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A Nurse Speaks Up About Flu Shots

Vaccines colorful Media Editor's Note: Lynette Volkers is an RN who's looked beyond the official claim, "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives."  After talking with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny about vaccines, she started to question the things she’d been taught.  Lynette recently said, “I am new to questioning vaccines.  My children are 3 and 2 years old and have up to this point received their vaccinations, and me, well, up until this year I have received the flu vaccine.”  After what she’s learned about the damaging side effects of vaccinations she now writes, “If you were to ask me today if I would immunize against anything right now - HECK NO!!   It infuriates me that the pharmaceutical industry dictates so much of the medical field.”  As more courageous professionals in the medical community speak out, everyone will wake up to the truth about the unchecked, unsafe vaccine program and the link to the epidemic increase in autism. – Anne Dachel, Media Editor.
FLU SHOT:  Friend or Foe?
By Lynette Volkers  RN BSN

The timing is impeccable.  As the leaves morph into their vibrant fall colors so comes the onslaught of the dreaded flu season.  "Get your flu shot here" posters spring up in every corner.  The media does its job well. By repeatedly discussing outbreaks and flu-related deaths, the public is motivated by fear. Americans everywhere rush to get the magic flu ‘jab,” victims of media-hype and massive marketing.   
Why do we get flu shots?  Supposedly to protect us from fever, body aches and some upper respiratory illness that lasts at the most 3-5 days. However, studies show that the flu shot is not effective.  Both information from the FDA and the manufacturer’s package insert indicate that the flu shot should NOT be given to pregnant women; yet they are at the top of the priority list for receiving this fall’s flu shots. Vaccination of healthy adults reduces the risk of contracting influenza by a mere 6 percent. And there is no evidence that injecting children 6 to 24 months of age with a flu shot is any more effective than placebo.  Some reports actually suggest you have an increased chance of contacting the flu after you receive the flu shot. In other words, getting the flu shot offers no guarantee you will not become ill. 

Your doctor and the media are not telling you what is coming through that needle. Besides the formula of viruses scientists concoct by an admitted guess, you also get a big dose of problems. Flu shots contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and all multi-dose flu shot vials have thimerosal, (mercury), a controversial ingredient linked to autism. Others ingredients include polysorbate 80, shown to cause infertility in mice; gentamycin, an antibiotic, and Triton X100, a strong detergent.

It is infuriating that the truth about both H1N1 Swine flu and the seasonal flu is not accurately portrayed in the media.  If you spend some time on the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) website, you would find that less than 1,000 people actually die each year from the flu, not the 36,000 deaths robotically reported by the media. One could speculate there is a conspiracy between the government, the drug companies, and the media. This game allows billions of dollars to pour into the deep pockets of Big Pharma while millions of Americans are injured by flu shots incessantly hyped by the fear-mongering press. 
The role of medicine is to treat disease. Anyone who takes time to learn the truth about vaccines will find that vaccinations do not prevent disease but rather they stoke the fires and perpetuate disease, insuring that doctors and pharmaceutical companies have diseases to treat in the future. 

Before you decide to get the flu shot, take responsibility for your health. One of the most important preventions you can do is to get your vitamin D level checked; be sure the level is about 60ng/mL. Do some research on websites that are not sponsored by drug company money.  A few I like are listed below. If the flu gets you down this winter, let your body do what it was made to do – heal itself. Stay at home, increase your vitamin C and vitamin D, avoid junk food, get plenty of sleep, cough or sneeze into a tissue, and most importantly, wash your hands. 

Pandemic Flu Online    
Dr. Tenpenny   
Vaccine Truth 
Medical Voices
Lynette Volkers is a neonatal intensive care Unit nurse in Wisconsin.


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todays Herald (Calgary) headline: SINGLE FLU SHOT IS ENOUGH" yeah, I'm sure it is. They're probably worried that 2 shots (especially with adjuvant) will cause more reactions AND what do they care anyways; they're not even testing anymore for H1N1. If you had the shot and got it anyways, they would never know. Not that they care.



Casey Ohlsson

I'm right behind you Craig. The time for niceties is loooong past. Let's focus on the issues and not each other's behavior.

