Dr. Andrew Wakefield Tells the Complete Story in Callous Disregard
Imus in the Morning To Feature Dr. Andrew Wakefield Author of Callous Disregard

Dateline NBC's Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Vaccine Injury Interview: The Parent’s Response

Dateline Dr. Wakefield Managing Editor's Note: You can read Dr. Wakefield's complete analysis of the "Lancet 12" in his new book,  Callous Disregard from Skyhorse Publishing.  Visit Dr. Wakefield's website HERE.
By Tim Kasemodel

On Monday, May 24, 2010, Dr. Andrew Wakefield was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today show regarding the GMC decision to revoke his license to practice medicine.  That day, we received a call from Ami Schmitz, the producer of the Dateline NBC episode “A Dose of Controversy,” to tell us they were going to rerun the show from last August with updates the following weekend, May 30.  As we were the family who agreed to have our son’s procedure filmed for the original episode, she wanted an update on how our son Thomas was doing and what I thought of the interview.
Schmitz mentioned that “the first thing out of Matt’s mouth” after interviewing Dr. Wakefield was, “How is Thomas doing?”  My wife and I gave her a long list of improvements we had seen in Thomas over the past twelve months.  In the original interview, we had mentioned to Schmitz that the school had given up even trying to teach Thomas in November of 2007 due to his behaviors.  Improvements since beginning his treatment included:

1) a significant decrease in the intensity and duration of his pain induced tantrums;

2) a dramatic increase in attempts at communication and language including orally reciting the alphabet (video sent to Dateline); counting up to 20 including skip counting; and a vocabulary of almost 50 words from 5 words;

3) an increase in self-help skills including showering and washing his hair and feeding himself with a spoon;

4)  he is finally gaining weight after a failure to thrive diagnosis (he had lost 16 pounds while he was sick); and

5)  a slow but steady improvement in his bowel issues. 
We explained that there is a long way to go, but we did not expect to change a decade of bowel disease overnight.
I explained that I was disappointed to see Brian Deer getting airtime.  I told Schmitz that I get “emotional” when I think about what treatments might have been available to my son had someone listened to Dr. Wakefield, instead of pretending what he described does not exist. 

Schmitz expressed compassion and empathy and I was hoping that she would in turn show the world that Thomas’ pain and pain related behaviors had improved by going to Dr. Arthur Krigsman for help for Thomas’ bowel disease.
I was wrong.  I believe that Ami Schmitz simply used our family’s story as many reporters do; portraying us merely the desperate gullible parents, seduced by the false promises of snake oil salesmen.  As for Matt Lauer, if he cared so much about Thomas to ask Dr. Wakefield how he was doing, you would think he might care enough to acknowledge that my son’s condition actually exists.
My wife and I watched the show online on Tuesday evening, as we were away for the weekend.  We were glad to see footage recorded a year earlier that was not part of the original airing of the show.  My wife stated that we were not against all vaccination; that it is too many too soon.  I stated that I believe 100% that vaccines caused my son’s autism.  Most importantly, it was shown on national television that a child with autism can improve through biomedical treatment and it went unchallenged.  Though the remainder of the program was spent on declaring my son’s condition did not even exist, many parents saw my son happily playing in a pool after treatment.
The remainder of the show was a prime example of why we can not believe that the Dateline producer was truly and sincerely compassionate towards Thomas’ incredible gut pain.  It was mentioned that Dr. Krigsman had later found “inflammation” in Thomas, as though it were no more than a headache.  Instead of mentioning the many milestones accomplished by our son, they merely report that he is “improving”.  No further mention of how to help children like Thomas was made.
When Paul Offit then came on to say that what parents hear from people like Dr. Wakefield is “enormously seductive,” he forgets that it is because the alternative is to do nothing about our children’s pain.  His lack of concern for the suffering of children with autism and bowel disease was unmistakable.  His “attack the messenger” mentality came through loud and clear to many parents I spoke to about the show.
We feel truly honored to have been able to support Dr. Wakefield by sharing our story with others.
Tim Kasemodel
To get an idea of what information we gave the producer last year, please read
Thimerosal and Autism Rates: A Minnesota Perspective.


