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Age of Autism Contest: Teach Toileting by Deborah Bialer


Deborah Bialer is a consultant in Cleveland, Ohio with over thirty years' experience working with special needs children. She has created a toilet training program that works with kids on the spectrum.  We're giving away a copy of her book. Even better? Ms. Bialer is offering a free phone consultation to the winner!

The book is easy to read and the program is spelled out in detail for you. You can visit her website to order a copy and to learn more. Good luck!

The contest is closed.


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I tried to order the book from Amazon, but the website says it's unavailable! Does anyone know another place to order? 7 1/2 year old who just won't BM in the toilet! Thanks all, AoA is a blessing.

Michelle McNally


I have a copy of the Toilet Training book and would be happy to mail it to anyone that wants it free of charge. Just email me at




Our daughter is 8 yrs old now. But we trained our daughter and we are atleast 90% successful. Sometimes she passes out urine during cold nights in which we are yet to succeed.
Take your child to potty frequently say once in an hour, make him/her sit with polite instructions and give instructions continuously NAME + ", do potty". A cold water sprinkle on genitals also will help easing out.

Cathy Jameson



Please Please Please!!! We need this book!! Thanks for adding me.

Sandra Kitzhaber

I have 2 kids on the spectrum, ages 6 and 3, neither of whom is potty trained. I sure could use some help!

Mrs P

Would love this for a buddy who is trying to get her son trained.

Greetings AoA Friends, I am the grandmother of twin 4 yr. old grandsons. They are the lights in my life! My daughter and son in law and the boys just moved in with us after loosing their home and it has been very difficult on the boys. Mostly the new surroundings and stress of the move, etc. My daughter has started the potty training and not making much progress. This book would be a huge help! What is the contest about and how do I enter my daughters name? All the best, Sandy, AKA 'mimi'


My ASD kiddo is 8 - we need help!

Diane Cervi

Wow, I really need this book!! My daughter is 4 years old with ASD, and it not being potty trained is beginning to hold us back from finding a great preschool. Schools expect your child to be toilet trained by age 3. It has been quite difficult. I look forward to reading the book, and hope her vast experience will help me.

nancy smith

Oh do I ever need this...I work with kids on the spectrum and also have a Grandson that is 5 and has Autism! Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh happy day! How this book would be welcome in our home. Thank you.

Kelly Kim

I really need help with potty training for my son, 5 year old who has autism. He is good with #1 (did it when he was 3 year old), but with #2, he used diapers, until now, so I tried to get rid of them, and now he doesn't mind to that on his pants! I couldn't believe it, because he never did it before. If I didn't give him diaper, he used to hold it as long as he can. Now he just does #2 on his clothes without any hesitating. Hopefully we can find something to help.


My DS does just about all of the things mentioned above. He hides stools and will only go on the potty when asked. I need help!

Marcy Henschel

Hi I have twin son's that are toilet trained except for overnight. This will be our next challenge as some nights I think they are totally ready (dry) & others their goodnight is soaked. I find it depends on what we are doing bio-med wise....I also work for an Autism agency that serves over 100 children on the spectrum & with other dev. delays this book would be a very valuable tool to helping parents.
Here's hoping! :>)

Melissa Churchill

We've been using VBT to try to train our 3.5 yr old son. He'll pp in the potty but only when he wants to. very much a power struggle for us. We would love to have a copy of the book. We need all the help we can get!

Maria M.

My six year old son was finally potty trained during the day at age 5. (Thanks to biomedical and LDN) The problem we have now is he tries to hide when he has to poop. We have just found out that he started "stashing" stool in areas around the house. (GROSS! I know) Behind the tv, couch, his bed... We have talked to him about it but it seems to be still happening. Not sure what else to do about this at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


We need all the help we can get.

moon batchelder

my son who is not only on the autism spectrum, altho very high functioning, also has slight cerebral palsy, and seems unable to know when he is going until he feels the stuff in his diaper. (size 6's and now too small!)
when he sits on the toilet he can be peeing and has no knowledge that it is happening, until i point out to him the tinkle sound in the water below.
when he takes a bath, sometimes he voids his bowels and doesn't know until he notices the 'messy' stuff among the bubbles.
don't know if any method can help if he hasn't conscious sensation of the events.
he still 'goes' at night.
when he awakens in the morning if we make it in time to actually have him pee in the toilet, he can't feel that he is going.
does anyone know if this book can help him to learn to feel the sensations of going?
i would love to get resolve in this matter...pretty soon we're gonna be going to the far more expensive adult diapers otherwise, as i have found no kids diapers on the shelves at stores beyond size 6.
thanks to the woman who wrote this book, for all of the folk it may help.

