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Flutie Family Fence Project And Northeastern Fence & Supply Keep Children with Autism Safe

Flutie Many organizations within the autism world do wonderful work for people on the spectrum and their families. The Flutie Foundation is one of them. Check out their "Flutie Family Fence Project" in conjunction with Northeastern Fence of Saugus, Massachusetts.  Last week a 7 year old boy with autism named James Delorey wandered from home in Canada. He died as a result of hypothermia following two days in the frigid weather.

Read the full article on the Flutie Family Fence Project at WickedLocal: Saugus, MA News

The issue of wandering is prevalent within the Autism community. According to a recent online survey conducted by National Autism Association, 92 percent of the respondents said their autistic child was prone to wandering.

“With any child, there is always a concern for safety when kids are playing outside,” said Chris Chirco, Director of Programming at the Flutie Foundation. “That concern rises for parents of autistic children, who often wander and don’t understand the concept of danger or the repercussions of walking into traffic. Installing a fence around the yard where children play is an important tool that allows parents to create a safe area for their child to play freely.”

Chirco said the idea of complimentary fence installation, now known as the Flutie Family Fence Project, came after repeated calls by parents, voicing their concerns about the issue. He put out a call to action for fence companies throughout the state, and Northeastern Fence stepped up to the plate...


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Hello we live in Alabama with an autistic child. We live in the country were people some times in the year hunt around. We have no neighbors around and we are concern about the safety of our child. We are a low income family and we need some type of help on getting a fence on our land. Please let us know if anyone could help us. Thank you sooo much and God bless.

We have just gotten our fence thanks to the generosity of the Flutie Foundation and the willingness of Northeast Fence to partner with them. It is such a relief to know that our son is able to access the yard without having to fear for his safety when he walks out the door. This project enables family normalcy and gives a piece of mind. What a tremendous gift!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Corcoran Family

I've been there too. My son doesn't understand the danger of going in the street amoung other things. I have put alarms on the doors so I will know if he ever opens one. I have no fence, so I'm petrified he will get out without me knowing. It would be wonderful to have the same thing in my area. I can't even get anyone out here to give me a quote on putting up a fence.

This is a fantastic idea! I hope this spreads everywhere. Can you imagine how many fences Autism Speaks could have put up with 1/2 a director's salary?

What a wonderful project! Like Cathy, we hope to eventually have our yard fenced in, at this time we don't have a fence at all.

What a gift this would be. We've had a few scares ourselves. We're saving up money to replace the regular chain link fence we have with a tall privacy (can't be climbed over) fence....

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