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Tim Kasemodel

As the comments to my post come to a close, I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and concerns for our son Thomas.

I also want to send a special thanks to Dr. Arthur Krigsman, who along with Dr Wakefield, boldly faces unwarranted criticism to help us and many other families continue on the path towards healing for our children's pain.

Tim Kasemodel


Oh and I would like to add, and that working class of giving no trouble autism and other brain injuries workers will be doing everything manually like they did 300 years ago - hard labor.


mmloves I get your point. But I think there really is no global warming. The EPA is backing that as a fact and got caught lying- they were changing temperature data to make the temperatures warmer. I don't know about you but once they lie then nothing else coming out of their mouths has any merit. CDC is saying Vaccines get them or your child will die a horrible, painful disease and worse he will spread it to the rest of the world. EPA - cows farting and you breathing out and factories giving off CO2 will cause a green house effect, never mind about records kept for 500 years on sun spots.
Just saying: the world has gotten to be a darn lying cesspool, ruled by a few men that cares nothing about the average human being. It this keeps up we will have an asperger/autism workforce that gives no trouble to the ruling class.


One of the things that sticks with me from Dateline is Brian Deer saying "Oh, he's got an answer for everything" as if this is a characteristic of dishonest people.


Thank you Tim for sharing your son's story on Dateline...I happy to hear your son is improving. I completely agree with what you are saying.

I think it would be great if Dateline would do a child focused piece...we always seem to get just a glimpse then they move onto the bickering and wasted air time on people like Brian Deer and Paul Offit. What do these men know about our lives anyway? What insight do they offer? None!

I would love to see Dateline profile 3 autism families from with kids on different parts of the spectrum so that the American public can truely see what life is like. I would love for the world to see the medical challenges we deal with and what we're up against simply trying to get medical help for our kids. That are kids are suffering and need medical help. That the mainstream medical community is turning it's back on our families.

We need the media to hold a mirror up to the medical community so they can see what they've allowed to go on.


There is no oil in the gulf of Mexico.
There is no global warming or demise.
Earth's Eco systems are all in tact.
Each of the millions of recalled cars
worked just fine.
All of these kids regressing after vaccines
are faking it.

I am in favor of vaccines but NOT for the souls of our kids.

This needs to be acknowledged and done the right way. and it needs to be fixed NOW.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Pointing out coziness with the oil industry and regulators serves a political agenda. There is no motivation for anyone to point out conflicts of interest in the vaccine industry, because when oil is in bed with its regulators, nobody gets called a lunatic. If you apply the same objectivity to the vaccine story, you are quickly branded crazy.

Excuse the sarcasm, but conflicts of interest in the vaccine industry do not exist because parents are already the crazy ones, asked and answered, already studied, end of story.


Thanks, Tim, for giving an update on Thomas' condition. While some parents pat themselves on the back for "accepting" their children on the spectrum, you've been perceptive, compassionate and dedicated enough to recognize your son was and is in pain -- and you work endlessly to mitigate the physical cause. This you do at great cost financially, emotionally, and socially.

It is heartbreaking that so much airtime has been given to a destructive liar like Brian Deer in an attempt to undermine the lifesaving work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others who've found vaccine-strain measles in the GI tracts of "autistic" children.

To know the Kasemodel family is to witness authentic love -- the generous, giving love written of in poems, songs and scriptures, and which inspires others. In that respect Thomas is a very lucky boy.


This story caught my eye today

A yearlong effort by the National Institutes of Health to toughen its policies against financial conflicts of interest was led by an administrator who quietly helped one of the most prominent transgressors get hired by the University of Miami after a decade of undisclosed corporate payments led to his departure from Emory University, a Chronicle investigation has found


michael framson

As the horrendous environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has been unfolding, the media has made it a clear priority that the public will know more about blow-out-preventers(bops) than the complexities of the epidemic of vaccine/environmental/toxicologically-induced neurobehavioral disorders in our children. More people will see first hand the plight of the Louisiana brown pelicans, than will see children in pain from gut issues. The media has gone to great lengths to quickly identify the cozy relationships between the Minerals Management Service(MMS) and industry, than the very same coziness and "culture of corruption" within the CDC, ACIP, NIH, or anything related to Simpsonwood.

