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Mercury: Why Don't Pregnant Women Know More?

Hg By Julie Obradovic

When I started eating a lot of tuna while breastfeeding my daughter, I had no idea that I was possibly poisoning her. At that time, there was no mention of mercury toxicity and certainly no alarm bell being rung over how very dangerous this particular food was. Crazy enough, I don't even like tuna (adding tremendous insult to injury), but I was getting ready to be in a wedding and wanted to get my pre-pregnancy body back a little faster than normal. Not wanting to hurt myself or my baby knowing I was breastfeeding though, I tried to pick the most nutritious foods I could find. Over and over and over again, tuna showed up as a healthy choice, a responsible high-protein alternative to chicken. And so I ate it, even though I hated it, several times a week for many weeks.

It absolutely floors me that I took every precaution known at that time to protect my baby during and after pregnancy, and yet one of the most dangerous things I could do was completely unknown to me. I didn't start working out until she was 2 months old, well after the 6 week mark they make you wait for. I didn't smoke or stay around people who did. I didn't drink, and even when I had a glass of wine at the wedding, I tossed the milk out for days. I had the house baby-proofed with locks and outlet covers. There were gates on all of the stairs. My stroller had the safest reputation. My car seat was top of the line. I bought a mini-van with a 5 star safety rating. I washed all of the clothes in the gentlest detergent. I never missed a doctor's appointment; if she needed to be there at 2 months of age, we were there on the exact 2 month date. I read to her and talked to her all day long. The list goes on. You name it. I did it. Anything for the safety and healthy development of my child.

And so it is with the heaviest of hearts that I try to reconcile what happened. How did this happen? How could this have happened? How is it possible I wasn't warned and educated about mercury by anyone, including my doctors? Because truth be told, I'm not so sure someone telling me mercury was in fish (or my vaccines or my teeth or my air) would have meant anything to me anyway 10 years ago without a significant explanation why. For starters, I never ate fish prior to that time. I hate fish, I really do, which only makes the whole thing more painful. Furthermore, Acrodynia was before my time. No one played with mercury thermometers in my day. I knew lead was bad, but that was only because I had to answer a survey at the pediatrician's office about how old my house was. Had anyone told me I was eating lead or injecting my baby with it, that would have meant something to me. Mercury? Not so much.

After reading Dan and Mark's devastating account of how we all ended up here (See The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic HERE), I experienced a downward spiral of guilt and despair over the way my daughter became so sick, with the true devastation I brought to her health sitting square on my chest. This happens to me every so often after certain triggers, and honestly I wasn't prepared for it. Every time I think I'm over the pain, I find out I'm not. For a few days I cried unconsolably and couldn't sleep without the images of her suffering flashing through my mind. All of the would haves, could haves and should haves came rushing back with a vengeance. It was dreadful. It's not only the pain of the stupidity of it happening, it's also how preventable and treatable it would have been had I known. At every turn that this poison should have been stopped from causing harm, it wasn't. I'm not sure I'll ever understand.

To try and make peace with the tragedy, I tore through my old journals, boxes, and books packed away in the basement from that time 9 years ago. I wrote down everything I ate during that time that I was trying to get in shape, primarily to keep track of my calorie intake and make sure I was eating enough for my baby. I had to know…just how much tuna did I actually eat? Just how toxic was she when I held her down to be injected with more, or conversely, how much had she been injected with already when I added more to her diet? Frantic, I ripped open boxes looking desperately to find it. I needed the evidence to condemn myself to permanent mommy prison, but fortunately or not, I couldn't find it. That spiral notebook is gone.

A few things weren't though. I have kept my library of new-mommy- new-baby books neatly on a little shelf for easy access for years. There on the top row were my bibles of good child rearing. The American Academy of Pediatrics Authoritative Guide on Child Development, Birth to Age 5, a 700 page brick. What to Expect the First Year. The Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. A Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding. Could it be that they knew? Was the information actually available to me and I missed it? Is the situation even worse than I thought? After that thought occurred to me, I actually couldn't open them up for a few minutes. I held one in my hand shaking, wondering if indeed they had warned me about mercury and I simply wasn't paying attention.

