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CNN "Advertises" Offit's RotaTeq in The Crawl

Skin_crawlBy Kim Stagliano

Now this makes my skin crawl, CNN's crawl says (I'm paraphrasing, I saw the second half of the crawl) "RotaTeq vaccine dramatically lowers diarrheal disease in children." No mention of the twisted intestines and death from RotaTeq.  Do children in the third world die of diarrheal disease in droves? Yes, because the don't have clean water.  Do they need protection?  Yes. The risk/benefit is there.  In America? Not to the same degree given our potable water, access to healthcare and more sanitary living conditions overall. And yet, RotaTeq is now on the mandated AAP schedule.


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Rota virus vaccine has absolutely no place for the majority of people in the US I am a physician and surgeon, this is a common virus and children do die of dehydration in third world countries because they have no clean water to drink not from the virus itself but the symptoms and or effects of the virus, ie clean water and conscientious parents 99.9% no problem.
The vaccine itself has side effects small bowel intussusception and because no one has the real data on the incidence you are left to believe what the CDC and FDA say about the drug which clearly would be a HUGE mistake as they simply have no credibility, none. The question remains where is the randomized double blind study that reveals the true efficacy risk and complications of the drug? Like for all vaccines there is no such study done conveniently for the for big Pharma.

With regard to Ambers comments about hurting children look up or GOOGLE “The House that AIDS Built” The author is Liam Scheff. There you can read how Donna Shalala of the Clinton Administration from 1992 to 1998 authorized the human live experimentation on orphaned Black and Hispanic children here in the US for the use of experimental AIDS drugs on these children, many of whom it was certain did not even have the AIDS virus. Most of the children refused to take the medicine so they had PEG feeding tubes placed in their stomachs and were force fed the medication until they died. They died a horrible death; basically they were tortured and murdered so we could all be safer while having queer sex. Knowing that these little children were being experimented on Barrack Obama who was a state senator for Illinois at that time said not even a word not even till this day and the media which is very liberal apparently felt that these little children should sacrifice themselves for the queer cause. What they did to these children you could never do to an animal Michael Vick is in jail for fighting 10 dogs and hundreds or even thousands of children have been tortured and murdered by the state and nobody eve said a word or went to jail, Barack was simply to timid to face down his own party. Hey I am black and I am happy for the guy as he will win but I clearly have no illusions about him or his courage, as he really does not have any, or what he will do for this country. Amber for the record is clearly more right than wrong, by the way there were oversight hearings and they determined nobody did anything wrong. The Nazi’s acted similarly you all remember them don’t you?


People are upset by Amber's comments, but not by something like this:

"they [sic] must want to kill as many people as possible and babys [sic]. I beleave [sic] all of this is the goverments [sic] way of population control."

So snarkiness is bad but whacked-out conspiracy theories are OK? Is that the rule?

Stagmom for Hank

Hi, Hank. Kim here. Amber is a young Mom whose daughter likely just had a nasty reaction to her MMR. And she has a son with autism. Yes, some of her comments are rough around the edges. I agree. But I have allowed them through because I think it's important to welcome her to the site and allow her to learn so she can help her kids. You don't have to read her own blog, I hope you'll continue to read A of A - simply skip her comments though.




I'm sorry, but Amber's rudness, cluelessness and condescending attitude are ridiculous. This used to be an enjoyable blog with intelligent people. I'm done reading it.


Yes, Barbara, that must be it. Kill all the babies!

If the nefarious plot is to murder all our children, would that not be counterproductive? I thought they were also trying to get rich off the vaccs?

That said... My opinion on the Rotateq is this... Give it to kids at risk (which unfortunately would have to be medicaid patients, which comprises some of us who don't actually live in squalor!) or make it optional. There isn't really a reason for this type of vacc to be required.

On another topic, does anyone know if the Gardasil vaccine was a required one? I missed all the drama on that one, but wondered.


I dont know what to say about this one.they must want to kill as many people as possible and babys. I beleave all of this is the goverments way of population control. THATS THE BOTTOM LINE.


Angie, I completely agree on the Big Pharma scare tactics. After the rotavirus incident followed by another hospitalization, I was in a state of panic every time my daughter got sick. With all the hype about children dying from the flu, I was just terrified. The flu shot shortage a few years back almost put me over the edge. I BEGGED the pediatrician to give her one of the scarce flu shots (she didn't). Needless to say, I've had quite an education over the past couple of years.


ABSOLUTELY, *any* illness is more than an inconvienience, I guess that was a bad choice of words for me to use. Each child can react to everything differently, of course, which is really the basis of our plight with vaccines, right? I wrote the comment quickly and could have choose my words quickly....In a nutshell, I am trying to say that the numbers that Big Pharma is claiming that are dying from Rotavirus are fear tactics, not facts.....ya know what I mean?
My son, prior to simple supplements and GFCFSF, any cold he got would turn to pneumonia, and one time, it went from a clear runny nose, to SO SICK that he had a partial lung collapse within 12 hours! So certainly, that wasnt an 'inconvienience' so to speak, but I still wouldnt give him the pneumonia vaccine.....ya know?



