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President Obama Will You Acknowledge and Act on Vaccine Injury?

Dachel Media Update: 11/6

Online newsNov 5, 2012, Forbes: We Can Now Add Forced Sweating To The Faux Autism Treatment List

Nov 5, 2012, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: The Autism Channel: all autism, all the time 

Nov 3, 2012, San Angelo Standard-Times: Sensory Santa offers autistic kids a family snapshot

Nov 3, 2012, International Business Times: How Hurricane Sandy Is Affecting A Girl With Autism On Long Island

Nov 2, 2012: PsychCentral (PEDIATRICS): 

Oct. 26, 2012, New Richmond (WI) News: Somerset Woman Plans Autism Awareness


Emily Willingham challenged the use of biomedical treatments for autism. In the past she’s also trashed the idea of an autism epidemic or any link to vaccines. Parents are supposed to quietly go away with their ASD kids and forget about the regression, seizures, head banging, sleep disorders, bowel disease, lack of speech, and meltdowns. Toxins aren’t involved so there no need to remove them. My comments brought up the reality of the toxins in vaccines.

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentine

This is beyond belief. We are willing to surrender to autism and build a society around an epidemic.

“A growing fascination with autism spectrum disorder”

“All the programming is intended for a global audience, to help guide families through the joys, struggles, challenges and possibilities that come with an autism diagnosis, those involved say.”

There is one mention of those who need 24 hour care, but they’re not going to be the focus.

“Of course, the amount of hope each parent has depends on the severity of his child’s disorder, and the autism spectrum varies widely, from high-functioning kids with Asperger’s to those who need 24-hour care.”

My comments focused on the real tragedy of autism.

San Angelo Standard-Times

News stories about “Sensory Santas” were out in many places last year and I’m expecting a lot more reports this year as we have to learn to live with a million disabled kids who never used to be here.  And yes, I’m happy to see autism families able to have their own Christmas fun, but the general description of autism below hardly prepares someone for what a severely affected child is really like. Most of all, this is more conditioning of America to accept autism as something that just happens to kids.

“…families will leave with a photo CD with up to 15 professional photos, along with copyright permissions to reproduce the photos for distribution. The $25 cost covers the photos and the copyright.”

International Business Times

This story about a severely autistic young woman living through Hurricane Sandy is being repeated in countless families on the East Coast. 


“Scientists found that when they evaluated the past research on a wide variety of interventions aimed at improving core deficits in social/communication, language, behavior and adaptive skills, the evidence of efficacy ranged from moderate to insufficient.

What I love about following autism in the news is the fact that nothing is an absolute---EXCEPT THE DENIAL OF A LINK TO VACCINES. Everything else is a theory, a suggestion, a possibility that could be challenged the next day.

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean:

Oct 26, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle: UC Davis MIND Institute Research Finds Autism Early Intervention Found to Normalize Brain Activity in Children as Young as 18 months

“An intensive early intervention therapy that is effective for improving cognition and language skills among very young children with autism also normalizes their brain activity, decreases their autism symptoms and improves their social skills, a nationwide study has found.”

 At the exact same time PEDIATRICS tells us about a study that finds only minimal help from early intervention, The Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry announces that it can “normalize brain activity” in autistic children.

That’s autism in the news. Nothing is ever a given---except the fact that everyone who’s anyone agrees, VACCINES DON’T CAUSE AUTISM. For everything else, haul out the autism puzzle piece.

New Richmond News

Awareness? I hope it’s awareness of how bad autism can be and that vaccines caused this to happen. Somerset WI has about 2,500 people and New Richmond has about 8,000 residents, so this is not big news, but still it’s stunning to read. Boy has a predisposition to autism, gets vaccine, and one week later shows signs of autism. Those signs included: he stopped walking, talking, making eye contact, and didn’t want to be held.

Kaleb received a standard immunization when he was 1 year old. The immunization triggered a predisposition Kaleb had towards autism, Beckah said, and a week later, Beckah Whitlock said Kaleb started showing signs of the disorder.

“He stopped walking, he stopped talking, he stopped looking at us, he did not want to be held,’  Beckah said. ‘He would scream and cry for eight hours a day or longer.’”…

‘‘He was in his diaper just throwing up and he wouldn’t let us touch him,’  Beckah said. ‘He wouldn’t let us comfort him. If we tried to touch him, he would throw himself on the floor and hit his head and then he’d make himself throw up again.’ ‘

The second son has severe meltdowns and is on medication. He throws desks spontaneously around in the classroom.

So were both boys immunized? How do doctors explain this? Parents reading this story have a right to be scared. This is side of autism we don’t hear about in the one minute autism awareness pieces. The given in the story is that Kaleb is autistic because of a vaccine reaction. A little story like this in a newspaper in western WI will have a greater impact than the cover-up pieces from CNN and ABC—especially with the Internet.


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Carter's Daddy

This Emily Willingham of Forbes questions all these interventions, including "injections", without questioning any of the injections Pharma and AMA and APA want our kids to get. Anyway how does she know toxins aren't involved? We test to find them in our kids. That's how we know they're there.


I blame my sons autism on 3 things:

1. My own blind faith in my doctors abilities

2. A generation of doctors too insecure to admit they've been played for fools. And too shortsighted to see that blind faith in drug company propaganda, will be their only excuse for having done this to generations of innocent children

2. A main stream media who puts profit ahead of telling the truth, a truth that could easily have spared all those innocent children from this terrible fate.

Our children deserved so much better that that

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