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The GMC Hearings: Return to the House of Lies

Lies Managing Editor's Note: Martin has published two books with the stories of the GMC parents. Please go to Slingshot Publications to purchase.

By Martin Walker

God gave me a mind that is my own,
a mind that has not been mortgaged to the opinion
of any man or set of men, a mind
that I was to use and not surrender.
Thomas Francis Meagher 1846. (1)
Chief Prosecutor Smith, yesterday asked for the most severe sanction to be levied against Dr Wakefield and Professor Walker-Smith, in the resumed second part of the  GMC Fitness  to Practice Hearing taking place in London.
The day was a quite outside the building. Where on previous first days there had been crowds of parents, there were now only two journalists self censured in a small railed paddock. Inside, the cavernous glass building there was no doubt that they were expecting trouble. Having seen the television film of the revolution in Kyrgyzstan and recognising the similarities in their corrupt judicial procedures, the GMC had employed security guards who sat guarding the door to the Hearing and public gallery.
As expected Miss Smith called for the 'erasure' of Dr Wakefield from the Medical Register due to the number and severity of the charges that accounted singularly and cumulatively as Serious Professional Misconduct. Despite the fact that Professor Walker-Smith has been retired for some years after having been one of the most respected European paediatric gastroenterologists and despite the fact that he had only seen children for clinical reasons and despite the fact that he carried no 'invasive procedures' on any of the children in the Lancet paper, Smith also called for his erasure from the Medical Register.
In her Machiavellian manner Smith suggested that to give Walker-Smith a lesser sentence would leave children at risk. She didn't state which children would be at risk, but as Walker-Smith is now retired from clinical medicine, we have to assume they would be ones that he came across in the park or the local high street. Smith stressed that Walker-Smith's erasure was important to assure the public that the medical profession take these charges seriously. What of course she didn't say but which was completely true, was that had the Panel only admonished Walker-Smith, the public and the lawyers would have been able to ask how Wakefield had been able to commit all the iniquities he was charged with single-handed. In order to win the day, Smith has always had to brand Wakefield and Walker-Smith with the same iron. This is ironic considering that both defendants had many evident disagreements and some disliking for each other.
Smith suggested that Prof. Murch whilst subordinate to Prof. Walker-Smith might have used his consultant status to make his own decisions regarding the treatment of the children. However, Smith suggested that perhaps the panel might be more lenient with Professor Murch and simply suspend him for a period if he shows sufficient contrition. Again this is a bizarre and dark suggestion in light of the fact that it was Professor Murch who actually carried out the 'invasive' procedures which were at the heart of the case. In saying this, I am not being critical of Professor Murch, who all the parents know acted clinically, at all times, with ethical correctness.

In preparing her ground Smith repeatedly referred, with the coinage of hypocrisy that is her staple expression, to the damage done to Public Health by the defendants. She also kept afloat the lie - one of the main pillars of the prosecution case - that the children cited in the Lancet paper were not ill and did not arrive at the Royal Free Hospital with clinical symptoms. Those who know even a little about this faux trial will know that this prosecution assertion has been the seminal reason why their parents were never called to give evidence. In effect, Smith has spent two and a half years accusing the parents of vaccine damaged children, of ignorance about their children, of lying, of demanding useless invasive procedures, of having neurotic disorders, and of being gulled at the expense of their children by the charismatic Dr Wakefield.
The question of why no parents were called, however, hangs like a spectre equally over the defence council. Nothing that has happened, so far, has riled any of the defence council sufficiently to fight back on behalf of their clients. Nothing, it seems, dampens their essentially cheery disposition while the lives and professional reputations of their three clients hang in the balance.
Bran Deer, the Sunday Times columnist, often referred to by parents as the 'little man', arrived soon after the start of proceedings, having presumably wanted to miss expected demonstrations. Deer, the main architect of the character assassination of Dr Wakefield, imagines that there will be pandemonium when the doctors are struck off. In this opinion he shows the usual low level of understanding of the parents and defendants, who have always behaved with courtesy and intelligence, despite being deprived of research hopes for the treatment of their desperately damaged children.
When Smith wound up the morning session at 11.45, Kieran Coonan proposed that the hearing should resume at 2.15, which would give him sufficient time to get through his brief submissions, about which he was going to seek advice from Dr Wakefield. After a two and half hour lunch break, Coonan confirmed that he had been instructed by Wakefield to make no submissions to the Hearing and that he had nothing to add to the stinking landfill Smith had put forward that morning.
The next sitting day will be next Tuesday when Mr Miller, counsel for Professor Walker-Smith, will have character witnesses arriving from America. Their evidence will take one to one and a half days (in Standard GMC Time [SGMCT] this converts into around two months including short post-Easter breaks and time off for participants to consult with other share-holders and stock-brokers). Prof. Murch's character witnesses will attend on the following Friday.
(1) Speeches from the dock. M. H. Gill and Son.1910.

