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Professor John Walker Smith Brings Appeal Against General Medical Council

London_Outside_350Today Professor John Walker-Smith begins his appeal against the General Medical Council's (GMC's) determination that he is guilty of serious professional misconduct and that he should lose his license to practice. The case is heard by Justice Mitting in Court 19 at the Royal Courts of Justice Court, London (see Notes).

Parents of the many children with autism and bowel disease seen by Professor Walker-Smith at the Royal Free Hospital, North London up to his retirement in 2001 express their immense gratitude for his kind, considerate and innovative treatment of their children.  Without treatment these children would have remained in considerable pain and their condition would have worsened.

During a long and distinguished career Professor Walker-Smith led new directions in treatment and research in paediatric gastroenterology. In particular he established the existence of bowel disease in autistic children that had been unrecognised until its discovery in 1998. He has been described as the "father of paediatric gastroenterology" and his contribution to medicine rewarded with international recognition. His books and journal articles are read by many clinicians and researchers throughout the world who have learnt from his pioneering work.

We are confident that Professor Walker-Smith will be found innocent of the findings the GMC has determined against him. The measure of British justice is tested by the way it treats a man of Professor Walker-Smith's stature following his distinguished and unblemished career.

One consequence of the GMC's decision against Professor Walker-Smith are the serious difficulties parents now face in finding  NHS treatment for autistic children with bowel disease.


Cryshame is a group of parents who saw their children regress into autism in their second year and ask why this happened. No scientific explanation is available to explain why children regress following normal development.  Cryshame wholeheartedly supports Professor John Walker-Smith, an expert of world class renown. 


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John Stone

Hi Otto

It means the judge is not going to give an immediate ruling. In fact, he warned about this on the first day and it was simply because there were no stenographers, so he has to await the transcript from tapes. Since the GMC hearing was about the longest legal case in human history (and the documents well exceeded the 6m word transcript of the GMC hearing) he may have a bit of additional reading to do too.



what does this mean????

Jenny Allan
From above (subscription neeeded for full article):-
"The General Medical Council panel that found Andrew Wakefield’s colleague John Walker-Smith guilty of serious professional misconduct and struck him off the medical register in 2010 was dealing with a task that was “beyond it,” his barrister told the High Court in London this week.
Stephen Miller QC told Mr Justice Mitting at the start of a two week appeal hearing that the panel ignored evidence that paediatric gastroenterologists at the Royal Free Hospital in London, headed by Professor Walker-Smith, were carrying out investigations that were clinically indicated and undertaken for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment and not for a research project."


Theres been two huge PR missteps on Pharmas part this month. How they treat Dr. Walker-Smith's appeal could be a third.

First misstep: The DSM V redefinition of autism is turning out to be a debacle. It's getting heavy criticism from experts in the psychiatry as well as from various autism groups.

Read: APA Should Delay Publication of DSM-5

Another misstep- not related to autism. Reported in the news this week is a study showed that if a pregnant woman underwent chemotherapy it would not be harmful to baby us. People are lauging at the absurdity of them saying it safe to give chemo to a woman while pregnant.

Baby 'unharmed if pregnant mum has chemotherapy'

People outside of the autism community are also getting sick and tired of their BS.

Birgit Calhoun

Carolyn KylesMom

Erik's story would be interesting enough. I do believe he was mercury-poisoned very early in his life although at this time it would be hard to prove. I would have to rely on my own observations because the doctors didn't know or didn't want to know what he had. In any case I'll try to put something together.


It appears obvious that the "establishment" is desperate to vilify anyone and everyone who gets in the way of their intentions. . .even Dr. John Walker Smith. Personally I think they are about to implode in their frenetic delirium to find another scapegoat.

The other day I had coffee with a woman who is a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical company. During the conversation we discussed the vaccine connection to autism, and why it is a subject that is very real and not going away. Surprising she agreed with my assertions. We also discussed the upcoming changes to the DSM-5 being manipulated by pharmaceutical companies to broaden the umbrella for those that can receive medication. She agreed with me here too.

In her company she was pulled from the asthma medication research team and put on the schizophrenia medication team, in anticipation of the DSM-5 changes. She said this is all her company is talking about and they are getting geared up to cash in on the windfall due to increased diagnosis.

