Trump Triumphs

For the moment, the front runner for the GOP nomination for president is someone who agrees that vaccinations are the root of the autism epidemic. Let's stipulate that this is astounding!

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Trump Triumphs

For the moment, the front runner for the GOP nomination for president is someone who agrees that vaccinations are the root of the autism epidemic. Let's stipulate that this is astounding!


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Ronald Kostoff,

Trump stated that vaccines cause autism well before he was ever a candidate for President of the United States. He made this statement on a nationally televised program (Fox and Friends) and has also tweeted it. It would not benefit his campaign right now to make that statement in campaign speeches.

In the event that Trump is elected President, he could do a number of things. The agencies that you mention (CDC, FDA, NIH, etc) are part of the executive branch of our government. It is at least theoretically possible that he could fire people in these agencies. As for requiring Senate confirmation in order to fill some of these positions, that does not appear to be completely true. The President has the power to make recess appointments - provided that Congress has been in recess for at least 10 days. Our current President has made recess appointments, and the Supreme Court ruled concerning the length of time that Congress had to be in recess for any such appointment to be valid. If I remember correctly, there is some limitation on the time such an appointee could serve, but I do not have that information in front of me right now.

Another power that the President has is the power to veto legislation. According to the NVIC website, there are currently 5 vaccine bills in the House/Senate, 3 of which concern childhood vaccinations. They are not currently moving, but that could change. In the unhappy event that 1 or more of these bills passed, the only candidate who is likely to veto them is Trump. All of the other current candidates would happily sign them.

While I agree that we are not close to the end of this fight, we have an opportunity to take a step forward by voting for Trump. If we do not start somwhere, we will not prevail.

"...I see no evidence that he would promote his position if elected, given the potential overwhelming opposition from the biomedical agencies and the bulk of the biomedical community, and the vast majority of Congress. He would not want to expend any 'Green Stamps' on the vaccine issue; he has bigger fish to fry..."

Not necessarily. Trump is smart enough to know that the attack that would follow any further mention of vaccines during his campaign would be the end of his campaign. It seems that autism and vaccine injury is personal for him and he has shown that he doesn't forget or forgive. He's tenacious and vindictive when he has a problem with someone. And that someone, that he is for the time being keeping to himself, just might be the CDC, FDA, NIH, IOM and the lying doctors and scientists in bed with them.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but he just might have what it takes to shake up those agencies. Maybe. If it is possible for anyone to do it.

Re North Korean autism rates...I remember reading/hearing, possibly from David Kirby but I can't find the source so maybe it was in a video or maybe it was from another reporter covering autism around 2005, that in North Korea (I'm pretty sure it was North Korea, but not 100%) a child diagnosed with autism would be taken in all cases and institutionalized by the government. I have a memory of discussion of the silence in these institutions and that there was a life expectancy of only about two(?) years for these children. If I'm remembering correctly, I wonder how many from North Korea would be aware of autism and if aware want to openly talk about it...and I'm wondering if the rate quoted represents the actual rate of autism in infancy?

Dan/Carolyn M,

"For the moment, the front runner for the GOP nomination for president is someone who agrees that vaccinations are the root of the autism epidemic. Let's stipulate that this is astounding!"

"here is Bernie Sanders'......"I think the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines do not cause autism. And it really is a little bit weird for Trump - who, I presume, has no medical background - to be raising this issue. And obviously it is a concern. When somebody like that says it, you're gonna find thousands of people now who are gonna hesitate to give their kids the shots, and bad things may happen.""

What the candidates say about vaccines, and what they believe, may or may not be identical. Most of the candidates will take Sanders' approach: 'the evidence is overwhelming'. Now, what does that mean? Have they read thousands of papers on the topic to examine the 'evidence' and come to that conclusion? Obviously not, probably including Carson. He is neither an immunologist nor a pediatrician. While he undoubtedly has orders of magnitude more understanding about potential impacts of vaccines on health compared to any of the candidates remaining in the race, even his opinion would be limited in credibility.

What the candidates really mean by 'the evidence is overwhelming' is that the 'official' position on vaccines is that they are safe and not linked to autism or myriad other diseases (except, as they say, in 'rare' and unavoidable cases). And, where does the 'official' position originate? It is mainly the position of the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, and the IOM. They speak with one voice!

