Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Dateline NBC: More Stories at Age of Autism
From SafeMinds: How to Help Stop Two Sources of Mercury Poisoning


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Nick Haas

Oh my gosh, how boring. Dr. Healy is incredibly weak. Come on, let's give the real story. Vaccines obviously cause austism and myriad other problems. The have nothing at all to do with building a healthy person. Boooo Healy!


Not Impressed, I get your point but right now we need to use whatever we have. I have talked to some conventional M.D.'s who saw the show and because of Dr Healy's high standing they were much more ready to listen to Dr Wakefield and others like him. I think she is saying much less than she knows, but it is chipping away at the wall of ignorance.

I agree pediatricians are useless, my son didn't have one for years. try a functional medicine or integrative medicine family practice doc-- although most of them have more patients than they can handle, wonder why?

Not impressed

I am so not impressed by her. She comes across as a pharma shill who talks of vaccines being safe except for a small subset. What crap!!! Vaccines are poison to EVERYBODY.

All doctors have all rolled over to pharma to save their own careers. If doctor's hadn't rolled over so easily, we wouldn't be in this swine flu vaccine mess. Will Healey be first in line for that poison? Maybe when they kick in her door, she'll finally say that vaccines are poison and useless.


To Autism Grandma:
Bless your heart! Keep the faith, keep reading the science, keep helping your grandson and others.

Our nation's oxymoronic "health care professionals" have a quite the warped protection racket going.

They're killing kids with kindness.

Benedetta Stilwell

Thanks Autism Grandma for telling your story again. Some times in the dark of night I replay the conversation I had with my son's peditricians and I think of myself as such a woosie. But you reminded me what real Nazi tactics they did/do pull on us. Is this America?


Wow, Autism Grandma! And I thought I had a story to tell in getting formally kicked out of our Peds practice and getting screened out of several other prospective practices despite holding a previous medical waiver.

Your story is the most horrifying I've heard yet.

More power to you and your family. I hope you are able to "come out" soon. It is obviously something you greatly anticipate

Terri Lewis

God bless you, Autism Grandma, for sharing your story again.

For many, it will be the first time they see it. For some, it will be their first "doctor horror story."

But our stories need to be told. . .until we no longer have friends and relatives who look at us like we're crazy.


Dr. Healy, thank you very much for your courage in defending the uncomfortable truth. History will remember you as one of the few who stood outside the herd thinking that led to this continuing disaster and who put ethics and reason before self benefit.

However, the erosion of public confidence in the medical profession has never been greater and truly deserved by the medical field as a whole. The fact of the matter is that no pediatrician will treat a kid if the parents refuse a single one of the 36 vaccine doses. I am tired of looking for a ped that will consider parents wishes before the mandates of the AAP, an impossible quest for the holy grail, it's like looking for a compassionate nazi in 1939 Germany and the treatment we get from some of them is the same. So it's no peds for my family and no doctors of any kind unless we are truly sick and, even then, we shall take it with a huge grain of salt when considering the opinions of persons whose knowledge is largely misguided by the marketers in big pharma with their phony research magazines and their cooked books of medical data.

Autism Grandma

All of the stories about our vaccine injured children are saturated with Doctor Horror Stories. I try not to think about what happened to my grandson, my daughter and myself because it just makes me so angry and I am trying to focus on the positive aspects of my grandson's recovery and "Living in the Solution instead of the Problem". I finally wrote about what happened a year ago here at Age of Autism and I have written many comments since then, but have not mentioned it again. I do take any chance I can to inform anyone I see at Walmart or the grocery store with young children, although I cannot give them my name for further information and here is why I am writing on this website as "Autism Grandma":

My grandson was born with candida, chronic intestinal inflammation, non stop diarrhea, and was allergic to his own mother's milk. His asthma was so bad that my daughter hardly got any sleep for fear he would suffocate, so she kept him upright in his bouncy chair right next to her in the bed. We both took him to one pediatrician after the next with zero results. All we heard is: "this is normal for a newborn". Oh Yeah RIGHT. He was still plagued with respiratory distress, and the original intestinal problems no matter which commercial formula we tried, so finally the only thing that stopped his asthma, eczema, rashes and chronic diarrhea was when I started making a homemade formula from information on the internet. Finally we found help through two medical doctors who both also practice natural medicine and both doctors recommended no vaccines until minimum age 2, and then not unless he was fully recovered from his intestinal and immune disorders. In spite of the improvements at age 6 months he was diagnosed with malabsorption and intestinal permeability, but the labs at 3 different places couldn't get any blood drawn from him. So my daughter decided to take him to a local children's hospital that was recommended by one of her friends. I was scared to death for her to do this, but it was her decision, which she has deeply regretted ever since.

