Stunning New Link Between Vaccines and Autism Rates
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Stealth Viruses - The Secret Face of Autism?

African_green_moneyBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

In November of 1995, Dr. W. John Martin, chief of the Immunology/Molecular Pathology Unit at the Los Angeles County Medical Center, as well as a Professor of Pathology at the University of Southern California,  presented findings to the Institute of Medicine suggesting that the polio vaccine had been contaminated with simian cytomegalovirus from African Green Monkeys.  (The polio vaccine was cultured in kidney tissue from African Green Monkeys.)

Dr. Martin was concerned because his research suggested that the virus was spreading from infected individuals and causing a wide range of neurological problems. Yet the virus was not activating any of the typical inflammatory markers, thus causing medical practitioners to miss the problem.  He referred to this virus as a “stealth adapted virus” because of its ability to evade the body’s immune responses.

According to Dr. Martin, his unsolicited proposals to the FDA and CDC to test polio vaccine lots for the simian cytomegalovirus were so threatening to the medical establishment that his laboratory at USC was closed and his research funding confiscated.  Despite the great toll this research had taken on his professional life, Dr. Martin continued to pursue these stealth adapted viruses.

Using his own personal support, Dr. Martin was able to identify the presence of a stealth adapted virus in the brain biopsy of a child with neurological problems, who later died.  An account of this can be found in the article “Complex Intracellular Inclusions in the Brain of a Child with a Stealth Virus Encephalopathy” and is available online at   

Looking at the samples from this child under a high-powered electron microscope, one thing which was immediately apparent was that these stealth viruses were damaging the mitochondria, the body’s powerhouse for cellular energy.

Dr. Martin first became interested in autism as a result of treating women with chronic fatigue syndrome.  He noted that some of these mothers had children with autism.  Could an infectious agent be passed from mother to child?  Dr. Martin was led further along this path by the reported observation of abnormal head growth during the first year of life in children who were subsequently diagnosed with autism, as well as abnormal neuropeptide levels from cord blood. 

It was apparent to Dr. Martin that these children were entering the world with significant challenges, which may have been exacerbated by their vaccines or other environmental exposures.

Early in his research Dr. Martin worked with Zaki Saluhuddin, a co-discoverer of the HHV-6 virus. They realized that stealth adaptation could potentially occur with all types of human and animal viruses, but that the use of vaccines had likely greatly increased the prevalence of infections caused by such viruses.  Dr. Martin published a study along with Dr. Tom Glass showing that patient-derived stealth-adapted viruses caused severe neurological disease when inoculated into animals, without any accompanying inflammatory reaction, the accepted hallmark of an infectious disease. 

Based on numerous virus cultures, and confirmed by Zaki Salahuddin, direct evidence for a stealth adapted virus infection was seen in the vast majority of patients with autism. A research article describing this finding was published in 1995. In his opinion “an autistic or severely learning disabled child should be considered as being stealth virus infected unless a negative culture shows otherwise.”

Martin believes that these stealth viruses strike at the mitochondria, causing the severe damage of autism and other neurological problems. The mitochondria insufficiency renders the child susceptible to environmental challenges that can place further demands on the body’s energy needs. Unfortunately, the immune system is relatively powerless to deal with stealth adapted viruses.

However, the body can potentially respond through what Dr. Martin calls the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Martin believes that in addition to food metabolism via the mitochondria, the body has another means of acquiring cellular energy that is somewhat similar to photosynthesis. He compares the ACE pathway to an electrical system of batteries, switches, and currents.

With the help of Mr. BJ McKelvie, Dr. Martin is supporting a transparent double-blind investigational research study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a non-drug approach to activate the body’s ACE pathway. Parents participating in the study are openly reporting on their findings and many are seeing quite remarkable improvements. 

The therapy is performed in a child’s home, and consists of putting a dye activated ACE-like material on a thin paper towel placed upon a plastic sheet laid onto the child’s skin. The material is illuminated for 30-60 minutes with an ultraviolet light.  The procedure can be repeated over several days, with many improvements being noted even after the first treatment. The cost for those who can afford to pay for the study is $350, and includes the materials, including the light, training video and compilation of results. Tax deductible donations are being sought for those who cannot afford the present cost.

Parents are required to fill out very detailed weekly journals on their child’s progress and to provide summaries, which can be read in their entirety at  Parents are claiming that among the documented results are markedly improved social interactions with far better eye contact, verbal speech, reading ability, attention span, and in one patient, the control of previously uncontrollable seizures, allowing for the discontinuation of seizure medication.

Dr. Martin is confident that, although still investigational, this therapy promises a low cost and effective approach to treating children with autism.   Jump starting the ACE pathway can help suppress the underlying viral infection, allowing normal mitochondrial function to resume, along with normal development.  He is aware of reported recoveries of children from changes in diet, chelation, hyperbaric chambers, etc., but feels that these methods only rarely achieve the levels of recovery occurring with direct stimulation of the ACE pathway.

For further information on this approach you can visit and

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor for Age of Autism.


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Cherie Autism ~ Mom

I am retracting my original statement that this study is good. I am now of the opposite opinion as my child SERIOUSLY regressed from an expired product. There are several children who have had serious to mild reactions from the expired and new products being offered and endorsed through this study. These children have been ignored by Dr. W. John Martin and he made it quite clear during a recorded conference call on Nov, 23, 2008 that he was not committed to these children and would only provide one charge to their system and that is it. No other product can be obtained. I would also strongly suggest that people beware of BJ McKelvie as he has maliciously slandered me and others all over the ACE Pathways website and through emails and telephone calls which are all blatant lies.

This is not different than offering one treatment of chemotherapy, then shoving a cancer patient out the door and telling them they are on their own.

I was a study monitor and I was told in writing, on the site and from Dr. W. John Martin & BJ McKelvie that this study was approved by Health Canada and the FDA. I have NOT been able to find anything to support this and would strongly advise that anyone looking at the study use extreme caution before proceeding.

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom

Hi Interested...

Feel free to visit the website for more information I am not sure about pre teen aspergers cases. My son is 5 and we have various children of different ages in the study. There is a young girl on the page named "Neathery" and her mother is Shari.

Neathery has done very well and is a young pre teen or early teen. Feel free to email mail me if you wish to speak further with this mom. I can ask her to email you.

Email me at:


Does anyone have any experience using this treatment for a pre-teen with Asperger's? I'm quite convinced there is an HHV-6 connection with my son's ASD.

It seems that sometimes it can be more difficult to observe noticable changes with verbal and academically non-struggling children when doing various therapies. I'm interested in others' observations after the treatment with such things as reduction/elimination of eczema, OCD-ish type improvements, better able to stay organized, more capable of handling stressful situations, improvements with sensory challenges, and more ease with social interactions overall.

Anyone have an older child with Asperger's who has done this treatment and would care to share their experience?

Much thanks,

(Very) Interested

Gabe's Gramma

I recently visited my Grandson Gabe, I was worried that he might not remember his Gramma, (because they moved an hour away) boy was I wrong! He was so happy to see me, and so loveable. He used to only give his Mommy kisses, but now he gives them to me. I noticed quite a change in him. He makes more eye contact then ever. Jade sang "Old MacDonald Had a farm" to him, and when it got to the part(eieio) he said it right on cue. He really checks things out when were shopping. Before he was just in his own world. He's actually saying words that I can understand now. I am so glad that Jade and Mike are working so hard with this study. I truly believe it is helping him, and I'm excited to see how much more he improves with it. Keep up the good work Jade and Mike.

