Vaccine Choice

I think I heard a CNBC host make a joke under his breath this morning about vaccine mandates meaning kids can't go to school. Did anyone catch it? Anyway, it's how the truth gets expressed these days. -0- Measles vax...

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Vaccine Choice

I think I heard a CNBC host make a joke under his breath this morning about vaccine mandates  meaning kids can't go to school. Did anyone catch it? Anyway, it's how the truth gets expressed these days.
Measles vax was cultured from a boy who lived in D.C. ... named Edmonston ... local news reports that he still lives here and ... decided not to give his son the measles vaccine. ... didn't say why. Wild.
"The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause." -- the late, great Bernard Rimland, who showed autism wasn't the parents's fault, then showed what was, and how to treat it. July 14, 2003.
Vaccines 2.0 is now the No. 2 book in Immunology on Amazon and climbing quickly. Give us a boost and yourself a boon by ordering today ... Get 2 or 3 and share with new or expectant parents.
Chris Cuomo on CNN: "I can't have my kids bring peanuts to school but a parent has a choice on whether to vaccinate their kids?" Hey bro, tell it to the CDC -- vaccines caused those peanut allergies!
New Republic 2.2.15: "It is hard to explain why, despite being repeatedly disproven, the superstition that vaccines cause autism remains." Because it's true, perhaps?
NIH's Anthony Fauci, in Financial Times, on AIDS activists who besieged government, Wall Street for urgent action in the 1980s: "They were aggressive but they were right." We are, too.  -0- How recent is autism? So recent that Rod McKuen, the pop poet who just died at 81, was born a few months earlier than Don Triplett, Case 1 in the first case series report on autism. "Donald T." still lives in Forest, Mississippi.
"Vaccines are the answer," George Stephanopolous said on GMA, regarding measles. They are also the answer to, "What is causing the autism epidemic?" Which is why parents resist measles vaccine!
First review of Vaccines 2.0 on Amazon, from "Avid Reader": An excellent, clear guide for parents asking the important questions about vaccines. For a topic that's polarizing parents more dramatically than politics or religion, Mark and Dan have provided a no nonsense reference. I will highly recommend this book to my own patients.
The official pub date is Feb 3, but Dan and Mark's book is available on Amazon now. (We're already a best seller in Immunology!) Get it, give it, add a review and scare the medical industrial establishment silly ...
"Every time we get a new vaccine I think it's a wonderful thing," said Dr. Rich Besser of ABC (and formerly the CDC). "I think you should get them on schedule." 
Heartbroken to hear of the death of one of the great advocates for sane pediatric practice -- and one of the best friends AOA will ever have. Mayer in a word? Ebullient.
Let's see, the flu shot doesn't work and the current rotavirus vaccines cause intussusception just like the first one that was pulled from the market. Let's hope it makes parents think twice.
How recent is autism? So recent that the late great director Mike Nichols, born 11.6.31, was just a few weeks younger than
Vivian Murdock, oldest child in the first case study on autism, born 9.13.31. Autism is man-made.
There are now no Ebola patients on U.S. soil (because all but one, who didn't catch it here, recovered). All with no vaccine! Now back to the milliions of vaccine-damaged U.S. kids ...
So glad to see Sharyl Attkisson's terrific, tough-minded book on toothless mainstream media at No. 1 in journalism, No. 31 overall at Amazon!
Apparently, questioning the CDC is not political suicide. Rep. Bill Posey won a fourth term in Florida with two-thirds of the vote. In minor, related news, GOP regained control of the Senate.
NY, NJ govs (one Dem, one GOP) clamp down on Ebola quaratine for returning health care workers, slam ever-changing CDC guidelines. That's because politicians are accountable to the people, unlike arrogant CDC.
Here's an idea -- if you've been treating Ebola patients in Africa and come back to NYC, lay low for 21 days. Don't doctors and public health officials have what non-experts like us consider common sense?
New report says 26 percent of Americans admit to being Internet trolls. I feel like I've met 25 percent of them! Or, as Dorit would say, "Please cite evidence for 25 percent figure. Study was not peer-reviewed."
Don't look now but the massive horrible awful Ebola epidemic in America is probably over. But Enterovirus 68 is just getting started. 
Time to quite worrying about chickenpox vaccine coverage in Marin County and get with it re Ebola, if you ask me. And Dr. Nancy, go home and stay home!
Mediaite: "A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will be announcing major programming changes sometime in the next month, including the cancellation of Ronan Farrow‘s afternoon program, Ronan Farrow Daily."
"'Ronan Farrow Daily,'" the network's heavily promoted new afternoon show, which stars a 26-year-old Rhodes scholar with a high-profile Hollywood lineage, has been largely a dud." -- NYT, 10.13.14
"Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?" Best documentary award at Oktoberfest Film Festival, NY. Yea!! Showing in Dallas on Oct 16th, just prior to GR conference. Please come! Our camera gal Francesca, there in NY to receive the award.


Dr. Gupta on CNN Thursday morning on Enterovirus 68: "In some ways it's a much bigger threat than Ebola, as much as we've been talking about this" one case in the United States.


From CBS: "Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country." See our earlier reporting: The Age of Polio, and "Doctors May Have Missed Pesticide Clue in California's 'Polio-Like' Cluster":

By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

One of the California children with “polio-like” symptoms ate raspberries right before she got sick, her mother said Wednesday -- but that didn't seem to set off any alarm bells about pesticide residue from the medical experts investigating the baffling outbreak.

“She was wheezing, then she had lunch with raspberries and then we went to [the] pediatrician's office where they said she sounded like asthma,” Jessica Tomei said in an email, describing the symptoms her daughter, Sofia Jarvis, experienced in November 2012.

“On the way home she threw up. The next day we were in the hospital.  5 days later her arm was paralyzed.  I kept mentioning the raspberries but botulism was ruled out.” 

Doctors and public health officials have focused on microbes in their hunt for the cause of the cluster, which so far comprises five children in the San Francisco Bay area and a reported 20 more throughout the state. The five cases occurred between August 2012 and July 2013. Officials said a rare enterovirus – a stomach bug – was detected in two of the cases.

But given Jessica Tomei’s account, pesticide residue seems to us like a prime suspect. “Fruit is notoriously difficult to grow organically and without pesticides,” Jeff Moyer, farm director at the Rodale Institute, an organic research institution, is quoted as saying on the institute’s Web site. According to the institute, “Because most fruits have soft skins, the pesticides that are used to kill those bugs (and the molds and fungi that also love fruit) get into the flesh and into your mouth, and no amount of peeling or washing can remove them.”

We reported Wednesday morning that Sofia’s parents, Jessica Tomei and Jeff Jarvis, are professional winemakers, but her mother was dubious of a chemical connection via that route. On Wednesday, she mentioned the raspberries as a likelier source of pesticide.

“She had raspberries the morning of her illness -- they ruled out botulism.  If what you are saying is true, perhaps the raspberries played a part.  I believe more chemicals are used in that type of agriculture vs. vineyard.  Interesting thoughts.”

In our 2011 series, The Age of Polio – How an Old Virus and New Toxins Triggered a Man-made Epidemic, we proposed that beginning in the late 1800s, the poliovirus – for millennia a harmless enterovirus – was rendered dangerous by its interaction with the new agricultural pesticide lead arsenate. Our theory: the pesticide caused damage that allowed the virus to penetrate the nervous system and reach the spinal cord, where it caused the paralysis called poliomyelitis.


