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The Great Denial of Vaccine Risks & Freedom

Obama and child By Barbara Loe Fisher

The Great Denial of vaccine risks for the past three decades by vaccine makers, pediatricians and government officials operating the mass vaccination system is the reason why more and more parents today question and mistrust vaccine science, policy and law. When Harris Coulter and I co-authored DPT: A Shot in the Dark in 1985 exposing flaws in the mass vaccination system that allowed the highly reactive DPT vaccine to stay on the market unimproved for more than 40 years, we never imagined then that those tragic flaws in the system would remain largely intact in 2009.

I knew then that the alliance between industry, organized medicine and government was powerful. But it is only after a quarter century of witnessing the Great Denial of vaccine risks, which has produced millions of vaccine damaged children flooding special education classrooms and doctors offices, that the magnitude of that unchecked power has been fully revealed...

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Barbara Loe Fisher is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center. She is the co-author of DPT: A Shot in the Dark (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1985; Warner (1986); Avery (1991); now with Putnam); author of The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines (NVIC 1997) and Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic (2008); editor of the weekly NVIC Vaccine E-Newsletter and a blogger at


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Nice informative, concise article Barbara. To the rest of you do not get side tracked the message is the same VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM. Stop with all this enviromental crap, the enviroment is a underdevolped immune system being insulted with viruses. Children and elderly people are immunocompromised by definition this is a longstanding tenant in medicine that the pharamceutical companies keep proving to us with every new autistic child. STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE VACCINES ARE BAD AND THIS IS A SCAM AND ALL SCAMS, ALL SCAMS COME TO AND END AND THIS SCAM SURELY WILL BE NO EXCEPTION


I completely agree with comments by Gatogorra (but think WE SHALL OVERCOME's 1/22 12:09pm remarks are overly pessimistic and flat-out wrong).

Look, if you tell the public-at-large (or parents, in particular), "What happened to my child could just as easily have happened to yours, in fact, maybe it'll happen to your child's children unless this gets the attention it deserves," people will listen, I think.

And new parents will all listen.

Unaffected people do not know what you (collectively) know here. There is tremendous misinformation, disinformation, or whatever anyone wants to call it.

I haven't met one person in the off-line world who knows this stuff, including aquaintances who are parents of children diagnosed with autism, and relatives who are in related fields - physicians (pediatrician, internists), PhDs (psychology, chemistry, computer science).
The information here hasn't penetrated the society far enough... yet.

This is the year it will.


To Gatogorra,

Your comparison with the holocaust is very apt to our situation. I haven't thought of it in those terms but, really, for most non-affected families we are a nuisance, because we remind them that medical practice is not only far from perfect but it can be evil. This causes many people to reject the vaccine link without a second thought, they get complacent and label us as histerical: problem solved. Doctors do it all the time. We just make them uncomfortable. We are like the next door neighbor jew family that got deported.

When witnessing others in distress at the hands of powerful persons most people look the other way to avoid trouble, or they downright cooperate with the injustice to win the favor of the powerful. It's the basis behind bullying, Abu Ghraib, etc. There is plenty written about it.


Gatagorra said
"If the species survives, this time in history will probably be studied along side the Holocaust for the capacity of humans for mass denial and the tendency of certain cultures to cooperate with horror. "

Oh the truth of these words. It is sickening to read and know this truth, very sad indeed.


Thank you, Barbara. Because of you, the movement has been advanced much farther and faster than it would have been otherwise. You've been Cassandra on the wall for two decades and more and more Trojans are listening.

If the species survives, this time in history will probably be studied along side the Holocaust for the capacity of humans for mass denial and the tendency of certain cultures to cooperate with horror.


Unbelievable, but I just sat down with WIRED
(which I've become disillusioned with lately) and found an article you will not want to miss - GREAT ARTICLE

"Decoding Beatrice: A Father's Quest, pg. 94 | Download Article PDF (484 KB)

Five-year-old Beatrice Reinhoff has an illness that has baffled the world's best doctors. Families facing this kind of medical uncertainty are often paralyzed by their distress. Not Beatrice's father, Hugh: He's combing through her genome, one nucleotide at a time to find the answer himself. Wired contributor Brendan I. Koerner tells how Hugh has transformed his Bay Area home into a makeshift genetics lab, devoting all his spare time to the hunt for the genetic quirk responsible for his daughter's condition."


We Shall Overcome-- By that measure, the biggest autism agnotologist around would be SBC. A cultural ignorance constructor if there ever was one. I think he self-medicates with it, frankly.