Sara Iverson

I my self have a child that has been to said to be austistic. I feel that what these doctors are doing is great. I want to have my son be as close to average as he can be like his sibblings. please keep up the good work and keep trying.

G. Robert

"I would ask that you simply leave this issue alone and not respond any further."
--> Calling in the troops, are you?

"I urge all participant’s not to respond any longer. Let’s maintain our dignity –"
--> Sorry, it's a little late for that.

"There are now 288 people who disagree with Grace and her/his followers."
--> Disagree with her on what exactly? Back up your statement. I dare you. You are completely delusional - and anyone with half a brain reading through these comments can see that, plain as day.

"Grace as this person claims to call themselves –"
--> A strategy you are quite familiar with. Isn't that right BJ and Cherie? Oops, I mean "Innocent Bystander" and "Leon Griffith". Do you actually think the readers aren't observant enough to recognize your writing style?

--> Based solely on the people involved with spearheading this study, I call it a SHAM.

Sam Walden

I would certainly say that Mr. McKelvie has proved his point beyond the shadow of a doubt.


"Grace and others here seem to have no interest in our children."

And yet another unwarranted slam from the generous Reverend (at least that's what "Rev." is usually understood to be, Mr. McKelvie) - Thank you for sharing with me!

Frankly, I would prefer to be a recipient of your virtual charity than your financial charity. I have been so impressed & encouraged at all of the compassion & concern - and interest - that you enthusiasts have shown for me, my situation & my children - how could I possibly continue to think negative things about you, let alone think those things that I have never actually thought in the first place...

I am amazed that you all have no time to skim thru what has actually been posted by others here or explain the fundamental information that you have learned about this theory & study, but you have plenty of time to run around pogo-posting & indulging in these creative writing efforts & criticizing a parent you know less than nothing about (that would be what happens when you have been given some info, disregard it, and start making up your own).

Now, I can go to ARI & DAN! and find tons of info on multiple theories, studies, etc, without a whole lot of effort as I sit here supervising my children's schoolwork. And one might think that Dr. Martin would find it more efficient to just make something the equivalent of a FAQ page than hanging out on the phone to answer each & every parent who wants more info, but the norm is an unreasonable thing here apparently.

Yes, feel free to move along, please. Hopefully, eventually, we'll find someone willing to shed light rather than heat...

Rev. BJ McKelvie

I would like to extend this to all participants in the study. Arguing the point here has become fruitless. I along with you so want to defend the accomplishments our children have made. I would ask that you simply leave this issue alone and not respond any further. It is evident to anyone that nothing you say and the hours we take away from our children arguing with these people will change their minds. It has been unfounded rebuttal after rebuttal with no true meaning or compassion. I for one will not defend myself against such foolishness any longer. I have gone from being called BJ to having my name reduced and mocked as “reverend”. This is a title that I hold dear to and worked hard for to even have that attacked. Our family members have been attacked and belittled and these people have tried to make a mockery of the study. It will not happen; our resolve will not be shaken because when you look at your child you seem to forget this foolish thread. People following this thread have seen what it has become and the lunacy of the arguments. Grace as this person claims to call themselves is out for a professional argument and it is obvious that her/his intentions are never to read or research the data. Please I urge everyone involved with the study to let these people move on to their next target. It is no longer a pursuit of information on their part and that is obvious. I do know that this will be proven by a stiff response by Grace and the few others so just keep watching. I have come to expect this and find it rather amusing now. Once again Grace, we go to Doctors to ask questions and hope they can find answers. John Martin is a Medical Doctor with incredible credentials. I would like to be confused as to why we would ask anyone other than a Doctor about medical issues but how can I, it is what we do. For full directions you go to the creator of something to discover how it truly works. I do know that the critics will spend time and energy to respond to this post in a most argumentative manner. I fail to see what can be argued about this but I am sure you will all see. To all, let's please focus on the children. Grace and others here seem to have no interest in our children. I would invite Grace once again to call the Doctor involved or myself. It has yet to happen. Grace or whoever you claim to be, when we get sick we go to Doctors not construction workers. As for having any other scientist or doctor call, interview or look at Rylie, I will gladly do so to prove a point. We are just about to have Rylie reassessed by a Peds team and I am excited for the results. You can’t argue what we have seen. This is a biomedical treatment that is now evidence based and the results come in daily. I must confess that this ongoing thread has driven registrations through the roof. There are now 288 people who disagree with Grace and her/his followers. It works…and nothing you can say will prove otherwise. I urge all participant’s not to respond any longer. Let’s maintain our dignity and enjoy our children.

Jade ~Autism Mom

So Grace, you don't have time to research and "track-down" info about that book for people, but you happen to have time to go back and scan 57+ entries on here for the questions for Cherie to answer? Hmmmm.....interesting.
I have a strange feeling that you and a few others posting on this site are affiliated in some way and are just trying to cling to anything you can to turn people against us. You claim to be a victim in everything you say or try to point out about this study. We are not horrible people and we are not here to argue with you about silly, petty things. We are here to HELP parents of children with autism and give them information about this study. Which is the whole point of this article. Even the editor of this article is now registering for this study and has written a new article explaining his thoughts about this forum.
If you aren't interested in participating then that's fine, but don't try to get other parents to jump on your bandwagon against us for doing something different and new. We have all told you that we researched this before signing up our children. We did.
I suggest you do the is the website to get some information to answer your apparently "unanswered questions"... . * Watch the video on Stealth Adapted Viruses by Dr. Martin himself. It literally explains EVERYTHING you are asking us. It will take you 30 minutes of your time to watch and you won't have to keep asking us the same questions over and over.

Rachel Parcher

I agree with innocent bystander.... enough with the bickering and rightiousness on both sides.

When I first heard about this study I went to the site and watched the videos and read the info and decided for myself that this was something that interested me and I wanted to try for my child. I told myself if it is half as good as they claim it will be worth it and the side effects are minimal and I do not have to drug my child, give him needles etc. So we went for it and have noticed many positive results.

Just to see my son smile on his own wihout being tickled is amazing. This is not a miracle treatment but I personally feel what we have gained so far was worth the risk in the end. But this is a conclusion each parent has to come to on their own if they think this is right for their child.

Anyway I hope people start to drop this hostility towards each other.... from both sides as it will just keep gong back and forth and more and more people will be offended, turned off and discouraged.

I believe both sides have fault in the arguing and trying to cover your butt afterwards and appear innocent is lame.

In the end we all have the right to our opinion.... it's called freedom of speech. sometimes it's beter not to scatch that nagging itch but to apply some ointment instead.....

just my opinion......

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom


If you have enough time to respond to all of these posts, then you have a lot of time to read Dr. Martins research.


Jade, all I can guess is that you guys must be hopping forums or something. At least I am trying to find a way to rationalize these irrational posts reacting to things that have not actually been said (& somehow missing that which actually has been said).

You all keep dropping in to accuse people of stuff that is simply not happening over here in our little corner of the net. The worst thing I have said to "Aunt Doris" is that she should (1) actually read the posts here so that she knows who has actually said what & (2) she needs to support her accusations of insults with some facts.

I am not singling her out or insulting her - those are my general recommendations for your whole feisty little crew since I now have you claiming that I said "that since she doesn't personally have a child with autism that she doesn't "know" anything about them." Let me assure you that I never said any such thing - not even in a parallel universe - so either put up or hush up with that nonsense already.

