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Dr. Bernadine Healy Implies Hubris on Part of Docs Who Deny Vaccine Autism Possibility

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Age of Autism 2008 Galileo Award to Dr. Andrew Wakefield As the year draws to a close, all of us at the Age of Autism are very pleased to honor Dr. Andrew Wakefield. As we’ve reported here many times during the past year, Dr. Wakefield has been the subject of a remarkable and unprecedented campaign to discredit his work and character, most notably in a show trial that is still underway in London, in hearings of the General Medical Council. In the face of extraordinary attempts to silence him, Wakefield has stood up to these attacks with grace and determination and has continued his research and clinical work on behalf of children and families suffering from autism. That makes him our first Age of Autism Galileo Award recipient.

Dr. Wakefield Writes On the Poisoning of Young Minds  "Like it or not, there is an unrelenting debate about whether vaccines have poisoned the minds of some children. That vaccines may do so is acknowledged  (by, among others, autism expert Professor Sir Michael Rutter ) and is not actually the debate at hand; the real questions are, which children and how many? The base of the tsunami that is the autism epidemic – one sustained hitherto, by competing arguments for the rising number of diagnoses and those invested in non-environmental causes – is no longer able to support its top.  In accordance with simple wave mechanics, the tsunami’s slope is too great and breaking is inevitable. Breaking, for the purpose of this metaphor, extends to the shoreline’s horizon, from the child to the family, to schools, to the state budget, to public confidence in healthcare infrastructure, and beyond."

Smoke and Mirrors: Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Richard Horton Affair ‘If we knew then what we know now we certainly would not have published the part of the paper which related to MMR, although I do believe there was and remains validity to the connection between bowel disease and autism.’ From the moment Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, spoke these words on the BBC evening news of Friday 20 February 2004 Andrew Wakefield’s career lay in tatters.

Dr. Wakefield Introduces Recovering Boy at Autism One

Link to the Film "Selective Hearing" In bringing the case against Dr Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith, the General Medical Council in the UK listened to the Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer and excluded the views of  hundreds of parents of vaccine damaged children. Who is Brian Deer: vigilante for truth or front man for Big Pharma?’ Selective Hearing’ introduces Deer’s part in the heartbreaking betrayal of vaccine damaged children by the British government. View the complete film at Here is the trailer.

Dr. Wakefield Files Complaint Against Brian Deer Dr.Andrew Wakefield filed a complaint on 13th March 2009 alleging that Mr. Brian Deer falsely accused Dr Wakefield of committing scientific fraud in articles published on pages 1, 6, and 7 of the Sunday Times.  Dr Wakefield further alleges in this addendum that Mr. Deer failed to disclose in the Sunday Times articles material conflicts of interest with respect to his role in the GMC investigation and that Mr. Deer continues to mislead the public by denying his role in the GMC proceedings against Dr Wakefield and his colleagues. 

Brian Deer: A Character Assassin Caught in the Act At the source of the General Medical Council’s (GMC) investigation and trial of Dr. Andrew Wakefield lies a man named Brian Deer. In his first Sunday Times article on February 22, 2004, Deer accused Wakefield of launching a “public panic” over the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism by failing to disclose his conflict of interest and participation as an expert witness on behalf of a group of families involved in vaccine litigation against the British government. Since then, Deer has alleged many things. Among them are the following: that he is an independent, investigative journalist; that he is not a complainant in the GMC investigation; that Wakefield is guilty of medical misconduct; and that Wakefield and his co-authors committed scientific fraud.

Brian Deer: Conflicted Journalist, Modern Day Toady, or Madame Defarge? On February 25, 2004, self-styled “journalist” Brian Deer initiated the Complaint with the GMC that led to the hearing presently underway against Dr. Wakefield, and Professors Murch and Walker-Smith by “lay[ing] before” the GMC what he, Brian Deer, concluded was evidence of serious professional misconduct.  Documentary evidence produced during discovery and now presented at the hearing demonstrates that the key charges (unethical research, undisclosed participation in MMR litigation, and unauthorized recommendation of the monovalent components of the MMR as a temporary precaution until safety issues could be resolved) are completely without merit.  Key witnesses during the investigation knew the allegations lacked merit.  What, then, propelled the allegations by Deer into a full-blown fitness to practice hearing with possible risk to their medical licenses?  Deere has most recently taken credit for defeating the “test case” claims in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding.  Who is Brian Deer, and why were his allegations, easily proven either false or irrelevant, taken so seriously?  Who funds his daily vigil at the GMC hearing, now in its 125th day?  



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Elias Karam

I was borned in 1972 and back then we were given only about 20 vaccines, now kids today get about 36 vaccines.
Does anybody think that 36 is too many, that it might be flooding the childs immune systems.
My question is that when is it that the CDC has come up with a cure for anything? I think that back inthe 60s and 70s, it was polio vaccine and now you telling me that I suppose trust them with my child?
Maybe the reason that they tell us that the vaccines are ok is because they scared of the truth, maybe they think we might panic or maybe it's they make too much money?
I don't understand why we can not take every precaution that we can for our childern, that we should have a choice whether or not they should get certain vaccines without punishment.
Does nobody else think that 1 out 90 baby's get autism is too much??? Does nobody think that if one hospital has 300 in one that is 3.5 kids a month/ an average of 30 to 40 kids per year for one hospital, on an average most cities have atleast 3 to 4 hospitals, but most have more.
I guess what I'm saying is that we need to do something instead everybody doing nothing. We should help Doctors like Wakefield, fund researching, check his research, if he's right or wrong. Because something is better than nothing.


Not wishing to take sides on this issue, I would just remind everyone of a similar nasty fight that discredited a scientist over the initial arguments that ulcers are caused by a bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This scientist was eventually awarded the Nobel prize!!!!!!!

janet c

Please help this 11 year old boy - Can't call CPS about it.

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

Bernedetta Stilwell, thanks for your post. I just posted again a few minutes, I would not put Jenny McCarthy down. I would not put another mom down, because we are all in the same boat. We are fighting a fight to have our voices heard for the sake of the suffering of our offspring.
This is a common thread we share.

For me, this has been a real hell...and being ill myself has been a hard fight.
Take care, Cindy

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

In response to Twyla's post~
The point I was making is if one has exposed themselves to silicone gel breast implant lot numbers, then one needs to leave no stone unturned. There are others who exposed their offspring to their very failed/toxic lot numbers & the offspring presents with autism/autism-like health concerns. This needs to be addressed if the mom exposed the offspring to any breast implant lot number as autism offspring may need to be placed into different catagory process of exposure~

This is good medicine (being open minded, in order to uphold one's oath of First, do no harm) to look at whatever the mom exposed her offspring to (besides breast implant lot numbers ARE in the human body 24/7) or with just vaccine that the offspring was exposed to.

Hey...if the researcher or doctor asks if mom drank, did drugs or whatever then they need to be asking-- did mom expose the offspring to breast implant lot numbers and what kind/what lot number...something I call-Rule whatever in, rule whatever out.
These kids that have been exposed were exposed 24/7 /seven days a week, stewing in a toxic soup for nine months IF the baby made it to full term.

Which doing this is excellent medical understanding and prevention of medical harm for documentation and tracking to better understand disease as it presents itself
in a variety of patients.
The studies were NOT done on breast implant exposed offspring despite what the FDA says...the FDA is broken. Those within the FDA (the FDA's own researchers) found problems with breast implant exposure and they have made the free will choice to cover up the truth and side with industry...I guess they will NOT bite the hand that feeds them so many of us have noted while our offspring suffer.

Yes, autism/autism -like has been found in breast implant exposed offspring. So one would question the platinum /catalysts found in breast implant lot numbers as well as silicone accumulates on the surface of silicone/silicone gel breast implants and other silicone devices AFTER they are in the human body...which protein excesses are common in many diseases, (lupus/RA, multiple sclerosis-other neurological problems too, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, dermatomyositis, insulin resistance, other diseases of autoimmunity as well as cancers-lung/brain/MM-multiple myeloma....diseases primarily those that stimulate/exert/TURN ON the human immune response...via the placental barrier through fetal cells.

The chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers may contain heavy metals even if the FDA does not embrace platinum adverse problems associated with breast implant exposure...the concern is heavy metals found in the women & mothers exposed to their failed/leaking/ruptured breast implants as well as offspring taking "hits" via the placental barrier from their moms failed breast implant lot numbers and the impact on the with something like autism/autism-like health issues.

I do want to say, I am not pointing any finger at any other mom or playing "blame the mother" as you state in your post because we share a common thread...our offspring have taken "hits" of triggers and what in the heck happened? As none of us moms want our voices to fall upon deaf ears seeing that the offspring have no voice...

Jenny and I (as do all of us) do share far more than she and I would know...we really love our children! This is a given~

My point being children have the variants of genes, of KEY genes that can not embrace genetically offending triggers such as breast implant lot numbers and/or vaccines (as none of this junk deemed "medical" was ever crafted/tailored to the variants of key genes that could be exerted/"turned on" over time factor of exposure).

One thing I will never do is I will not debate with other moms as you lead me to assume in your post. I admire Jenny for all that she has done and what she continues to do.

Moms are all in the same boat across this nation and the world, trying to have healthy babies, make good choices, follow the ways of laws to have our offspring vaccinated--so they will not be sick, and NOT expose our offspring to adverse things.