(It was amazing, than within the first few days of the "blow out", Ken Salazar quickly identified that things were too cozy at the MMS and the agency needed to be broken into at least two parts, safety and contracts. Put Salazar in charge of the CDC and break safety and vaccine recommendations out of that agency.)

Comparing the media's coverage of the Congressional hearings involving, British Petroleum and Trans Ocean and recalling the zero media coverage of Dan Burton's congressional inquiries only makes you wonder, what will it take for vaccination injuries to ever matter to anyone but the children and the parents.

Theresa O

Autism Grandma, your comparison to Vietnam vets is dead-on, and unfortunately, more than a little disheartening.

Vietnam veterans settled for a paltry sum back in 1984 ($1200 per veteran), due in large part to the falsified data submitted as evidence by the manufacturer of Agent Orange (see Marie-Monique Robin's book *The World According to Monsanto*). Now that investigative journalists have uncovered the truth about dioxin (and revealed that the data submitted by the manufacturer had been falsified), you would hope that there would be a big payday coming to the veterans who are still alive (or for the families of the ones who didn't live long enough). Sadly, though, it looks as if the vets are stuck with their own version of vaccine court (http://www1.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=1876) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_Orange#Against_manufacturers), hoping to get some medical expenses covered.

I guess the lesson is that if the bad guy is big enough and rich enough, it doesn't matter how many people know what the bad guy did--he won't have to pay very much, if he pays at all.

The great thing about Wakefield is that he is bringing hope to parents and information about potential treatment avenues. Even if parents never get their due from the manufacturer (or the government) who injured their children, they can try to pursue some treatments if they have heard Wakefield (or Krigsman or any of the other doctors who are out there helping vaccine-injured kids). Tim, I am so glad to hear that your son is improving. Even if he never gets justice, at least he can regain his health.

Autism Grandma

As I read the following article, "Was Rambo Right?", I was thinking of how this article also relates to the government and media abandonment of our children with Autism.

I was also thinking of the Vietnam Vets who survived the war only to become disabled and die from their exposure to Agent Orange. Dioxin being the most toxic chemical known wasn't enough to convince anyone in the government or media that these soldiers deserved therapy and compensation.

I was also thinking of the Gulf War Vets, 400,000 permanently disabled after their tour of duty, including many who never even actually went to Iraq. Evidence demonstrates that their extensive vaccinations including experimental vaccines such as Anthrax, permanently damaged their health and ability to function. It took all these years just for the government to finally be forced into admitting that "Gulf War Syndrome" is in fact real, however they are never going to admit the truth about the primary cause of this being vaccines. Meanwhile the government continues to cover up for the vaccine industry and the law passed in 1986 protects them from any liability. And meanwhile there is still no compensation available to any of these Gulf War veterans. They will just wait for the rest of them to die, as many of them already have. Young men who were previously perfectly healthy dying and disabled isn't a big enough story for the media? Or is it something more sinister, with news outlets being influenced and commanded to refrain from exposing this information.

I am also thinking of a million plus children with autism, with hundreds of thousands of family members witnessing their demise following vaccines. Babies and children who were previously perfectly healthy becoming mentally and physically disabled, and 40,000 new cases of autism being diagnosed every year now. Like our disabled Gulf War veterans who were overloaded with multiple vaccines full of multiple toxins, including highly neurotoxic Mercury and Aluminum, our vaccine injured children are abandoned by the government and media who continually Lie and Deny. And meanwhile there is still no compensation for these children and their families who are casualties of the Vaccines War.

Regarding all of these related tragedies, and many more, The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" has been transformed into "The One with the Gold Rules". The Chemical Industry, the Pharmaceutical Cartel, and all of the Big Industry Businesses like them are ruling this country, because these industries have the Big Money to buy congressmen, political leaders and government appointees. America is becoming a multi-faceted Dictatorship, with Big Business dictating the laws that protect their financial interests, while also dictating their propaganda to the media. Just one example of many horrific tragedies, the media will never risk their financial support from Big Pharma's drug advertising, and therefore the truth about the vaccines will continue to be covered up by the Big Media outlets. Independent Investigative Journalists and Researchers will continue to be the only source of factual information, so the only people that will ever realize the truth about what is really going on will be those who are willing to research online.

