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Sudden Death from ADD Drugs OK. Treatable Chicken Pox and Measles Not.

Kid's coffin By Kim Stagliano

HERE's a report telling parents to keep their kids on ADHD drugs that may cause sudden death in healthy patients. Where's the outcry on HuffPo and other blogs about dangerous ADHD drugs that docs dole out like candy and parents hand out to their kids with confidence? 

Let me get this straight. NOT putting mercury into your child (flu shot) is negligent. Allowing your child to get lifelong immunity to the Chicken Pox, staying home with her, feeding her chicken soup and giving her soothing baths is bad parenting. Declining a second dose of a vaccine that caused seizures in your infant the first time around is proof that you're one brick shy of a load.

Giving your child a drug that may cause his heart to stop beating and has myriad other side effects is A-OK.

How the bleep is that possible?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A study that found possible heart risks with attention deficit drugs had limitations and should not prompt parents to stop giving the medications to children, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Monday.

The FDA said the study published on Monday in the American Journal of Psychiatry found there may be an association between use of stimulant medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sudden cardiac death in healthy children...

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



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A report by Dr. Cooper at Vanderbilt University states that 2.5 million children are now taking atypical antipsychotics. Over half are being given them for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Perhaps it is statistics like these that caused the FDA to finally require warnings on the labels of the ADHD drugs. The use of atypical antipsychotics for children should be banned.


My Riley had an MRI done about a year ago. The nurse from the hospital called to pre register him. We went through all the questions...address, phone, alergies (that one took awhile, then the wuestion about what meds he's on. I said none. She got very quiet. She said, none? You don't give him anything for his autism? I say..no and I never will. She was stunned. She had never heard of a child with autism not being on any medication to CONTROL him. I was stunned that she was "stunned".

Carmen A

Silly concerned people! How can we expect them to shoot their cash cow!

Cathy Jameson

I thought I read somewhere that schools receive extra funding if they report that some of their population of students are taking ADD/ADHD drugs. That makes sense why the higher than thous want to keep pushing the drugs despite their lack of effectiveness and down right scariness.

Big Pharma, State Educational Departments and Doctors bring home the money with us parents balking and flailing as usual. Isn't that the way? It keeps the cycle of wackiness going. FDA says it's okay. Doctors say it's okay. Teachers think they are doctors and tell parents to go drug their kids and that's okay. What?! It isn't okay?

Raymond Gallup

For those that still have children (which most families still do), our son, Eric is on five prescription drugs including haldol, adivan, lithium, zyprexa and abilify. As anybody knows all these drugs are poison but I have tried to give the residential center a heads up about zyprexa in particular regarding the class action lawsuit against it (about diabetes and other reactions) but it is very hard to make head way. Realize once your child is no longer home and is in a residential center or group home, you have little say unless you want your child/adult to stay home.

Terri Lewis

Kim, thank you for this important and practical article.

When I think of all the newcomers here--especially parents of the newly diagnosed--I always hope they'll use AOA as a resource and a springboard for further action.

Discussing the continued poisoning of our kids with mostly useless, always risky drugs is really important.

And as much as I like to take a hardline stance, I understand fully why people would close their eyes to the dangers and just hope for the best.

We had our younger daughter on Singulair for asthma--longer than I'd care to admit--but finally have her problems under control (90% of the time) with diet, nutritional supplements (including cod liver oil), and when we do still need to use "rescue" medications, we keep it to an absolute minimum.

She will never again be on that daily pill, and I'm just glad her "side effects" were relatively minor.

They served as a warning to us, like vaccine reactions do to those who are willing to see, and we got her off of that stuff, maybe just in the nick of time.

This is definitely a subject to revisit from time to time, since this epidemic of brain-damaged, immune-system-damaged, gut-damaged kids is clearly not going to be over anytime soon.

Angela Warner

I will NEVER forget the morning of March 29, 2006. Nathan had just started a Concerta rx the day before. I had just given him his second dose. A short time after that I realized that he was having visual and auditory hallucinations, and had been having them before I even gave him the second dose. I didn't realize this until after the fact, because his expressive and receptive language skills were severely delayed. He was four and a half.

Not only was he hallucinating, but his aggression was extreme. My four and a half year old boy, all of about 40 pounds then, pushed our antique, solid walnut dining room table (fully extended it's 9 x 4 ft) halfway across the kitchen in a fit of rage.