I agree with everything that Ms. McCarthy has done and support her efforts.

Twyla, I see your point, but I needed to honor my own spirit in a reply back, as I DO understand the suffering of others, especially of moms who have been forced to watch their child(ren) suffer with a disease.

I also want to state: I personally have never judged Jenny McCarthy or other Playboy bunnies as a "blonde bimbo bunny" sterotype.

Being part of Playboy is a life style choice. Personally I would find offense for others to think this way & assume I would think like this way, as I do not.

I have raised three daughters...and each one makes their own choice in life & I can NOT control the stereotypes of what our nation gives to females. I am not the one who creates the sterotypes in our society...
nor do I agree with it.

I am just a mom who wants to leave NO stone unturned when disease presents itself with autism/autism-like health issues. That's all.

Jenny McCarthy like myself are both good mothers who have documented quite well our children's reactions and we are fighting hard on behalf of all children who take "hits" of genetically offending triggers.

If we can not find peace, unity & work together in something like this, then how can the nations of the world find peace, unity and working together with the issues of different cultures like war or whatever?

I believe it is correct to have an open mind to leave no stone unturned. That's all.
If mom gives up fighting to have a little one's voice heard, then who will?

Twyla, thank you for the post. I appreciate your words.
Take care, Cindy


I have just read a paper on autism linked to rubella, Journal of neurovirology 2007; vol 13; 252 or p252.

Children with congenital rubella had an increase incidence of autism. 741 per 10,000 lids affected.

Antibody titres showed that rubella antibodies were low or non-existant and they had either an or 2 vaccines for rubella.

out of 15 patients, 3 had colds, 1 had the flu, 3 had allergies and only 4 were on drugs, the rest were "OK".

"So the factors of gender, illness and drug use do not collerate with the lack of antibodies against rubella. This lack of antibody response may indicate an altered immune responsiveness to rubella in autism"


Cherry, you mean like "open mike night" at a comedy club? That would be interesting. We could do it over at Facebook.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Kim, just to lighten things up , could we one day have a competition for best idea for marching on the AAP and CDC. Im thinking of this because I think Michael Framson is on the right track for a great image : Just think of the autism parents marching holding large shark models with long shiny pointed sparkling white teeth and signs that say "Feed them to the Sharks"

Janet Keith

After watching "A Dose of Controversy" on Sunday night, I was so much more impressed with the demeanor, genuineness, compassion, and "grace under fire" of Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Healy than I was with Brian Deer and Dr. Offit. Deer and Offit presented themselves as defendants of vaccines no matter what. Whereas, Wakefield and Healy seemed willing to leave no stone unturned to discover what is happening to our children. As a parent of a child with autism, I would rather choose a doctor who is willing to explore any and every issue rather than a doctor who says "vaccines are safe - don't question them." To me that is a big red flag - when someone says you can look anywhere but behind that one door...don't they realize they look like they are hiding something. Whether they like it or not - their insistence on defending vaccines - the huge number of vaccines and vaccine combinations (which have not had safety studies done) is like ignoring a huge elephant in the room. When you start injecting a day old infant with toxins - how on earth will you ever know what his immune system would be like in its pristine couldn't possibly have a base-line for that infant. It doesn't seem very scientific to me.


My son does not fall into the catagory of autism induced by MMR. He reacted to his DTaP vaccine at two and five months. He did not have a formed bowel movement until he was 3 years old. He did not regress into autism, but rather was diagnosed with PDD, Apraxia, dysarthria and CNS dysfunction. I do not think, and I am not alone, that only the MMR has it's problems. We have an overloaded schedule that needs to be addressed. Separating the MMR can only help, not hurt. What is the problem with that? Out children do not need Hep B the day they are born, this is a disease that they will not accidentally catch at school EVER! Our children do not need the varicella vaccine, nor do I see that in a developed country we need to worry about mumps or diptheria. I come from a family who has survived whooping cough without being hospitalized. For me, I would rather take the chances with some of these diseases over the potential harm of so many shots before entering teh public school system. At teh very least they should not all be mandated as a requirement to go to school. Too many unanswered questions and too many sick kids not to take this more seriously.

Susan McDermott

I am the parent of two autistic children, both of whom have a history of severe immune issues and who are now improving (both physically and in terms of their behaviour) with doctor-supervised biomedical treatments. I have my Masters in Law and my husband is a Professional Engineer. We have done our research and reviewed the evidence. It is what we are trained to do. We are not "emotional parents" blindly seeking answers and I find it insulting that parents of autistic children are repeatedly portrayed that way by people such as Deer and Dr. Offit. We were disappointed that Matt Lauer let several statements by Deer and Dr. Offit go unchallenged and that the Dateline piece quite simply failed to address the most basic issue: If Dr. Wakefield's only vaccine-related claim is that single dose measle vaccines may be safer than the MMR - why aren't single dose vaccines made available to the allegedly frightened public? Wouldn't the availability of single dose measle vaccines answer everyone's concerns? Why is no one asking the vaccine makers and the public health authorities why it is so hard for parents to get the single dose measle vaccine - which was available in the UK in 1995 when this whole issue is said to have started? Provide the single dose vaccine to those who fear the multiple dose MMR - and then everyone will be vaccinated against measles. End of story.


It would be great if a bunch of parents of kids who have been treated at Thoughtful House could write up accounts of their experiences there.


Lynne said, “I think instead of all the personal attacks on here directed at both the editor and "Chuck", we need to be open to the realization that it is most likely not one thing that is the cause of autism in our children... Any responsible and loving parent needs to be open to the realization that there may be other reasons for the cause of this and not be closed minded when somebody calls them out on it and not to put all your eggs in one basket.”

Well, of course there is more than one cause! I don’t think anyone is arguing that the MMR is the only cause! And one of the problems with some current research is that if you are looking for THE single cause of autism, and you are looking at a group where autism has multiple and various causes, it is hard for an epidemiological study to tease out the subgroups.

Even among children who have vaccine-induced autism, there may be a variety of susceptibility issues, substances in the vaccine that cause a problem for that particular child, medical issues that can result from vaccines and cause inflammation of the brain and nervous system and GI tract, and a variety of treatments which may be helpful.

Some children get autism without receiving the MMR. Some children receive the MMR but do not become autistic. Some children (such as Bailey Banks) become autistic because of the MMR. These three statements are not contradictory.

“Maybe Dr. Wakefield is onto something with the MMR and maybe he is not as he himself pointed out that he cannot say with any proof that the MMR is the main contributor of autism.”

The fact that he says he does not have proof that MMR causes autism shows that he is a scientist who understands the high standards of scientific proof.

But many parents saw their children regress into autism and bowel disease after the MMR. And Dr. Wakefield is not the only scientist who has found persistent infection with vaccine-strain measles virus in the intestines.

There have certainly not been “millions” of children around the world tested for persistent intestinal infection with measles virus. There may have been a total of millions (but I would guess only hundreds of thousands) enrolled in large-scale epidemiological studies, but these are not the same as studies based on medical exams of individuals.

While large numbers of children would be necessary to compare rates of one factor with another, large numbers are not needed in order to study a mechanism by which autism can occur. We don’t know what percentage of children become autistic as a result of the MMR, but we do know that some do.

There are a lot more reasons for connecting autism and MMR than simply coincidence.

“My hope and I believe the intention of Chuck was to tell us to be open to the possibility of other causes and not put all our faith in one person or one study.” Chuck said nothing of the sort. Either you are bullshitting or dreaming.

“let's be open to other peoples opinions and not feel threatened by them... lets stop hating those or the ideas we don't yet understand.” I’m all in favor of listening and writing courteously and without hatred. But I don’t think there is any shortage of understanding of Chuck’s “ideas”.

“Ideas” such as “you profit from the ads on your site...” and “I can see that there is no place for logic and reason on this site” and “Facts elude so many people here, and as usual Age of Autism is there to cash in on their fear.” Do you really think these are ideas? Or just slurs?

“I believe both poster and editor come here with best of intentions and no hidden agendas”. Chuck’s agenda is unknown, his intentions are questionable, and his posts are snide. He is not simply sharing knowledge.

Do you perchance wear pink sweaters and have pictures of cute kittens on the wall, and use a sweet voice to speak with a forked tongue in support of the status quo and in denial of a very serious problem? If so, your real name must be... Dolores Umbridge! Oh, I forgot, she’s just a character from a book...

corrections needed

Everyone email Dr. Wakefield's comments to dateline and the today show. Perhaps the FCC should know that NBC is not airing correct facts.


Since I am boycotting all mainstream media, I didn't watch the show. However, my dad did and told me that after hearing Dr. Wakefield speak, he's convinced that vaccines cause autism. Dr Wakefield came across as honest and I guess the others looked like shills, which they are. Although my dad always refuses flu shots, he was still on the fence about autism. He has now jumped off onto my side.


Dr. Wakefield has issued a statement today to follow up the Dateline report. You can read it here:

Please pass along to others.
Thank you!

Jim Thompson


You said "What you are seeing is righteous anger." Exactly.

Kids go into a vaccine black box and many come out damaged. Not knowing the exact causation mechanism or the precise timing doesn't change the result.