I copied several paragraphs from this article as the same issues relate to the abandonment of our children by the government and media, including vaccines issues and cover up of the truth. I included the link for the author's credit and access to entire article. However, I wish to state that I am not involved in any specific political party, and I weigh the statements of anyone with factual evidence and logical reasoning. There are many people with bad motivations in this world, along with the many people with good motivations, and it is often difficult to differentiate. Regardless of the failings of human beings, I do believe what the Bible states: "Do not put your faith in earthling man to whom no salvation belongs." History continually shows us that human government is woefully insufficient, therefore I put my faith and trust in the Divine Ruler of the Universe. That being said, and regardless of this author's political persuasion, a lot of his statements in this article make logical sense.

Was Rambo Right?

Hundreds of POWs may have been left to die in Vietnam, abandoned by their government---and our media.

By Ron Unz
Ron Unz is a Silicon Valley software developer and publisher of The American Conservative.

May 28, 2010
"Could this one article be true and all the countless contrary pieces I had read in America’s most prestigious publications be false, merely the presentation of official propaganda endlessly repeated?"

"All of this might seem unimaginable except that it falls into a strong pattern of the press avoiding stories of overwhelming importance. Consider how many of the national disasters of the past few years have been caused by the unwillingness of our major media to question official truths or the widespread beliefs of our elites. The Iraq “cakewalk” to eliminate Saddam’s WMDs, the nationwide housing bubble, and the Madoff swindle might have been prevented or would never have reached such massive proportions if reporters and editors had been willing to investigate and present claims contrary to the soothing blandishments of the powerful. Instead, it has become the norm for press outlets simply to repeat, with a few word substitutions, stories indistinguishable from those previously published by dozens of other press outlets, without ever examining any contrary evidence that might raise doubts about this perceived reality. Truth has come to mean the lies that everyone believes."

"A couple of years ago, in one of my last exchanges with my late friend Lt. Gen. Bill Odom, who ran the National Security Agency for President Ronald Reagan, we agreed a case could be made that today’s major American media had become just as dishonest and unreliable as the old Soviet propaganda outlets of the late 1970s. At the time, we were discussing the coverage of our road to the Iraq War, but subsequent events have demonstrated that this national illness is far more advanced than either of us had suspected. Whether or not Schanberg is proven correct, the shameful cowardice of our mainstream media is already proven by the wall of silence surrounding his work."

Peter Richardson: Why small media breaks the big stories

John LeBoutillier: How the D.C. media covers for the establishment

Alexander Cockburn: Sometimes conspiracy theories are true

Cynthia Cournoyer

The scripts are written before the interviews. I suspect they asked how your son was doing because they were sure you would say he is the same. They would have made a huge deal about that answer! After all, NBC must know that there is no cure for autism, vaccines don't cause it, and parents are desperate. Anything different from that doesn't make the narrative.

Media Scholar

I actually believe that the recent NBC TODAY appearance by Dr. Andrew Wakefield was splendid. Andrew has absolutely no reason to drop his chin. He was certainly heard. And heard while staring down the barrel of a loaded cannon.

If makes you feel better watch this...


These kooks on these "news" shows are all the same. Matt Roker or Al Lauer? Doesn't matter. They're lip men.

What Andrew was able to slip in was All-American.

He gets an A+ for the whole thing on TODAY.

If that's not enough read the after thoughts of the recent interview with Right Side. Those people apparently are not intellectually devoid, for sure.


We think this interview speaks for itself, but nonetheless, some things should be said. Most importantly, (given the Bell's focus on dominant social themes) we should point out that the mechanism used against Dr. Wakefield is the same one that was employed to silence dissenters as regards global warming. Papers were suppressed or retracted and the full weight of establishment institutions was brought to bear in terms of ridiculing those who dared question the "established science" of global warming. At the same time, the mainstream press itself supported the power-elite global-warming promotion with article after article - thousands of them over the years. In the case of Dr. Wakefield there have been further ramifications. He has lost his license to practice medicine in the UK.