So... Big Brother any response?

Theresa is correct... Lynette wasn't even talking about autism....

Theresa O

What's the most asinine about the comment from "big brother" is that the RN who wrote this post isn't even talking about autism. She's talking about (1) the toxins in flu shots; (2) the fact that the flu vaccine has been shown to be not nearly as effective as the media and some doctors would have patients believe; and (3) the fact that when doctors tell people only misinformation related to point #2 and provide no information related to point #1, it's NOT informed consent. Lynette Volkers RN is not talking about the flu shot causing autism, so I'm not sure what "big brother" is talking about, or why he has a problem wth Nurse Volkers's post.

Craig Willoughby

Thorton, for the most part I agree with you. But, when someone shows up and attacks someone for oppositional views like big brother did, I think it is important to respond to them in kind. I'm ok with polite, but he was not very polite, was he? Is it ok for him to be rude to us and us not defend ourselves?

I'm sorry if you took offense to it. I, however, do not apologize to him.

And yes, I am curious and agree with you and bensmyson; what should we be focusing on?


Very nice reply

Casey, Craig,
People who are frustrated for being attacked when expressing oppositional views, should be kinder when someone expresses views in opposition to their own.

big brother,
I agree with bensmyson; what exactly is the problem that we should be focusing on?

Kathy Blanco

Big Brother...I think the problem with wide generatlizations, is that you don't see the accumulative affect of toxins, vaccines, retroviruses in those vaccines (as a precursor infection), could make a child tip after a trigger like vaccines. I do believe mothers may be giving children infections in utero, which can't help things, and I do believe the same avenue is had for toxins which exchange from mother to baby. Then when born, we whack babies with asphyxiation by immediate cord clamp, HEP B, and a wide range of neurotoxins in foods, plastics, toxins, etc. So, if you think about it like a tub of water...how much does that tub contain...before everything falls over and spills out? This is not just a one shot event...most kids with autism have a number of "hits", unknown and known...and perhaps like canary birds, until you get into the deepest crevacies of the caves, then you lack the oxygen...then you see the last hit, as the hit. Typically that is vaccines for many kids, or a feverish illness...again, this would make an already cytokine active brain, more active...and whala...the brain is not developing at a critical time and window. The same can be had for elders...except there degeneration starts after the brain was somewhat capable of forming...but in their case, the slow insicious onslaught of toxins, mercury in their teeth, vaccines, and a virus or bacteria persistent in them, can start the same process...

Why question what is going on here...it's not like we are blind to the facts that this world is so heavily polluted, that we have denials of our toxicity in our bodies, or deny we are asphyxiating kids with ICC in birth settings? Indeed...every child is different, every exposure is different, and every child comes into the world with varying immune capitals. The things that are similar is what and where it affects the brain...and timing and dose.


Nurses have always had the closest relationships with patients, so it is especially good to hear them speak up on this issue. It can be a political risk to their careers, so I am grateful for those of you that have shown the courage to do it!


Thank you Lynette.

Casey Ohlsson

OK Big Brother--
I don't like to get into pissing contests with people like you, but your post is so asinine I can't stop myself:

I agree with Bensmyson, "What exactly is the problem?" If you say you, or nobody, knows for sure... don't you think that is something that needs to be researched? Once again the fear that maybe, just maybe, the "Old Guard" could be wrong?

The other issue with your post is this:
"I could come up with 100s of just as likely causes. Smoking, microwaves, cell phones, play-doh, just to name a few."

So if you feel those things are toxic, carcinogenic, or otherwise can contribute to autism--- then are vaccines NOT at ALL even in the slightest neurotoxic? Since when is Hg or formaldehyde not neurotoxic?

Us wild ass pack of parents know that our world is too toxic and it all contributes to "autisms", (DUH!) but anyone with a drop of common sense would know that 36 vaccines by age 4 full of neurotoxic material would have a significant impact on the total toxic load of a child.

Why is it so hard to wrap your head around it?
As I shake my head in digust and go back to my own research.... since I can no longer trust the "tradtional" medical community.


@ bigbrother

You said,

" I just wish people would try to focus on the real problem rather than wasting time beating a dead horse."

