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The AAP NY Immunization Coalition Targets David Kirby and Age of Autism

Lock_stepManaging Editor's Note: David Kirby will be blogging about this letter from the AAP's NY Immunize to Representative Carolyn Maloney, where they target both David Kirby and "Age of Autism" which is clearly Mark Blaxill, who spoke at Rep. Maloney's meeting.  I've provided the details of the meeting at the bottom of this post, after the AAP letter. As you can see, the AAP/NY Immunize group is working hand in glove with Dr. Offit.  It seems his book is not a labor of love designed to protect families with autistic children from bad treatments, but a marketing tool for the AAP. You can see the .pdf of the letter HERE.

September 24, 2008

Congressperson Carolyn Maloney
1651 3 Avenue, Suite 31 1
New York, NY 101 28-3679

Dear Congressperson Maloney

We are concerned about misinformation you may have heard at a recent briefing presenting the non-scientific, irrational proposals espoused by David Kirby, and the Age of Autism with regard to a supposed link between autism and vaccines. Vaccines save lives.  Study after study has shown absolutely no link between vaccines and autism.

As pediatricians, teachers, nurses, child care providers and parents across New York State and in your District, we are very aware of the struggles that the families of children with autism face and the challenges that test the children themselves. In your position as a political leader, it is important that you have the information you need to support the science, the research and the continued work toward identifyirg the causes, triggers and evidence based treatment for children with autism and autism spectrum disorders.
All of the research, including the most recent and exhaustive study done by the Columbia University School of Public Health, has proven no link between vaccines and autism. And yet a few people, some of whom are making a great deal of money from the suffering and false hope of frightened parents, continue to beat the drum for this discredited position. Many others offer dangerous and unscientific approaches to "cures."

We urge you to stand with us against the forces working to bring irrational fears and "junk science" into the world of children's health. As you know, immunizationasre one of our greatest public health victories along with clean water.

Childhood diseases that can kill and maim our children are just a plane ride away, and yet the anti-immunization groups continue to push for less and less protection for our children. Just this year the Centers for Disease Control reported the largest outbreak of measles in decades. New York was one of the states that experienced a significant outbreak of serious disease. You might also be interested in knowing that the measles that was imported into the US came, not from the third world, but from Europe and from Israel: Developed areas that are experiencing significant outbreaks of disease due to weak public health policy.

We highly recommend that you read Dr. Paul Offit's recent, very well reviewed book, Autism's False Prophets. We have included a review from The Wall Street Journal and an editorial from the New York Times.

We will be contacting your local District Office to schedule a time to come in and talk with you about this very important issue. We know you want to work with us to help protect the children of New York and the children across the country.


Elie Ward, MSW
Co-Chair, NYS Immunization Coalition
Enclosures (2)

240 Washington Ave. Ext.
Suite 505
Albany, NY 12203
Phone: 5181456-0951
Fax: 518/456-8573
420 Lakeville Road
Suite 244
Lake Success, NY 11042
Phone: 5161326-0310
Fax: 5161326-0316


The NYS Immunization Coalition is committed to working with private and public partners to educate all New Yorkers about the scientific facts and public health benefits of immunization.  The Immunization Coalition's goal is to help keep all infants, toddlers, children and adolescents healthy by reducing the burden of preventable disease through improved immunization.

Here are the details of Rep. Maloney's that has put the AAP/NYI on the defensive:


Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) is hosting a special briefing for Members of Congress and their Staff to update them on recent developments in the vaccine-autism debate.

David Kirby, investigative journalist and author of The New York Times bestseller Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic – A Medical Controversy, will inform Members and their staff about developments in this debate from science, public policy, politics and law.  Mr. Kirby will be joined Mark Blaxill, Director of the Coalition for SAFE MINDS.

Among the issues to be discussed are:

● A recent Vaccine Court case in which the federal government conceded that vaccines induced autism in one girl with an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction.

● Possible links between mitochondrial dysfunction and autistic regression, and information on several ASD children with mitochondrial issues;

● State-of-the-art research underway at top universities on the connection between environmental toxins, mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, glutathione depletion, neuro-inflammation and autistic encephalopathy;
● Research agendas from the CDC and NIH that include investigations into links between vaccines and neuro-immune disorders

● The scope and implications of the autism epidemic. How scientific politics is preventing policy from catching up to the problem.

● Ongoing research into connections between mercury exposure and autism. Why most of what is reported is inaccurate.