Angie, I'm in no way advocating the need for a rotavirus vaccine. Knowing what I know now, I would never allow a child to have one. But rotavirus can be much more than an inconvenience. Children can become quickly dehydrated. I rushed my daughter, three years old at the time, to the hospital in the middle of the night. Earlier in the day her pediatrician didn't think she needed to come into the office. She didn't appear to me to be dehydrated, but she just didn't look right. At the emergency room they pinched her skin and said she seemed hydrated. I insisted on bloodwork. Turned out she was severely dehydrated and spent five days in the hospital. If we had waited much longer we would've lost her. Again, I'm not advocating the use of this dangerous vaccine, but I think parents need to know that this virus can be very dangerous and it's important to get medical attention quickly.


Golly, I do NOT understand why in the US. We have all had it in our family when Ethan (our 5 yr old) and Alex (4 yr old) were really young babies. I believe Ethan was just over a year old, and Alex was a couple of months old (they are 10.5 months apart), and we were NEVER even *close* to being hospitalized or anything like that. The only thing I remember about it, was that it did linger longer than a 'regular' stomach bug, and it was the WORST smelling stuff imaginable, and that is actually how the doctor determined it was Rotavirus, she told me that 'Rotavirus has a very distinct smell, horrible and awful' and 'you know it when you smell it'....and when we came into the office, she took one whiff a the diaper and said 'yep! Rotavirus'....anyway, prior to being really informed about vaccines, I let my daughter (now 2 yrs old) get the rotateq vaccine, i could KICK myself now, and thankfully we stopped her vaccines after her 9 month shots (she only got 1 or 2 12 months shots, but no MMR and nothing since then!)...

My point, other than inconvienience (sp?), why would anyone here in the US, with the water we have here, with shelter we have here, and especially with 'modern' medicine and hospital access available (unlike 3rd world cultures), WHY would we NEED this? The risks FAR OUT WEIGH the benefits. I would like to see the numbers of people, especially babies here in the US, who DIED from Rotavirus last year, versus the number who DIED from the vaccine, does that data exist?
I believe its the same thing with Chicken pox, I lived thru a horrible case with no longterm side effects...but what about all of the injuries from the vaccine, and the fact that the timing is that it is the same time as the MMR, which I believe causes its own 'issues' when given together, right?

ARGH! Thanks for listening to the vent here!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Not an MD

Has anyone in our state health departments looked at the latest count of baby deaths (85 dead infants!) listed in VAERS that occurred immediately after administration of Rotateq (sometimes with as many as four other vaccines)? If not, when are they going to? In Eastern China, just today, it was reported that immediately after a four month old baby died one day after receiving shots for pneumonia and meningitis, the health bureau ordered all hospitals in that city to suspend use of the vaccines. I repeat, in China, vaccinations were halted due to the death of a single infant. Why are the lives of our U.S. infants devalued when they die from their vaccinations, but not when they die from vaccine preventable diseases? That is the question that haunts me.

Amber DBTD

I have to agree with the comment made that while the Rotateq vaccine would be more useful in third world countries, I can see a use for it here at home too.

My husband is in the mental health field, and goes to a lot of client's homes... The one place has a good 30 dogs, feces everywhere, the naked babies crawling around on the filthy floor. Sadly, that describes a lot of homes even here in the US. those kids would very likely benefit from such a vaccine.

I'm not researched on this one, but I was under the impression Rotavirus was a pretty common thing?


There is another huge concern with the GSK roto-virus vaccine. It is live and sheds in the diaper. This risk was laughed off when GSK presented the new vaccine at the CDC ACIP meeting. They didn't see it in *their* data.
Imagine Roto-virus shedding in daycare center.
Another oral Polio disaster all over again.
The vaccine potentially spreading the disease.

Kim Staten

2 topics:

1. I saw the Rotateq article and it is about as offensive as the mandatory flu vaccine law in New Jersey for all daycare/pre-school age children.

2. In response to Cherry: SNL got the idea for their lame "joke" from all of the media in the last three weeks directly related to the homeschool/vaccine connection. There have been several radio interviews and national/local stories. Of course the news media made us (the vaccine cautious parents) sounds like a bunch of idiots. It is obvious that the "comedians" at SNL only read the media's opinions of vaccination and they clearly have not talked to a parent and/or child affected by Autism. I am very pro-Obama and before I made that choice I looked into his position on special needs/autisim.

Now it is obvious that Autism crosses all party lines, but I think we should focus on what we all have in commom, children within the Autism Spectrum, not our political opinions - it just takes away from our common cause.


