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A of A Contest: Win Julie Matthews' Book Nourishing Hope

NourishinghopecovershadowDEANNA TURNER IS OUR WINNER! 

And LOOK! Julie is offering 10% savings for A of A readers! And she is generously donating an additional 10% to Age of Autism to support our efforts! Click on the ad to the right. Order now for the New Year!

Win a copy of Julie Matthews' book, Nourishing Hope, Nutrition Intervention for Healing Our Children Why Diet Can Help and a Holistic Approach to Implementation.

CONTEST IS CLOSED. To enter just leave a comment - make sure to include your email address on the email line so that I can contact you.  We'll choose the winner on Wednesday.

Nourishing Hope (visit the website HERE) provides parents of children with autism and practitioners who believe recovery is possible with the proven scientific understanding of why diet helps children heal. It comprises extensive clinical nutrition experience and intense research. Readers are given practical steps for dietary intervention and a roadmap for getting started, evolving, and customizing the varied approaches. This book is dedicated to those parents and clinicians who are relentlessly workingto help heal children and gives them reason to hope and persevere.


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Viola Gilbert

My biggest wish is for her to travel to Curacao where I live to help us also with the diet to help us get our children better.I will try to get the book ordered so that I can help my own son better with his diet.And so many other that we have over here suffering with autism.

janice smith

thank you for your leadership in this field.


don't know if you have a winner yet, but if not, i would love this book. thank you


I would love to read this book, it looks terrific!

Kelly G.

Julie's information is priceless and I am grateful that she has put together a holistic approach to healing and ameliorating autism for the children who desperately need it (as opposed to just more drugs). As a Holistic Nutritionist myself, I am grateful to discover Julie Matthews among those of us bringing holistic nutrition and natural foods to the forefront of importance in all of health and wellness, and especially for children facing epidemic diseases, such as autism. Needless suffering is going on due to incredibly poor quality food.

Kelly G.

Jodi Folta

Was truly inspired by Julie's presentation at the April DAN conference in NJ. I always considered my family as healthy eaters, but I still learned so much from Julie! Her guidance is practical in a down to earth way and she doesn't sound judgmental when explaining why foods should be avoided or when answering questions from people who are clearly making dietary "mistakes"!
I've had her book on my Christmas wish list, hoping Santa comes through!


I just want to say a big thank you to Julie. She makes all of these diets easy to understand an not so overwhelming. Keep up the good work!


Am looking forward to reading such a wonderful book!

Bree Amaya

I have been debating if i should buy this book, so I'll try entering the contest first.

Cecilia Cruz MacKay

I spoke with Julie at the Weston A Price Foundation Conference. Her cooking DVD is genius! Every parent needs it! Our brains forgot how to cook or something...Now it's time for the book!

Molly C

Thank you for being such a wonderful resource! It is difficult to find yummy recipes for picky eaters. Any help on this important front to help our kids is just heaven sent! Thank you.

Chris Daly

I think this book is a must for any parent who has a child with Autism


Thank you for all your hard work.

Winona Snyder

Thank you for the opportunity to get a chance to win your book. I sure could use the help. Many blessings to you for your great work.


my son, now almost 10y.o., has been on gfcfsf diet for almost 7 years now (WOW! time flies!). this book promises new, yummy recipes and encouraging support in the days when i am ready to chuck it all and call Papa John's : )


Katie, welcome and good morning! I'm glad you commented. Wheat is horrible for so many people. GI problems and as you well know, migraines. And yet doctors are clueless and unable to think outside the pill box. Many people with ADD, HFA and Aspergers could be helped by biomedical interventions, they aren't just for our more severely impaired young children.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Kim, Managing Editor


I am an adult who was diagnosed last year with ADD and suffered with migraines for years. Drs. just kept testing but never offered any concrete suggestions. After research into the REASON for my issues I amhappy to report after going gluten free no more migraines and I have been able to properly absorb nutrients now. I also finally have a sense of calm and clarity that was hindering me for the past 40+ years. I want to continue to educate myself so I can help others.
Julie's website and radio show has been a wonderful and vital source of info. I have a 13 year old nephew with severe autism and myhope is through continued education I can help my sister and her family. I would welcome this book to assist me on the healing journey for them.
Thank you and best

Angela Fish, SPECIAL Families of Pierce County

I would LOVE the opportunity to win this book for my parent support group's lending library. A vast majority of those involved in my group have children with an autism diagnosis, including my own two boys. In our family, dietary inteventions had the most significant impact on my children, even above therapy.

