Vaccines: Is The Boom Sustainable in the Obama Era?
Seizures and the Immune System


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Update: "...The Russian research threatens to have an explosive effect on already hostile public opinion. Carried out by Dr Irina Ermakova at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is believed to be the first to look at the effects of GM food on the unborn... (2006)"


Jeffrey Smith at the Huffington Post, says this (referring to another study at link) isn't the only study to cast doubt on GM crop safety. He predicts follow-up research won't be conducted:
"Whenever these studies or reports surfaced, scientists should have charged in to conduct intense follow-up research. Instead, the funding--to find and expose the cause of the problem--often mysteriously dries up; scientists are transferred, threatened or fired, and the health risk link to GMOs is vehemently denied."
(Case in point: GMO Russian researcher Irina Ermakova, after presenting similar findings, had samples stolen from her lab, documents burnt on her desk, "and her boss, under pressure from his boss, ordered her to cease all future research on GMOs.")


Ok I give up!!! I'm going to go eat worms now....I guess they just don't like me....LOL. Oh Well, another day another battle! Thanks to all of you that DID get to posts some comments, it just shows them we WILL not stand for ignorance.


Well, I tried to post again. We'll see. Everytime I post it says it's waiting to be approved and I never see any of my posts. Fingers crossed because I think this one was pretty good....snicker snicker!!!!! Tee Hee Hee!


Teresa I just did that Logged out and logged back in. I however don't have the time to gather my thoughts to post again right now. I have monkeys running amok in my house right now!!! I think it's weird tho how my "amen" post gets thru but nothing else. I'll keep trying thanks all.


To rileysmom-

I also thought my post was denied as I tried posting more than once but figured it might be the auto huffpo. I logged out and logged back in--then my posts went through.

That may be the ticket.

Sue M.


Re: Australia vaccination information

I also found this interesting piece on the Australian vaccination situation from March 2005.

Lots of little gems of info there in regards to when they added certain vaccinations, etc. I thought that this line was pretty telling:

"In 1996, Australian Government spending on vaccines was $13 million. National Immunisation Program spending in 2005-06 will reach $292 million, a 22-fold increase".

It's no wonder the rates of autism and type 1 diabetes (and likely allergies, seizures, etc) have increased so dramatically... good for them for wiping out chicken pox though.


I like how Dr. Offit's stupid article provided a forum for a whole lot of people to tell their stories about their baby's vaccine injuries, and to articulate concerns about vaccine safety.


I'm done posting on Huff Po. I tried to post again, I even reworded my questions thinking it was in the way I asked. Now I have it figured out, they are protecting him at Huff Po. I asked some more simple questions of the great "doctor" and I'm not being rude or ignorant. I'm voicing an opinion but it's quite alright for the wackosphere to make rude condesending remarks and they seem to get posted right away. I also think I'm done READING Huff Po if they are going to be biased.


Hi Rileysmom, saw you got in an Amen at least. Some of mine didn't make it either. I personally liked your picture of Offit crawling out of a hole. Looks like Josephius (can hardly bring myself to say the name) has stopped responding. Schwarzz had some great points.
I don't know what the story is as far as Offit contributing to the Huffpost but I think that the postings show that most people are very skeptical of his Measles Emergency message. Plus, I think the fact that they put it out shows that our side isn't afraid of a debate or exposure of the problems with vaccination. The more those kind of people(like Offit) talk, the worse I think it gets for them.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Paul Offit is a great big puppet dangling on strings, with the sole purpose of DELAYING AND DISTRACTING. Who pulls the strings? Who are his masters? Oh, for a crystal ball to tell us when this era of junk science will end and children will cease to be denied a normal mind and body.


Hi Rileysmom, I had a few that didn't make it as well. Personally I like your image of Offit coming out of a hole...I can hardly even bring myself to respond to a guy who calls himself "Josephius" it is just so damned pretentious. I'm sure his research is funded by pharma monies or something.
As far as Huffpost allowing Offit to rant on about the Measles Disaster and under-vaccination it demonstrates to me that they are not afraid of debate and challenging the vaccination agenda. Look at all the postings and it's easy to see that most are doubting what the great and powerful Off has said. On the other hand, the NYT seems kind of closed minded and biased and afraid to even take on the debate. It must give them(pro-vaccine people, be they pediatricians or pharma people) some food for thought. Give these people enough rope and they are hanging themselves, trust me.