The AAP book was a gift to me from a good friend going through medical school at the time. The copyright is 1994, and I received it in 1998. Not only is there no mention of mercury, there is no mention of Autism. In 1994, Autism as a potential developmental problem facing your child up to 5 years of age was so rare, so unlikely, that the American Academy of Pediatrics didn't even mention it as a possibility in the 700 page "authoritative guide" they penned. The fact both mercury and Autism are absent from the book in the mid 90's speaks volumes.

I find this fact alone so significant, so telling, I have to say it again. In 1994 the American Academy of Pediatrics didn't even mention Autism or mercury exposure as potential developmental problems in a 700 page book they wrote as the authoritative guide on all things developmental in children.

But the other 3 books were different. They did mention mercury, albeit barely and buried in the back. In one book, there are a few sentences on a page in the 500's. Unless having read the entire book cover to cover (instead of using it as a reference like I did), or having a specific reason to ever think about mercury, there would be no reason to see it. And it simply states in summary that eating large fish is a bad idea because of methyl mercury exposure. It doesn't say what methyl mercury does, or why it's bad, or how it manifests, or how to test for it, or what to tell your doctor. Nothing. It just says, take caution eating fish when pregnant or breastfeeding, as if that translates as anything meaningful anyway.

Likewise the other two books have something similar. Neither mentions mercury prominently, and neither gives more than a few sentences to the topic buried in the back again. They do not explain why mercury is dangerous to you or your child, how it manifests, what to do if you suspect mercury toxicity or potential mercury toxicity or possible susceptibility factors. In fact, both state a few cans of tuna a week "should be fine", really only warning against swordfish and shark consumption. I can state very assuredly that eating shark or swordfish has never been an issue. Even if I had read this, and who knows if I did, this would haven't applied to me. I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Our lack of respect for and understanding of the significant, vast, variable, and life-altering dangers of mercury in all forms has arguably led to the unbelievably tragic poisoning of humanity for the last 500 years, as Mark and Dan's book will clearly show in a few weeks when it is released. If nothing else comes of this disaster, I hope and pray it will finally be the end of The Age of Mercury. But, that can only start if we educate ourselves and our physicians about what it can actually do and how. What that can of tuna, vaccine information sheets, and books should have said on the label or first page was this:


*If you suspect your intake of mercury or your baby's has been high, seek medical help immediately! Mercury can have a cumulative effect and may take months to appear as negative health symptoms. It may not be recognizable to you as causal if you wait! Symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning vary depending on the source of mercury, the amount, the method of exposure, the age, and the genetic makeup of the person.

Mercury may do many different things in different people of different ages, but common manifestations in children include: Asthma, Respiratory Illnesses, Speech Delay, Loss of Speech, Apraxia, Allergies, Seizures, Failing to Thrive, Failing Immune Systems, Loss of Sucking Reflex and/or ability to Swallow, Feeding Problems, Hair Loss or Change in Texture, Constipation, Diarrhea, Weak Joints and Ligaments, Loss of IQ, Loss of Eye Contact, Constriction of Visual Fields, Impaired Attention Spans, Impaired Social Skills, Sensitivity to Sound, Light, and Touch, Loss of Balance or Vestibular Sense, Lack of Sensitivity to Pain, Rocking, Violent Outbursts, Excessive Tantrums, Eczema, Excessive Salivation, Hypotonia, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Changes in Personality, and More! Acute poisoning can cause kidney damage or failure, and even death!

A simple blood test may help determine current levels of mercury toxicity, but results are not always reliable as mercury may go to organs quickly including the brain! In the event you believe you or your child could be at risk for poisoning, seek medical care immediately! Risk Factors for Children Developing Mercury Toxicity may include: A mother's diet high in mercury; A parent's occupational exposure to mercury or mercury containing products; Dental care with mercury exposure; Prenatal and infant vaccines containing mercury; Proximity to mercury pollution; Proximity to wood treated with mercury preservatives; Skin lightening creams that use mercury; Genetic susceptibility to poor detoxification. (This list is incomplete and should be considered so.)

