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Leslie Manookian on Idaho's Proposed Immunization Database

By Anne Dachel

On Jan 31, 2013, MagicValley.com from Twin Falls, ID, published the story, Proposed Immunization Database Change Prompts Privacy Concerns.

The article was about proposed changes to the state’s immunization database and controversy over medical records and individual rights that had been ignited.  We were told about an Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee hearing that had been held the previous day, Jan 30.  Leslie Manookian, the co-creator of the award-winning film, The Greater Good, a documentary about vaccine safety.

Leslie is a resident of Idaho and she attended the state hearing to voice her opinion on vaccine surveillance.  I interviewed Leslie about what happened.

From the story on MagicValley.com:  

Currently, Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System, or IRIS, tracks immunization information of anyone who receives an immunization in the state. The system is voluntary, though it automatically records patient information and immunization records unless they or their parents choose to opt-out.”

Anne: Leslie, the Times-News reported that immunizations are currently being tracked in Idaho.  How many people are aware that this registry is being kept?  Is there a requirement that those receiving immunizations be told about this surveillance?

Leslie: It is Idaho State law that all vaccine providers inform patients that vaccines are not mandatory in Idaho to attend school or be employed, that vaccines carry known risks and what they are, that the vaccine registry IRIS exists, and that people may opt out of the system. Sadly, and illegally, many patients are not informed of all these facts. I have asked a half dozen friends with children over the past few days about the vaccine registry and not one of them had heard of it. In addition, at the hearing last Wednesday, the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare (IDHW) representative, Dr. Hahn explained that not only are children being added to this registry but so are adults. She mentioned this fact when she discussed that adults who received the swine flu vaccine a couple of years ago were entered into the registry. What she did not explain was whether these people were informed of the registry and whether they gave their consent to being included in the registry. What's more, there exists no provision in Idaho law for the IDHW to track vaccination information on adults so the legality of this is clearly in question. From parents I know in our community, I have heard stories about how doctors have made reassurances such as: "I guarantee you 100% that nothing is going to happen to your child" which is not only unethical but dishonest. So while it is Idaho law to inform parents and adults, it does appear that it is not happening. It is also important to note that there is no regulatory body ensuring that the law is being followed and no fines for non-compliance.



The proposal, presented by Dr. Christine Hahn of the Department of Health and Welfare, would allow the registry to retain the name and date of birth of those who opt out to make sure medical professionals don’t accidentally enter information of those who don’t want their information in the database.


Anne: What will the two new bills do to alter the existing system? 


Leslie: The two new bills do two things. Firstly, SB 1012 would establish a vaccine registry for all Idahoans from cradle to grave. Given that vaccine information is already being kept on adults without any legal provision for it suggests SB 1012 has been introduced to not only provide legal cover for IDHW's previous actions but also to enable tracking of vaccine uptake of the entire population. The bill that pertains to children, SB 1011, would make it possible to remove a child's vaccination records, but not a child's name and date of birth from the registry meaning IDHW would have a permanent list of those who do and don't vaccinate. In addition, although IDHW says they do not have the ability to sort the information to list non-vaccinators, non-vaccinators receive a check mark next to their name and using this information to sort the database in just a mouse click away. 



“The idea, Hahn said, is to protect those who opt out from having their information disclosed against their will.”


Anne: Leslie, Dr. Hahn makes it seem as though vaccination information currently held by the state is at risk of being disclosed.  This all seems very confusing.  What is the Dept of Health and Welfare trying to do here?  


Leslie: IDHW's stated purpose of SB 1012 is to create a registry to track vaccine usage. So they want to know who is complying with Federal vaccine schedules and who is not. Regarding SB 1011, they say they are trying to prevent information from being entered into the system by mistake if someone has opted out. They therefore say that they want to retain the name and date of birth, tag this person as an opt out, then reject future information if another doctor tries to enter vaccine information. Of course, if that doctor followed the law and informed the patient that the registry exists and that they have the right to opt out, the patient could say they have opted out and there would be no need to "protect" folks against this kind of accident. 