These are my beliefs.
The best way to counteract NBC and GE is to boycott them and their advertisers. It's working with Glenn Beck right now.
That's all they care about is money.
Matt Lauer is probably after fame. He's already rich. He probably wants to be propelled into the superstardome world. At the expense of our children.
My wife and I decided not to watch NBC anymore which is hard for us to do. But I believe necessary.

Kathy Blanco

Stacie, actually your government employee husband probably was trained in aspects of lying...if he is with the FBI or close agency thereof...a great book on that is NEVER BE LIED TO AGAIN...basically what he is saying is true...another aspect is someone nodding their heads from side to side or up and down while talking. This is a person who also lies. Closed arms in front, lying. No direct eye contact or that pompous look, lying again (especially used with a finger like Clinton did). Someone feigning anger, another as far as I am concened, by training and reading, the offit and other dude are lying sacks of potatoes. On the other hand, there was no indication of lying from Dr Wakefield, his expressions were sincere and non troubling. I have confidence I am right in this.


I second Donna's post about the ten (or more) things left out of the interviews.

As slanted as the NBC piece was in places, NBC did what British embedded media has rarely done-- allowed Dr. Wakefield to speak for himself. I think it's clear why this hasn't happened more often-- and not simply because Dr. Wakefield is publicity shy to begin with. Dr. Wakefield is about as bulletproof as they come. Humble, handsome, charming, disarming, eloquent on issue of medicine and ethics-- the kind of guy you'd want in your life boat. Cut to Brian Deer and you feel like you're getting a close up of one of the real-life bad guys from "Snatch". Offit would be a nonentity if he wasn't so loud. Normally he's very hard to pin down as far as his conduct-- very "image managed" in many ways. But he suffered in the comparison to Dr. Wakefield all the same. It was like a primer on the difference between character and personality.

There were certain little manipulations in the segment that I found really interesting. When Matt Lauer incited Offit to go into depth over what he (Offit) had been accused of was clearly an attempt to frame (and reword) the accusations by parents of injured towards Offit as hyperbole, so silly, just ridiculous. It fell pretty flat and simply left question marks floating in the air, made one reflect on the nature of evil.

Then showing Dr. Wakefield "receiving accolades" at conferences rather than focusing on the content of his presentations was a neat little trick, as though parents are religious fanatics. But in the clips, Dr. Wakefield simply looks embarrassed, humble or bemused-- not as though he were feeding off fanaticism. This attempt to mischaracterize also fell flat.

All in all, if I were a new or soon-to-be parent who knew nothing about the entire debacle and was seeing these personalities for the first time, I would have gone from TV to computer to begin looking up information on vaccine risks.

To Matt Lauer-- you either succeeded in subversively supporting Dr. Wakefield's inquiries or you failed in a hatchet job. I'm not usually a bible-quoter but Revelation 3:16 is pretty apt: "So then, because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out.



There are many websites that host online petitions. Just google "online petitions". I'm sure if you established on and that is reasonable and makes the right statements Age of Autism would run it.

ct teacher

Why didn't Lauer ask the obvious question...If you don't know what does cause autism, how can you know what doesn't? Also why did he ask questions of Wakefield, displaying skepticism, and not do so with Offit. He should have asked him for proof of his statements and statistics. He had plenty of opportunity to nail Offit and Deer and chose not to. I thought the show was biased against Wakefield. I made my pro vaccine husband watch it , hoping it would open his mind. Instead, he came away more convinced than ever of the necessity and safety of vaccines. A huge disappointment!

Donna Kincanon


You wrote:

"I am glad to have the resources of the parents here and elsewhere and have never met a more dedicated group of parents and their welfare of their children but let's be open to other peoples opinions and not feel threatened by them. I believe both poster and editor come here with best of intentions and no hidden agendas so lets stop hating those or the ideas we don't yet understand."

Chuck did not come here with the best of intentions or to offer clarity to a misunderstood idea. I dare say your sugar-coated cloaked reprimand of the responses to Chuck reveals your hidden agenda. Contrary to media claims, Wakefield's results have been duplicated. That information is out there but you and Chuck purposely refuse to acknowledge the evidence that exists today that supports continuing research efforts into the connection between bowel disease and autism.

You project "feel[ing] threatened" and "hate" onto us. What you are seeing is righteous anger. Our children have suffered too much and for too long to suffer fools lightly.

Furthermore, if you truly have availed yourself of the resources provided by AoA and other intelligent and discerning parents you would be aware that the studies you refer to have been admittedly weak and poorly done (paraphrasing Julie Gerberding). The conciliatory tone that you propose be adopted in this post is misplaced. There is nothing to reconcile between the parents and those who intentionally work to perpetuate the pain and injustice our children bear.

Moose Mom

In support of Dr. Wakefield's research, and his colleagues at Thoughtful House, thank you for helping us. Our son was scoped in Austin, TX at age 3, and currently at age 5 he is in remission of his bowel disease that coincided with the MMR and regression into autism. He regained speech and is toilet trained. He is catching up to his peers, and our family has resumed a normal life again. Parents, rule out everything at the youngest possible age. I am glad that I did not accept my child's eating problems and bowel problems as an unchangeable part of life with autism. Treatment at Thoughtful House not only improved eating and bowels for our son, but also enabled him to make gains cognitively and socially. To all the parents who don't know who to believe, go with your GUT!!! It is noteworthy to add that the Dateline show "A Dose of Controversy" could NOT find ONE parent to state that treatment at the "controversial" Thoughtful House was a waste of time, money, or travel. Go and find answers for yourself and your child.

Julie Swenson

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same 'Chuck' who trolls the vaccine boards over on Facebook.


I think instead of all the personal attacks on here directed at both the editor and "Chuck", we need to be open to the realization that it is most likely not one thing that is the cause of autism in our children. Maybe Dr. Wakefield is onto something with the MMR and maybe he is not as he himself pointed out that he cannot say with any proof that the MMR is the main contributor of autism. Any responsible and loving parent needs to be open to the realization that there may be other reasons for the cause of this and not be closed minded when somebody calls them out on it and not to put all your eggs in one basket. I know as a parent of an autistic boy, I want to know why it happened and even more how to help him at this point. MMR is still a possibility but I have doubts because since the initial study, there have been millions (not 12) of children tested all around the world and those results have yet to be duplicated and I highly doubt there is a global conspiracy to keep the MMR because of money. The sampling is too small and because it is such a concentrated area that was tested, it could be an environmental issue they were all around instead. I researched and 1 in 65 of the people I graduated with in high school (1986) have since had children with autism. Now does that say my high school or town is the reason for autism? Of course not, but it does give pause to look at the environment in which we were in such as building materials,hvac, etc. I think that just like autism, the cause is just as complex. My hope and I believe the intention of Chuck was to tell us to be open to the possibility of other causes and not put all our faith in one person or one study. I am glad to have the resources of the parents here and elsewhere and have never met a more dedicated group of parents and their welfare of their children but let's be open to other peoples opinions and not feel threatened by them. I believe both poster and editor come here with best of intentions and no hidden agendas so lets stop hating those or the ideas we don't yet understand.

Jim Thompson

“For nightly hypnosis, however, satisfactory alternatives are available. Dichloralphenazone (" welldorm ") gr. 20 nightly, and thalidomide (" distaval ") 50-100 mg. nightly, have proved completely satisfactory for home and hospital use and are, in our opinion, much to be preferred for routine sedation and should completely supersede barbiturates for this purpose. The wide margin of safety of thalidomide in particular, as reported by De Souza(1) and Burley(2) is a further recommendation of its use.”
T. N. RUDD, R. N. GREENHALGH, Southampton General Hospital


Donna Alvado

Thanks Delia for commenting on my post. Does anyone know how to set up an online petition so that an organized response from concerned parents can be sent to NBC? Not that I think it'll change anything- but it might make me feel better.

Delia Hickman-Crager

I agree with Donna Alvado's post above and would gladly add my name to this request for more information.


From Chuck -

"Of course the facts do not really matter do they."

It is painfully obvious that the facts are so many that they cannot be conveyed in a coherent manner to the public. I say we begin with Simpsonwood as Episode 1 and take it from there. How about that?

Mark Blaxill

I think the accusations pointed at our editors--that we somehow "profit" from our activities here--are just a tad ludicrous, especially when compared to the wealth and resources on the other side of the debate.

To be clear, Paul Offit made millions of dollars in a vaccine partnership with Merck. Millions. He's a wealthy man and he has never disclosed what he made from Rotateq (we've made some estimates here on AoA). Instead, he has evaded questioning on this subject and actively misled journalists.

Brian Deer has no visible means of support. Yet he continues to attend GMC meetings faithfully, claiming to work for the Times while never writing anything else other than his Wakefield attack pieces.

As for AoA, we are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors and readers. That said, the vast majority of our resources come from voluntary contributors (that includes me, BTW). Our paid staff is small, definitely not paid enough and could certainly make more money doing other things. And our total annual revenues haven't yet cracked the six figure mark.

So the suggestion of equivalence between the financial interests of people like Offit and Deer and the dedicated people who make AoA go is more than ludicrous, it's obscene. That's why we block spam from people like Chuck. It's so disrespectful it's beneath contempt.


Adrienne said:

I was disappointed. Lots and lots of politics and not much on recovering children. Of which, we know, are many. Too bad. That's the reason this continues, right?