A comment from Cherry Sperlin Misra: Circa year 2000 I was running my nursery school in New Delhi and seeing an occasional case of autism (after about 1995) I then got a copy of the new vaccine schedule that was coming in - used by the private pediatricians- not the government (The gov't still used fewer vaccines in their clinics) I saw that the new schedule had about 9 vaccines by age 9 months and all or most had mercury in them.

So I thought to myself- "If this theory that mercury is causing autism is correct, then , in about 3 years I will begin to see more autism in my school." Then I thought a little more "No, you probably wont notice a change, because even if autism increases by 100%, that could mean one case per year (rather than one every second year), but statistically it wont work out like that- It could be three years of no autistic child and then three in one year- so it really could take quite a few years for there to be clarity on the increase.

In fact, the effect of the mercury was so dramatic, that we soon saw many autistic and near-autistic kids every year. Obviously, they really had to cook the books to cover up the obvious. Well, most people arent running a nursery school and have little science background, so it was easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

Notice too, the huge campaign to label everything as "genetic" , which I think was more in line with what people had observed in their lifetimes. I recall growing up with a neighbour child having Down's syndrome. That was just how he was; he was born that way ; and no one gave it any thought. I think that autism fit easily into that mental slot.


Texas judges reject Andy's appeal, won't allow his defamation suit against Brian Deer and the BMJ to go forward. Sad, but not terribly surprising. Court also orders him to pay all costs. Nasty.


Comment from David Foster on CDC's William Thompson: "So much for all the claims that there is no concrete claim of malfeasance by the CDC. 'I have a boss who is asking me to lie.' Any questions?"


Obama to Atlanta to announce Ebola initiative in West Africa? How about Obama to Atlanta to clean house and begin to uncover the truth about the autism epidemic weakining our national security right here at home?


This observation by Truth Is Hard To Come By strikes me as highly original and probably true: I think the study on the sleeping pill link to Alzheimer's is interesting and alarming, but another explanation of what it indicates seems possible/probable to me. A big problem I had prior to getting my MANY amalgam fillings out and detoxing per the Andy Cutler approach was inability to sleep. Post detox, I fall asleep way earlier than I used to (like 9 or 10 instead of 1 or 2 am); I began staying asleep all night (rarely did before) and now I wake up early. Night owl insomniac to pretty peaceful sleeper and now a morning person. What the heck? In all the years that I couldn't sleep, I never took sleeping pills because I have just never liked to take pills or drugs of any sort for any reason. But I would guess that lots of people suffering the same problem would quickly resort to whatever the advertisements or their doctor suggested. I think Boyd Haley's observations regarding mercury and Alzheimers fit in with this picture all too well. --Mercury toxic people (--poisoned by amalgam fillings, vaccines, eating too much toxic fish, exposure to broken fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, or gauges; living in homes painted with mercury-laden water-based latex paint, coal fired power plant emissions, and/or a multitude of other exposures) --a likely consequence: inability to sleep well --take sleeping pills --develop Alzheimer's. That middle step may not be a significant part of the equation, imo. It seems highly likely to me that about half or more of senior US citizens are mercury toxic due to accumulated mercury from multiple sources and poor diets that really don't support the body's natural detox systems. (Coincidentally, It appears that roughly 50% of the population has either the APOE4 variation (20%) or an MTHFR variation (30%) making them more vulnerable to mercury and/or less able to excrete it. Hmm.) So far at least I haven't developed Alzheimer's. Time will tell. Hoping the amalgam removal and detox (and now also avoiding flu shots and other known sources of mercury) will save me from my father's fate. His illness started at about the age I am now. To my knowledge, he never took sleeping pills but he did always have a hard time sleeping. His hair test indicated mercury toxicity by Cutler's counting rules. Of course my experience is purely anecdotal and therefore should be totally disregarded.


... So recent that Joan Rivers, born June 1933, was three months older than Case 1 -- Donald T., in the first medical journal report of autism.


Enterovirus 68: Let's remember this virus was mentioned in connection with the cases of sudden paralysis in California children last year, which we speculated might involve a co-factor such as pesticide exposure, like the polio epidemics ... It appears to affect those with asthma the worst. And why do so many kids have asthma? Postponing the DTaP shot by a couple of months lowers the risk of asthma. Just for instance. But they'd rather talk vaccines against Enterovirus 68.


Latest: Whistleblower suit against Merck for faking data sailed through to discovery phase. Judge rejected Merck motion to dismiss; threw out parts of related suit not brought by whistleblowers.


Comment from "Lisa": Oh my God! Are you guys listening to the interview? This guy DeStafano says "um" and "you know" more than the teens working at the local Dairy Queen. He sounds so incredibly inarticulate, and also incredibly GUILTY.


William Thompson: "I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information [that] suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at increased risk for autism. ... protocol was not followed." That's HUGE.


"Flu Shot Kids" -- AOA 02.14.08: L"A pediatrician who treats a large number of kids with autism tells me she has started to detect a new pattern. Most of the very youngest children are what she calls 'flu shot kids.' Their mothers got mercury-containing flu shots when they were in utero. The kids got the shots right on schedule starting at 6 months.

"She emphasized this was only an impression, not a study or even a survey. But this is someone who has been very astute about the autism epidemic since the early days – she first began noticing something amiss with the kids in her practice starting in the mid 1990s. They were just plain sicker. Too many allergies, too much asthma, too many with juvenile diabetes. Too many with autism.

"Too many, too sick. So I think what she says about the flu shot bears repeating and watching."





"If history remembers no other journalist who fought back against the spurious claims about vaccines, it will remember Brian Deer." -- Columbia Journalism Review, "Sticking With the Truth," May 1, 2013


This is nice and clear: "What the CDC did, in essence, was recreate the original study design after it was discovered that the original one showed adverse effects associated with MMR." 


"This is not just a health crisis, it's a journalistic crisis.  Journalists have to stop taking the word of a captive agency with a vested interest in thimerosal, and instead look at the science." -- RFK Jr.


On a long drive, I heard NPR promote a program being co-reported with Kaiser Health News. Since when is an HMO a reporting partner for a supposedly independent news outlet?


Jen Forsyth on HuffPost: "It was never my intention in life to become a vaccine advocate. I have to do enough just advocating for my kids, as two of three are on varying degrees of the autism spectrum."


Awesome comment by Anita Donnnelly on Laura Hayes' awesome article: "Once you get it, once you get that your toddler went catatonic because of vaccines you are shocked and profoundly sad.

"Once you get that it didn't have to happen, that it was totally preventable, you add to the tragedy the knowledge that you and your child and all children have been brutally betrayed and violently poisoned. For money or for pride. By tragic hubris, or by cynical profit. But it didn't have to happen. And your child's suffering is for nothing. Your child's suffering did not keep some other child from getting chicken pox because they could have been protected without the participation of vulnerable children that they KNOW how to detect (see Dr Jill James' research on glutatione) . No, your child's vaccine did no good to any child. And it prevented your child from getting full use of his destined life or her destined brain.

"Once all the little pieces click into place, it's like discovering a mate has been unfaithful, or a loved one has cancer, or that you are going to have to file for bankruptcy after all.

"It is something you simply cannot 'unknow'. And it hurts like hell to admit what has happened, how we've been lied to, and that our own lack of wanting to know hurt our infant.