It is my firmest belief that we must focus our efforts now not only on the dangers of mercury in vaccines, which at this point in time is beyond inexcusable, but on the dangers of mercury in general. SafeMinds has provided a wonderful start. People just don't know, and people just don't get how very, very dangerous this metal is. Furthermore, we cannot simply isolate one source of exposure and then subsequently rule out the cumulative exposure possibility as being problematic in the onslaught of health problems our children face.

As I have said many times in conversation, I will never know what put my baby over the edge. Was it the tuna? My amalgams, one of which needed a root canal? Was it the coal burning plant only 5.2 miles away? Was it the HepB shot at birth? Was it all of the other thimerosal containing vaccines over the next two years? I have no idea, and in this lifetime, I won't get to know. But that's not the point. ALL of that mercury hurt my baby badly. And because of our profound ignorance of just how sophisticatedly poisonous it is, she suffered for years before getting the proper treatment.

I call for an all out Mercury Education Campaign, and I am self-proclaiming September "Mercury Education Month". Given Dan and Mark's book drops this month, I think it's only appropriate. Every day on my Facebook page I will post one fact about mercury that the public should know or something we should be doing to prevent this disaster from perpetuating. I'm opening a twitter account and ask you to follow me for the same reason. I urge you to do the same. Educate yourself and those you love.

I plead that just as we screen babies for lead exposure, we do the same for mercury. I argue that all mothers should have their breast milk tested for toxicity. I request that all doctors be required to take a toxicology course on chronic and acute poisoning in children, with a specific focus on mercury. I ask that all children who present with the above mentioned symptoms be properly screened for heavy metal toxicity first, before simply being written a script. I beg that research dollars go towards newer and more promising treatments for mercury and heavy metal poisoning.

And of course, I beg the authorities to stop, stop, STOP injecting babies and their mother's with this poison. It's so irresponsible and negligent that it's criminal. It is not the dose that makes this a poison. It IS a poison. Always. It's not safe at 0.3mcg and dangerous at 25mcg. It's always dangerous. There is no safe amount, and there is no way right now to know just what amount from just what source will be enough to break the threshold of good health for a certain child. The precautionary principle must prevail.

Finally, we have to open our eyes once and for all to properly assess the damage of what our mercury-laden lifestyles have done to our children and loved ones. We have to stop this madness so that we can stop (and hopefully reverse) the suffering. The question is no longer whether or not mercury is connected to Autism and the downward spiral of our collective health, but rather, how could it not be? Our food, our soil, our water, our air, our homes, our medicine, our teeth, our breast milk, our wombs. All of it is tainted, and all of our world's children are paying the price. The time has come to not only end the Age of Autism, but with it, the Age of Mercury.

If my baby's suffering can help do that, then maybe one day I will finally understand. Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism


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Question...while I was pregnant I ate crawfish almost daily. Like 5-10 pounds almost daily. Never did it cross my mind about Mercury until yesterday. My daughter is 9 and has learning disabilities to include ADHD, speech delays, motor skills delays, etc etc. So. The questions I have are is there any test that can be done now that would tell me whether or not it could have been the Mercury? Also, if it was that, is there anything that can be done at this point? Again, this just came to me yesterday and I am terrified at this point that I could have caused this to my miracle baby (she was my 8th pregnancy). I was so careful as the article stated etc but.... We were getting ready to start all this testing (chromosome-microarray-etc) that are SOOOOO expensive and then in passing someone mentioned crawfish and mercury and I was like oh my goodness.... So, if ANYONE knows ANY infirmation they could share and/or articles that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your time.


I had no idea eating tuna while pregnant or breast feeding may be why my child has seizures..why didnt any doctor tell me include my many dental fillings..omg.I made her one told me.I feel so guilty


Here's an article titled “‘Homeopathic’ Signals from DNA” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho on August 31, 2010.

