A Historic Moment

Let's end this miserable AAM (which I'm not going to spell out) with this comment by John Stone on Mary Holland at the UN. Why? Because it inspires me! "This is a great and historic moment. A miracle to see...

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Listen To Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Coast to Coast

Coast to coast Managing Editor's Note: You can read Dr. Wakefield's complete analysis of the "Lancet 12" in his new book,  Callous Disregard from Skyhorse Publishing.  Visit Dr. Wakefield's website HERE.

Dr. Wakefield will be on Coast to Coast Wednesday, June 9. The program airs from 10pm - 1am Pacific time, click HERE for your local listings.

Author of one of the most controversial clinical papers in modern medical history, Dr. Andrew Wakefield will tell the whole story of how he linked autism to vaccines, the tremendous fallout he experienced from his point of view, and why he is not anti-vaccine, but pro-safety.


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Dear C2C,
I have follwed Wakefield's inquisition for years. He is really a good guy with impeccable C V and work.
Thank you for getting scientists of his caliber on your show.
Marvin Lewis

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