Further case in point - Cherie, in attempting to answer some questions, states that this is the first she has seen of the questions I posed. Cherie, I went back thru all these comments here to get them - you have only to go back to the beginning & scan. It did not take any significant length of time to do.

I also did not ask anyone to provide us with a detailed thesis or defend a doctoral dissertation (or explain how to perform heart surgery). Some of us are simply trying to get a basic understanding of the hypothesis that Dr. Martin is working from. Surely you would not subject your children to any treatment without having at least a fundamental understanding of its purpose & what is being used on them *first*?

I appreciate that you at least made an effort to provide some info, so I am not going to comment on your answers other than to thank you for your attempt, though I would suggest that you might want to learn a little more about ARI & DAN! (Like the person who recommended "Children with Starving Brains" or Dr. Jepson's new book - copies of these are available at many public libraries) because your responses regarding those organizations indicate some misunderstandings about their efforts.

Hopefully, Dan Olmsted will be able to follow up on this article and provide a little more concrete info for those of us who are interested in getting some details, but don't have time to chase it all down, parse the research, & perform the interviews ourselves.

Jade ~Autism Mom

Also Grace,

I just saw that Cherie helped you to answer the "questions" that no one has answered for you this whole time. I'd like to mention that we have all in some way answered every one of those questions that you mentioned, except for the one about why boys are more affected than girls. That would be something you should talk to a medical professional about, like Dr. Martin.
My thoughts on that is that girls with autism are found to be misdiagnosed a lot due to the fact that they have less signs of autism than boys show. The language is usually more developed in most girls with autism than boys. I know at least 3 girls who show signs of autism but are not dx because their doctor rules it out since they have language development at an early age. Girls talk a lot more than boys in general so that could be a reason why it shows more in boys.
Just my thoughts on that question and like I said, I am not a medical professional and cannot answer some of the questions being asked by us parents in this study. This was an example of a great question that was asked, but unfair to ask a parent in this study and expect an educated answer from us. Like Cherie said, it's like asking a nurse how to perform open heart surgery.

Jade ~Autism Mom


I'm going to make one thing clear here for you. My "Aunt Doris" is posting on here for ONE reason, because I asked her to. She is in no way mis-informed about anything and she has been %100 committed to Gabe, my autistic child, since the day he was born. She was just visiting him , if you had bothered to read her first post you would know this, at our house a few weeks ago and experienced the changes in him first hand since starting this treatment. I am personally offended that you would tell her that since she doesn't personally have a child with autism that she doesn't "know" anything about them. How wrong you actually are with that statement and I'm sure that a lot of grandparents who read that are completely offended as well. They baby sit, help raise and support, and love our autistic babies just as much as we do! I asked her and my mother to comment on here about what they have seen since Gabe has began treatment just to HELP other parents who might want to hear from others who aren't directly connected to this study like I am. Sorry if you have other views on that. I find it odd that you are so worried about my aunt commenting on this study and not knowing anything about autism, but soaked in everything BJ's relative (who is Riley's AUNT) and didn't tell her that she knew nothing about autism???
As for what you said about my Aunt just "jumping in" without reading the rest of the comments, I think you should take your OWN ADVICE on that and do the clearly missed the whole point of this article in the first place. It was to HELP parents and give information about a new autism study. Period.

As for all of us parents not answering the tough medical questions that are being thrown at us, why would we know some of those things we are not medical professionals, we are parents. The parents who are REALLY interested in participating in this study need to go to the website and watch the video by Dr. MArtin that explains ALL of his research about stealth adapted viruses and this treatment, read the research he has posted on the site, or look under contacts and call myself, Cherie, B.J., or Dr. MArtin himself. Our numbers are listed under contact us. That is what I did when I stumbled upon this study. I read and watched everything I could on the website so that I had as much knowledge as possible about this study, I googled Dr. Martin and B.J. to see what I could find on them, and then I called B.J. to ask him about the details of this. After talking to him about his own personal experience with Riley I was convinced that $350 was worth a shot for us to try if it made Gabe half as better as it has Riley. I'm not saying that everyone should throw $350 around like that, but that is what worked for our family. That is what we agreed to do for our son and I asked everyone in my family to read the website for the study and do their own research on it and let me know what they thought about it. Every person who checked it out said that $350 was worth it if we got the results that the other kids on there were getting.

WE HAVE. I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but my son is getting better. He has gained 10 new words where before treatment he was non-verbal. He is sitting and attending activities at school with other kids in class. His teachers, therapists, and doctors are noting improvements and asking how we have made so much progress in a few short weeks.

I am a mom, like any of you, who is a skeptic until convinced otherwise and I am convinced that this is WORKING FOR US. The parents in this study have been perceived and accused of being a "cult" following B.J and Dr. Martin. That's fine, believe what you want I still sleep at night either way, but I can assure you that is not the case. I barely talk to B.J. or Dr. Martin because they are so busy trying to help other people with this study. We live in totally different parts of the US and Canada.

Grace, Did it even occur to you that BJ told you that he would still, even after the mean things that have been said about him and this study, send you a kit at HIS EXPENSE if you could not afford one after all of this?? I'm paying for mine STILL in payments each month, because we wanted to try it but couldn't come up with all the money at once. They don't care about the money. Me paying for my kit is helping another parent who can't afford it at all, get one. I don't know why you feel the need to post things on this site and others about us like you know us personally and we are horrible people.

I don't care what you think of me, but don't slam my family members like they don't have just as much of a right to be on here as YOU do. They, unlike you, are trying to put information out there to help parents who are truly interested in trying this study for their child. All you are doing is making it a shouting match between people.

There are not two sides here and you don't have to "choose" a side to this. It is meant to be a forum to leave your thoughts on this study and check out the website to gain information if you are interested in joining. The parnts of this study thought it might be nice for people who read this article to see how much progress our kids are making so far by reading OUR own personal thoughts and stories. That is why we all got on here and posted our thoughts. It wasn't to try to "hypnotize" people to think that every is miraculously "cured" after this study. No one's child has been "cured". It is however, helping to bring my sweet precious baby boy out of his autism world and in to OUR WORLD finally!!

SO to those parents who may want more information to join this study and don't want to risk getting attacked on here from people not involved, please feel free to contact myself,, or and we would be more than happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have. Have a wonderful day! :)

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom


An answer to your questions...

~Why is Dr. Martin the only one researching this after almost a decade?

Dr. Martin is not the only doctor researching stealth adapted viruses. If you look at some of the articles and publishing's surrounding Dr. Martin, you will also find at the end of his papers, the doctors involved with the study and research behind stealth adapted viruses.

I could list them, but that would not help you to educate yourself. By allowing you to read his papers, allows you to read the names of those involved. Happy reading!

(ARI & DAN! have been pretty open to at least looking at all credible theories - has Dr. Martin talked to anyone from these or other autism organizations?

Dr. Martin has spoken with several organization and autism groups and has in most cases walked away after seeing them ask their patients for insane amounts of money. He is not looking to profit, but rather to treat. The small $350 fee is a true reflection of this. Some see this as expensive; however, what can you get for therapy for $350 that actual works right away??? Also I have seen the invoices. You literally pay cost and that is it. No profit is being made but I can supply you with the bills that it is costing many of us to educate, info and help others along in the study.

The second half is that DAN is a biomedical approach where drugs and chelation are administered to the body. This procedure is non invasive. So the two are not on the same playing field.

