag piece on autism recovery: "At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress..." You don't say!


"But if we had scientific method we would be meticulously following up the adverse consequences: instead we have an aggressive culture of assertion and denial in which the reality is that products are inevitably neither as effective or as safe as their official profile: they couldn't possibly be (and the studies themselves are a pack of lies). Thimerosal is interesting because mercury is a deadly toxin (the quantities in a single shot 250 times the hazard level for toxic waste) and they just went on adding more. IT'S THE CULTURE. We have this arrangement whereby vaccines are mandated, and manufacturers have effectively no liability. We have the US national rubbish dump of cases reported to VAERS (nearly half a million by now despite passive reporting). And they go on adding more products as if there is no limit (hence Offit's preposterous and terrifying 10,000 vaccine theory). If anything the system in the UK is even more slippery. All the systems by which the products could be properly monitored have been short-circuited. Parents are ignored, insulted, bullied, concerned scientist are harassed and isolated, and this could not be more prejudicial to good science or product safety. It's the culture: it is bad science and toxic politics together with an increasingly chronically sick and neurologically impaired population. Of course, with this blanket bombardment of multiple products the picture is extremely confused (and that incidentally is how the scientific bureaucrats would prefer to leave it) but it is all a reckless and irresponsible experiment."


Gotta love the first negative comment on "Thimerosal" book on Amazon: "Kennedy is a anti-vaccine ideology who ignores all the legitimate scientific studies." Say no more!


From Jenny Allen: I don't have personal experience about other countries, but in Scotland where I live, peanut, egg and other child allergies are profoundly changing procedures and protocols in schools and nurseries. Baking and eating the baked items, used to be a wonderful learning and social experience, but this is no longer permitted. Most manufactured common ingredients now have disclaimers 'may contain nut residues'. Worse- parents can bring in a birthday cake to enable their child to blow out the candles, but not one crumb of the cake can be eaten by children on school premises. This applies regardless of whether the cake is home baked or bought in a shop. These days every scool and nursery class can expect one or two children with ASD, and several with assorted allergies including peanut. Asthma and diabetes are now common. Classroom cupboards now typically contain several inhalers and packets of biscuits for the diabetic children. Teachers also require special training to cope with these cases. They are simply NOT coping with the ever rising numbers. All that is happening is more and more 'bans' on what is brought into schools, but unless children are subjected to the kind of security checks carried out at airports, sharing their smuggled treats, can have disastrous consequences. Allergies can manifest in simple rashes, or at the other end of the scale, anaphylactic shock. Yes-teachers are now being trained to administer emergency adrenalin. Where will it all end? For vaccine manufacturers to bleat 'non proven' is disgraceful, particularly since they are permitted to list several vaccine ingredients under a single generic title. Whatever happened to the caveat of erring on the side of safety? Peanut allergies are amongst the most dangerous and if there is even the smallest suspicion that peanut oil is present in those 'any vegetable oil' adjuvant ingredients, then it should be removed immediately. There are plenty of other alternatives.


"It's hard to understand reporters who are so willing to risk their reputations by ardently defending the use of toxic mercury in vaccines when the science simply isn't there." -- Anne Dachel


As people attack RFK Jr.'s new book and say a link between ethylmercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism has been disproven, tell them this: the second child ever diagnosed with autism (1943) had a father who was experimenting with ethylmercury dust when he was born. What do they say about that and about Case 7, whose pediatrician mother pushed the first thimerosal-laced vaccines? Seriously, what do they say? That RFK Jr. is nuts?


“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,” CDC Director Frieden says of anthrax, flu, smallpox incidents. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.”


Sent this out on Facebook and wanted to share here, about the growing reports linking pesticide exposure and autism: pesticides are a critical clue, perhaps THE critical clue, to the manmade, environmental nature of the rise of autism and, by clear implication, the central role of vaccines. it is exciting to see new research homing in on pesticides, and there is the potential for a breakthrough, i think.

the first pesticides that contained ethyl mercury triggered the first three cases of autism reported by Leo Kanner in 1943, as mark blaxill and i showed in our book. this also implicates vaccines, of course, which were first produced with thimerosal at the same time. anything that implicates pesticides today strengthens our thesis, and hopefully the connection we outlined will gain more attention. it really is the smoking gun for ethyl mercury as the trigger for the rise of autism. please help spread the word -- if we could get some mainstream attention for this early connection to pesticides with ethyl mercury, in the context of new research implicating pesticides, it could be significant. feel free to share this with news sources and anyone else. 

our ten minute video spells it out. ask people to watch it before they repeat the empty claim that a link between vaccines and autism has been "discredited" even as millions of babies around the world get mercury-containing shots every year.



