Autism Strains, Autism Subsets
The Vicious Truth: Vaccines, Autism, P.A.N.D.A.S. and Autoimmunity

“The Age of Autism” Debuts in Paperback as the Battle for the Truth Escalates

Age of Autism_cover quote (3) By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill
Eighty years ago today – on Sept. 13, 1931 – a girl known only as Virginia S. was born. She became the oldest child in a landmark medical paper by Leo Kanner titled, “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact,” describing Virginia and 10 other children with a new syndrome that became known as autism.
By happenstance – our publisher picked the date, not us – today is the launch of the paperback edition of our book first published a year ago, “The Age of Autism – Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic.”
The convergence serves to make the main point in our book – that autism is a new disorder, that it arose within the span of a human lifetime, that it is therefore fundamentally an environmental illness, and that in order to prevent and treat it, medicine needs to understand that and act with urgency.
The past year has taken us around the country – from Minneapolis and Dallas to Visalia and Atlanta – and we have met many people who share our vision of The Age of Autism. One direct result has been the creation of the Canary Party that seeks to end medical corruption and force a reckoning with the root causes of so much chronic illness and developmental disability.
A number of other events this year have helped underline the theme of our book and undercut the paradigm of autism as an untreatable genetic illness– but not without the resistance of a rearguard whose livelihood and reputations depend on clinging to the old model.
Most astonishing, the basis for the claim that autism is mostly genetic crumbled like the Berlin Wall. As one of us wrote in July,

“For over two decades now, so-called 'autism experts' have been claiming that autism is more than 90% caused by genes. The influence of these claims on autism policy and research funding is hard to overstate. But few realize that the basis of these claims hangs on a fragile evidence base: two small twin studies--one from Great Britain, the other from Scandinavia--that reported high rates of concordance for autism among identical twins and no concordance at all among fraternal twins. Last week, the largest and most rigorous twin study ever conducted, the California Autism Twin Study (CATS) reported contradictory new evidence that struck a devastating blow to these claims. The CATS identical twins had lower and the fraternal twins higher concordance rates than past studies, a striking finding that suggests that instead of being highly heritable, the vast majority of autism cases stem from environmental causes.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of the CATS findings. They mean that everything leading “autism experts” have been saying for decades is wrong. And everything leading autism parent advocates have been saying for years is right.”
Another important development was the publication of a review of studies on whether mercury played a role in autism. The paper came too late to include in our book but certainly affirmed the premise that mercury has by no means been ruled out. We wrote:
“Despite the relentless drumbeat of propaganda from the CDC, public health authorities and the thuggish on-line goons of the medical industry, there’s a funny thing going on. The evidence of a connection between mercury exposure and autism keeps growing.

"Last month, two scientists at the University of Northern Iowa, Catherine DeSoto and Robert Hitlan, published a fascinating review paper. They asked a simple question: what does the published evidence linking autism and mercury really say? To answer that question, they did a simple Pub Med search. They searched for the terms “(Autism AND Mercury) OR (Autism AND Heavy Metals)”. They found 163 articles (a number that has since risen to 174) and reviewed them. According to the authors, 'Of these 163 articles, 58 were research articles with empirical data relevant to the question of a link between autism and one or more toxic heavy metals. Fifteen were offered as evidence against a link between exposure to these metals and autism. In contrast, a sum of 43 papers were supporting a link between autism and exposure to those metals.' In short, 74% of the published studies supported the theory."
We also noted another important study that was published with no fanfare in the mainstream media: A research team in Warsaw led by Dr. Dorota Majewska published the latest findings from their ongoing investigation of the effect of thimerosal administration on newborn rats. In their latest paper, the authors extended their investigation of the potential relationship between thimerosal and the development of opioid receptors in the infant brain. They found that thimerosal at the same concentrations received in human infants had clearly measurable effects on opioid receptor development in the infant rats. They also found that these effects were stronger at higher doses. The effect was found to be persistent, lasting well beyond the initial period of administration. According to the authors, “very likely, it is permanent.”
Another study backed a key chapter in our book. Pink disease, an affliction of infants in the first half of the 20th century caused by mercury in teething powder, was caused by sensitivity to mercury; only one in 500 children were affected.  Australian researchers found that among survivors of pink disease, their grandchildren were SIX TIMES more likely to have autism. This suggests an inherited genetic or metabolic vulnerability to mercury – perhaps through an inability to excrete it or special sensitivity to its toxic effects – and helps explain why some children who get mercury-containing shots appear unaffected while others suffer serious harm.
But the steady drumbeat from the medical industry certainly does continue. The day before our book was published, the CDC finally got around to publishing a study that purported to show no link between vaccine mercury and autism – even more than that, the study said, postnatal thimerosal exposure reduced the risk of autism and protected infants against autism. That absurd result only pointed to fatal methodological flaws in the study design.
Meanwhile, the benighted British Medical Journal – house organ for the nation’s medical establishment -- published a series claiming that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s brave and pioneering work on bowel problems in autistic children and its possible relation to the MMR shot – work since confirmed by multiple studies and the tragic eyewitness of thousands of parents – was “an elaborate fraud.” We have investigated this claim and have begun writing about it in depth. Suffice it to say, it is false.
But old paradigms die hard, and our book is just the beginning, not the culmination, of our work. The denial of vaccine damage continues; the unconscionable use of mercury in flu shots for infants and pregnant woman is increasing in the United States, as is the use of mercury-preserved vaccines in other countries; the idea that concerns over vaccines and autism is “discredited” has become a mainstream media mantra.

