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Autism Smackdown! The Frightened vs. The Titan

Wrestling By Kim Stagliano
Alison Singer, formerly Executive Director and once the darling of Autism Speaks, (now with Dr. Paul Offit's vaccine protection organization using children with autism as human shields) signed onto the following open letter to Autism Speaks asking them to rethink their stance on vaccinations. Perhaps she forgets Suzanne Wright's statement back in 2006? (See video below.)

Have you seen the AS Wiki page?  "Autism Speaks believes that vaccines have been shown to be safe for the vast majority of children, and that vaccines are important for preventing serious diseases such as measles and mumps." I don't think J.B. Handley wrote that, do you? Maybe someone still has a set of keys to the AS Rolls Royce.

We have three words for Ms. Singer, Dr. Offit and their ringmates: Twenty. Million. Dollars.

Letter Urges Autism Speaks to Correct Website Statement Regarding Autism and Vaccines

(September 10, 2010—New York, NY) —The Autism Science Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting and funding autism research, today announced that it has signed on to an open letter written by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) to Autism Speaks, calling for Autism Speaks to revise statements posted on its website regarding autism and vaccines to bring them more in line with current science.

On its website, Autism Speaks writes, “Several epidemiological studies have explored whether either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal, a preservative previously used in vaccines, are linked to autism, and these studies have not supported a link. But these studies were not designed to identify effects in a small population of potentially vulnerable children due to rare genetic and/or medical conditions.”

The letter from ASAT asks Autism Speaks to correct its website, specifically where Autism Speaks suggests there is a credible scientific rationale for a “vulnerable population” hypothesis, the implication being that there is a group of children for whom vaccines may cause autism. No data yet exist that support a “vulnerable population” hypothesis; it is entirely theoretical. Moreover, because no criteria are offered by which a parent can determine whether his/her child is in this supposed “vulnerable population”, some parents may assume his/her child is in the risk group, and may then choose to withhold potentially life-saving vaccinations.

All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her Kimoir, All I Can Handle; I'm No Mother Teresa (A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism) debuts November 1st from Skyhorse Publishing. Visit her website: Kim Stagliano.


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Ask Katie to do a piece on her folks and where they stand... It's very confusing, and I'm not the only one with questions. It seems that they are the door and they are holding it shut without locking it to keep some people happy and let others wonder. If they really care about these children, they would open the door wide. I'd like to give them an opportunity to clear the table of crap they are sitting in.

Tony Bateson

Anyone who knows of such a child, unvaccinated, mother unvaccinated or not otherwise exposed to vaccine materials can contact me directly and if proven I will give my cash to the charity of your choice. There are patently no children in the UK who meet this criteria, my claim having had many repeats in mainstream media read by, and/or listened to by millions of people. But do come forward I welcome the opportunity to identify the one or two people who may be scientifically extraordinary. And as it has been pointed out many mothers, of whom I have met a few, never knew they had vaccinations during their confinement in some cases despite their requests not to be vaccinated. Until a few years ago many babies were given vitamin k shots within 24 hours of birth. Can we please be certain that any claim made will stand up to critical examination although I am quite content too that it can be anonymous albeit checked by a third party.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


I have done enough research to never vaccinate my children again. I can't wait to read Kim's book because I'll count that as my research, too. I will always continue to educate myself and others, too. I just got off the phone with United Health. I can't seem to find a pediatric neurologist to give my 4 yr. old son an evaluation.(and neither can United) I was told that the initial diagnosis is covered, but if it is found that he does have Autism-NOTHING IS COVERED AFTER THAT!!!!! So sad. If he were sick, they would cover him. But I think of him as sick. For my child to lose his words, amongst other things. He is sick and I wish I could cure him :(


I was there with you Kim and I remember this like it was yesterday! Still waiting for any of those promises to materialize!

As for Alison...she is a sad, angry person who either has no hope left, or never had any to begin with. I remember feeling the same way about Dr. London when he came to speak at Fenway. He had absolutely no hope for his son, only to find genetic answers to stop it from happening to his NT daughter's children. I remember looking around thinking...Does anyone here realize what he is saying??? That they aren't looking for any answers for the generation of kids already diagnosed? I knew then that I was totally out of place and in the wrong venue. I feel sorry for the both of them to have given up so completely.


Dr Schacter - "Let's face it. The pharmaceutical industry basically supports medical universities and medical education in the USA and throughout the world."

