Dachel Media Update: 11/6
AAP Calls Autism an Epidemic

President Obama Will You Acknowledge and Act on Vaccine Injury?

Hep B reaction

Congratulations to President Obama on winning a second term.  Healthcare has been a priority for him.  Will the President acknowledge the grim side of the ever rising childhood health epidemics including vaccine damage like this adverse reaction to birth dose vaccination against Hepatitis B?

Meet Ian Gromowski.  He died at 47 days old, never having left the hospital after a severe reaction to his Hepatitis B vaccination.   Hep B is an IV drug and sexually transmitted disease which his mother did not carry and so could not have transferred to him during delivery. 

I think of him - and how the media, AAP and public health and pharma rank non-life threatening "vaccine preventable disease" so far above his tragic story. He mattered. He matters. And I for one am not going to forget him. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not over the next four years.  Read about Ian's story at IansVoice.org KIM

Ian G


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William T

Sadly, this child's death will be considered collateral damage for the greater good, though by any sane mind, we must ask ourselves, what is the greater good of giving an infant a Hep B shot? This should be charged as an assault with a deadly weapon: a vial filled with toxic chemicals that was injected into a defenseless infant. It's child abuse that led to death. It shows a wanton disregard for the health and safety of all infants.


Radical Christian right does exist???
I wonder if there is a radical atheist left then???

Mark Struthers

I meant to say below that,

"Intelligent, thoughtful and anything but quiet, Chris Hedges is my sort of American."

Chris Hedges, the unquiet American, is a socialist, and at the end of December 2008 he explained why at Truthdig,


"The corporate forces that are looting the Treasury and have plunged us into a depression will not be contained by the two main political parties. The Democratic and Republican parties have become little more than squalid clubs of privilege and wealth, whores to money and corporate interests, hostage to a massive arms industry, and so adept at deception and self-delusion they no longer know truth from lies. We will either find our way out of this mess by embracing an uncompromising democratic socialism—one that will insist on massive government relief and work programs, the nationalization of electricity and gas companies, a universal, not-for-profit government health care program, the outlawing of hedge funds, a radical reduction of our bloated military budget and an end to imperial wars—or we will continue to be fleeced and impoverished by our bankrupt elite and shackled and chained by our surveillance state."

He goes on to suggest that the corporation "exhibits many of the traits found in people clinically defined as psychopaths", a corporate body that manifests anti-social, amoral, criminal or conscienceless behaviour. Chris Hedges finishes his piece with,

"If Barack Obama does not end the flagrant theft of taxpayer funds by corporate slugs and the disgraceful abandonment of our working class, especially as foreclosures and unemployment mount, many in the country will turn in desperation to the far right embodied by groups such as Christian radicals. The failure by the left to offer a democratic socialist alternative will mean there will be, in the eyes of many embittered and struggling working and middle-class Americans, no alternative but a perverted Christian fascism. The inability to articulate a viable socialism has been our gravest mistake. It will ensure, if this does not soon change, a ruthless totalitarian capitalism."

Sadly, it would seem that little Ian Gromowski was flattened by a corporate psychopath. In my opinion, this poor baby became another victim of a psychopathic for-profit healthcare system. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Chris Hedges on the greater good to be had of adopting a universal, not-for-profit, socialised healthcare program in the US as in the UK.


Looking at this picture of little Ian will keep me going, speaking out about vaccine injury. There must be a special place in he// for the docs/ nurses involved in denying this little guy's plight.


If the President wants the "power to reform American health care" with one hand tied behind his back...

He needs only to meet with some Autism groups, study the obscene CDC vaccine schedule,

compare the health/ Autism rates of vaxed and unvaxed children, and simply expose the "elaborate fraud" of Thimerosal, Simpsonwood, the MMR, Offit & friends, the CDC and the FDA.

Angus Files

R.I.P. The Slaughter Of The Innocents.. Shame on them


A picture is worth a thousand words


Well here's my experience with the US (for profit) healthcare system and Canada's socialized healthcare system.

My eldest son born in the USA: 2 weeks overdue, induced birth, spent 5 days in the NICU, given the birth dose of Hep B vax before discharge resulting in screwed up GI system, regressive autism.

My second son born in Canada: Frank breech position born by scheduled cesarean, wrote "declined" on consent form for Hep B vax when offered in grade 5, just wrote "declined" again on consent forms for grade 9 vaccines. No exemptions required. No Autism. Have never been asked about vaccination status by any medical personnel (reg doctor, ER personnel) or on school admission forms; certainly have not been threatened to be "fired" from a practice nor denied public schooling for not vaccinating. Physicals/well visits are not required for school nor have they been required for any sports thus far.

Is socialized medicine perfect? Nope. But funny how the "for profit" system seems to have more "requirements"; required vaccines, required medical visits. Who is profiting from that? I’ll tell you: Some of the same people who profit from your government’s decision to allow pharma direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs. Socialized medicine doesn’t seem too bad when granny and gramps board the bus to do some cross border medication runs, eh?

Mark Struthers

"Healthcare is not important to President Obama...Socialized Healthcare is important to him."

