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A Veteran’s Day Tribute

Military ribbonsBy Cathy Jameson

The Veteran’s Day we observe today is a day of honor and remembrance.  To appreciate the valiant and to pay tribute to the lives lost.  To be grateful for those who have bravely fought, won and ensured our freedom.  

A lot of times in our autism community you will hear about two groups of parents:  the newbies (those just receiving their child’s diagnosis) and the old-timer or veterans (those who have for years been trudging through, or dealing with, muck, red tape, school battles, incompetent specialists, ignorant family members or unbelieving friends).  Our own community doesn’t (yet) have a commemorative day set aside for Herculean efforts we veteran parents have put forth for our children, for their care, for their needs or for their hopeful recovery.  And, I pray we never have a day like that! 

Of course I pray for the day that our children’s suffering will be recognized.  I pray that those who have lost their lives because of their condition, or what triggered it, will not have died in vain.  I pray that our children’s health will no longer be jeopardized and disregarded.  I pray that our leaders will finally take a stand to publicly acknowledge the epidemic of sicknesses that are taking our children’s future away.  I also pray that these leaders will one day take some action to protect our children’s health and future.  When all of that happens, it will not be a day of remembering but that of celebrating.

As a “veteran” parent of a severely affected little boy, today I wish to thank our nation’s unsung military heroes for what they’ve done for me.  Their mission to protect and preserve my freedom so that I can live freely in this country is one of the greatest gifts I have and one that I will never take for granted.  While I never imagined how different the parenting that I must do for my own children is compared to that of the typical parent I thought I’d be, I am forever thankful to be their mother, to love them to bits and pieces and to have the liberty to do everything I can for them.  Military ribbons

Everyone has had to trudge through their own battlefield at some point.  Whether it be through muck, red tape or ignorance, remember that someone else’s life played a role in your ability to persevere through it.  Take a moment today to honor and respect that life; for your future, and mine, certainly depends on it.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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The Aspie Formally Known as Theodora Trudorn (aka Tiffany)

It was a lovely birthday. The next day not so much. I slipped when I should not have after buying some Italian Red Wine for my birthday gift to myself and got cut up bad and have felt weird ever sense. How is something like that effecting my vision? I can't help but think that with my wacky immune being the way it is and the fact I almost had to go to an ER over my body's reaction to a scratch makes me want to send my medical records to Washington. You want proof?! Read it and weep!! Sorry about second rant folks. Just been a bad few days. Thanks for the shot and ruining my immune system Medical Establishment! The Autism wasn't hard enough to deal with, I needed MORE TO GO WITH IT!! *sarcasm* Sorry guys.... Tired of the games.


Pray for those in harms way, and thanks to all who have served.

Sadly, we are in a "war for our children" that has been going on for over 20 years now.

angus files

My family history in the UK is Military and proud of it(not Offit)

I think the kids that have died along this vaccine road of ,profit for Offit need to be remembered and need to be rememberd along with the goverment recognised fallen war heroes..

Everyone who has died from vaccines is an unsung hero and we need a vaccine wall to add them all to...just like the fallen in Nam..and around the world the new war fallen ..and killed by vaccines...are going un-noticed..we need a wall ..probably bigger than NAM

shame on them!!




It is far worse than anyone has yet imagined.
It is more far reaching than anyone can guess.
I can blame autism on vaccines
I can blame thyroid epidemic on vaccines
I can blame diabeties on vaccines.
I can blame mood disorders on vaccines
I can blame bipoolar on vaccines.
But I never thought that the heart break of my community - the thing that cuts the heart of every family - that keeps us feeling like we live in a war zone - - everyone being broke into - or robbed, or unoccupied homes gutted for their wiring, or helicopters humming over head could be blamed on vaccines.

Oh, but OH ---comorbid are mood disorders and drug abuse. And once a kid starts down that path it is lost.

Drug abuse seems to be Hal Rogers big thing. His policies have sent so many away to prison.

I think it is time to write yet another un read letter to Hal. How oh how can I get that letter read, and how oh how can I make my best case?

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