Martin J Walker is an investigative writer who has written several books about aspects of the medical industrial complex. He started focusing on conflict of interest, intervention by pharmaceutical companies in government and patient groups in 1993. Over the last three years he has been a campaign writer for the parents of MMR vaccine damaged children
covering every day of the now two year hearing of the General Medical Council that is trying Dr Wakefield and two other doctors. His GMC accounts can be found at  www.cryshame.com, and his own website is, www.slingshotpublications.com.


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Autism Grandma

Re: Posted by: nhokkanen

"I don't know how Smith can live with herself, or face the families of all those sick children."

A classic case of "selling your soul to the devil": Money and Power go a long way to smother the conscience of certain types of people.

michael framson

"GMC had employed security guards who sat guarding the door to the Hearing and public gallery."

Are the guards to keep the truth out and lies in?


Thank you as always Mr. Walker for enduring the sulphur fumes which must emanate from the GMC hearing room for two long years. For anyone concerned enough about justice in this case to put themselves through it, it must be a form of torture in itself to see justice raped, beaten, revived with freezing water and bludgeoned all over again time after time.

It's pretty commic that the GMC have wound themselves up into a paranoid tizzy of terror over what those "dangerous" Lancet parents might do in response to the mangled excuse for justice that the GMC knew it would be serving up. Stick-up artists and rapists carry guns and knives for a reason I guess-- they generally expect their intended victims won't respond very well to assaults.

But in this case, the GMC is arming itself again participants of an unfailingly peaceful protest. So truly the GMC knows their own guilt in this case, or they have bought into the ways in which they've altered their own victims' characters-- as stick up artists and rapists always do, at least according to most tomes on criminology.

That's all the participants in these legal attacks are-- criminals. They may not all lurch around bawling with Brian Deer's Guy-Ritchie-film-thug demeanors, but they're no better.


Now I need to understand what is taking place. The GMC is now wanting to remove the medical license of these three men. Which I would assume by their previous actions will probalby happen. Will these three men then have the right to appeal this to a court of law? Or is this it?


Thank you so much, Martin Walker, for continuing to keep us informed, with your acute observations -- especially helpful since we are surrounded by such an absence of reporting on this, aside from a few formulaic lines parotting the official spin. And I love your sense of humor.

Clearly this GMC is totally screwed up, and I just hope that the appeals court will treat the case with objectivity, intelligence, fairness. It will be interesting to see how Professors Walker-Smith and Murch respond; I hope they stand their ground.

This is all so outrageous yet ignored by everyone outside our community, as if we are in a parallel universe.

Prayers for these three doctors and their families.


I've always found it suspicious that while there were 12 names on that Lancet paper, only the 3 who refused to retract are put up on these charges. Somehow I just know that if Wakefield, Walker-Smith, and Murch had retracted, they would not have been brought up on these charges either. True profiles in courage, these three men.

Jim Thompson

Martin: Thank you for airing this mucky Newspeak. “In preparing her ground Smith repeatedly referred, with the coinage of hypocrisy that is her staple expression, to the damage done to Public Health by the defendants.”

So there it is in plain view—“damage done to Public Health.” This vital pharmaceutical scare tactic, long used to fatten corporate bottom lines, has been damaged.

War is peace. Sickness is health. Public is corporate profit.

Meanwhile children suffer immeasurably and Miss Smith goes down in history as part of the problem.


So no response at all from Wakefield. I have never met him, but if I did I think I would quite like him.

patricia pratt

I am so glad to hear that Dr Wakefield made no submission for his defence. It would have been utterly pointless. This Hearing should be treated with the contempt it so richly deserves. It is a tragic farce.
I trust Wakefield is intending to go to High Court Appeal.

Thankyou Martin for your time and acute observations.

The "little man" must have been quite disappointed with the lack of attention outside the Hearing.

I have a question for you Martin. Will the General Election results have any bearing on Salisbury´s position in Public Health Dept?
Is it Government appointed?

Jane Vermeer

Thank you to all at Age Of Autism for keeping supporters of Dr Wakefield up to date with proceedings. Dr Wakefield is so articulate and intelligent, I can't understand why he doesn't carry out his own defence and call parents to the stand. I think the documentary made by Goldenhawks projects should be manditory for the GMC to watch and I would love to see it on public television. I hope Dr Wakefield has the strength to go on because the world needs him, he is one in a billion.
Thank you once again and I can only but hope that justice will prevail (but without parent testimonies, more active involvement from the great Doc and the development of a conscience and brain for Brian Deer and GMC, it is not looking good).
Jane Vermeer (australia)
Parent of 18 year old boy damaged by MMR at 17 months.

Jake Crosby

Martin, it is truly mind-boggling how you've managed to wade through this circus over the last couple years, and write such stellar pieces of what you saw and heard. You are epic.


I don't know how Smith can live with herself, or face the families of all those sick children.

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