I would encourage everyone to stay "tuned" to this topic. This is a fantastic discovery. Dr Luc Montagnier may well end up with a second Nobel prize for this work. Ultimately, this discovery could lead to noninvasive imaging, quantitation, and therapy of MANY diseases which have plagued mankind. The physics of these energy transfers needs to be fully described and understood. The structures of these EMS-emitters needs to be described. Where is the energy coming from? light waves? Perhaps EM signals could be used to detect, quantitate, and localize DNA hypomethylation, and human epigenetics in vivo. Can EM signals be used to distinguish in vivo between endogenous, e.g. HERVs, and exogenous viruses?


Hans RAIBLE Thank you for your personal experience as well as the information on iron over load. Very interesting, esp the barefooted beach, and dog mouths. Thank you again.

Pattrons99 no need to worry,pulling chian comment did not upset me at all, never thought much about it, spent most of the time instead thinking on the Austrialian. Even though he did not have a degree and just a few bioloby degrees he left me behind in the dirt.
I must say I like the your links from the government studies best.

Something about later (like someday as soon as those blue birds fly above the rainbow so high) But someday, someone, or some group will stick those studies up in the face of the National Institues of Health (please remember I still dislike the CDC the most though, but so few of anything comes out of there that there is nothing on paper to stick up in thier face).


KUDOS to Dr Mae-Wan Ho for her article titled “Electromagnetic Signals from HIV - Prospects for a Science of Homeopathy” on February 9, 2010.

Pharma needs to “get a grip” and “just accept it”. Mankind’s survival rests on homeopathy, not allopathy (xenobiotics).

Electromagnetic fields, e.g. pulsed magnetic field gradients, might one day be a viable non-invasive therapy. Dr Ho’s concept of energy transfer at a distance with water as the concertmistress and lead player is simply brilliant. I once did a fair amount of multinuclear organic magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a bioorganic chemist. So naturally, her thinking “resonates” with me. : >)

Using today’s technology, I wish someone would reproduce Royal Rife’s work with his BX cancer virus and Mortal Oscillatory Rate. If we can use MRI to image the spatial distribution of nuclear magnetic proton spin densities and relaxation times using magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic field gradients, why can't similar electromedicine technology be developed and applied to therapy?

IF such "coordinated resonance" technology could be further developed, would such technology potentially be safer than exposing the entire population to an ever growing list of chemical and biologic intoxicants found in the vaccine schedules?

Where does the pronounced antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver derive? Is coordinated resonance somehow involved? What reaction is being catalyzed? Is it a photodynamic effect?

What effect does fluoride from the public water supply and toothpaste have on the zeta potential (ZP) of our bodies? on the affinity and sequestration of heavy metals by our bodies? on quantum coherent energy transfers at a distance by our bodies?


Benedetta - "Does anyone know if having a heavy metal like mercury or aluminium in your body some how help viruses grow, or perhaps cause our immune system not be able to take care of viruses or something?"

Perhaps a non-invasive, in vivo, spectroscopic imaging technique could be developed to image and quantitate the biodistribution of DNA Hypomethylation in humans as a biomarker of vaccine-associated diseases.

“The LUMA assay may be a useful method to assess genome wide global DNA methylation for a variety of purposes including etiology, diagnosis and prognosis of some cancers as well as other pathological states. It may also be employed to analyze general epigenetic alterations related directly and indirectly to cancer, environmental influences like malnutrition, infection or other impact.”

Read “other pathological states” and “infection or other impact” to POSSIBLY include chemical and biologic intoxicants found in the vaccine schedules, including VIRUSES, thimerosal, aluminum adjuvants, and squalene-based “super adjuvants”.

“Mercury-associated DNA hypomethylation in polar bear brains via the Luminometric Methylation Assay: a sensitive method to study epigenetics in wildlife”

“Different signaling pathways inhibit DNA methylation activity and up-regulate IFN-γ in human lymphocytes”

“DNA hypomethylation restricted to the murine forebrain induces cortical degeneration and impairs postnatal neuronal maturation”

“Global DNA Hypomethylation Is Associated with High Serum-Persistent Organic Pollutants in Greenlandic Inuit”


To Benedetta - "sorry to pull your chain".