So, when one of the candidates finally becomes President, what would be required for them to change the public's attitude on vaccinations, assuming the future President wanted to make that change. For the future President to assume the 'bully pulpit' and unilaterally make a pronouncement about questionable safety of vaccines would be meaningless. The opponents and public would make the same type of comment as Sanders' above. What the President would have to do, as is the case with most Presidential announcements on any topic, is have the backing of the major institutions/organizations responsible for that topic. This means (for vaccines) the President would have to have the agreement of the CDC/NIH/FDA/IOM that vaccines have questionable safety before taking to the 'bully pulpit. Given that NIH and FDA Directors require Senate approval, I see no way in the world that an 'anti-vaxxer' would attain one of those positions. Without that, a Presidential statement on vaccine safety (by a non-scientist President) would have zero credibility. It won't happen. Given that Congress is completely in the pocket of the 'healthcare' industry, there would be zero Congressional support for any initiatives on the part of the President on the vaccine issue.

But, this is all wishful thinking. Trump made comments about vaccine safety only when asked in a debate. He has never raised the issue in a stump speech, as far as I know. I see no evidence that he would promote his position if elected, given the potential overwhelming opposition from the biomedical agencies and the bulk of the biomedical community, and the vast majority of Congress. He would not want to expend any 'Green Stamps' on the vaccine issue; he has bigger fish to fry, related to the topics he emphasizes in his stump speeches. Attitudinal change will come in the Executive and Congressional branches, at the required Federal, State, and Local levels, when the electorate demands it. We are light-years away from that condition.

I just rang the North Korean embassy here in London to try to confirm the rate of Autism for the North.
They don't even know what Autism is .

Says it all . I shouldn't laugh but I am.


A nice irony. I don't know what data you have for North Korea, nor do I know what the vaccination rates are. I am quite sure that if you did the estimate yourself it will be quite as reliable as many epidemiological estimates coming out of the World Stealth Organization. As to the Goyang City Survey - unfortunately such a result would not be anything out of the way today but you do have to bear in mind the suspicious circumstances (as I wrote in 2014):

"They (Autism Speaks) have been unable to decide whether autism is an environmental health disaster or just a stupendous business opportunity. It is no use them weeping crocodile tears at the IACC when they are intent on screening the population to the ultimate benefit of their business partners as the gleeful 2011 Time Magazine article about the 1 in 38 rate in the South Korean city of Goyang illustrates. It might be troubling of course that more than three quarters of the positively screened children were withdrawn by their families before the study was completed. The article appeared in the very week that Autism Speaks had appointed Robert H Ring of Pfizer as head of Translational Research, latterly of Science."

I gather Ring has now left AS, though I don't know what this means in terms of policy. However, as we do know absolutely everyone in North Korea has absolutely tip-top mental health.

Rate of Autism in South Korea 1 in 38

Rate of Autism in North Korea 1 in 60,000 (estimated)

what can it be ? feel free to argue the stats .

Another possible and very scary explanation of what is going on in Brazil.

Does microcephaly look like a chemical/vaccine induced autoimmune disease. What are the conditions of the victims' immune systems beyond the obvious degeneration of the brain? Are there dna mutations,denova genes? Is there a possible contamination of bovine serum in the dtap with a pestivirus? How can we trust that the contaminants, such as the pig virus in the roto, are benign if they reach the brain of a fetus or a neonate? This entire vaccine program is nothing short of what we'd expect in a sci fi horror movie. Why were we not alerted to 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the USA, when did this begin? /

We must beware of Sanders, as most likely he would impose totalitarian mandatory toxic vaccinations on all American children. He does not understand autism, biology or medicine, and he is not likely to listen to parents, rather to corpomedical propaganda. As such he will be dangerous. I like some of his ideas, but he scares me on others.

And it is very disturbing that neither of the Democrat candidates for President believe that vaccines cause autism. We have previously read about Hillary Clinton's view, here is Bernie Sanders'.

From (the video clip is from The Rachel Maddow Show, 9/17/2015):

"I think the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines do not cause autism. And it really is a little bit weird for Trump - who, I presume, has no medical background - to be raising this issue. And obviously it is a concern. When somebody like that says it, you're gonna find thousands of people now who are gonna hesitate to give their kids the shots, and bad things may happen."

This statement clearly indicates that Sanders is not educable on the subject.

Not new, but good presentation of vaccine/disease historical data:

Food for Thought via the UK Daily Mail: (one of the few profitable UK newspapers so can afford to report all aspects of news stories)
‘Studies are ongoing to prove the link once and for all but it does look very likely that Zika is to blame,’ says James Whitworth, a professor of international public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. One theory is that the virus has undergone a subtle mutation which means that it damages babies by crossing the placenta, when it didn’t before.
However, Professor John Oxford, a virologist at Queen Mary, University of London, believes this is unlikely.'

Symptoms of Zika - 'These appear a few days after they’ve been bitten by an infected mosquito and are usually mild — a fever and a rash which soon goes away. Some people also suffer from muscle and joint pain, or get conjunctivitis. The symptoms usually clear in two to seven days. There is no specific treatment for Zika, but people who have the tell-tale symptoms should drink fluids to prevent dehydration and take paracetamol.'

