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NYT, p.1, 5.5.16: "The nation's consumer watchdog is unveiling a proposed rule on Thursday that would restore customer's rights to bring class-action lawsuits against financial firms, giving Americans major new protections ... that could cost the industry billions." -0- Yikes,...

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Dachel Media Update: Autism Hearings, Pollution and Vaccines

  Online newsNov 27, 2012, Roll Call: Hearing Gives Burton a Last Shot at Autism Issue

Nov 26, 2012, LA Times, Autism and early exposure to traffic pollution linked 

Nov 26, 2012, NJ News: Pro-vaccine parents need to speak up, for community's sake: Opinion

Roll Call 

The Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, did a piece on the hearing. 

“But while Burton requested the hearing and expects to preside over part of it, the testimony lined up by the Oversight panel is expected to take a wider look at the autism spectrum rather than zeroing in on the controversy over vaccines. In an invitation to the National Institutes of Health, Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said the hearing would look at “the federal response to the recent rise in ASD diagnoses,” the distribution of government resources, and research and treatment options.”

It doesn’t sound like autism is really a big deal to anyone.

“‘Rising ASD diagnosis rates present a challenge to federal agencies charged with coordinating response efforts,’ Oversight spokesman Ali Ahmad said. ‘The committee will hear testimony from a broad array of voices, including parent advocates, self advocates, educational specialists and scientists.’”

“Dozens of studies — including a 2004 report by the Institute of Medicine — have concluded that there is no relationship between vaccines and autism, but some concerns still linger. And for Burton, the issue is personal.”

LA Times 

The latest news linking air pollution to autism has been published by major news sites all over the country.  The media is happy to have something significant to say about autism even though they have to admit the findings don’t show pollution causes autism.  With the congressional autism hearing scheduled for Thurs, I expected there’d be a study coming to make it look like they’re finding out something.

I posted a comment.

NJ News

This disingenuous op ed piece only presents half truths and lies about vaccine safety.  Slamming Jenny McCarthy and  Louise Kuo Habakas while promoting vaccines and denying serious side effects isn’t going to work.  Especially in a state where one in every 49 kids have autism, including one in every 29 boys.


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