Perhaps you can share with us exactly what you believe to be the "real problem"

Craig Willoughby

big brother,
Your blathering is exactly what is wrong with medicine today. Completely ignore the fact that many of us have watched our children have severe reactions to vaccines and then regress soon after. Completely refuse to study the children that did regress because it might just prove you wrong. Yay Science!!

But you and the idiots who tell you what to think want all of us to forget everything we saw, lie to ourselves, our families and our children, and brainwash ourselves into believing it never happened.

Or wait. I got it! It's all of these parents who are conspiring together to fake their children's conditions in order to discredit the Pharmaceutical companies (as if they need any help) and bring back deadly and communicable diseases by getting rid of vaccines. How many people would need to be involved in that conspiracy?



Well Done!!! As a fellow RN, I was just interviewed with on online health mag and shared the same views. I am going to send this link to the journalist who interviewed me.

big brother

Wow. I know that RN degree can be tough, but someone should have spent more time studying logic and reasoning instead of the elective in junk science.

I myself grew up helping to care for an autistic sister, and understand the emotional distress it causes to a family. I just wish people would try to focus on the real problem rather than wasting time beating a dead horse.

I could come up with 100s of just as likely causes. Smoking, microwaves, cell phones, play-doh, just to name a few. And if you dispute that I'll just post a few articles claiming conspiracy, add a few unrlated facts, and "leave it up to the reader" to draw their own conclusions.


Thank you for having the conversation to dismantle the "belief system science" around vaccines. Its just like authoritarian religion.

Has anyone noticed that H1N1 seems over and now the vaccine has arrived? Reminds me of Henny Penny or the Boy Who Cried Wolf. You would think the manufacturers would somehow safe face. Perhaps they will pronounce H1N1 gone in a couple of weeks after they say the vaccine got rid of it.

Nick Haas

Lynette, Thank you so very much!

Anne Dachel

Dear Lynette,

I can't thank you enough for being a woman of conscience and speaking out when so many are silent.

Anne Dachel


I heard one of the guiney pigs, I mean nurses, at a major hospital here in Alberta, seized after her H1N1 SHOT. A code was called and I wonder if an adverse event report was even sent. BTW, Canada had the stupidity to go for the vacc with the adjuvant.


National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Raj

Funny quotes from this post:

"The research community continues to believe (whether you agree with it or not) that origins of autism are in the womb."

"During flu season, flu vaccines are recommended for pregnant women."

"Only 1/3 of pregnant women receive the flu vaccine during flu season."

And the funniest quote yet with 7 razzies goes to:.......

"Seasonable flu vaccines are among the few vaccines that contain trace amounts of Thimerosal (depending on the manufacturer)."

I am not sure what is worse the movie or the post....


RAJ said: "The research community continues to believe (whether you agree with it or not) that origins of autism are in the womb."

Belief does not equal truth.

The fact that rates are climbing and the incidence is now 1 in 58 boys does not support that the origins are in the womb. It does support environmental causation.

But the research community, which as we all know, is often heavily funded by Pharma, may have to take that position. Why? Because causation scenarios of immune dysfunction or environmental stressors could implicate vaccines whih they fiercy protect. It would also suggest the condition is a treatable medical condition which they deny.


RAJ, there are no flu vaccines with "trace amounts of Thimerosal." A trace amount of mercury for a vaccine is considered to be 0.3 mcg. "Seasonable" (lol) flu vaccines either contain 0, 1, 24.5 or 25 mcg of mercury. Most contain 24.5 or 25 mcg of mercury.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou so very much Lynette. There is something so magnificent about TRUTH.
Today I was pondering on how autism parents are maligned. In truth, who on earth has less use for crackpot thinking and non-science than an autism parent? An autism parent is the greatest seeker of the scientific truth on earth, because science, real science, can perhaps give them a clue as to how to heal their child, and that is all that they care about. Some of the best scientific thought of our times is coming from the autism parents. Will anyone get a Nobel prize for that? Not likely, but perhaps far, far, in the future- posthumously - the truth will be out.


Thanks Lynn! I am a pediatric RN and I have a REAL issue with vaccines of any kind. I had my son vaccinated, and he is ASD. I did not get a single vaccine for my NT daughter and she is SO healthy.