One day all of this will be come clear because there are too many of us being harmed.

Jenny Allan

Media scholar says:-
"several large, multi-national vaccine manufacturing drug companies are grabbing muscle biopsies and performing spinal taps on Autistic kids just like the Andrew Wakefield's "Wild Bunch" did."

I think it should be pointed out here that ALL invasive diagnostic procedures carried out on the Lancet 12 children were performed for CLINICAL, not research purposes; this is the main basis for Professor Walker-Smith's appeal. He was also found guilty of not having the 'correct ethical approval' for using children for 'research purposes' This was false nonsense. Please IGNORE all the propaganda put out by Brian Deer, whose so called 'evidence' was used by the GMC during the 3 year hearing. According to Deer, perfectly healthy children were 'subjected' to unnecessary 'dangerous' procedures.

What is NOT generally known (or more likely establishment suppressed) is the Royal Free 'special' clinic was diagnosing and treating dozens of children with bowel and developmental problems. The Lancet 12 children represented only a small 'snapshot' of the marvellous clinical and therapeutic work carried out by Professor Walker-Smith and his team. My grandson was just one of those 'other' children diagnosed and treated at the Royal Free. In order to diagnose my grandson's bowel problems, it was necessary to perform an ileocolonoscopy. My daughter consented to this procedure and also signed a special consent form which allowed the endoscopists to take 2 EXTRA biopsy samples to send to Dr Wakefield's laboratory based research team. The ethical approval for this was properly covered by Professor Walker-Smith's pre-existing clinical approval.

GMC Expert Witness Professor Booth, who admitted at the start of his evidence regularly performing colonoscopies on children during the course of his own clinical duties as a gastrotenterologist, was 'led' by GMC Counsel Sally Smith into making this procedure sound dangerous and even sinister. Professor Booth, rightly, stated this procedure should only be performed for sound clinical reasons, (as WAS the case with the Lancet children), but again Sally Smith 'skewed' this evidence to make it look as though the procedure was carried out for purely research purposes, and NOT in the 'best interests' of the children. Ms Smith also 'led' Professor Booth into apparently stating the Lancet study and the proposed Legal Aid Board funded investigation, (which was NEVER done and required a different ethical approval), were one and the same!! This was the 'noose' which effectively 'hung' all three doctors.

Yesterday in court,13-02-12, Justice Mitting 'questioned' the GMC's adherence to 'due process'procedures, as well he might!! It was also pointed out by Prof Walker-Smith's Councel, Mr Stephen Millar, that other doctors, not part of the Wakefield/Walker-Smith clinical/ research team had also requested lumbar punctures and other diagnostic procedures be carried out on some of these children.

In his summing up of the GMC evidence, Mr Millar compained to the panel that routine diagnostic procedures like lumbar puncures and colonscopies had been made to look 'sinister'. Yesterday, Mr Millar attempted to explain the important differences between clinical and research procedures to Justice Mitting. He made the point that understanding these important differences were apparently beyond the comprehension of the GMC panel!!

Media Scholar

You might want to tell the appeals court that the US Centers For Disease Control teamed up with several large, multi-national vaccine manufacturing drug companies are grabbing muscle biopsies and performing spinal taps on Autistic kids just like the Andrew Wakefield's "Wild Bunch" did.

For several years now, Johns Hopkins is also widely known to be performing muscle biopsies all over the place. (probably many, many other Autism shops as well) Don't know specifically if they are also performing "lumbar punctures" to draw out spinal fluid.

They all "claim" to be researching Mitochondrial Dysfunction, but odds are high they are collecting lots of tissue from Autistic kids for clandestine, unpublished Autism-Vaccine research.

The court should know that Mitochodrial Dysfunction can be caused by mercury and certainly vaccines and/or be the vehicle for Autistic regression.

Carolyn KylesMom

Birgit, your comments broke my heart. Please consider writing a piece and submiting it to AOA about your non-verbal son, and what they found out about him. That is the most powerful proof that autism is biological--and that GI issues are common but silent--that I have heard yet. I am so sad about your loss. (If you have already done this and I missed it, I apologize). We have got to wake up the media, which cannot stand to face this. I think that they want to believe there is one good harmless thing out there, and that is vaccines, even though there is no substance on hte face of the earth that does not cause harm to someone, even peanut butter. Why it is such a heresy to suggest that some infants cant tolerate injected mercury or aluminum, is a question for psychologists for it surely isnt logical.