ARI... again ask Dr. Martin.

Who has he sought funding from?)

You need to ask Dr. Martin this personally. I do know he is very specific about not allowing others to profit from this. He is also not allowing others to throw huge sums of money into this; therefore, controlling the study and how and who can be treated.

The money to support the families of the children who cannot afford the fees to date have been paid for solely by Dr. Martin & BJ McKelvie. Both men have endured great financial hardship from this.

~Is there any independent verification of Dr. Martin's ACE pathway theory?

Yes, the evidence being presented by those in the study.

Also there are various scientists who have tested for stealth adapted viruses and have proven they exist. Trust me, this information is coming soon, but again you can see those who are listed at the end of his notes.

Have other doctors and scientists tested for stealth adapted viruses?

Yes. They have defiantly been researched and continue to be proven. If you need more specifics, please contact Dr. Martin. Also Dr. Martin can also tell your doctor how to culture for stealth adapted viruses.

~How does Dr. Martin's theory address the fact that autism predominantly affects males?

Honestly... ask Dr. Martin... you are asking me questions that only he can answer. Why haven't you contacted him?

~What is the point of the luminescent dye being applied to plastic on the skin - what is it supposed to be affecting or accomplishing?

Again, contact Dr. Martin. It is quite silly for you to ask me to defend his theories and research. Does it make sense to ask a nurse how to do heart surgery? No, you need ask the expert... again please allow me to redirect you to Dr. Martin.

But from my observations... we are charging the immune system through ACE pigments found in the body. The poly film sheet is a barrier between the skin and the neutral red dye and EPIONE spray. To be non invasive, this must be done. The light is what provides the charge, much like the sun penetrating the body and causing the body to tan.

For example: try sun bathing when it is cloudy and rainy. It will not work, but sun bath when it is sunny and use sun tan lotion and your results will be far greater. Certain pieces are needed in order to make the entire process successful. Do you understand? If not, please ask Dr. Martin... I am sure he can give you a better analogy.

What is the dye & how safe is it?

The dye is a neutral red dye. It is completely safe. For ingredients please contact Dr. Martin; however I highly doubt he will give you the ingredients to any of this as it is all patented.

I never saw any of these questions posted on this board before. The majority of this information can be found on ACE Pathways websites under research. If their is anything else that you would like to know about the study, then please feel free to contact Dr. Martin personally.

The treatment is 100% non invasive and nothing comes in direct contact with the skin. There are no pills and no needles.

I hope this has helped to answer your questions and if not, then your going to need to contact Dr. Martin personally.


Aunt Doris said, "I can understand people having questions about the study, but there are a lot of emotional, angry posts from people accusing these parents of being too stupid to make decisions for their own children and I find that very insulting."

So far the angry, emotional, accusational posts here have been pretty much from Dr. Martin's followers. Even the mysterious Harold L. Doherty has made his comments in a calm, level fashion. Would you like to hazard a guess as to who ends up looking the most rational at this point?

Please stop flinging around accusations unless you are finally ready to start substantiating them - this is beyond monotonous & cluttering up discussion space that could be (she said hopefully) used more productively. Like by answering questions about this mysterious treatment (she said hopefully). See my last post to Cherie if you actually want to help the discussion along (she said hopefully)...

Aunt Doris

Hi Kama
I'm sorry if my testimonial about Gabe's progress after the first treatment upset you. I assure you I'm not part of an evangelical cabal, and I agree I'm not qualified to endorse the study, other than my observations of my great-nephew's progress. I have seen positive change in him and that was all Jade asked me to relate here. I'm sorry if you feel I'm intruding.

No, I'm not the mother of an autistic child. I'm the great aunt of one and I love him like a grand child. I care about him and want to see every step taken to help him become able to vocalize. His parents haven't abandoned traditional methods of treatment, merely added this one to what they've already been doing.

I can understand people having questions about the study, but there are a lot of emotional, angry posts from people accusing these parents of being too stupid to make decisions for their own children and I find that very insulting. I really don't care if you choose to participate in Dr. Martin's study or not, but I do ask you to stop criticizing those who HAVE chosen to participate, putting a pall over their enthusiasm and happiness at the noticeable changes in their children's behavior.

Frankly, I don't understand why anyone with an autistic child would turn against others with autistic children just because they've chosen to do something not accepted by the mainstream medical profession. I have a daughter who uses homeopathic remedies for many of her digestive problems. She has to pay for it out of pocket because her insurance doesn't recognize this type of practice. Do you also rail against chiropractors? They've done wonders for many people, despite an attempt by some mainstream physicians and insurance companies to paint them as quacks and deny coverage for years.

I'm shocked and appalled at the number of people writing here to disparage the parents participating in Dr. Martin's study. Most have been people like you who claim to only be interested in finding information, but it seems many of them spend a considerable amount of time criticizing the parents, the doctor, the preacher and now the family members. What's next--the kids themselves?


Thank you for your offer to help clarify things without attitude or insult!

Some of the questions posed were:
~Why is Dr. Martin the only one researching this after almost a decade? (ARI & DAN! have been pretty open to at least looking at all credible theories - has Dr. Martin talked to anyone from these or other autism organizations? Who has he sought funding from?)
~Is there any independent verification of Dr. Martin's ACE pathway theory?
~How does Dr. Martin's theory address the fact that autism predominantly affects males?
~What is the point of the luminescent dye being applied to plastic on the skin - what is it supposed to be affecting or accomplishing? What is the dye & how safe is it?

P.S. Innocent bystander, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the comments and read thru each one till you reach the top. That way you will develop a better grasp on the conversation than you appear to have currently.

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom


I have answered every question ever asked of me about ACE Pathways Investigational Study.

Perhaps you are missing the answers because your not reading them. So here is your opportunity to ask your questions. Don't give an opinion, just ask the question. I will answer them, but the attitude and insults need to go. I am more than willing to have a debate with anyone, but if your not going to fully educate yourself first... then this conversation is over!

an observer

again, whats with all the name calling???
let me begin here with the fact that i am not, repeat not attacking any one individual, what i say is general.

why shouldn't people "follow" dr martin?? or others.
thats how one gets information, duh
oh, is it because some people don't like their viewpoints that they should be classified as stalkers??? did you once consider that they are gathering information?????? to see what current results are??? how do you even know that they could even possibly change their viewpoints down the road. possibilities do exist. many a person has changed opinions later after extensive investigation, are people not allowed to do this anymore?????

attacking them publically by name isn't going to help
this just makes one look like an idiot.
please stop acting in such a jeuvenile manner while posing as intelligent adults
this mindset is degrading to all.

