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Cell Division, Autism and Ultrasound

UltrasoundManaging Editor's Note: In related news, an article was published connecting decreased sperm count in men based on cell phone use. Click HERE. Is technology changing our biology?

By: Angela Warner

In the past several decades the axiom of “First Do No Harm”, has become an oxymoron. By that, I mean the state of what we refer to as “healthcare”, has become completely incompatible with nature.

So let us discuss mitochondrial dysfunction, cell division, autism, and ultrasound. How about some fish, and healthcare practitioners too?

When Nathan was being diagnosed with autism, I was in the process of applying to Midwifery College. I wanted to attend to women birthing in birth centers and especially to women who wanted to have their babies at home.

Enter Autism; Exit Midwifery.

This past week while preparing my statement for the Vaccination Choice Rally in Trenton, New Jersey, I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine who is a holistic practitioner in Portland, OR. I knew she was treating several prior military members who have been severely injured by vaccines. Of course we ended up talking birthing practices because she recently was accepted to the same Midwifery College I was in the process of applying to when Nathan was diagnosed.

What does this have to do with autism you ask? My friend shared with me some research that has been out for several years, but ignored by most.

Prenatal ultrasound impacts several generations of cell division within the body. I thought for sure I was going to have a difficult time finding research on this because in all my years of pre-nursing/midwifery studies I had never come across this particular information. I was wrong. The research is all over the internet. Sarah Buckley, who is a highly respected physician (especially so in the midwifery community), wrote about this back in 2000. You can read that (HERE).

Another issue was pointed out to me by one of the midwifery community’s ultrasound experts, Anne Frye. Anne has long been very concerned about the impact of ultrasound on our children. During a discussion with Anne on Sunday morning, she stated that ultrasound makes the skin more permeable. Ultrasound has actually been used in a study to vaccinate fish. They put the fish in the water. They put the vaccine in the water, and then they hit the water with ultrasound. You can read about it HERE.

The use of ultrasound is advised against unless it is medically necessary. The “routine” ultrasound that the majority of women receive in their second trimester is, in the majority of pregnancies, not medically necessary. Yet the majority of women have one. This is another perfect example of Big Pharma, only in this case Big Ultrasound Reps, selling their goods to medical practitioners and hyping the benefits yet not disclosing the risks. 

There are many who have been running around for a long time chasing the elusive gene. What if that “gene” is right under our nose in the form of, altered and damaged cell division? What impact might altered or damaged cell division have on mitochondria? How permeable does this make the baby to toxins in the mother? What happens if say a Rho-gam shot is given to the mother? Or a flu vaccine? Or any vaccine or other environmental insult?

How long does the state of being permeable from ultrasound last? Is ultrasound a ticking time bomb in the sense that it is setting up the stage for chronic illness through altered and damaged cell division that is just waiting for an environmental insult and BOOM! Autism, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, and the list goes on and on…..

Age of Autism Readers… Science will be looking at this theory. Do you have a question you’d like to add after reading this? Please comment.

Angela Warner is a proud Air Force spouse, and proud mom to four children… two have been diagnosed with ASD’s, and two born at home and in water. She is an advocate for children with autism in several different areas.

Angela Warner is a military wife, an advocate for children with autism and runs the blog Autism Salutes.


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I recently just found out my 6 year daughter has Aspergers. She also has been diagnosed with ADHD, Sensory issues, and anxiety. My son just turned 4 and he has a severe speech delay, my daughter does not. I am also seeing the sames signs with him that I saw in my daughter. I have a 9 year old daughter that has no issues what do ever. What I find scary is I had 2 ultrasounds with my 1st who has so issues and I had many with my other 2. I had a brain embolism after my first daughter and they found my blood clots excessively after pregnancy more so than most people. Your blood clots more anyway after pregnancy. I was put on Lovenox (blood thinner) with my last two pregnancies. My OB wanted to make sure my babies were ok so I had weekly ultrasounds and many dopplers done. My gut feeling is in my case that it has something to do the the ultrasounds and dopplers, maybe the Lovenox combined?? It just seems way to coincidental in my case. I'm not saying it's clear cut, too many ultrasounds and Autism and speech delays and ect. In my case that's the only thing that both my kids have in common. I even ate better and took care of myself better with my last two than I did with my first. I found out a lot later that I was pregnant with my first.


