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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: More Mushy, Misdirected Autism Empathy

Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

The morning shows were agog Friday over the duet between Katy Perry and a tween girl with autism, to be broadcast on tomorrow’s “Night of Too Many Stars” benefit on Comedy Central. On the Today show, Al Roker said he teared up, and trotted out the old “it must be my allergies” joke as a way of calling even more attention to it.

Touching. But what exactly is this benefit benefiting? PR for the event says it uses “comedy to raise money for autism education programs.” On the benefit’s Web site, we learn: “Night of Too Many Stars benefits a variety of autism programs across the country in support of the overabundance of individuals with autism that so desperately need quality services. In 2010, thanks to your support, Night of Too Many Stars, through its partner organization, New York Collaborates for Autism, gave more than $3.1 million in grants to 41 programs in 13 states."

 I couldn't find any easily located list of who those recipients are, though I'm sure many of them are worthy. But this “partner organization,” New York Collaborates for Autism, is clearly the charitable entity involved, and it has two current initiatives, one of which is the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain, due to open next year.

This is Catherine Lord’s project – along with redoing the DSM-V in a way that a lot of us don’t care for. We think it will exclude some high-functioning children with autism and muddy the waters about the real epidemic increase in autism. If you support this work, and the idea that we don’t really know if there’s an epidemic, and never will, and certainly don’t know what is causing it, by all means, contribute.

But you might want to read some of AOA’s coverage of Dr. Lord, starting with this from Katie Wright:

 “What kind of human being makes money by testifying against disabled children with autism?

Dr. Eric Fombonne.

Dr. Catherine Lord.

Dr. Bennett Leventhal.

“These parasites regularly take the stand in Vaccine Court in hopes of preventing sick autistic children from receiving financial compensation for their injuries. … I think their 'work' as anti-child professional testifiers has been insufficiently discussed and deserves a good public airing, don’t you?"

 Anne Dachel has also put Dr. Lord under the microscope. “In April, 2012, Dr. Catherine Lord was STILL saying that all the autism everywhere might just be ‘better detection.’”

 The lifetime cost of autism is pegged at around $3 million (conservatively, given the cost to

 society), roughly the same as the Night of Too Many Stars raised last year. Would it not be ironic if someone like the child who sang with Katy Perry lost their diagnosis and their access to $3 million worth of lifetime services -- and far more, if there were justice in vaccine court -- as a direct result of the work of someone the benefit's sponsors support ? 

 What kind of benefit is that?


 Last week I wrote about the no-debate debate, in which experts keep telling us there is no debate about whether vaccines cause autism, because they don’t, because 16 studies say so, and so on.

That leitmotif popped up this week when the Romney camp kept citing “six independent studies” that validate his tax-cut math. Turns out some of them were not so independent, including one from the American Enterprise Institute, hardly a centrist outfit. Even Chris Wallace on Fox went after this idea.

The public “gets” that when it comes to politics, the source matters. The same applies to science, and the fact that the “16 studies” were done by Pharma and their friends deserves the same kind of skepticism.

 Yet the idea that in the face of overwhelming evidence, only crackpots support a link between vaccines and autism endures. A recent review of a book on pseudo-science in The New Republic by Alice Gregory reports GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s “prominent takedown was just one recent example of America rising up to fend off the scientifically deluded. (A similar reaction greeted Michele Bachman when she claimed the HPV vaccine causes autism.) But the line between science and pseudoscience is not necessarily as clear-cut as we might expect.”

 Alice! Please! Bachmann – two n’s, not one – did not say it caused autism. She said it caused mental retardation. Whatever the scientific term, the vaccine can certainly wreck your life and kill you. (See our new chapter for Vaccine Epidemic, out this week.)

I wish these scientifically literate types would learn to spell and get their facts straight so that we know-nothings could be even better educated by them.


Dan Olmsted was the Founding Editor of Age of Autism from 2007 to 2017.


