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CBS News Sharyl Attkisson: "Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out." Your Sons are Next.

Sharyl Sharyl Attkisson is looking out for America's young girls and women in her piece "Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out" on CBS News HERE

If you have boys and think this issue is moot, think again. From the FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee : "On September 9, 2009, in the morning, the committee will discuss and make recommendations on the safety and effectiveness in females of a vaccine against Human Papillomavirus manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.  In the afternoon the committee will discuss and make recommendations on the safety and effectiveness of vaccinating males with Gardasil, a vaccine against Human Papillomavirus manufactured by Merck & Co. See more at FDA.gov HERE.

From Sharyll's report: Amid questions about the safety of the HPV vaccine Gardasil one of the lead researchers for the Merck drug is speaking out about its risks, benefits and aggressive marketing.

Dr. Diane Harper says young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Dr. Harper helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved, and authored many of the published, scholarly papers about it. She has been a paid speaker and consultant to Merck. It’s highly unusual for a researcher to publicly criticize a medicine or vaccine she helped get approved.

Dr. Harper joins a number of consumer watchdogs, vaccine safety advocates, and parents who question the vaccine’s risk-versus-benefit profile. She says data available for Gardasil shows that it lasts five years; there is no data showing that it remains effective beyond five years.


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Merck would like to double their profit. It is all about money people,as we the parents know already. I bet the polysorbate 80 and the boric acid will be able to reduce their fertility by damaging the testicles. I would not take a bandage form Merck.

Melissa D

Actually I consider myself a “recovering moron” – you see “moron” is defined as a “mentally deficient person” which is what I was when I let some pediatrician give my six month old baby the Hep B, the Hib, the Pneumo and the DTAP all in one day. It is what I was when I let him be stuck with the MMR and the varicella vaccine one December day six months later. And then even after he started to regress I allowed them to stick him with the IPV, the Pneumo and the DTAP – that was MORONIC! But since many of us blindly followed what the pediatricians told us to do – we fell into the moron category. You must follow the pediatrician quite closely there “Bleah.” Thank goodness I realized what was happening after the 18 month appointment and put a halt to the vaccines. I’m a “recovered” moron, now if only I could recover my son from all of his vaccine damage… If you are so set on vaccines why don’t you go get “10,000 or so vaccines” as some “experts” suggest (since they are so safe) and let me know how those autoimmune conditions start working out for you!

Managing Editor

Josh, every so often I let those folks in to prove how mean spirited they are and how children are NOT at the center of their cause. Perhaps that Troll has gone off to harass parents at a cancer site now. (Rolling eyes.)


I find it remarkable that someone can come here, read the posts from parents whose daughters have been severely hurt by this garbage vaccine, and call said parents "morons." Remarkable but not surprising.

Troll, I hope you're up to date on your MMR and others as well. Wouldn't want you spreading diseases around.

Managing Editor

Dear Bleah, perhaps you should read another blog then, yes? Or find something a bit more productive to do than call parents of severely disabled children morons. It's Sunday, skedaddle along to Church for a bit of compassion why don't you.



Good lord,

You people are morons.

Rosemary Mathis

My 13 year old daughter was injured by Gardasil and completely disabled for the past year. Merck got it right when they used the slogan "One Less" for Gardasil. Because of Gardasil, my daughter was "One Less". She was "One Less Student", "One Less Active Child", "One Less in every aspect of her life". Take it from a mother who has spent the past year sitting by my child's beside wondering if she would die in her sleep. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. DO NOT trust your doctor to make this decision. If you want to understand Merck's role in the medical community, investigate some of their former wonderdrugs such as VIOXX and then marvel at how many people died from it before it was pulled off the market. The CDC AND FDA need to do their job and get this off the market before more children are harmed. The public is not aware of VAERS and the #'s are grossly understated. I have had to tell my child's doctors about VAERS and make them file reports or she would not be one of the current statistics in VAERS. Even then, her information has not been entered correctly so I know that VAERS is not what it should be. There is NO WAY that I will allow this to happen to my 17 year old son. He will not be getting the Gardasil Vaccine. Please do not let this happen to your child.

PA Autism Dad

Does Sharyl Attkisson have a friend or family member on the spectrum? She has been exceptionally helpful to those of us in the autism community who suspect the vaccines are unsafe.

And if she is not related to an ASD family, that is even better.

My wife and I are curious though.

Anyways, keep it up, Sheryl!!

