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Greetings_from_New_Jersey By Claudine Liss

It’s great living in the grand State of New Jersey home of; the highest autism rates globally, the most mandated vaccines in the world and the famous television shows Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), Jerseylicious, and of course The Soprano’s.  I FAITHFULLY WATCHED JERSEY SHORE (JS) AND THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY (RHONJ) this past summer.  My reasons are good, I swear. Stick with me as I connect these fine New Jersey shows to vaccines.


Jersey Shore is taped in Seaside Heights, NJ (90 miles south of NYC), a colorful beach boardwalk town where the crowd was inked up well before it became mainstream!   The Real House Wives of NJ is shot in Northern New Jersey, close to New York City.  This is the same area where most of the Soprano’s was shot.  I spend a good chuck of the summer near Seaside Heights and the rest of the year in Northern, NJ.

Claudine filming JS


My teenage daughter and I spent Monday nights this summer with the New Jersey Housewives, Caroline, Danielle, Teresa and Jacqueline.  All hardcore Jersey guidettes....the make up, the clothes, the hair, the fancy houses and cars, the loudness, the fighting and the drama all done Jersey style (kind of like Carmela Soprano an her friends).  It brought me back to my tough high school days here in Jersey.  I dislike what this show stands for (mostly cat fights between adult females), however, I can’t help but to discuss the latest show drama with friends and family.  While we watch this show, my daughter is being lectured by me the entire time that this is how not to conduct herself. 

One of the housewives, Caroline Manzo, has grown children.  Her oldest, Albie, was a first year law student who had some academic problems and failed out.  A sub-plot on the show was Albie’s law school dilemma.  Albie contacted a lawyer because he felt he should have been granted more time when he took his law school tests due to a mysterious disability.  I am a lawyer (seventeen years at that) and I don’t remember anyone getting extra time to take a test in law school. I am not saying that it didn’t happen; I just don’t recall anyone being granted time extensions.  Albie did not say why he needed special accommodations.  My gut told me that Albie has ADD.  The next day I surfed the net to ascertain if Albie has a medical diagnosis.  I could find nothing conclusive but I had a suspicion.

On the RHONJ wrap up show, the ladies are scrapping as usual when Andy Cohen asks Caroline Manzo how her son Albie is doing with the law school situation.  Andy goes on to say something to the effect of, “Albie has dyslexia, right?”  My ears perked up.  Caroline replied that Albie has ADD and learning disabilities that they have been dealing with for years, and that things did not look good for Albie meaning he’s not getting into another law school.  My heart sank.  I witnessed and felt Caroline Manzo’s pain.  The pain was raw and visible on her face and I felt her disappointment.  Caroline Manzo seems to be a smart woman.  I have no doubt that she went above and beyond to get Albie the help he needed with his ADD and learning disability.  Maybe Albie is another victim of the aggressive US vaccine protocol?  He was born before the protocol got really aggressive; however, there were still lots of injuries pre-1990, hence the creation of the fine Vaccine Court.  I wondered if Caroline Manzo ever thought Albie’s ADD and learning disability might be connected to the vaccines he received as a child.

Per Wikipedia, Albie was born in 1986.  I found it ironic that in 1986 the CDC started to recommend that the MMR, DTP and OPV vaccines be given simultaneously to all children 15 months or older.  The reasoning was to reduce the number of trips to the doctor, saving money and increasing the percentage of children immunized.  I wonder if Albie received all 3 shots or more at his 15 month check up.  Regardless, one shot can cause injury.  Like most Americans, I bet Caroline Manzo has never read a stitch about vaccine dangers/side effects.  I dropped off some information to her at the infamous Brownstone Catering facility where I also got a glimpse of former housewife, Deena Manzo in the parking lot.  I attached my favorite pieces, including the phone survey results posted at Generation Rescue, a shot schedule, and some articles written by medical doctors, scientists and researchers, all dealing with ADD and vaccines.  For the sake of her future grandchildren, she might want to take a peek at the information.  And Danielle, if you are out there…..Visit before you shoot your daughters up with Gardasil.


Claudine JS
I also got conned into allowing my daughter to watch Jersey Shore.  I am not proud to admit that J-WOW, Snookie, Angelina, Sammy Sweetheart, Vinnie, Ronnie, Pauly D and The Situation are household names in my home.  The show is funny and just crazy.  What drunken people have been doing in some clubs for years is now in my living room weekly.  Mid-July a winded teenager, barely able to speak, shows up at my beach house, “Jersey Shore, (panting) the cast is back!  They are back in Seaside!!!!!” Teenage girl screams follow.  “Mom, can we go to the boardwalk tonight, PLEASE?!?” Needless to say off we went to Seaside to catch a glimpse of Snookie and the rest of the characters.  Seaside Heights did not disappoint.  We saw Snookie and J-WOW at the famous Skyscraper ride. We spotted Ronnie and Sammy running through an arcade followed by cameras, police officers, body guards, teenagers and their middle aged mothers and fathers lagging behind.  The Situation, Pauly D and Vinnie strolled down the boardwalk a little later followed by a different entourage.  You would have thought the Beatles were in Seaside Heights, NJ, not a group of admitted guidos. 

