Autism May Be Linked to Mom's Autoimmune Disease

Videos of the Maine CDC Autism Conference

MaineCDC  By Ginger Taylor

In May, I told AoA's readers [HERE] about the Maine CDC's Autism Conference where GI treatment, and environmental causes, including vaccination, were discussed.  The videos of the conference were due to be posted on the Maine CDC's web site by the end of June; however, after the conference Maine CDC discovered that a new state law had been passed that prevented them from being made available on the state's site before being closed captioned so that they were ADA compliant. 

As they had not budgeted for close captioning, it took some time to find the funding and some more time to actually get the job done, and well... I got impatient.

So this week I posted the videos to Adventures In Autism in six parts:

  • Welcome and introduction by Dora Ann Mills, MD, MPH, Director, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, State Health Officer, featuring Becky Grant-Widen, board member of the National Autism Association. [HERE]
  • Autism 101, and overview of autism and diagnostic measures by several Maine developmental pediatricians. [HERE]
  • Gastrointestinal and Nutritional Co-Morbidities in Autism by Tim Buie, MD, Pediatric Gastrointerologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School [HERE]
  • Kim Block, reporter for WGME 13, presents a news piece on autism treatment [HERE]
  • Genes and Environment, Developmental and Chronic: An Inclusive Approach to Autism Science by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Pediatric Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School[HERE]
  • Looking Forward Beyond Vaccines: How Do We Know What Autism IS NOT if We Do Not Know What Autism IS? Followed by Jon Poling, MD, PhD, Neurologist, Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical College of Georgia, Father of child with autism [HERE]

    Maine CDC is encouraging free distribution of the videos and would like to offer them to other state health authorities and similar associations.  If you would like a set of DVD's feel free to contact me and I will make sure you get a set.

    Conference Materials, Power Point presentations may be found on the Maine CDC web site [HERE].

    I will let you know when they become available directly on the Maine CDC web site, but it may take few more weeks. 

    (Please let me know if there are any problems with the videos as I have not yet had a chance to run through them to make sure the conversion from the DVD to online was flawless.)

    Ginger Taylor, M.S. is an autism mom who writes at AdventuresInAutism.com and whose blood pressure is lowering as she sees that more and more mainstream physicians and researchers are waking up to the fact that autism is a problem, and probably a problem that we brought on ourselves. 

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    Holly M.

    I just got back from Ogungquat. The head of the ME CDC(the women in the video) was so excited-smiling on TV to vaccinate all ME schoolchildren in their school this fall for both regular flu and H1N1. She was grateful to the Obama administration who is providing $1.5 to the effort.


    Thanks for posting the videos, Ginger! I hope every physician who treats children is presented with the links.
    There should be a grassroots effort to distribute this information widely to practicing physicians - the sourcing is impeccable!

    Roger kulp

    I spent last night watching these videos. While it is nice to see Dr.Poling,and some of the ideas promoted by AoA accepted by an institution like Harvard,it was the presentations by Drs.Herbert and Buie that really got my attention.

    Dr.Poling,bless his heart,is not the most riveting of speakers.

    Dr.Herbert,in particular,presented so much, that it takes more than one viewing to absorb it all.I couldn't believe my ears,when I heard someone like this,from a place like Harvard,more or less bashing Paul Offit for being biased by his vaccine patents,and for misrepresenting his "facts".I have not read Offit's book,but I now understand why he is such a neurodiversity darling.They both have the same idea of what autism is.

    What really got my attention was when she started talking about glial activity during, and after infection,in autism,and the cerebrovascular inflammation it leads to.How this can last months or years after the initial infection.It almost sounds like they think this is something unique to autism.This sounds like a perfect explanation for the severe combined cerebrovascular,and neuroelectric "syndrome",I had for over two years,after my 2007 meningitis,that caused my last regression.I wonder if some us might have a mix of autoinflammatory and mitochondrial disease.

    I think this may be the first real public endorsement of some of the stuff you guys have been saying all along,by a major institution like this.Obviously this is going to be one of the most important medical stories of the 21st century.I never dreamed I would end up right in the middle of such a thing.