"It is a betrayal beyond belief.

"We will get through it, and overcome it, with each other and truth speakers like Laura Hayes.

"AWESOME powerful story!"

Posted by: Anita Donnnelly | August 05, 2014 at 08:33 PM


"Should they not be looking for the Ebola gene??? Which determines why some do not catch the virus ??? This should only take about 20 years, why fuss with treatments."


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? CDC/NIH leave smallpox vials laying around, expose workers to anthrax, freak out about the flu in China, then import Ebola via Americans who tragically came down with it. Something wrong with this picture.


Start of NY Times Mag piece on autism recovery: "At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress..." You don't say!


"But if we had scientific method we would be meticulously following up the adverse consequences: instead we have an aggressive culture of assertion and denial in which the reality is that products are inevitably neither as effective or as safe as their official profile: they couldn't possibly be (and the studies themselves are a pack of lies). Thimerosal is interesting because mercury is a deadly toxin (the quantities in a single shot 250 times the hazard level for toxic waste) and they just went on adding more. IT'S THE CULTURE. We have this arrangement whereby vaccines are mandated, and manufacturers have effectively no liability. We have the US national rubbish dump of cases reported to VAERS (nearly half a million by now despite passive reporting). And they go on adding more products as if there is no limit (hence Offit's preposterous and terrifying 10,000 vaccine theory). If anything the system in the UK is even more slippery. All the systems by which the products could be properly monitored have been short-circuited. Parents are ignored, insulted, bullied, concerned scientist are harassed and isolated, and this could not be more prejudicial to good science or product safety. It's the culture: it is bad science and toxic politics together with an increasingly chronically sick and neurologically impaired population. Of course, with this blanket bombardment of multiple products the picture is extremely confused (and that incidentally is how the scientific bureaucrats would prefer to leave it) but it is all a reckless and irresponsible experiment."


Gotta love the first negative comment on "Thimerosal" book on Amazon: "Kennedy is a anti-vaccine ideology who ignores all the legitimate scientific studies." Say no more!


From Jenny Allen: I don't have personal experience about other countries, but in Scotland where I live, peanut, egg and other child allergies are profoundly changing procedures and protocols in schools and nurseries. Baking and eating the baked items, used to be a wonderful learning and social experience, but this is no longer permitted. Most manufactured common ingredients now have disclaimers 'may contain nut residues'. Worse- parents can bring in a birthday cake to enable their child to blow out the candles, but not one crumb of the cake can be eaten by children on school premises. This applies regardless of whether the cake is home baked or bought in a shop. These days every scool and nursery class can expect one or two children with ASD, and several with assorted allergies including peanut. Asthma and diabetes are now common. Classroom cupboards now typically contain several inhalers and packets of biscuits for the diabetic children. Teachers also require special training to cope with these cases. They are simply NOT coping with the ever rising numbers. All that is happening is more and more 'bans' on what is brought into schools, but unless children are subjected to the kind of security checks carried out at airports, sharing their smuggled treats, can have disastrous consequences. Allergies can manifest in simple rashes, or at the other end of the scale, anaphylactic shock. Yes-teachers are now being trained to administer emergency adrenalin. Where will it all end? For vaccine manufacturers to bleat 'non proven' is disgraceful, particularly since they are permitted to list several vaccine ingredients under a single generic title. Whatever happened to the caveat of erring on the side of safety? Peanut allergies are amongst the most dangerous and if there is even the smallest suspicion that peanut oil is present in those 'any vegetable oil' adjuvant ingredients, then it should be removed immediately. There are plenty of other alternatives.


"It's hard to understand reporters who are so willing to risk their reputations by ardently defending the use of toxic mercury in vaccines when the science simply isn't there." -- Anne Dachel


As people attack RFK Jr.'s new book and say a link between ethylmercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism has been disproven, tell them this: the second child ever diagnosed with autism (1943) had a father who was experimenting with ethylmercury dust when he was born. What do they say about that and about Case 7, whose pediatrician mother pushed the first thimerosal-laced vaccines? Seriously, what do they say? That RFK Jr. is nuts?


“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,” CDC Director Frieden says of anthrax, flu, smallpox incidents. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.”


Sent this out on Facebook and wanted to share here, about the growing reports linking pesticide exposure and autism: pesticides are a critical clue, perhaps THE critical clue, to the manmade, environmental nature of the rise of autism and, by clear implication, the central role of vaccines. it is exciting to see new research homing in on pesticides, and there is the potential for a breakthrough, i think.

the first pesticides that contained ethyl mercury triggered the first three cases of autism reported by Leo Kanner in 1943, as mark blaxill and i showed in our book. this also implicates vaccines, of course, which were first produced with thimerosal at the same time. anything that implicates pesticides today strengthens our thesis, and hopefully the connection we outlined will gain more attention. it really is the smoking gun for ethyl mercury as the trigger for the rise of autism. please help spread the word -- if we could get some mainstream attention for this early connection to pesticides with ethyl mercury, in the context of new research implicating pesticides, it could be significant. feel free to share this with news sources and anyone else. 

our ten minute video spells it out. ask people to watch it before they repeat the empty claim that a link between vaccines and autism has been "discredited" even as millions of babies around the world get mercury-containing shots every year.



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The regime has just blocked the public petition to Obama to prohibit any laws demanding vaccine mandates. The petition was very active, gaining thousands of signatures each day. Now this public voice was blocked so the vaccine terror could be rained upon us without restrain.

Re: Loudermilk issue

When I enter the link I provided, I don't see ANY comments under the video/article re: Loudermilk's statement about not immunizing his kids. But at the top of the screen - in the upper right-hand corner, I see "comments/86 (or 87, can't remember), but when I tried entering the comments section, I can't. I tried several times.

I managed to find ONE other website which carried Loudermilk's comments re: the vaccine issue and rather unfortunately (although highly expected), the comments section was filled with blistering comments re what an idiot he is, etc., so forth.

Re the Loudermilk article the same happens for me. When I click the comment link (on the home page) the comments come up for a few seconds (just enough time to see that someone says Loudermilk is an "idiot") and then they get erased. With other posts on the politics blog, after the "erasing" the comments are re-displayed, but not with the Loudermilk article.

I've had something similar occur with a site that uses Disqus a couple of times while an article related to vaccination has been up on the main page. I can see the comments for a few seconds, then they clear and I get a message about Disqus taking longer than usual ...then after the articles I wanted to comment under are no longer current, I can access and make comments again. My computer has also experienced a major performance dive with the media measles mayhem meme...I might just have some bad luck with software compatibility update timing or something...bad luck this week (or something) also seems to place or retract quite a few of my comments into moderation black holes ...

Why Edmonston did not vaccinate his own child
When the time came to vaccinate his own son in the 1970s, Edmonston and his wife decided not to because they were concerned about possible reactions to vaccines.
“She was dead set against (the vaccination) and I was a bit disappointed. But you see we had an agreement that child rearing was largely in her hands, so I went along,” he said.
Now, Edmonston attributes high rates of vaccination to the fact that his son, now 34, never got measles.
“Our own child did not benefit from the measles vaccine in which I had a small part. We knew that we were benefiting from a risk that was being taken by others,” he told the Star in an email.
“I quite understand why some people would say our decision was morally wrong. Also, having read about the more recent studies on vaccinations … I’ve changed my thinking and now agree with those who say that it is in each child’s best interest to be vaccinated, based on the statistical chances of infection and of apparent bad reactions.”