Thank you, sir, for acknowledging something that I've been saying for quite some time now. The public, generally-speaking, is pretty much clueless as to the significance of this reality. The public needs to know that most of the medical research and so-called medical practice guidelines over the last two decades, including the vaccine-schedules, cannot be trusted. The mythology of "vaccine-preventable diseases" is purely a creation of the pharma cartel.

The vaccine schedules provide the PORTAL for vaccine-associated diseases. The vaccine-schedules employ human hosts as the VECTOR for vaccine-induced herd-suseptibility to diseases.

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

In line with Kim's three words: twenty million dollars, it might be worthwhile to check out the connections of the Autism Science Foundation (ASF) Science Advisory Board to the pharmaceutical industry:

"ASF’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of Dr. Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom (UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, past program chair of the International Society for Autism Research); Dr. Ami Klin (Yale Child Study Center); Dr. Sharon Humiston (University of Rochester); Dr. Harold Koplewicz (The Child Mind Institute); Dr. Eric London (New York Institute for Basic Research); Dr. Catherine Lord (University of Michigan); Dr. David Mandell (Univ. of Pennsylvania/CHOP; past program chair of the International Society for Autism Research); and Dr. Matthew State (Yale Medical School)."

Let's face it. The pharmaceutical industry basically supports medical universities and medical education in the USA and throughout the world. The pharmaceutical industry is banking on vaccines playing a major role in its revenues and its bottom line because the Government (law, under the influence of paid lobbyists) has done away with any liability for vaccines (as opposed to other prescription drugs) and national, state and local governments (also under the influence of money) continue to mandate them. Our pharmaceutically supported public media reinforces the nonesense coming out of these "learned" medical institutions and the unfortunate public continues to be fooled and continues to suffer.

So, we're speaking about many billions of dollars and not just millions. Tragically, at the present time, money speaks much louder than the truth.

Hopefully, over time vehicles like Age of Autism will win out and the truth will be accepted as to the obvious link between vaccines and brain and immune system damage to susceptible individuals.

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

Cynthia Cournoyer

Tony Bateson,

I have a never-vaccinated autistic adult child.

I believe damage or environmental susceptibility can be passed on. I suspect we will see a lot more as the vaccine-affected start to have children.

Katie wright

Thanks Kim This is hysterical. I have had an exhausting vacation and you gave me a good laugh.

These freaks are so desperate for attention that they manufacture nonsense for publicity. It reeks of desperation.

No one cares what these invisible orgs do. Who has even heard of them?

Rather than doing something for our kids they expend all their energies trying to stop other parents from helping their children. Why do they want to stop research to help sick kids?

It is hilarious that these geniuses release this right after vaccine court awarded the Polings 1.5 million as compensation for vaccines triggering their daughter's autism. What morons.

Dana Read

I don't know how the Wright's sleep at night. They may not own AS but if Mrs. Wright was being truthful in this video, she may as well walk away from the fight now because AS has made NO PROGRESS with regard to the promises she made in 2006, nor do they intend to. Either the Wright's have no say or she's full of it. They are worse than government, worse than big pharma, worse than Wall Street. Never have I seen so much money wasted. How sad for our children.


I just cant tolerate these whackos...I just went over there...why o why did I DO THAT? it just flames me up..anyway, I read the blog entry when they answered why Ms Poling was compensated...and I wanted to post my reply here in case it doesnt 'pass moderation'....and now I will go back and read the 'open letter'....thanks AoA for another great article!

anyway, here is my comment about the Ms Poling blog entry...and KUDOS to those others that posted replies there too, because you were all a bit calmer than I was..hopefully my anger didnt tarnish the points I was trying to make...


Actually, I think your answer to this question would have been MUCH better suited if you actually provided FACTS and also support for your facts. In this day of age, to simply use conjecture and move around 'terms and big words' you can not think that a parent/professional/etc wouldnt then use the internet to find out WHY she was compensated, WHAT the Vaccine Injury Table ACTUALLY says.