Our thanks once again to the readers of our book -- and our blog. We are appreciative of the support we have received, mindful of the need to reach a wider audience, and committed to the task for the long run.

As we have said from the start, please buy the book, read the book, and share the evidence.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism. Mark Blaxill is Editor at Large.


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Carolyn Kylesmom

WE have the evidence. We have the truth. ANd yet, I am beginning to fear that the only way this will ever stop is if , say, Bill Gates watches his grandchild playing, babbling, being normal one day, then sees him disappear before his eyes like an alzheimer's patient immediately after a set of vaccines. Something I wish on no child, and I wish on no parent. ANd that is what motivates parents of autistic children, the wish that it will never happen again.

But I now believe, thought I would not wish it on anyone, that it happening to someone who is incredibly powerful and weathly is the only way it will ever, ever stop. If one of these clowns who refuse to listen , gets hurt by it before their very eyes.

I have seen doctor after doctor speak at these conferences with tears of guilt saying how they used to shame parents in their practice into "go ahead and get 6 vaccines on one day--its harmless" and then it happened to THEIR child. Then they finally believed it. But now its too late for their child. ANd every child their cavalier attitude harmed (1 in 60 boys, 1 in 140 girls).

When I go to the Walgreens or the CVS and see the Flu shot advertised it is all I can do to punch it in. Every time I see it I feel assaulted. I feel like Cassandra.

BUt they have four things our side doesn't;

---Unlimited money to reward anyone who supports what they say.

---The willingness to lie OUTRIGHT and ignore compelling studies that DO exist

-- Children who are well, so that they have the energy to fight and speak out.

-- The fact that the truth they tell (that autism just 'happens' or 'its' been here forever' or 'it isn't so bad' ) is far, far, far less painful than the tragic truth we tell (that autism is a result of inadvertent poisoning. . . and it didn't have to happen--and it can devastate families when severe and severely impact them when mild--that it is alzheimers for an infant its just that there is more hope for an infant --that its still happening anew EVERY TIME a baby gets that last dose he can handle --and that profit, cronyinsm, and power motivate many medical decisions we thought were made for the public good)

TO face this about vaccines, requires a loss of innocence that I, like other parents, found incredibly painful . . . to realize we were lied to, that what we thought was true was not, that people would risk poisoning our children for $1 savings a dose. That there are obviously sociopaths running pharma companies and that doctors who speak out are bullied into silence. That people will happily lie to make another buck. That they will attempt to destroy heroic men like Andrew Wakefield. I didn't want to know this. No one wants to know this. And that wish of the well-meaning populace to not know something this painful, is their greatest weapon against our truth.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! I reference this book frequently as well. I would love to see Age of Autism on the reading lists of my daughters' high school programs. I'm starting to think higher education may have some incentive to require it, also.

"SAT reading scores fall to lowest level on record"

The above report applies to those born 1992-1993 I think, and maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the scoring underwent a "recalibration" after 1995, so the performances on this test may actually be historical lows?