Sue M.

What you say is really interesting, so I looked up some information on the Australian vaccination schedule:

When compared to the US vaccination schedule:

Not a big difference. The Australian schedule resembles the American schedule back when the American autism rate actually WAS 1/150. Now it's higher, which matches the increase in number of vaccines prior to the partial removal of thimerosal.

Paul's point isn't new to the US community-- many have surmised that there are contributing environmental factors for many children, such as any of the thousands of substances which are mitochondrial toxic which children are exposed to.


Actually Jen, that's sort of along the lines that I posted on. About Offit sticking his head out of the hole long enought to spread his sort of ignorance than crossing his arms and smirking and just let the battle begin. Ok so I said something about him getting "excited" (yes that IS the word I used) and clapping his hands saying "Oh boy, Oh boy, I get more attention...goody goody goody". I also concluded with I knew he would never respond to me because he had brainwashed clones to do that for him...because he's a real man.
Now, I thought I was fairly nice considering some of the things I could say. I've sat and read some the comments from Josephius and they are down right rude. Why would mine be considered rude?
That and I want to know WHY Huff Post ran this article by this man? With David Kirby and Kim and a host of others in the autism community as regular contributers to their paper, why would they run this? I've been wondering that since the beginning. If the NYT can decide who does and writes what in their paper then why didn't Huff Post?


Rileysmom, for what it's worth I think "THoJ" is a fake. I called "her" on it because either she is guilt-addled for vaccinating and having caused damage to her child (which she shouldn't be because we all just do the best we can with the information that we have)But for her to be passionately defending the vaccine agenda just doesn't add up (even if she felt guilty and was projecting). God knows, recent goings on have shown us that not much money or time has been spent on studying the role of vaccines in autism. It just doesn't add up and when I called her on it, Josephius responded, not her. I wonder if Proffit will read the posts and grow a conscience.


Well I posted some questions to Mr Offit and I guess I didn't get approved. I wasn't rude and I did "mind my manners". What gives???

Kathy Blanco

There are no words for this man, no words. Nothing can describe the likes of someone equal in footing to Herod of Old in the Bible, that slayed all the children for fear of the Messiah's birth. Is this man any different? Is he fearing the inevitable, that the more you protest, the more you we are all open to the real truth-or that it's about to bust wide open? That... he is promoting INDUSTRY and PROFITT over children? The truth is, vaccines are useless, do not confer immunity, and in fact artifical immunity confers persistence of viruses, skewed immune and confused immune responses, high toxicity, and finally, the demise of all...the seeds of trust that sew disease in our stupid society of non thinking non questioning americans (thanks fluoride). My freedom is slipping away, chunk by chunk, vaccine by vaccine.

This man does not scare my science away, or my children's lives. His science is all junked up into schemes, money, and let's just say it, his own EGO. He may fear for his life (god I hope he does), but I fear what he may cause in generations to come...a host of children with damaged brains, guts, immune systems...who could have been our future pioneers, inventors, computer geniuses, soldiers, goodly husbands and wives...we essence, killing all that is good in our society.

Let our science debunk him, and our stance, that ALL vaccines are crap. Until we SAY THAT...we are beholden...


Ok, I'm sorry but can someone please enlighten me? I don't understand these people (like ThoJ and such) that go on these types of boards and make sure that every parent with a child with autism is attacked. What is it that they gain from being so rude and ignorant? Why is their same old argument about all of us wearing "foil" hats so worthy that they keep saying it? Am I naive enough to not understand why people would purposely attack children and their parents? Please help me understand how people could be so mean. I mean, aren't we talking about children here? Why are our children not important? I'm very confused. I want no child to suffer and yet these people seem to relish the fact that there are children suffering. I just don't get it.


