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Reps. Maloney, Smith Reintroduce Bill to Ban Mercury from Vaccines

Toxic hazard WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) have reintroduced a bill (H.R. 2617) that puts in statute definite timelines for the elimination of mercury from vaccines. Given the increasing concerns about mercury exposures and our ability to eliminate this particular exposure, this bill completes actions begun several years ago to ban mercury from vaccines.

The bill builds on the policy recommendations issued in July 1999 by the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. That policy proclaimed ‘‘[The] Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.” Yet ten years later thimerosal remains in some childhood vaccines as well as vaccines administered to women during pregnancy.  

Specifically, The Mercury-Free Vaccines Act would eliminate the use of mercury and mercury-based preservatives from vaccines, eliminating this exposure in children and reducing this exposure in adults.

To view H.R. 2617, click HERE.

Background: Rep. Maloney was an original cosponsor of the Mercury Free Vaccines Act when originally introduced by Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL) in the 110th Congress (H.R. 881). Upon his retirement from the House of Representatives, Rep. Maloney reintroduced the legislation.


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Rosalind Kaplan

Call your Congressmen and ask them to support the Autism Bill currently in the House and email them too.

Rosalind Kaplan

I want a cure for Autism in my lifetime. My Son is Nineteen and has made progress. I want him to be able to take care of himself.
We need for the Autism Bill in the US Congress to pass.


In the meantime, before we are able to convince all mothers of anything, it seems to me a good thing to remove mercury -- which is one of the most toxic substances on earth -- and which has been associated with autism. For the sake of children whose parents do not so far question vaccines, and for those whose parents are going ahead with the recommended schedule because otherwise their kids can't go to school, and for those whose parents choose to vaccinate in order to protect their kids from diseases -- which is their decision.

When I first read David Kirby's book "Evidence of Harm" I wondered how both the MMR (live viruses with no thimerosal) and vaccines containing thimerosal could cause autism. Now this makes more sense to me. Both have been shown to throw the immune system off kilter, which can provoke inflammation/autoimmunity in the brain, nervous system, and intestines. It's more complicated than that, of cours -- see the recent AoA posts of David Kirby's Autism One presentation.

I believe there are many potentially harmful substances in vaccines, and that the process of injection (along with adjuvants to increase the response of the immune system) bypasses our bodies' normal defenses. But I also believe that mercury is one of the worst offenders, which is why chelation has been so effective for some children.

Vaccines are not the only source of mercury, which has been increasing in our environment. Vaccines are also not the only source of viruses which may play a role in autism. But the fact that there are many factors does not mean that we should not address any single factor.

I applaud Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Chris Smith for reintroducing the H.R. 2617 bill, which would put in place timelines for the elimination of mercury from vaccines.

I also applaud Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Chris Smith for reintroducing the Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act (H.R. 2618), which would create an independent office whose sole purpose would be vaccine safety and evaluation -- instead of continuing to give the CDC responsibility for both vaccine safety and promotion, which is an inherent conflict of interest. Additionally, it provides $80 million in funding to conduct vaccine safety research and analysis. (See other AoA article at )

I urge all readers to contact your congresspeople and ask them to support these bills.

I don't believe either of these bills provides a false confidence in vaccine safety. On the contrary, publicizing these bills can increase the awareness of vaccine problems.

Kathy Blanco

It's called purchasing power. We forgot that as consumers. We are a consumer nation. If we stop vaccinating a portion of our society as to send the message that "we don't trust you anymore", we are the power, not them. Nothing speaks louder than money loss. To make vaccines more palitable for the masses, doesn't make sense and sends a wrong message, since it still would cause autism in a vulnerable child. *(and they will say, SEE...taking mercury out doesn't stop autism-prediction of what will come).