    Benedetta Stilwell

    Autism grandma it bothers me about what they are doing to the elderly too. My Dad insist on getting a flu vaccine every year because he has lung problems. His mental state is excellant but he has the old man shuffle just like (Tim Conway on the Carol Brunnet show).


    I found this great site of Gingers at Huffingtonpost.com at our latest debate on the vaccination & autism connection.

    Many of us know there's a toxic mix in our air, food & water & we know vaccinations trigger autism as well as suspect they are to blame for other disease, too.

    But, unfortunately, the opposition against us & out to stifle us, make it pretty hard to be heard.

    We're afraid newcomers to some of these debates may not want to participate when they see all the insults & such we've been up against, so I'm trying to recruit help & ask everyone reading this to help recruit, too.

    The Calvary comes to our rescue but these same people (about a dozen & they use multiple id's) are able, many times, to drown us out & are ruthless & diligent.

    They even have formed groups against us to plot their moves to thwart truth from coming out.

    They may even be commenting here, because this site of Gingers is at the top of that message board right now, so I want to warn Ginger to watch out for their angry rhetoric.

    This latest debate is coming to a close but it would be great if others would join us before the comment section closes>>>


    The article is now off the HuffPo's main page so there won't be new people coming unless invited, like I'm doing for the readers here now.

    Jock Doubleday is there challenging Dr. Karp who wrote the article. Jock's the guy that's offered 200 thousand dollars to any doctor who is willing to drink the same ingredients in vaccinations according to their body weight to match what our babies have to take.

    You may want to read a few pages of the comments to catch up on what's going on if any of you have the time?

    I'm Mofmars333 with the picture of a crying eagle. If you click on the "Living" section at the top of HuffPo's home page you can see when other like debates take place in the near future.

    Or to find debates & discussions concerning this issue you could check in now & then & type in "Mofmars333" in Huffpo's search engine to go to my profile to see my latest comments because I plan to be at all the coming debates & discussions on this matter so you could find them that way, too.

    Here's a gold mine of information in some of our past debates for those interested in research & study, concerning this most urgent issue pertaining to the safety of vaccinations.

    Some are closed for comment but very educational;









    Last but not least;



    Thank goodness for those like Ginger.

    Because of these type brave individuals, we'll be getting to the bottom of this matter & to where we need be, very soon.


    Joyce, you said everything everyone should read. Thank you for putting it in terms anyone can understand, and pointing out the idiocy of the American government(amoung others, of course) including the CDC!



    Joyce Davila

    Please let me know where I can write to you so we can get a copy of the videos.

    Autism Grandma

    I watched Dr. Poling's lecture video and I will admit that I got lost in the scientific information, but this final statement was not lost on me:

    "Post vaccine fever and not vaccines per se may be a trigger for regression"

    The obvious question here is "WHAT caused the fever to begin with"? The major side effect of vaccines is fever, and even very high fevers are considered "normal" by the medical community. When my daughter called the Vaccine Hot Line in a panic over her son's 105 degree fever which occurred immediately after a group of 9 vaccines given at once, she was informed that this fever was "normal" and "not to be overly concerned." Since it is a known scientific fact that fever is the result of the assault by virus and bacteria, and since vaccines contain multiple virus and bacteria, obviously the fever is caused by the vaccines. Therefore by logical deduction, how is it even possible that the "vaccines per se" are not the direct cause of the fever?

    Excuse me but this sounds like more propaganda in the form of using scientific jargon to deflect the blame away from the vaccines. "NO the vaccines themselves do not cause the fever (which then produces encephalitis), but instead it is the FEVER that is causing the encephalitis (Brain injury) and thus the resulting autism regression."

    From my own perspective and experience prior to my grandson's vaccine induced autism, I was a healthy functioning person all my life until I was exposed to a toxic solvent gas that permanently changed my entire health status. Being driven by desperation in search of recovery for myself, I learned that the MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) community has accumulated the science that proves the obvious: Toxic exposures and toxic overloads produce changes in many organ systems and damage health in many ways, just as autism is the result of a toxic overload producing systemic damages.