Shortly after black box warnings appeared for... you guessed it... an increased risk for hallucinations. Way to go Pharma. Way to go FDA. Great job!

There are times, and right now is one of them, that I realize how lucky we are and he is, to be alive.


I am experiencing a sudden urge to deconstruct the tired old "they are doing it just for the profits" line. Think along with me here:

If you want profits there are a lot of constructive things you could do for profits. Moreover, we all need to make some kind of profit, small or large, say in order to pay for our kid's education, our own retirement, or save for a rainy day, etc. People need to earn more than they live on in order to prepare for an uncertain future. We all need to make a profit and we all do things to make a profit.

These people have chosen to poison other people for profit. So if you follow me, the real choice here is not whether or not "to make a profit".

The choice these Pharma people make is whether or not to hurt their fellow human beings: whether or not to stunt their growth; lower their IQ; sap their strength; inflict them with expensive chronic disease conditions; and whether or not to kill large numbers of them in order to make a little more elbow room in the world for themselves and their spoiled progeny.

And yes, yeah, most of the pawns in this game are sucked into cooperation with Pharma through the manipulation of their good intentions--they want to "help", they want to be heroes, they want our sorry ol' selves to be their beneficiaries. Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And we are not "sorry"--with good food, clean water and air and some education, we can all become superhuman.

No, it is the people at the top, giving guidance from above, who know very well what they are up to. They want to keep us down--stupid, weak, ignorant--and sick.

Bob Moffitt

"American Journal of Psychiatry found there may be an association between use of stimulant medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sudden cardiac death in healthy children."

When I hear or read of a child dying from SIDS, my first reaction is to wonder about the child's vaccine history.

Now...when I hear of an older child dying from SUCD (Sudden Unexplained Child's Death), my first reaction will be to wonder if the child had been taking "stimulant medications".


The interesting thing about the peanut phenomenon is that (other than Joel Stein at the LA Times) the media seem to accept that the incidence of peanut allergies has increased, whereas you will still find lots of media outlets denying the huge increase in the incidence of autism, ADHD, etc. No one says that more peanut allergies is just better diagnosis (maybe because even the mainstream media can't pretend that we didn't notice kids going into anaphylactic shock 30 years ago...).

I've been following Lilly's Zyprexa in the news in particular. I used to think no Big Pharma news would shock me anymore, but I was wrong. On the same day that Bloomberg reported gross misconduct by Lilly in marketing Zyprexa, it also reported that an FDA panel gave Zyprexa the thumbs-up for kids. Why not take a second look at a drug that has serious adverse effects for all populations, and was so bad for the elderly that Lilly hid the side effects (like tripling the risk of death or hospitalization in the first few months of taking Zyprexa)? Oh, right, because Zyprexa is Lilly’s top-selling drug, with $4.7 billion in sales last year, accounting for almost a quarter of the company’s revenue (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aTLcF3zT1Pdo and http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aVvfe.v1k_VY).


I still remember my 4-year-old son screaming, screaming, screaming during the afternoons of the few days he was on Adderall. His then-neurologist had prescribed it presumptively rather than based on lab tests. How can we call that type of chemistry-blind trial-and-error "medical care"?


Does it strike anyone else as ironic the lengths that school systems go to protect a child who is deathly allergic to peanuts but at the same are quick to jump on the drug-the-kids bandwagon even though these drugs can be just as toxic? yet this is acceptable? ...it's just so insane


I am continually amazed at how many parents, even in the autism journey, tell me it is easier to just give their child a pill. They tell me the diet and the biomedical stuff is just too "out there" and "unproven" and takes too much time. I work outside the home 60 hrs a week, volunteer another 10 hrs a week, participate in school functions, cook on weekends, shop for supplements and GFCF supplies on my lunchbreak, tutor him in the evenings, and my son is improving greatly. I am not bragging, but making a point here that I will sacrifice much for my son's health. I did follow the neurologist advice and medicated my son on Abilify for 2 years before discovering there was a better and a safer way.
The only thing Abilify did was help control my son's tantrums and made him gain 15 pounds. Today, he is medication free and his hyperactivity controlled by removing artificial food color and MSG from his diet. But I guess for some this is just too much work. I am sorry if I offended some of you...but stop the excuses.