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Dr Fombonne pose de faux diagnostic d'autisme et refuse de faire les bilans, uun petit enfant qu'il a vu alors qu'il avait 3 ans , qui avait un leger retard de langage, qui était entrain de le rattrapé, Dr Fombonne pour enlever la garde a la mere et la donner au pere sur recommandations de sa soeur pédiatre, ce petit enfant retiré a sa mere Dr Fombonne est venu témoigner a la chambre jeunesse pour enlever la garde a la mere, ce petit enfant mis sous risperdal sciemment par un de ses confrere de l'hopital Ste justine a perdu l'usage du langage en bis de fonctionement son développement gravement compromis présentemente, Fombonne est venu témoigner contre la mere et mentir, la vie d'un petit enfant partie en fumée,


The following is a link to Eli Lilly's Material Safety Date Sheet for Thimerosal.


Some of the text that jumped out at me:

From Section 2 :

Exposure Guidelines: Thimerosal - No known occupational exposure limits established.

.... so much for the claim that the safety of this compound has been "thoroughly established".

From Section 3:

Caution Statement: Thimerosal may enter the body through the skin, is toxic, alters genetic material, may be irritating to the eyes, and causes allergic reactions. Effects of exposure may include numbness of extremities, fetal changes, decreased offspring survival, and lung tissue changes.

Routes of Entry: Inhalation and skin absorption.

Effects of Overexposure: Topical allergic dermatitis has been reported. Thimerosal contains mercury. Mercury poisoning may occur and topical hypersensitivity reactions may be seen. Early signs of mercury poisoning in adults are nervous system effects, including narrowing of the visual field and numbness in the extremities. Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment. Based on animal data, may be irritating to the eyes.

..... this doesn't even address exposure by injection. Probably because no chemist could imagine a human being sick enough to inject this into another human being.

Guard Us All

Barry , excellent comments . Its my understanding that mercury free vaccines are still testing positive for mercury . You cannot make it up , really you cant .


Twyla: You mean in Slovenia there's no news blackout regarding biomedical treatment, no marginalization of DAN doctors? Shouldn't we be talking with these people, if they're doing serious research? I write as someone who lives in a Third World country, known as the United States of America.


Okay, I just got half way through Dr. Bennett Leventhal talk on You tube. I can't get through any more.
He says no refrig moms but there was disproportion of kids with autism in orphangages in Romania,-- socially deprived, so in that instants it was social.

Wonder what kind of vaccines they gave those little ones?
And he started in that we know it is genetic and started explaining the different kinds of twins.

He totally is missing the environment thing that all kids share their mother's immune system.

I suppose we must never give up and keep fighting such ignorance.


Catherine Lord has a lot -- of You tubes on the internet.
She has the psych way of talking, best described as like snake oil salesmen.


“What kind of human being makes money by testifying against disabled children with autism?"

That has been going on for a long time, by lots of different people. We should have a list made up and put it on refrigerators (sort of apporiate).

James Cherry -- I would make sure you are at the top of the list. You worked for the CDC first on my tax paying money, before big pharma set you up in your big lab out in California to study the whooping cough a little more. And now we have adults being tricked into taking the pertussis vaccine because in all your research you never figured out there is another strain going around.

Lots to answer for when you meet your maker.


About mercury: It was (quite legally) in ALL house paint -- not just 'enamel'-- until about 1999' if I'm remembering correctly.

Read up on how paint fumes would affect someone. Then remember that mercury readily passes into a fetus. Then think . . . how many young women PAINTED the nursery, while they were pregnant? And then add to that, Hepatitis B shot for a one-day old.

Add to that --and all in one young mother -- a craving for tuna. Not just a can a week; sometimes 2 or 3 cans a week. Or more . . .

And then figure out how many "genetic" (as in, "born that way") cases can be laid strictly at the feet of these few accumulated causes, all aggregated together?


John Fryer??? Is that true??? Is diabetes striking almost 50 percent of the population!!!

John Fryer

Barry is quite right to contest the mercury issue.

Surely it is simple to issue an account of mercury usage year by year for the vaccine industry.

I suspect that globally the mercury in vaccine use has increased year by year with a possible single glitch for a short time when panic set in at the realisation it was even in our vaccines.

Like the odd pig virus

Like the odd retro virus from time to time

And currently like meningitis but this leads on to are we givng vaccines to prevent mistakes by Big Pharms today yesterday and the day before?

While autism is arguably going up, going down or going round we might like to give a thought to those getting diabetes or pre-diabetes which has now reached the giddy level of 47 per cent of the population.