Thank you. I thought the same thing.


Kathleen, thanks for the Mama Bear protection - much appreciated! I haven't felt attacked by Chuck. There are others who are worse, but I tend to be left a bit alone versus the guys I suppose because I'm a mommy and the Oracians are a chivalrous lot. ;)


Excuse me, I know you don't need anyone to defend you, especially from the trolls of the wackosphere.


Ah Chuck, your "to-do" list is lame if in includes coming over here to attack Kim. You must be one more person who assumes we crazy parents don't have a brain. Age of Autism provides and incredible service for families with vaccine injured children. I don't know, but am guessing that Money for conferences and hotels are partly (hopefully more than that) paid out of their potential advertising dollars. I am grateful for that as we need quality representation in Washington and at these conferences. I appreciate the fact I can rely on the folks here at AoA to represent my son anywhere:) With my work schedule and lack of extra income, I would never be able to go to the conferences myself. Thanks AoA for all you do, and I hope that you recieve MANY donations and advertising dollars from around the world. In fact, Chuck, you have encouraged me to offer a little extra today. Litte it will be :), but priceless in value for teh wonderful work here at AoA.
Kahtleen Heltsley
Mother to Emma and Ellis

Craig Willoughby


(I hope Kim doen't mind me interjecting here)

Are you sure you know what logic and reason are? I'm sorry your mom or dad dropped you on your head one too many times as a baby, but I think you really need to evaluate what is logical and what is reasonable. Logic dictates that we question and evaluate ANYTHING that is injected into our children. It is a parent's job to protect their babies, and questioning such a dogmatic and fanatical pimping of vaccines that even the manufacturers aren't 100% sure is safe is reasonable.

What isn't logical is people coming in here and hurling insults instead of discussing the issues and or studies. What isn't logical is injecting newborn babies with things like mercury (and don't tell me it's been removed since 2001 or 2002 or 2000 whatever because everyone here knows that is bullshit) or alluminum or squalene without fully knowing how it will possibly affect that child. What isn't logical is condemning a man for a crime that he has not been found guilty of. What isn't reasonable is believing a journalist who has obvious bias in his reporting, and who's boss is on the Board of Directors of a vaccine manufacturer. What isn't reasonable is the Oraccolytes insulting and bullying parents who aren't convinced that vaccines are completely safe.

You quacks claim to be skeptics? Well show some frikkin' skepticism and apply that to Brian Deer and all of these studies that were bought and paid for by organizations that stand to lose billions of dollars if it is determined that their products are injuring so many children.

Then again, it may be that you don't even know what skepticism is. I think that perhaps the only thing you know is what that idiot at that reprehensible hate site tells you to think.

Where's the Logic?  For Chuck

"Or the fact that he himself admits that he never PROVED that MMR is connected to Autism".

Oh Chuck. At the very end of his interview on Dateline, Wakefield freely admitted that he never PROVED that the MMR is connected to autism. So, you are right. Now, why don't you answer this question. Which is more reasonable and logical... A doctor who admits not knowing all the answers but who believes that there may be some validity to parents' concerns and who also studies the issues and most importantly a doctor who actually treats the population in question. Or, a doctor (Quack) who sits there and claims to know for certain that vaccines have nothing to do with autism. Case closed. Move on. (This from a doctor - Dr. (Pr)Offit who doesn't even specifically treat patients with autism).

You want to talk about logic and reason here. Answer the question about which doctor is more logical in the above descriptions. That will speak volumes.


I watched the NBC special with anxious anticipation. I am a mother who feels you, the autism community, saved my child. I know in my heart and bones if she had ever had all those vaccines my story would be so different.
My husband has worked for gov't agencies off and on his entire life and knows a thing or two about lying. His immediate reaction when Deer was speaking was - "He is lying." I said "How do you know that?" My husband says Deer looks off to the side a lot when talks and just his mannerisms show he is lying? (Take that with a grain of salt but I thought it was interesting.)
Overall, I thought Wakefield came across as a very level-headed, smart, on-his-game man. Dr. Wakefield really struck me as honest!
Offit and Deer came across as hurried, frantic, angry. Even if I was someone who was trying to decide what to do and had never questioned vaccines - I would have walked away from that NBC speacial with some reservations about vaccines.
Dr. Wakefield and Age of Autism....keep up the AMAZING work you do day after day!

Managing Editor for Chuck

Chuck, where's the outcry over medical mistakes in your community. Countless Americans die every year from drug interactions, surgical errors, hospital infections. If you all in the ScienceBlogs community rallied for hand washing you'd accomplish far more for our nation's health than appearing to live for the sole purpose tearing down the autism/vaccine safety community. And I mean that sincerely, not to snark. Offit talked about measles epidemic - come on! I had a baby doll in the 1960s who got and recovered from the measles. It's a fear tactic - "If a child dies of the flu..." More fear. Dr. Healy has made it clear the jury is still well out - hell, they aren't even in the courtroom yet. No parent should have to choose between a childhood disease (whether deadly or not) and autism. Autism is a life altering, game changing diagnosis. NOt a walk in the park - even for the highest functioning. We need prevention, treatment, cure and then proper care. IF you don't care about prevention, then at least donate your efforts to care. Please. There are too many severely autistic kids growing closer to age 22 every day. And then they are America's to care for - in a system wholly ill prepared.

And no, I haven't blocked your IP address. I won't let you bash our advertisers or sponsors though. And going after Jenny is just a cheap easy shot.

Kim (I use Managing Editor to distinguish my comments from my Stagmom comments.) Please call me Kim - unless you prefer Satan's bride. (eye roll.)


No, "managing editor", I do not think that you profit from your readers, you profit from the ads on your site, and you know that. By trying to defer what I said to your readers you try to engage their wrath and suppress a dissenting opinion.

But go ahead and block this IP address too. I can see that there is no place for logic and reason on this site.


Subtlety is not the strong point for most - so Dateline, Mr Lauer - please don't behave as if you stuck your toe into the water of this discussion and found it too hot to actually jump in. This piece gives parents answers, but you shouldn't have hidden them in subtlety.

Of Note are the letters and links on the dateline site:

From the CDC:
CDC is focusing on three areas: 1) understanding the frequency and trends of autism spectrum disorders, 2) advancing research in the search for causes and 3) improving early detection and diagnosis.

Interpretation: We really don't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or in helping you stop him, we're interested in statistics.

The AAP:
Autism is a devastating, poorly understood neurodevelopmental condition. It is
upsetting for families not to know what caused their child’s autism. The American
Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports additional research to investigate genetic
and environmental factors that may affect the developing brain.

We really don't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or in helping you stop him, we're interested in research grants.

Pericak-Vance, PhD, Autism Research Today:
Over the next 2 years we're really going to start to understand what autism is and what the problems are.

We really don't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or in helping you stop him, we're interested in finding out if he has a genetic link we can get more money to research by getting something we can then compare to the 12 yr old in other countries doing the same thing and actually get something published.

Paul Offit:
Blah, Blah, ANGRY Blah...poor me!!!

I really don't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or in helping you stop him. Until I say "GO", you have no business trying to help him!

Dr Healy:
Current controversy is not focus on questions that need to be answered...there are questions that must be addressed.

I really don't understand why the field of mainstream medicine doesn't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or isn't helping you stop him.

Autism Speaks
Linked, only.

We're having an identity crisis right now. The Donate link is admittedly larger than anything else on our page, and we do have the embarrassment of melt-in-the-mouth Prozac hanging over our heads, but despite fundng drug studies, we might want to figure out why your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or in helping you stop him, we're just not sure how to it without losing our position in the funding race.

NOT linked:
Thoughtful House

We really don't understand why the field of mainstream medicine doesn't give a good gosh darn if your 12 yr old strips in public and bashes himself black and blue, or isn't helping you stop him, but we're looking for answers and trying to figure out ways to support and assist you in doing something about it, even at great personal time and career investment. Dateline really wanted to say this out loud - we hope you "got it" from the camera close-ups.

...just my take. Maybe next time Dateline will decide the films Dr Krigsman sees are worth showing, the parents who are helped by the unlinked sources are worth hearing, and Dr Healy will be directly congratulating Dr Wakefield for being the type of doctor she advises parents to seek.


Chuck said "cash in on their fear" this sounds like a quote straight from the Pharma's manual on "How to Run a Pandemic".

If anthing Chuck, when you accuse Age of Autism of cashing in, then you are accusing autism parents and that is laughable. Many autism parents are in the poor house because of this.

You forgot to mention the incestuous and lucrative relationship that the medical community has with Pharma.

The truth is that Wakefield did a study that pissed off the Medical establishment. They felt enormously threatened by so they villified him. Brian Deer seems to have a obsessive jealousy of Wakefield. His time may be better spent sorting out his own issues than hounding Dr. Wakefield. Deer is a kook. I feel like I'm witnessing a public stalking.

The attacks on Wakefields science and character are so hypocritical.. there are many "studies" that have been published in the Journal of Pediatrics that would not withstand scrutiny. Dr. Offit published a special article addressing parental concerns about the culmulative effects of vaccine.. this article was made to appear like a clinical study when it was really an just opinion piece... there was no science to back it up his claim and yet no outcry.

I thought Wakefield did superbly on Dateline. He's a man with tremendous class and he maintains his dignity above the fray. He never loses site of his goal of helping the children. Sadly, there are those that could help but because of political agendas, they have lost there way.