I blame those with the inkling, doesn't have to be certainty, but those with the knowledge that the vaccines they are administering to children could possibly cause injury. Those people are no different to me than the gas chamber door holders at Sobibor, Treblinka, Dachau or Auschwitz.

Sue M.

"Here in Australia the autism rate is 1 in 150 also. However, we have far fewer vaccines in childhood. The MMR perhaps correlates. (We have that much in common)".

I just wanted to mention to Paul (since you are in Australia you may already know but it worth pointing it out just in case). Australia began the "Seven Point Plan" as it relates to immunizations in 1997/1998. You can read about it here:

With that, doctors began getting paid incentives for vaccinating children, parents began getting paid incentives for having fully vaccinated children, childcare rebates, there were vaccination days (or catch up days) for vaccinating, added school requirements for vaccines, etc.

It is interesting that there has been a big increase in autism in Australia since then. But also, I would add a very large increase in type 1 diabetes. The reason that I bring that up is because type 1 diabetes cannot be seen as something where "better diagnosis" can be thrown around to explain the increase. It doesn't work for that diagnosis.

Back in 2006, on the JDRF Australia website (which is the probably the largest organization/website for type 1 diabetes), they had information on there which stated that the number of children under the age of 5 being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes had doubled over the past 5 years and they don't know why (yes, the "we don't know why" comment was on the website). So, isn't there something somewhat interesting in regards to that timing? A major change in Australia's vaccination policy around 1997/1998... then a major organization announcing that due to some unknown reason the rates of children being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes under age 5 ... had DOUBLED over the past 5 years. Coincidence or not? I'm going with not.... Call me crazy :)

ps. The link from JDRF Australia is no longer there when I try to bring it up - apparently there site has changed or whatever... so you will have to trust me that it was there and it did say that... I went back through another post that I had made which referenced the information, and I had given the link at the time... so I know that I had the correct information at the time.


I disagree with just about everything Dr. Offit says. It's so obvious he uses scare tactis and propaganda - how else could he call the measles *outbreak* of 2008 and "EPIDEMIC"? Seriously. We all know there is an epidemic and 135 measles cases is CERTAINLY NOT ONE.

LJ Goes

I have ONE WORD for you Mr. Offit. SIMPSONWOOD. Do a real study, one that is not biased. Please. Maybe you could use some of that million + you recieved from your risky rotovirus vaccine to fund it.
And do NOT, do not talk down to the american public and the parenting community whose children are being wounded EVERYDAY (1 every 20 minutes actually) by your vaccines that are still, STILL NOT GREEN--because it is cost prohibitve.

How many children have to end up on the spectrum until it is a real epidemic? We know it is a real epidemic--those of us who are uniting to fight and whose lives have been irrevocably compromised know...when will it be recognized by the CDC and the AAPand the government as the epidemic that it IS? I am sorry Mr. Offit, I did not mean to speak out of turn...did you need me to define epidemic for you?

You'll forgive me sir, if I sound acerbic. It's just that along your journey I think you became more of a businessman than a scientist. Maybe you could take your skills elsewhere and leave our children alone. I hear the government is in need of good business minds. You and Mr. Paulson seem to share an affintiy for round about truths, perhaps you could do some networking.


Hey Paul, it's also possible that in Australia, like Canada, you use fewer "multi-dose" vials. That could account for some differences. They seem pretty tied in with the pediatricians. I don't think vaccines are in any way off the hook.


Australia's vaccination schedule:

At quick glance it looks pretty much the same to me as the American and Canadian schedule. (Except Hep B is offered later in Canada)


I thought I'd look for information on GM soy milk baby formula this morning and the first link to pop-up was this one from a New Zealand website,
GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed
Mortality rate for new-born rats six times higher when mother was fed on a diet of modified soya
By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

The Independent on Sunday, 08 January 2006
Women who eat GM foods while pregnant risk endangering their unborn
babies, startling new research suggests.

The study - carried out by a leading scientist at the Russian Academy
of Sciences - found that more than half of the offspring of rats fed
on modified soya died in the first three weeks of life, six times as
many as those born to mothers with normal diets. Six times as many
were also severely underweight.