The concern here is two-fold. Firstly, it is a stated objective of the Federal government to create a database of vaccine use which would include 95% of all children under 6 years of age. There was a CDC report released January 25th titled "Progress in Immunization Information Systems" which discusses how the Federal Immunization Information Systems gather information from the States about immunization records in order to “provide important tools for designing and sustaining effective immunization strategies”.  States are “grantees” of the program which begs the questions, is the Federal government behind these bills, exactly what information are the States giving the Federal government, and what are the States receiving in exchange for this information? It is also worth noting that Federal public health policy makers, vaccine makers, and vaccine proponents have openly expressed their desire to reduce or remove exemptions to vaccines which casts this proposed legislation in an even more worrying light. The other point of concern regarding this legislation is potential for abuse. In States across the nation, American parents have been charged with medical neglect and had their children removed by Child Protective Services for choosing not to vaccinate. These are highly educated parents who have chosen what they feel is the best route to health for their families and they have to endure pressure, threats, coercion and having their children removed in some instances for exercising their right to pursue health in the manner they see fit. In other cases, children have been summoned to a school nurse's offices and been vaccinated against written parental wishes. Unfortunately, these cases of information abuse are not infrequent.


Anne: Leslie, you made public comment at the hearing on Jan 30.  How would you describe what was said by those in attendance?


Leslie:  When I appeared at the hearing last week, the room was packed. I had driven over 3 hours to be there and there were others there to testify who had driven 8 hours! The only people who spoke in favor of the bills were Dr. Hahn from the IDHW, a pediatrician named Dr. Patterson who said he was the Idaho head of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Idaho Immunization Action Coalition, and another doctor who I believe was also connected to the IDHW. All the public testimony including one doctor who is also the mother of a child who nearly died after vaccinations, were opposed to the bills. Wayne Hoffman, the executive director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation also testified in opposition citing unnecessary government intrusion into our private lives. Some of the Committee members also mentioned that they had received about a hundred emails opposing the bills.


Anne: What are the ramifications of legislation like this?  What can parents do when similar bills are proposed in other states?

Leslie: The ramifications of bills such as this are immense. Once the State and or Federal government have information on vaccination status, they are able to target, harass, pressure, and coerce those who choose a different approach than what Federal health officials advise. Federal law already provides for Americans to be forcibly vaccinated against their will in the event a flu pandemic is declared so we must thoroughly assess the potential danger posed by these registries. In addition, health care workers across the nation are being fired for refusing flu shots despite the science showing that at best flu shots only work one third of the time in healthy adults and that they carry genuine and severe risks such as death and paralysis. We also have to contemplate what is next if government gains access to this information. Will the government decide it is OK to track what we eat, whether we drink soda, whether we take vitamins, how much we sleep? Will the government decide to track how much alcohol we drink or whether we smoke? These are all factors that relate to our health and wellbeing so where does it stop? Will people who choose not to vaccinate be barred from future employment, will they be barred from entering museums, boarding airplanes? The implications are immense and deeply worrying. It is vitally important that anyone who cares about these issues signs up with the NVICadvocacy.org to receive notifications about what is going on in their state so that they can get involved. It is quite clear that the public outpouring of opposition was a key factor in keeping these bills in committee, at least for the time being. But this issue is not over in Idaho, the bills could still be brought up and the work to educate and empower folks about the risks of vaccinations as well as their freedoms, goes on.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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"Population With Alzheimer's Disease Will Triple by 2050"

Perhaps not but only if we wise up.

How to Produce Alzheimer's

“The fluoride/aluminum association is of particular importance as it relates to Alzheimer's Disease. Aluminum by itself is not readily absorbed by the body. However, in the presence of fluoride ions, the fluoride ions combine with the aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is absorbed by the body. In the body, the aluminum eventually combines with oxygen to form aluminum oxide or alumina (53). Alumina is the compound of aluminum that is found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease.” Ronsivalli, LJ, "Addenda to Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies", Note I don't think things can be clearer than this.

We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it." Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer's is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the "flu vaccine" toxin.

Ever wonder where the neuron tangles of Alzheimer’s come from?

So if you want to produce Alzheimer's just feed elders (and everyone else) water with fluoride put in it and "vaccinate" (with mercury, aluminum and other toxic garbage) the hell out of them. Know any country where this is being done? Yeah right here in the land of the free.

It is 100% clear to me if you want to VASTLY reduce your odds of contracting Alzheimer's simply stop drinking fluoridated water, soft drinks, using anything with fluoride in it and getting the toxic and totally worthless "Flu Shot" or any other "vaccination".

