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Chris Smith

They overwhelming anecdotal evidence that allergy and/or sensitivities are closely related to and possibly causal of autism tells me that the medical community is asleep at the wheel.So I took care of it myself following a very strict elimination diet similar to that designed by Marshall Mandell (5 Day allergy Relief). Incredible results. Happy to share more concerning close chemical structure similarities between adrenaline and decongestants and Ritalin as well as Adderal pointing to brain connection and allergies.Unfortunately allergists rarely accept food or chemical sensitivities as related to their definition of IgE mediated as the only "allergy" and that has held back study since no pill fixes them.


I have an autistic child with severe anaphylactic allergies to peanuts and all nuts. I blamed the early vaccines for the allergies as he had a very swollen leg and fever after first vaccine but then I decided the RhoGam I was given at 5 months pregancy probably started it all and turns out he was Rh- like me so what a waste.


That is interesting Racheal. Maybe!


beware the medical industrial complex


One of the near-universal characteristics of autism is introversion. Introverts tend to be highly-sensitive and gifted in math, science, music or art, just like many autistic children. Introversion does not mean you are shy, but it does mean that you have a lower baseline for arousal; something that is hardwired in the brain from birth. Brain scans have found introverts have more brain activity in general, and specifically in the frontal lobes. Therefore, it takes less to stimulate an introverted person.

Perhaps, vaccine induced stimulation of the immune system, in an introverted child is what causes some of them to develop autism. Since, vaccines are designed to cause an immune-response, repeat vaccinations may play a role. Without that repeat vaccine, the sensitive, introverted child may have grown up to be a happy, healthy introverted adult, like many of their parents. I often think that introversion and the way the brain is wired, may be the common link between illnesses like autism, CFS, autoimmune diseases, allergies, ADHD etc.


The medical community will one day have to answer for the egregious crimes that they've committed against our children

How can the medical community not comprehend that injecting a vaccine that contains peanut oil fillers AND immune system stimulants, is a RECIPE for an anaphylactic food allergy?

How is it even possible that not a single scientist developing these vaccines can see that simple connection?? Because they somehow knew enough to identify epinephrine as the "life saving" medication to treat the disorder.

Pretty diabolical trick if you think about it. Using vaccines to create a devastating medical disorder, and rather than going to jail for the crime... the medical community is heralded as heroes for producing a life saving epinephrine medication to treat the disorder they created.

As the parent of a child with autism, I realize that he's at the unfortunate end of a broad spectrum of vaccine damage. But I also realize, that the number of children who fall somewhere on that spectrum is enormous

Media Scholar

What happened to the Autism epidemic?


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