My youngest was nonverbal, had a horrible temper, and was a transitional nightmare. We had preliminary allergy testing done and took him off everything cold turkey. After 2 weeks of torture, he started speaking.

Now, a year and a half later, you wouldn't know that he ever had such problems! He has caught up in his language, is socially appropriate (although still has sensory issues we have to deal with), and his progress is amazing. My older son also saw improvements on the diet, albeit much less dramatic. Improvements are improvements, no matter how small. Each change has been positive, and with further testing we now juggle over a dozen allergens. It's hard, but so worth the results.

When I share my boys' story with others, it's hard not to be biased and one-sided on how EVERYONE with an autism diagnosis should do this. I would love to be able to share this type of story with those in my parent group from an unbiased and more scientific approach so that they, too might be convinced of the benefits.

i would love to win this book, i know a few people i would share it with!

Nancy Webster

I am hoping in dietary intervention for three of my eight children, but the costs of special foods and supplements is very discouraging.

Tisha Mette

Please, please, please pick ME!!!

I attended my first DAN conference in San Diego this past October...LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the cooking/sample tasting session with Julie and Sueson Vess. Now, I realize that food that is good for us can actually taste good....can't wait for Julie and Sueson's website to launch in February.

I would love to have the Nourishing Hope book - there were so many to chose from at the conference....this was the 1 book I didn't get on my list. Although it is on my Christmas wish list....I'm hoping Santa will deliver it soon!!

**Love that fermented sauerkraut....I've been craving it since!!

Tisha M.

Deanna Turner

I would LOVE this book but I can't afford anything right now. We have a 3 year old diagnosed with PDD-NOS by Dr. Mary Megson. I am struggling with keeping gluten away from him. He is the youngest of 6 children. Thank you!


Sign me up! Keep up the great work in this ever important field. Keep the hope!


Hope has to be one of the most meaningful words too me...and I think many of us. Julie Mathews helps provide that hope... by teaching us how to help our children.


I'm a huge fan of dietary intervention. Thank you for giving us all the chance to win!


I could definitely use some holiday cheer and also need all the help I can get :)

Jenn Dollar

I would love this book, being that I am a nutrition consultant on the path to helping as many on the spectrum as I can. I hope I can touch many, many lives in a positive way and pass on the good information in your book to so many lives.

Jackie Hines

Really enjoyed your presentation at NAA and would love to have a copy for our lending library for our ASD support group!

Jennifer Brook

Hope beats in my heart everyday....this book would help me help my two very young children, both with special needs. Thank you for writing it and thank you for giving us a chance to win it!!!

Maria Dwyer

Count me in! Colin loves to blow on those wish flowers too! He can do about 3 in a row before he hands one to me and says "blow it!" We've always been told you have to reward good talking so I get to join in the fun too!!


I am now in search for books with information on dietary intervention. I've been having my 3 year old on gfcf for a year, but feel he still needs some food restrictions, not sure which.

My 18 months old has some stomach problems as well so I need all the information I can get.


Need the hope part...

Hope Couser

I've been wanting this book for quite some time and would love to win it.

Lisa Clark

Would love to win this book .


Thank you for posting the link to Julie's website. I have bookmarked it for more indepth exploration. I'm excited about the U or T research study. I anticipate the results will be favorable!

Meg N

Wow, what a great title...LOVE IT!!


I would love this book as my Christmas present.

Katherine Walker

Here's my chance....


When my oldest (now 14) son turned 4, he was diagnosed PDD-NOS. A few years later I found out about the GF/CF diet and decided to put our entire family of five on the diet. I figured it would be easier than having "special" food for him when the rest of us ate other things. He improved tremendously and the diet (with the eventual modification of eating/drinking raw dairy due to soy issues) improved all of our lives.

I discovered many food sensitivities in our middle son and our toddler, previously "failure to thrive" grew by leaps and bounds. We have not been tested due to having been GF for too many years, but I'm pretty sure the youngest, now 10, is celiac. He had most of the symptoms. I just didn't know it at the time. And nearly four years ago he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Our household remains GF (I might also be celiac) and we eat very little processed foods. It's a lot of work and expensive since we also buy organic, low carb, grassfed, etc. but we are all much healthier!


