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Big Hearts in Texas Planning for Autism's Adults

Heart of texas Countryside Texas will provide a safe, healthy, rewardind living experience for adults with autism. Check out their site.

Countryside will be a farm setting that offers rich, varied and abundant opportunities for self-paced, distraction-free programs for hundreds of adults with Autism in Fayette County.

 Countryside, the first of its kind in Texas, will provide a home where the residents feel accepted and welcome. Each individual will have opportunities for personal growth and independence in their life and develop friendships along the way. They will have choices for vocational work and social activities which will not only be rewarding but fun too. Everyone is encouraged to explore their creativity through art, music and drama. They can expand their knowledge and technology skills through the library and computer center. There will also be a chapel and meditative gardens for spiritual reflections and worship.



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linda porter

I have a 21 year old autistic grandson I want to move to texas. Where are you in relation to tyler texas?

Phyllis Taylor

Please let me know it this is now a reality. I have a son, 41, with autism. His dad and I are getting on in years and I'd like to have someplace in place in case something happens to us. He is non verbal, non combative, comprehends well, and does sign language. He broke both hips the end of July 2013, but still remains as sweet as ever. Please send information or refer us to someplace you feel is suitable.
Thank you, Phyllis Taylor

Kerrville, TX

Debra Pierce

Sounds like a wonderful place. I have a 55year old brother with autism who moved in with me and my 65year old husband after our father died. He lived with Dad until his passing. We would like more information about your place and the cost.

Bridget Frickanisce

Please let me know if you are in business. Do you exist and how do I get more info?

richard shore

sounds like a very nice place,was woundering if there is long term stay for these people.


Do you offer a camp so the program can be trialed?

donna nunn

Countryside sounds amazing. I live in Southeast Ohio and wish there were something like that here in my area. Where I live, adults with any disability are encouraged only to get a job, not a career that makes them happy. Just a job to slave at the rest of their lives. I think the intentions are good, but I see a complete lack of encouragement to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. My son is on the spectrum and all through school kept telling everyone he wanted to be a cartoonist, and he is, because we encouraged it at home. That is where his talents lie. But the school wanted him to go to school and take drafting courses, woodshop,etc. I ask you, what do those things have to do with cartooning?? And I see nothing wrong with those courses if that is what the child wants to do or wants to try, but I wanted him to be able to do something related to what he wanted to do. He didn't have the grades to attend college so his father and I helped him publish a comic book with pictures and stories that he drew and created himself. I don't know if I am doing this right, I just knew we had to do something to show him that we, somebody, believed in him. He has a gift. So I think it is wonderful what Countryside is doing, giving those individuals this safe and beautiful place to be and learn and to explore many things and encouraging them to do what matters to them. What a gift that's been given. Congratulations to all involved.

Jane Johnson

This sounds like a wonderful place for adults with autism. I have a 20 year old daughter with autism and my main concern now is where she will live and work.

Wondering how you got something like this started in your community? Would love to do the same here in Southeastern Ohio

Any advice would be appreciated

Lisa Clark

That is comforting to know. I lay awake at night scared to death of my son being abused, and taken advantage of. I wish with all my heart that he will be functional, and not have to depend on anyone for anything. So, I can let my youngest son be a child. Not set him up to be angry because he has to care for his older sibling. Off to do more reading.


This sounds like a truly wonderful environment. Kudos to all who made Countryside a reality for adults living with autism.

Lisa Hunter Ryden

I am so proud of the founders of Countryside, and making this dream a reality for adults with autism in Texas.

Here is the press release:

PSA From: Countryside
Fayetteville, Texas

Angela Day 512-656-6364
Cathy Porter 281-389-6969

Finally, families looking for a rural option in Texas need look no further. Countryside was created for adults with autism with their hopes and dreams of the future in mind. With the focus on vocational options and independent life choices, Countryside will provide a safe and supportive environment where each individual can explore their options with exposure and experience in the vocation of their choice. Some may come for a week, some for a month. Others will want to reside on or near the premises. At Countryside, the goal remains the same, to enable each individual to customize the programs to meet his or her own needs. Some of the plans include organic agriculture and farmer’s market, horticulture and wholesale growers, master gardener and naturalist programs, fine arts, ranching, animal care, food preparation, recycling and technology. A concentrated effort will be placed on living with low exposure to toxins, healthy diet and regular physical activities. The citizens and businesses in the surrounding area have welcomed Countryside with open arms, providing a natural integration with the local community in their business endeavors as well as residential, recreational and social opportunities.

Cathy Porter

Jeanette Brown
Vice President

Angela Day

Dick Berry

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