This is the first time I heard this theory-
but very interesting- I have a 5 year old son-not autistic and a 3and1/2 year old son who is autistic- My autistic son had ulatrasounds EVERY 6 weeks until birth- he had enlarged kidneys and they said he was overall too big- All said and done, his kidneys are
fine, his weight is fine, but he is not- he
is like I said autistic- I always had a feeling it was something more than genetic-


this is interesting.

jill r

so i am thinking back and i know i had way more ultra sounds with my daughter then with my son. all i can think though is that in the beginning of my pregnancy with my son i had a ultrasound at week 8, 10 and 12 then again at 20 weeks. and with my daughter i had one at week 10, 19 and then a lot towards the end because they thought she had a heart defect. i even had a 2d ultra sound with her. but she so far(cross my fingers) is NT and my son has autism, so its not working out for me. my son got numerous vaccines and my daughter hasn't had any since she was 6 months old and i started doing my research!

Michelle O'Neil

I was a post partum newborn nursery nurse while pregnant with my daughter. I'd had a previous miscarriage and was scared, so I checked her heartbeat on the doppler every day I worked. I've often wondered if that had may have contributed to her autism.

Angela Warner

I'd like to clarify something about this post I wrote, as it seems that many may have mis-interpreted the information it contains.

In no way shape of form am I suggesting that ultrasound is the only causative factor in autism. What I have suggested and put out there for readers is information regarding ultrasound and what it can potentially do in the form of harm to a fetus. Because of the information I cam across and the background I have in midwifery, and having three children who were injured by vaccines - two who have autism; it seems very plausible to me that ultrasound could indeed be a contributing factor. The use of ultrasound became commonplace during the same time period as the explosion of autism, as well as during the time that the vaccine schedule was tripled.

Ultrasound was never studied for safety, and as many folks have shared here, it's quite obvious that there is a large margin of error to be found with it's use and predicted fetal outcomes. Same issues with vaccines.

I am the type of person who looks at the big picture and I do not think it is wise or scientific to rule something out until it has been studied in a manner which Sandy Gottstein proposed (thank you Sandy - excellent), and in a manner that is conflict of intrest free.

I am not saying it is completely causative. I am suggesting the possibility that ultrasound could be a contributing factor given what we know. I think that I asked some very good questions, and I believe for the sake of our children and future children's health, these questions deserve answers.

Just as multiple jabs being administered at one time have never been studied for safety and outcomes; neither have the safety and long term outcomes of ultrasound.

Autism is a one or all, every child is different. Each child is unique and has a unique tipping point. I hope this helps clarify what I have seen as a possible misunderstanding by some on what I meant to convey in my post.

we shall overcome

I don't agree with ultrasounds causing autism, at least I don't agree about them being the main reason behind the epidemic. Doctors in the US certainly abuse them to "maximize their profits" and no abuse is ever good. They should never use ultrasounds when they are not needed, but they always do repeats "just to make sure" and to cash an extra check. However, in Europe OB-GYNs routinely perform monthly ultrasounds during pregnancy and weekly ultrasounds on the last few weeks (more than 9 ultrasounds per pregnancy, then). Even with this much heavier use of ultrasound, autism rates in Europe are much lower than in the US.

What they never do in Europe is to inject several vaccines simultaneously, it's always one at a time, and the vaccination schedule is lighter than in the US. Although autism rates in Europe are also increasing, they are way lower than the rates in the US.

When I say Europe I'm referring to Spain and I am familiar about their practices from friends and family who live there. Health practices in Spain follow directives from the European Union, so they should be similar to those in most other Western European countries.



My autistic daughter was a planned homebirth with a midwife. I had one scan when I was around nine weeks pregnant with her and that was it.

I'm a midwife kind of gal myself, my only hospital baby was my firstborn and it was an all natural CNM delivery and the rest were born at home. Yet I have an autistic child anyway, for some reason.

Sandy Gottstein

This is a very interesting theory.

In my opinion, here are the minimal suggested control/study groups, comparing the amount of autism in each:
1) Never vaccinated, no ultrasounds
2) Never vaccinated, ultrasounds (break down into numbers of ultrasounds?)
3) Vaccinated with thimerosal containing vaccines (preferably knowing the exact exposure), no ultrasounds
4) Vaccinated with thimerosal containing vaccines (ditto on knowing exact exposure), ultrasounds (ditto on numbers)
5) Vaccinated, but NO thimerosal (hard to tell amounts), no ultrasounds
6) Vaccinated, but NO thimerosal (ditto on hard to tell amounts), ultrasounds (ditto on numbers)

Another study could measure mercury loads, ultrasound exposure and autism rates.