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So sorry to hear that your nephew is sick. I think the hospital has to stabilize him before they can release him. Not sure what is considered stabilized though. Maybe you can go down there if you live close, as moral support? Also, maybe the hospital's social services dept. could recommend some resources for him to get medical care in the community?

And, when the present crisis passes, even though he's an old man of 27, as his Aunt you are perfectly within your rights to give him a loving lecture about the hazards of a steady diet of cheese whiz.

I hope he's ok.

Linda My sister-in-law has said about hers that God does not make junk -- well I never thought he did.

She is own the way to the hospital right now to be with him - as in he can go no further and gone to the ER. He has no insurance He is 27 - for the past 3 years he has had bad reflux - eats nothing but cheese whiz -- now he is having trouble breathing. Cluless or not -- it does not let you go on being clueless forever and live.

Anyone with any ideas how I could help? Where he should go for help. I wonder if they will admit him since he has no insurance. I wonder if he will get any help? Wonder, wonder wonder.

I had to look at Jen Forsyth's article at Huffpost. Here are 2 quotes:

"As an autism parent, it offends me that my children's condition is being used to scare people away from life-saving medical treatments. I don't want that to happen. It angers me there are people out there who truly think my children and others like them would be better off dead than just a little different. It's what the anti-vaccine community has come to in many cases; a hatred of all things autism. I have seen parents like me try to plead how wonderful their children are and how they wouldn't trade them for anything, only to be told they are foolish and crazy. I have also seen adult autistics make very reasoned and well-constructed arguments, only to either be completely ignored or called horrible names. I don't understand how people become that filled with hate and paranoia, and I don't think I ever will."

Referring to her two children with autism:

"They are happy, amazing kids who many times get mistaken for normal boys. They are not damaged. They are not lost. They are not broken. They are mine. And they are fully vaccinated."

And she is fully clueless.

"Find out more about the petition against using people with autism as an excuse not to vaccinate here.They are mine and they are fully vaccinated"
Now we are to use children with autism as
poster children for vaccination?
exactly what is she trying to say?

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Ebola 'may' be essentially harmless, but it does pay to keep things in perspective (until proven otherwise). Here's an article I just found; thought I'd share it, here:


..."Ebola is a horrific disease that kills more than half of people infected by it, though with specialist western treatment that death rate would likely fall a little. It’s unsurprising that the prospect of catching it is a scary one. The relief is that it’s not all that infectious: direct contact with bodily fluids of a visibly infected person is required, meaning that, compared with many illnesses, it’s easily contained.

Even in the midst of the current outbreak – the worst ever – the spread of the disease has not been rapid in west Africa: around 400 new cases were reported in June, and a further 500 or so in July. This is a linear spread, meaning each person at present is infecting on average around (actually just over) one additional person.

Far more worrying are diseases that spread exponentially: if one infected person spreads the disease to two or more on average, the illness spreads far quicker and is a much more worrying prospect, even if mortality is considerably lower.

The 800-plus deaths from Ebola in Africa so far this year are indisputably tragic, but it is important to keep a sense of proportion – other infectious diseases are far, far deadlier.

Since the Ebola outbreak began in February, around 300,000 people have died from malaria, while tuberculosis has likely claimed over 600,000 lives. Ebola might have our attention, but it’s not even close to being the biggest problem in Africa right now. Even Lassa fever, which shares many of the terrifying symptoms of Ebola (including bleeding from the eyelids), kills many more than Ebola – and frequently finds its way to the US..."

Should they not be looking for the Ebola gene??? Which determines why some do not catch the virus ??? This should only take a About 20 years, why fuss with treatments.


Everybody should STOP! and consider the source who is telling and fear-mongering about dangers of Ebola.

They are the same fear-mongering Institutions that have fooled the world about so-called lethal dangers of all the vaccines on the U.S. Schedule for infants and children.

Bottom line is that proper nutrition, etc., makes Ebola essentially harmless, though perhaps causing illness (and maybe death in those malnourished) - just like any other pathogen that may manifest a bad outcome.

