Teen Births Plummet

That's a good thing on its own, of course, but I will rerun my speculative comments from late last year: Is HPV vaccine bringing down the birth rate? This idea was first proposed to me by an Australian vaccine safety...

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Help Jenny McCarthy Win $250K for Generation Rescue in Pepsi's Refresh Everything Contest

Vote HERE.  

Generation Rescue provides biomedical treatment grants for families who can not afford treatment. Each grant provides two visits with a physician specifically trained to treat autism and diagnose the child's needs. The grant also provides essential vitamins and minerals that scientific studies have shown are deficient in children with autism, as well as science-based laboratory testing. Each grant costs $2,500. The support of $250,000 will allow us to provide treatment for 100 families.


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Let's hope Pepsi runs a tighter ship than Chase did...


Terrific! I hope they win, I will vote. Unfortunately we were ineligible for the rescue grant because one time I took my son to a DAN! dr (the closest one) and she was no help whatsoever. Rescue grants are only for people who have never tried biomed, so that one bad (and expensive) DAN! visit disqualified us. :(

I'm glad to cast a vote for "autism experts" who actually help kids get better.

FYI, according to Pepsi's site, we can vote every day:

"Starting February 1st, vote for up to 10 of your favorite ideas every day."

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