● Reframing concerns over the vaccine program: It’s not a question of being pro or con vaccines, but rather a question of safety management.

We are asking all of our members to contact their elected representatives and urge them to attend.

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We do have to organize and not just like a religion but we have to have some too. I am a surgeon and I pray for my child as often as I can as well as my other patients most surgeons that I know also pray for their patients. There is a scientific study that shows that patients that are prayed for do statistically better than patients that are not prayed for.

Most important you have to tell people to stop vaccinating on this schedule at this time and do not vaccinate your child until the child is 8 or nine and then only for polio and tetanus. We have to start a storm of law suits against everyone. As the conflict of interest these people have is way beyond unethical and truly is criminal.

Probe I am a surgeon so I can say this with conviction, you have no idea what you are talking about so just stop blogging about polio. The Salk vaccine, by Jonas Salk from the University of Michigan was removed because it actually caused the disease in some children and was replaced by a vaccine by Dr. Sabin that was not a live virus vaccine. No child should receive a live virus vaccine they simply do not have the immune system to handle it and that is just the way it is. I am 51 years old and come from a family of seven physicians and surgeons and there is nothing you can tell me about polio I studied it in medical school and treat post polio patients mostly from Mexico to this day. A few vaccinations are ok later on but there should be no live virus vaccines given to your children.


Stagmom, you said,

"How can any pediatrician feel good about the state of American childrens' health DESPITE six "Well" visits by the age of 24 months? I can not understand the delusion. I can not."

I believe the delusion is based on two things: 1) Pediatricians are, by & large, decent people who don't want to believe that their very well meaning care of babies (i.e., vaccinations) has contributed to this disaster, and 2) their livelihood is based on the cash flow generated by every child coming into the office for the full schedule of "well visits" -- which are mostly driven by the vaccination schedule. I don't think they can imagine a scenario in which they can make a living without that structure.


Vaccine Market Numbers

And so the meeting started,
With little time to lose.
Profits were quickly fading,
And soon they had to choose.

Next year’s market a number,
Newborns at four and six ought.
The goal was clearly earnings,
Why give it a second thought.

But first she raised her hand,
And then he cleared his throat.
“Ok you have the floor,
But we really need to vote.”

“Twenty five grand at least you say,
We’d hoped to do much better.
Oh yes … collateral damage,
Didn’t you get the letter?”

“It was sent with our agenda,
Autism included of course.
The truth replete with fine print,
And rationalized lack of remorse.”

“And now we have our motion.
What next, you wish to discuss?
First I must hear a second,
Then yes, enlighten us.”

The second was offered at once,
And discussion vilely short.
The vote recorded but one nay,
And no one went to court.

Another year of profits,
By duplicity it went.
With twenty five grand once more,
Under the age of consent.


They are getting desperate. There are so many of us who have witnessed recovery from vaccine injury ... we need to keep screaming it. I'm not desperate and I'm not hysterical. I'm elated because my son was chelated. I'm no rocket scientist, but when I did my research, tallied up the amount of mercury injected into my son with the 4 year old vaccines his tipping point ... looked at the symptoms of mercury posioning next to the symptoms of autism, and VOILA ... that's why my son responded so well to biomedical and chelation he was POSIONED, period. And I'm not anti-vaccine like most of the people here ... toxic free and a safe schedule is all we ask. Until they figure that one out, I think parents should be afraid to vaccinate their children. My son suffered and I would have taken the measles over autism anyday. They should be half as outraged over the autism epidemic instead of a few outbreaks of friggin measles.


Don't need no TV ad
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Don't want to know how many people are like me
Don't need no dizziness
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The restless comsumer flies
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Don't need no more lies.

Neil Young, 2007

jill r

i am very interested in your post. my son was on soy formula because he couldn't tolerate the regular. when he turned one my pedi said go to regular whole milk he would be fine.(even though he had horrible GI issues with regular formula?) i trusted her. and a week or 2 after his mmr he started regressing. with in 5 days of taking dairy out of his diet he started talking in sentences, and talking to me! now even if we give him a little milk (say a regular pancake)with in 3 days he starts to lose speech and slur his words again! not every child is the same why can't doctors see this?


It strikes me as truly stupid to tell Rep. Maloney that "all of the research... has proven no link between vaccines and autism" when Rep. Maloney is the person sponsoring the bill to do the study on vaccines and autism (and other health outcomes). I mean, Carolyn Maloney *knows* that no one has ever compared autism rates between vaccinating an unvaccinated individuals, which is why she's sponsoring the bill. Does the AAP really think that she'll believe them and just give up?