Low and behold another famous NJ character was strolling the Seaside Heights boardwalk.  At first I did not recognize Governor Chris Christie, our admitted all for “vaccine choice” governor.  It was one of those surreal slow motion moments, I am looking at this familiar face, but I can’t place the guy…..then boom, I say to my sister, “Look, it’s the Governor!” Right on cue, Governor Christie hears me, he approaches, and we all smile, shake hands, introduce ourselves and then move on.  He’s dressed casually in tan chinos and a T-shirt, and he looks like he lost some weight, enough weight that I almost did not recognize him.  His wife and bodyguards are also in casual attire.  We have now lost the teenagers, who are literally running after Pauly D.  I text my daughter to meet us in twenty minutes at the Moby Dick ride. Vaccines are now on my mind.  I need to say something to the Governor.   My sister wants a picture.  We head back to the Casino Pier and there’s the Governor standing watching the Moby Dick ride loop around.  We approach him again, take a picture of our kids with the Governor and then I step in.  “Governor, don’t forget about vaccine choice for parents.  Many of us blame the aggressive vaccine protocol for all of the problems we are seeing in our children.”  He tells me that it’s going to take sometime, and to read some article.  I’ll follow up with his office to find out what article he was referring to. 

So, in our quest to spot the characters from the JERSEY SHORE show, I literally bumped into another controversial character, Governor Chris Christie.  Governor Christie is tough.  He made the parents of NJ a campaign promise that he would bring us “Vaccine Choice” in NJ.  I am not holding my breath and I don’t mean to offend the Governor, but I don’t believe that he’s another Abe Lincoln, and I don’t believe he’s tough enough to stand up to the drug industry.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve got really good intuition.

Claudine Bobby B 
To all the Jersey based celebrities:  Governor Christie, Danielle, Jacqueline, Teresa, Caroline, The Situation, Vinnie, Pauly D, Snookie, J-WOW, Sammy, Angelina and Ronnie thanks for the entertainment this summer…..all done Jersey style! 

I certainly don’t find our Jersey autism rates, vaccine mandates and most of our politicians entertaining in the least.

Claudine Liss is an award winning indie filmmaker, writer, lawyer, health advocate and vaccination choice activist.  She resides in New Jersey with her family.


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Claudine Liss

Yes, he was in a Notre Dame shirt.
Good eyes. I do not believe that he attended ND.

Claudine Liss

Not An MD,
My next package today is to the Governor. He will be receiving the same package Caroline Manzo received. A good number of my high school, college and law school friends have children with issues. It's awful, however, it is what it is and we all must keep going, keep talking and keep waking people up.

Autism Grandma

I haven't seen the New Jersey television programming that Claudine writes so entertainingly about, but my ex-boyfriend loved watching "The Sopronos" so I am thinking of that program as I read this and connecting those mobsters to the vaccine industry, government officials, and paid vaccine supporters who orchestrate the "Public Relations" with all of the propaganda. (As in Dr.All Profit for example)

I could barely manage to listen to all of the corruption and violence from the kitchen as my ex-boyfriend watched the Sopranos in the family room. All that lying, stealing, cheating, bribery, conspiracy, ruthless disregard for decency and human life, never ending assault and murder---and yet organized crime has always gotten away with murder. Yes, as I recall the Sopranos I have a very clear analogy to the Vaccine Industry which is Organized Crime in conspiracy with the Drug Cartel and the Medical Mafia.


Good for you for having the courage to speak to Gov. Christie about the vaccines. I'm with you, I doubt he can stand up to the pharma influence. What a shame.
Is he wearing a notre dame tshirt in that picture?

Not an MD

What a wonderful article, Claudine, with such insight, clarity, and intelligence. I am so impressed you had the guts to drop off a packet of information for Caroline. I hope she gives it the attention it deserves.

I, too, experience the specter of autism/vaccine injury wherever I go. At Community Day in town, I was minding my own business with my family when I ran into my district assemblyman, and I took the opportunity to tell him that my children were brain damaged from their vaccines (out of earshot of my children, of course) and that I hoped he would not allow any bills to go forth that would mandate more vaccines for children, or flu vaccines for health care workers. What an unexpected opportunity. Then, I spoke with my old college roommate the very next day to wish her a happy birthday from across the country, only to find that her son in third grade has ADHD, is on Adderall, and cannot read anywhere near grade level. I was saddened to hear that in Washington State, my friend's school district has stopped covering speech therapy, OT, and other autistic spectrum treatment modalities as well. My friend must pay for everything out of pocket, and she cannot afford all the help her son needs.