Melissa D

INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE! - I love it! That is perfect Julie, it should be on a t-shirt. I went to the CBS website to try to send a note of thanks to Sharyl Attkisson for her good reporting. There was no way I could find to contact the reporters directly, but I did send a note of thanks to her via the news website - hope she receives it. If anyone found a way to thank her directly, please post.

Julie Smtih

Hi I'm writing from New Zealand and looked into Gardasil as we have daughter. What I uncovered shocked me into setting up a website www.offtheradar.co.nz so please check it out and tell as many as you can, especially those considering Gardasil. I have on my site what your health professional won't tell you. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. This vaccine is all about revenue gathering and sterility of our young girls. They'll be known as the "gardasil generation".

Your website is wonderful keep up the great work

Julie Smith
New Zealand

Erica in Alabama

A young girl in my neck of the woods
received her third shot of the gardacil
vaccine a week and a half ago. I asked her
mother why she chose to have her daughter
vaccinated. She told me,"because her
pediatrician told her to." I got a phone
call today from a mutual friend telling me
that the little girl was on her way to the
hospital by way of ambulance. She was
unconscious. Her mother swears it's swine flu
even though she tested negative.
My prayers are with the 13 year old and her
family. She is awake but still not feeling well.

moon batchelder

my hope is that every girl or boy will be 'one less' individual damaged by pharma's poisonous vaccines!


Sharyl Attkisson rocks! We need more reporters like her!


I think the key issue is not whether boys faint in equal numbers. Many of the girls most adversely affected by Gardasil have been the ones who were very athletic (higher testosterone). If testosterone levels are a risk factor, then unleashing this vaccine on boys could cause exponentially higher rates of adverse events. And as someone pointed out earlier, the AE rates are already higher than being reported because they are fudging the numbers (vaccine distributed vs. administered).

Jack R.

What do you think the slogan will be? I can hear "Let's Hear if for the Boy" from the Footloose soundtrack playing in the background of the commercial, but I just can't figure out how they'll sell this one.

"Protect the one you'll love"?

Kathy Blanco

Does any one know if this unnatural vaccine can actually induce abortive properties?


This vaccine reportedly provides immunity- not to cervical cancer-, but immunity to the few virus strains OF MANY that could possibly lead to cervical cancer.

What do most people even know about these vaccines? Not much.


I see why some of you might think since autism is more prevalent among boys and people don't seem to care much about that that this Gardasil sham will be any different. BUT, there has been a very real tendency to blame birth control pills with some of the gross vascular consequences of Gardasil, which you can't get away with when it comes to boys. I love the timing of all of this right along with the swine flu shot talk. A Canadian survey I saw recently didn't seem to indicate that a lot of people would get this vaccine. I was happy to see a columnist talk about adjuvants and how he would go to jail before he would ever get a swine flu shot. And Jack, even if boys' fainting was seen as a medical issue, there will still be lots of talk. Bad publicity is bad publicity. Confidence in the vaccine ideology is slowly being shaken.


Dead people don't have sex. Perfect logic.

Boys drop dead of Ritalin-induced cardiac arrest all the time and nothing is done. 4 times more boys are stricken by autism. Disease mongering and profits trump gender inequality when it comes to pharma.


The immunity lasts only five years, but the side effects last forever.


Silly people thinking boys will get more recognition than girls if they pass out after getting the Gardasil vaccine.

They'll be a study that shows boys are just as likely to faint after vaccination as girls.

And any reactions the boys might get will be chalked up to a coincidence.

Jack R.

My first instinct was to reject the notion that boys would get any more attention. But you do have to appreciate that the key defense of this vaccine is that girls are just hysterical and faint a lot anyway. A boy faints and they won't use that argument. It will be seen as a medical issue.

Now, if a star football player dies, they'll just ignore that too no matter how popular he is. They have too. They'll probably be able to pin it on steriods or aggressive football coaches pushing their playing in the heat. They'll find other reasons.


Maybe it's overly optimistic to think boys will get any better recognition than girls when they fall prey to the vaccine's down-side. After all, it hasn't worked out that way in the ASD/Autism realm.


Especially if it's a promising football player from Texas. I think you're right. Boys, sports "stars" becoming paralyzed will get more media attention that "silly girls who faint when they see a needle since they're so anxious." May we NEVER see this vax for boys. Kim


I hate to say this but if just one boy dies because of this vaccine, there will be a much more panicked and aggressive stance taken. Even more doctors will actually speak up. Sad, but true.


When hell freezes over . . .

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