Big "D"

150 adults lose thier sense of smell when using Zicam and the FDA issues a warning to not use the product. But when children are dying and falling like flies from the use of ADD meds the FDA shuffles along like nothing is wrong and advocates that the meds are fine. A big pat on the back for the FDA -- they must be so very proud of their catastrophic success ((snort)).


Tell these parents that sudden death from Ritalin-induced heart failure is a negligible side effect:

The risks are well known. Open "Confirming the hazards of stimulant drug treatment" pdf:

I know a family-- a police officer, his wife and four children-- who caved into the school principle's pressure to drug their six year old son. Everyone else was doing it and they had no idea about the risks. After only two weeks on Adderall, he developed motor tics. He was immediately removed from the drug but the tics only grew worse. I met the family two years after this had begun, when the boy was eight. He now does "the wave"-- like in football games-- every fifteen seconds; his arms shoot up and his torso contracts and he sways his whole upper body side to side. His entire life and fate altered by two weeks on a "mild stimulant". The school principle's response to the boy's drug reaction was to recommend that the family put him on atypical antipsychotics. The family didn't comply and scoffed at the neurologist's decree that their son "just had Tourettes". I urged them to seek legal counsel but they seemed utterly demoralized and in shock.


Now that it look like the FDA is going to approve Seroquel for kids, a drug which has been found to be cardio toxic in adults, I predict they'll many more child deaths.
What's worse is they'll blame the parents for ODing their kids... not the drugs..I see parents facing murder charges
... mark my words.

Psych Drug Deaths of Soldiers - U.S. Government Investigating


FDA warning letter to Manufacturer on Seroquel:


Deb O.

It's all about keeping people in line. Kids on meds are less likely to cause trouble, step out of line, think for themselves. I battled for years to not medicate my child. I finally decided to home school.

Go to any school in America and sit outside the nurse's office and watch the daily parade.

Anne Dachel

Teachers promote ADHD drugs like pharma reps because they make classrooms more manageable. Doctors write the scrips because it's more business for them. Parents willingly allow the drugging of their children because everyone's doing it.

The drug industry is such a part of our lives that we can't live without it.....and maybe we some can't live with it.

Anne Dachel


I think giving these drugs to young children can set the stage for addiction later in life. It hooks them early.

When my brother was a child, he was perscribed Ritalin to control his hyperactivity. As he grew older, he started self medicating with beer, nips of whiskey and eventually became a full blown alcoholic.. he's been in and out of rehabs. My mother thinks the booze was his substitute drug.

Jack R.

Wait, I thought we weren't supposed to question studies that appear in respected peer-reviewed journals....

Jack R.

Nothing NEW about this. Those with the most gold have been making the rules to suit themselves for a long long long time.

For a little while we were just tricked into thinking otherwise.


I know so many people whose kids are on ADHD meds. As the drug loses effectiveness, the Dr keeps upping the dose. Then the child needs another drug at bedtime to sleep! When they "max out" on one drug they move onto another. A couple of my coworkers have asked me about dietary interventions and I lent them Dr Bock's book. Neither of them stuck with with it because it's easier to give a child pills and junk food than cod liver oil and a gfcf diet.

One wonders if the strategy is to introduce kids to meds early, so they will become lifetime consumers of pharmaceuticals. Kind of like the cigarette companies used to do.

John Stone

Very possibly the design of the study was too poor to give meaningful results - which didn't stop them funding it in the first place.


Nothing new here! Read Machiavelli. Or Thucydides describing how Alcibiades cleverly persuaded the Athenians to do something really, really stupid. Dirty, self-interested political manipulation goes way back, what is relatively new is the ingenious partnership of government and business. They need a slogan: "Lie together better"?


Well, Jeffry, in answer to your question, I believe we got here because we live in a country where people do not think it is important enough to go to the polls and vote people into office who will fight for our right to preserve our own biological integrity, and that of our children. It is really quite simple. I wish us all the best of luck in the upcoming months regarding this very issue.


Who's running the country, Obama or Big Pharma? (Big Phobama??)


If you haven't figured it out yet, Kim... that's the NEW freedom we are supposed to be enjoying.

Black is white, white is black. What you are elaborating on is Orwellian doublespeak. This begs the question: How the hell did we get here?

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