I guess New Jersey is good for something, after all - services for vaccine injured, and otherwise disabled, children. Autism truly is everywhere, and we need to be in the faces of our elected officials, or else we, too, will lose all of the services we take for granted now in New Jersey.

Claudine Liss


RE: TV characters vaccine injured: You said it...I thought it.

I found the recent episodes of Jersey Shore very offensive. Mean spirited actions, no compassion ugh...



Hey, here's an idea:

Why not ask Dr Leonard Horowitz if his new documentary film "PharmaWhores" could be used as the pilot for a new expose of the Dark Lords of the vaccine industry? :>)

BTW - "pharma whores" include both males and females who possess rather unique qualities of character and a particular skillset.

It could be a regularly televised series, with lots of "special" guest appearances and a segment for inductees into the Hall of Shame for their unique contributions to society! :>)

It could be scripted either as a reality show or an ongoing tragedy of global proportions Tragically, it's all VERY TRUE!


A friend in Kansas just posted the following on her Facebook status:

So we get the big "5 shots for 5 yr old" dr visit today. Came armed w/lolipops!

I'm actually nauseous reading this.


I have Asperger's (gasp!) and am making a 4.0 average in my core classes (3.9 total for my degree). I believe people with autism should be able to take classes at their level, not forced into special education. On the other hand, I've heard of nonverbal children who haven't been toilet trained being in mainstream kindergarten classes. I don't see the point of putting them there if they haven't been toilet trained and don't know their letters and numbers.


Claudine, you may have just inadvertently identified what is wrong with those idiots on Jersey Shore!!! Maybe they are all vaccine-injured! I certainly prefer my quiet, calm, mostly non-verbal 18 year old to those "guidos and guidettes"!!!

On a more serious note, I also make it a point to bring up the vaccine issue with each and every politician I run into. People need to keep in mind that incumbents and candidates are out in public all the time and are generally very cordial. If they hear about the vaccine issue from one person per year, you'd better believe nothing is going to change. However, if they hear it from several folks every time they go anywhere, that equates to hundreds or thousands of potential voters and THEY WILL LISTEN!!!

Claudine Liss

Debi O,
The NJ Special Needs budgets are very very high, I believe that they are the highest in the nation. Yes, I do believe that the vaccines are having a negative impact on our children's cognitive abilities. My sons cognitive abilities skyrocketed after a very targeted detox. He was asthmatic, chronic sinus issues, speech issues, minor emotional issues....all gone now.


Deb O. - " Are our kids not academically competitive because of all the vaccines we inject into them?"

Hmmmm! Excellent question you raise. Special Ed is the fastest growing segment in the public school system. What is that all about?

How does the grand state of New Jersey compare with the rest of the country in terms of Special Ed enrollments? I wonder if this "dumbing down" of society will affect our reproductive capacity? Pharma's global vaccine agenda could very easily "backfire". Pharma, the GMO giants, and the vaccine industrialists, have us on a fast track to extinction of the species. If this trend continues, there will be no utopia for anyone!

Deb O.

Thanks, Claudine. Your article just got me thinking about education and autism. Could the problems with our education system be vaccine based? Are our kids not academically competitive because of all the vaccines we inject into them?

Just thinkin.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” – First Amendment, U.S. Constitution

An article titled “Vaccination: The UnGodly Practice” by Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, Pastor Norm Franz, and Errol Owen, is well-written and VERY timely.


"the grand State of New Jersey home of; the highest autism rates globally, the most mandated vaccines in the world"

Just mere coincidence, right? NOT!!! Let's see now. Isn't New Jersey in the 3rd Circuit? Didn't the 3rd Circuit rule on Bruesewitz v. Wyeth?

"The second 3rd Circuit case on the Supreme Court docket this term is Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, in which the 3rd Circuit ruled that children allegedly injured by vaccines are barred from pursuing any design defect claims because Congress expressly prohibited such suits in an effort to guarantee immunity to manufacturers."

"When the case is argued on Oct. 12, the justices will consider whether the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act protects vaccine manufacturers from liability for certain injuries, and whether that immunity applies when the victim claims that the design of the drug created an avoidable and unnecessary risk to patients."

Read more:

What about the imminent risk of injury and the clear and present danger of mandated inoculations? Why doesn't one of the vaccine-injured citizens of New Jersey, raise another issue, under the federal Declaratory Judgment Act, citing unconstitutionality of vaccine mandates, under the 1st, 9th, 5th, and 14th amendments?

btw - I'm not a lawyer nor am I pretending to be a lawyer. I am just a concerned citizen.


Awesome job Claudine! Thank you for taking the time in every venue to make sure our voices are heard and the needs of our children met.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Thank you Claudine, Proof that at anytime & any where we all can be advocates for our children & Future Generations. I am proud that we are able to stand up to Doctors, Lawyers & Governors. This should be an amazing week here at Age of Autism.... TannersDad Tim

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