Is that letter condescending or what! I'm betting they just pissed off Congressperson Maloney. It's typical really, In a fog of arrogence and ignorance they think anyone that doesn't see things their way just doesn't understand the issue-just needs them to explain.
You see-they mean well- so the actual outcome of their ill concieved vaccine policies couldn't be anything but good. The epidemic must be caused by something else, they don't know what- but it couldn't be anything they have done.

They are wrong. They are fools.


Note that the Probe's comment is statistics free. You would have a very hard time finding disease complication rates in an advanced country (prior to some of the current vaccines) which equal the current rates of chronically ill children. So he doesn't bother to try. Has anyone else noticed how data free many of the "vaccinate or we'll all die" camp posts actually are?

Craig Willoughby

TheProbe sniveled;
"Brad, you are too young to remember th epolio epidemics, the kids who were brain damaged from measles encephalitis, etc. where that was happening in even bigger numbers. That does not happen any more."

Probey, remember a time when only 10 vaccines were enough to immunize(and that's a broad term, especially considering that vaccines are never really all that effective and immunity wanes after a few years). Remember when we didn't have 1 in 96 kids who were mentally disabled and required special education. Remember a time when ADHD and ASDs were almost unheard of.

Thank vaccines.

Julie Swenson


Yes, let's let's definitely "thank vaccines", shall we?

Julie Swenson

"And yet a few people, some of whom are making a great deal of money from the suffering "

Hmmm...like Offit?


And another thing about polio... How long did it take our gov't agencies to change from the live-virus vaccine, which was causing polio in some people, to the safer killed-virus vaccine? And why are we still exporting the live-virus polio vaccine to other countries? And why did it take years to stop distributing polio vaccines contaminated with a monkey virus linked to brain cancer?

Just because a disease is dangerous, it doesn't mean that our agencies should be so slow to recognize and correct problems.


The AAP seems unable or unwilling to admit that today's children are chronically sick in ways previous generations never imagined. How can any pediatrician feel good about the state of American childrens' health DESPITE six "Well" visits by the age of 24 months? I can not understand the delusion. I can not.


"you are too young to remember th epolio epidemics, the kids who were brain damaged from measles encephalitis"

Probe, what does this have to do with vaccinating US children against, rotavirus, chicken pox, mumps, etc... The current schedule is indefensible. No one here is saying do away with all vaccines. Just trim the schedule WAY down to those vaccines with a sensible risk/benefit. Then evaluate each child as an individual. Take a family history, make sure they are healthy and then decide the vaccination makes sense for the individual. Common sense when administering medication.

Mr. T

I remember only one special ed school bus for the entire school district when I attended school. Our school distict now has a whole fleet of special ed school buses with less total overall students. This jumbo vaccine program is a nightmare.


I remember polio. I remember mercury poisoning at Minamata. Life magazine came out with the Smith photos the year we were married. When one looks at the problems that a person has with Autism - there are similar characteristics. According to the Simpsonwood transcripts, brain injury is irreversible and the damage adds up. No civilized country should allow it to be injected into the bloodstreams of human beings. The USEPA banned it as a preservative in latex paint 18 years ago.


One of The Probe's many logical fallacies is assuming that people concerned about vaccine safety did not witness disease epidemics, or value their absence.

I grew up on a farm and heard much lore about the effects of tetanus, pneumonia, and a plethora of infections. Animal herds could get wiped out by disease.

I also developed allergies after receiving my two childhood vaccinations.

Discussions should center around eliminating vaccine injury, treating vaccine injury victims fairly, and prosecution for conflicts of interest and libel amongst over-zealous vaccine promoters.


Mr. Probe -
I'm a bit too young to remember the polio epidemic. My parents did have a friend in a wheelchair due to childhood polio, and he had various ongoing health issues which eventually resulted in his death before reaching old age.

But I am old enough to remember when my friends, neighbors, school mates, siblings and I all came down with measles, mumps, German measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, and flu -- and I don't know a single person who had a lasting adverse effect.

Yes, polio and small pox were very serious diseases which may have justified a vaccine with some chance of an adverse reaction.

Whooping cough used to be a very serious disease, but for some reason in the U.S. it became less serious, perhaps because of better medical care available for serious cases to ensure continuing breathing, and antibiotics for co-occuring infections and pneumonia -- or perhaps because of better food and sanitation. When I was a kid, whooping cough was just an uncomfortable bad cough for most of us -- for everyone I knew.