I apologize to you for making what, in retrospect, was an easily-misunderstood remark. Please know that I meant no disrespect. I can see now that the only one who understood the colloquialism was me. Your comments are always very thought-provoking and bring out the best in me. Like pulling the chain [of a light switch], I simply couldn't resist in commenting on your comment because it struck a chord that resonated with me. Good grief, I hope I've not confused the matter even more.


Benedetta - "Does anyone know if having a heavy metal like mercury or aluminium in your body somehow help viruses grow, or perhaps cause our immune system not be able to take care of viruses or something?"
Iron (in excess) is such a metal. As an example, my wife has high iron, and one day she cut her thumb in the kitchen. She got sepsis (blood poisoning) and went to the doctor on the block. He gave her a box of penicilline pills with directions to take one each day. Since it got worse, she went to another doctor who told her she had come in the last moment and put her on a penicilline drip which prevented death.

There are a number of bacteria who need iron and take it from the host. One of these lives between the teeth of dogs and is called capnocytophaga canimorsus. This makes dogbites extremely dangerous for persons with iron overload since the bacteria from the dog's mouth will multiply like mad in such a person. Another one is vibrio vulnificus which occurs in shellfish and oysters so persons with iron overload must refrain from eating raw oysters or from walking on the beach without shoes.

As to viruses, the hepatitis viruses also have this hunger for iron. This makes them ideal for injection into a newborn since a newborn is brimful of iron. This is needed for making the so-called hemoglobin switch meaning that the child makes new adult-type blood and dissolves the old fetal blood. Serum ferritin, a measure of iron overload, normally is close to zero, such as 20 to 50 ng/mL, but in a newborn, it may be 2000+, and the brain will also be full of iron so the hep B injection easily can infect the brain and is a simple way of quickly killing the baby. In a white baby, the iron overload after delivery can be seen since the child will look reddish or tanned. This will disappear as the iron is removed by mother's milk.

As to hep C, it is often impossible to treat successfully before iron in the patient has been normalized (by bloodletting).

These days, women tend to feed their babies with formula which contains added iron in high amounts.

Breast milk is iron-free and moreover contains lactoferrin which binds to iron and takes it out of the child. This is the main advantage of breast-feeding. We just got a grandchild and could observe the transition from the tanned state (right after birth) to the white state after 7 mo "treatment" with mother's milk. (Formula would have been possible only over my dead body!)

Iron in the baby's brain causes depression, and drinking the milk with lactoferrin causes the depression to lift temporarily, so the child always is rooting for the nipples to get another high. This is one of the many ways where nature uses one means to achieve several ends. When the excess iron is removed, the child is no longer depressed and can then be switched to normal food.

Hans Raible, Stuttgart


Benedetta - No apology needed. I was just trying to justify my comment. I know I tend to be passionate about certain topics. Must be the Latin blood (actually Eurasian) in my heritage. :>)

Mickie Yezek Roller

I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999. I'm 62. I couldn't speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn't walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals. Nothing clicks. It's a profound, hopelessly, bleak situation and no way out. It's tabula rasa; it's a blank slate.

I'm not a physician, or a dentist, or a science guy. That said, here's my events about the stroke and mercury fillings. I obtained medical records 10 years ago. I suffered from funky foul breath and a metallic taste; paralyzing fear all the time, constantly; excessive sweating, and palpitations so heart-stopping, so violent and nasty, for 20 years. I know what I know.

Read my blog. 20 pages.
and How to Stroke Out with Mercury Fillings ( It's an amended version. Three pages.

Thank you.


sorry to pull your chain.
But thanks for the links!


It's a mistake to believe that amalgams are only dangerous during installation and removal. They give off mercury ALL day. And any placed after 1975 got the new high copper amalgams which give off 50 times more mercury than prior to 1975. My amalgams were not the same as my mother's. When I got my last amalgam taken out it felt like I took my hand out of a socket.