Karina Harrison

My son, Riley, is 6 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 3 years of age. Riley is still in pull-ups. He will go when we tell him to go, but he will not go independently. Getting him to pee on the potty is ok but if you are 3 minutes late he'll wet his pants. The only way we can get him to poop is if we catch him as he starts to poop, and race him to the bathroom to finish on the toilet. We've been working on toileting for about 2 1/2 years at this point but can get him no further than have to remind him to go every hour or so. Please help us because we are running out of options due to the fact that he is in the largest size pull-up that they make.


Unique, unconventional and may seem strange... sounds like a fit for our family :-P

We're at this stage where we're preparing to start toileting. Sounds like a great book :-D


I work with 2-4 year olds who have Autism at a morning preschool, we would love to have this book to share with parents!!


7.5 a we are still having poop and pee in the pants. At least through biomed, she can tell me that she did so.

For those who mentioned retained urine, there are herbs and homeopathy that can take care of that rather quickly and without side effects.

danielle manglis

Would love to win, my son Kosta is 4 with autism and I have tried everything


I would love to try the methods in this book. 5 year old boy with autism - and still not potty trained. Thanks for this contest!

Nancy Naylor

Just another mom in need of toilet training techniques!

Debbie Bialer

My book is truly unique. It addresses the change that is so difficult for these children.I have worked with so many families over the years, that I have heard it all.
The book is your answer. It does work!
Debbie Bialer


Potty training my son--that would be wonderful!

chantal Sicile-Kira

Can this book help a 20 year old?? If so, I want this book.

We still have problems during evening unscheduled (read no tutor or support person) hours or emotionally difficult periods



My name is Jennifer. My son Logan is 4 1/2 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old. We have tried toilet training off and on for the last year. I would love to have a chance to win this book as money is tight for all of us right now.


Ohhh...Sounds like a GREAT book! I could really use it! Good luck everyone!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

michele i.

I need this!!
Hope to win!

Kathy Blanco

I posted a while back that some forms of encephalopathy or encephalities specifically measles virus, can cause urine retention...I wish they would study that....

Unfortunately, I had the opposite problem with urine (bed wetting) who knows, maybe something is screwed up in the cranial nerves that control urine and gut function? Me thinks so.

By the way, those same kids with autism with these problems, often have lyme...think of paralysis of the gut by Virginia SHERR et al (google, "paralysis of the gut).


My 7 1/2 year old Son refuses to sit on the toilet to have a BM. He trained for urine finally at the age of 5 and knows when he has to go, but WILL NOT put his BM in the toilet. I'm sick to death of cleaning poopy underwear and stains from my carpet.


Please add my son Matthew to the running...he will *sometimes* sit (with lots of crying/drama) on the potty but refuses to do his business. When I ask him if he's a baby or a big boy he says "I'm baby, need a diaper"...ugggg!


Sounds like a great program, but I don't think any program would have worked for my son. He had chronic diarrhea and enuresis (excessive peeing) until we finally placed him on a diet free of gluten, casein, soy and corn, and began giving him Houston Nutraceutical's digestive enzymes. After that he was able to get toilet trained -- at the age of about 10 years old.

Thank goodness for Karen Serroussi's book "Unraveling the Mystery of Autism & PDD" and Karen DeFelice's book "Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions" because that is where I first found out about these.

(I'm not entering the contest, just posting this in case it's helpful to any readers who have not yet tried diet and enzymes to help make toilet training possible.)