Amanda Blinn

Thank you again AoA for continuing to bring us the news. It's not over til it's over.


We are confident that Professor Walker-Smith will be found innocent of the findings the GMC has determined against him. The measure of British justice is tested by the way it treats a man of Professor Walker-Smith's stature following his distinguished and unblemished career.

Not only is it a test of the British Justice System it is also a test of a very nasty viperish knot of medical people. Like all of the good people who have responded to this article I hope against hope .. however as a British ex pat I must say this .. The British Justice System is also part of the Establishment .. but I will also say a prayer for all who have been so badly treated by the Establishment.

Keep hammering at them and you will win .. God Bless

Birgit Calhoun

After my non-verbal 40-year-old son died last year, we had an autopsy done at Stanford University. The report told us that Erik had all the problems we thought he had, i.e. kidney failure, osteomalacia (100 broken bones), pneumonia without a fever. He died of that. What we had not been ever told before his death was that his intestines were in very bad shape. That wouldn't happen if there had been awareness among doctors that bowel disease is common among autistic kids. My son had no way of complaining. He was just left to be in pain for probably all his 40 years.

Joan Campbell

Very well said Jenny, you speak for hundreds of thousands of families worldwide. So sad for the children to be left and swept under the carpet. We will not let that happen.

Jenny Allan

cmo asks:-
"Was there ever any action taken with any of the physicians involved with the UK approval of the Urabe strain MMR vaccine banned in Canada for causing meningitis?"

Absolutely NOT cmo. In fact this shameful episode was 'covered up' by the UK government using an official press gagging system called D-notices. After 20 years this information can normally be released into the public domain. So it was with the Urabe MMR vaccine details, but ONLY 2 Scottish newspapers took up the story and only ONE of them, the Scottish Herald, put the news article on to the internet. It has now been archived, but NOT before government sources put pressure on the Herald to 'edit out' the fact that the UK Government was WARNED and that it took THREE YEARS to ban this dangerous vaccine.

From the Scottish Herald:-
"Side-effect concerns about MMR vaccine date back to its introduction
Rebecca McQuillan
FRIDAY 21 MAY 2010
Concerns about the adverse side-effects of the MMR vaccine have dogged it ever since it was introduced, according to the newly released files.
The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) triple vaccine was introduced in the UK in 1988 for children aged 12 to 18 months. Shortly after its introduction, the vaccine was implicated in the death of Glasgow baby Ryan Mason."

From the Scottish Daily Mail
"MMR Jab sparks early warnings
NHS bosses were warned about fears over certain strains of MMR vaccines three years before they were banned. Concerns were raised in 1989 over links between two strains of the vaccine, used to protect against measles mumps and rubella, and meningitis, but the vaccine was not axed until 1992."

A new 'twist in the tail' is revealed by Jackie Fletcher during this interview by Dr Andrew Wakefield. Jackie's severely disabled son Robert was given Immravax, the Merieux UK version of the Urabe containing MMR vaccine, BUT the health centre attempted a 'cover up' claiming Robert received another Merieux vaccine for tetanus and this had been wrongly recorded. The scandalous aspect of this was that Pluserix and Immravax had BOTH been BANNED in the UK several weeks before Robert was vaccinated. This was an illegal and possibly criminal attempt to 'use up' banned vaccine stocks which should have been destroyed. Robert was finally compensated after 18 years, but the award was derisory.

W, Marchant

When finally our request to visit the Royal Free Hospital was granted, our daughter was in a terrible condition. We were fortunate to see Prof John-Walker Smith for an assessment on our child's problems. We were told our child was different from the previous victims and was displaying a wider variety of problems. Later it was confirmed that the MMR we attended for contained other vaccineswhich had been unknown to us. As our daughter was disabled in the clinic we are convinced the cause was vaccines, and were very thankful to see such a wonderful caring expert genious.


Was there ever any action taken with any of the physicians involved with the UK approval of the Urabe strain MMR vaccine banned in Canada for causing meningitis ?

