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Melissa Barton Asks Anthony Westbury: "Do You Really Think The SPED Bus is a Perk?"

Sped bus Managing Editor's Note: We learned that this school district hired Dr. Max Wiznitzer of University Hospitals of Cleveland on their behalf - which means against the family and child. Way to look out for the kids as usual Dr. Max. What - you had a break in your schedule as a witness for pharma in vaccine injury cases and needed to make some money?

By Melissa Barton

Anthony Westbury spent 2 years attacking me in my local news papers for defending my son Alex when he was "voted"  (HERE) out of Kindergarten in 2008. Now, he is taking another swing at children with special needs in public schools. His latest article HERE entitled "School Bus Doesn't Stop At This House" complains that special needs children receive bus services but those living within 2 miles of the school do not. “If she was special needs,” Brend said of Alexis, “she’d get door-to-door service. That doesn’t seem fair to my child.”

After all we parents, and advocates do to secure services for our kids, WE SHALL NOT STAND FOR THIS. I have phoned Anthony, and his reply was "It's the parents comment, not mine." However, Anthony has a choice to include this and other comments or to simply let the ignorant comments stay that of personal conversation. Anthony is not a reporter, he is an opinion columnist there is a difference.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I AM CALLING ALL OF YOU TO ACTION! If you write, write about this, if you have a following tell your people toemail Westbury and tell him why services, especially that of bus services are an important factor for our kids! Demand he put an end to what I see as bigotry.

These services are required by federal law! Anthony Westbury needs to hear our voices. Send him an email at

Melissa Barton is the mother of three children, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Melissa has worked alongside many nonprofit organizations which have sought her expertise in marketing, public relations, advertising and advocacy. Barton has frequently assisted parents of the abused in finding their voice in a public arena.


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Oh boo-hoo to this guy. My "lucky" special needs child couldn't ride a bus - big or small - at all, even if it was available. When he was 3, I gave up my job to be able to drive him to an ABA center that was over an hour away, one way, every day, for 18 months solid. It was too far away to come home, so every day I would go and fall asleep at the local library with my little sack lunch (I'm sure they thought I was a hobo of some sort) before the long drive back.

Point is - sometimes shit ain't fair. My "lucky" special needs child has friggin' NOTHING to do with your gifted NT daughter who needs (at the age of 7!) to go to a special magnet school for little girls who love music and dance. Comparing the two situations is laughable, and just shows how outsiders don't have a prayer when it comes to understanding what it's like to be the parent of "lucky" special needs children.

What's funny is if he hadn't said that little gem about special needs kids, this story would be far less interesting. Hmmmm... someone's pretty clever.


We tried the "big bus" with my son who has ASD. One day, another student wouldn't let my son sit next to him in the only available spot on this crowded bus. The bus driver kept screaming for my son to just hurry up sit down. My son kept trying to fit on the seat several times and the other student pushed him off. In turn, my son wrapped his hands around the student's neck and proceeded to choke him. The police were called. Not a good day. He is now back on the "mini" bus where he is accepted and there is a monitor to help with any problems. Also he wears a seatbelt which every student should do. Hey....maybe every student should be on the "mini" bus where it is safer, and monitored. Mr. Westbury, hopefully your child is accepting of children with disabilities unlike yourself!

Julie Swenson

"“If she was special needs,” Brend said of Alexis, “she’d get door-to-door service. That doesn’t seem fair to my child.”

This man is actually complaining that our disabled kids get door-to-door bus service? Is that the worst thing in this man's life? Having to walk his gifted, typical daughter to school? If that were my only problem, I'd be a happy lady.

Let me cry him a river.


Anthony Westbury: Special needs students really need their special bus service
By Anthony Westbury
Posted October 16, 2010 at 3:26 p.m.


You know I wished Mr Anthony Westbury, could spend a week with us just one night ( it feels like a week).

I wished my son wasn't on the bus and able to ride his bike to school and someday drive a car. But that is not in the cards. So few options for our son, and someone wants to make a big deal about how he gets to ride on the little yellow bus?
As someone pointed out already, the federal Gov. helps pay for this service.
I would like to point out that the bigger buses, take kids to football, basket ball, Softball games all over the state, what about the extra costs for a bus driver and gas for that?
And don't forget the Band/the Cheerleaders too riding on the bus to games. And the Debate Team when they travel or Drama Groups?
None of these activities can my son can participate in. So what's fair Mr Westbury ? I think your a JERK too for picking on the disabled population, and you sound like you have no heart!

Jenny Webster

Maybe they want my 14 year old son on the bus with their daughters... He is REALLY interested in flesh and girls... loves to hug, touch and tickle inappropriately... YES YES!! let's put an end to the perk of special transportation and put my severely autistic son on the bus so that he can molest their girls..... and be sure to put the radio on too, so that he can have his sensory overload first the morning --so that when he is done touching girls he will then start yelling and screaming and PUNCHING everyone.

fucking assholes and their "normal" kids.


My son takes the "short" bus and it's the one perk from the school I greatly appreciate. He takes it because he has huge sensory sensivity especially to noise so riding the big bus to school would be torture for him.

These jerks who complain need to get over themselves. They are bullies and I'm sick and tired of them.


Maybe if they could keep our children SAFE on buses we could all ride the same but- hmmmm Kind of reminds me of another story in the past.


The comparison to a special needs individual is unfortunate.

If the father wished to assure his child's inclusion on the "short" bus he should have demanded his child adhere to the CDC-mandated, government-enforced childhood vaccine schedule, which was supposed to begin with the Thimerosal-containing Hep B shot at birth.

The nerve of these people.

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