I don't think that the current rates of autism, ADHD, diabetes, asthma, and anaphylactic allergies are good trade-offs for what used to be routine childhood illnesses when I was a kid.

I'm so tired of hearing people say, "What about polio?" O.K., fine, vaccinate against polio. This doesn't justify or prove safe the dozens of vaccines on the current schedule.

I'm not saying to do away with all of these vaccines, but maybe not all of them are needed, and maybe not at such a young age. Unfortunately those in charge are too afraid of admitting to any problems and so they do not adequately study and fix problems.

Shauna- Together In Autism- www.togetherinautism.org


"Again I say, "organize like a religion". Plan a strategy, lay out a framework to go to fight these beggars on their own playing field. Ask them to stop calling parents of autistic children crazy. Tell them it is offensive. CALL THEM ON IT! Make them look like the bad guy, the bully that they are and change the perceptions. This has to be a mass campaign and we all have to be enlisted. Send organizers to specific areas. This is a battle that is not going to won without a fight. Start an enlistment sheet and then tell us what to do. AGE OF AUTISM can start this just ask us to work and we will.Posted by: Nora | November 22, 2008 at 12:56 PM "




What is Casein Hydrolysate?

Sometimes I feel like writing a sonnet called, "How Can Vaccines Mess With the Immune System? Let Me Count the Ways."

We all know that vaccines can prevent terrible illnesses, but that this does not prove it is safe to inject a baby with nine vaccines at once, and/or 2 dozen vaccines in the course of two years, and/or 25 mcg of mercury.

We tend to focus on toxins, with good reason, but it appears that other ingredients in vaccines could also disrupt the immune system.

Many parents report their children's regression after the MMR, which does not contain thimerosal, but does contain three live viruses -- and the reactions are apparently even more likely to occur when the varicela vaccine is given at the same time (another live virus vaccine with no thimerosal).

I read something interesting in the book "A Shot in the Dark" regarding the DPT vaccine. "The pertussis bacteria are usually grown on a casein hydrolysate medium with yeast dialyzate..." (p.10)

I Googled casein hydroloysate and found some information, including:

"Description: Casein hydrolysate enzymatic is a pancreatic hydrolysate of casein. This hydrolysate contains, in the form of mixed amino acids and peptides, all amino acids originally present in casein."

"Casein hydroloysate (acid hydrolyzed) is obtained by digesting casein with hydrochloric acid, the conditions are such that a proportion of the Vitamins and growth-promoting substances are retained. It therefore acts as a good nutrient substrate and is especially suitable for the large-scale cultivation of microorganisms (e.g. of diphtheria bacteria, tetanus bacilli and streptococci in the production of toxins and streptase)."

"Diphtheria toxin is derived from Corynebacterium diphtheriae grown in Stainers Diphtheria Culture Medium, containing casein hydrolysate, and is purified by fractional precipitation with ammonium sulfate. Tetanus toxin is derived from Clostridium tetani grown in modified Mueller and Miller Medium, containing casein hydrolysate, and is purified by precipitation with ammonium sulfate.2 The purified diphtheria and tetanus toxins are detoxified using formaldehyde."

In many of the case histories described in the book "A Shot in the Dark", the babies with strong adverse reactions to the DPT shot (e.g., seizure disorders, brain damage)had a history of milk allergies even prior to vaccinations. Is it possible that in these babies the casein hydrolysate triggered a big reaction from the immune system?

Many people with autism react negatively to milk. Some possible reasons are that mercury can impair digestive enzymes, and that a "leaky gut" allows undigested proteins to enter the blood stream. Maybe another reason is that the DPT vaccine sensitizes the immune system to casein? (Casein, of course, is the protein in milk.)

I don't know whether there is casein hydrolysate in the newer DTaP vaccine. But most of our kids received the DPT vaccine -- the DTaP is pretty new in the U.S., although the Japanese started using it about 15 years before us.

Diabetes, on the rise in kids today, can be caused by an auto-immune reaction to the pancreas, disabling the pancreas's ability to produce insulin. Are there pancreatic cells in "pancreatic hydrolysate of casein" which could spark the production of antibodies against the pancreas?

And interesting that the "Tetanus toxin is derived from Clostridium tetani". Are any of these vaccines contaminated with clostridium? Many kids with autism suffer from overgrowth of clostridum in the gut, which could be caused by antibiotics or by toxins killing off the good bacteria. But maybe the clostridium is also introduced by vaccines?