    OK we don't have to be scientists to use some simple basic logic here. It has been known throughout history that poisonous substances damage health and even kill people. It is known that our environment is contaminated with many toxic substances which can bio accumulate in our bodies slowly but surely producing disease. And yet I was exposed to many toxic substances, as we all are, with no obvious ill effects, until that one fatal day that a solvent was used to remove floor tile from a space adjacent to my business. It would be a very long story for me to list all of the subsequent health issues caused by this toxic exposure, but the point is simply that if my body had not been overwhelmed with toxins beyond what it could normally handle, I would not have become disabled. And if my grandson's body had not been overwhelmed by all of the toxins in the vaccines, HE WOULD NOT BE AUTISTIC AND HE WOULD NOT BE SUFFERING FROM THE EFFECTS OF ALL THIS POISON.

    The medical system is using so called "Science" to manipulate information in order to avoid the reality of the vaccine induced autism, cancer, ADD, asthma, allergies, diabetes, on and on ad nauseum. All of these health issues are skyrocketing along with the increased vaccine schedule. For God's sake, Mercury was known to induce "Mad Hatters" 200 years ago, but somehow Mercury couldn't have anything to do with autism??!!! I learned about Aluminum and Mercury being found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients 30 years ago, but in all this time the medical heirarchy only increased vaccines to the elderly, vaccines which included amounts of these heavy metals way above the "safe" levels. (Logic again tells me that there is no safe level of any heavy metals, so there should not be ANY of this in vaccines) Subsequently we have a statistic of 50% of people over age 65 being diagnosed with Alzheimers, a condition which has many similarities to autism, and yet somehow the vaccines have no contribution to this??!!!! My grandson has aluminum levels off the charts, but this has nothing to do with his autism??? OH REALLY.

    Mercury and Aluminum are not the only contributing factors to vaccine poisoning, but with heavy metals assaulting the glutathione pathway, it won't take much of any other poison to produce further damages. Just assaulting the human body with multiple virus and bacteria can easily overwhelm the immune system. So here we have concurrent assault to the detoxification system and the immune system both at once with multiple vaccines. The basic logic of this fact is so obvious that considering the insanity of the medical systems' denial of this reality infuriates me. And our government backs them up??!!! Congress has been bought and paid for with 30 pieces of silver and they are thus allowing the crucifixion of our children.

    "We the people" must utilize our own intelligent reasoning powers that God gave us to protect our children and to recover our children from vaccine injuries. World wide statistics regarding vaccine schedules and autism rates should have produced an obvious conclusion to our government by now, so where are they??? Still backing up the vaccine industry. An idiot could simply look at the statistics and figure this out. America and Great Britain have the largest vaccine schedules and the highest rates of autism while the countries with the lowest rates of autism have the lowest vaccine schedules. Since it doesn't take a rocket scientist to arrive at this conclusion, there is only one other explanation: Corruption and Greed is what is ruining the health of American children, and no one in our government wonders why we are 34th in infant mortality, or wonders about the fact that we lead the world in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and all major diseases??? But we hear it on the news every day: "America leads the world in medicine" instead of the actual reality:"America leads the world in DISEASE." America leads the world in vaccines and drugs, but somehow this has no correlation to leading the world in disease...autism being just one of many.



    Thank you Ginger et al!! YOU ROCK!!

    Harry Tembenis

    We were there and Becky, Ginger and Holly all did a magnificent job! We thought we were attending either an autism conference in the future or an autism conference in the parallel universe!

    Great job, ladies!


    Thank you for sharing these. I took the time to watch the Dr. Buie talk this morning -- it is very relevant to what we have been going through with my son for a while now. Several ped gi's (even those at super duper research centers) have ruled out any physical/surgical treatable condition -- thus since he has autism it must be a behavior. They suggest that we "distract him" and hope that over time it will stop -- call us in 6 months if you need more help... Dr. Buie's videos and comments re: GERD and the possible non-responsiveness of others in some of this population will energize me to go out once again and try to get some help for our son. I'll watch Dr. Herbert next...

    Becky Grant-Widen

    Thanks Ginger!


    Thank you so much for posting...I will take the time tonight to look through. Thank God for impatient women... ;-)

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