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NYT, p.1, 5.5.16: "The nation's consumer watchdog is unveiling a proposed rule on Thursday that would restore customer's rights to bring class-action lawsuits against financial firms, giving Americans major new protections ... that could cost the industry billions." -0- Yikes,...

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CTI Science Foundation Where Autism Treatment Meets Generosity

Generosity Managing Editor's Note: You've probably heard of Dr. Boyd Haley's OSR#1. My three girls take OSR with positive results. (Remember when Gianna learned to tie her shoes?)

Please consider becoming a founding sponsor for the CTI Science Foundation so that Dr. Haley and his team can help families  REGARDLESS OF ABILITY TO PAY by making a tax deductible donation before the end of the year.

The CTI Science Founding board includes familiar names, Katie Wright, Julie Obradovic, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Dr. Julie Buckley, Scott Barli and Kathryn Wachsman. Details on how to donate below in a letter from CTI Science Foundation President and Chairman Kevin Barry.

Change is coming from a chemistry lab in Lexington, Kentucky.

In 2008, after years of work, Dr. Boyd Haley and his team put the finishing touches on OSR#1, a dietary antioxidant which helps maintain a healthy reduced glutathione level in the body.

Boyd's company, CTI Science Inc., has successfully brought OSR#1 to market. In the process, CTI Science Inc. has proven OSR#1 to be without toxic effects and has initially studied its effectiveness with regard to helping maintain a healthy glutathione level. A healthy glutathione level is likely the first step in developing an overall protocol for maintaining good health, but there is more to be done. 

The autism biomedical community has let the world know that improvement and recovery are possible. As people with ASD often have nutritional deficiencies and are prone to a low glutathione level, and as OSR#1 helps maintain a healthy glutathione level in people with sub-optimal diets, individuals with ASD may benefit from OSR#1.

CTI Science Foundation will help fund clinical trials to document the best ways to maintain healthy glutathione levels. The foundation will seek to provide OSR#1 to those who would potentially benefit from it worldwide regardless of their ability to pay.

These initial projects will require private funding through the generosity of concerned citizens and we ask that you consider a tax deductible donation before the year's end to CTI Science Foundation.  Those who donate in 2008 will be remembered as Founding Donors.

The CTI Science, Inc. and CTI Science Foundation websites are set to launch in early 2009.

If you are in a position to contribute to this effort, please send a check before the end of this year to:

CTI Science Foundation
P.O. Box 813
New York, NY 10014

Please feel free to forward this post to others - both inside and outside the autism community - seeking worthy foundations to support as part of their 2008 tax planning.
If you have any questions, or for wire transfer instructions, please contact me privately at

Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,
Kevin Barry
President and Chairman of the Board
CTI Science Foundation


Lee_silsby_no_tagine  The "Treatment" category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


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I read the article in the LA Times Mondy,February 1st,2010 and was curious. I don't have an autistic child, but I find the disease interesting for lack of better words. I do believe Mercury is the culprit and I'm sure the cover up is massive. Gods
speed with the work. The theory behind this
supplement makes sense. I do hope that it tests safe. For the a millions of people who are directly and indirectly affeted by this condition.


"You want what?" Don't feel that the hat is extended to you in particular. No need for you to feel guilt/responsibility. Even though many of us may not feel we can give at this time, the hat is extended in the hope of reaching those who do have money to spare, which could benefit all of us.

"And since God knows the usual sources of funding are not available to the biomedical autism world (ARE YOU LISTENING AUTISM SPEAKS???) we need to look within the community."

It really surprises me that we keep bringing up Autism Speaks time and again and keep trying to tell it how it must behave. It is wasted effort. It is not like anyone out there really cares about the autism biomedical community. If someone did, it would have shown by now. Why bother?

Merry Christmas everyone :).

He should definately get a huge prize and a special place in heaven for continuing to help those in need regardless of his popularity with mainstream science. God bless him and keep him and all those who worked so hard for this to happen.

Maurine, you're right. Most people would have turned OSR into a multi-level marketing product and gouged us all to death. Not Dr. Haley. He's trying to give the product away.

And since God knows the usual sources of funding are not available to the biomedical autism world (ARE YOU LISTENING AUTISM SPEAKS???) we need to look within the community.

Boyd Haley should be "Man of the Year." May his Foundation grow and thrive.


We realize many of us do not have extra cash, but friends and family often ask if they can make a donation on behalf of our children. Of cousre, our sponsors are a great place to start - and Age of Autism too! Dr. Haley's Foundation is a very worthwhile consideration as he has been a dear friend to our community, risking much to pursue his work on behalf of our children.

In light of the success of the Iallonardi children in our post above, we need to pursue all avenues for treatment. And Dr. Haley is trying to give this product away to those who need it and can not afford it. Pretty admirable in this world of ours.


"These initial projects will require private funding through the generosity of concerned citizens and we ask that you consider a tax deductible donation before the year's end to CTI Science Foundation. Those who donate in 2008 will be remembered as Founding Donors."

I am a little bit surprised to see that the "give me some money" hat has been extended yet again by an autism related organization (for a product this time). I don't know where everybody seems to get the notion that the autism community has cash to spare.

We are spending more money than my husband makes each month to fund my son's autism treatment. Where did the money come from? We sold our house and now live in a rental. We have not had a vacation since the diagnosis. We still do not own a coffee table and I recently splurged and bought myself some much needed clothes - on sale!! Still, I am not complaining. Its not like it is someone else's fault. Its our thing and we have to deal with it.

But please, think hard before you stick out your hand for cash. We are not where the money is. I believe they are out there still looking for it, after paying them some more for the great work they did in making it disappear in the first place!!

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