I am neither doctor nor scientist. I am only raising questions. But in colloquial terms, there is a whole lot of stuff in vaccines which could be sparking various types of reactions in the immune systems of susceptible babies and children, such as (from the CDC's list of ingredients at www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf): casamino acid, bovine extract, monkey kidney tissue, yeast protien, amino acids, soy peptone, egg albumin, egg protein, chick kidney cells, calf serum protein, chick embryo fibroblasts...

Bottom line (preaching to the choir) vaccines have risks which must be weighed against the benefits, instead of just being hushed up and denied.

And, studies focussing on just one aspect of vaccines may not show statistically significant results, because there are many ways that vaccines could affect different individuals. We need that vaxed/unvaxed study which our agencies are too afraid to do.


Again I say, "organize like a religion". Plan a strategy, lay out a framework to go to fight these beggars on their own playing field. Ask them to stop calling parents of autistic children crazy. Tell them it is offensive. CALL THEM ON IT! Make them look like the bad guy, the bully that they are and change the perceptions. This has to be a mass campaign and we all have to be enlisted. Send organizers to specific areas. This is a battle that is not going to won without a fight. Start an enlistment sheet and then tell us what to do. AGE OF AUTISM can start this just ask us to work and we will.

Shauna- Together In Autism- www.togetherinautism.org

Clean Water?! Since when have we had clean water? We have many toxins floating in our drinking water, most recently we have been told that in addition to flouride, lead and many other harmful contaminents, we can now add medications to the mix. These medications are causing diabetes, infertility, and too many illnesses to name. If we buy drinking water, those contaminents are still present, but add toxic plastic to the mix. Clean vaccines, clean food, and clean water, do not think it's too much to ask.

Together In Autism


Brad said: "The analogy that sticks with me is the one where if we had a 150 kids disappearing from the playgrounds every week we may get motivated to do something drastic."

Brad, you are too young to remember th epolio epidemics, the kids who were brain damaged from measles encephalitis, etc. where that was happening in even bigger numbers. That does not happen any more.

Thank vaccines.


my absolute favorite part of the letter is the reference to all evidence supporting an autism/vaccine as"junk science". use of this phrase by offit and camp is complete ignorance or arrogance. "Junk Science" was coined by the Tobacco industry in reference to anything that purported a link between smoking and lung cancer. The AAP doesn't even know the history of the tainted barbs it tries to throw. I look forward to Maloney taking the meeting and educating them or throwing them out of her office.

Brad Campaigne

As the father of a six year old on the spectrum I have been involved with the vaccine connection since my son changed after the MMR.
I am so sick of the back and forth from the establishment that I could just scream. Throughout this process I have come to realize that my family is nothing to the government and it's agencies and agents. We are all indentured slaves/consumers we are here as fodder for the corporations. We have to get angry , real angry and take it to the streets. The analogy that sticks with me is the one where if we had a 150 kids disappearing from the playgrounds every week we may get motivated to do something drastic. Oh but I forgot our governments are too busy slaughtering childern in the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 90% of all casualties are civilians and of that figure 50% are children. Do you actually believe that a system that murders with one hand will help with the other? Imagine what could be done with all the money that we spent on death instead of life.
Also I want to mention that I recently started looking into the mercury that coal fired plants exude around the planet. You may be shocked to see that this industry probably does more to cause Autism and other neurological issues than we realize. Spend an hour on the net looking at stats or create a "Google Alert" for "mercury".
Good luck children....your gonna need it.

Ben's Dad

I think this letter is pretty desperate also. “We are concerned about misinformation you MAY HAVE HEARD at a recent briefing ...” (emphasis mine) - did she really open with a line admitting she has no idea what she is talking about? It sure sounds like she is commenting on a briefing she did not attend and has no reliable account to refer to.

Does anyone find pediatricians and specialists to appear much more interested in DAN! then the AAP, but appear afraid to learn more about the dark side?

Ms. Ward – Why not ask that your AAP co-workers to attend the scientific track of a DAN! Conference – they might for the first time come away with useful information on treating biological conditions common amongst children with autism. Others might benefit also so that they do not further misrepresent the concept of safer vaccination.