Oh, how I feel your pain. I foolishly and unthinkably had two dental amalgams removed when I was pregnant (in the second tri-mester) with my first son. My dentist and OB/GYN said it was perfectly safe. I always wonder why I took their word as fact and didn't even Google it for myself. I had this weird feeling when I was having the procedure done, like a pit in my stomach, that I was making a big mistake. I think it was intuition taking over, but it was just too late. I had a major infection and complication after the removal and took Tylenol in droves for the pain. Of course, the doctors all said the Tylenol was completely harmless. I cried on many occasions as I went through my 7th Tylenol of the day for pain. I knew, in my heart, this was not good for my baby. I had done everything to protect my fetus (so I thought) and I went and had this dental procedure, that wasn't even imperative, while I had a growing baby inside of me. I was just sick about it during my pregnancy. Needless to say, we spent several years and THOUSANDS of dollars recovering that baby that had mercury leached into his body from a poor decision on my part. I have worked on forgiveness for myself, but there will always be a part of me that always thinks, what if I just did things a little differently. It is criminal of the OB/GYN to have let this happen. I have since told them so in hopes they would think twice before they approve such a procedure for another pregnant woman. I have no idea if my "chat" made a difference, but I knew I needed to let them know how disappointed I was in them. Mercury, in any form, is not safe for a fetus or a baby, end of story.


Thank you for sharing this.

I breastfeed my one-year-old but recently bought some formula to supplement and found a variety that has the lauded DHA in it. Turns out it's from tuna fish oil, and it's high up on the ingredient list. PASS. This is what they think is acceptable to feed to babies and toddlers?

J. L'Heureux

Imagine thinking you've done everything right, I didn't vaccinate. I have an older son on the spectrum as well as a nephew. No way was I going to vaccinate. So I was certain that my youngest would be spared. No one told me that the multiple shots of Rhogam I received while pregnant all contained very high levels of Thimerosol. The guilt we all carry is unmeasurable.....

Julie Leonardo

Bob, I believe Generation Rescue is in the middle of a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study right now because of the plethora of excuses why one cannot be done. I only hope that this study will be impeccably done and without reproof.


"In 1969, the FDA set a standard for safe levels of mercury in fish at below 0.5 micrograms per gram. Because the amount of methylmercury in swordfish on average was 1.0 microgram per gram, most swordfish were deemed unfit for sale. The fishing industry set to work to loosen the standard to 1.0 microgram and helped fund studies of mercury toxicity. Scientists traveled to Iraq to research the poisoning, and at a 1977 trial to determine safe levels of mercury in fish, the main evidence presented by the fishing industry was from the study in Iraq. The judge presiding in the case accepted that evidence and ruled to loosen the standard, which means that our current action level of 1.0 microgram of mercury per gram of fish is based entirely on data from a poisoning that occurred at the hands of Saddam Hussein and his Ba’ath government, and that allows for a human blood mercury level of 400 micrograms per liter — a level 80 times that currently recommended by the EPA.

The biggest blowback to the notion that methylmercury in fish can be harmful to human health has come from lobbying groups affected by mercury regulation. These include the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), the U.S. Tuna Foundation, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), which represents operators of coal-fired power plants. These organizations have their own set of scientists and have funded studies that, not surprisingly, have routinely recommended lax action levels for mercury in fish."

KFuller Yuba City

I hate to tell you this, but the guilt does not really go away. It changes with every milestone missed. My husband and I have been at this for almost 15 years, our boy turns 18 next month.
I still want to know why,and how. I do not accept that we will never know what caused his regression into autism.It was the toxic vaccines. I am still angry, frustrated and afraid for him. Next week we start the arduous and expensive process through the court system to keep custody of our own child as he turns 18. Thanks AAP. Thanks FDA. Thanks NIH.
I hope this book being published finally makes a difference.


@Sunny: That's my biggest regret too. :( And have had the same experience with others.
@Julie: Can you post the link to your facebook campaign so I can spread the word?
Thanks for a great article!