That AJC link is still not displaying the comments - but for some reason the number of comments has been steadily increasing.

What is going on, I wonder?

I don't have any blocking software or security extras on my Mac. And as I said, other articles display their comments just fine.

@Joy B.:

Yeah, I just checked the comments section and I can't read any of them, either (didn't try to before, though). Don't know what to say about that...

I found that link off a comment written by someone over on Sherri Tenpenny's Facebook page.

Interesting that no one has picked up Loudermilk's comments about not immunizing his kids; even the so-called alternative sites haven't carried it.

Bayareamom - for some reason, the comments section of that Loudermilk article is inaccessible to me - and none of the others on that site are.

WTF. I mean I can literally read the comments section to every article on that site EXCEPT the one about Loudermilk's vaccine stance.

And ofc no other outlet has reported on his statement.

US regime, Congress and CDC cartel are killing not only American children with toxic vaccines, but also pregnant women. US is among a few extremely poor 3rd world countries, where maternal mortality is increasing. Bill Gates and CDC must be proud of their achievement.

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Freshman U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, hosted his first town hall meeting last week in Cartersville. The last question he fielded was on the hot topic of vaccines:


J. Beach, "Today's Scientists Need an Awards Show as Big as the Oscars." Really? Maybe they need awards for:
- biggest whistleblower
- scammer and malfeasance artist with most impact (this would be Poul Thorsen)
- most conflict of interest (Offit)
- most pharma funded
- please feel free to add more award categories

The Federal Judiciary Channel (YouTube) has a video about the Vaccine Injury Program:

@3:47 " ...more special management to get them to settle..." ?

@4:15 -- The percentages presented do not seem to match everything I've heard about the "court?"

@11:23 "...a highly successful experiment..."

The "changed my thinking" in the last sentence makes it seem there were likely concerns on his part as well as his wife's:

Why Edmonston did not vaccinate his own child

When the time came to vaccinate his own son in the 1970s, Edmonston and his wife decided not to because they were concerned about possible reactions to vaccines.

“She was dead set against (the vaccination) and I was a bit disappointed. But you see we had an agreement that child rearing was largely in her hands, so I went along,” he said.

Now, Edmonston attributes high rates of vaccination to the fact that his son, now 34, never got measles.

“Our own child did not benefit from the measles vaccine in which I had a small part. We knew that we were benefiting from a risk that was being taken by others,” he told the Star in an email.

“I quite understand why some people would say our decision was morally wrong. Also, having read about the more recent studies on vaccinations … I’ve changed my thinking and now agree with those who say that it is in each child’s best interest to be vaccinated, based on the statistical chances of infection and of apparent bad reactions.”

Toronto Star pulls HPV story 2 weeks later. "There is no dark side to the HPV vaccine, the science has spoken."
Mainstream will also not report the conflict of interest in Jennifer Hibben White's rant. Come to think of it there will be no reporting of Norm Johnson (a public, government Rep) mocking those who have suffered vaccine damages. Just a normal week for the non news of mainstream...

Is Academic Medicine For Sale? by Marcia Angell, M.D.

"In 1984 the Journal became the first of the major medical journals to require authors of original research articles to disclose any financial ties with companies that make products discussed in papers submitted to us. (1) We were aware that such ties were becoming fairly common, and we thought it reasonable to disclose them to readers. Although we came to this issue early, no one could have foreseen at the time just how ubiquitous and manifold such financial associations would become. The article by Keller et al. (2) in this issue of the Journal provides a striking example. The authors' ties with companies that make antidepressant drugs were so extensive that it would have used too much space to disclose them fully in the Journal. We decided merely to summarize them and to provide the details on our Web site.

Finding an editorialist to write about the article presented another problem. Our conflict-of-interest policy for editorialists, established in 1990, (3) is stricter than that for authors of original research papers. Since editorialists do not provide data, but instead selectively review the literature and offer their judgments, we require that they have no important financial ties to companies that make products related to the issues they discuss. We do not believe disclosure is enough to deal with the problem of possible bias. This policy is analogous to the requirement that judges recuse themselves from hearing cases if they have financial ties to a litigant. Just as a judge's disclosure would not be sufficiently reassuring to the other side in a court case, so we believe that a policy of caveat emptor is not enough for readers who depend on the opinion of editorialists.

But as we spoke with research psychiatrists about writing an editorial on the treatment of depression, we found very few who did not have financial ties to drug companies that make antidepressants. (Fortunately, Dr. Jan Scott, who is eminently qualified to write the editorial, (4) met our standards with respect to conflicts of interest.) The problem is by no means unique to psychiatry. We routinely encounter similar difficulties in finding editorialists in other specialties, particularly those that involve the heavy use of expensive drugs and devices.

In this editorial, I wish to discuss the extent to which academic medicine has become intertwined with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and the benefits and risks of this state of affairs. Bodenheimer, in his Health Policy Report elsewhere in this issue of the Journal, (5) provides a detailed view of an overlapping issue — the relations between clinical investigators and the pharmaceutical industry.

The ties between clinical researchers and industry include not only grant support, but also a host of other financial arrangements. Researchers serve as consultants to companies whose products they are studying, join advisory boards and speakers' bureaus, enter into patent and royalty arrangements, agree to be the listed authors of articles ghostwritten by interested companies, promote drugs and devices at company-sponsored symposiums, and allow themselves to be plied with expensive gifts and trips to luxurious settings. Many also have equity interest in the companies..."

"FDA criminals are as guilty of child abuse and genocide as CDC bureaucrats."

And Nazis.

Scandalous cheating of American public by the FDA and pharmaceutical cartels revealed. Toxic vaccines are among many other toxic drugs which were illegally approved by FDA. FDA criminals are as guilty of child abuse and genocide as CDC bureaucrats.

Thanks, Bayareamom, for the link to the Walter Kyle interview. There is some data in there like the BERV contamination I've not heard about. I found a little more info here:

This interview should be required reading for anyone researching vaccine safety concern issues:



"Walter, that’s exactly what vaccine safety advocates—especially I—have been suggesting, asking for, and promoting with regard to mitochondrial DNA. Sorry to interrupt, but that is amazing.

The FDA “fix,” unfortunately, was in place at the time of the meeting and the Committee discussion at the end of the day foreshadowed what FDA planned for this revolutionary diagnostic tool. VRBPAC members voiced concern that someone might use the LLMDA on other vaccines or products and newly detected agents would appear that VRBPAC could not explain. The unspoken fear, in my opinion, was that vaccine reactions could now be scientifically correlated to agents in the vaccines, and no longer defended with argument and innuendo which formed FDA’s historical basis for publicly assuring vaccine safety.

Walter, if such technology is available—and its invention may have been funded by taxpayers’ dollars—what kind of conspiracy or collusion is going on that prevents the public and their physicians and pediatricians from having access, especially now that the CDC’s VAERS reporting system shows serious numbers of adverse events. Oh my goodness—Congress ought to get involved and mandate FDA release LLMDA to professional and health consumers’ access. Please continue.

The meeting itself appeared to be a “red-herring” approach to quell public outcry over a non-required vaccine, which contained a contaminant that had been in the vaccine for 15 years and could have been detected by PCR (polymerase chain reaction). FDA members on VRBPAC assured the public that no reactions had been associated with the pig viruses in the vaccine during those fifteen years.