The research - which is being prepared for publication - is just one of a clutch of recent studies that are reviving fears that GM food damages human health. Italian research has found that modified soya
affected the liver and pancreas of mice. Australia had to abandon a decade-long attempt to develop modified peas when an official study found they caused lung damage.

And last May this newspaper revealed a secret report by the biotech giant Monsanto, which showed that rats fed a diet rich in GM corn had smaller kidneys and higher blood cell counts, suggesting possible damage to their immune systems, than those that ate a similar conventional one.
The United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation held a workshop on the safety of genetically modified foods at its Rome headquarters late last year. The workshop was addressed by scientists whose research had raised concerns about health dangers. But the World Trade Organisation is expected next month to support a bid by the Bush administration to force European countries to accept GM foods.

The Russian research threatens to have an explosive effect on already hostile public opinion. Carried out by Dr Irina Ermakova at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is believed to be the first to look at the effects of GM food on the unborn.

The scientist added flour from a GM soya bean - produced by Monsanto to be resistant to its pesticide, Roundup - to the food of female rats, starting two weeks before they conceived, continuing through pregnancy, birth and nursing. Others were given non-GM soya and a third group was given no soya at all.

She found that 36 per cent of the young of the rats fed the modified soya were severely underweight, compared to 6 per cent of the offspring of the other groups. More alarmingly, a staggering 55.6 per
cent of those born to mothers on the GM diet perished within three weeks of birth, compared to 9 per cent of the offspring of those fed normal soya, and 6.8 per cent of the young of those given no soya at

"The morphology and biochemical structures of rats are very similar to those of humans, and this makes the results very disturbing" said Dr Ermakova.
"They point to a risk for mothers and their babies."

Environmentalists say that - while the results are preliminary - they are potentially so serious that they must be followed up. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has asked the US National Institute of Health to sponsor an immediate, independent follow-up.

The Monsanto soya is widely eaten by Americans. There is little of it,
or any GM crop, in British foods though it is imported to feed animals farmed for meat.

Tony Coombes, director of corporate affairs for Monsanto UK, said: "The overwhelming weight of evidence from published, peer-reviewed, independently conducted scientific studies demonstrates that Roundup Ready soy can be safely consumed by rats, as well as all other animal
species studied."

What the experiment found
Russian scientists added flour made from a GM soya to the diet of female rats two weeks before mating them, and continued feeding it to them during pregnancy, birth and nursing. Others were give non-GM soya or none at all. Six times as many of the offspring of those fed the modified soya were severely underweight compared to those born to the rats given normal diets.
Within three weeks, 55.6 per cent of the young of the mothers given the modified soya died, against 9 per cent of the offspring of those fed the conventional soya.

(more at link and this)
All soy baby milk genetically modified
- Dominion Post 05 September 2003


Every infant soy milk formula sold in New Zealand contains genetically modified soy, the Government says. But acting food safety minister Damien O'Connor would still not name the brands yesterday. Green MP Sue Kedgley has been demanding the names of the affected formulas since a survey revealed four were contaminated.

Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment has called for a boycott on all soy formulas till the brands are disclosed. Officials have refused to shed light on the brands because the contamination is not high enough to break GM labelling laws. The Food Safety Authority said it had sampled all four formulas available in New Zealand and all four contained GM. Yesterday in Parliament Mr O'Connor came close to revealing the names, confirming that all soy formulas had been tested for GM and "all four were positive".

Ms Kedgley then named the four brands listed on the Health Ministry's website - Karicare Soya 1, Karicare starter formula, Infasoy and Infasoy progress. Did it follow, she asked, that they were the contaminated brands?

Mr O'Connor replied that he did not know.

Asked if there was a moral obligation to tell people what foods had GM in them given that Britain's Royal Society had expressed reservations about the safety of GM infant food, Mr O'Connor said that there had been 20 approved GM organisms in the country since 1998 "and I am not aware of any death or illness from the consumption of those products".