an observer

Ok people, lets do away with all the hoopla of name calling, etc. That is soooooooo juevenile. Isn't this supposed to be about the kids afflicted with Autisim? about the trials that the parents are faced with daily?? as well as what the kids themselves face?????? what about milestones?????
People, (maybe i missed the new ruling about freedom of speech) are ALLOWED to have reservations concerning any new study, treatment that comes out. This does NOT make them bad parents, parents who don't love their kids, etc.
what parent in their right mind would just go willy nilly over every thing that comes out , without first checking it out to their best ability, whether this is via the internet due to financial restraints, to those who actually have the ability to travel to check things out.
come on , give everyone a break.
enough with the name calling and judgmental attitudes.
My grandson is moderatly autistic. He is the sweetest boy i know. He has made tremondous leaps of progress. I applaud his mom, my daughter for all the sacrifices she has made over the years so that her son, her child, came first. she goes without so the children have.
Not every treatment that is out there works for every autistic child. This is a disease that is different for each and every child afflicted with it. Child A may react quite the opposite than Child B in any given treatment. or as sometimes happens, nothing occurs and things remain stagnent.
With any clinical trial, there MUST, absolutely, MUST be set standards and enviornments to conduct these in , in order for any credibility to be ascertained.
just because someone goes off to get information and equipment does not qualify them with the approved creditials to conduct trials. if this were the case , then i guess anyone can do it and be certified. not! this is not how the real world works.
who is to really say yes or no about the ace pathway trial??? no one. if in fact it actually does have long term results that are accredited by recognized medical/clinical organizations, then that is a bonus. but to just jump for anything that happens to be out there without looking at the long term results is just plain dangerous. one has to keep in mind that many new things are coming out in the scientific world of medicine for "cures" help aids, etc. but the one thing they all share is: time in research before being put out to the public to have advantage of.this includes publishing results, both positive and negative .
if one cannot or refuses to take the time to have the proper research time conducted, then i seriously question it.
has anyone been able to produce results showing long term affects with the ace pathway ???? not that i can see. i only see the beginning of it,
are there any published negatives of this?? i have only seen just the positive comments and only judgements against people who have questions about it(and why shouldn't they question if they are reasonable & responsible parents) would any parent just automatically give their child medication without wanting to know exactly what possible side affects could occur,..... not really.
i completely understand why parents want their kids to be like everyone else. what parent doesn't????????????
every child is a blessing and wonderful, but not all children are perfect. that is life unfortunately.
i agonize with parents who hearts break because their child can't articulate emotion, wants, etc due to autisim or any other neurogolical disorder. its disheartening, no arguement there.
i don't demoralize those who want to find a way to provide the best for their children either. but for goodness sake and most importantly, the sake of your kids, use common sense .
and please people, be mature and adult enough to leave personal attitudes out of it. by throwing negative statements out there against others, this leave little credibility to your cause, it actually detracks from it and causes others to think that you may possibly be delusional or worse.
NO ONE has the right to defame another parent about whether they love their child or not. that is just plain evil minded.
as humans, we will never always agree on any subject.
let people have the right to their own opinions here, whether you agree or not.
this blog should be solely about what is available (treatments) and if they have been tried and tested and the SHARING of this with others.
unfortunately, this like many other blogs has become just another place to put out negativity towards others .
so what if you don't agree with someone elses opinion. is it costing you anything??? no it isn't. are they attacking you personally, hardly, as most who blog have never met others, so how can it be personal. only you yourself allows it to be.

how can anyone with the brains that God gave them say that if a person doesn't echo their viewpoint that its a personal attack against them. duh, that is what happens in the schoolyard when you are in grade school.
grow up people and get over yourselves.
focus on what is important.
i read the comment made by a lady named Laurena and what she said was very good, articulate, well thought and i could not see for the life of me (read several times to ensure i wasn't just jumping to conclusions) where she was attacking anyone. its quite obvious that the person who commented back to her in such a negative fashion only read/saw what they chose to and didn't really comprehend all that she said.
one shouldn't take things out of context, that relults in mis-meaning.
i seldom comment on blogs just for the very reason that most seem to attract vendetta minded individuals.
why is everyone tearing everyone else apart??? is not the purpose to help each other, share what seems to be making a difference? and to ALLOW individuals to make their own conclusions without censure???? if not, then we really are in a very sad state.

Innocent Bystander

I came across this article and hoped it would be a positive read, and it was but the comments give me great concern.

It is clear that the message has been lost and now I am just reading personal attacks and am confused by the interpretations of others.

Could someone please answer the following?

- Why has no one contacted the doctor mentioned in this article? I can see that an invitation has been offered, but no one has actually done so.

- Where and when did religion become a part of this? No where did I ever read anything about religion being a factor in this treatment. Is this just an attack because Mr. McKelvie is a reverend?

- Why are you attacking each other when you all have children with autism and obviously need support from each other?

- Why was this person removed from the study? We can all speculate, but I would have to wonder what the person did in order to be removed from the program.

- Does anyone here have proof to suggest these parents are all lying?

- Does anyone have proof to suggest these children are being harmed or that this treatment is dangerous?

- Did anyone else notice that this treatment is approved by the FDA, IRB and Health Canada?

- Does anyone here understand what a study consists of?

- Have any of you who are are so angry and against this treatment, signed up for this treatment and been denied?

- Has anyone really researched this doctor and looked at the accusations someone mentioned? (I just did and I found nothing to support he has ever been stripped of his license, charged with misconduct, negligence or has ever caused harm to any patient). I did however read about a woman who has a mental illness and has a few other issues that demanded Dr. Martin treat her and when he refused, she tried to sue him several times and she lost every time.

- Where is it mentioned that parents do not love their children, if they do not do this treatment?

- Where is it mentioned that parents must spend every dime of their money to treat their children?

- Is anyone here even remotely qualified to educate any of us about the body and the damage these viruses allegedly cause? I will take the doctors information before anyone else.

I am constantly bombarded with information from parents who want a cure for autism, who want the government to provide better funding and services for their children, safe vaccines and mandatory ABA therapy etc; however, my concern is that if you don't take each other seriously, then why in the hell should we?

Your killing your own cause by attacking each other. At this rate you will alienate and offend everyone and no one will ever take anything seriously about Autism. We are already being desensitized towards Autism because it is so prevalent that autism sounds like cancer and you feel sorry for a moment, but really do not care because at least it's not you who has to deal with it.

I suggest the personal attacks stop and the core reason for this article to be examined.

I am reading about a treatment for autism to counteract stealth adapted viruses as being a core cause for Autism. Thank you for that information and it certainly gives me food for thought about the various complexities that a virus can present to the body.

For the parents, thank you for sharing your experiences. You credibility is noted and it is nice to see a variety of family members backing up the claims of progress these children have made.

For those just expressing an opinion because you like to argue... SHUT UP!


Leon Griffith,
Just as I did Rev. McKelvie the courtesy of giving him examples of the statements he made that were being perceived negatively, I invite you to do me the same courtesy of explaining where I have attacked anyone.

I could understand refusing to respond to the so-called naysayers, I'm just waiting for someone in y'all's group to actually answer ANY of the questions that have been asked.

Thanks for your help!

Leon Griffith

I personally am thrilled that parents have found an option. I am thrilled that there is another study to try to find answers. I am outright repulsed by the critics on this site and submit you are a complete embarrassment to all parents fighting for answers. You have done nothing to prove you are not ignorant; on the contrary have proven points by the parents time and time again. Grace, I am very concerned at your vicious attacks while trying to maintain this essence of innocence as some sort of victim of autism. You are a true embarrassment to all parents who are fighting for some answers. Mr. Doherty is what he embarrassment, uneducated, ignorant and the funniest of all is that he calls himself a lawyer. I am certain he must not be overly successful in his cases if this is how he presents. Ms. Kingston, once again an embarrassment to all parents. I have read through all of this and will side with the parents who have proven their case over and over. If they say their children are getting better then you have no right what so ever to argue this. This makes you uneducated, since you openly refuse to call or speak with them...this is nothing shy of a Jerry Springer episode. I have visited the website and it is a very credible study, done in a unique way which happens to be yielding good results. I am excited to hear more about this treatment in the months to come. I have certainly noticed one thing...Ms. Kingston & Mr. Doherty seem to be following Mr. McKelvie and Mr. Martin around everywhere. In some circles this is considered stalking. Just let the parents be and allow them to enjoy their children. Can you not resist following these people around and go find another avenue to help your child? This treatment is obviously not for you. It is time you just simply be quiet and leave the STUDY alone.