Here, for those that REALLY would like to know WHAT things are compensated please read here:

From the source, directly from the Government:

Pay CLOSE attention to the definition they give for encephalopathy:

"Encephalopathy. For purposes of the Vaccine Injury Table, a vaccine recipient shall be considered to have suffered an encephalopathy only if such recipient manifests, within the applicable period, an injury meeting the description below of an acute encephalopathy, and then a chronic encephalopathy persists in such person for more than 6 months beyond the date of vaccination. "

THEN look further down and see:

"If a preponderance of the evidence indicates that a child's chronic encephalopathy is secondary to genetic, prenatal or perinatal factors, that chronic encephalopathy shall not be considered to be a condition set forth in the Table.
(iii) An encephalopathy shall not be considered to be a condition set forth in the Table if in a proceeding on a petition, it is shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the encephalopathy was caused by an infection, a toxin, a metabolic disturbance, a structural lesion, a genetic disorder or trauma (without regard to whether the cause of the infection, toxin, trauma, metabolic disturbance, structural lesion or genetic disorder is known). If at the time a decision is made on a petition filed under section 2111(b) of the Act for a vaccine-related injury or death, it is not possible to determine the cause by a preponderance of the evidence of an encephalopathy, the encephalopathy shall be considered to be a condition set forth in the Table.
(iv) In determining whether or not an encephalopathy is a condition set forth in the Table, the Court shall consider the entire medical record. "

So, YOU say "Because she had an existing encephalopathy (presumably on the basis of a mitochondrial enzyme defect) and because worsening of an existing encephalopathy following measles-containing vaccine is a compensible injury, Hannah Poling was compensated. "

I am confused, because as the Governments site says that an "An encephalopathy shall NOT be considered to be a condition set forth in the Table if in a proceeding on a petition, it is shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the encephalopathy was caused by an infection, a toxin, a metabolic disturbance, a structural lesion, a genetic disorder or trauma ..."

So you say Ms. Poling had an existing encephalopathy (where in her case was it EVER said she HAD, prior to her vaccinations, any PRE-EXISTING conditions?) , you say her enceph. was from a previous condition, yet, the table specifically states that if an enceph. IS due to a pre-existing condition listed above, then it IS NOT A TABLE ITEM....meaning it is NOT an injury that is a TABLE injury which just awards based on THAT you say she was....

Its so concerning that in todays internet, where FACTS can be looked up by anyone from the direct court/government/medical/scientific studies (full peer reviewed WHOLE studies instead of snipits of abstracts and opinions) anyone can look this info up and see your answer is very incorrect based, and it is pretty clear it was meant to be purposely deceptive, because there isnt any possible explanation I can see that would make your answer true, honest, or factual in any way..even a mis-speak/type...and that is the most disturbing to me...
I would hope that in the future you provide answers not only FACTUAL answers, but also be able to provide clear and simple support FOR your answers, links are easily placed anywhere for direct SOURCES online, and with that, and only that can anyone really even begin to take your site/mission seriously."

thats it, just waiting to see if it ever gets posted...

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


The Autism Science Foundation uses nothing but bullshit epidemeolgy to support their views of vaccine safety.

The same epidemeolgy that for fifty years stated smoking does not cause lung cancer due to the fact that tobacco scientists could not find enough difference in cancer rates between 3 and 4 pack a day smokers...

They have no real science. They will never have any real science.

michael framson

Anne Dachel.......we may
Benedetta.........we will

We are, the stupidest and the powers that be would like to keep us that way. We have to fight for every ounce of truth and gram of justice.


What exactly is a "vulnerable population?"
Makes it seem like they are not really injecting poison into babies. It's the babies fault, our poison is safe.

I still believe my son received a little something extra in his vaccines to make him autistic.

I'm with you Tony Bateson. I've never met an unvaccinated autistic child. But, I have some "vulnerable population" kids in my house who are not vaccinated and not autistic. Proof enough for me


@ Steph
My wee man got it from my leaky amalgams, then the Rhogam, then the pitocin during the eviction process, then all the shots. Mine recovered from his symptoms with diet and supplements, and we are now chelating so the rest of his body can heal. Keep at it.... Our house is not the same as before the symptoms.... all organic, nontoxic cleaners, carpets almost all gone, and bathrooms redone incase of mold. We went the whole banana and it was well worth it.


polliwog, have you ever seen the Wrights speak? They are 100% politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Did you see the side bar for this Junk Science Foundation? It informs us that Hannah Poling had encephalopathy and therefore the vaccines made her autistic. How odd that we , who follow this topic, never heard that before. Keep it up Junk Science Foundation! THE TRUTH IS A MOVING TARGET is my recommendation for your letterhead.