Think about it: Ebola has all the "symptoms of a manufactured crisis" by America's completely corrupted CDC and NIH. AND, laying the foundations for $Billions of funds for an Ebola vaccine.

What a pile of horse manure this all is!!!
He was exposed and flew here four days later? no isolation? he's a flush away from contaminating the wastewater in tennessee..crazy..where are the "mandates" to protect us..where is the CDC

If I understand correctly, with the legislation put into effect under George W. Bush when they were hyping up the danger of bird flu (unless people begin to stand up against legislation that violates right life, liberty, etc. and consider this law a violation), they don't have to have a successful or relatively "safe" vaccine to administer. They just have to have a declaration of state of emergency and the liability protection covers everything short of something like demonstrable criminal intent (I don't know the legal terminology) with provisions for use of military to enforce whatever "emergency" measures (quarantine, vaccination,...) are called for.

Donald Trump has been universally criticised for his condemnation of Ebola victims being flown to the US for treatment. But 'The Donald' (as he is known in Scotland), has a point,(from Twitter):-

"You may have confidence in the CDC, but I don't!"

I sincerely hope the stricken doctor and the two aid workers recover, although the 'odds' are stacked against it. Transporting them to the US will further endanger everyone who comes into contact with them, even before they reach the isolation hospital in Atlanta.

For these patients, there is also the additional stress and discomfort associated with the transport. The only treatment for Ebola is palliative, i.e. ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible and hoping for the best. I'm sure the highest levels of such care are available in Africa.

Taximom, I don't anticipate an Ebola vaccine mandate. Most certainly, not at this stage. I have faith that such a thing will not occur, even if a successful vaccine is developed that is finally approved.

Not an MD, how long do you think until we are all MANDATED to take that vaccine?

Big pharm/gove't discovered that people are not only questioning the obviously unnecessary big-ticket flu vaccines and others, THEY AREN'T GETTING THE VACCINES. And even doctors are questioning flu vaccine mandates.

Enter ebola. Gotta find a virus that is terrifying enough so that nobody, not even people who criticize vaccines, will dare to pass up the vaccine they rush into production.

Taximom, there already is an ebola vaccine in development, and it is just about ready for vaccine trial testing this September. How's that for a coincidence?

Well, the treatment the doctor is to receive is a blood transfusion from a 14-year-old survivor of the Ebola virus...basically, a vaccine. They are bringing the doctor to US soil, where the virus will spread, and then they will rush a vaccine into production, either based on his antibodies, or the 14-year-old survivor's. Not only will everyone line up to get the vaccine, but it will be mandated, with military support. We can read the writing on the wall here.

Did you check out the picture of the tent with the cute little bows holding the isolation tent panels together?

Just how much air turbulence and jostling do you think this pathetic excuse for a tent will be able to withstand before completely falling apart? How much vomit and diarrhea will fly all about the plane's interior, and perhaps most importantly, who is to clean up the highly contagious mess left by the infected doctor and aide before, during, and after their transport to the US? Will the clean up crew be properly isolated, post clean up, or will they just be free to roam around and infect countless other people in our country? Will anyone even know which personnel, exactly, performed the very dangerous clean up, and will anyone even bother to keep track of them for infection with Ebola?

Considering the CDC's pathetic and inexplicable recent failure to adhere to standard safety procedures when handling other pathogens, how can we trust them to do anything correctly this time around-- with deadly Ebola, no less?


RE: Ebola / These people cannot figure out the cause of Autism, nearly 100 times more common than polio.

from comment below...

"...the National Institutes of Health plans in mid-September to begin testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on people after seeing encouraging results in pre-clinical ...trials on monkeys, Dr. Anthony Fauci... director of the NIH....

It would be nice if they would spare the monkeys on these trials if Dr. Fauci is going to try out the vaccine...

The CDC just raised the definition of stupid to a whole new level. Any hospitalized patient in this country has a 1 in 4 chance of contracting a serious hospital acquired infection as it is. They can't control the common cold on a good day. How do they plan to control Ebola?

"...the National Institutes of Health plans in mid-September to begin testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on people after seeing encouraging results in pre-clinical trials on monkeys, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH's allergy and infectious diseases unit, said in an email."

