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Nutty professorYou can call us speechless on this one....  it's just nutty.

Psychopathology. 2012 May 22;45(4):215-219. [Epub ahead of print]

Are Names of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder More 'Hyperactive'?


Child and Adolescent Division, Psychiatry Department, Geha Mental Health Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.


Background: The role of the meaning of given names has been noted in psychotherapy as well as in everyday life. This study aimed to investigate the possible association between the nature of given names of children and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. Sampling and Methods: A total of 134 given names of children and adolescent patients diagnosed as having ADHD were compared with those of an age- and gender-matched randomly chosen control group from the general population. The first names of the two cohorts were compared with regard to the following: the literal meaning of their names, whether the name constitutes a verb, the prevalence of each name and their length (number of syllables). Results: The meaning of first names of children and adolescents with ADHD combined type were rated by referees as expressing significantly more activity and containing less syllables than the names of controls. In addition, the prevalence of their names was significantly lower than that of names used in the general population. All findings remained significant following Bonferroni adjustment. Conclusions: Our findings demonstrate an intriguing relationship between children's given names and ADHD diagnosis. Given names may serve as a possible predictor of later diagnosis of ADHD. Clinicians should be more attentive to given names in the context of child psychiatric evaluation and therapy.

Copyright © 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel.


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Daniel Neades

Is it not possible that doctors are more likely to diagnose a child with ADHD if they perceive the child to have a name that they associate with being ‘more active’, as the study puts it?

In other words, at least some ADHD diagnoses could be due to the prejudice of the diagnosing doctors against certain names. If so, then this study could actually be usefully highlighting the potential subjectivity of at least some diagnoses of ADHD.


Pretty much sums up the entire field of psychiatry. Very funny but also sad.

One of my all-time favorite lines is from Two and a Half Men - - Jane Lynch as Charlie's therapist, "Well, Charlie, if I were to guess, which is pretty much all I do here..."

Lorene Amet

Ronald Coase’s remark: “If you torture the data long enough, nature will confess” has never been truer than now!


that gave me goose bumps... what a bunch of total BS and a cryin shame when you think of the studies that money could have gone towards


Well since we are on the subject of ADHD something useful
an informative.
The MD Magazine in the doctor's office had an article about it and they said that they are finding along with ADHD a host of other mental problems including autism and other learning disabilites.

Thank goodness for a voice of reason.

Of course no mention about vaccines - I had to add that part in.


This is a bunch of hooey. My sons Mercury and Lead Jr. are just fine.......Now our daughter little Squalene she's another story....

God help these idiots because no one else can. It isn't a Bonferroni adjustment they needed to make-lol Now we are hyper and named our kids hyper names too. Is there anything that we did right? Keep studying EVERYTHING else guys EVENTUALLY the vaccine schedule will be the only thing left. Soooo glad the world of science is looking onto this. Maybe my hyperactive butt will sleep tonight knowing this fleet of fools are on the case!!!


This actually made me angry. I haven't been angry in a long, long time. This? This pissed me off.

We can't get money to fund a mainstream vaxed vs. unvaxed study, and these fools are doing THIS?

How many millions of dollars are wasted on this type of nonsense? I would really love to know. AOA should start a "clock" like the national debt clock. We can keep adding dollars to it every time a group of dumb-asses commits an exercise in collective stupidity.

So if names are responsible for your future as a human being, tell Cornholio from Israel I said to stop chasing butterflies and AT LEAST make these pharm directed side-shows believable. Tell them to try and correlate autism to boob size, and show us the study group. That might be interesting. SOMETHING, ANYTHING, but this nonsense.

carter's daddy

The hyped parents theory is out the window in our family. Wer'e both as un hyper as it gets. She's shy and avoids physical adventure, is afraid of flying and rollercoasters, and I have a reputation for never getting very excited about anything.
Merrick, Delaney and Carter, are those autism names?

Sue Morgan

Yeah, I wanna see a list...



This really is not a joke??

If not a joke this is truly a mad, mad, world!

For Bendetta


The "Theory", as it was discussed in the Israeli mainstream media, is that the names reflect certain parental tendencies, so the more "hyped" parents give their children more "hyped" names, but also their "hyped" genes, hence the correlation...

And co-author Iris Manor is one of the most quoted ADHD "Experts" in Israeli mainstream Media.


Brilliant! By this theory, don't name your child Will, or he'll have oppositional defiant disorder. Don't name your child Curt, or he'll have unfriendly speech patterns. Don't name your kid Matt, or he'll let people step all over him! Its hard to believe these people are serious.


okay note to self:

Alex, Max, James and Ben are out

Dweezle, Moon Unit, Apple, Adolph are in.

Thank god these studies are being funded


UUUUmmm, I am sorry I posted - I don't think I understand what this study is about???
They are talking about the number of syllables and given names????

I thought they were labeling people with ADHD and --- if they labeled people then they were---

That can't be it?
That a child's name determines if it is going to have ADHD?
See I totally don't understand.


A rose by any other name is still a rose.

I could be wrong but I think all this ADD and ADHD is our children being dog tired, from thier immune systems and are stumbling around trying to keep awake - thus give them a little caffine, energy drinks (a doc on Fox News wondered out loud why the younger generation were needing all these energy drinks to begin with) or addyall, ritalin or some kind of upper.

The drug of choice that everybody is on out here in the boonies is meth. Meth is a upper.

But of course nothing as to do with the mitochondria and energy cycle being damaged by vacines.

Carolyn M

This study is a completely subjective pile of garbage.

maurine Meleck

So true. Just remember--these rules--NNEVER but never name your child Speedo, Bullithead, hyperbole, lickety split or Supersonic Sam.


Donna L.

See, parents - it's all your fault (again)! You picked the wrong damn name!

Expectant parents, take note: If you wish to avoid ADHD, name your child Christopher or Amanda (but if you decide to vaccinate the bejesus out of them, all bets are off). Then it won't matter if you call your kid Beelzebub, Thor or Nancy - you're gonna be pretty much screwed.

p.s. Why do I feel like there's an Onion writer out there right now who is doubled over in laughter because s/he got an article published in Psychopathology??


Grasping at straws maybe? I can't believe they waste valuable research money and time on this crap. So again it is all the parents' fault - this time for picking the wrong names... Did they provide a list? I would be curious to see the ADHD names.

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