Ironic that Wired Mag, owned by Conde Nast, spews a lot of agnotological neurodiverse nonsense about autism, re the articles on Baggs and Dawson, Wired columnists' intermittant casual references to "adding machine aspergers geeks", etc.

Lisa  @ TACA

Thanks Barbara for your amazing, consistent and long term efforts. You are wonderful.


BTW, I agree with the support expressed by Tanners Dad, Mom4truth, and ObjectiveAutismDad for Barbara Loe Fisher. I joined and contributed to the NVIC last week after viewing the video here

If vaccines are the trigger, but environmental factors the underlying cause, it seems to me an appeal to the public-at-large ought to be undertaken which includes but goes beyond the issue of vaccines.

I think the physicians mentioned in articles cited on this thread have declared a silent emergency for all children.


For more about mass denial and the spreading of false ideas, check out the following article in "Wired" magazine.

You can see the strong parallels between what's said in the article and the criminal disinformation campaign by the CDC, AMA, AAP, etc, to purposedly keep people confused with respect to autism and vaccines. Again, it's nothing that we don't already know. But I still like to point out these things because it's describes what those organizations are doing. Here is an excerpt:

Robert proctor, a historian of science at Stanford, points out that when it comes to many contentious subjects, our usual relationship to information is reversed: Ignorance increases.

He has developed a word inspired by this trend: agnotology. Derived from the Greek root agnosis, it is "the study of culturally constructed ignorance."

As Proctor argues, when society doesn't know something, it's often because special interests work hard to create confusion. Anti-Obama groups likely spent millions insisting he's a Muslim; church groups have shelled out even more pushing creationism. The oil and auto industries carefully seed doubt about the causes of global warming. And when the dust settles, society knows less than it did before.

"People always assume that if someone doesn't know something, it's because they haven't paid attention or haven't yet figured it out," Proctor says. "But ignorance also comes from people literally suppressing truth—or drowning it out—or trying to make it so confusing that people stop caring about what's true and what's not."

The ur-example of what Proctor calls an agnotological campaign is the funding of bogus studies by cigarette companies trying to link lung cancer to baldness, viruses—anything but their product."


Barbara, thank you very much for all you've done over the years.

We SHOULD be allowed philosophical and religious exemptions... AND we should be able to just say no -- for personal and medical reasons. Even if the gov and pharma agents pushing this agenda could prove that there is no harm then these exemptions should still be allowed. But they can't; for Pete's even peanuts can kill people -- and that's FOOD!


I read widely, including Counterpunch (although most of their articles irk, rather than inform me). In yesterday's mail (print and e-mail subscription only) - FYI -

Dec 1-31, 2008, vol 15, no. 21&22, p5,8-10)
The Environmental Factors: Tracking the Causes of Autism
by Steve Higgs

EXCERPT (opening paragraph) - If he is interested in implementing significant environmental change in America, Barack Obama should pick up one pledge made by John McCain in the recent presidential campaign - namely, a commitment to identifying the cause of autism.

(skip)...A page, titled "Combating Autism in America," on the McCain-Palin website said McCain "believes that federal research efforts should support broad approaches to understanding the factors that may play a role in the incidence of autism, including factors in our environment, for both prevention and treatment purposes."

...(goes on to quote JAMA and 2 CDC published studies confirming increase in autism numbers; introduces research of Harvard trained pediatrician and professor and chair of Community and Preventive Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Philip J. Landrigan - 'pioneer in the study of industrial toxins and their impacts on human health, especially children's'; discusses Nov 2007 Lancet paper with Philippe Grandjean, adjunct professor at Harvard School of Public Health, on the role of toxic chemicals in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism; vaguely disses MMR concerns; returns to unknowns about thimerosol - ethylmercury v methylmercury; stresses need to implement Precautionary Principle; circles around to vaccines, environment)

EXCERPT (final 2 paragraphs)
Such critical debates over uncertain evidence require scientists to ask: "What could be known at this point, given the crude studies that have loked at mercury and a few other chemicals so far?" Grandjean wrote, "My answer is that we may well have overlooked even the most serious chemical exposures."
Those see(k)ing to identify the causes of autism and ASDs must be vigilant, Grandjean continued. And they should target suspected chemicals, even if the documentation is incomplete. "This approach is at the heart of the Precautionary Principle and ways to include it in current prevention strategies are urgently needed."


The Great Denial has met its match: the Great Rage of an ever-increasing number of families whose lives were forever changed by vaccine-induced neurological and immunological disorders - and SIDS. Barbara Loe Fisher, thank you for your decades-long fight. Truth will prevail. And the great fighters such as yourself will take their rightful place in the history books.