As soon as the hospital staff doctors found out that my grandson had not been vaccinated and that we had been giving him homemade formula with probiotics, vitamins, and cod liver oil etc., that was it for us. The hospital staff doctors refused to recognize the diagnosis by the previous doctors. They blamed us and filed a case against us with Child Protective Services falsely claiming "child neglect", and used this to threaten my daughter with removal of custody of her son if she did not agree to vaccinations. My daughter was scared to death, but she kept trying to resist the vaccines during the week that she was staying in the hospital with her child. In order to gain her cooperation these doctors consciously and willfully deceived my daughter by "pretending to compromise" in agreeing to only 2 vaccines, as opposed to my daughter's demand for only one. (When in fact according to the vaccine records my grandson was given multiple vaccines in each of the two injections totalling NINE.)

They kept him in the hospital doing ongoing multiple blood testing, however refused to do a stool sample test for candida. Therefore they were able to determine protein malabsorption, fat malabsorption, and vitamin deficiencies, but by not confirming his actual problem with extensive candida, they found it convenient to simply blame us, as was evident to them by the fact that "any mother who doesn't even give their child vaccinations is a terrible mother", and in their estimation, I was equally "terrible" for frantically searching online for information until 2 AM every single night, and for "negatively influencing" my daughter by printing all this information out and having her read it. The hospital staff pediatrician called me and informed me that I had "risked my grandson's life by giving him probiotics which could have killed him", and when I told her that Carnation just started adding probiotics to their infant formula, she was obviously annoyed with that fact. Then she claimed that every single ingredient in the homemade formula was defective and that "vitamins are drugs and should never be given to an infant without a doctor's prescription". Whenever I asked her a question regarding his previous diagnosis all she would say was "this hospital does not recognize candida or intestinal permeability as a legitimate diagnosis". When my grandson got out of the hospital he had lost a lot of weight and looked like a concentration camp victim. He also had developed a massive case of thrush throughout his mouth and throat and a severe diaper rash, but according to the official stance of the staff doctors, "fungal infection had nothing to do with it". Then they gave him a prescription for anti fungal medication (???!!!)

While my grandson was hospitalized the various doctors did not communicate in order to ascertain "if the right hand knew what the left hand was doing" and therefore caused a severe case of life threatening anemia due to duplication of blood drawing. It was in this condition on his 6th day after being admitted, with severe anemia compounded by weight loss and nutritional deficiencies, that these NINE vaccines were forced upon him. My daughter was investigated by Child Protective Services in order to confirm that she had complied with the hospital demands to leave my home immediately and to not allow my continued assistance with her child because I was a "dangerous influence". She had to live in a motel with no one to help her with her extremely sick infant for 2 months until her uncle offered his trailer to her. I was also instructed by this pediatrician to refrain from any further internet research. [If they only knew that I have over 2,000 hours of internet research invested in the last two years!!!]

We had to get an attorney to get this case against us finally dropped for lack of evidence to support their charges, but in the meantime my daughter was forced to comply with the vaccines, as they continued their charade of "only giving 2" each time, while in fact it continued with 9 doses each time. The last batch of vaccines finally pushed him over the cliff into autism immediately, but we are just extremely grateful that all of this did not kill him. The attorney has informed us that this hospital has been notorious for forcing vaccines and for disregarding legal rights by utilizing Child Protective Services to threaten removal of custody in order to force compliance.

Thankfully God has led me on the right track with Defeat Autism Now concepts and therefore my grandson is night and day compared to his previous miserable condition, although he still has a long way to go. I have been advised by several attorneys and doctors not to make any public disclosure regarding this case until a lawsuit against the hospital has been filed. We have been professionally advised with these words: "Sue their asses off, but keep your mouth shut until you have all of your ducks in a row and the lawsuit is filed". NO I cannot keep my mouth shut, but I am cautious not to reveal my name or the name of this hospital. However, after this lawsuit is finally filed I will be blasting this information all over the place. In the meantime I remain undercover in the "Nazi Resistance Underground" as "Autism Grandma".