Of course, these are the kinds of studies that should have continuously been conducted, i.e., ever since vaccines were first introduced.

All the best,
Sandy Gottstein


Well, Col, you just made my day! We're here to help families learn and most of all, to help the kids. And we know our kids are treatable - there's always progress to be made. Will we all get "recovery?" Nope. But every skill we can impart to our kids, every bit of better behavior that makes them more socially acceptable, ever good night's sleep we help them get, it all improves their lives.

Welcome to A of A. Congrats on your little one.



i learn SO much here, and thank you all so very much... as a new 1st time mom i can tell you that all of your stories & your research have impacted our lives immensely... his future is so bright and i have a lot of thanks to give for that, and i feel it's no small coincidence... i found you & generation rescue (and so many more of your blogs that i faithfully read), before he was 3 months old... we're selective, completely supportive & thankful to you all.


This is something I have wondered about because I'm an Ultrasonographer. I did a lot of peaking during both of my pregnancies. Son with ASD and daughter with a light dusting of everything.


This is the cause my pediatrician is the most concerned with. I had at least 8 with all three of my kids. Since I had many miscarriages, they did an ultrasound weekly from week 6 - 12 and then more after that. I even acted as an ultrasound model at Phillips with my second so I could do the 3-D one. I feel sick to my stomach.


Okay, increased skin permeability from ultrasound plus thimerosal from maternal flu shots or other sources of mercury and toxins floating around in the amniotic fluid... sure. Does it also cause increased permeability of the cerebral-vascular barrier or BBB? Does it do so many times more lethally for boys?

What are the rates of autism in Germany and what, if any, levels of thimerosal/aluminum/whatever are in their vaccines?

Cindy Lozano

It's more like $300 per minute! ;)

Kelli Ann Davis

"I agree with the comment. I have three children, my first had 1 ultrasound, where by the way I was told he was going to be a dwarf- he is perfect by the way- and tall:)"

I was going to share this earlier but passed until I saw the above comment from Jennifer:

Janna, my second child, was also exposed to multiple ultrasounds during my last trimester because *drum roll please* they also suspected she may be a dwarf (based on the measurement of her limbs) and therefore used *this diagnosis* as the basis for the continued ultrasounds.

Now, last I checked, aren't the odds pretty low for having a child with dwarfism??

Hmmmm....something smells a bit fishy to me.

By the way, Janna is *tall and slender* and is in a self-contained academically GIFTED classroom! (The child was doing square roots at 6 and was reading the parent newsletter in Pre-K. My dad told me she'd read him the sheet from the back seat while they were driving home.)


I don't know.. I just don't know.. I suspect this may or may not be one of the many many many many contributing factors to that "toxic tipping point". So many factors and things have been suggested as a potential contributing factor to the development of autism.

Funny thing is that my NT younger child was exposed or subjected to many of those potentially contributing factors (minus the vaccine piece), while my older son with ASD was not exposed (or was exposed to a much lesser extent). Specifically, my little NT one is the one that had more cell phone exposure, more ultrasound exposure, more environmental toxin exposure, more maternal vaccine exposure, more dietary toxin exposure (as I was soo stressed out from trying to figure out what the heck was happening to his older brother that watching my diet was the last thing on my mind). And interestingly enough, my little guy's inherit genomic 'ticking time bombs' are more severe than his big brother's too. So why is he NT, while his big brother has ASD? I have no clue .. (well, let me rephrase that.. I know why my little guy is NT, it's because I implemented biomed type interventions for him when he was not even a year old; I am convinced that these biomed interventions have saved him from developing "autism")

That being said, any and all contributing factors should be investigated.


Yes, ultrasound could be part of the issue with some children, but surely countries where most women receive on average 8 ultrasounds would see some sort of huge difference.

The only reason German women get so many is because insurance doesn't work the same way here. When I asked my doctor why so many she said she likes to see what's going on and that it's normal here.

When I didn't feel the baby move for a couple days I went into the emergency room on a Sunday and they did an ultrasound really quickly. I was in and out in 45 minutes. When I got the bill it was 30 dollars or so. I don't think that would happen in America. What would that cost? 300 dollars? How long would I be in the waiting room? 4 hours?