Heidi N

I am just wondering when the lawsuits will start flying against people who are in professional positions who claim there is no research, no data, no proof, etc. that vaccines are correlated with autism symptoms. I have seen several published research studies that have shown a correlation in many different facets. I just don't see them stopping until the lawsuits start flying. I find it shocking for them to make these statements, and just wondering when they are going to be held accountable for such false statements.

Steph M

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.

Quite agree. So many parents don't even realize that their child was vaccinated at birth while in the hospital.

I was a double whammy, I had the RhoGam, my child is blood type A, and my child had all required vaccinations up until 2 when I refused any more, including the flu shot at 6 mth...We have classic autism.


I'm still confused where the Wrights stand in this. They don't seem bothered that AS doesn't seem to be bothered with thimerisol. They should be making themselves clear as day.... Instead they are acting like politicians.


saponin-based adjuvant

Is a known mitochondrial disruptor.

It was used by the pioneers and the American Indians to catch fish.

They would cut bunches of honey suckle (which contains lots of saponin) and throw it in the water.

This caused the mitochondria of the fish to be disrupted (poisoned) they came to the top of the water and the pioneers and American Indians ate fish for supper.

Now what was that picture on Age of Austism last year of a made up snap shot of some of our least favorite pro-vaccinating villians all having a Thanksgiving dinner meal together?


Great post, Kim! Ever see Nacho Libre?

Tony-- we do encounter parents-- those who are fully on the side of vaccine-induced autism mind you-- whose children succumbed despite never having been vaccinated (and despite mom not having shots). Every one I've heard of who supports vaccine reform does so because they believe their children were poisoned by mercury and metals from another source-- superfund dumps, mercury mine tailings used to build roads, coal-fired power, chlor-alkali production, maternal amalgams, use of the old thimerosal-laced contact lens solutions, etc.

The drug Depakote can also reportedly induce autism in NT children (not just prenatal or neonatal exposure either-- I've seen documentation of a seven year old chemo patient who developed autism from Depakote-- the chemo induced immune and brain injury and destroyed mitochondrial health and the drug compounded the damage. Depakote has about a dozen overlaps with the effects of injected thimerosal, by the way).

But obviously these cases are on the rare side, perhaps evidence of super-sensitivity within a sensitive population (another reason why environmental-mercury-autism parents seem to support the vax injury movement-- if the vaster numbers of vaccine injured children get justice, then the lesser numbers of enviro-hg-poisoned kids might too by the same token).

I think there's ample evidence why the exceptions only prove the rule. Palmer et al.s study of environmental mercury/arsenic emissions from coal-fired power plants acting as a facilitator to school district autism rates definately proves the rule.


ASF/Pharma would have the public believe that because vulnerable subpopulations haven't been studied, and indeed deliberately are excluded from vaccine trials, science must blinker itself and ignore the inconvenient fact that individual differences in immune function exist and increasingly can be studied. ASF/Pharma would have everyone blindly assume that all human beings will respond to vaccines and other toxic onslaughts equally. Instead of being a scientific body that dedicates itself to studying how to identify those vulnerable populations and eliminate risks, ASF/Pharma is content to whine that responsible parents might choose to assume their children are vulnerable instead of adhering to the heretofore preferred corporo-governmental default of assuming they are not. The fact remains that the vaccine schedule, as given in the real world every day, nine or ten at a time, to children like Hannah Poling, has NEVER been studied in ANY population, let alone those whose underlying conditions might contraindicate some or all vaccines. More and more people are starting to figure that out, through tragic personal experience or sheer common sense. The worm has turned, darlings. They are left with nothing to do but petulantly snipe at the truth.


Not an MD - "Heavy metal and microbial insults can and do affect the brain. They always have, and they always will."

Tick, tick, tick ....boom! It's cummulative toxic synergy. Under today's vaccine schedules, including yearly seasonal and pandemic flu inoculations, we are like time-bombs, just waiting for the final insult to cause our natural immune systems to implode.

“No one should take the swine flu vaccine – it is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever devised. It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene MF-59 which has been shown to cause severe autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. This is the vaccine adjuvant that is strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome, which killed over 10,000 soldiers and caused a 200% increase in the fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehreg disease). This [swine flu] virus kills by causing a cytokine storm, which means that it causes the body's immune system to overreact and that is why it is killing young people and is a mild disease in the elderly. (The elderly have weakened immune systems.) This vaccine is a very powerful immune stimulator and carries the real possibility of making the lethality of the virus much greater.”