1) Pharma v FOOD Biotech

2) all caps NOT from original text


(I don't expect this to be published)

Pharma v Biotech
animal study, two groups, different diets (GM food v natural food/organic) from gestation through growth, same innoculation schedule, outcomes?

What if vaccines are, in fact, generally safe unless adverse 'environmental' conditions exist, created eg. by GMO containing foods (or other pollutants, as listed by Dr. Herbert). Wouldn't it be in the corporate interest of the pharmaceutical companies to fight the corporate forces (multinational agribiz/food biotech) responsible for wrecking the safety of their products?

“Absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.” That is: a) just because something hasn’t been thoroughly studied doesn’t mean that
nothing is going on..."
- Martha Herbert MD, PhD

For medical professionals,
Herbert MR. Autism: A Brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain? Clinical Neuropsychiatry 2005; 2(6):354-79.

For the general public,
Herbert, MR. Time To Get A Grip. Autism Advocate 2006; (5):18-25.
Chemicals are not the only new environmental exposures that
we face. Many other exposures and stressors have emerged or greatly increased in the past century, including:
• Industrial farming: processed and refined foods; chemical pesticides and fertilizers; genetically modified foods GMFOODS/GMFOODS
• Reproductive and hormonal manipulation
• The information revolution: media, computers and “information overload”
• Electromagnetic and nuclear radiation
• New-to-nature drugs, which may have long-term effects that take time to detect and would thus be missed in the standard short clinical trials that precede marketing
• Oral antibiotics, which change the ecology of intestinal microorganisms in unprecedented ways, and change the resistance properties of bacteria
• Air pollution and incineration disseminating many toxic substances—some new-to-nature
• Mechanically generated noise
It is possible to design studies in which any one of these changes is shown to have no significant effect in and of itself.
However, it is also possible, and likely, that the combination of
many of these exposures changes important aspects of our basic health. In this changed state, and particularly in the setting of genetic vulnerability, a further straw VACCINES/VACINES can break a camel’s back.
The impacts of combinations of stressors are likely to be related to the rise in the number of people diagnosed with autism.6

To say that there are 1) environmental causes and 2) triggers of autism implies both that we can prevent the impairments associated with at least some kinds of autism, and that the suffering associated with at least some kinds of autism can be treated.
And finally, it is time for us to get a grip on this issue. If there is any chance at all that the autism of at least some people was preventable or is treatable, then prediction of risk, prevention of harm, and reversal of injury all need to become top priorities. Moreover, environmental deterioration is a serious problem for everyone; understanding and handling it in autism may help many other challenges as well...

...Autism Recovery: Plausible in the Gene-environment Model
We are hearing a growing number of reports of children recovering substantially or completely from their autism. Recovery does not mean leaving behind the gifts and creativity that can accompany autism, but instead, leaving behind the physical suffering and narrowed options associated with impairments. Some of these recoveries are attributed to intensive behavioral therapy; some to intensive biomedical intervention; and many to a combination of both. Although autism has traditionally been considered incurable, the “incurability” is merely an assumption—it has never been scientifically proven.
From a gene-environment, whole-body approach, it makes sense to consider the possibility of recovery from autism to be scientifically plausible. Environmental causes and triggers are not inevitable, and many of their effects may be reversible. In particular, environmental exposures can change brain function (for example, brain metabolism, coordination and signaling properties) and not just hard-wired brain structure. Treatments including stress reduction (e.g. from behavioral interventions) as well as biomedical treatments can improve aspects of brain function. In principle, this opens the possibility of improvement and successful treatment. As we learn more details of brain-body interactions in autism, we can expect a clearer picture of how we can improve brain function not only by treating brain and behavior, but also by treating body problems that impact the brain.
Currently efforts are underway to study autism recovery,7;18 and to see whether we can find cases where claims of autism recovery can be rigorously documented by reliable testing before and after treatment. These efforts parallel those that were needed to rigorously document autistic regression before many people would believe that it could occur.29 We can also study recovered children to answer some critical questions.
We need to know whether there is something different about the children who improve or recover, or whether the recovered children were just lucky to receive the combination of treatments that worked for them. Either way, we need to know how to predict which treatments will be right for each child and to optimize treatment protocols...(more)

Tanners Dad

Barbara I am amazed at your strength and endurance. I have been at it only a few years and am on the verge of exhaustion. The critics get louder, the mud slinging is more prolific, and the absurdity drives you to the edge. I am thankful for AOA and general community awareness. Hang in there. I will not wait another twenty years.

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