Madge spokeswoman Alana Currie said she had fielded calls from dozens of mothers wanting to know which brands were affected and some promising to give soy milk up. "People are really angry," she said. Without long-term testing on the effects of eating GM, it was irresponsible to declare them safe. "I would like them to prove that it is safe to eat, not just say no one has died from it yet," she said.


Paul, I'm not sure that I understand your comment. Americans care very much what is happening around the world, do you? Do you care that Somali families are also concerned about vaccines. And the fact that Denmark removed thimerosal as a safety measure since they had such a rise in children effected with autism. I, as an American, am concerned that the numbers in Denmark are skewed so that it appears the rise in Autism rates went up exponentially after thimerosal was removed. Only later to find that there was actually just a recording of the already existing children with autism. Do you realize that the first study of autism rates in Denmark used a hospital setting? How many children are you aware of that were diagnosed in a hospital?
Being Australian, I guess you realize that Autralia has seen a huge increase in vaccination rates that coincide with the increased rates of autism. Your gov't gave financial incentives to vaccinate.
I will give a positive. Australia at least asked for consent for a trial of a vaccine that contains bets Hcg for teh effect of sterilization. The Philipines and Mexico were not given a consent form to sign, thank you WHO.
I agree with you that there are a lot of things at play in our enviroment that could potentially have a devestating effect on human heealth, but how are you so sure that it isn't vaccines?


Don't laugh. Dr. Tom Insel, of NIH, told a crowd at the National Autism Association that there was talk of a vaccine for autism. He's lucky he left with all his limbs....


Here in Australia the autism rate is 1 in 150 also. However, we have far fewer vaccines in childhood. The MMR perhaps correlates. (We have that much in common).
Personally I blame mobile (cell phones). The rise in their usage through the mid 1990's and the autism rise should raise questions.
The correlation with autism rates is well worth studying but given the 'autism politics' in the USA and the tunnel vision solely blaming vaccines I won't hold my breath. Typical of the USA no-one bothers to see how the rest of the world is affected by autism and what may be causing it in other countries. I merely seek the truth. (Mind you my children will never again receive any vaccine!!!!
Come on guys, stop the bitching, stop the politics,and while we're at it why not pressure Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to contribute some of their millions to research.
Unapologetic Aussie. Maintain the rage.


Does Paul Offit have a vaccine for autism?


The article and comments from the pro-vaxers are making my blood boil. I have to say though, I am enjoying that, on the whole, the provaxers are the ones sounding like fringe angry wackos (you know, how we are usually portrayed and dismissed) whereas the anti-vax-everyone-to-deathers are sounding like the more reasonable and researched group.


Seems to me like they are scared little critters when they're backed into a corner. Poling, Omnibus, CHARGE, Gulf War Syndrome report. Dan Olmsted and the MMR! That trickle could turn into a flood when the inmates are no longer running the asylum.

K Fuller Yuba City

He keeps talking about 135 cases of measles, now he wants to know what it will take to sober us up?
Offit says,
"These outbreaks have not, apparently, been sobering. If anything, the number of parents choosing to delay or withhold or separate vaccines is increasing. So what will it take?"

Maybe we are somewhat desensitized by the numbers with Autism...1in150, it makes 135 seem like no problem to me.

This ad is right below his article!
Ads by Google
Avoid these 5 vaccines
Linked to death, seizures and more Find out in free report.

Christna Liberatore

I fear autism too.

Craig Willoughby

"I ask myself why Paul Offit would go on Huffington Post,and the only answer I can come up with is that he is desperate."

He's an attention whore, John....that's what I came up with....either that, or he's a masochist.....

Craig Willoughby

I hope all of you realize the supreme effort of will I am using to be polite over there. If I believed in God and Heaven, then my place in heaven would be assured right now.

I found a huge flaw in their reasoning. Whenever I say that we want safe vaccines, they immediately assume that I am advocating for no vaccines. So, does that mean that the only safe vaccine is no vaccine?

John Stone

I ask myself why Paul Offit would go on Huffington Post,and the only answer I can come up with is that he is desperate.

Julie Swenson

"It is 5:10 in the afternoon, I think I'll fix myself a stiff drink first.

