Olmsted on Autism: Tell It To Bernadine Healy
NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney Questions Vaccine Reactions in Military

A-Champ Advocates Nationally for Autism Issues

Achamp_2We rarely ask our community for help, but we need your help now. ACHAMP has launched a fundraising effort in conjunction with Autism United to support our highly effective online advocacy efforts. Your donation to the ACHAMP team participating in Autism United's Hope Walk '08 will go directly to defray the cost of our online advocacy efforts, and it will be 100% tax-deductible.

We are all volunteers and we have a tiny budget, none-the-less this is just some of what we accomplished and worked on in the last year alone:

1) We were the only Autism group able to get autism and vaccine
safety questionnaires answered by most of the presidential
candidates. We are working to get more in depth commitments from the
remaining two major party candidates.

2) We are fighting to pass the `Kid-Safe Chemical Act" in
Washington DC.

3) We fought threaten mass arrests in Maryland of parents of
children who did not have mandated vaccines.

4) We fought threatened mass expulsions of school children in
New York who did not have all mandated vaccines.

5) We fought for passage of Rep. Maloney's H.R. 2832 to study
Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Populations

6) We got a philosophical exemption to vaccine mandates bill
introduced in the New York legislature which we hope to pass this

7) We took a key role in fighting to stop the FDA from
regulating, and putting out of business, compounding pharmacies

8) We played an integral role in publicizing the Hannah Poling
story to make sure it didn't disappear off the radar screens. Our
efforts resulted in a live press conference on CNN, front page
coverage around the globe, and made sure that everybody knows that
the federal government is paying damages to a child who developed
autism as a result of a vaccine injury.

9) We led the fight for autism insurance reform in New York,
West Virginia, Oklahoma. And supported efforts in Pennsylvania and

10) We led the fight and stopped every new vaccine bill proposed
in New York.

11) We fought for thimerosal-free vaccines in Congress and
legislatures in New Hampshire, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey and North

12) We fought for legislation to get heavy metals out of
products in Washington State.

13) We fought against mandatory HPV shots across the country.
We are fighting to stop County imposed vaccine requirements,
in addition to state mandates, in Pennsylvania.

14) We fought slurs against people with autism and lies about
people with autism and their families broadcasted by the Big Brother
program on CBS and The Michael Savage Show which resulted in the
programs losing dozens of advertisers.

You may or may not be familiar with Capwiz, our online email system we use to barrage elected officials with messages from our community. It is a key tool we use to both alert
you about what is going on, and to communicate with decisionmakers. It is highly effective, but it is also expensive: $12,000 per year. Yet we have always made Capwiz available free-of-charge to any group who shares our values and needs help fighting for our community.

If you support ACHAMP we need you to make an online donation at our web page: http://www.firstgiving.com/a-champ. You can even set up your own fundraising page to encourage others to participate. And everyone is invited to the Hope Walk which will be held September 28 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, New York. Registration starts
at 9 the walk starts at 11, rain or shine. Take exit 38 off the Southern State Parkway.

Last year ACHAMP joined with other advocacy groups and service providers in New York to form Autism United (www.autismunited.org), a coalition created to strengthen the individual advocacy efforts of the group. The Hope Walk is Autism United's key fundraising event
for the year, and funds raised by ACHAMP teams will be used to pay for Capwiz.

One advantage that ACHAMP has is that we are a 501c4 organization, which means we can devote all of our effort to lobbying for political change, that's also a problem for us because contributions to ACHAMP are not tax deductible. Contributions through the ACHAMP
team are 100% tax deductible. Your tax deductible contribution will assure that this vital tool remains ready and available for our community.

ACHAMP is active in all 50 states, and fighting for us in Washington, DC as well. And we will continue to speak out, and fight, and speak truth to power as long as we can.

So please help us continue this vital work; Please make a tax-deductible contribution at www.firstgiving.com/a-champ

Donations can also be mailed to:

Autism United
100 West Nicholai
Hicksville, NY 11801

Make checks payable to "Autism United-ACHAMP team"

Thank you.

The ACHAMP Board of Directors
Jamie Bailey
Anne Dachel
John Gilmore
Heather King
Robert Krakow
Bobbie Manning
Wayne Rohde
Mary Webster


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friend of children

Maria- I suggest finding a DAN doctor who will write a medical exemption. Ideally someone in NY- perhaps Dr. Ken Bock, author of "Healing the new childhood epidemics" or go to the list of doctors here: http://www.autismwebsite.com/practitioners/us_lc.htm . You really don't need a comprehensive evaluation, just tell them exactly what you need when you make an appt. You are doing the right thing, hold your ground.

Maurine meleck

what state do you live in? that is outrageous and you have your rights and your rreligious freedoms. You need to fight this. Do you have an attorney you could contact???????????
you can contact me privately if you wish


Thank you Age of Autism for bring this to the attention of your readers! This is an organization that we need to support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I tried to access the A-Champ "contact us" icon but it was disabled. I am posting here in hopes someone can help me. I have a 6th grader who attends Catholic school on Long Island. They are mandating a Tdap booster. They won't accept a titer test. Dr. Boris told us this is a hard one to avoid. The school won't accept the religious wavier. I asked for a letter from our pediatrician stating that it was too risky to expose him because of his brother with autism. She said no. This kid has not had a shot since he was 5 and will never have one again. Can anyone offer a suggestion on what I should do? Thx!!


#8 looks odd - did it get chopped?

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