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Let's end this miserable AAM (which I'm not going to spell out) with this comment by John Stone on Mary Holland at the UN. Why? Because it inspires me! "This is a great and historic moment. A miracle to see...

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David Kirby On HuffPo: Drugs, Poisons and Metals in our Meat...

Don't eat poop Drugs, Poisons and Metals in Our Meat -- USDA Needs A Major Overhaul

Washington dumped some more bad news Friday afternoon when the USDA's Office of Inspector General issued a damning and unsettling report on the department's "National Residue Program for Cattle." It found gaping holes in the safety of American beef production, including residue of drugs, poisons and heavy metals in the meat we eat.

It's a stomach-turning, chilling read, even for a federal government document with the driest of titles: "Audit Report 24601-08-KC." And it's something that every omnivore in America should take the time to read.

"Based on our review, we found that the national residue program is not accomplishing its mission of monitoring the food supply for harmful residues," the USDA's oversight office wrote. The audit revealed that USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), along with the FDA and EPA, "have not established thresholds for many dangerous substances (e.g., copper or dioxin), which has resulted in meat with these substances being distributed in commerce."

Even worse, the federal government does not attempt to recall meat, "even when its tests have confirmed the excessive presence of veterinary drugs," the audit said...

Read and comment on the full post at HuffPo HERE. Buy a copy of David Kirby's new book, Animal Factory HERE.


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Please, can someone remind me who Obama has recently appointed as United State's Chief Agricultural Negotiator - the new USDA "Czar"? Ah! yes... that would be Islam Siddiqui, who 6 months ago was a lobbyist for Monsanto. He is the 3rd person connected to Monsanto who has been appointed by Obama to extremely powerful posts at the USDA - Dr Beachy previously Director of Monsanto's nonprofit research group, Danford Plant Science now Director of NIFA with a $500 million budget to promote genetically engineered foods - and at the FDA - Michael Taylor, ex-Monsanto King & Spalding attorney.

Monsanto manufactures amongst their many other poisons (such as rbGH)the antibiotic LS-50 - the most common antibiotic residue found in the flesh of slaughterhouse cows and illegal to use in dairy cows.

Just curious ...

"Residues" -- is that a value-added bonus, or another food group?

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