Eh? That's a very odd statement from Alaina Jensen. Obama and his views on healthcare, socialised or otherwise, are utterly irrelevant. And matters would be no different if Dubya, Romney or the Tea Party were in power - the US is effectively ruled by corporations like GSK and Merck.

Intelligent, thoughtful and anything but a quiet, Chris Hedges is my sort of American. In July 2010, Chris Hedges wrote this piece for Truthdig,


"A close reading of the new health care legislation, which will conveniently take effect in 2014 after the next presidential election, is deeply depressing. The legislation not only mocks the lofty promises made by President Barack Obama, exposing most as lies, but sadly reconfirms that our nation is hostage to unchecked corporate greed and abuse. The simple truth, that single-payer nonprofit health care for all Americans would dramatically reduce costs and save lives, that the for-profit health care system is the problem and must be destroyed, is censored out of the public debate by a media that relies on these corporations as major advertisers and sponsors, as well as a morally bankrupt Democratic Party that is as bought off by corporations as the Republicans."

The UK has so far avoided the absurdity of Hepatitis B vaccination in infancy. As a British doctor, what is deeply depressing for me, is watching the onward march of the bloated corporation and the likely demise of single-payer, nonprofit healthcare in the UK.

PS. I’m so sorry for little Ian Gromowski and his unlucky parents.

Sandra Lopriore

Alaina Jensen,

Your comment resonates with me. I am very fearful of socialized medicine....I agree-it absolutely does not mean better care but lower quality care. People want to help others and some think government control is the answer...this will just put government in between the patients and their doctors. By the time Americans realize this the Affordable Health Care Act will be too entrenched to be corrected.

hennessy hills

oh dear Lord, please comfort the little ones and their families in these times of incredible pain. may wisdom and truth prevail.


Babies need to recover from labour and birth.There is already a very high use of drugs in Obstetrics:Oxytocin for inductions,Antibiotics for Strep B positive status,Epidural and Morphine etc. for pain management etc.I do not even want to mention the shots (Flu) that the mother received during pregnancy.There is no need to give any vaccines to any baby in the first six months of life.
As far as I am concerned I
would not allow any vaccines for my grand-child in the future.My deep sympathy to the family.Please look at this picture and fight for our children and fight for parental rights.(Hep-B adverse reaction - edema,kidney damage.)


Sandra- or Ron Paul. Now I'm hearing Republicans talk about how he might have done well.

Sandra Lopriore

Jake & Sylvia,

I have said before I do not put anything past any politician. That being said real conservatives stand for individual freedom while liberals do things for the "greater good" as a whole so I am not surprised by Obamas actions. He believes that government knows best. While I believe Rick Santorum or maybe Michelle Bachmann (like their politics or not) would have been the only ones who would have stood up for vaccination choice.

Not an MD

I felt compelled to write again to add that I am still angry and sick that sweet baby Ian had to live out his short life in such pain and intense suffering. As hard as it is to look at the first picture of Ian, I think the second picture is much worse as it shows how he was looking up at his mother with such love and such pain, and she couldn't help him. Nobody could possibly have helped him after he was so horribly injured from an unnecessary vaccine he never should have been given on his first day of life. None of our babies should be given a Hep B shot at birth. It makes no sense at all. I am so sorry, and still very, very sad about what happened to Ian. I will never forget Ian, either. NEVER. Our legislators who push vaccine mandates on all of our children should be forced to look at these pictures of Ian as a test to see if they are human. I don't believe all of them are.

Alaina Jensen

Healthcare is not important to President Obama...Socialized Healthcare is important to him. There is a difference. Socialized health care means lower quality care, more regulations, more taxes and more fight to get the care my son needs. My sister just came from England where she lived under socialized healthcare for the past 5 years. Her son had been sick for several weeks and called to see the pediatrician. They didn't have an appointment for 4 months. However, they told her if she paid cash, they could get her in that week. So she did, and thank heavens...he was diagnosed days later with Leukemia and started Chemo the next week. The doctor told her had she waited he wouldn't have lived more than a few weeks. This is just one of many stories from her...and it wasn't just her experience, it was everyone around her.

My son also had a bad reaction to Hep B...he stopped breathing and started having seizures hours after the shot...but the medical staff said one had nothing to do with the other. I trusted them then...but I know now that it was a vaccine reaction. We have 2 issues here...we need a president that is willing to look at the situation and acknowledge a problem and take action...and we need the medical community to treat the reactions as reactions.

Not an MD

Well, Nhokkanen, I don't think we can trust the people you mention at all. Here is the latest thing that Dr. Gregory Poland is working on:

Apparently after the Pharma talking heads push their unwanted annual flu shots onto health care workers, they plan to target all other adults in the workforce. I knew this day was coming. Soon flu shot mandates will follow for all Americans as a pre-requisite for being hired (and maintaining employment) for any job in corporate America. This frightening socialized approach to medicine has to stop! When are people going to wake up, notice, and care that this is happening? Or, are we all going to wake up one morning to find we are suddenly slaves who must accept every single shot produced by the vaccine manufacturer overlords?


