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Jenny McCarthy At the Autism One Generation Rescue Conference

Too good jenny
Jenny McCarthy is the keynote speaker with Byron Katie today at the Autism One Generation Rescue conference in Chicago. Last night Jenny met Rescue Angels at a party in the GR lounge.  Jenny Check Jenny has  new line of affordable, non-toxic baby products called Too Good by Jenny. Keith Schneider of manufacturer Pem-America presented GR with a check for $5,000.And  Jenny kindly allowed everyone to take a photo with her. We'll have more photos to run later. KIM

  Jenny rescue Angel 1

Jenny and Jade Joseph (left)

Jenny and Abby mcKinney






Jenny and Abby McKinney

Jenny Kim 2





Jenny and Kim Stagliano


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love,love, love the photos!!!! love you jenny and all the moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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