AAP Calls Autism an Epidemic
Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

Dachel Media Update: 11/7

Online newsNov 7, 2012, Press release: Saint Joseph’s University Adds Autism Studies Concentration to Online Bachelor’s Completion Program

Nov 6, 2012, Charleston Business Journal: MUSC to study autism in local children

Nov 5, 2012, Barrow County (GA) News: To protect or not is a no-brainer

Nov 4, 2012, The Toronto Star: Autism research chair will look at bullying

Press release: Saint Joseph’s University Adds Autism Studies Concentration to Online Bachelor’s Completion Program

“The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 88 American children have some form of autism spectrum disorder. The result is a growing need for professionals who can support and advocate for the growing population of children and adults with the diagnosis. To help meet this need, Saint Joseph’s University has introduced a new autism studies concentration as part of its online Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies (PLS) program.”   This was on Google News today. It’s amazing to read the complacency.  Autism affects one in 88 children—no reason given. There’s now a need for people to deal with “the growing population of children and adults with the diagnosis.” The truth is there’s a growing sector of professionals providing for all the kids with autism. Autism is their livelihood.  Why would anyone want to raise an alarm and stop this from happening to children? Maybe that’s why no one ever talks about PREVENTION when the topic is autism.

Charleston Business Journal

“‘This study is the first of its kind to be conducted in the U.S.,’ said Laura Carpenter, co-principal investigator. ‘What makes it particularly exciting is that we really don’t know what we will find.’”

From the tone of this article you’d never know we were talking about a disorder that severely impairs children and whose cause is unknown to mainstream medicine. I’m sure MUSC is also excited about the million dollars that has come their way so Autism Speaks can pretend they’re doing something about autism. So what happens in May when the new DSM comes out and all Asperger’s and most of PDD kids lose their diagnosis?

Charleston Business Journal   This reporter tells parents not to worry, vaccines are safe, mercury’s been removed, and finally there’s no autism epidemic. 

The Toronto Star

I have no words for this. $2 MILLION to look at autism and bullying. Meanwhile, autism rates are soaring and there’s no known cause or cure.

How could this kind of research possibly address what’s happening to our children?  There was no place for comments or I would have asked.

A York University professor will get $2 million to spend studying the lopsided rates of mental health problems among children and adults with autism, including the effects of bullying.

“‘Targeting mental health means being able to help with a person’s quality of life,’ said Weiss, 35. He noted that between 40 and 70 per cent of those with autism are also grappling with mental health issues, on top of living with a developmental disorder that affects social interactions and communication, among other traits.”

“‘What we aim to do is first focus on understanding why those rates are so high. What are the risk factors?’  Weiss asked…..’It’s important that the community sees their hard work is going into research that really matters,’ she said.”



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