Alaina Jensen

I saw Julie at the DAN! Conference in San Diego. She is awesome! She had great ideas for kid friendly foods, adding more cultured foods, she even let us try her own cultured veggies. It was fantastic. She is so upbeat, it was one of my favorite parts of the conference.


Me! Me! Pick me!

Aimee Lathon

Have been wanting to purchase this book for some time to further the dietary interventions we have been doing for our beautiful 6-year-old. Count me in!


It looks like a great book!


I have been looking at this book, debating whether or not to get it. I have 2 kids with ASD. BTW, I love the Age of Autism site and all of it's posts.


I'd love to add this to my small library of books (all of which is about autism) to take with me to the Philippines to help the growing population of vaccine injured kids.

Jenn Neddo

Looks like a great book!


Why not? I have a four year old little boy, my only child, who has been diagnosed with autism this time last year. We are making great strides thanks to his school, family, and therapies. I am just starting to really research the biomedical approach in regards to treating autism. I am startled by the the things we take for granted as being normal and 'healthy'. I would love to win a book teaching me more ways to empower my son; my family.

rachel. mommy to Caleb the Great.

Holly Masclans

Hope I win!


I haven't read this one yet, and would love to!


I would love a copy of this book to read personally but also to make available to the rest of the families in our local autism support group in Bryan / College Station, TX.

Karen Ladley

I would love this book since we are just starting down this road and even my husband thinks I'm nuts.


Would love to win, sign me up please.


If they knew I was doing this, I think both my hubby and son would be crawling under the table together at the thought of me getting my hands on another dietary intervention book. We just went SCD with TERRIFIC results.

I would LOVE to get a copy of this!!

Cathy Jameson

Thanks for another cool contest, AoA!

Elizabeth Soliday

Please sign me up! I am always telling people how much dietary intervention helped my son, I could always use a resource to back me up.


I've had this book on loan from our DAN! Dr but had been putting off returning it. LOL Consider me entered!

Stacy Prieto

Count me in! I love contests and this is a book that I have been looking at getting.

Maria Buchta

Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!


Dont enter me, I have a copy already and its absolutely FATASTIC! MS Matthews is an excellent source of info, and I have seen her a few times while at the Autism One conference (make yourself go next year if you havent ever been to one, if WE can afford it, anyone can, search for grants/ changed our lives!)...she is just so very nice, and super knowledgeable...very good at explaining the 'hows and whys' to how things work in the body wise..

Good Luck everyone!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Looks like a great book.



I would love to win a copy of Julie's book, she is Great!

Amy in Idaho

Wow! A book on Autism that I don't already have! Thanks AoA!

dorothy galvin


I am very excited in finding this site and would love to win a copy of the book!.



Looks like a great resource! Always looking for more info. Please enter me in the contest!

Kelly Sica

Looks interesting - sign me up please.

Leslie Metcalf

I have watched some of Julie's educational videos and am so impressed by her knowledge. I would love to win her book to help my twin sons with their recovery. Thank you for playing Santa Claus!


I'd love to win a copy of this book to donate to our local autism center! Put my name in the hat!

Peter Leahy

Sign me up--we are the guardians of an affected child whose parents don't believe in anything biomedical, despite the recocery efforts they've seen in our son. Hopefully this will open their eyes!

Diane F.

I read reviews about this book. It looks like a fantastic resource. I'd love to win!


My horoscope says I'm going to have a couple of lucky days coming up!! Would be great to donate to the lending library for our local autism chapter!


Oh goodie.. please enter me in the contest.. .Maybe I'll win (and then I can wrap it up and put in under the tree for ME..)

María Luján

Thank you for doing this.

Margo O

I wish I could win this as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, grandmother of a beautiful autistic 6-year-old. Although the family is doing everything they can by way of behavioral and speech therapy, and has renounced vaccinations, I don't think they have really explored the possibilities of diet.


This looks like a great read. Very good prize!

Kristin Bushey

This is on my Christmas list!


Perfect timing. I was just getting ready to order this book. :)

Crossing my fingers! LOL


Joyce Matthews

would love to win this book. I am trying to learn to keep my grandson gfcf.

Tanners Dad

Win? Yea right:) It is fun to enter though.


me too


Sign me up. It would be a nice anecdote to the Nobel story to win that.

Brantly Perry

Looks like an interesting read!


I believe! I believe! Please, enter my name in the contest.

J Byrd

Oooh Hooo. I hope I win. What a great opportunity. Thank you for doing this!!!

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