With new vaccines, novel foods and new drugs that just leaves 53 per cent still possibly in full health but then that figure is probably too high too.


Here's a fun video from Slavenia made by a more biomedically oriented group:


Per Združenje Bodi Zdrav: "Our local TV has organized a campaign to help children with autism, which was named Small steps for a big goal (mali koraki za velik cilj). They have prepared a number of broadcasts about autism. In the last four days the journalists have ran about 350 miles across the entire country. The money that will be collected will be donated to the Association for autism DAN-Slovenia, with whom we are closely connected. Together we will help our children - laboratory tests and treatment (diet and supplements, HBOT, GcMAF, stem cells). Depending on the amount of money collected..."


Shared the video and donated. I was taken. Live and learn.


Darn, I love this video! I was wondering what it was raising money for - I thought maybe just the school, which seemed to be a good one for this child.

Angus Files

Never a truer saying than the ones who can hear but don't want to...

Money opens the ears..


Ricci Carole King

Thank you, Dan. I saw and shared on FB, the moving video of Jodi and Katy performing together. I did not know the back story. As is often the case, you have enlightened me. Thank you for all you do on behalf of our children.


Suzanne Wright sits on the board of NYCFA. The presence of that evil sloth is enough to dismiss any organization. In addition to that, I didn't see any organizations in their "Resources" that I have an ounce of respect for.

It's a touching video, and I'm sure it will be a great event, but in the end it just represents more money being sucked from autism donors that will be squandered.

Is that the new Autism Speaks strategy? Work with a web of organizations to suck every last dollar out of the community to ensure we make no progress toward identifying the true root cause?

Dan, since you're much better at it than most people, I'd really like to see an in-depth piece on all of the organizations tied to the NYCFA. Org by org, including financials. Sort of an "Autism Charity Navigator". Because some folks I know have already donated to the NYCFA, who if they knew what was going on probably wouldn't have.

Even *I* almost did, until I saw sloth-lady on the board.


The unfortunate truth, is that we don't know if mercury has ACTUALLY been removed from any childhood vaccines.

I realize that the medical establishment CLAIMS to have removed it, but remember, this is the same medical establishment who

- claims there is no autism epidemic
- has blamed autism on refrigerator moms
- has blamed the autism on elderly dads
- has blamed autism on OUR faulty genetics, in spite of a glaring lack of supporting science
- has blamed autism on THEIR superior diagnostic skills
- has funded at least 14 studies to show what couldn't possibly be causing autism ... while
categorically refusing to compare the health outcomes of vaccinated and COMPLETELY
unvaccinated children
- has never actually done a study to prove that it is safe to bolus inject ethyl mercury
- hired the idiot Brian Deer, to destroy the good man Andrew Wakefield.

So do I believe they've removed mercury for all childhood vaccines, just because the medical establishments tells me they have ? NO.

Do I have any proof that they haven't removed it? NO

Do I have any proof that they have in fact removed it? NO

John Stone


Too many star witnesses perhaps?


Bob Moffitt

If I am not mistaken .. I vaguely recall watching a recent Good Day New York program that aired the day after Autism Speaks held a similar "fund raiser" in NYC. During that segment .. a four member panel including hosts Dave Price, Rosanna Scotto, Dr. Manny Alvarez and celebrity Chef Franklin Becker discussed their great admiration for Autism Speaks "awareness" campaigns.

Incredibly .. three of the panel members were already "aware" of autism because all three revealed members in their own family .. as well as my own grandson .. between the ages of 13 and 15 .. were diagnosed with autism .. yet .. no one dared ask the dreaded question:

Did "something" happen to kids who were born between 1998 and 2003?

Remember .. Merck's "voluntary" removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines was supposedly initiated in 1999 .. and .. the now infamous Simpsonwood meeting was held in 2000 .. yet .. Merck continued distributing mercury laden vaccines until a congressional inquiry in 2002 caused them to declare their new vaccines would be entirely "preservative free".

I read periodically of pediatric staffs of hospitals who are given "awards" for maintaining extraordinary compliance with administering HEP B to newborn infants in their care .. so .. how difficult should it be for a scientific study to see how many children born between 1998 and 2003 .. in 2 or 3 "award" winning HEP B vaccine compliance hospitals .. are now autistic at the ages of .. say .. 13 and 15?

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