I guess I didn't question it because my doctor gave me such good flu shots whatsoever, etc etc etc. My baby's doctors don't push any shots on us's just different here. It seems like they would have noticed if ultrasounds were causing so much damage since they do so many.


I agree with the comment. I have three children, my first had 1 ultrasound, where by the way I was told he was going to be a dwarf- he is perfect by the way- and tall:)
But of course they wanted me to have a level 2 ultrasound, but my husband who is a chiropractor- said no way. We have known of ultrasound issues for years, they have linked ear infections to ultrasound overuse(read about this). My 2nd and third have had no ultrasounds. I think this is another example of Big Pharma- we need to take control of our children's health and make the right choices for them, not allowing others to choose for them. I was born to a mom that had no ultrasounds, no problems. The medical community thinks we have forgotten how to give birth, how to know if you are in labor, how to parent a child, I can go on and on........

Deb in IL

Could this be another possible component? I believe so, and part of the cummulative effects of our modern lifestyle has on the outcome of our bodies.

Perhaps more of us shoulder consider the Amish way of life and use modern way for emergencies only.

Now, if only I could convince my husband....

Angela Warner

Awww Jeanne... I love ya too!

One of the things I also uncovered while looking at all of this is that ultrasound damages the myelin sheath. Sound familiar?

Every child has a tipping point. I think there are many issues that need ot be looked at. I think we need to be looking at ultrasound as a potential set-up based on what we know right now. And the use of a doppler included.

What Dove mentioned in one of the comments is how many scans she had with her daughter. My question would then be - how many vaccines has her daughter had if any and how many contained thimerosal? And then comes to mind the estrogen versus testosterone...

Just as in the vaccine schedule, none of this is a one size fits all. What is the tipping point for one is not for another.

What I would like to see looked at is the ultrasound rate of the many children whose parents think or know they had autism from birth? And did they vaccinate and did the insult from vaccination potentially make it worse?

As you said Jeanne... soooo many questions.


Thanks, Angela. Another homebirther here...had all 3 of my babies at home with a midwife. I did alternate seeing an M.D. every other prenatal appt for the first 2 (to ensure I was getting the "best" care), but declined on the third. I found my midwife to have far more time and patience to answer all of my questions. The doctor was upset if I came in with my list of questions. My midwife was far more in alignment with my husband and I...that pregancy and childbirth are a natural process, not a disease and that's how we wanted to go about this...we said no to some of the testing, etc that the doctor suggested, even though he used the scare tactics on us (sound familiar?)...including the ultrasound...we felt unsure about it's side effects. We had great success with all 3... we received excellent care. No monitoring equipment hooked onto me but a real live expert midwife monitoring me, never leaving my side the entire labors. My Mom, a registered RN for over 40 years was present at each birth and she never felt it was unsafe, before seeing it with her own eyes she couldn't imagine how well a home birth worked.
During the pregnancies, if someone openly disagreed with our decision to use a midwife and felt we were putting our baby's life at risk, I responded that having a baby at a hospital does not ensure a risk-free delivery and that I've read the studies that conclude using a midwife is just as safe as a hospital birth...with fewer complications. Obviously you need to birth where your comfort lies and where you feel you will get the best care, and most people that homebirth do a LOT of their own research on the entire process.

Well, I guess my point to this is, after realizing how we didn't agree with doctors on some things during pregnancies, that tone continued the couple of times we went in for a pediatrician visit. It just does not sit right with us, 5 shots (6?..what is it up to now?) at one time for a little baby? No thanks.


I wonder how this would explain why boys are more commonly afflicted?



My question is this: What about countries where ultrasounds are used ALL the time? I live in Germany and most women are given ultrasounds almost every month--a quick scan to see if everything measures up. Everyone has at least 3-4 and it's more common to have 7-8. Plus if you have any problems or issues they just take a quick look. It's just how lots of doctors do it here. I don't think it has anything to do with ultrasound salespeople.

With my daughter I had something like 10 ultrasounds. She doesn't have any problems at the moment (she is 1.5). She was born weighing 9 pounds, totally healthy.

So I wonder if there are more problems in Europe or other countries where women have more scans? I think monthy or bimonthy scans are common in other countries here too.


Pure brilliance! And I'm not just saying this 'cause I love ya! ;-)

I wonder how many of our children with autism were NOT exposed to ultra sound. Is ultra sound used in the Amish community? I doubt it. What is the autism rate in countries where ultra sound is not used compared to our country?

So many questions.

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