I think we forgot that we have the power, and that ponying up to these people, "appearing workable" and "working with the systems in hand", that we are sending a message that these people can still be trusted. What consumer product in the US enjoys this much freedom from liabilty? Perhaps that was the biggest mistake of what to go after? Why should they be able to get away with murdering and maiming our children? I am sorry, but I like the divide in our community, and the dissent. I know that sounds, unworkable and snotty too, but I don't think one ingredient at a time, is sending the right message, since, autism is so multifactorial, and who knows, GOD KNOWS, what damaging viruses, toxins can really do to a developing brain and body. The wicked combos cannot almost even be detected, monitored, or even dicephered. Who knows what child has the immune and healing capitals, and who doesn't? Most likely, the science that we support, will be dogged and put down by millions of junk science research on their parts. Until we stop the bad stuff which we know is causing it so far in our small underfunded research, then autism will continue. Let's not forget, that viruses were the focus just five years ago, not mercury. What? Did manmade shit viruses just suddenly not matter? I guess they really don't sit on the ilium, or cause immune shifts and brain damage?

Trust got me here-from politicians, to doctors, to institutions, to recommendations, to the very people who make unsafe products and promote unsafe procedures. Untrust will get us out of here. Prevention means, usually, stopping what was first recommended as safe, aka, doing things WAY DIFFERENT. Not, sort of different, kind of different.

Optimism can only be deployed, when you know you are in the right (medically, scientifically, morally), and your arguments are not weak, but strong. I find the one ingredient at a time argument, weak. And I find we still think that pharma is going to make this right-they'll surely do the right thing? NOT.

American people can handle the truth, if given it in the frame of mind and reference that we are here to save your children, not, sort of save them, or sort of display some kind of "workable" "trusting" routine. IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we are fruitless or pointless, but weak on our stance.

Most of our congressmen, senators, and the like, have their hands in pharma. They will not admit this, or even record it. They are the slaves to these people. So once again, how did we lose the power? Because we still trust pharma, politicians, medical machineries and minions. That is the wrong approach. BOYCOTTING, is the right one. Anti vaccinators, centuries ago, made just as strong(er) an argument, as the "sort of kinda vaccines have importance" people. Given the right information, people can see how much they have been lied to. Starting with DR Mouldins video about brain damage by microvascular strokes. I am providing him a picture of before and after, which notes my children's eyes got crossed slightly, and mouths turned downward after vaccines. They got the full brunt of vaccines, suffered ADEM, the trust vehicle was active in my mind as a young mother. That untrust can't be nitpicked, it has to be blasted. Weak positions sicken me.

The role of victim? Hmm...tell that to parents in the thick of autism, who everyday endure living hells, and have essentially no power...still sending money to organizations that say mercury free vaccines are safe now...pluezzz, and or that a stupid politician will listen. The only thing that people listen to is bankrupt businesses. Bankrupting the vaccine program, that's my motto.

I don't have to be a superadvocate mom, to make it my point to talk to one more mom, one more prego mom, that vaccines did my kids in. This takes little to no effort. It has changed the lives of countless people I have encountered. Let's put the hope in action, yes, but let's also not be stupid and blind. Let's use optimism that moms have the power, not politicians, not laws that take out one vaccine ingredient at a time. The power of the mom is more powerful than any superpower in the world. The less purchasing power of our nation, is what has pulled us down into recession. Can't we see, we are playing into their hands?

Please know, I love you moms who are out there..I know you are trying your best...but let's THINK about this...REALLY THINK...who can be the power? A mass of mothers saying I won't vaccinate my child, is what is needed...not...make this vaccines APPEAR to be safer, when surely, it is not.

Benjamin Zeller ( Father of lil Benjamin Zeller )

Dear Parents, Friends and Family

Please watch NBC/Channel 5 News Story with Dr.Andrew Moulden and Benjamin Zeller. Physician's and people in America must be aware how to measure adverse reaction to vaccinations.We dedicated to provide measures and evidence for parents to make the right choice. We the peope must spead the truth about vaccinations casuing brain damage to our nation as a whole. We must recognize the problem before we can bring solution.

Please watch *Vaccine causing Brain Damage* Warning to all parents. NBC News Story with Benjamin Zeller & Dr. Andrew Moulden.

Click link to watch NBC Story.( Video on the Right )

With Honors,

Benjamin Zeller
Little Benjamin Zeller


Very nice. I hope this passes.