A report in a recent paper tells of mercury poisoning for First Nations people at "Grassy Narrows" near Kenora, Ontario (Canada). A toxic dump of 10 tonnes has left people with neurological effects- including speech loss and sensory issues.
"Report on Poisoning Kept Hidden, Claims First Nations Group."

@Jeanette Bishop,

THANK you for posting this video! (Am viewing it now as I type this.) I've viewed the DVD, "What In The World Are They Spraying?," and its sequel...scary stuff to be sure.

I live in CA; our drought here is as serious as it's ever been. The claim that California is losing up to 20 to 40% of its rainfall because of particulate matter in our atmosphere is information I did not know about until viewing this link. The gentleman who provided the initial information describes how these particulates can cause drought in one region while pushing the condensation to another area, such as the East, causing flood/deluge in that area. The amount of aluminum they are finding in our runoff is just unbelievable.

I'm glad to see at least one Board in our state take the time to spend listening to the scientists that have been warning about this for over a decade now. Hopefully, they will be able to make these revelations public; the public needs to know about the health consequences to this spraying.

With or without thimerosol, in developing countries breastfeeding is crucial for survival.

It seems someone is telling developing countries that due to the cost they are stuck with thimerosal so they will be encouraged to breastfeed to lessen neurotoxic effects. Good, this may be wonderful advice, however when the message continues that thimerosal is safe why would anyone heed the advice. At this time, a few short googlescholar searches can uncover many studies, dating back decades on ethylmercury's affinity for the brain over that of methylmercury, for our FDA to have ignored these well covered facts and "pretend" for years that they didn't know ethylmercury crossed the brain barrier more easily than methylmercury should be enough to bring about criminal actions. All the CDC, our doctors, or media are doing is protecting an industry at the expense of our children's futures. Why? Because they erroneously believed that it was only going to be a rare event,afterall , no one was reporting, few knew how to navigate vaers, no doctors were making the autism connection out of fear of being disgraced if wrong, then the bomb hit and they have to hide the damage. What is happening now is the coverup, it will be over soon. Shame on them all.

They are willing to risk their reputations to protect their employment. If they don't agree to publish what is demanded of them, they won't have any reputation or employment. Allowing their employers to put their name on Pharma ghostwritten articles (the way it's done in the medical journals), is for these spineless "journalists", the lesser of two evils. Of course, if they would look at the impact that these lies have on society, they would realize the true evil their moral compromise perpetuates.

Don't have a pertinent place to post this, but hopefully, if the public is waking up to the reality of geoengineering (I guess I'm pretty sure it is happening), multiple injections of similar stuff to "prevent" disease will not be less suspect:

And maybe we can stop all this insanity?

Could one benefit from autism? A very misrepresentative view of autism and really annoying as well.

"Autism – this phenomenon was defined in the science relatively late, but the number of people with the disorder is growing each year. It is far from being clearly understood, as it core reasons lie concealed, breeding many myths around it. Is autism an illness? Could one benefit from it? Are people on autism spectrum so different? And most importantly, where is their place in the human society? To find answers on these challenging questions, we talk to a man of science, professor, author and lecturer; the man diagnosed with autism himself. Dr. Stephen Shore is on Sophie&Co today"

The CDC Director Frieden is coming to Eastern Kentucky University to speak about the huge drug problem here in this region.

He will be received very well - the crowd will listen to him with all ears -grabbing hold of any straws of wisdom of how to help ---

Little will the masses know that what he is the head of is the very root cause of the misery.

The CDCs pushing of vaccines and that is causing small unrecognized brain injuries - that lead to mild unrecognized mental illness -such as depression or cyclothmia that leads to drug abuse.

It is like some kind of silly nightmare I am having to live through

Sorry, I just realized that you already posted Dr. Alvarez' comments.

Dr. Manny Alvarez questions CDC, NIH, FDA competence in this article where he asks, "Can the government do anything right?"

Also, "Lawmakers Probe Whether CDC Covered Up Lab Mishap", he says, "The level of problems at the CDC, NIH and FDA is overwhelming.":

I highly recommend a documentary that I saw last night on HBO on demand called Boy Interrupted about a child with bipolar who committed suicide at age 15. Although he had a strong family history of mental illness, he seemed to get it much younger. He was born in 1990 and lived right through the years of maximum vaccine mercury. To see film of him at age six or so threatening suicide is not just disturbing but makes you wonder if this genetic predisposition and the vaccine schedule came together in some horrible way.

