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Mark Blaxill on Fox & Friends RE: Gardasil Mandates

Mark Blaxill appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday. Please read his series, "License to Kill" about Merck, the Federal Government and how Gardasil was brought to market HERE. You may recall that the former head of the CDC (Dr. Julie Gerberding) became head of Merck's Vaccine Division upon leaving her government job.


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kathy blanco

Love Dr Wakefields comments on this...and I quote This is a quote from a Merck "anonymous" employee on the CafePharma website:
"Unless my daughter was a porn star, I would not let her near this vaccine...just get your annual PAP and stay away from crooked Merck and their "breakthrough" products."
With the healthy nutrition, supplements, exercise available today, unless your child lives in a drug/rodent infested slum, they don't need vaccines for anything, period

Lance Zenner

This is craziness, the two supposed or implied Doctors on this panel come from two entirely opposite positions, one cares about what may have caused 100 deaths, and the other is clearly advocated the statistics of how much money can be made!

Adam M

Thank You Mark and Allison


I think Merck will be looking for another shill to do their bidding, Lisa needs more training. Anyone willing to be on the 12 year olds should have free reign side of the argument ought to have better than a deer in the headlights look in response to an expected question. I love Alysin Camerota! Thanks Mark!


The bigger discussion in this California Bill is whether a minor child should receive a drug treatment of any kind without parental knowledge and consent. The answer to that question is NO. Government started down this slippery slope with birth control measures. There are many who do not believe that birth control pills and abortions should be offered to minor children (especially 12 year olds) without parental knowledge and consent.

The government should not conduct an end-run around parents to promote the HPV vaccine in girls and boys.

Trina Aurin

How could that woman throw away 100 deaths like it is nothing???? This is not even proven yet and won't be for years............Parents should decide that risk - we know our family background not the woman nor the government.

Jenny Hatch

I put together seven videos on my blog mostly produced by Family Members detailing the DEATHS around the Gardasil Vaccine. http://jennyhatch.com/2011/09/13/gardasil-if-a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-then-a-video-report/

I also wrote an article for Blogging Mothers Magazine that details the many attempts made on my life as a Blogging Mother who began warning families about the Gardasil Vaccine before it even hit the market. I believe I have been protected by God these past few years as those tied to the Pharma Companies have attempted to silence my voice: http://bloggingmothersmagazine.com/2011/08/31/american-style-terrorism/

Jenny Hatch


Yes, Andrea. Toni Atkins is a member of WIG (Women in Government), which is funded by Merck.


It was so obvious that Lisa Fayed heard the question the first time. Her expression was hilarious.

Thanks, Mark!

Jeff C.

It appears that suggesting Toni Atkins is a shill for Merck is fine. Since my earlier comment hasn't shown up, I gather that suggesting her marital status, lack of children, and her own history of sexual advocacy might be involved is over the line. Point taken.


Wow, great debate Mark. Another difference between the HPV vaccine and birth control/abortions is government/pharma mandates and influence. We all know the history of pharma lobbying to mandate the HPV vaccine and the influence on government and medical groups. As far I know, they haven't lobbied for a mandate to get all 12 year olds on birth control and require abortions. With the HPV vaccine, there is a slippery slope of underhanded influence invloved. And if there's an adverse event, there's no liability. Can the same be said for birth control and abortions?


Is Toni Atkins a member of WIG?

And Fayed's logic was quite flawed and sketchy. She is placing the blame on families if they don't have open dialogues with their daughters. "It's your own fault if your kid doesn't tell you something" And since girls are going out and getting abortions and birth control pills without their parents consent...well just add this to the list of things girls can do behind their parents back.

As a parent of z teenage girl I am highly offended by her line of reasoning and justification of passing this.

I'm glad I don't live in California. But, if this passes we all have to worry. I hope California parent fight this like hell.


Rep. Toni Atkins strikes me as just another earnest, easily-influenced soul looking for blanket solutions to complicated problems.