I will be handing out flyers with autism and vaccine information at an upcoming public event which is directly across the street from this notorious hospital. I will be certain to remain incognito, as I think of the day when I can climb on top of a car roof with a loudspeaker right in front of this hospital and broadcast the truth, although this hospital is but one of many who commit these flagrant acts in violation of our legal rights. I will invite all of the news stations and newspapers in the area, and by that time I will be able to post my real name.

Maureen O

I recently was talking to a friend who has a 15 month old son and nephew about the same age. She and her sister are TERRIFIED of taking their sons to get immunized this fall especially knowing they will probably be forced to give them 1 flu and 2 swine flu shots. I directed her to the generation rescue website and to rethink doing what the doc says and listen to her instinct.
How sad that mothers are now terrified of well baby visits. My mom and mother in law were both born at home and NEVER went to the doctor but got cod liver oil every winter. HMMMM that was before docs and the pharmaceutical companies knew what was best for us.
I say we boycott peds... well baby visits what an oxymoron!!!

Autism Grandma

I suspect that Dr. Healy really KNOWS the TRUTH about the vaccine issues, but she is constrained by the limitations of her employment to just blab out the truth like we all do here. I have always had the impression from her that she is consciously careful to "choose her words" with caution. However, she does have the background, intellect, and experience to bring legitimacy regarding the vaccine issues to the media, public, and medical profession. And Thank God for that!!!

Lisa @ TACA

Boy she is calm, reasonable and by golly trust worthy. I truly appreciate Dr Healy's willingness to think out of the box and to push this conversation in a positive direction. She is just wonderful! Thank you Dr Healy!

Renee Tag

I would like to see a web site that asks for parents to "tattle" on bad doctors. Story after story of the stupid, ignorant, rude, arrogant and negligant non service. MD's think they are the authority, why? When I had my second son, I told my OB I wanted to be treated like a customer, period. I AM THE CUSTOMER. The customer is always right. I really don't give a crap about "your" opinion. This is what I want.

On my 3rd month of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for my vaccine injured 1st son, I met a Mom who said she simply didn't take her 2nd child to a Pediatrician. I remember how "out of the box" that sounded.

Eventhough I do have a RARE Ped that will respect my wishes to not vaccinate, son #2 has only been in his office ONE time. He's 14 months now and the developmental difference between my 2 boys is staggering.

Why didn't Matt (the lap dog weasle) ask Dr. Satan (Pr)Offit about anything remotely pertainant? Because it was a HACK JOB from the GO.

While I admire Dr. Wakefield for opening himself up to the interview - I wonder how many kids had to wait an extra day so they could give their producers the time to fully fact and information gather.

I do not want to see anything like that crap again.



Your advice is excellent and much of it mirrors advice that I have given other parents. I also typically recommend Yahoo Autism Biomed groups for pediatrician referrals. My Dula back in Georgia recommended the wonderful pediatrician we had there. But here in Mobile 90% of the doctors graduated from the University of Southern Alabama and they seem very dogma oriented.

The health food stores said they get the questions a lot and have no recommendations, Mom's in the Yahoo biomed group have had no luck finding a reasonable pediatrician either.

We have settled, for the moment, on a 78 year old pediatrician who works in a Family Practice. He is a member of the Association of Family Practitioners. He's old a Moses but I bet he can stare down a case of the measles without flenching.

You can also believe I'm not taking this issue lying down. I have involved my state legislator, because the practice that kicked us out implied it was a state mandate...which I think was a lie. I have also called the local chapter of the AAP.

I'll keep you all posted.

Josh Day

This is for parents having trouble finding a doctor for their children:

I live in a rural area of NC. Our county is serviced by one "pediatric" practice which is essentially a kid and teenager warehouse. When we moved here and had our son, we did a little detective work about the kid docs in town. My mom is a frequent customer of the local health food store and we learned, through the proprietor, of two M.D. names who will allow for selective vaxx/no vaxx/ etc.