That, Catherine, was the FDA at its Orwellian best – its orchestration glibly implied that testing for pig viruses was routinely performed in diagnosis of a potential reactants unusual symptoms. The FDA failed to disclose how many, if any, physicians had ordered PCRs for these pig viruses in the past fifteen years. Why would they? Chances are high that no testing was ever done, which is probably why the FDA “spun” this lack of data into “proof of safety” – and allowed the continued distribution of the vaccine..."

Many thanks to Alan Phillips, Esq. for posting the link to this article on his weekly radio show newsletter...

..."It is not just the number of vaccines that is the cause of autism, but vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by only one single vaccine."


The greater the number of vaccines, the greater the number of caases of autism, that is true. However, it is not the cause of autism. The Kanner children had for the most part only gotten the one diphtheria vaccine, and it caused autism in them. I reacted to the first DPT at three months with vaccine encephalitis, the only vaccine I had gotten. My baby reacted to the hep-B vaccine with vaccine encephalitis, the only vaccine she had ever gotten. It is not just the number of vaccines that is the cause of autism, but vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by only one single vaccine.

That article by Dr. Rimland used to be on the ARI website. Now if you search for "Rimland" & "excessive vaccinations," all you get is "Your search did not return any results."

Great interview with Dr. Jane Orient of the AAPS re ethics and informed consent:

"Whereas an estimated 43,000 adults and 300 children die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases or their complications in the United States, ..."

Do you think they are including the inflated flu deaths count in the 43,000 adults?

"Recognizes that the lack of vaccination can cause a true public health crisis, and that there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults;..."

If you have a vaccine reaction or develop a long term chronic life shortening or ending illness you were not healthy prior by definition and tough? All evidence to the contrary will not be believed!?!

Just found this link off of Dr. Palevsky's Facebook page.


I cannot believe what the French feed their kids at school. I'm sure many of the parents reading here know about the crud they call 'food' in most of our U.S. schools.

Must see video:

Just amazing...

Nutrition is KEY to optimal health...

"40% are unclear about the science of vaccination." They have lost. The youngest generation of respondents sees the autism numbers increase and the general level of problems increased for today's children. The older respondents surveyed just may not have a clue about it or they so not realize how corrupt the politicians and scientists are.

"The Gary Null interview post seems to have the active radio show link. It plays when the main page is up and when I click to read that post."

That would explain things. I had to exit the main page; I couldn't find where the source was coming from, so couldn't stop the audio.

Unfortunately, this issue is keeping me from listening in to some of the other audio links because of double-playing.

Will someone look into this, please? Thanks!

The Gary Null interview post seems to have the active radio show link. It plays when the main page is up and when I click to read that post.

This is odd. When I linked to your website just now, an audio/dialogue sounded; I couldn't find the link. I exited out of stopped, but as soon as I linked back in, it started up again.

Can't find the source, but it's clearly coming from this source. Anyone else have this issue?

Jennifer Hibben-White (My15 Day old Son May have the Measles),
If you are not breastfeeding, I urge you to contact a lactation consultant immediately so you can be counseled as to the best way to provide your milk to him. It will help him to fight this infection.

Yes, the Senate was lied to and the Senate should know it. There is no excuse for anyone in that room.

Jennifer Hibben-White (My15 Day old Son May have the Measles) meet Dr. William Thompson whistleblower from the CDC. There are also other mumps whistleblowers specifically arguing a case in court. S the issue is not as lack and white as you may wish.

Ben Swann, RT, vaccine debate:

A couple of interesting(?) arguments from Katz. Yes, fraud happens but not in the weight of evidence? We shouldn't blow it out of proportion. And something to the effect that vaccines must work as claimed because we have computers, the internet, etc.

On the last point about measles outbreaks last year, I've been wondering for a while lately why the big measles focus now and not last year? Were they so wrong-footed (ebola, Thompson, high vaccine uptake in the Philippines not stopping deportations, not wanting the autism rate in the Amish to come up or some such concern) last year or do they think the outbreaks are going to subside now so it's just time to take away more vaccination related rights and give people the impression it protects them at the same time?

Is there a special legal/medical definition for the term "scientific evidence" that the average person doesn't get to know about?

From my point of view the Senate was lied to repeatedly in this hearing.

I wish, since they felt the need to qualify "safe" as "safe for healthy children," they would have asked something like whether they thought doctors were likely to not vaccinate "unhealthy" children.

Or maybe even better, if an infant given or injected with 3 doses of hepB, 3 doses of RV, 3 doses of diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, 3 doses of hib, 3 doses of PCV, 3 doses of polio vaccine, two doses of flu before getting MMR and Varicella at one year were likely to be healthy at one year? (Get a little education in there maybe?)

And it looks like those results were very consistent across the country. Up to 40 % have questIons. People like Jenny McCarthey or Andrew Wakefield have nothing to do with it.

"20% of Ontarians believe vaccines cause autism poll finds." Another 19% neither agree nor disagree with that statement. Sadly, you have left too many children damaged for your smoke and mirrors to be believed anymore.

A pretty nice "Back in the Days" measles compilation:

Must read: "HPV vaccine Gardasil has a dark side, Star investigation finds."

Ben Swann continues to follow the CDC whistleblower story:


Here's a few interesting links:


NEW YORK ( -- "Democrats have long served as the traditional enemy of Big Pharma, but in this presidential campaign, the left is taking the lion's share of drugmaker money.

Democratic senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the top recipients of donations from the pharmaceutical industry, according to The Center for Responsive Politics, a non-profit, non-partisan research group in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, donations to Sen. John McCain, who was recently endorsed by President Bush as the official Republican candidate, pale in comparison.

Obama maintains a slight edge over his Democratic rival, with $181,000 in Big Pharma donations through Jan. 31, compared with Clinton's $174,000, according to the center. McCain is far behind with $44,000.

This is in spite of the fact that all three candidates have consistently bashed the pharma industry and vowed to lower drug prices, which would take a bite out of corporate profits.

But it wasn't always this way. Big Pharma, voting with its wallet, used to be more of an enthusiastic supporter for the Grand Old Party.

In the 2004 presidential election, drugmakers donated $516,000 to the Bush campaign, a huge increase over the $280,000 provided to Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic candidate from Massachusetts, according to the center..."


"The pharmaceutical and health products industry -- it includes not only drug manufacturers but also dealers of medical products and nutritional and dietary supplements -- is consistently one of the top industries for federal campaign contributions. (Pharmaceutical manufacturers are a subset of this industry and are profiled in detail within this section.)

The industry's political generosity increased in the years leading up to Congress' passage in 2003 of a prescription drug benefit in Medicare. Contributions from the industry declined in the 2004 cycle, however, following the elimination of unlimited "soft" money contributions to the national political parties. The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally supported Republican candidates. But as Democrats have seized Congress and the White House in recent cycles, industry advocates have steadily become more generous toward traditional foes. These companies' contributions split evenly during the 2008 cycle, after the GOP received two-thirds of drug company contributions in the run-up to the 2006 cycle." [Read more Background]

This link doesn't necessarily get into the lobbying/funding issues per se, but is a good overview when reading any of the above links:


"According to a new federal database put online last week, pharmaceutical companies and device makers paid doctors some $380 million in speaking and consulting fees over a five-month period in 2013.