My prayers to the Gromowski family, who have shown utmost bravery in sharing Ian's story with countless viewers. I cannot see his photographs without becoming profoundly sad for him and his parents, and angry at the people willing to let vaccine injury continue uninvestigated.

Influenza vaccine developers such as Dr. Michael Osterholm of CIDRAP and Dr. Gregory Poland of Merck and the Mayo Clinic (both in Minnesota) are calling for a "Manhattan Project"-type approach to developing a better flu shot. Poland said we should invest "billions" of dollars. How can we trust people so willfully blind to the full range of vaccines' effects on health?

Bob Moffitt

I simply cannot understand how ANYONE in the field of public health .. including this particular hospital's administration .. especially the doctors and nurses assigned to the maternity ward responsible for administering the HEP B vaccine to this completely innocent baby .. and .. subsequently witnessed or was fully informed of the tragic results .. can remain SILENT?

Silence is complicity .. pure and simple.

Make noise

Please read: http://www.biotech-info.net/exposed.html

Last night the president urged the public to remain active as citizens and to go beyond voting to move the country forward.

Read Howard Zinn or watch available youtube lectures.

For Jake

'I like the Walrus best,' said Alice: 'because he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.'
'He ate more than the Carpenter, though,' said Tweedledee. 'You see he held his handkerchief in front, so that the Carpenter couldn't count how many he took: contrariwise.'
'That was mean!' Alice said indignantly. 'Then I like the Carpenter best - if he didn't eat so many as the Walrus.'
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This was a puzzler. After a pause, Alice began,'Well! The were both very unpleasant characters...'

Jake Crosby

"Congratulations to President Obama on winning a second term."

We shouldn't be congratulating him! He's awful!

And received over $300,000 more money in political contributions than his Republican challenger:

I, as contributing editor to this site, completely disapprove of any congratulating of Obama's re-election both in-and-outside AoA for all the harm he and his administration have done already. He's the "autism president" alright, the worst president the autism community has ever seen!

"Will the President acknowledge the grim side of the ever rising childhood health epidemics including vaccine damage like this adverse reaction to birth dose vaccination against Hepatitis B?"

Has he does so in the last four years? No. And he wouldn't now, especially after winning a second term.

Eugene Nicks

My greatest sympathies to the whole Gromowski family .

We all need to work harder to stop these crimes .
Its simply heartbreaking to see those pictures .


Obama is owned lock, stock, and barrel by big Pharma and the Corpratocracy. He has done nothing for our kids. He will continue to do NOTHING. Romney is the same.

I have never in my life felt such indifference to the outcome of a presidential election. Maybe that's a good thing. Voted Libertarian for the heck of it, and tried to get some good people on the school board. That's it.


The President has not aknowledged vaccine injury, or even the rights of parents to say NO to vaccine mandates in the 4 years he has held office. He gave us Kathleen Sebilius and Michael Taylor. Does anyone have any information that maybe he just likes to build up the suspense, and really thinks that parents have the right to make vaccine decisons? That vaccine risk information should NOT be censored? Does anyone know? I'd sure love to hear. The only thing I know is that he has been quoted as saying that he is against "selective vaccination" which means he is against parents skipping even ONE of the mandated shots. Nothing he has said or done that I know of points to him supporting vaccine rights for parents. His platform mentions the importance of vaccines for ALL AMERICANS. I would LOVE to find a nugget of hope, but I see none with this President. Can someone please give me some information that may give me some hope? Why would he do something now, that he has not done in the past 4 years?
Ask anyone fighting at the state level for vaccine rights, and they will tell you that their foes - the politicians fighting to take AWAY vaccine rights, are the Democrats. I am not being partisan, those are just the facts. Check your own state. In California, AB 2109 was authored and supported fully by the Democrats. The Repbulicans opposed. But they are in the minority, and this bill limiting vaccine exemption rights passed and was signed by the Democrat Governor.
So my question is: why would he go against his party on this issue?

Anne McElroy Dachel

What would the new head of the AAP, Dr. James Perrin, have to say about this? Doesn't this child deserve some recognition from the organization that's dedicated to children's health? Do doctors merely consider this child an acceptable loss for the greater good?

Anne Dachel, Media


In his speech last night, President Obama says he has listened to people and learned. I hope he has listened to parents of children with autism since there are so many. We cannot ignore the role of environment in our children's health any longer.. No we can't.


I want to thank the Gromowskis for taking the time out of their nightmare, fears, and grief to take these pictures. I know that was so very hard.

This is a graphic answer that every parent of a vaccine injuried child knows to some degree when some half informed person responds to our concern about vaccines injuries and "DEATHS" too with a response - babies and children will die if we question the authorities on anything about vaccines.

My daughter looked that bad with her Kawasakis. My son didn't go that far - thank God, but those periodical fevers, seizures, red blush, screaming when I turned on the light to his room and on and on and on was never the less some form of vasculitisi.

Some of us catch on - most don't it is the vaccines.

The question that will be taking the next 100 years is - to what extent did it do damage to the rest of the population. No one is not unmarked - the question is - to what extent?

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