Casey - well-stated. Good points!

"Do NOT have your mercury fillings removed when you are pregnant."

"I encourage all people that want to have children to go through a major detox first. This will help you and your baby."

I completely agree. Detoxification should be medically-supervised. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies should also be diagnosed and treated, under medical supervision, prior to pregnancy.

In a perfect world our FDA, ADA, EPA, CDC, and USDA, would not have abandoned us. But they have abandoned us. Fortunately, we still have a right to seek out the advice and counsel of a licensed integrative medicine practitioner, to help us know what to eat, what not to eat, and where to find trustworthy information as to vaccine safety and efficacy.

Jennifer Hendrick

My mother's intuition in 2002 was that my child must have been harmed by mercury in all the tuna I ate while pregnant in 1999-2000. No one could tell me why or what was going on with my son. Like the author, I thought I was eating well. Everyone has their enivronmental tipping point; autism is the canary in the coalmine.


Not sure if anyone here knows what WIC is,but here is a link that explains it.
I would say there is a very large percentage of women/children who get WIC assistance in my county. When I was pregnant with my first; TUNA was listed on every coupon that I recieved. I rarely ate it. Can't say for all the other women who recieved the same coupons. This was just 4 years ago....

got mercury

An excellent resource to learn more about mercury in seafood, especially how much is in the fish you eat is the on-line mercury calculator at


Do NOT have your mercury fillings removed when you are pregnant.
I unknowingly did and my daughter had high levels of mercury and other heavy metals in her system. I think it is also important to note that your first born is subjected to the moms toxic body burden. I encourage all people that want to have children to go through a major detox first. This will help you and your baby.



Benedetta - "Does anyone know if having a heavy metal like mercury or aluminium in your body some how help viruses grow, or perhaps cause our immune system not be able to take care of viruses or something?"

VERY good question. You really know how to pull my chain. Let's ask Cal Crilly for his opinion. You certainly do not need to have a PhD or MD or MPH or JD after your name, to have a well-reasoned opinion. Especially when nearly all of the published medical literature over the last 70 years cannot be trusted because it's been effectively all ghostwritten by pharma, thereby enhancing the gravitas and sinecure of their academic medicine shills.

“Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases” by Cal Crilly on May 27, 2006.

“A Castle Wall Theory of Disease” by Cal Crilly on May 22, 2010.

“Cal Crilly’s HIV (HERV) and METHYLATION ACTIVITY RATIO TEST” on May 18, 2010


Excellent idea - I'm with you on posting a mercury fact every day in Sept!

Maurine Meleck

well, thimerosal is still in B & L anti-biotic ear drops because some uneducated or non-caring(or both) ped prescribed it for Joshua a couple of weeks ago. That and an oral antibiotic that contained aspartame. Fortunately, our DAN was in town so we were able to get them replaced quickly.


Does anyone know if having a heavy metal like mercury or aluminium in your body some how help viruses grow, or perhaps cause our immune system not be able to take care of viruses or something?


Vaccinating my children will be the greatest regret of my life. I didn't know either...

And what's frustrating is most pregnant women won't listen to me. I actually used to try and tell them when I'd see them in public, but I tired of the weird looks or those who practically ran from me.

Thanks for the article, Julie.


I've always known that mercury was toxic and should be avoided but I had no idea they put it in my teeth and in my son's vaccines.
There are some seriously evil genuises at work here.


We should all consider replacing the "fast food" in our diet with "survival food". We are what we eat. I'd really like to find eating establishments that included garlic, cilantro, krill oil, and chlorella, in meal preparation, before they are outlawed by pharma's implementation of codex alimentarius. Chlorella is a 2.5 million year old algae, possibly one of the earliest forms of life on Earth. Personally, I believe that God designed chlorella. Life did not arise in a primordial soup with a bolt of lightening. Pregnant women might consider finding an integrative medicine or naturopath to assist them as to their diet. Nothing in this comment is intended as medical advice. It's simply my opinion. Educate before you vaccinate. Educate before you eat.