We live in a pretty small town and we were able to find a doctor who'd listen and, in the end, respect our wishes for no vaccination (although there was a scuffle over the Refusal-to-Vaxx form, which would essentially signify us as negligent parents thanks to the AAP wording-- we simply crossed off that sentence, amended it with "Our ped. has told us of the risks and benefits of vaccines" and both parties initialed the form).

Visit your local health food/vitamin/alternative medicine store and talk to the cashier, owner, or even other people shopping. Someone will know of somebody who will see you and treat you with at least a modicum of respect and tolerance.

Another thing. Go with both parents, or at least 2-man the doc with a mom, dad, or sympathetic friend (or lawyer, if you can afford one). When our son has a doc visit, he NEVER goes just with his mom or dad, but he's escorted by both.

And also remember mentality is key. YOU are the one paying for their "services," and you or your insurance company are paying a ridiculous, inflated price. You're in charge -- not them. Don't let them forget it. If you go with that attitude, as if you're going to a restaurant with notoriously shitty service (and who hasn't dealt with medical practices that are appallingly inhumane?), you'll no longer play the part of the victim, but the customer, whose money and support they need to keep paying off their crushing medical school loans, paying the mortgage, meeting the car payments, paying off the boat, the second house, the second visit to Europe this year.

Deb O.

I wonder what Dr. Healy would think of doctors who refuse to treat/dismiss patients for refusing vaccination?


Dr. Healy. Thank you so much for speaking up! Unfortunately I have not found it true that most Doctors are willing to work with patients.

We recently moved from the Atlanta, GA area to Mobile, AL. We brought with us a medical exemption on both of out children. We went to a pediatric practice that I was told was cooperative with parents. The doctor told me she would work with me but wanted me to agree that science has proved vaccines don't cause autism. I refused and decided I would stay with this practice until I could find one more open minded.

They have never asked why my children have a medical waiver. I did not forward their records as I only intended to stay with this practice temporarily...so they had not backgound info to answer this question.

We first visited this practice about nine months ago. In my search for a new doctor, I have been screened out of no less than four practices. The receptionist explains that they require all children be up to day on vaccines and if I am not willing to do that it is their policy to refuse to take us into the practice.

Well, this last month we received a letter from the practice we are temporarily using because they said they have a new policy that they will not maintain a relationship with families who "choose" not to vaccinate.

Again, we had a medical waiver from our past doctor. Neither the doctor who kicked us out or the practices I was trying to get into asked what the contraindication to vaccine is for my children.

You see, my daughter and husband have an egg allergy and so we assume our son could also develop one. In addition our daughter had a reaction to a Flu vaccine at two.

Its bad enough that pediatricians are not willing to respectfully work with parents who simply want to use an alternative schedule or refuse vaccination based on the guidelines of informed consent. It's a whole other issue to have pediatricians take no interest in the reasoning for a previously acquired medical waiver.

My daughter is allergic to eggs. I have asked if she were allergic to penicillin would they insist she take it anyway. No matter...we're out and no one else wants us.

Dr. Healy...isn't there something seriously wrong with this scenario.

Jennifer Young

When my daughter was dx with Autism, my husband (a physician) and myself (a nurse) took it upon ourselves to research and implement biomedical interventions. Later, when we had come to a point where we had no experience with the treatments and just "looking it up" did not make us confident, we sought help from Thoughtful House. I just can't say enough about them. TH is run the way all medical practices should be. Everyone there is always patient, kind, courteous and never in a hurry when it is our turn. THEY LISTEN TO ME!! And, they believe me when I say something! WHOA! Lucas Ramirez,FNP alway addresses each of my concerns and questions. Which is far more than I can say for the three docs I told that my daughter had diarrhea 7-8 times per day.

I was disappointed in the Dateline episode to say the least. I certainly wish there had been more coverage of TH, but at least some of our message was put out there by Dr. Wakefield. Especially about the safety of our children being first!


6 weeks ago, I took my son Ben to see a specialist who just so happens to serve on the Board of the AAP. After examining Ben for 2 and a half hours, complete with reviewing videos of before and after she told us that she can NOT rule out vaccines as the cause of his autism.

This might mean the tides are turning in our favor.