My NT daughter's high school has had a strong testing history in our state and a fairly versatile curriculum, but now they are requiring 4 years of P.E. for the class of 2015 instead of two, and are threatening to cut all electives next year, teaching only math, language arts, history, and science, if scores do not improve. I wonder if any of the school's efforts will have significant positive impact? Many students in the area are already relying on an alternative somewhat self-paced basic curriculum program to earn or make up high school credit.

The class of 2015 (birth years 1996-97 and quite a few I think held back from 1995-96) is the class my daughter on the spectrum started school with. When she was in first grade, I remember a substitute teacher I was friends with saying that while usually one or two classes in each year are notorious for being difficult to teach, for some reason all the first grade classes in the area that year seemed to qualify for that status. I wonder if that became the norm? At the time class sizes were limited to 20, a fiscal impossibility today, and to no apparent benefit in performance, though I believe no learning would have happened at all for my daughter's class if the class sizes had been 30+ like they are now.

Sue M.

More "forced" vaccination policies. Notice that ONLY medical waivers will be accepted and religious ones on a "case by case basis".

Hopefully, the medical professionals at these places take a strong stance against this... Could be coming to a hospital (or school) near you....


I have concerns that a natural progression of Obamacare would be mandated vaccines for its recipients.


Mark & Dan

I still refer to your book when a question about 'toxicity' arises.



Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Dan and Mark for introducing us all to the REAL history of autism.

Happy Birthday to Virginia, someone that is very important, in a very tragic way. If she is still on this earth, I hope that she has some peace and enjoyment by her 80th year. If she has passed on, from years of heavy medications and living in state hospitals since age 5, I hope she will guide us to the help we all need.

First Do No Harm

Thank you both for your relentless pursuit of the truth. Very happy to learn that your message will be even more accessible now.


Just want to say thanks. I think you are both very brave, important voices.


The Vaccinistas just keep on plugging, 2 Presidential debates which focused on the HPV vaccine and Rick Perry and now this fear mongering comes out...

space kitty

Mark and Dan,
I have a question about the opiod receptors and mercury... What does the mercury do to the opiod receptors?
I also have a question about heavy metals and helicobacter pylori. I was doing some reading on it and found a study saying what seemed to sound like H. Pylori had a binding effect on metals. Do you know anything about this? I'm wondering if people with H. pylori are more apt to start a metal collection after reading it. Congrats. I read the hardback. It is fabby. Thanks for all you do.


Thank you for all that you have done and for your tireless efforts in support of truth and the children and families affected by this scourge.

Donna L.

Congratulations on going to paperback, although I think the hardcover is a much more effective tool to use for clobbering our enemies over the head. [that's a joke, not a death threat. ;)]
Many thanks to both of you for refusing to back down or shut up about the true cause behind this epidemic.


Mark and Dan, thank you for the wonderful book!
I can assure you that physicians and scientist are reading it!


44 years ago today I was born. I grew up to be a mother of one of these kids who developed "autism". He was a healthy happy baby who regressed after his MMR and chicken pox vaccines were administered ot him on his first birthday. Being born in the 90's he received all those mercury laden vaccines as well.

I feel I may have gotten a birthday gift from Michele Bachman by her comments last night at the Republican debate and her follow up this morning describing her exchange with a mother of a daughter who was harmed by her Gardasil vaccine. She is putting the vaccine issue and pharma control and influence on our elected officials front and center in the news today with her comments last night to Gov. Rick Perry. I hope these issues get the momentum they deserve.

Jenny Allan

'As we have said from the start, please buy the book, read the book, and share the evidence.'

Mark&Dan Will buy and look forward to reading. Sharing is more difficult; press and establishment resistance is high.
Will try my best to spread the word.
Thank you all.

david burd

Mark & Dan, Your indictment of mercury, corroborated by so many, is convincing. Perhaps you guys have the energy to do another piece/book that addresses more robustly the dire toxicity of aluminum you've only briefly mentioned. For instance:

On page 292: "In particular, aluminum content increased in several (infant/child)) vaccines" somewhat concurrent with thimerosal being removed."

Also, page 341: "vaccine additives such as aluminum - may have stepped in to fill the causation gap left behind by the removal of mercury from these three (infant/child) vaccines."

enormous thanks for your work, David Burd

John Stone

The history of bungling and denial goes on: unfortunately whatever occasional progress we have in science it is nothing compared with aggressive lobbying and public relations of a filthy industry. Well done Dan and Mark for your unceasing efforts.


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