--Russell Blaylock, MD

When people died from the pandemic flu of 1918, it is thought that they died of “cytokine storm”. How certain are we that the new flu vaccines, instead of preventing influenza, don't actually make us immunologically-prone to “cytokine storm” when the next flu pandemic strikes? Real question. If there are studies, I’d like to see them.

There's now a new class of "super adjuvants", e.g. iscomatrix, a saponin-based adjuvant. It may have already been "field-tested" on the unknowing public. This might be the strategy to avoid use of MF-59 and ASO3 adjuvants in the U.S.


Tony , I have never found one either. Odd too, in that many of them are unvaccinated because their parents made the choice after experiencing autism in an older sibling. IMO, these children should be somewhat "at risk", yet there isn't one, including my own almost three year old.
On a sadder note, autoimmune disease runs rampant in my husbands family, with his vibrant once unvaccinated mother, running three miles several times a week, succombing to Wegener's vasculitis. A dog scratched her..the er insisted she have a series of tetanus shots, not one, because she had never been vaccinated they required a series. During the visits she was given a flu shot as well. From the scratch in August to her death in November it was a horrible downward spiral. Age 65. Her unvaccinated parents, lived to ages 93/87.

Not an MD

@ Tony Bateson - A while back someone posted here at AOA indicating they had a child with autism who had had no vaccines at all. There was no discussion of Rhogam, or of mercury amalgams in the mother, but there was mention that they lived down wind from a coal burning power plant, and got their mercury that way. I think it is possible to have a child with autism who has never been vaccinated, if the mother lives near such a coal burning power plant, or in a home built on or near the site of an old mercury thermometer manufacturing facility. Personally, I think autism is aluminum and mercury poisoning combined, no matter what the source, plus encephalitis brought on, in some cases, by the viral/bacterial antigens in vaccines. Heavy metal and microbial insults can and do affect the brain. They always have, and they always will.

Jennifer Secula

I LOVE how the ASAT folks talk out of both sides of their mouths. They state "At this time, there is no evidence that specific toxins in the environment, immunization practices, dietary differences, or immunologic differences cause autism." But THEN they add "It is quite likely that some combination of genetic, neuropathologic, and environmental agents will explain the etiology of autism, and that the etiology may vary from one individual to another."

Okay, ASAT geniuses, let's talk for a moment about what "environmental agents" are, shall we? My typical 11-year-old can tell you that environmental toxins, vaccine ingredients, and diet are ALL "environmental agents." Incidentally, my typical 11-year-old had many of his vaccines on a delayed schedule due to frequent infections. He developed sporadic, temporary, autistic-like behaviors throughout his toddlerhood. The onsets of these waves of symptoms were shortly after his first and fourth birthdays. These symptoms gradually disappeared by about midway through his kindergarten year, about a year and a half after his last administration of mass vaccines.

Next point, ASAT friends. My once healthy, bright, sociable, easygoing 7-year-old, who had all his vaccines perfectly on time by the CDC's standards, cannot tell you much of anything. This is because he has graduated from his previous diagnosis of PDD-NOS to full-blown autism. Please note that his neurologist was reluctant to diagnose him with PDD-NOS because he could not believe the regression he was witnessing before his very eyes was more than just a behavioral phase. So we'll go back to my typical 11-year-old on this one, who will tell you, based on his own observations of the differences between him and his little brother, that these "immunologic differences" that ASAT claims do not cause autism in Part One of their paragraph are the SAME THINGS as the "genetic" agents they admit may be part of the cause in Part Two. He will also tell you, based on his basic understanding of genetics from his elementary science education, that a 60% concurrence rate among identical twins suggests genetics don't tell the whole story.

So, to ASAT, I say congratulations. With all the money in donations and, no doubt, government back-scratching you have acquired for your "research," you have been able to both discount and confirm an obvious fact that my sixth grader could have told you for free. Autism IS caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. And one of those environmental factors very well may be, for many children, vaccine-related.

How could it not be, ASAT moms and dads? Would you pour formaldehyde, mercury, and live viruses on your children's breakfast cereal? Our guess would be no, because common sense tells you these agents are "neuropathologic." In other words, they are known to make people sick and cause neurological damage.