There is no vaccine or medication to prevent infection, although there have been reports that a vaccine could be available next year.
Efforts to make one have just begun, and creating and testing a vaccine normally takes years. However, GlaxoSmithKline has announced that it is fast-tracking studies to see if it can use existing vaccine technology to work on a Zika vaccine.
Canadian scientist Gary Kobinger, who worked on the Ebola vaccine and is part of a consortium working on a Zika vaccine, has revealed that the first stage of human testing could start in early August — meaning it could be ready by autumn.'

The WHO is heavily financed by Big Pharma, including GSK, who manufacture the Tdap vaccine mandated for pregnant women in Brazil. Already $Millions have been raised to develop a Zika vaccine, even though Zika is a mild disease. As yet, any links to babies born with small heads is mere supposition. This has been admitted by the WHO and UN. It took the Who 9months to act over the far more serious Ebola disease in Africa.

Twenty-five minute interview of Dr. Wakefield touching on several vaccine issues (Jan. 28, 2016 post):

Thanks Jenny, for the info re mercury and microcephaly.

And thanks Hera, for the recent Washington cluster article I noted the article reports that there has NOT been a thorough investigation. Epidemiologists basically check deaths off on a data sheet and then they go out to lunch. Then they report to the public that it's a puzzle and they're trying as hard as they can to figure it out. Sounds familiar.

Brazil has recently had a huge push of the Gardasil vaccine. Is the Gardasil vaccine linked with these birth defects?
Some have suggested that underlying viral infections such as lyme can come out of dormancy after Gardasil vaccination. And no one seems quite sure on what the effect would be if someone who already has been exposed to HPV is vaccinated.Just speculation at this point , many of those with children with these birth defects have mothers who both have had Zika exposure, and were also vaccinated with Gardasil?
Is there a chance that this is a synergistic effect?
And..what about the similar birth defects increasing in Washington state?

No Zika has been identified there yet, so what is causing this?

Also posted on another AoA thread. The message is clear:- MERCURY POISONING CAUSES SMALL HEADS.
Please share and broadcast!!

From above article "U.S. National Library of Medicine" Mercury Poisoning :-

"Some health care providers have raised concerns about ethyl mercury (thiomersal), a chemical used in some vaccines. However, research shows that childhood vaccines do not lead to dangerous mercury levels in the body. Vaccines used in children today only contain trace amounts of thiomersal. Thiomersal-free vaccines are available.

• Blindness
• Cerebral palsy
• Deafness
• Growth problems
• Intellectual disability
• Lung function impairment
• Small head (microcephaly) "

Note the SMALL HEAD as a symptom of mercury poisoning. Ethyl Mercury in vaccines is just as dangerous as Methyl, possibly more so, since it is carried by the blood directly to the brain. Methyl Mercury poisoning is usually by injestion of contaminated food. Brazilian pregnant women received mandatory DTap vaccine, presumably with full on mercury preservative(Thiomersal).
What a scandal!!

To: Reading is Fundamental

You said, in response to AoA's:

shot through with mercury most of the time

Only if an upper limit of 33% now qualifies as "most."

It's true that the CDC website claims that approximately 118 million does of thimerosol-free flu vaccine "will be produced" for the 2015-2016 season. What the CDC site does not clarify is whether all of that is for the U.S., or whether that worldwide. Since the CDC is generally the least trustworthy source of information about vaccines and vaccine safety, they could easily be deliberating trying to pull a fast one on the American people by throwing that statistic out there without bothering to clarify that not all of that is for the U.S. Consider the source.

shot through with mercury most of the time

Only if an upper limit of 33% now qualifies as "most."

Well it "started" in French Polynesia, possibly ALSO coinciding w a flu vaccine campaign.

From July 2015 ProMedMail newsletter, regarding co-morbidity of Guillain-Barre in these cases:

"Confirmation of GBS is a less complicated task: there are clinical criteria, progression of symptoms, CSF [examination] and electromyography that define and confirm the syndrome. The big question is: in a situation with co-circulation of dengue, CHIK and Zika [viruses], as well as the herpesviruses and enteroviruses, and seasonally, influenza and post influenza vaccination campaigns, [how] to investigate, discard and, ideally, identify the etiology in order to understand, confirm and quantify in the most objective and realistic way possible for now, and still, hypothesize an association of Zika virus infection and Guillain-Barre syndrome?"

So, the question is, will anyone CHECK?! Are these cases of Guillain-Barre a "newly discovered" symptom of these mosquito-born viruses? Or are they not? This is the Pandora's box that is being sat on with the weight of a thousand pharma lobbyists right now, I'd imagine, given the current "look over there" propaganda effort by the MSM.

I feel like this could be a tipping point. Lots of chatter about coinciding flu and Tdap vaccine campaigns, and Bill Gates' GMO mosquitos to boot.