Donna Alvado

I’m sure I’ve missed some, but here are 10 glaring omissions from the NBC Dateline report:

1. No coverage of the questionable science and conflicts of interest that exist in the “14 studies”.

2. No coverage of the research that has not been done.

3. No coverage of the Generation Rescue study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated children.

4. No coverage of the Simpsonwood cover-up.

5. Claimed that Thimerosal was removed from most vaccines in 2002, without mentioning that inventory with expiration dates into 2007 were still be administered for years- and that many still contain trace amounts mixed with other toxic ingredients.

6. Gave the AAP’s recommendation on vaccines with no mention of an alternative vaccine schedule as recommended by Dr. Sears and other well-respected doctors

7. No mention of the other doctors who are successfully treating patients with similar protocols to Dr. Wakefield.

8. No reflection on history, where those who profited from the products controlled the research that deemed it safe (TOBACCO).

9. No mention of the Hannah Poling or Bailey Banks cases.

10. And no mention of these very telling facts: Congress has found significant conflicts of interest in the VRBPAC and ACIP, and the U.S. does not have any toxicologists or chronic illness experts on the VRBPAC or the ACIP.

This list needs to be sent to NBC with a signatures from parents demanding a fair and responsible follow-up.

Benedetta Stilwell

They did something different to the DPT vaccines starting in the 70's. You and I are similiar in age. My husband's family's immune system is more sensitive and does this inflammatory response thing more easily than the general population. Yet he and all his brothers and sister, cousins, and parents got through their childhood shots just fine.

I have no breast implants, so stop blaming yourself. They are two separate things. Your breast implants caused your immune problems, and the DPT shot caused your children's problems.
I am very sure of this!
My husband reacted to too many tetanus shots starting when he was 34 years old. By then we already had our kids!

Casey Ohlsson

If Dr. Wakefield and Thoughtful House is so wrong, then how come my son, who is a patient there, is almost "recovered" from autism and is long longer in screaming suffering pain?

Managing Editor for (Up)Chuck

Chuck, honestly, you think we get paid by the reader? Give me a break. go bash Dr. Healy - rally outside of her home calling her names for daring to speak out that the vaccine autism issue is no where near resolved. No one WANTS vaccines to be the cause, as fas as I know - hell, I'd rather have my kids hit by a bus then injured by medical care I ALLOWED and that my gov't and docs mandated. Think about that. Our kids are very very sick. Do you have a 6 ft. snake in your bathroom to clear the toilet clog after your daughter's monstrous (and painful) bowel movement every day?

Please think before you come in here to smack us around. I let your comment through to remind our readers of the ignorance, anger and lack of compassion that surrounds us in people like you.

Go read an ND blog and don't come back unless we can teach you something to help your own child. That's why we're here, not to "cash in."


Craig Willoughby

Chuck, what is shameful is that his experiment WAS reproduced (See the latest Hornig study where they looked at only 2 children who had measles in their guts (something that Wakefield was trying to show from the get-go) and then said that they "disproved" his hypothesis). Facts do elude people like you quite often, don't they? Like how Dr. Wakefield has never been found guilty of any of the allegations that were thrown at him, yet you and the rest of the Oraccolytes want to lynch him for crime that he has never been found guilty of. Or the fact that none of the children or their parents have brought any charges against him. Or the fact that Deer is the one who is reporting on the trial that he himself instigated. Or the fact that Deer's boss works for GlaxoSmithKline, a major manufacturer of vaccines in the UK (so Deer's objectivity is very much in question). Or the fact that Brian Deer has never once shown his "proof" that Wakefield faked his results, or really any proof whatsoever.

Yeah, shameful indeed.

Now, Chuck, it is obvious to everyone here that your shill is showing. Move along


Of course the facts do not really matter do they.

Like the fact that Wakefield's experiment had never been able to be reproduced. Or the fact that he himself admits that he never PROVED that MMR is connected to Autism. And there are so many many more.

Facts elude so many people here, and as usual Age of Autism is there to cash in on their fear.


Craig Willoughby

So I pop open MSNBC News this morning (I have it on an RSS feed), and lo and behold, no less than 5 stories about the swine flu and vaccines. strange.


In my personal opinion from seeing the cross section of the cells infected with measles in the gut from Autistic children and watching a doctor speak on CNN many years ago about the same thing, I can't help but wonder why anyone would want to discredit Dr. Wakefield, unless its about losing the bottom line form a billion dollar cash cow for Merck.

What I saw was that this dateline report was better than I thought because it exposed the politics of corporate pharmacology and who chooses who gets to be funded for research. In affect, research in drug and vaccine research is not always a level playing field.

With all of the lack of hope in finding a cure for Autism, many Austistic children who are diagnosed and treated by licensed physicians at the clinic in Austin, Texas are improving right now. This is fantastic and should be recognized as such.

At the end if the show, Matt Lauer had to say the statement "no connection with Autism and vaccines" as a legal requirement based on a court ruling. In contrast, there is a court ruling in Texas where teachers have to make a statement that Evolution is just a theory, but that doesn't make it true.

If you think a court ruling makes it true, then based on that logic, OJ Simpson is innocent.

The point is that this court ruling about no connection of vaccines with Autism was a form of censorship.

This is not over.


Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey, I am so sorry for all that you and your family experienced, and I hope you will continue to tell your story far and wide. But, to point the finger at Jenny McCarthy fits in all too well with the "blond bimbo bunny" stereotype and the "blame the mother" way of thought. Jenny McCarthy has documented quite well her son's vaccine reactions and recovery with biomedical treatments, and she is fighting hard on behalf of all children with vaccine injuries. Plenty of women have breast implants and no kids with autism.

I have no problem with your questioning whether silicone might be a factor in autism, but pointing the finger at Jenny is unfair and unnecessary, IMHO.

michael framson

Offit's wild eye'd appearance and speech made him appear to be a loose cannon. He was just shy of coming unhinged.

One day, I think Offit will be fed to sharks. When the truth can no longer be ignored, he's shark bait.


It sure wasn't perfect, but it was so much better than it could have been, and so much better than the total news blackout which has so often been in effect. This show raised questions.

A few of the things I would have liked them to focus on:
- Dr. Wakefield did not create the autism-vaccine controversy. Thousands of parents in England and around the world were already reporting their children's experiences with post-vaccine regression before Dr. Wakefield's paper was published. The thousands of parents who marched recently in London were inspired by their children's conditions, not just by Dr. Wakefield. As so many parents have said, he responded to the concerns that they raised. He did not create their concerns.
- There are a whole lot of peer reviewed published scientific studies showing a relationship between autism and immune system dysfunction, low glutathione, mitochondrial disorder, oxidative stress... Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Krigsman are indeed valiant, brilliant, heroic pioneers, but they are not alone in seeing medical issues relating to autism. This is not "parents and idiosynchratic doctors vs. science". There's lots of science -- growing all the time -- on the biomedical side.
- The hope-from-genetic-research section at the end was bogus.
- They did not interview families with children who have benefited from biomedical treatment.
- There was no coverage of Brian Deer's insanity or his conflicts of interest. His words were not challenged, except by giving Dr. Wakefield a chance to respond.
- The studies supposedly proving vaccines safe were not questioned/analyzed at all.

But, at least Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Krigsman, Dr. Bernardine Healy, and Tim & family had a chance to speak. Parents such as Lisa Ackerman made brief comments. This is truly a breakthrough. Other than Oprah and Larry King Live, there has been so little coverage of these issues.

After reading the AAP's comments, Matt said, "And that's all, for now." This to me implied that he believes these issues are far from closed.

As other commenters have said, thanks and kudos to all who were involved on the biomedical side of this story, including Thoughtful House and Dr. BH and Tim & his family!!!

BTW, on the west coast this show was aired an hour later than scheduled. I was afraid that it had been censored, and was so happy I was able to see it.

Beth Hynes

Missed Opportunity
Matt Lauer and his team at NBC missed a critically important opportunity to tell the story of the subset of children who begin to suffer from the symptoms associated with autism following vaccination. Just as smoking does not cause lung cancer in 100% of smokers, and just as lung cancer is found in non-smokers, blanket cause and effect determinations in any area of illness are rarely true and not worth the resource spent chasing them. The undeniable, basic truth here is that the infant vaccine schedule is not safe for 100% of our infants. The literature accompanying the vaccines themselves state this fact. Lauer could have reported the compelling story-line that serious resources need to be dedicated to the study of those infants who have been harmed by vaccines to determine what may have made them vulnerable. That information would then lead to a rational set of analytics that parents could follow in making determinations about which vaccines to provide to their infant/child and when.
Instead of covering THIS story, which would have been ground-breaking, instead of airing compelling footage of parents and children who have experienced harm following vaccines, Lauer and company rehashed the same old tabloid controversy about Dr. Wakefield which is really all beside the point. What's the difference who said what first 10 years ago when now we have hundreds of thousands of injured children, and thousands of parents who can document the regression of their child following vaccination?

How fantastic would it have been had NBC concluded the show by airing footage of children who, having been harmed following vaccination, recover following biomedical treatment strategies??
Shame on Matt Lauer and his team for missing the opportunity of a lifetime.


