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Autism Awareness by Zack Clothing Now Available: Win a Free T-shirt!

Zack T AUTISM AWARENESS by Zack is a new clothing line designed by Autism Activist and Award-Winning Author, Zack Gonzalez. The clothes are all organic and all made in the USA. They are American Apparel shirts with Zack's slogans and designs. Each slogan/design promotes Autism Awareness. There are currently two campaigns running on the line right now; the "Make Our Vaccines Green" Campaign and the "I Can Make A Difference" Campaign.
The shirts are perfect for any occasion. You can wear them when dressing up, or you can wear them casually. It doesn't matter how you wear them; the important thing is that you are spreading awareness just by doing so! The shirts are officially set to be released in June 2010.

The shirts are currently up for pre-sale for an extremely low price! Order your's today on Zack Official Web site: Leave a comment below to enter to win a shirt.

20% of the proceeds from each shirt go to Generation Rescue to help fund for family grants.


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Daniel Gummersheimer

For my son. I love him dearly

stacey russo

Im so sick of discrimination and judgement on my autisic child even by family. there is also nothing for support around here or awareness. so i started a support group. am raizing awareness thru the schools etc. cant wait til autism awareness month. ill be sitting infront of stores to. i got the mayors support and oh so much more. oh i wish i could get a free shirt to help me out.


I would love to have on ur t shirts BC where I live no one know about autism and I have 2 kids with Autism and it really needs to heard and seen here where I live


My 15 year old brother has autism and I would love to have a free shirt so I can support my brother in every way I can because no outside our family understands him.


My brother is 3 and has autism and no one at my school knows what it is, I'm a sibling of autism and im trying to raise as much awareness as I can with teens. Thanks!

April Covington

These shirts are too cute! My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with autism and I will do anything to support the cause! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

karen fagan

i have two girls with autism 21 15 years old it has very stress full these years god helps me karen fagan 719 n. chestnut green bay wi 54303

olivia coco

my son has pdd and it think we need more ways to promote this and i think a shirt is perfect

Managing Editor RE Shirt

Hi - we no longer have the AofA shirts - but all of our wonderful sponsors have stores with a great selection of items including T-shirts. I'm sure you'll find something perfect to wear at their shops. Thank you.


noemi lujan

my aunt noemi just got informed that my daughter chantel has p.d.d. and she asked me if there was any way that i could try to get her a free shirt. this means a lot to me because i live in vegas and she in washington Dc, this means shes trying to spred the word so i would really appreciate if she could get a free t-shirt.will post her info below cus i already applied for a free shirt. thank you very much the world needs more people like you, spread the word ,spread the love.

joanna coburn

well i have a 5 year old named chantel who was diagnosed with p.d.d which is a form of autisum about a year and a half ago.shes currently on meds see's a psyciatrist and we usto do speech and occupational therapy but our insurance dosent cover it so we cant afford it right now. i really feel that people in general need to know what autisum really is and how it affects not just the people with autisum but the whole family. I would be very excited and honred to wear one of ur shirts on my chest. thank you very much.

L Long

I wear a autism awareness shirt almost everyday but they are usually ones I have made myself with fabric paint, yours look much better. Our commununity needs all the awareness help it can get.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Amy Rhodes

Great Job!!!! Awesome creativity! More (creative) people should use their talents for good, just like Zack!!
Thank You & kudos!!!
Can't wait to get one.


Triple A effort... Advocating for Autism is Awesome!


Very cool!! : )


GReat shirts! Great cause!
I only have a few advocacy shirts (the 'green our vaccines' green rally shirt, 2 of them actually), and 2 TACA shirts (my favorite one, with the 'poo' phrase actually has a hole in the hoo)...but I wear an advocacy tshirt everywhere...just about everywhere I go out in ever, and LOVE wearing them! I sure could use another one or two...or 3 or!

Please enter me in the drawing!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Stephanie McBride

Awesome!! Thank you!


Love your shirts Zack! Would love to win one! Thanks.


Great shirts! I would love to win one!

shmuel ben dov

Great shirt I wonder if you can make one with
Hebrew writing..


I would feel very proad to win and wear this t-shirt, im soo proad of my daughter and all she has done. She is my world and i love her so much! anything that shows awareness for autism ide wear, thanks for this Zack and AOA.


I would love to win a shirt. They have great messages to share.


Those are great shirts, thanks for offering them as a giveaway.

Steve LHeureux

Any way to spread the word and get people involved is awesome. These shirts would get people talking and start the discussion. (My son is non-verbal and age 11.) Thanks for a great product and love the "organic"!

- Steve LHeureux

Jennifer Lane

We would wear these with pride!!!!

Sandra Marcus

It would be great to win a t-shirt to spread awareness. My twin grandsons stopped talking & making eye contact at 18 mos. after receiving 9 vaccines at a well baby check up. I am the mother of 3 adult children and grandmother to 5. I so wish some one had made me aware of what is in vaccines. I would be proud to wear the t-shirt so others would never have to struggle the way my precious twins do every day. The twins have made awesome progress with GFCF diet & followong the DAN protcol.

Tammy Martin

i would love a shirt! my son has recently been diagnosed and trying to learn soo much about it! thank you for your site!!


I'd wear it with pride! Let's talk about the real causes of this senseless epidemic so we can actually make progress toward preventing future cases. No puzzle ribbons for us--but I'd love this shirt!


Please enter me in the drawing/contest for a t-shirt!


Rebecca S Lopez

I would love to get a t-shirt for my son! Great way to spread awareness!

Lyn Chandler

Can't wait to get my shirt and wear it proudly!!!


I f I were lucky enough to win a shirt...I don't care which one because they are both awesome!!!


Those are awesome!


Thank you for your efforts to raise awareness on Autism and the proceeds going to grants for family that need help is priceless!

Fae V

these shirts have a great message! :)

Sue Cranmer

Love anything that raises autism awareness and starts a conversation about causes and needs.

Delores Goneau

my son would love these!

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