Pets and vaccines, not off topic at all! I am seeing these comments of concern regarding over-vaccinating pets more and more frequently on Twitter. Childless pet-owners and autism parents may very well make strange bedfellows sooner than we think :)

CDC needs to scrapped and started over from scratch as a PUBLIC agency for the good of ALL. Right now it is just a sinister secret society and bastion of corporate collusion

"totally unacceptable behavior" is what everyone that are heads of goverment agencies says to the public as they cross their fingers behind their backs as they say it.

I can't see how, while sanctioning on a general level the experimentation with deadly germs, even efforts to weaponize them, make them more virulent, jump species, etc. occurs with the assumption that similar cavalier or just plain ignorant actions won't occur at smaller levels in the process.

Especially when many resources and labor are simultaneously spent on denial, and cover-up of harm from other dubious practices by the same institution.

Does this coverage represents a truly increasing trend in risky practices and mistakes (hopefully not something worse, but it's pretty hard to view H1N1 vax recommendation for pregnant women as just a mistake) at the CDC or something like a PR distraction-followed-by-reforms process?

I thought Dr. Tom Frieden's "totally unacceptable behavior" quote was gonna point to the CDC vaccine coverup. Gosh darn.

Off topic, but you absolutely would not believe how topical pets and vaccines is and the issue of over vaccinating pets. No wonder then that people are starting to wonder about vaccination in general. pesticides..Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria ..the set up for vaccine damage..we need true scientists to research ..not these paid for puppets ..with their science produced to order.

I would suppose the vaccine industry and lawyers have arrived at the Southern US border to seek out the 4 billion or so to help these children...

Pesticides were in full use back in the 1960's when I was a kid, and yet, we were not seeing all these kids with autism back then. BUT, we weren't getting vaccinated with the many vaccines that kids are getting these days, either.

I'm not in any way stating that pesticide use doesn't pose health ramifications to the outside populous - it does. But I still believe that overall, the biggest 'environmental factor' re: the autism increase we're seeing today, is the continued and prolific use of the bolus doses of vaccines our kids are receiving.

I'm no longer doing the type research I used to do re: this subject, but something doesn't smell right with this pesticide hypothesis to me.

It still seems to me that you all are postulating on this mercury issue, which is of course, an issue with vaccine use, but mercury is NOT the only issue with vaccines. Why is it that I never see anything that Dr. Blaylock has spoken about in his lectures, over here? He states repeatedly that it's not just the mercury issue with vaccines that is causing so much harm.

There were no answers when my son was born and growing up, because I did not know the questions. When I was searching for answers on the "new internet" about my adult Asperger's son, I came up with many, many hits of websites about vaccines, thimerosal, mercury and autism. It made little sense to me, because my son was one of about 10,000 at the time he was born. However, because of the vaccine/thimerosal/mercury/autism research that I read, I was able to google some searches that never would have occurred to me before. So I put "paper mill mercury" in the search engine, and came up with many hits about paper mills and mercury pollution. I was in tears, I was pregnant downwind of a coal-fired paper mill, and lived near a paper forest too (no doubt it was full of herbicides). There was my son's common denominator with all the autistic children that followed him when the vaccine schedule proliferated out of control.

How long has that bottle been a laying around?
Could it possible still be -- ALIVE!

There are stories out there cmo -- lots of true stories of how both Russia and the United States government has handeled all these microbes -- stupid - stupid - stupid -- To the point it reminds me of th three stooges movies.

Years ago at Yale (I beleive that is the right univerisity) a researcher obtained a sample of small pox he had requested for his lab - his lab was on the top floor three floors up -- but a girl that was on the first floor came down with small pox.

100s coming down with small pox in a small Russian town -that was located across a lake from a Russian research facility - it was a different strain of small pox.

Fox Health

Dr. Manny upset about smallpox and the CDC.

"This news is mind blowing to me. Smallpox is one of the most lethal viruses on the planet, and many often speculate that this disease could one day be harnessed for potential bioterrorism purpose – especially because millions are not immune to it. Such a discovery of this kind should make us pause, and think, “How are our government health agencies being run?”

ANY IDEAS on WHY the CDC cannot figure out Autism after 20 years ???

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