I am reminded of the words of a wise man - “What we heard was something like this: "We do not know what causes autism,” but we were told that it is not the vaccines. This sounds like a dumb statement to me. For heaven's sake, if you don't know what causes autism, then you don't know what does not cause autism. Just shut up. “ - Khalif

Christna Liberatore

I don't have false hope and I'm not frightened. I wish they would stop speaking for me. I know my son will improve by repairing his immune system. He aleady has. What are the dangerous approaches the letter refers to? A GF/CF diet or fish oils or no artificial ingredients?


Liars, we are all liars and loonies. This is what they would love for us to believe. I still can't get a straight answer out of any doctor. If you don’t know what causes autism or what it even is for that fact then how can you scientifically determine what does not cause it? Millions of people that loose their children after vaccinations are all crazy is in effect what they are saying. I am horrified at the money making machine they are making Autism. Shame on anyone who believes that they can definitively state vaccines do not have some sort of factor or roll and for the sake of our children get off the evidence based garbage. I am so sick of hearing from the ABA marketing machine. It is all bogus. If one child has a positive reaction to any treatment then is that not evidence? It is in the medical field why not Autism? ABA and vaccinations all seem to be sleeping in the same camp, they both deny the existence of their greediness in robbing money from families with Autism. After all, no one gets a free vaccination and ABA is the most expensive “evidence base” therapy out there. Pathetic!!!! Can anyone tell me what has happened to my son and how to help him? Probably not going to get the answer I need…Shame on ABA and vaccinations. What a marketing strategy they have. Does anyone know if the drug companies get donations or kick backs from ABA supporters after all this is supposed to be the only evidence based therapy? I don’t want therapy! I want a cure!

Amy Trail

Our son lost all skills overnight at 18 months and everyone continues to state that vaccines could not have brought on the Autism. But I will tell you all that we live in a rural part of VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains and at the time he regressed, we had not been out of our home for 3 weeks because of ice and snow covering the roads where we live.

Each time he would receive a vaccine within 48 hours we would be back at the doctors office with ear infections and gut pain!

He was vaccine injuried and even his medical doctor agrees that something happened to him.

I know that the CDC has had the answers for years but choses to ingore the damage that they continue to allow to happen to our children. What will it take for them to accept the facts and stop loading our children with toxins? Will it take this horrible disorder attacking their own children or grandchildren? God, I hope not, but if and when it does reach them, too - please let them know that we will be here for them, too. Because these children are not acceptable collateral damage - not even their own children.

Amy Trail
Franklin Autism Community Enrichment Services

John Fryer

Curious: Vaccines and Autism are not conected. How do they know this?

From what we know of vaccines autism is just one of the worries.

How about sudden death from a vaccine? Is this a worry? It was proven more than 100 years ago that sudden death is a NORMAL adverse reaction to vaccines. It even has a name ANAPHYLAXIS.

Of course vaccines save lives no one disputes this.

Planes are a necessary part of modern society but do we insist that planes never crash?

Vaccines are good but don't overdo them and don't do it too young and why take four or more of the same vaccines if they are so perfect? Anaphylaxis is just this: First vaccines are wonderful. Second time round exactly the same vaccines are not so wonderful.

Anaphylaxis: The normal rare reaction to a repeat vaccine that can and does cause DEATH.


I just had a thought and am not sure where to post it... WHAT IF, we wrote a letter to the person who wrote this and copied it to Dr. Paul Offit, siting reasonable scientific research that thimerosal kills the enzyme that is responsible for methionine synthase and hence healthy metabolism- resulting in predisposed, genetically susceptable children becoming overweight and obese, dispite healthy lifestyle and diet... and I see desperate parents all over that have no clue why their child is overweight and they express it to me... and they are thin and they feed their child well. What if... we told Dr. Offit that we are going to make banners that scream... is your child overweight or does you child have a metabolic disorder because of thimerosal in their vaccines? We should issue a letter stating that we will contact the mom of Nick Jonas (of the Jonas' Brothers)- who has type 1 diabetes and make her aware that rubella attacks the pancreas... We can get REALLY busy if you really think about it!!! Let's go~~~


My son developed autism within days after getting the MMR vaccine. Ten years later and he still breaks out with measles.
Dr. Proffitt is just someone who has sold his soul. In the end people like him dont really matter.


There are some great comments to this post, and it reminds me of Dan Olmsted's suggestion that brief stories from thousands of parents should be gathered into an anthology -- a collection of evidence -- too many similar stories of harm from vaccines and help from biomedical treatments to be just coincidental.


Kim, today on the Discover blog someone named "isle" claimed that most VAERS reports are made by lawyers.