What's the good news? The failure of the global warming dominant social theme and, now, the ongoing unraveling of the "one-size-fits-all" vaccine meme is again proof of the power of the Internet. It is impossible for the powers-that-be to keep from the public information that undermines their fear-based promotions. There are too many on-line avenues for Dr. Wakefield to get the word out, and he didn't even have to find a major publisher to market his book - he can provide it himself, on-line, and he has.

We have no doubt that Dr. Wakefield's incredibly reasonable point of view (especially that "safety-first" ought to be of paramount importance when it comes to vaccines) will eventually win the day. What is being done to him now, this campaign of apparent de-legitimization, is fairly puzzling given obvious conclusions almost any fair-minded person would reach regarding this controversy.

There is, in fact, a disturbing element of vindictiveness in it. And one wonders why. The poor guy was trying to solve a problem that needs to be solved. Parents are horribly tortured by what they feel they've done to their children. The children themselves are in pain and helpless. "Autism" is a terrible condition. The conflict-of-interest stuff that he's been tarred with is really beyond the pale given the conflicted nature of Western medicine generally as a result of its seeming virtual takeover by pharmaceutical companies.

But no matter. The Internet has radically leveled the playing field. The word is out to millions. Wakefield's public evisceration has probably done nothing more than to generate sympathy for him in many quarters. These days the elite, protecting its many franchises, cannot do much right. The playbook is moribund, the tactics incredibly heavy handed. What's been done to Wakefield merely puts off the day of reckoning, but does not remove it.

Eventually, in our opinion, vaccine makers (and their enablers in government regulatory agencies and especially within the World Health Organization) will be forced by the market itself - by concerned parents - to admit that certain vaccines apparently have certain side-effects - at least when given to certain children at certain times in their lives. Presumably, this has not already been admitted because bureaucrats are worried over their jobs and because vaccine-makers are worried about the fallout. Alternatively, the concern is simply that once a major problem like this is admitted as regards to vaccines, other equally destructive practices of Western medicine will come under attack.

Here at the Bell, anyway, we would welcome further scrutiny of Big Pharma generally. We think finding natural cures in the Amazon and elsewhere and then mimicking them artificially in the laboratory is fundamentally questionable and leads to dangerous medicine. In fact, we hope at some point the whole science of vaccines comes in for more serious scrutiny. There are more and more disease-specific vaccines these days, but from our humble point of view the evidence for the efficacy of many of these is scant. Certainly, according to Dr. Wakefield, not a lot of safety testing is going on.

Anyway, we've gone on longer than we wanted to. Below we've reprinted some additional material so that readers can see that our point of view is not merely an idiosyncratic one but is shared by others. Good luck, Dr. Wakefield!

Donna K

I want to thank you and your family for the efforts you made to educate the public that there certainly are children with autism who suffer debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms and they need and deserve investigation and treatment. You point out the significance of the consequences of censoring Dr. Wakefield in your post:

"I told Schmitz that I get “emotional” when I think about what treatments might have been available to my son had someone listened to Dr. Wakefield, instead of pretending what he described does not exist."

Dateline perpetuates this subsequent injustice against our children and Ami Schmitz played her part in making sure these consequences are far-reaching and literally felt all around the world in the guts of suffering children, my daughter included. Where I live, this Dateline broadcast allows local doctors to continue to deny treatment for children with autism who unnecessarily suffer with chronic gut pain/disease and other subsequent disease that follows as a result of it. It's despicable.

I'm relieved to hear that Thomas is responding to treatment and that he has parents such as yourself that fight for him and fight for other children by getting his story out to the masses.


When I watched that show, I wanted to throw a chair at my t.v.! I know that in the past, I was deceived exactly by this kind of propaganda. I only wish I had listened to the parents before who were warning against vaccines. Their cries were so muffled by what media and my doctor assured me that I am now crying out just like they had....I only hope that our cries are loud enough to stop others from joining us. Thanks for sharing more with us about the biased media. I can't understand how they sleep at night, knowing that they manipulate the facts just as much as big pharma. I'm so glad that Thomas is much improved and I wish him a lot more great health in the near future.


Thanks so much for sharing your son's story on Dateline!!! And very best wishes to you and your family.