IMO Alzheimer’s is largely a Man Made problem

Alzheimer's is a somewhat complicated disease but if you insist in poisoning yourself with "flu shots" and other "vaccine" toxins IMO you are VASTLY increasing your risk.



"All the public testimony including one doctor who is also the mother of a child who nearly died after vaccinations, were opposed to the bills."

IMO the data base should be changed. All records of personal data should be thrown out. These anonymous sums should be created and added to as required.

We do NOT need a data base listing the names and addresses of those who will SOON be forced to "vaccinate". We need a data base of the serious and NUMEROUS negative consequences of "vaccination".

1) Children murdered by "vaccinations". Call it for the greater good murder if you must.

2) Children who became Autistic after "vaccinations"

3) Children who became ASD after "vaccinations"

4) Children Seriously Harmed by "Vaccinations"

5) Children Harmed by "Vaccinations"

6) Children tested for known "vaccine" contraindications

8) Parents who wish they had NEVER "vaccinated"

9) Parents lied to about "vaccinations" by Pediatricians

10) Parents lied to about "vaccinations" by CDC

11) Parents lied to about "vaccinations" by schools

Hilary Butler.

This statement is ridiculous:

***"The implications are immense and deeply worrying. It is vitally important that anyone who cares about these issues signs up with the NVICadvocacy.org to receive notifications about what is going on in their state so that they can get involved.'***

This is actually the LAST thing people need to do. ONE organisation is simply assumed to be a bunch of cloned robots.

What each city and each state needs to do is to have independant organisations who do their own thinking and take their own actions without reference to NVIC, who can't possibly know as well as ground zero inhabitants, what is going on in their own state.

The last thing any nation needs is "one body". What they need are a whole lot of organisations who separately deal with the system.

When there is only "one body" only one point of view gets stated, and that only leaves to one side far more valid and coherent positions for specific states. That is not a good option in my opinion.

The other problem with that attitude is that leaving it to one body to inform everyone results in the attitude that that body will do something, when what should be happening is that every state, on their own initiative does their own unique campaign.

Hilary Butler.

In New Zealand, we also have a National Immunisation Register. Here, the data for ALL children is put onto the register. You can opt off the register, but your information cannot be removed from the register. The stated purpose of the register is not ONLY to track vaccine uptake, but to identify the unvaccinated children in the event of an outbreak.

And in reality it's futile to ask to have the information removed - which they won't do - because the computer system is capable of running the names and birthdates AGAINST the names and birthdates in both birth registries; the national health index list AND any social security number a person has.

So, if your name is on any OTHER government information registry, and not on the immunisation registry, you will automatically be flagged as being a non-consenter.

So I see no point in hiding. If you're not going to vaccinate, then get your convictions into line and be prepared to stand up and own both your convictions and your lifestyle, and get public about why you've made the choices you have.

I believe that when it comes to this sort of thing, going public is your best defence, because then others doing likewise can get together with you, and you can form good support networks. Anonymity just serves to isolate people from knowledge, the issues, and support.

Being a wallflower, or a turtle hiding in a shell is of no use in this issue.


Autism isn't the only condition that is increasing, read on:

"Population With Alzheimer's Disease Will Triple by 2050"

"As its population gets older in the coming decades, America can expect a dramatic rise in the number of people with Alzheimer's disease.

By 2050, the number of Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer's will have tripled, to 13.8 million, from 4.7 million in 2010, according to a new study.

"It will place a huge burden on society, disabling more people who develop the disease, challenging their caregivers and straining medical and social safety nets," said researcher Jennifer Weuve, an assistant professor of medicine at Rush Institute for Healthy Aging, in Chicago.

The increase will be largely due to the aging Baby Boomer generation, Weuve said.

The new estimates are based on the current and projected populations of the United States (using information from the 2000 census), the incidence of Alzheimer's disease, population death rates and other factors.

The study estimates that the number of people age 65 and older in 2050 will be 88.5 million, compared with 40.3 million in 2010. [See Alzheimer's Vs. Normal Aging: How to Tell the Difference.]

The number of Americans with Alzheimer's disease in 2010 included 700,000 Americans who were ages 65-74; 2.3 million ages 75-84, and 1.8 million ages 85 and over, the study found. By 2050, when the youngest Baby Boomers will be 86 years old, those numbers will increase to 1.3 million people ages 65-74; 5.4 million ages 75- 84, and 7 million ages 85 and over."