I currently run a respite program for special needs and medically fragile children and everyone I work with knows I am not in favor of vaccines. Too many children in our program are vaccine injured. I don't think I could ever work in an area of nursing that would require me to "promote" vaccines or even give them!

Any faith I had that the AMA, APA, or any other government agency had "our best interests in mind" when out the door when they started giving a shot for a sexually transmitted disease to a 1 day old infant!!! Why the @$@@#& does a 1 day old infant need a shot of hep b??
I know why. It is easier to inject a baby 3 times in 6 months then it is to get a drug addict or prostitute to come back for 3 shots in 6 months. What kind of logic is that??? It is called $$$ for big pharma.

And yes, I have seen the inserts in the flu vaccine package, including the H1N1 vaccine that states that this has not been tested on pregnant/lactating women, children under the age of 18, and those over 64 years old. But of course, who is considered the priority to get these flu vaccines??? Pregnant women and children 6 months to 18 years!!!
But hey, the vaccine makers have blanket immunity from prosecution for vaccine injuries or death, so they don't care that the product is being pushed on unsuspecting pregnant women and children. They just see BIG $$$ with no liability. Yes, they are laughing themselves all the way to the bank.

I'll stop now, because this whole issue really gets me!


For RAJ - my, that's a bold statement. "The research community continues to believe (whether you agree with it or not) that origins of autism are in the womb."
Are you citing a source, here, or are you the designated spokesperson for said 'research community.' As a member of the 'crazy autism parent community,' I'll advise you that making such sweeping statements without proper credentials or evidence is both miseading and, well, untrue.


Just an FYI, I have looked in my medical records from when I was in the Army and this is approx. what it said about immunizations during pregnancy:

Soldier is exempt from all vaccinations including yearly flu vaccination with the exception of Tetanus/Diptheria if situation arises where it is needed.

That was 2002. There HAD to be a reason for this, they would not exempt anyone from anything unless it had a detrimental effect on their readiness numbers somehow.


Seasonable flu vaccines are among the few vaccines that contain trace amounts of Thimerosal (depending on the manufacturer).

The research community continues to believe (whether you agree with it or not) that origins of autism are in the womb.

During flu season, flu vaccines are recommended for pregnant women.

Only 1/3 of pregnant women receive the flu vaccine during flu season.

If the research community wants to study vaccinated/unvaccinated groups, this group would be the one most likley to to answer the question of whether Thimerosol is associated with increased risk for autism.


Love this! Especially the part about vaccines "perpetuating" disease for doctors and pharma to treat. So true.

Casey Ohlsson

Thanks Lynette! You are a brave brave person, I am concerned for you though-- there does seem to be a trend of Big Pharma singling out 'dissidents' in the medical community and discrediting them, causing loss of jobs and reputation. I would also like updates about you!
But I guess eventually they can't silence them all!! Good for you for speaking up!
We need more like you with balls of steel!

Lori NP

I'm proud of you for speaking out! As a fellow RN, and now NP, I too vaccinated both of my children until my oldest became autistic. I believed in vaccines mainly because I was a nurse, and it was "the right thing to do." Prevent illness, of course, nursing is all about prevention.

You are correct in stating that this flu campaign is related to fear and money.

I was so sad yesterday, I took my youngest to the ped's office for a cold gone bad, only to watch the panic in the waiting room over the H1N1. A father looks over to me with his one month old and said, "are you here for the shot?" NO!!!

I felt like I was watching the sheep shuffle along behind the sheep herder, clueless to what lies ahead.

I slowly educate those around me, mostly nurses at work with young children on vaccine safety, and always tell them, educate yourself on what you are injecting into your children. Go to CDC.gov and read the ingredients in the vaccines. Don't rely on the media to make the decision for you. But, I was tempted to jump in front of the sheep yesterday and scream "Don't do it, a vaccine will not take away your fear!"

david burd

Lynette, Thanks for speaking up.

I do wonder if you will still be employed by the Marshfield Clinic now that you've spoken out (and written out.

Could you possibly update us here on AoA? Thanks again!

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