Sign Lady,
ITA about the SNL comment. That znger really stung. How dare tehy reduce thi battle with such a quick and flip comment.
Michael Savage, Amanda Peet, Dennis Leary adn now SNL...has it come to this? One the the worlds biggest crises and it is little more than a joke on primetime. This is truly disgusting.

Christy Harrill

So is this now one of the vaccines required for a child to attend school? If so, my next child may be home-schooled. This is ridiculously insane!

Media Scholar

One of the know side effects of mercury exposure is diarrhea.

It certainly would be a good reason why Thimerosal was re-introduced into the infant and toddler vaccine line-up.


To the person who said "how scientific"
anectdotal evidence is o-kay for the pediatricians and vaccine money mongers.......


wrote NBC and SNL -thanks for the info Kim. They could've done a WAY funnier piece on how f'g toxic and disgusting the vaccines are. I love it when people mention the polio vaccine because there were just so many things wrong with it.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Here's Rotateq- one more perfect vaccine. Perfect for the manufacturer, because its one more vaccine that can be marketed as preventing a symptom "This will protect your baby against diarrhea!" No need for the doctor to complicate things with an explanation that diarrhea is caused by many different organisms- not just rotavirus. (Just the way they do with meningitis and pneumonia)I live in India and I imagine that no reliable statistics exist for the actual number of cases of rotavirus. But of course, some data will magically appear when the WHO needs it.
I notice also that parents of autistic kids do imagine that in the developing world kids are dying in droves from infectious disease. I have lived in India for a very long time (about 40 years) and tho I dont live among the poor, the poor are all around us. I have heard of several cases of kids going to the hospital with severe dehydration from diarrhea and I have heard of one death. I read the newspapers daily and there are occasional reports of epidemics, These are often for diseases that have no vaccine, such as malaria and they do not seem to end in large scale death . Im not ready to believe that kids in the third world die in "droves" from preventable disease until I see some credible statistics. We need to consider the possibility that the human immune system is strong and effective, when doctors do not derange it with mercury in vaccines. We need to think about our tendency to believe that if we dont give a child a vaccine, he is sure to get that disease. Could that not be the result of public health and pharmaceutical brainwashing? Wait a minute- Actually we do hear of lots of child deaths in India- from accidents !

sign lady

CNN was joined by NBC last night in the networks' promotion of Pharma's vaccine agenda.

On Saturday Night Live, (Oct. 26) the spoof news report "Weekend Update" ran a report announcing that more children are being home-schooled so that parents can avoid giving them vaccines. So instead of getting autism, they can die of polio.

Not sure of the precise wording, but you get the idea. It's disgusting on so many levels:

1) It trivializes our issue and our children's plight, and makes no bones about taking sides with Pharma
2) It sends an inaccurate message that parents have to home-school a child to avoid vaccines when they can do so with a waiver
3) It puts out misinformation about the polio vaccine, implying that it's been associated with autism, when other vaccines have been shown to be of much greater risk
4) SNL's audience is young, child-bearing age

I've written to NBC about my opinion. I hope others do the same. Click here and select Saturday Night Live: http://www.nbc.com/Footer/Contact_Us/

Gee, I wonder where SNL got the idea for this spoof? Could it be from Obama's own misinformed comment at a fundraiser (which he has not disputed having made) in which he opposes selective vaccination because he's worried about polio making a comeback? http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/09/obama-i-am-not.html#more


Thank you for posting this Kim. Had my rant yesterday about this story. I'm so sick of the "double talk" and blantant lies. No mention of children dying or diseases associated with Rotateg. No warning to parents what could happen to their baby that is given this wonder vaccine. I find this a sick injustice to children and unsuspecting parents. This report says "see, if you don't get this your kid can be put in the hospital and DIE". Can anyone smell the stank of Paul Offit? I'm sure he only smells money.


My younger son received the Rotateq vaccine, all three doses. We stopped his vaccinations during the six month series and have not resumed. As much as I am not in favor of this vaccine being on the schedule in developed countries with everything I know, I thought I'd throw this out there. My husband, older son and I all had Rotavirus a couple years ago. And it hit again in September when my older son brought it home from school. Then I got it. My younger son seemed to be skipping it. My husband came home from a business trip days later and picked up it later from the germs still in the house despite best efforts to remove them. And my younger son who is teething and has his hands in his mouth often, never had so much as a loose stool. I'm not in favor of this vaccine but I thought I should share that it apparently worked in this one case. My next child won't get it though. I'd rather just deal with Rotavirus than more unnecessary vaccine risks (first born has autism). Thanks.

Val from Ohio

"This is a non-randomized, claims-based observational study. In the study, the diagnosis of rotavirus did not include laboratory confirmation and was only based on the use of physician diagnosis."


In other words, it's possible that doctors who had given their own patient the Rotateq vaccination or seen in the patient's records that they had received the Rotateq vaccination assumed their diarrhea came from some cause other than the rotavirus.

How scientific.

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