RFK Jr. Is Right: Hg Causes Autism

As people attack RFK Jr.'s new book and say a link between ethylmercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism has been disproven, tell them this: the second child ever diagnosed with autism (1943) had a father who was experimenting with ethylmercury...

How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism

Autism Public Service Announcement

Canary Party Vaccine Court Video

A Glimpse into Autism

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here's to Thanksgiving with our own personal stamp. We might not be "traditional" but we have homes full of love, caring and the strongest folks since.... the Pilgrims.  Happy Thanksgiving friends.   (PS) Is that toast GF?


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(PS) Is that toast GF?
It's hard to tell that and whether or not it's garlic toast, but it clearly hasn't had just the center of it eaten out.


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