How would a person even go about verifying that statement? As if there wasn't a child attached to the claim, plus parents, plus doctors, plus lab work and other documentation... Not to mention that what, 3/4 of all NVICP claims are tossed out and the rest take years to resolve.

A lawyer would do one hell of a lot better with Vioxx claims.


This letter says, "we are very aware of the struggles that the families of children with autism face and the challenges that test the children themselves." Presumably they believe that autism has always been with us, and there's just better diagnosis these days, and there are lots of adults with autism out there -- so howcome they only express concern for the children? Don't they care about the "hidden hoard"?


I'm sorry am I the only one who sees humor here? Carolyn Maloney has been a steadfast advocate for our vaccine damaged kids.
She has spoke at rallies and co-sponsored bills with Weldon and they are "concerned" she is being misinformed. What an insult to such an intelligent woman.
Grasping at straws.


Oh Kim and everyone -- I am so with you!!

What a bunch of bullshit but the silver lining of that bullshit is that these very stupid and very ignorant people are also very scared -- and they're reading this right now -- so they know that we are not stupid not ignorant and not scared for the TRUTH will PREVAIL.

But meanwhile the mud slinging will continue but we will keep our cool and let the truth lead the way.


I loved your comment! Don't forget about the diabetes!! :)


My youngest had the measles last week- oooh,... the deadly measles... and fever never went over 100, her rash was fairly mild, the mouth sores did make her miserable (for 5 days)! My 6 year old regressed and lost all of her skills at age 4 after her first ever MMR. She had been perfect to that point with the exception of sudden onset eczema after her 1 year old vaccines (but I didn't make the connection at the time). She could write her first and part of her last name, she was a happy, beautiful, coordinated, calm little girl. She regressed hard and looking back, I don't even know how we managed. Could no longer write a letter, just dots on the paper as she rocked back and forth... balancing on a wall in our back yard for as long as we would let her, toe walking, was awake most of the night- every night (until we began an elimination diet), mumbling, stumbling, talking like a drunk person, glazed eyes, over 50 warts all over her, olive skin little girl became pale as a ghost, the sclera of her eyes were gray (no longer white), per tummy ballooned, biting all her fingers til bloody and bandaged, banging her head and had bruises all over the side of her face, eczema returned (horrid), strep and ear infections one right after the other for 2 months after MMR. We have had tremendous success with recovering her using only biomed- for a while, we were spending over $2000 a month on her supplements and testing- not including special food and the thousands of hours spent reading and learning and cooking and losing friendships. What we have been graced with in return is nothing short of a miracle. There is hope for every child!! But my point is that... I will take the MEASLES... any day!!! What we did (and we were taught by the pioneers) saved her life. We have chosen risky, dangerous, junk-science because we are the same irresponsibile parents that chose to let their 2 year old meet an important milestone in immune health and get the deadly measles.


Man, those NY immunize people must be terrified. How do they presume, though , to include parents, child-care workers or teachers in their viewpoint when who they really are is a bunch of pediatricians who profit off this sick agenda. There should be some kind of poll taken (telephone) where the REAL public is asked about whether they have concerns about immunization. I bet the majority of the real public would raise concerns about too many too soon. Most parents now have unfortunately heard of there being a price to pay (autism or other) with this over-zealous vaccination schedule.


If vaccines save live and are so safe why is there a VAERS?

I'm rich off autism, I am. We've spent over $50K on health insurance that covers nothing! Over $60K on live in help when my daughter had seizures 15 times a year for a week at a whack. "Oh, she has autism, she's wired differently." said the ped neuro. The ONLY doctors who helped us where DAN! doctors and chiropractors. The nemises of the AAP. Derrick Lonsdale in Cleveland, who called me to talk about Mia's seizures when the neuros had nothing. Who invited us to his office for the vitamin cocktail IV to replenish her body after seizing for 7 days and not eating so much as a morsel. Phil DeMio who offered to treat my 3 kids for FREE to help them when my husband was out of work. Dear Frank Waickman, colleague of Bernie Rimland, who was the first doc to ask me, "How are YOU, Kim??" Who pinpointed my kids severe reactions to gluten and casein and changed their lives.

What did my ped do? NOTHING. Was he a nice guy? Yes. Brllliant man? Yup. But seizures weren't his job. And what did the neuro do? ZERO. He blew us off = he in the wonderful office of Max Wiztnitzer.

Our children have been thrown to the wolves the the AAP is now sprinkling them with seasoning so the wolves devour them further and destroy the evidence. NOT ON MY WATCH.