Even a "opps / never mind" UK medical statement ???

I would suppose not...

no wonder they... "lose all credibility with UK citizens who have already completely lost faith and confidence in politicians, the press and media, and the NHS."


Brief acount of today´s hearing


Will Martin be posting his inimitable commentary on the proceedings as they unfold?

Joan Campbell

Yes I am delighted he is appealing this travisty. Wishing him all the luck in the world he has lots of supporters.

Angus Files

I hope they leave this great human being alone...Shame on them all for hounding this man..


Excellent heartfelt comment Jenny. You are not alone with your prayers today. So many parents around the world will be thinking of this good man throughout the day and demanding justice at long last.

Jenny Allan

From above:-

"One consequence of the GMC's decision against Professor Walker-Smith are the serious difficulties parents now face in finding NHS treatment for autistic children with bowel disease."

My grandson represents just ONE of those 'consequences'. Post MMR vaccine he regressed into autism and developed epilepsy and bowel disease. He was eventually properly referred to Professor Walker-Smith and his excellent team at the Royal Free Hospital, London, (now part of UCL), for investigation and treatment of his bowel problems.(NOT one of the Lancet 12)

During the course of my grandson's treatment, 1998-2002, Professor Walker-Smith retired, and Dr Andrew Wakefield was effectively sacked by UCL Medical Director Professor Mark Pepys. Dr(now Professor)Simon Murch, who was very much trusted by my grandson, was gradually moved to 'other duties'. It was very obvious the incoming UCL directors wanted rid of both the special clinic and the patients. During 2002, my grandson was discharged back to his GP with multiple laxative prescriptions for 'constipation'.My daughter was told by a 'new' gastroenterologist at the Royal Free that my grandson would 'grow out of it'. He hasn't.

My daughter's family moved away from London and a new GP re-referred my poor grandson to the gastro specialists at another hospital. Unfortunately, by this time my grandson's medical notes contained 'The full Monty', Walker-Smith, Murch and of course WAKEFIELD!! All three of these persons were by now being investigated by the GMC and Brian Deer's vile articles in Murdoch's Sunday Times had 'hit the headlines'. AS a result, not one gastroenterologist at the new hospital wanted anything to do with my grandson's case, so they passed him around like 'pass the parcel'. During this process he collected a large variety of laxative bottles, but no REAL treatment for his terrible gut pain and other symptoms.

What did we do? Like everyone else in this situation, we learned by sharing information and advice with others. Cryshame and JABS and another internet group called Allergy Induced Autism were all joined and were helpful. We quickly found the GF/CF diet worked wonders, and we also eliminated artificial food additives, in particular 'neuro-exiters' like aspartame and monosodium glutamate. We shared our knowledge and experiences via the internet.

I regard the treatment of Professors Walker-Smith and Murch by the UK political and medical establishments as nothing less than evil. These two excellent and compassionate clinicians, were dragged before the GMC along with Dr Andrew Wakefield, because the GMC was NOT the correct professional body to deal with Dr Wakefield, who was working as a research scientist at the Royal Free. Dr Wakefield had NO CLINICAL ACCESS to any of the Lancet 12 children. If Dr Wakefield's 'doctorate' had been a PhD rather than a medical doctor qualification, the GMC could not have touched him.

I also regard as evil, the way that parents have been vilified for seeking out alternative dietary and other therapies for their children. The casein free alternative is portrayed as some kind of cruel parental depriving children of 'essential' calcium from dairy foods which will lead to crumbling bones and worse in their children. What utter rubbish!! Soya milk substitute aimed at children is fortified with calcium in the UK, and vegetables and other foods are also good sources of this element. Far more important is vitamin D which is ESSENTIAL to the process of converting calcium to bones. My grandson enjoys meat and eggs, both good vit D sources, but in the UK there is presently a worrying resurgence of rickets in children, following 'patronising' official advice NOT to give vitamin supplements. This was also 'evil' in my opinion. No doubt the parents, once again, will get the blame.

I am putting my faith into the High Court which MUST find Professor Walker-Smith innocent of all those GMC trumped up charges, or lose all credibility with UK citizens who have already completely lost faith and confidence in politicians, the press and media, and the NHS.

Quite simply, I am saying my prayers.

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