They've already admitted that "Guillain-Barre" is a side effect, which is a LIE, historically Zika did not do this. All they have are LIES.

I don't know how they can hide from this thing. Stand up, Brazilians! And everyone else!!

Washington Post
"Then, in 2010, he was vindicated when it was proven that the CDC had lied to the public in a misleading report, which falsely claimed lead levels in the water had not posed a health risk to D.C. residents."

The CDC lied? Again? Really? Can we vindicate some other people?

Just read tha Tdap is perhaps responsible for microcephaly in Brazil. Apparently previous to Tdap vaccination of pregnant women, Zika didn't do this to babies, it was only a mild illness.

What gets me is that lead poisoned children are at greater risk of synergistic poisoning from mercury in shots and those genetically susceptible to lead will also be susceptible to Mercury. They need to stop all Mercury containing shots in flint YESTERDAY.
Also re comments about party --it's about money and hubris---most Republicans can't be trusted in this either though I give burton and posey my greatest gratitude. Remember dan Quayle? Choice for VEEP of Bush? His family is deeply into Eli Lillly which makes thimerasol, or did, and Bush Jr came out against Mercury then reversed himself after the election.

Both parties are complicit. There are good people in both parties also.

We need executive action NOW.

Huffpost has Chomsky saying GOP are a threat to the earth. I don't think so. He obviously doesn't see the carnage that is autism all around us, with both R and D to blame, although it has to be said that Reublicans speak out more on vaccines being a problem. On balance it seems that Dems have been the ones to lead the mandating craze, as more and more children become sick. The parents are seeing it.

Can you imagine Bloomberg, who has mandated even flu vaccine for all children, to be a popular choice for President? Now that people have had a taste of honesty from several Republican candidates on the issue, I can't see it playing well.

Reading about the problems in Flint and the EPA cover-up inspired me to reread David Lewis's book Science for Sale which details Dr. Lewis's own battles with the EPA.

Required reading, imo.

The BBC admits (by mistake) the explosion in autism numbers :

An own goal if ever there was one .

“Over the summer, people in Flint, Michigan, discovered they had been drinking tap water with dangerously high levels of lead, a neurotoxin that can cause miscarriages and damage children's developing brains….It took the efforts of private citizens to expose the threat to public health, as it had in Washington, D.C., when that city suffered a major water lead crisis a decade ago….In 2001, a change in treatment chemicals caused unsafe amounts of lead to leach from Washington's aging pipes into the water supply. The D.C. Water and Sewer Authority and the EPA knew of high lead levels by 2002, but it wasn't until a bombshell Washington Post story that the public learned the full scope of the problem -- in January 2004.

Then, two months after the Post story, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a calming report that said nobody had been hurt. Among the 201 residents in homes that had excessively high water lead levels -- more than 300 parts per billion -- nobody's blood lead exceeded the government's ‘level of concern,’ the CDC said. Local officials seized on the report, declaring Washington's toxic tap-water event a non-crisis after all….

Marc Edwards, a civil engineering professor with Virginia Tech and an expert on drinking water safety, was skeptical of the CDC's claim that nobody in Washington had been hurt….

Edwards' FOIA requests revealed damning details about the CDC's report, including several emails from officials concerned that key information had been omitted….

‘In D.C., I learned that you can't trust your kids with a government agency,’ Edwards said.”

Hillary seemed a little bit concerned with the Michigan lead problem with her final statement of the last debate.
Looks like the “class action process” has already started by attorneys.

Would it not be great if they could simply add lead to the list of "liability free" medical products ???

I believe mercury still ranks 1,000 times more toxic than lead... but still lags behind radioactive plutonium...

No problem for Hillary here... 11 vaccines on the same day at six months, ....SIDS.. and the older sister is taken away from the family by CPS...

Hey, how come not everyone in Flint is showing symptoms of lead poisoning? It must be genetic! It's not the lead! Those people would have the same symptoms even without lead exposure!

It seems to be a theme in our times.

"The findings challenge assurances from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the regional air pollution control agency, and the state's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment that the leak hasn’t increased residents' exposure to toxic gases."

GWS - the BBC misinformation department hard at work .

"◾Suggested causes include vaccinations, depleted uranium from armour-piercing weapons, nerve agents and toxic smoke from burning oil wells"

oh what could it be I wonder . I reckon its genetic and all future research funds should be diverted into a genetic cul de sac led by Colleen Boyle of Agent Orange fame .

UK & US troops , 10 vaccines , huge numbers of GWS .
French troops , no vaccines , no GWS .
Government criminality hard at work .

Yeah, it's incredible how Rachel Maddow is so fired up over this but apparently cares nothing about children who suffered harm from mercury in vaccines.

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