A British Mum

My ASD adult child was vaccinated on the UK schedule until the MMR just before eighteen months - you can guess the rest. Somehow I failed to sign the paperwork for the 'booster MMR'. Nearly two years ago my child (now in the British equivalent of a group home) received a chaser letter from an NHS medical practice from their previous placement. I had to tell my adult child that, after their first MMR, they had lost their speech (true). My child was very upset and I now hope they will never give their own consent to the 'booster MMR'.

This means that the NHS in the UK is following up those children who are recorded as not having had the 'booster MMR' well into their adult years.

Laura Hayes

I was just informed by a parent in CA who recently gave birth that she and her husband had to sign papers saying that they were refusing to have their newborn vaccinated in the hospital. So, clearly, CA is keeping track, starting at birth, of those who are refusing vaccines. Personally, I would refuse to sign such a paper, and I intend to check into this further here in CA.


The Bible mentions in a mark on the forehead and hand "NUMEROUS" times through out the Bible. It does not mean an actual mark -- it means fine motor skills and thinking.

Not to detract from sulacojoe excellant quote of Upton Sinclair.


Think of this whole situation in the context of population control.. I'm convinced that this is a global psych op with the goal of population control. The tool is vaccines b/c they can have control over the process. This is why they want to track vaccine compliance via a registry. This also explains why the media and the gov't are blatantly lying to us. WHy the US gov't is ignoring the constituion. There are 7 billion+ people on earth is too much according to the scientific elite- it's time to reduce the population. That is the agenda. Our own gov't signed on to this craziness.


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."


This quote, my friends, explains all your frustrations with the alphabet soup zombies at NIH, CDC, HHS, HRSA, BPH, NYT, et cetera ad nauseaum.


Seriously No body really knows, now do they? It could just be some passage in a book and mean nothing.

But it is hard to imagine (to me) anything that would fit better.


Thanks, Idahoans, for stepping up and getting the info circulated.

I've mulled over those lines once in a while and sometimes wonder if the "mark" isn't already there, not to show the power of the beast, but to show the victims of the power of the beast. Is the beast man's hubris? For instance, when the articles of the affects of the HEP B at birth with the full load of thimerosol in it talked about how the brain wasn't paring down like it should after birth, while I know that is all happening on a microscopic level, I couldn't help but wonder if one could actually see other more readily visible signs of that in the placement or shape of the skull plates? Parallel reactions to the same original action; vaccinating. And then my brain wanders over to how pediatricians measure the head circumference of babies to make sure the brain is developing right (as too much growth can indicate (hydro)encephalopathy. And then how someone recently did a study showing how human heads are now showing larger measurements (as if it could be a good thing, of course never mentioning the opposite potential). I look around at all these kids with big, wide, square looking forheads and wonder if anyone's studied forehead shapes before and after vaccinations became part of the medical system. We certainly have the photographic record and ability and technology to do that. Are big square, oversized looking forheads a physical manifestation of mercury in vaccinations? Is the "sign of the beast" already there? If it's normal, why did all the cutsie rounded pleasing shapes of cartoons become so popular, and why are humans so attracted to them, from a sociological perspective? Are rounded foreheads an anthropological sign of good health?
If good nutrition can create good bone health and bone strength, what things do we do in our lives that create the opposite effect?
General musings, to be sure, but ones that may sometime be answered by good researchers. It's certainly a non-invasive angle.


I think this exists in Florida as well: when I went to our county Health Department regarding my son, I was given a computer listing of all the immunizations he had had so far, with all the details of when and where. Back then I was shocked that they had all this information. Maybe the pediatrician offices here in Florida automatically update the Health Department?

Same with some infectious diseases: when my son tested positive for Cryptosporidum on a Quest stool test, our county Health Department called me the next day to ask me question about all our whereabouts in the past 30 days. I guess they got my phone number from Quest or from the pediatrician office?


This already exists in NJ - it's called IIS. And when you opt out for your child, the name is still kept on an opt out list.

Rick Neubrander

Although your analogy of Rev 13 is similar, Revelation is about God and the powers/institutions of the devil working against God. Both beasts are clearly defined and they are not the above.


Rev 13:15

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of ----

The first beast is the government
The second beast is medical

Who knew!

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