But sometimes helping isn't helpful. Especially when, as Mark stated, we've had 100+ deaths from a vaccine whose benefit currently is merely theoretical. If those vaccinated against cervical cancer develop it in the decades to come, will they have any recourse?

Lisa Fayed sounded like Helium Barbie when she chirped about the mere 18,000 adverse reports about HPV vaccines -- the population of a small city, damaged to some degree. And if VAERS represents only 10% of reports... do the math.


Thank you so much, Mark.

I am wondering, was Ian Lipkin referring to you when he stated in the following interview that the character played by Jude Law in the movie Contagion, has real equivalents in real life, that is, 'there are real individuals that propagate lies on the internet and in the media about vaccines causing autism'...

(about 12 minutes into the interview)

Sounds like the CDC is now turning to Hollywood to help them with their pro-vaccine anti-internet propaganda.

space kitty

By the way,,, the lady reporter pushing drugs on 12 year olds was clearly not manipulative enough to do the intended job for merck... I bet you won't see much more of her. They will bring in a new pitcher. Great job, Mark.

Media Scholar

Boom goes the dynamite....


space kitty

Has anyone checked into Governor Brown's financial ties to Merck? What about Toni Atkins? It's great to finally see all the finanial rudeness by Perry? Out the peeps who are benefiting by trying to pass AB499 now.

Anne McElroy Dachel


Lisa Fayed, Health Journalist and Patient Advocate:

“Already in California and other states across the country, children are already receiving medical benefits that their parents aren’t aware of, birth control, abortion, events where there could be a severe adverse reaction, even leading to death like in cases of abortion.”

Alisyn Camerota: “Shouldn’t their parents know about that?” LONG PAUSE…………..”Lisa?”

Fayed: “I think parental consent starts in the home. . . . “

Fayed is one scary lady. Makes me want to grab my kids and run! Mark you were fabulous!
Anne Dachel, Media

pass the popcorn

It's not every day a four-minute television debate ends in one challenger conceding to the other. But that's exactly what happened! When Alisyn Camerota said to Lisa Fayed "A hundred deaths is certainly a notable number and I think to Mark's point, I think certainly parents would like to know about that risk before their children engage in it." Lisa responded, "Certainly!"

End of debate. Even a paid pharma shill agrees there should be informed consent before an HPV vaccine like Gardasil is administered to a child.

(Loved the tapping the earpiece trick when she was trying to recover after being rendered speechless by Mark and Alisyn.)

Donna L.

'Over 100 deaths and at least several decades worth of unknown effects' versus 'Teenagers are already engaging in risky and potentially life-threatening behaviors, so why not add one more to the mix?'

Wow, unless Alisyn Camerota had jumped up and screamed "It's a no-brainer!", the take-away message could not have been more obvious. Nice job, Mark!


way to go mark..you hit on some really good points in the time allowed...and stumpted lisa on consent and adverse reactions such as death of our teenage children..with no liability to the administrator of this medical procedure..candace

Maurine Meleck

Ms. Fayed might as well have been hanging upsdie down from a coconut tree. She looked that ridiculous.
Another star performance from Mark.

Bob Moffitt

Were this discussion not so serious .. it would have been funny watching the stunned, puzzled facial expression of Lisa Fayed .. who .. after describing teenage abortions and birth control as "medical benefits" .. was asked "Shouldn't parents know about that?"

Ms. Fayed then proceeded to lecture viewers these issues start in the home .. with open communication between parents and their child.

Duh .. that is PRECISELY the issue .. giving HPV vaccines to children .. who may be engaging in unhealthy sexual activities .. WITHOUT their parents consent.

By the way .. the use of the word "distributed" .. instead of the more accurate "administered" .. when describing the low adverse event reports .. is a deliberate effort to deceive the public on the actual risks this vaccine poses.

Again .. thanks Mark for "stepping up"

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