I can't believe you !!!

Why would you say such horrible things about your own cousin? Trying to make him sound like an awful person...rejection letter???? Sounds to me that you don't value your own family and have written off your very own nephew. If this is what he (your relative) has chosen to do then you should support his efforts in trying to recover his child. You voice your opinion on this site but fail to mention that you are biased and you are degrading your own family memeber.

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom

This evening I received an email from a parent who has been reading about this treatment. She emailed me because she was scared to post a question about the treatment on this board, for fear that she would be attacked. I spoke with this mom for 3 hours tonight; mainly about our experiences with autism, different treatments we have tried, autism in the public etc. Very little of our time was actually spent talking about ACE Pathways, although it was defiantly addressed.

It was wonderful to speak with a parent about Autism in general and it reminded me that we are all here to help our children get better. However, it also reminded me just how cold and ugly so many are, even those affected by autism in our own community about the acceptance of new therapies.

What is my reason for posting here? To educate others about a therapy that is working for my child, and one that could work for your child as well. I am encouraging people to check the site and determine if it is for you or not, but I will no longer comment directly or indirectly to the Nay Sayers.

I am looking for supports and those who just want to chat and share their experiences with autism and what has and hasn't worked for their child.

I have various support pages on the internet and enjoy adding new people to them. I do not judge or condemn others for choosing the paths they do. Instead I listen, learn and share my experiences. That is all we have... experience and the support of others.

If there is anyone out there who is curious about he study, or who just wants to make a new connection in the autism community... please feel free to contact me at:


Rev. BJ McKelvie,
I am glad to hear that you did not intend things the way they came across. Let us look at some of your words so that hopefully you can see where some of the misunderstanding cropped up.

You said, "Here is what I did. Have you?" and then went on to tell of your many phone calls & trips, etc. And I essentially responded 'No, I have not & I am not about to - I have a family who needs me 25/7 (no, that's not a typo) & no money to gamble and that should not be necessary to get a simple, cursory explanation of this'.

In response to my explanation that I did not have the time or money to chase down something that really should be available in some kind of written form after all this time, you replied with the following 3 sentences,
"I read your post my heart breaks for you. I am pleased that I was concerned enough for my own son to do anything and investigate every avenue. I am ever so grateful that I did not close my own heart and let it be hardened so that it would directly impact Rylie."

The implications from these sentences are that (1) we are to be pitied for not responding as you did, (2) you are pleased that at least you cared enough to do anything & everything for him - implication thereby being that we are not, and then finally (3) implying that those of us who do not follow your example & suggestions have closed our hearts & allowed them to be hardened in a way that is depriving our own children of a cure.

I am not a journalist; this is not an interview. This is an attempt at a somewhat informal conversation so no, no one is going to call you & verify your remarks. You can choose to explain them - or not. You can choose to answer people's questions - or not. Hopefully if the exchanges do continue, we can follow a more productive path from here?


Thanks Laurena,

How refreshing to know that someone from your family is well spoken and reasonable. Although Dr. Martin's hypothesis is interesting, and he certainly has impressive credentials - I believe he has chosen the wrong messengers. BJ and his evangelical followers totally creep me out. They are unable to answer simple questions intelligently, instead providing long drawn-out testimonials that really say... a whole lot of nothing. They are extremely condescending and get their feathers ruffled easily for nonsensical reasons. They attack innocent people who have legitimate questions and concerns - even inviting all of their family members to join in the fight! They don't even seem to understand the science behind the treatment they are administering to their children. To quote Cherie Peattie: "I always wondered why my son was constantly sick with colds, runny nose, fevers..." Um, my dear - according to Dr. Martin, stealth viruses bypass the immune system. So, this does not even make sense.

What stake do we have in this Aunt Doris? We have children with autism. How about you? And, we were readers of this blog way before your creepy crew hijacked it.

As for BJ's comment "You must do all due diligence before speaking." Just exactly who do you think you are to tell others when they can speak?

Autism mom

It seems to me as though these people (Reverend et al) are protesting too much. If a treatment is that good it makes its way through the parent network on its own. Its hard to keep a good thing quiet.

A good treatment will not be shoved down parents' throats, it will not be fringe, it will not be unheard of in DAN circles. Good things naturally percolate and get to where they are supposed to go. Eventually.

You people, the Reverend and others in your group, need to back off. IF you are genuine and your treatment is that great, people will come to you of their own accord. Maybe later, rather than sooner as you would want. As of now, the more you speak, the greater the trouble you seem to be getting yourselves into!!


Sounds like the flock of Rev. BJ is an angry flock. I wonder why?

Like other commenters, I am one that is not easily convinced on treatments that is not evidenced based. Have you folks(Rev. BJ's flock) read the book "Children with Starving Brains"? I thinks you should read this book for a more informed approach to helping your kids, kind of like Autism Treatments 101. Most parents of children with autism specially here on AoA in my opinion are now like researchers/ scientists (I know many of them are really scientists/researchers), we need studies supporting claims to a treatment before we agree to any of them, so expect that intelligent questions will be asked..

Laurena Kingston

I have decided to not have my moderately autistic child take part in the Ace Pathway Investigational Study. At this time, I do not believe this is the best option for him. The primary reasons are more to do with my son's own individual condition and well being.

This is not the first time I have come across such a hostile environment regarding this study. It concerns me greatly.

There seems to be a train of thought that one can only belong to one of two pre-determined groups. You are either for or against Dr. Martin, the study and its supporters. An individual is unfairly judged and categorized according to another individual's judgemental and narrow minded criteria.

I have followed the study via the "official" website. I have come across many things elsewhere which are both negative and positive concerning this matter. I have seen a rejection letter signed by BJ McKelvie which has raised serious questions in my mind regarding how participants are chosen. I have found transcriptions of a lawsuit brought against Dr. Martin in the past. I have also seen on an official US government website two separate citations against Dr. Martin in 2002 concerning his clinical lab license. I should mention other doctors were also cited in the document; therefore, it was most certainly not a personal attack against him. I have read posts by some who have had very negative experiences in the US with clinical trials using this same method of treatment for other conditions. On the other hand, I have also read positive and glowing reports by individuals who fully support this study. There is a wide range of information available for one to read and decipher.

I have never been one to follow the latest trends. I have never been a supporter of any one particular therapy, treatment or autism advocate. I have always found all information relating to autism interesting whether I am in agreement or not. I have always tried to keep an open mind. I would be acting irresponsibly as a parent to do otherwise.

I fully support the right of each parent to determine for themselves which route they feel is best suited for their own child. I also realize that sometimes individuals can become rather passionate and emotional in anything they support and stand behind. I also know this can be said for the parent who is completely opposed. Until very recently, I was one of those parents who had remained undecided as to whether they would support or take part in this project. Despite that, I still made mention of the study and pointed individuals to the appropriate place where they could learn more.

What troubles me most about this study has absolutely nothing to do with whether I believe in Dr. Martin's findings or his treatment. It has more to do with the lack of professionalism and ethics involved by those associated with it.