Bad Apple

Doctor Healy says that if I don’t have trust and open dialogue with my pediatrician, I should get another one.

My children had a few pediatricians that they’ve seen over the course of growing up. The first one used to shout at me, and I would shout at him, at each and every visit. We couldn’t possibly have a normal conversation, ever, because my newborn literally never once stopped screaming at the top of her lungs as if a fork had been stuck into her, unless she was sleeping or nursing. I of course knew something was wrong and wanted to know what, but all my pediatrician could tell me was that “well sometimes this just happens…”

Later, when she was older and having bowel movements every week or ten days, and couldn’t be potty trained although she was four and a half, I was told to give her a calendar, and put stickers on it for her each time she had a bowel movement in the potty. That, and mineral oil, was the only help I received for years.

I should say that I am thankful that when my child was four or so, and the Hepatitis B vaccine became available, he suggested that perhaps we should hold off immunizing my oldest child with this vaccine (even tho it was on the recommended schedule and he was supposed to give it), as she probably wasn’t going to be having sex any time soon. He retired shortly after that, although he didn’t seem that old to me and I was surprised he was retiring. Maybe he’d just had it up to here with what the practice of medicine had become.

My daughter’s next pediatrician was given information about mercury in vaccines when I asked him to please have her tested for heavy metal poisoning. His response was to send me out of the office with a pat on the back and a printed paragraph from the AAP. I couldn’t really read the paragraph very well, as he hadn’t bothered to look at what had come out of his printer and the article he’d printed from a webpage had the last few words at the ends of each sentence clipped off. But I was able to go to the AAP’s site and read the paragraph, and it assured me that countless studies showed that vaccines are safe.

There was Doctor Marty, at the local family practice here, who, when I tried to speak with him about vaccines and autism responded with a curt “You’ve received faulty information about that”, and that was all. As it happened, I had some information with me that I’d wanted him to have a look at, but hadn’t yet showed him. I wondered how he could be so sure my information was faulty, when he hadn’t seen it. His brother, Dr. Matt, D.O., was a bit more sympathetic to my concerns, but still refused to see a problem with the pharmaceutical representatives who were literally crawling all over the place each and every time I went into the offices there for an appointment. They always had lots of free samples, and insulated bags from the local restaurants.

One Doctor suggested that my child who presented with autistic like behaviors might have been sexually molested by either my husband or my parents. One suggested that I wasn’t feeding my oldest son enough, when he fell off of the growth chart.

Dr. Healy, I would ask you this. You say that if we have a Doctor we don’t trust, or a Doctor who won’t listen to us, we should find another doctor. Ok fine. But where are these doctors to be found??

I should point out that all of the Doctors we saw were doctors who were covered by our health insurance program. I guess we have a particularly good program, as my husband works for the federal government and has the Federal Employee Health Benefits plan which so many envy. We belonged to various insurers over the years. The Doctors were always the same. Condescending and for the most part useless.


Agree fully -- Nice to see SOMEONE with an open mind about this topic.

Dr. Brett J. Blitzstein

She thinks most doctors are willing to work with patients.?
I'm thinking of taking an informal poll. I'll call every pediatrician and see how they'd respond to a mother/father who wishes not to vaccinate.


Classic: "Vaccines are safe but I know of no medicine that I would call safe that doesn't have side effects."---Dr. Bernadine Healy


Dateline should have aired more of that interview.


Thank you, Dr. Healy, for not being afraid to speak your mind! And for not closing your mind to real science!


By and large, Dr Healy, we do not have that kind of trust in our pediatricians. By and large, the pediatrician/parent relationship does not have that kind of trust because the AAP does not foster that relationship.

Thank you for pointing out the difference between what medicine SHOULD be, rather than what we have been told it MUST be.

Teresa Conrick

Dr. Healy is magnificent in her ability to speak the truth about the science and lack of it regarding both autism and vaccines.

Thank You!


this lady reeks of integrity. Offit reeks of willfull ingnorance. We need more like her- doctors in high places willing to say the scientific questions have not been answered when it comes to vaccine safety. Hell, they haven't even been asked.



(not the genetics study they discussed)


Dateline would have done well to have aired more of Bernadine Healy. She is so reasonable.

Jake Crosby

She rules.


Go Bernadine Go!

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