I, too, once believed the agenda organizations like ASAT try to push. It was pushed into my grad school textbooks and the mainstream media's reporting. When I saw my first-born son go through phases of compulsion, ritualism, apraxia, and hemiplegia, I worried about autism, breathed sighs of relief when these symptoms disappeared, and never made the association between the timing of his symptoms and the timing of his vaccines until recently. This was because I allowed the dangerous propaganda of organizations like ASAT to brainwash me into believing only poorly educated or mentally-ill parents think vaccines contribute to autism. My naivety and eagerness to believe the government would never do anything to harm my children cost my second-born son his potential. It is the worst feeling of grief I have ever experienced...

Now that I think about it, it's no wonder ASAT has followers, like Singer. It must be easier for them to bury their heads in the sand of ASAT's rhetoric than feel the remorse I feel everyday. Who can blame them?


Anne Dachel said, "We may go down in history as the medically stupidest age in history-"

Almost true;
exchange the word MAY to the word WILL!

Now some body explain to me how an educated person can say it is genetics but it is environmental too, and actually think - yes actually think they are making sense. Yes, actually think they are deep thinkers!
I have an autistic son that thinks deep thoughts like this, I find it is just easier to agree with him. But then he has PDD-NOS or is it aspergers (some more deep thinking that comes to nothing) how about a brain injury - how about just saying that!

Is it the very fact that we are human beings and have a physcial body that just so happens reacts to the environmnet- is that makes it genetic?

We are a small vunerable percentage of the population???? Well it is a spreading - and is a--- increasing. Are we really just a genetically vunerable small percentage or just the ones that so far have had all the bad luck.

I would guess it is the bad luck, and unless the grace of God stops it, we could soon represent a larger percentage of the population.


@ Carol - "I suspect that we all have some degree of an autoimmune response to every vaccination and with every vaccination we get, the closer we move toward a massive autoimmune reaction."

Well-stated! I completely agree. The strongest evidence-based statement that we can make to date is VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.

Kudos to WILLIE, for his frequent use of the statement. It's helpful to repeat it, so that we don't loose our focus. It's the most significant public health issue of our time.


Tony Bateson

Hello I am sick of telling people that my intensive work contacting parents of autistic kids, running to some hundreds of parents has not yet yielded the mythical unvaccinated autistic person. I repeat my recent offer here I will give $1,000 to the charity of anyone's choice who convinces me that such a scientific curiosity exists. I mean a child who is formally diagnosed as ASD but has never been exposed to vaccines or vaccine materials and whose mother did not have RhoGam during the time she was carrying her baby.

I am quite content that any such claim can be verified by an independent person and I do not ask for details where the person wishes to remain anonymous.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


How about the multiple sclerosis explosion in France in the mid-90s coincident with a massive governmental hepatitis B vaccination campaign? A pretty large vulnerable population there, I guess.

I suspect that we all have some degree of an autoimmune response to every vaccination and with every vaccination we get, the closer we move toward a massive autoimmune reaction.


Like bensmyson, my eternal picture of Alison Singer is her, on camera, saying she thought seriously about driving her autistic daughter off the bridge. And the only reason she didn't was because of her typical child. But if you believe like her camp that these children cannot get better then where is the hope? Her position is 100% crazy talk.

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

Are my daughters part of a "vulnerable population"? That one's a no-brainer for me. They have two older autistic brothers and another with ADHD. Even our pro-vaccination pediatrician understands our choice not to vaccinate them (and whaddaya know, by some miracle thet are healthy and happy).

Anne McElroy Dachel

As we sink into a sea of autism, as more and more kids age into adulthood with nowhere to go, as the cost buries us with no end in sight----
we can expect that AS will continue to claim:
We don't know the cause---except vaccines don't cause autism.
Hannah Poling was awarded millions because vaccines made her autistic--except vaccines don't cause autism.
The explosion in the rate coincided with increase in the vaccine schedule---but vaccines don't cause autism.

We may go down in history as the medically stupidest age in history---pumping tons of toxins into our babies
and scratching our heads over why they got so sick.

Anne Dachel


I'm telling you that the Wrights is/was the only thing that reached my parents. My parents and their friends read some Parade Magazine (a Sunday paper insert)article about the Wrights and why they began Autism Speaks.

I heard Mrs. Wright answer your question(s) (was this pre-AoA days?) it was clear, and now it's really not so clear, about as clear as paint. What happened? Singer?

Singer BTW must be an absolute lunatic. I still can't get over her saying she wanted to kill her daughter because she couldn't take it any more. Crazy.

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