I have been both shocked and deeply offended by some of the suggestions presented here and elsewhere. I am sickened by the suggestion and questioning that some have made concerning the true extent of a parent's love for their child. To go even further and state the parent does not want their child to get better is simply too much. How dare you take it upon yourselves to assume such things. Talk about playing God. I can not imagine making these statements to parents of children of autism, let alone to other caring relatives who have watched these families struggle and cope with the many challenges they face daily. My own family has been on the receiving end of these very same hurtful comments by a relative involved with this study. What crime(s) did I commit to warrant such treatment. I did not jump on the band wagon immediately as my relative apparently thought I should have. Instead, I employed the gift of discernment we all possess. I also made the mistake of saying I was disappointed in the name calling and hostility shown against others.

If the supporters of this study have any expectation of having certain rights afforded to them, than they must also extend them to others. Raising questions and concerns are not necessarily equated with being against anyone or anything. You must realize that there are individuals who are not taking part for very legitimate reasons, of which you are not necessarily privy to. Has anyone bothered to extend themselves to ask why? You might be surprised by what my own response would be.

The purpose of this writing is not to attack any one individual or cause. Rather, it is to share some thoughts I have on this topic. I will continue to read and listen to a wide variety of items by people who emcompass many differing points of view. I will continue to make decisons for my child based upon what is best for him. That is only something I am qualified to do. Not some stranger who does not know a thing about my child. What I will not continue to do is become involved in any of this nonsense any longer. There is absolutely nothing positive to gain from it.

In the past, I have always held fast to the ideal that we as parents can educate, support, enlighten and inspire one another despite opposing positions. Perhaps, I was trying to be too optimistic and even a bit unrealistic.

Should anyone wish to use the internet to "research" me I am afraid they will be greatly disappointed. There is absolutely no dirt to be had. I have only made one other posting on this particular topic on another blog. However, you will find plenty of items relating to my family's genealogy, if you are interested. I am afraid I might just be a little too boring for you all.

I wish all the families continued success irregardless of which treatment or therapy they are employing in their battle against autism.

Laurena Kingston

Rev. BJ McKelvie

Dear Grace,

In response:

You quoted:
"And Reverend, may I remind you what Scripture says about a father who fails to concern himself with providing for his children? So be very careful about this business of encouraging parents to spend every last dime to prove that they really love their kids."

I have never once done what you have so horribly and publically accused. You are lying. It is unfortunate as I read this. If you lie then what does that make you? A liar! Please don't go into scripture battles, it clearly tells in the Bible not to argue the scriptures, or cause discord among the brethern. I am sure you know this. Not once have I ever and I quote you been involved in the business of "encouraging parents to spend every last dime to prove that they really love their kids." It has never been mentioned by me, spoken from me, written by me and is as far from my personal values as one can get. I can clearly tell you have not spent time in researching about me and I am not sure you have even read the responses. It is myself and my family that have spent every last dime helping families get this treatment. We have spent every last dime helping those who do not have any money to help their babies. You have crossed the line. I do however forgive you for not contacting me at least to verify your statement before posting. Let me also point out another thing. If you were to sign up and told me you could not afford it...even after all of this...I would still personally send you a kit at my expense. This is not about you but the children.


Cherie, I hate to break it to you, but those sites are all members of the so-called Autism Hub & those guys think we're all irrational & unreasonable, too, including the editors here...

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom

Mr. Harold Doherty makes attempts to discredit the parents, Dr. John Martin, BJ McKelvie and myself (Cherie Peattie); and although his tactics have failed him, I think you might all find these links very disturbing about Mr. Harold Doherty.

Apparently he isn't the upstanding lawyer and autism advocate that is out to protect our kids!

Apparently he attacks various autistic individuals and is relentless and dangerous in his responses to others about anything that is not his opinion!

(See the link below for more on this discussion)

"... People have been trying to reason with Harold Doherty *who is a lawyer of all things* and he never concedes a point, and never seems to learn ANYTHING from discussions, even with Anne B., who is also a lawyer. Mr. Doherty seems dead set on seeing autism in one very narrow, dangerous way, and in demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with him... "

Ohhhh wow, look yet another spot where he has caused a problem too...

And another one...

Hmmmm.... 3 sites all found in less than 2 minutes. This is scary, but exactly what I thought and expected to hear about Mr. Harold Doherty from New Brunswick, Canada.

This may not silence your overbearing and irrational tactics Mr. Doherty, but it certainly shows everyone that you are a dangerous card that is unbalanced and relentless in demanding others assume your opinions. Apparently we are not the first group to see you for your ways and also dismiss you quickly for your illogical rants!

You have lost my respect for you as a parent and an autism support. To be quite honest, after reading all I have about you and my personal experiences with you... I have to wonder what your intentions really are in the autism community!


aunt doris,
No, actually your comments sound like you jumped in without even bothering to read anything else that passed before. I have attacked no one - I, like others here, have asked some questions.

Having the depth of my love for my autistic son questioned because I don't copy the good reverend - as he has been advising here - by spending every last dime running around the country interviewing people, etc, to investigate stealth adapted viruses does make me emotional. It's neither practical nor reasonable.

People here have been expressing questions & doubts that are practical & reasonable. The combative response from Dr. Martin's fans has been not very enlightening & less than helpful.

aunt doris

When one starts throwing out words such as "cultish" and "emotional" while emotionally decrying the 'spending of every last dime" red flags start flying for me. What is your stake in this?
First of all, no one is asking you to participate in the study. They are sharing their experience here at this site with others who are also trying the treatments out, as well as with those who might be considering trying it. As far as I know, no one has stopped using the conventional methods of treating autism--they're merely participating in a study that they are hoping will provide a breakthrough in finding a cure for a very frustrating condition.
If you don't approve of this study, then don't participate. It's as simple as that. If $350 is your every last dime, then by all means put it to better use for your family's needs. I find that amount of money to be amazingly cheap for the improvements I've seen in my great-nephew after just one round of treatments.
I just can't help but wonder if you have some kind of ulterior motive in posting such negative thoughts at this site. If not, then why not leave these people in peace. It's their $350 to throw away, not yours. Right? My apologies in advance if my comments seem emotional or abrasive to you. I love my little Gabe and am cheering him and his Mom and Dad on in this study.


This is passing strange - this is almost starting to sound cultish. I was intrigued by this idea & looked things up on the net - was interested in learning more. Now we have a bunch of passionate & emotional posts that are very convincing of the authors' sincerity, but still don't really contribute anything to the fact finding mission that is the most essential part of any due diligence.

I have 5 children to take care of - we are already dipping into our life savings to try to help our son, but we would be incredibly irresponsible to all of them to throw what little we have left to go chasing after every potential lead.

What's the harm? The harm is being unable to provide for the known needs of our children because we ran out of money chasing maybes. That's not a closed mind or a hardened heart - that's prudence and it's still a virtue. And Reverend, may I remind you what Scripture says about a father who fails to concern himself with providing for his children? So be very careful about this business of encouraging parents to spend every last dime to prove that they really love their kids.

If this stuff is so worthy, after this considerable length of time, it would not be necessary to go running around the country to find out this information and from such a limited number of people. Can the good doctor not convey his ideas & fully express himself in writing?

Expressing doubts & asking questions is not insulting & attacking - if the info & the good dr. cannot withstand normal & reasonable questions, then there is less than meets the eye here. I have not dismissed it completely, but none of this is particularly persuasive intellectually - and much of it is very off-putting. You may want to reconsider your pitch.

