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Jan 29, NY Daily News: NY: Death of autistic man at Queens Village mental health facility last summer ruled a homicide

Jan 29, Philadelphia Inquirer: Six-in-one vaccine is goal of GSK's Indian joint venture 

NY Daily News:

“Rasheen Rose, 33, died after guards restrained him at Bernard Fineson Developmental Center, family says; Medical Examiner rules that his death was caused ‘during physical restraint’

“The death of an autistic man last summer after he was restrained by guards at a Queens Village mental health facility has been ruled a homicide by the city Medical Examiner.

“Rasheen Rose, 33, was a patient at the Bernard Fineson Developmental Center when he was restrained by guards there on Aug. 12, Rose’s family said.

“Shaniece Luke, 38, the victim’s sister, said the family is set to file two wrongful death lawsuits — one against the state and one against the guards.

“’I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else because they’re helpless,’ she said of patients there. ‘He was a nice, kind person. I would have never thought this would happen. He shouldn’t be dead.’”

So many autistic children will eventually be living in public facilities as adults.  Families will have to trust that their relatives are being treated well.  This is a frightening story.

Philadelphia Inquirer 

“Vaccines sometimes work wonderfully in a modern laboratory with great facilities and healthy patients (or parents of patients) who can follow all directions, but.....

“Does it work in places with no modern health-care facilities?

“Does it work in places with no electricity or sporadic power?

“Does it work without refrigeration (see electricity above)?

“Does it work in places without clean water?

“Does it work if the dosing regime is complex, perhaps requiring numerous returns visits to clinics that are many miles away on foot?

“Does it work when many of those things conspire to make patients less healthy?

“All of those are the challenges for vaccine developers and the people who earnestly try to deliver good medicine in difficult environments.

“And often those two groups don't see costs in the same way.

“To that end - and to build its pharmaceutical business in the growing but increasingly complex and competitive Indian market - drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline said it struck a deal with India’s Biological E Ltd., to develop a six-in-one drug to combat several ailments, including polio, in developing nations.

“GSK is based in London, but has several facilities in and around Philadelphia.”

Unfortunately, no matter which email I use, none work. I couldn’t post a comment. I’d like to ask: HEY PHILLLY INQUIRER, WHY ISN’T SAFETY A CONSIDERATION IN ALL THE QUESTIONS?


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"Before you guys go posting know the whole entire story this man was attacking himself and others biting his own face !!! He had to be restrained the same way a police would restrain a person who was just fighting this whole story is a lieeeeee !!!"

Biting his own face? How is that even possible?


Before you guys go posting know the whole entire story this man was attacking himself and others biting his own face !!! He had to be restrained the same way a police would restrain a person who was just fighting this whole story is a lieeeeee !!!


Physical restraint and chemical restraint should be illegal.

If I were to physically restrain my son's carer, the same way she restrains my son, I would be charged with serious assault here in Australia.

However, if you are a carer, there are no repercussions, no accountability, no liability, no restrictions, you can "get away" with serious assault, providing you explain to the courts that it is constraining!

Elizabeth Gillespie


Does anyone know why it's necessary for GSK to produce a six-in-one vaccine for India when their Infanrix -hexa is already in use, and on the New Zealand schedule?

And why would they claim that "success will be years away, following testing", when an identical hexavalent vaccine is already on the market and has been available since around 2006:

GSK claims on their website that the vaccine "could be the first of its kind":

Really? I must be missing something.

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