Thank you Jeanne. I loved your comment. It is right on. We have to start with mercury and then move from there--one battle at at time. We ARE making progress!

Benedetta Stilwell

You are right Kathy Blanc, there is a lot more going on than just these poisons. I can't believe I sais just these poisons! It is more complicated than just cutting out mercury, and the worse thing is = there is no dialogue, no discussion, no admitting there is a serious problem.


Well, I'll take this as a step in the right direction.

We've been taking steps for years and will continue to take steps towards the goal - which for some is a safer vaccine schedule, for others it is to green the vaccines, and others still want no vaccines at all.

Do you really believe any of these goals are going to happen overnight? Think back to the beginning, the battle to get people to just LISTEN to the truth about mercury. Now look where we are, we're close to winning that battle. With the right amount of pushing from us - TAKING ACTION, we could be victorious. After all these years. Mercury. Gone from vaccines. My God.

Is it frustrating that it has taken so long to get through to these people? Of course. But, we all have to understand that just because we have personal experience with the dangers of vaccines, does not mean the mass population will understand or even believe us. THIS is why this battle has taken so long and will continue. Too many people don't understand, don't believe - hell, they don't want to, it's too much thinking I suppose.

And furthermore, do you really think the vaccine program could be stopped completely at this point? Because for every handful of people who agree vaccines are bad, there are two handfuls of people who believe vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The thing about taking steps is that you keep moving, one step at a time. You put one foot in front of the other, always moving forward, never back. And what's important to note here is that with each step we take in victory, each subsequent step will be easier. For example: Let's just say this Bill passes and mercury is finally removed from ALL vaccines. Do you really believe we will all then sit down and pat ourselves on the back and be done with it? If that's what you believe, if you think mercury removal is the one and only goal of this movement, then you haven't been paying attention.

No, we do not stop. We MOVE ON to the next culprit, let's say aluminum perhaps. You see, once it is accepted that mercury is UNSAFE and everyone agrees to remove it, it's that much easier to convince them that removing aluminum is the next logical step.

But the most important issue to me today is the fact that there are many people in our community who work TIRELESSLY on this issue - it is their life's work, they are dedicated to the cause. Our job, as the people who watch them do the work so we can reap the benefits, is to SUPPORT them every step of the way. We take action when called upon; we pass the word on to family, friends, and colleagues; we stand beside our friends as they go to war for OUR CHILDREN. It just incenses me that anyone could be negative when so many people have worked so hard on this issue.

Sorry if I sound a bit snarky; but I'm pretty much fed up with division in the community. We've got to come together. If we can't do it for ourselves, can we do it for the kids? How in the hell are we ever going to get to our goal when we're tearing each other down every step of the way? How about we try a little UNITY? How about we try building our strength from within our ranks? IMAGINE! If we all took the energy we use to bitch and moan and put it to use in one collective pot - holy crap, we'd be unstoppable!

But maybe some people don't want this nightmare to end. Maybe some people are too comfortable in their role as victim. I can't for the life of me think of any other reason why we wouldn't all be working together and SUPPORTING EACH OTHER.

Man, I need to step away now. My blood pressure is through the roof. But before I go, let me say this:

THANK YOU to everyone who has worked so hard on this issue. Your sacrifices were not in vain. Most of us recognize the importance of what you are doing. I thank you each on behalf of my children and the children of my friends and family.

Kathy Blanco

and the next neurotoxin ingredient, and the next, and the next...simply said...all parts of that vaccine are take mercury as the issue is kinda stupid don't we think? Is taking mercury out the pot of gold that makes vaccines suddenly safe? Tell that to Mr Aluminum, MSG, Contaminants full of mycoplasma, pestiviruses, adenoviruses, DNA retrovirus's, Formaldehyde, etc? Have we thought about the full components? This is just silly to me?


does this mean we need to call our Congressmen to ask them to co-sponsor again????


Do you mean that all these posts,news articles and reports that vaccines have been mercury free since 2002 have not been truthful????????????

Deb in IL

The cynic in me has thoughts.
The optomist in me squashes the cynic every time. Let's hope it works this time!!!

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