To RGA, the "psychodynamically-oriented Therapist":
Have you ever cracked open a chemistry textbook? Toxicology? Immunology? Gastroenterology? Neurology?

Snap out of your ethereal haze and get in touch with carbon-based reality. For a lot of parents at this site, their initiation starts with a steaming diaper load of runny excrement. Cutesy psych theories get irrelevant really fast....

Roger Kulp

F off indeed.Every word Freud ever wrote has been completely disproven,Shame on any university that teaches him as someone who has anything valid to say in the 21st century.Fongay is an idiot, and his work is about as applicable to autism as Bettleheim's was.


Dr. Wakefield and Dr.Krigsman are guilty of a few things for sure... listening to parents, caring for their patients and doing their jobs (above and beyond)....
Dr. Offit - not guilty!

Kathy Blanco

We have a perfect storm going on here, vaccines, food supplies that are terrible (GMO and MSG;s), fluoride waters (which is a code word for waste products of aluminum), amalgams in our teeth, dioxins, PCB's, acrylamine (McDonalds), High fructose corn syrups, Immediate Cord clamping and harmful birth drugs, Low Vit D, low essential minerals and vitamins in mothers passed down to children, low thyroid function because of all that which ruins T3 in a developing brain, bromine, High Iron foods, gluten allergic people, Lyme epidemic paralleling the autism one, animal viruses in our DNA handed down to our's a list too numerous to mention here...if vaccines are the cause...I would call it more the TIPPING point, the point that the neurological system has HAD IT with oxidative stress. The point being, the media will never say what these combined effects do, and is almost scientifically immeasruable, AND THEY KNOW therefore, I blame vaccines as my child's tipping point, the point where the neurological system could no longer defend itself.

The media will never say anything about this perfect storm, even when we have raging epidemics of autoimmunity, autism, ALS, Parkinsons, ALZ, MS, Diabetes, Obesity, Allergenic diseases, Celiac, Thyroid disorders...the list continues on and on...because all of these conditions also experienced a tipping point...but the most poignant thing about babies is that their vulnerabilites are much higher, and therefore, if you have the right combination of tipping points, stressors, then basically the entire systemic system is destroyed, from brain to anus. Obviously, vaccines can act as the catalyst of all of this happening now, AND IS, the environmental trigger...

Teresa Conrick

I felt there were both positives and negatives about the show. Dr. Wakefield spoke passionately and brilliantly yet I felt Matt did not let him talk about the science enough. The emphasis was more on the "controversy" rather than how the kids are so sick (GI-viral-bacterial-fungal-heavy metals-brain)and how they can get better and even cured of this illness so wrongly called *autism*.

I also thought it was a ridiculous finale discussing the BIG fiasco about gene research. The "15% cause from genes" is now the new magic number. NBC did poorly on that plus allowing AAP to do their infamous "vaccines DO NOT cause autism" calling card (remember Eli Stone?).

I'll save my comments for the trashy Deer and drama queen Offit for those blogs.

The honesty, integrity and quest of science was wonderful to listen to from both Dr. Healy and Dr. Wakefield. Dr. Krigsman also spoke with confidence about how major universities will have plenty of science to keep them busy for the next 10 years - and they do not recognize this illness (thanks for allowing this Matt) as Dr. Krigsman noted with much certainty, that it IS a new disorder/disease.

As a parent with a very affected child, it was hard not to be emotional to see and hear the same (can I say this--yeah, I'm sure it's ok) bullshit about how it is NOT vaccines. I won't preach to the choir but for any who do not know, there are thousands, and maybe now tens of thousands of parents who witnessed their normally developing child regress either dramatically right after a vaccine(s) or lose skills after a series of vaccines.

That's why it is frustrating to see many characters who have an agenda with vaccines(money)who keep pointing to Andrew Wakefield.

Lisa R. Fitton

Although the show gave the AAP the last word (which could have been expected), it gave Dr. Wakefield the second-to-last word! To me, taken as a whole, it went well. It didn't paint us parents as desperate; it didn't paint our doctors as quacks; it left me feeling that reasonable viewers would no longer simply accept "the party line." Dr. Wakefield must have gone through hell during this whole ordeal, and I feel for him. But whereas Brian Deer came off as overly emotional and Paul Offit as self-righteous, Dr. Wakefield struck me as level-headed, humble, honest, and totally credible. I believe that the gamble Thoughtful House took in their involvement in this was well worth it. Thank you.

totally skipped

They ran a totally different Dateline in the central valley of California. KSEE Channel 24 for anyone who wants to complain to them.


The propagandists don't seem to realize what a tenuous thread they are hanging by. The longer they perpetuate the lie, the more people get injured. The more people witness the injury and see for themselves the before and after. The more people tell their friends, families, neighbors, what happened. With the current numbers at 1 in 100 (or 1 in 50), that's a number of people, growing exponentially by the day, who know BS when they smell it. The lie will collapse under its own weight, just like a virus that kills its host doesn't perpetuate itself for very long.

Julie Swenson

Wow, RGA....interesting theory...and by 'interesting', I mean "you are a total dipshit".

I didn't realize that my parenting style (or lack thereof) gave my son IBD, a condition he would have until the age of 3 ½, when we finally changed his diet according to the DAN protocol. I didn't realize that my not forcing my son to suckle my breasts (which he was never again able to do after his Hep B shot) is the reason he can't have a simple conversation at the typically, verbally-advance age of 5. I had NO idea that holding and loving my child nearly every second of his life until he was able to sort-of walk (at the extremely advanced walking age of 16 months) would not be enough to keep him from falling on his face due to his demyelination disease caused by his shots. Clearly I was/am an unfit mother.

Perhaps a career at McDonald’s as a fry cook might be a better career choice for you? Just sayin….

Benedetta Stilwell

Thanks for explaining more. At first I thought you were putting Jenny McCarthy down. I speak for myself here- I am very sensitive about the whole vaccine- autism link here because I have been either made fun of, ignored, or watched people's eyes roll up in their heads when I speak of the matter!
I don't know what to think about your ordeal. I have nothing like you, I have no health problems, I have no breast implants yet both my children reacted to the DPT shots within hours: One had Kawasaki's, and the other had stroke/seizures.
If only they would truly research this, and find us some answers--- and that research should start with the reaction of vaccines.


Hi Cindy--I wasn't meaning to be flip. Breast implants probably do contribute to the toxic overload. It's just that a lot of us are hypersensitive to any thing that sounds like "blame the mom". For example, I have a family member who is convinced my son's autism is due to the diet coke I occasionally drank while pregnant. Sure, whatever.

Good luck to you and don't blame yourself.

Summer McFarland

I, too, am very disappointed. This was a grave disservice to the world and the US in general. Everyone here knows. Almost everyone here has a kid with intestinal issues, and issues in general with enzymes, candida overgrowth, metal poisoning, etc. If no issues were from these vaccines, then where is the other common denominator with our kids? I see the MMR and pertussis vaccines over and over and over again.

And were we supposed to be looking at vaccine safety -- the Dr that was so outraged by the few cases of teens that died because of measles - and the pertussis outbreak - said nothing of how many of the kids affected with pertussis WERE vaccinated. No discussing the use of hand gels creating more powerful germs.

And let's not discuss the few dozen deaths resulting from the Gardisil vaccine - these females would not be dead had they chosen NOT to get the vaccine.

Can someone get a copy of "Evidence of Harm" for Mr. Lauer? Oh, that would probably be too much real information for them to handle. How about any of the graphs comparing the # of vaccines and the rise of autism? That would be crazy to show real facts on a news-based program.

The future? Letting a govt that allowed this to happen find a cure. How awesome that Lily makes a product that causes so much damage, then gets to make drugs to "treat" that problem. They make a lot of money off the general population trying to find a resolution to their problems. I get to sacrifice my life, the lives of my children, my retirement, my home, to finish the last $43,000 in treatments that aren't covered by any insurance, because they work.

Jake Crosby

I liked that it was publicized, I only wish Matt Lauer would ask questions of the same level of difficulty to Wakefield's opponents as he did to Wakefield. The only real critical comment he had for Deer was, "You know Brian, Wakefield had an explanation for all of your allegations," to which Deer stupidly responded, "And the dog ate his homework!"

If he couldn't even give a reasoned answer to such a basic point made by Lauer, not even an actual question, just imagine him crumbling under direct scrutiny! Glad to hear Offit's millions mentioned though.


I used to like Matt Lauer.

This whole show tonight made me sick.

Here in St. Louis the show was followed by a commercial for swine flu vaccination.

I'm sure it was coincidence.


Seems like NBC missed the entire point of the original research that Dr. Wakefield provided in 1995.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the conclusion was they found the same exact MMR strain of the measles virus infecting the GI track of the 12 Autistic children.. ??? This should have been made clear by NBC.

Dr. Offit seemed to get a bit warm under the collar most of the time.

It is only going to get warmer & warmer...

know the research

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey
I'm familiar with the problems you are describing and the ongoing research. Yes, there are many connections with breast implants, illness, HLA-types and problems in children.

I guess the question is: Is there a higher incidence of autism or vaccice adverse reactions in children whose mother had breast implants? I don't know of any study. You mention Jenny McCarthy. Are you aware she had her implants removed 5 years before her son was born? Nevertheless, no toxin can be good for the fetus.