Bob Mulligan

To question exactly how safe a particular vaccine is is an "irrational proposal"?

And the AAP is "very aware of the the struggles that the families of children with autism face and the challenges that test the children themselves." REALLY???

And they are actually worried about someone making a "great deal of money" from a "discredited position"? How altruistic.

I'd like to say more, but I feel like throwing up.

John Stone

This letter is so poorly written and argued it is embarrassing. Surely their goose is nearly cooked.


A few simple, reasonable, and very relevant questions that Rep Maloney could bring to their discussion:
1) who funds the NYIC operations
2) how much has their go-to guy profited from his share of the recent rota patent sale? do they not consider "making a great deal of money" in his case to be any kind of issue at all?
3) how many of the 10K or so registered demonstrators who marched on Washington and held up pics of their injured kids did they or their membership actually try to reach out to for some follow-up clinical investigation, as per Bernadine Healy's thoughts?
4) if the answer to #3 is "none", then why are they busy "banging the drum" on the Hill, while the thousands of these kids are still twisting in the wind...?

If Carolyn Maloney is anywhere near the level of reason and integrity that she's apparently demonstrated (simply by sponsoring legislation towards a vax'd vs unvax'd study), the level of spin and hypocrisy in this effort could likely turn out to be yet another shot-in-the-foot for these guys.

Anne Dachel

The NYS Immunization Coalition is a project of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The AAP made the news last summer. On July 25, CBS News had the report, How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders? by Sharyl Attkisson.

We learned, "The vaccine industry gives millions to the Academy of Pediatrics for conferences, grants, medical education classes and even helped build their headquarters. The totals are kept secret, but public documents reveal bits and pieces."

Attkisson reported that the AAP has a lot of reasons to defend vaccines:
A $342,000 payment from Wyeth, maker of the pneumococcal vaccine - which makes $2 billion a year in sales.
A $433,000 contribution from Merck, the same year the academy endorsed Merck's HPV vaccine - which made $1.5 billion a year in sales.
Another top donor: Sanofi Aventis, maker of 17 vaccines and a new five-in-one combo shot just added to the childhood vaccine schedule last month.

None of this is mentioned in the letter to Rep. Maloney.

It might be nice if we reminded these people about their purpose: protecting the interests of children, not the drug industry.


Anne Dachel
Media editor


What a bunch of ninnies. They truly will not be satisfied until every child born in this country is a drooling, pooping, obese, asthmatic, anaphylactic allergic, head-banging, ADHD, un-potty-trained, non-taxpaying, disability-needing trainwreck. When that day comes, they'll probably STILL be saying that it's always been this way, the DSMIV criteria have just changed.

Why does the idea of making vaccines safer and trying to identify vulnerable subsets of children give them the vapors?


My daughter became ill with ear infections and extreme GI pain within 3 days of her two year old flu vaccines. The ear infections persisted for months though she had only ever had one prior to the vaccine. The gut pain was intense and within 2 months of the flu booster she spiraled into an autistic regression.

Her health and functional regression spiraled out of control until we began the GF/CF diet and biomedical intervention at age 3. Within one month her autistic symptoms were gone and she was in remarkably less pain. We recovered her over the next two years from Sensory Processing Disorder and her gut healing continues.

As far as this "false hope" and "unscientific approach to a cure" are concerned...I wonder what the Immunization Coalition thinks I imagined, the fact that my daughter lost eye contact, developed a severe studier and echolalia, had mini seizures, stimmed all day long by spinning endlessly, walked on her tip toes and flapped her hands during the little time she wasn't spinning and was doubled in pain much of the day or that all of that ended within weeks of medical intervention. I really would love for them to help me, and everyone who knew my daughter at the time, figure out where our delusion meets reality.

If they would further study the treatments we are using (which are supported by many studies) they would not be considered "unscientific" and Dr. Bernadine Healy has said all that need be said about these studies they continue to refer to.

Can't wait to hear who backs the NY Immunization Coalition. Looking forward to the article David.


I tried to write her office but it will only send letters from her district via the house.gov site.

Does anyone have her email address? I no longer have long distance service so I am unable to fax.



Our son changed within hours of his vaccinations at 15 months.

If this or something very similar happened to your child keep subtly and respectfully telling others when you get the opportunity.

They can refer to all the cherry-picked studies they want to vindicate themselves but they cannot silence a parent talking to another parent.

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