Some doctors received over half a million dollars each, and others got millions of dollars in royalties from products they helped develop.

Doctors claim these payments have no effect on what they prescribe. But why would drug companies shell out all this money if it didn’t provide them a healthy return on their investment?

America spends a fortune on drugs, more per person than any other nation on earth, even though Americans are no healthier than the citizens of other advanced nations.

Of the estimated $2.7 trillion America spends annually on health care, drugs account for 10 percent of the total.

Government pays some of this tab through Medicare, Medicaid and subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. But we pick up the tab indirectly through our taxes.

We pay the rest of it directly, through higher co-payments, deductibles and premiums.

Drug company payments to doctors are a small part of a much larger strategy by Big Pharma to clean our pockets."

Does anyone know where to find a list of all of the presidential candidates/current elected officials and how much money they take from each of the pharmaceutical/vaccine company lobbyists? I know I have seen one somewhere, but I can't find the link... thanks! Would be interesting to see if their vaccine stance correlates to how much $$$$$ they get.

Just heard about a US marine whose wife had a miscarriage just after her Flu vaccine. Interestingly, they gave her the vaccine version instead of flu mist. This young man said they will leave the marines.

Not sure where to post this. Wireless has been implicated in the etiology of autism by many experts including Dr. Martha Herbert. Just got this from Powerwatch UK:

"05/02/2015 - Wifi banned from nurseries in France

In an unprecedented move, France have passed a law regarding children's exposure to wireless devices by entirely banning WiFi in nursery / daycare settings, and restricted in primary schools to only be enabled when actively being used for education.
Not only does this demonstrate an awareness and proactive approach to mitigate potential harm from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, it also demonstrates the first national implementation of the precautionary principle with regards to managing the prevalance of wireless technology.

Dariusz recently covered this issue and Finland's official reaction appears to be one of ambivalence: "we've already told people to limit their exposure in 2009, so we've done our bit" despite the use of wireless gadgets becoming obligatory in primary and nursery schools in the country. It's clear that without a legislative approach, people will not voluntarily choose to limit their exposure even if you explain that there might be reason for them to.

Key points from the bill

•Wireless access points/routers to be banned from nurseries and daycare centres
•Wireless access points/routers must be disabled in primary schools when not in active use
•Any advertisement for mobile telephony must include a recommendation of devices (such as earphones) to reduce exposure to the head
•All public places offering WiFi must clearly advertise the fact at the entrance to the property
•All wireless devices must contain clear instructions on how to disable their wireless functionality"

(Please see more at link:

Well I'll be damned. This is the FIRST time I have ever read anything on ANY politician that actually gives me some hope for humanity (and politicians).

Just found this:


"Congressman Posey appeared on the “A Conversation of Hope” radio show where he discussed the CDC and vaccine safety with biochemist Brian Hooker PhD. Hooker and Posey discussed what Posey described as “the incestuous relationship between the public health community, vaccine makers, and public officials”. Posey represents Florida’s 8th Congressional District. A Republican, Posey was elected to U.S. House of Representatives in 2008 and is currently serving his third term..."


“If you read through the emails and learned about the meetings and the financial arrangement this crook had with the CDC, it will make you absolutely sick to your stomach. This was no casual researcher way down the line. This is the CDC’s key man in Denmark. He was closely tied to the CDC’s top vaccine safety researchers… as long as Thorsen was cooking the books to produce the results they wanted, they didn’t care whether the studies were valid or how much money was being siphoned off the top…It’s like the Security and Exchange Commission and Bernie Madoff. But it’s worse because we’re talking about someone who basically stole money that was supposed to be used to improve the health and safety of our most vulnerable in our society – our young babies.”

Posey also addressed the issue of orchestrated campaigns on behalf of the CDC and the vaccine industry, noting that people “do a lot of blogging and (are) shredding anyone who dares question the unaccountable bureaucrats”.

nsnbc noted a clear attempt to derail genuine dialog in comments to articles pertaining vaccine safety issues. Within a 12 months period from February 2013 to March 2014, nsnbc registered more than 30 different “commentators with different names, who together attempted to post more than 500 comments, posted from only two different IP addresses in Australia and the USA, with one of them leading directly to a pharma sponsored pro-vaccine website.

..."The core strategies used are ad hominem attacks, attempts to discredit, strawman attacks, and, remarkably, also outlandish anti-vaccine claims and attempt to distract the call for transparency by posing as an “obviously” irresponsible parent or by asking for medical advise so as to detract from debates about oversight, transparency and vaccine safety issues..."

Surgeon general just willfully mischaracterizes the Wakefield case series saying MMR doesnt cause autism("that study has been debunked") and is pretending he has never heard of #CDCwhistleblower.
NEWSFLASH, Vivek Murthy, Dr. William Thompson has said that CDC studies were falsified. And many, many Americans are aware of this. So you better start dealing with the elephant in the room.

"Sources have confirmed that Dr. William Thompson (senior scientist at The CDC) has been granted Official Whistleblower Status and immunity. This paves the way for Dr. William Thompson to go before the United States Congress and testify about the CDC FRAUD regarding vaccine safety and to explain the thousands of documents that have been turned over to congressional representatives..."

This statement is, put bluntly, word salad. The Whistleblower Protection Act only comes into play when a complaint is filed alleging a violation of 5 U.S.C. § 2302. It has nothing to do with being granted immunity from prosecution, which is similarly wholly irrelevant--there has to be a proceeding first (18 U.S.C. § 6005), and there is obviously no need for "sources" to "confirm" something that requires a congressional vote and issuance of a district court order.

I have to support all these special Ed classes and never bring peanuts to school due to all this over vaccination but you get to blithely recommend vaccine's like candy? Sure Chris.
For the record I highly doubt baby Clinton Mesvinsky was hep b'd at birth, Hilary Clinton!

Re Chris Cuomo -
These are the people who explain to us what is going on in the world.

Good God this whole website is terrifying. I don't understand how you can look at all the evidence and come to the conclusions you do.

Get your children vaccinated. It's the right thing to do. You'll be saving lives.

I realize this won't get posted, but you need to take a hard look at yourself and think about the damage you're doing.

re the granting of whistleblower status for Dr. Thompson...seems to me like they've timed it with as comfortable a backdrop as possible.

More Goebbels-speak in The New York Times today. This can’t go on forever. Some Germans believed Nazi radio until 1945, when they saw Russian soldiers in the streets. Our kids are the Red Army, concealed in Special Ed classrooms. Next, the streets.

Wow! This is good news!

UPDATE 02/01/2015:

"Sources have confirmed that Dr. William Thompson (senior scientist at The CDC) has been granted Official Whistleblower Status and immunity. This paves the way for Dr. William Thompson to go before the United States Congress and testify about the CDC FRAUD regarding vaccine safety and to explain the thousands of documents that have been turned over to congressional representatives..."

Wanted to pass this along:

Take Action: Congressional Hearing on Flu and Flu Shots
Washington, DC, Feb. 3

"Influenza and the federal response to it will be the subject of a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 3 by the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Energy and Commerce Committee. This presents a rare opportunity to focus some light on the role of mercury in flu shots and autism causation. The exact time and location of the hearing has yet to be released.

Please click on the Take Action link above to send a message to Rep. Tim Murphy, Chair of the Subcommittee, and your member of the House asking them to investigate the following major problems with US flu policy.