Btw, I didn't have breast implants during or before my pregnancy and my son is diagnosed with autism.

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

The chemical adjuvancy of breast implants is important because: Scientific truth is proteins accumulate on the surface of silicone, silicone gel breast implants and other silicone implants AFTER they are in the human body (with time factor of exposure). Then those of us who want to uphold medicine, science and research to that highest of high standard of First, do no harm would also incorporate the scientific truth that protein excesses are common in many diseases, (lupus, RA, sarcoidosis, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, other diseases of autoimmunity as well as with a variety of cancers- lung, brain, multiple myeloma)...diseases, primarily those that stimulate the human immune response...via the placental barrier through fetal with the process of microchimerism/chimerism.

I have questioned a "two hit" theory since the very early 1990's and what about HERVs, ALUs and jumping genes...

Breast feeding is just extra "hits" of the genetically offending trigger, the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers.

I have three daughters I exposed to my extremely failed silicone gel breast implants. I opted for breast implants seven days after my 18th birthday to try to correct a congenital deformity of my chest wall. In 1976 the implants were a birthday present from my parents...& at the age of almost 52 yrs old I am still trying to blow out the candle on this crappy gift...but the fire has gotten out of control, raging from the west coast, moving east taking out everything in its I forge on because I have no other choice.

I opted for the so-called medical devices of an illusion of the mind to try to correct this problem, not opting for these devices to have larger breasts.

I had nothing but massive problems from my extremely failed breast implants. I had my trigger pulled in my youth.

I had three sets of implants, all failed over time.

In 1993 @ the age of 35 yrs old I had a mastectomy of both breasts because of my extremely failed silicone gel breast implants that contained catalysts.

Platinum/platinum excesses (heavy metals are found in lot numbers of breast implants--see research from Ernest Lykissa MD, Expertox and CANDO, Marlene Keeling).

Platinum/catalysts-heavy metals are found in many breast implants.

The FDA will not note this problem, but the FDA is very broken. They have sold their souls to the highest bidder while our offspring suffer. This is not upholding one's oath of First, do no harm.

Over the many years my offspring presented with a variety of health issues...including reactions to vaccines (DPT vaccine, MMR...). Our middle daughter at the age of 2 months suffered collasped shock from her DPT shot and reaction to her first MMR, so others were not given.

She suffered with asthma, seizure disorder (petit mal/grand mal seizures) which still has seizures @23 yrs old...our youngest daughter, now 19 yrs old suffers with scleroderma in the form of PSS/progressive systemic sclerosis, a very severe bone dysplasia of her hands/feet (they are the size of a 12-15 month old) has an insulin resistance problem/AN, acanthosis nigricans ....and is short statured at 4' 7" inches...she had growing up a variety of delays, verbal delays...her primary care doctor opted her out of the DPT/DTP vaccine and MMR...because of the serious problems her sister suffered with and we were trying to make sure that she would not take more "hits" of a genetically offending trigger in her youth.

In 1998 I got our family HLA-typed and the results spoke volumes...

So, as disease like Autism presents itself it would be good medicine to note if mom exposed herself ...and/or offspring to breast implants (silicone gel and/or saline with a silicone shell) as there are catalysts/heavy metals, like platinum that was used with the manfacturing of breast implant lot numbers and the chemical adjuvancy of these devices.

It is another piece to the puzzle in a variety of the offspring who present with Autism and this needs to be noted.

Leave no stone unturned~

Teresa  Conrick


What decade are you from? Get real and do some research as you must be reading out of some pretty dusty books.

"According to Attachment Theories, something goes amiss in the Attachment between the primaty caregiver and the infant, even to say in the pre-birth stages. Suggested readings are Peter Fonagy and Allessandra Piontelli."

I suggest you read a new book coming out this next year on the history of autism, written by two of the smartest guys I know from right here on this blog, Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill. Until then, I would not talk too much about autism to anyone as you are showing yourself to be quite ignorant.

Tracy McDermott

I was disappointed also in the political agenda.. the general public doesn't care about Deer, Offit's comments might as well be scripted tape as he says the same thing every time a camera asks his opinion (yawn, but still annoying seeing his mouth move!) and although Dr Wakefield faired well with defending his research, I believe the hype of controversy isn't the MMR anymore. We have come so far since that discovery and there is so much more to discuss. It is a shame NBC couldn't highlight Hopeism and full biomed in action. Diets are great, chelation is real, but the full package of laboratory tests needs to be covered in the media.. Our kids are really sick, and I have yet to see anyone report that in mainstream medicine!

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

Although the show generally leaned toward the pro-vaccination position, I was surprised that it wasn't worse. In my opinion, Dr. Wakefield appeared very credible and quite brilliant. Dr. Healy also came across well and so did Dr. Krigsman. Probably this is the best we could get from a network, which had several commercials for drugs during the show. All in all, I think that the show will raise questions about immunizations for many people who previously had not considered the relationship between vaccines and autism.
Michael B. Schachter M.D., CNS


It's a shame that the media chooses to focus on the vaccine issue and its ratings draw rather than the whole scope of suspected autism villains (toxins, not people). I agree with Marcy that it would be lovely for the public at large to realize that we're people with brains who look at the whole scope of causes and treatments and we don't all think that it's 100% vaccines. My daughter slowly regressed so I can't pin it down to a single jab but that doesn't mean that I don't think vaccines play a part.

And Julie.... Amen, sister!!!

Cindy Keenan

Disappointing. Matt gave Offit and Deer a pass on their conflicts of interest. Why no follow-up with other doctors and researchers who are helping our kids? Why no interviews of families with recovered children? IMO, a very biased program.


I was disappointed. Lots and lots of politics and not much on recovering children. Of which, we know, are many. Too bad. That's the reason this continues, right?


Correction to my previous post. The Press Complaints Commission has only made an interim ruling and that was the The Sunday TImes remove the Brian Deer stories on Wakefield from their website. Still a pretty significant move on their part and one NBC should have reported.


My husband & I just finished watching...and are very disappointed in how biased the show was. It became clear too us in the first 5 mins that NBC was keeping the many pharmaceutical companies that do advertise on their network happy. Oh the almighty dollar. Talk about conflict of interest!


We need to open the world's eyes and look at all of the 4 A disorders increasing drastically! Of course Autism, but also ADHD, Asthma & Allergies also Cancer, MS etc. We need to look at our food supply, antibiotic overuse on babies, pesticides, and the environment and the chemicals in everything to name a few.

Just like the study they presented at the end where 15% of children are apparently affected by this genetic defect...WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 85%? Clearly not only one factor contributes to autism! We have 2 boys severely affected and we know it was a mix of all of it. Including our poor genes that made them susceptible in the first place (the apples don't fall far from the tree, with health issues and mom & dad!)

We will never make the progress we need to if we just blame the MMR. Don't get me wrong I think it contributes undoubtedly but there are many other things too.

I really wish this NBC segment would have touched on all of the health issues our children have & why and how ARI, and DAN physicians like the one's a Thoughtful House and so many more are helping our kids be they have a chance in this crazy world.

To Dr. Wakefeild, Dr. Krigsman and Thoughtful House thank you for putting yourself out there for all of are true angels. I thank god for courageous doctors like you everyday. I don't know where we would be without all we have learned and changed in our lives.

Autism community & fellow parents we need talk about more than a vaccines...explain the many health issues our children have & why and help make the world open their minds...

Yours in Hope for Healing for all of our children.

Benedetta Stilwell

You are right I a mother of a Asperger 23 year old son, need to look at myself and wonder why in the heck I let that doctor give my son the third DPT shot after he already had reacted to the second one?


I was actually quite surprised by Lauer. I felt he dialed it back a bit on both sides. I think it was a good piece overall and I loved the title---purely because I am sure Dr.Nancy was p.o.'d by the word controversy. It would have been interesting to have one of the study participants from the UK interviewed. I think the last shot of Dr. Wakefield made him look vunerable though and was probably intentional but overall I thought it wasn't bad.


Oh, f off RGA. Yes, I look within myself. I allowed my baby to get all those dammned vaccines.

And yes, my tits are real too. Sorry. Had a few drinks.


What I find so insulting is that at the end they give the AAP's stance. The AAp believes that environmental facors are responsible for the incresase of autism, but not vaccines. FOR EXAMPLE????? They never give ONE example of any environmental factor. I have a few, but why don't they ever say any....ridiculous!

Amy Yacullo

I too have seen it with my own eyes....TWICE! My own son and my nephew. Same story we have all heard before, you know the one that many out there are not taking seriously. We love you Dr. Wakefield and are so greatful for your voice.


As a psychodynamically-oriented Therapist, I'd like to comment by saying that it is never one thing that causes anything. The American Pediatric Association I believe was correct in asserting that it is something environmental that causes autism, as well as many other personality /developmental disorders. It is both heredity and the environment (nature/nurture), which is how Freud began but he was hampered by the neurological technologies of his time. According to Attachment Theories, something goes amiss in the Attachment between the primaty caregiver and the infant, even to say in the pre-birth stages. Suggested readings are Peter Fonagy and Allessandra Piontelli. Are these parents in need of someone to blame, absolutely, but as parents we also need to look within ourselves!


The NBC coverage is and introduction for many. Hopefully more parents will question the safety of vaccines and for those children suffering, Hope. God Bless Andy!