Theresa Cedillo

Tim - and most importantly - I am SO happy you are seeing such wonderful improvements in Thomas! This should have been the highlight of the show.

Theresa Cedillo

Tim - thank you for speaking up and being so brave to be offer your story for Dateline. I am sorry they were not fair or truthful in their reporting. However, your story and your family speak volumes.

I would like to add something else. I am very disturbed that they used a portion of Michelle's court decision to bash Dr. Krigsman. They quoted SM Hastings words that our family was'misled' and that Dr. Krigsman was 'wrong' in both treating and diagnosing Michelle.

Michelle has been dx with INFLAMMATORY Bowel Disease and is being treated for CROHN'S Disease by a ped GI COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of Dr. Krigsman. She is being treated at one of the TOP medical teaching universities/children's hospitals on the west coast.

Dr. Krigsman was RIGHT, not wrong. He never misled us. He guided us on the right course of treatment and his findings proved to be right.

It is deceiving that only this portion of Michelle's case was aired. Our family was never given a chance to speak. We were never asked if we thought we were misled (NO we were NOT). There have been two appeals made to this decision. The most recent will have oral arguments taking place this week.

Ryan's Mom

Please remember that sharing your son's story also helps those parents who also follow the same treatment protocol. After 4 years of treating my son, who suffers similiarily to Thomas, we still encounter "the doubters" which can be disconcerning. Stay strong and know that there are many of us who believe like you, in the fight to heal our kids.

Bob Moffitt

I second Andrea's comments .. also happy to hear that Thomas has improved so.

Please do not get discouraged by the way DATELINE choose to "use" your family for their own advantage .. anyone who saw DATELINE has a better understanding of what our children go through .. no thanks to DATELINE who did all they could to diminish it.

Trust me...if your family had been disappointed in the treatment that Thomas received...DATELINE would have been DELIGHTED to report it.

Barry S.

Keep up the fight! Your son (and all of our children) will be the "proof" that NOONE will be able to cover-up or dispute when they tell their story, become lawyers and doctors, and change the world's thinking.


I'm sorry they treated your story like that Tim. But it's a blessing to hear that Thomas' pain is somewhat abating.

I think we are all pretty tired of being portrayed as the "poor unknowing parent being seduced". It is the media being seduced by the ridicules simplistic lies and explanations those like Paul Offit make up. I'm still laughing at the fettuccine and raisin explanation being aired by Amanda Pete. The media continually sensationalize the issue from the Offit/Deer fantasy point of view when neither of them has a child on the spectrum, treat any children on the spectrum or even really understand what autism is.


Andrea makes an unfortunate observation, the last thing parents of newly diagnosed kids needs is doubt and Dateline et al are spreading the doubt to thousands of parents out there looking for help.

Not everyone goes to the lake to bathe, those that dont miss the healing, it's more than the spit and mud, it's the faith needed to get you to the lake, these reports might not stop parents from seeking help, but it will test their faith in following through, sometimes that walk to the lake is a journey that takes years and years.

As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,,” said Jesus, “but this happened in his life. As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Having said this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the pool of Siloam” (this word means Sent). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him begging asked, “Isn’t this the same man who used to sit and beg?” Some claimed that he was.

Others said, “No, he only looks like him.”

But he himself insisted, “I am the man.”

“How then were your eyes opened?” they demanded.

He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.”

“Where is this man?” they asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said. -- John 9:1-12

John Gilmore

First thank you for being willing to take a chance on the brutal treatment the corporate media can dish out. Despite the bias of Dateline I still think for us that there is no such thing as bad publicity. As you pointed many people saw that a child with autism and GI issues showed significant improvement after his GI issues were treated. The fact that this would be so intensely controversial just goes to show how profoundly corrupt medicine is in the US today, and how under the thumb of corporate and government the mainstream media are. Fortunately year after year fewer and fewer people are watching, listening to, or watching the corporate media. And without a mass media to misinform and divert the public's attention the task of political control becomes all that more difficult for the powers-that-be.



Thrilled your son Thomas is making the improvements that he is. That's what it's all about. Unfortunately, many kids won't get the help they need due to false and misleading reporting like Dateline did.

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