Make one for me! ;)

Kelli Ann Davis -- Explain THIS Offit

My response to Offit:

According to Offit, since “herd immunity” (otherwise known as the “we’re-all-gonna-die-if-we-don’t-comply” mantra) is touted as the gold-standard rational for keeping *outbreaks* at bay, how do you explain this:

Here’s an excerpt:

“Federal health officials want to know why so many children in Ashland don't get the common vaccinations - more than a quarter of the kindergartners in the school district and about two-thirds of the pupils at two schools.”

And although the Feds may be focused on that low compliance rates, here’s my million dollar question for the doc:

With this many unvaccinated children in such close quarters, where are the dreaded, life threatening, outbreaks which should be raging due to low herd immunity???

Here’s the equation for you: Two schools=2/3 unvaccinated students=NO OUTBREAKS.

Got any good explanations for that one Offit?


I couldn't manage polite, so I'm posting here.

The ghost of Maurice Hilleman subjects Paul Offit to 10,000 vaccines:


Pardon the typo. That should be "Know thy enemy."

Yes, I read it and following is the comment I made to Huff Post. Just the Facts.

Former NIH Director, Bernadine Healy disagrees with Offit. She says the question has not been answered and unlike Offit she has no conflict of interest.

Offit's job with Children's Hospital of PA is funded my Merck and he was reprimanded in a Congressional investigation for his conflict of interest while sitting on the CDC's vaccine approval committee (ACIP). See CBS News report, How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders? and Age of Autism, Dr. Paul Offit; Quote Machine For Hire,

Also, a recent UC Davis MIND Institute study says, "results from the study also suggest that research should shift from genetics to the host of chemicals and infectious microbes in the environment that are likely at the root of changes in the neurodevelopment of California’s children. It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California,” said UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute researcher Irva Hertz-Picciotto."">">

From journalist David Kirby, the list of scientists and officials who believe that a vaccine-autism connection is at the least possible. Read the full article and see the list.


ooooh, geeez. Do I even want to bother clicking the link to read more of Offit's blah blah...lie...lie... blah...blah...pander...pander?

My hubby just said in the spirit of, "no thy enemy", yes.

It is 5:10 in the afternoon, I think I'll fix myself a stiff drink first.


Nothing. HuffPo does not pay its bloggers. There's nothing untoward going on. The question is, who wrote the post for Dr. Offit.

Howdie Doodie

Wonder how much they paid Huffington Post for that spot?

Julie Swenson

"The authors concluded: "Geographic pockets of vaccine exemptors pose a risk to the whole community.""

A risk of WHAT? Being mildly ill from measles, chicken pox or whooping cough for a week or two? Why does Offit still trot out the “135 kids contracted measles” stat (seems to be his favorite)…did any die? OF measles, I mean? The stats for these conditions in America (or any other modern, sanitized society) are very underwhelming.

Offit determination that vaccines are preventing tens of millions of deaths reminds me of Lisa Simpson's Tiger Repelling Rock:

'After a single bear wandering into town has drawn an over-reaction from the residents of Springfield, Homer stands outside his house and muses, “Not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol is working like a charm!”

Lisa sees through his reasoning: “That’s specious reasoning, dad. By your logic, I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away.”

Homer: “Hmm; how does it work?”
Lisa: “It doesn’t work; it’s just a stupid rock!”
Homer: “Uh-huh.”
Lisa: “… but I don’t see any tigers around, do you?”
Homer, after a moment’s thought: “Lisa, I want to buy your rock…”

Utterly specious thinking at its worst. Let's give millions of kids millions of vaccines and claim that's why polio is gone.

terror tactics incorporated

Seems like the pests are coming out of the woodwork since the Obama administration is working to make the government transparent. Guess we are going to get a lot more garbage in the coming months.

If I hear about the "dreaded" measles one more time, I swear I will puke. The only thing I fear is autism and its associated ills - lymphoid nodular hyperplasia, chronic diarrhea, oxidative stress, inflammation, encephalopathy, seizures, bronchial asthma, sensory integration disorder, lack of comprehension, developmental delay, PKU, mitochondrial dysfunction....

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