To put in perspective - over 300,000 kids in the us with autism and only 5000+ cases of the swine flu 556 deaths. Priorities.


Cindy, my boobs could star in an iHop ad, on the kids menu ... I'm not sure what breast implants have to do with this. Kim

Laura Bailey

I watched this segment with so much interest tonight. My son is now 10 years old and was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old. My son was a healthy 8 pound baby but at almost 4 weeks old was having problems eating and having bowel movements. The diagnosis came back as pyloric stenosis. This had to be treated right away and after the surgery on the small intestine my son was deemed healthy. My son progressed normally and reached his milestones early. He was speaking in 3 word sentences at 12 months. When it was time for the year old vaccinations I brought my son into the pediatricians office and he was given the first dose of the MMR vaccine. 6 months later my son stopped talking, began banging his head on anything he could and only ate "preferred" food. I had read up on my own and found an interesting book that linked the gluten free /casien free diets to the stop of autistic behaviors. One passage in this book stated that when children had a low tolerance to mercury or thermisol that was found in MMR vaccines ( which conviently the lot numbers are not given to parents by pediatricians and many MMR vaccines were recalled)that rubella takes approximately 6 months to become active in the body. If it does not it sits in the gut and intestines where it releases it self as an opiate to the brain and causes a "misfire" in the brain of the child. I believe that this vaccine highly contributed to my son's case of autism and wrecked havoc over his already fraile bowel structure and small intestine. It also became too coincidental that my 1st cousin had the same bowel disorder and developed Aspergers syndrome almost 10 years prior to my son's diagnosis.

KUDOS to Dr. Wakefield for his research and hopefully he comes to the state of Rhode Island to hold a conference


I guess I was not as pleased as the rest of the commenters so far. I thought Dr. Wakefield came off very well but I was very disappointed on several points.

1.NBC Says no ruling on press complaints commission filing by Wakefield...not true. The ruling occurred a month or so ago in Wakefield's favor

2. Offits confilict as a vaccine maker was disclosed but no mention that his dept at CHOPS is funded by Merck...the sole maker of the MMR in the US

3. No mention of Brian Deer's conflicts or the fact that his boss James Murdock, owner of the Sunday TImes sits on the board of GlaxoSmithCline maker of the UK MMR vaccine

3. Many families were interviewed and the only one features Krigsman saying that they didn't find much in the patient.

4. The court case they referred to, I assume was Cidello and they did not interview the Cidello family. The case was not against Dr. Wakefield it was the filing that MMR caused her autism.

5. They close with the gene theory with no mention of the UC Davis MIND institute study or the fact that it has become broadly acknowledged through scientific study that autism involves an environmental trigger.

6. also no mention that the Nation Vaccine Advisory committee to CDC has stated there are gaps in vaccine safety research and the we need a baseline vaccinated vs. unvaccinated population study.

Heather O

Thank you, Dr Wakefield, Dr Krigsman Dr. Healy and the Kasemodels family! I watched this show on pins and needles, and overall I give it a thumbs up. I'm also from Minnesota and know how our doctors who step out side the 'medical model' and 'best practices' are pressured to conform or lose their jobs. Even with the Mayo Clinc and the University of Minnesota, treatment of medical issues related to autism in Minnesota is seriously lacking.

My own son became chronically constipated after the MMR shot at 15 months. Like Wakefield said, he fell apart, now at 8 years, he is dx'd with ASD, ADHD and an axiety disorder.

Thanks again, Tim and Laura, I'm so darn proud of you!

Robyne Rohde

Well, I think the Dateline piece was very biased and did not do Thoughtful House or Dr. Wakefield or the parents of these children justice.

Maurine Meleck

For me, Matt L. was definitely biased in favor of Deer and Offit. In fact, IMHO, the whole program(with the exception of Dr. Healey and Wakefield's honesty and cool composure) was a vote of confidence for vaccines-ending with the coming miracle in genetic research to the last comment in the whole program from the AAP. Nonetheless, Wakefield was brilliant as always.

Jim Thompson

“While it is likely that there are many environmental factors that influence the development of
autism, vaccines are not the cause of autism.”


“’In conclusion, we can state that this analysis does not rule out that receipt of thimerosal-containing vaccine in children under three months of age may be related to an increased risk of neurologic development disorders.’ See Verstraeten et al 2000 at .

Also, four years later one of the authors, Dr. Verstraeten, stated

‘…more study is required.’ See .

But even before the Verstraeten et al 2000 report, the FDA and CDC called for the removal of thimerosal.

‘Nevertheless, because any potential risk is of concern, the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.’ See CDC 1999 at .”


Schoolteacher in NYC

Seems to me the show gave everyone on all sides of the debate a chance to share their viewpoint, leaving people with more information than they had before to decide their children's path for themselves.

My wife and I have decided against shots just this week. We do not feel the medical establishment tells the straight story. Just in my own circle of friends we have heard multiple stories of huge change in children right after receiving the MMR shot. I am dismayed the medical establishment won't take these stories seriously or look into them at all, dismissing these people as suckers or people looking for something to blame. I know people who have had this happen to them, and I'm sorry but they aren't like that.

We believe these stories, and so we won't expose our child to the risk it will happen to him. This is a shame as I think vaccines are really pretty miraculous science, but I think it's the rational road for the parent who educates himself sufficiently.


Honestly, better than I expected.

Dr Wakefield, Dr Krigsman and the Kasemodels came off well, I thought.

I thought Matt Lauer had a "bitch please" expression on his face when Offit said his interest in vaccines was purely humanitarian.

I hope Dr Wakefield gets out in the mainstream media more after this. His intellect and integrity are impeccable.

Craig Willoughby

Oh, and another thing. Did you all notice how calm, and collected Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Healy and Dr. Krigsman were? And all of the vaccine defenders were exactly opposite. Brian Deer said it all when Matt asked him if he even considered the link, and he said "Never, not for a moment." Pretty biased, don't you think? And Offit was so angry and confrontational!

But, it's the parents who are desperate and emotional, right?

Benedetta Stilwell

I thought it was fair! It did mention Offit made money off of making a vaccine, but it did not tell how much damage that vaccine caused. From what I heard it was a pretty bad vaccine. Really -- though from the riducule to just being ignored the segment on Dateline did alright!

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

Like adults, the offspring of humans, (children) have the variants of genes, OF KEY GENES that will be enhanced/ exerted/"turned on" by genetically offending triggers, like for instance vaccines as a genetically offending trigger.

Vaccines, like medicines, like with what they use in dentistry and with medical devices (like for instance the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers) have NOT been crafted/nor tailored the the variants of the genes of children exposed who experience Autism.

Genetics is a foundation, but NOT the "cause". The "cause" is the genetically offending trigger that will express/exert/turn on the variants of genes within the children exposed to vaccines.

Also, how many of those children who have Autism had a mother who exposed her offspring to their very failed silicone gel breast implant lot numbers?

Jenny McCarthy (past Playboy playmate) heads out Autism...did she expose her son ever to breast implants/the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers?

Did she or these other women (whose offspring have autism) have breast implants before giving birth to their offspring or expose their offspring to chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers during being pregnant?

Do those within the Art of Medicine weed out children with autism whose moms exposed their children to the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers?

Because an adjuvant is a substance that can enhance the immune response to a foreign material (such as protein). Remember, enhance a foreign material (silicone in the case of breast implant exposure) such as protein---which protein excesses are common in many diseases, primarily those that stimulate the immune system.

So, IF anyone really wants to uphold medicine, science and research to that highest of high standard of First, do NO harm one would need to incorporate the scientific truth that all humans have the variants of genes, of KEY genes that can be exerted/turned on by these types of genetically offending triggers that have NEVER EVER been crafted/nor tailored to the genetics of humans.

Stop the medical hype...time is long overdue to HLA-type and stop the lies that medicines, vaccines, dentistry and medical devices (starting with the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers)are safe...because this junk that IS being placed in the human body is really damning our offspring and the generations to come.

Sadly the companies and others within the Art of Medicine are NOT spending the money to do the proper research. They rather their CEOs retire with millions in their pockets.

I totally support what Dr. Wakefield is doing...HE is stepping up to the plate to HELP THOSE WHO HAVE HAD THEIR TRIGGER PULLED in their youth...Others are just covering up the REAL medical harm that has been done to so many.

Remember ~ She who rocks the cradle DOES rule the world~

Craig Willoughby

They did mention Offit's COI. I am actually quite impressed with how balanced this was. They showed both sides of the story and let Dr. Wakefield defend himself. Regardless, this was something that needed to be done! This needed to be seen and heard. My only serious complaint was the disclaimer from the AAP at the very end. The one where they say that they don't know what causes autism, but they know it isn't vaccines.

Other than that, I think it was well done. Thanks, Matt.

And Tim, my wife and I started laughing when they showed your son walking down the hall without his pants on. She and I both said, "Hey!! It's Nate (my son)"


I wonder why Dr. Offit's conflict of interest wasn't mentioned in the segment. Offit was able to say how Wakefield has damaged the belief of vaccine safety. I think someone should call Offit on his profits from vaccine!! This was a bit one sided and biased, don't you think?? NBC should have a story on how much money the AAP, Offit, the CDC and the FDA have been given by the Pharmaceutical companies to market and sell the vaccines..

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