Bob Moffitt

"The question is no longer whether or not mercury is connected to Autism and the downward spiral of our collective health, but rather, how could it not be?"

I wholeheartedly agree.

However, in my humble opinion, since the epidemic of autism is universal .. stretching from Maine to California, Texas to North Dakota .. public health officials MUST begin urgent scientific study of universal "vaccinated vs. unvaccinated" populations to ascertain, once and for all, if BOTH populations have suffered the same chronic autoimmune child development disorders .. such as ..:

"Asthma, Respiratory Illnesses, Speech Delay, Loss of Speech, Apraxia, Allergies, Seizures, Failing to Thrive, Failing Immune Systems, Loss of Sucking Reflex and/or ability to Swallow, Feeding Problems, Hair Loss or Change in Texture, Constipation, Diarrhea, Weak Joints and Ligaments, Loss of IQ, Loss of Eye Contact, Constriction of Visual Fields, Impaired Attention Spans, Impaired Social Skills, Sensitivity to Sound, Light, and Touch, Loss of Balance or Vestibular Sense, Lack of Sensitivity to Pain, Rocking, Violent Outbursts, Excessive Tantrums, Eczema, Excessive Salivation, Hypotonia, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Changes in Personality, and More! Acute poisoning can cause kidney damage or failure, and even death!"

This CRITICAL STUDY must be done .. if only to provide public health agencies with evidence that childhood vaccines .. and .. the policies by which they are administered
.. are as "safe and efficient" as they insist they are.

Honestly .. I cannot understand WHY this study hasn't ALREADY been done?


Carol, I bathed my eyes in mercury every night too - and now contact solutions have an advertising benefit, "Thimerosal Free!" in red letters on the bottle. I had terrible eye problems for years - redness, infections, irritation. Mercury... My God. I loaded my body for so many years before I had my girls. But you can SUE Bausch and Lomb, unlike Merck - so B&L removed the mercury.


I used to bathe my eyes in mercury daily. You don't read much about thimerosal in contact lens solution, but it used to be in there.

Amy in Idaho

I was just reflecting last night about all of the toxic exposure my son and I endured during his first year of life - then, unknowingly. Tuna like you while breast-feeding, newly remodeled office building, new carpet and paint at home because it was going on the market, lots of plastic toys, vinyl covered bath books that kiddo liked to chew on, lots of personal care products with pthalates and parabens, plenty of "cheap food". I try to take solace in the fact that I have more knowledge now and our home environment is much cleaner, but at what a huge cost that knowledge has come.


Even polar bears in the Arctic are showing signs of mercury poisoning.

See the book "Silent Snow" by Marla Cone.

It is positively ghoulish to think that we are "preventing" disease by injecting any living being with mercury. This is a microcosm of vaccine madness. We have been misled and endangered by pharma, the vaccine industrialists, and their shills.

Mercury is not the only neurotoxin and immunotoxin in the vaccine schedules. Autism or vaccine-associated brain injury is not the only vaccine-associated disease.

Global vaccine policy rests on seriously flawed, never proven theories, i.e., vaccine-induced "herd immunity" and "vaccine-preventable diseases". The vaccine schedules provide portals of vaccine-associated diseases. Simply-put, a portal is a route of entry. The vaccine schedules provide the initial mode of transmission of vaccine-associated diseases which bypasses our first line of natural immunity. The vaccine schedules cause disease. There are now detailed molecular explanations as to how they cause disease.

Polar bears have no choice. With the vaccine schedules our kids have no choice. This madness must change. If polar bears are threatened by extinction from environmental toxins, what about our kids?

The concepts of vaccine-induced herd-suseptibility to disease and the portal theory of vaccine-associated diseases should be seriously explored. The body of evidence in support of these concepts has grown considerably.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks, Julie. I am sending this article by snail mail to all the physicians I am in contact with in my area--and maybe beyond.
My brother-in-law(once a cardiologist) ate a tuna sandwich every day for years and years. He's now in his 8th year of Alzheimers Disease.

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