Please also call the Energy and Commerce Committee at the number below and ask to speak to the staff working on the hearing and politely ask them to bring up the following questions in the hearing.

(202) 225-2927

In 1999 the United States Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended the end of the use of mercury as an ingredient in vaccines, yet 15 years later mercury is still used in the majority of flu shots distributed in the US including those given to infants and pregnant women. Why are we still using mercury in flu shots after all this time, especially since it has been banned in many other countries and eight states?

An unreleased internal CDC study obtained by Dr. Brian Hooker through a Freedom of Information Act request found that newborns exposed to mercury in vaccines had eight-times as much autism as those who received mercury-free vaccines. Why hasn’t this study been released and why have there been no further studies of the correlation between mercury-exposure in vaccines and autism? This document can be seen at:

Why are flu shots pushed on pregnant women when we have no long-term safety data on the effects on developing fetuses?

Why are children under the age of two given flu shots when we have no data that they benefit from the injections?

Why are healthcare professionals including physicians and nurses threatened with losing their jobs to get them to take the flu shot?

Almost $500 million in federal tax dollars was given to Swiss drug manufacturing giant Novartis to build a flu shot plant in North Carolina and $77 million was given to French drug manufacturing giant Sanofi to build a plant in Pennsylvania. What public health benefit has been gained from this extraordinary public expenditure?"

Sheesh! I wonder what "a representative sample of scientists connected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)" means exactly?

Read about the incompetence and non-caring attitude of the health department and how they handled children vaccines. I know because I worked there and became gravely ill. See My Story on

The US must be doing something "right", since dramatic increase of mortality of American women is staggering. IMO, big contributors to this are the HPV vaccines, which kill girls and young women, as well as all the insane criminal wars, which the US is conducting with the whole world. This is something to be "proud" of and I wonder why Obama has not bragged about this US achievement.

Finally good news re vaccinations. Anti-vac revolution in the US has begun. Now the doctors, nurses, unions and practically everybody is against fascist vaccine terror and forced vaccinations. We must ride this wave to victory.

OT: Chinese researchers have found miRNA of rice in the organs and blood of humans that eat rice and that it affects liver function, possibly among other functions?

Does poor gut health impede or prevent healthy miRNA function?

OT: MMS (sodium chlorite?) is total quackery for treating autism or anything else, right!? Especially since it has been around a long time and supposedly not patentable and is pretty cheap to produce, and the FDA thinks they get to control it, violating how many laws in the process? ...

But a pharmaceutical company seems to be testing a drug for ALS in which sodium chlorite appears to be the active ingredient, and it appears to be helping some recipients:

RIP Dr Mayer Eisenstein - if my child was in his care I would not be posting this message - may God bless him and his family - the world just lost some sanity

My Heart and Prayers go out to the family for your loss. We know his spirit lives on in all who were touched by him.

Dr. Eisenstein is a hero to the community of vaccine injured families. His work is important, he will be missed.

Dr. Herbert being interviewed on EMF, autism, and vaccines. This will be available to listen to for free for the next 2 days only:

Prayers go to Mayer's family, friends and colleagues. He was a hero to me. A gentle giant, by all accounts.

He'll be sorely missed...

My prayers go out for Dr. Eisenstein's family. He's a hero to me.

Not sure where to put this, so thought I'd put it here. This is a link to what appears to be a very credible website re: vaccines. It's called "" Found this over at Sherri T's Facebook page:

Sid the kid has the mumps even after 2 vaccines, including a recent one. Maybe all these NHL cases of mumps will draw attention to the mumps whistleblower lawsuit.

Many people are fighting Autism and Aspergers Syndrome by detoxing (removing) the Mercury included in vaccines that go by the three names thermisol, thimerosal and thiomersal from their children's body's after being vaccinated. These mercury products are added to vaccines to prevent microbial and fungus growth.  Many cases of Autism and Aspergers are being discovered soon after vaccinations that include mercury are carried out! A number of people that are concerned about Autism and related disorders that affect people later in life such as Alzheimer's and Dementia are now suggesting that the ingestable natural mineral called Zeolite will do the best job of safely removing this mercury from the body as well as lead and all other toxic heavy metals. For more information on this important detox do a simple search for the single word Zeolite or search for " Detox With Micronized Zeolite"

Another genetic Autism breakthrough…..

1) HOW did they get medical records of 100 million males ???
That would be a medical record for every male born in the USA in the last 50+ years.

2) WHERE did the University of Chicago Medical Center get …100 million DNA samples… to do their research ?

3)….”University of Washington found the first autism-specific gene, meaning that the gene definitely causes autism in those who have it.”

Do they have the chromosome number where this is found ???

learn the signs early again…. baby eye gazing studies

“Scientists also found other methods for early detection involving behavioral symptoms. One study showed that babies younger than 1 year old who smile less, especially when making eye contact during play, may have an elevated risk of developing autism. Another study found that 6-month-olds who look away, rather than at, someone who is speaking, are also at higher risk of developing ASD.”

...The babies might "turn away" because they think the scientists are so damn stupid to look at...

Oh, I need to learn to spell this man's name right Gowdy.

And he was in on the IRS stuff too. He has a lot to do - an almost endless list - I am afraid.

Thanks for the up date. Good for you - letting the aid know what slime they are up against.

I didn't get an indication on time. We can keep on eye on the science committee agenda once they are back in session. I would love to see Gowdy question the CDC like he did the IRS during a congressional inquiry. I did suggest that they give the CDC questions ahead of time. I backed up my suggestion with a video of Colleen Boyle at the last congressional hearing. We need to focus on the science committee members in the house and also the oversight committee and make sure they are supporting Rep. Posey. I asked Rep. Gowdy's aide if he thought Rep. Posey's office will follow through on the matter. The aids reply was, "oh, yes they have plenty of documentation".

According to the Washington Examiner Growdy is working on the Benghazi incident.

So, does all things that smell rotten are directed Growdy's way?

diane w farr; Thanks for sharing.

I wonder how long that will be?

I spoke with an aid for Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC) this morning and he spoke with Rep. Bill Posey (FL) chief of staff this morning.

Posey's chief of staff said that William Thompson of the CDC has been communicating and has shared documentation that the CDC has mishandled studies. The aide went onto elaborate that Thompson saved documents that the CDC destroyed.

Gowdy's aide shared that this is all on hold right now until Congress goes back into session. The process has to go through committees. Rep. Posey is on the Science committee and hopefully this is where it will first be introduced. The over-sight committee would also get involved and it's likely will be headed up by Rep. Chaffetz (UT). Rep. Gowdy is also on this committee.

The aid told me that Rep. Gowdy is very supportive of funding autism research. I said I'm glad he's supports this but the IACC is another thorn in my side. I promised to share more on this subject later.

Vaccine injury is a spectrum disorder.

"A bad reaction to a whooping-cough vaccine at age 4 left Nichols permanently hairless..."

Imagine if the late Nichols' wife, journalist Diane Sawyer, investigated vaccine adverse reactions -- their global increase, types of affects, and lack of study, treatments and prevention.

Skeptics write about an Ontario girl with cancer who has been allowed to be treated as her First Nation's parents see fit, not choosing chemotherapy if they feel they have other treatment options. Interestingly, one of the native chiefs rightly stated that western doctors have simply not studied scientifically their medicines, rather, they brush them off as "ineffective." I know from personal experience that Essiac has very good track record for certain cancers, yet they "studied" it by simply looking at it in a test tube. I have read that one neurosurgeon from a Sick Children's Hospital noted that Essiac seemed to have very anti-metastic properties and that it should be studied further (this was in particular in relation to brain cancers).