Potty training was a challenge for me with my twins, and I have to admit I cannot stand Dr. Phil, but I wanted to share what helped my children on the odd chance it might help someone. As we all know, every child is different. While my children have ASD, they were also quite stubborn about potty training, and they put up quite a fight to resist this change. My kids had numerous books and videos on potty training. None did anything for them. Then, I noticed a TV ad for a Dr. Phil special (I think it was the Primetime Special : Family First), so I watched this special, with intense contempt for Dr. Phil, with my husband and kids. I remember saying to my husband at the beginning of the program, "I'd like to see Dr. Phil spend a day with our kids and see how he does!" I said this with bitterness as I felt he would not stand even a 1% chance of success. Well, like I said, my kids were watching this TV special, too. As soon as the short footage of Dr. Phil helping two celebrity mom's kids achieve potty success ended, both of my children were fighting to get onto the potty to make #1 and #2. They literally raced to the bathroom in competition with each other. I looked at my husband in shock and amazement. Dr. Phil made me eat my words. While it still took my children a few months longer to go to the bathroom on their own on a regular basis, I still laugh thinking about it, and I realize how fortunate I am that I can laugh about it. Potty training is serious business for all of us.

For a friend of mine, what worked was intensive ABA with rewards for each successful or even near successful attempt. I wish everyone the best. My kids were not fully trained until age 4, and 4 and 3 months. For my son, I had to actually throw out the pull ups and let him know that there would be no more of them, ever. I think he would have stayed in them forever, if he could have.

Harry Hofherr

I just changed my 12y/o. Like Tanner's Dad, we've been at this for what seems like an eternity. We'll keep reading and looking for help until he finally "gets it".


Think it would only work for some children,(and the vibration and sound might be bad for some kids with autism) but the "Malem Ultimate" was useful for our family.
You could attach it to underwear, put a pull-up over it,and then wear the thing and it would start to alarm as soon as it started to get wet.
Had one child who could not feel it when he was urinating,so this helped him start to realize what sensation correlated with going to the bathroom. He wore it during the day too at one point,and it took a little while, but it worked for him.
Had another child who wet the bed constantly,( probably never had more than a total of 8 or 10 dry nights before the age of 8 when we introduced the pager) and it worked for him too.Though as the parent ,I had to get up and coax him to the bathroom every time the alarm went off. Quite a few sleepness nights for Mom before we got it resolved, but it was worth it to see him finally stagger (by himself!) to the bathroom.And then it got to the point where he only needed to get up first thing in the morning.(yes!)
Am sure this would only work for certain types of incontinence problems,( and does not do anything for bowel movements) but maybe someone else will find it helpful for them too?


I am a mother of 5 yr old twin boys of which one regressed around 34 months old, dx'd with Autism on the same day of 8 more vaccines given giving them a total of 40 vaccines in 48 months. (Wish I knew then what I know now!)
Anyway, his twin brother was completely potty trained by 3 years. However the one dx'd with autism is now only able to go #1 on the potty during the day but often needs coaxing (reminding) to go to potty. Going #2 on the potty has been a nightmare. He HOLDS it at his 6.5 hour K class and when home stims, flaps, and agonizes until I put a diaper on him so he can go #2. Sort of hard to hold a 5 year old 48 inch, 50 pound child on the potty to go #2. And until going #2 on the potty is accomplished, I can not even broach the idea of nighttime potty training.
I would love a chance to get ideas on how to be able to fully potty train him. I've spent so much money on DVD's, potty training dolls, and books, but haven't been able to find one yet that can help him.



I have a friend that is in desparate need of help for her nine year old daughter. She will pee but not poop. Still playing and smearing and she is somewhat verbal. Mom has two younger children and she is so weary with all of this. Her daughter gets out of bed in the middle of the night and you can imagine it is not a pretty site. I hope she can win this book, she needs all the help she can get.



Tanners Dad

8 years of trying. You think another book will help? I guess I need all the help I can get... Go to go change someones pants...

Kim Davis

Yes please. My son is almost 4 1/2. I would love to have him potty trained.


I am just now getting interested in potty training our 36 month old. Everytime I place him on the potty he tries to get up. I don't want to turn toilet training into a power struggle. I also am not interested in sitting in the washroom all day! I'm hoping this book will address the many issues spectrum children present.



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