Interesting link:

Pro-vaccine immunologist admits shocking truth about vaccines:

When you scroll down to the 'audio' portion of this article, you will hear her state that they 'know' vaccines don't work at all during first year of life, but that it's important for parents to bring their babies in for 'training.'

If memory serves, I believe Dr. Robert Mendelsohn stated this as well in one of his Wellness Newsletters I used to receive...

Mumps currently in the NHL. It's quite funny and predictable that some of the "medical experts" mention Dr. Wakefield but not the fact that there is currently a Merck Mumps whistleblower lawsuit where efficacy of mumps was lied about.

‘A mass sterilization exercise’? - Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine
From - November 9, 8:23 PM
'This WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine.'
Kenya’s Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.
According to a statement released Tuesday by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the organization has found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a vaccine being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.
Priests throughout Kenya reportedly are advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.

I will lift a glass of wine to my lips for Bill Posey. Bless you Bill! Please do not publish anything else I write for the next eight hours.

Sarah Palin got it right when she commented that the results last night were votes against corruption, not necessarily votes for Republicans. Let's hope they get it right.

Congratulations to Rep Posey. Again, I think the voting last night indicated a much more general backlash against corruption and lies. It also seems evident that mainstream media is not liked and is not the source of news choice for many.

How does one end up "Ebola free" after only a few weeks, but the "Shingles Virus" lives inside you forever and ever ???

"NY, NJ govs (one Dem, one GOP) clamp down on Ebola quaratine for returning health care workers, slam ever-changing CDC guidelines. That's because politicians are accountable to the people, unlike arrogant CDC."

That includes people such as these. This choice was forecast by MSF to be a poor one, something reinforced by others. These concerns have already proved to be well founded.

What surprises me is for a politically motivated infectious-disease "clamp down" to be greeted here with approval.

Eye popping video here:

I would urge everyone to view this. It's not that long. The gal that did this video states she's not at all saying Ebola isn't real, but when you look at what they're doing in Liberia with this issue, it does raise your hinky meter up just a smidge.

Congress has decided the CDC's performance on Ebola has been poor. If they had kept better track of the autism mess, they would have known the CDC is not effective at improving health.

"Don't doctors and public health officials have what non-experts like us consider common sense?"

I'm going to consider this a rhetorical question. Because...really? With all that parents of vaccine injured children have gone through with physicians (and many nurses) re: the vaccine issue, you're for some reason 'expecting' this same group to have common sense when it comes to the Ebola crisis?

Reminds me of several years back when my husband and I were interviewing a new pediatrician for our son (after we'd fired the first one). We had a 1/2 hour consult with him, prior to agreeing to working with him AS TRUE PARTNERS re: our son's healthcare. He said one very interesting thing to us during that consult.

I'd said something to the effect that our first pediatrician seemed to exhibit absolutely no common sense as to some of our concerns and questions regarding our son's health issues.

Dr. Tucker looked at me and said, "Well, you know, when you enter those 'hallowed' halls of our medical institutions, common sense goes out the window."

Interesting comment, no?


@ Someone re "What ever happened to the Gardasil movie, One More Girl?"

I'm not sure you meant to ask me... I've just heard/viewed something about this production, which was the first I had heard of it. It might have been mentioned in Bought, but I can't remember for sure if that was the source.

Maybe more will be posted here shortly?

What ever happened to the Gardasil movie, One More Girl?

I don't think that could be true, very few of the people I know have ever even commented on the Internet. Does troll mean that you're being paid for it? It must, since otherwise it would just be expressing your opinion.
Hopkins scientist speaks out..well I live here, all employees must get the mandatory flu vaccine or lose their jobs...I guess he's gone?

Mandated inflammatory vaccines, mandated calorie restricted "lunches" ... I wish we could mandate a comprehensive vaccinated vs. never-vaccinated health survey, and then stop torturing our kids with mandates that don't help them...

This is way, way off topic, but as with likely pollution induced paralyzing response to infection, I think we are missing important causative factors regarding obesity and floundering badly as a result.

Neuroinvasive West Nile also sounds a lot like poliomyelitis:

"The most severe cases of West Nile disease -- 'neuroinvasive' cases of encephalitis, meningitis, and polio-like paralysis -- usually are reported. Nearly everyone with severe disease needs to be hospitalized. The long-term effects, including thinking problems, numbness, and limb paralysis, can be permanent.

"Fortunately, only one in 150 people infected with West Nile virus gets severe disease."

The article suggests the virus pathology has changed or increased in severeness:

The association with paralysis was noted at least as early as 2002 in the US though:

I really don't think this enterovirus 68/paralysis connection is all that new, but it's probably a lot more common and severe today than it has been in the past. Back in November of 1999, I had three young boys who had nearly constant colds from October to April, as well as the occasional summer cold. One son, almost three, had a sudden attack where his leg could not support his weight. The look of terror in his eyes was enough to prompt me to make a trip to the emergency room (The Colorado Children's Hospital in Denver where the current outbreak is most prominent). By the time we were seen, his leg was working again, so we left with the ER saying he had a slight fever and probably had a stone in his shoe that caused the leg problem. The problem returned on and off for the next few days, so I took him to my pediatrician who either saw the attack or just believed me, and she ordered a visit to a neurologist. The neurologist ordered an MRI which showed lesions in the gray matter much like would be seen with MS. He had no treatment to offer other than occupational therapy, and he suggested a follow-up MRI in case there was progression. The follow-up MRI looked just like the initial one, so we were discharged from the neurologist. He said my son would probably have episodes of ataxia for the rest of his life. A few years latter I begged my pediatrician for a further follow-up MRI (unfortunately not with the neurologist), and the results showed no lesions. I don't know if the leisons had come and gone or whether a different technician and reader didn't catch them.

Anyway I moved on, but only after researching why Denver was considered the MS capital of the US and finding no sound answer. I figured that whatever was causing the higher incidence of MS in Denver also caused my son's gray matter lesions. I read some talk about radon, some talk about "the inversion" in Denver causing more toxins in the air, some talk about specific toxic exposures like Rocky Flats, and some general talk about increased toxic exposure, but nothing was mentioned about pesticides. I gave up on finding an answer, but, for years, I considered my son a bit different than all the other kids with autism. Later when a test showed myelin basic protein antibody like is often seen in MS and is possibly connected to lesions, I realized my son was as similar to the next kid with autism as any of them are.

No one made a big deal out of my son's temporary paralysis, and he wasn't even a statistic. Now that so many kids with Asthma are hospitalized with acute respiratory symptoms resulting from Enterovirus 68 or Coxsackie virus or whatever else, even minor, fleeting paralysis will be newsworthy and absolutely part of the statistics. I don't disagree that there is an increase in incidence of paralysis and probably a worsening of symptoms, but I don't think it is a new phenomenon. I don't think a change in the virus has caused the increase in incidence and severity; I think our ability to handle the virus in the presence of ever expanding toxic exposures has caused the increase.

If enterovirus 68 is like other enteroviruses, including polio, it will die down as we move toward winter, and rhinovirus season (colds) will replace enterovirus season. We'll see. It seems to have died down at my daughter's school, which it ran through in late August and early September.

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