I wish you all the best in your efforts - I would love to hear that this is the answer for all of our children. And I will continue to watch for the results of your study, but I have more doubts now than I did at the outset...

aunt doris

Mr. Doherty, I don't know you or what your credentials are other than you have a blog which I haven't visited, but I'd like to respond to the last paragraph of what you wrote. You said:

"I would love to see any autism treatment succeed but autism has been plagued by dozens of non evidence based treatments that waste parents money and hopes and the development time of autistic children."

The purpose of this study is to hopefully present some evidence. That's the purpose of a study such as this, which is collecting a lot of personal stories from the participants and compiling the data for the aid of other parents with autistic children.

You went on to say:

"In some cases they can be harmful. If this study is credible the results will be published in a credible journal and peer reviewed and duplicated by other researchers. If not it will be largely ignored by credible professionals as Dr Martin's theory has been to date."

That's the risk of this type of study, isn't it? I can't understand why any treatment that can possibly lead to a better of understanding of autism would not be given a chance. What is your stake in all this? Do you have an autistic child? Have you had a bad experience with a treatment that you tried that failed? Why is it important to you to disparage Dr. Martin's research? The parents involved in this study have done their homework and don't need to be warned. I can understand why your comments have met with some hostility. You presume these folks are too ignorant to think for themselves and that's pretty insulting.
I wish Dr. Martin and the people putting their faith in his method all the best. I'm sure it is frustrating to them to be up against this negativity when everyone should be unified in helping the kids.

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom

Want to see some of the videos about this treatment and the videos behind Dr. Martin & Stealth Adapted Viruses???

Check out my YouTube account to see just what we are doing... and yes this is my son being treated here!

Harold L Doherty

I wish the children of all the parents who are participating in the Dr. Martin study well.

The personal attacks in response to my criticisms are both unfortunate and counterproductive. Such attacks do not enhance the credibility of the study.

I take it from these responses though that neither Rev. McKelvie nor any other commentators who support Dr Martin's work can answer my requests for the names of ANY credible professionals who give any weight to Dr Martin's work which has been published by him for at least 9 years:

I have read many of Dr Martin's articles and it should not be necessary to make a personal phone call to him to understand his work. What information could he provide that he has not provided already in his several articles since 1999?

I would love to see any autism treatment succeed but autism has been plagued by dozens of non evidence based treatments that waste parents money and hopes and the development time of autistic children. In some cases they can be harmful. If this study is credible the results will be published in a credible journal and peer reviewed and duplicated by other researchers. If not it will be largely ignored by credible professionals as Dr Martin's theory has been to date.

aunt doris

I'm the aunt to Jade and great aunt of Gabe, one of the participants in the study Dr. Martin is conducting. She e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that there are people trying to discredit the study and asked me if I'd share with you the improvements I've personally seen with Gabe. I spent a couple of days with Gabe (before the treatments) twice this summer at his house and followed his routine with him. He has improved in many areas since he began with the usual therapy given to autistic children, but it has been a slow process and he still hadn't been vocalizing. He also seemed lost in a sensory-based world of his own most of the time. He interacted with me from time to time, but made little eye contact, which has really been the norm for him.

Three weekends ago, my husband and I went to visit Jade, Mike and Gabe for the weekend. When we entered the house and went into the kitchen, Gabe was sitting quietly at the table eating lunch. He looked up at me, smiled and when I bent down to kiss him and said hi, he said hi back! I could have fallen on the floor. He then looked over at my husband who said hi and he said hi back to him! This probably sounds weird, but I've rarely heard his voice other than gibberish and shouts and other noises he makes when he plays. I've heard him say his abc's, but he's never actually said any words to me personally.

We noticed that Gabe was a lot calmer and seemed to be watching and listening to the tapes he's grown up with as if they were actually making sense to him instead of just stimulating him. He was repeating some of the words they were saying--one that comes to mind was a Sesame Street tape that was teaching the kids Spanish words. The woman said amigo and Gabe said amigo exactly as she had said it. I was holding him on my lap at another time when he was watching another Sesame Street where the lady was singing some kind of operatic number. As she opened her mouth to sing and hold this very long note, Gabe did the same thing, with the exact same inflection and for the same period.

We took him to the circus that Saturday and he sat there mesmerized by what was happening before his eyes. The old Gabe would have been jumping up and down in the seat and wanting to get down and run around. He had an elephant I bought him as we were going in that he played with from time to time, but anything that was happening on the floor had his full attention. He was aware of his surroundings in a way I'd never seen him be.

I have seen a calmer, quieter boy since the treatments have begun. He's easier to reason with and responds more quickly when asked to pick up his toys or to sit up straight at the dinner table. We went to a nice restaurant after the circus and the old Gabe would have been singing at the top of his lungs, standing on the seat and looking around and have to be told repeatedly to sit down and to hush up. Gabe sat through most of the meal, eating and playing with his elephant. He wasn't making much noise at all during the meal and didn't have to be told to sit down at all. It was like the difference between night and day.

I have always wondered what is going through his mind as he pairs up his toys and has them interacting with each other by kissing and lines them up in rows. I know he is thinking volumes and that he is very smart, but the words are locked in his head right now. I'm just waiting for the day when he looks at me and says I love you, Aunt Doris.

I was a bit skeptical of the treatment at first, as we all are when something is unknown, but when Jade sent me the site to look into it further I was all for it because the way I look at it--anything we can do to bring Gabe into our world and out of his special place is worth the time and money. I think by participating in this test, Jade and Mike are making it possible for ways to be developed to channel an autistic child's energies into participating in the world around them instead of living in their own world.

I have read a lot of the comments from other parents--many who are participants and those who aren't participating in the study, but are curious to see what is happening with the kids who ARE in the study--and one thing stands out to me... each and every one of these kids has a wonderful network of caring people around them. I say open your minds to EVERY possibility out there that might open up the world to these wonderful kids. God bless all of you in your efforts.

Rev. BJ McKelvie

In response to Grace,

My heart goes out to you. I am ever so grateful that I called. I know many parents that would feel the same way. I read your post my heart breaks for you. I am pleased that I was concerned enough for my own son to do anything and investigate every avenue. I am ever so grateful that I did not close my own heart and let it be hardened so that it would directly impact Rylie.

For those who won't even make a phone call, then you must do what I did in order to make as educated a decision as I did. If not then you do not have the credentials for me to take your seriously. I therefore simply have to reject most statements. You must do all due diligence before speaking. If anyone here can show me that they have done what I have then they have the credibility with me to offer justified criticisms and educated view points that only then I will entertain. I only know 4 other people that have done almost as much research and every single person have made their decision and are seeing results.

Here is what I did. Have you? I called Dr. Martin, then I called 5 other people including nurses, clinical investigators and employees involved and individually spoke with them at length. I spoke with 5 other Doctors from Florida to California who know Dr. Martin and asked them many questions. Then I got on an airplane and travelled 3000 miles and spent a week with many people I did not know. I spent hour after hour, calling to check on credentials, while all these people were in my presence. No one ever objected or stopped me. I called medical boards to verify claims; I spoke with other doctors involved with the IRB to verify claims. I spoke with labs that are involved and spoke with other scientists. I even participated with a lawyer while I was there to have independant written & signed verification of Dr. Martin and the paper work. It came from other Doctor’s in California. It all returned satisfactory for the attorney and myself as Dr. Martin watched and stood silently on the side lines. I also took that week and met parents involved at the clinic that I never knew before, in a part of the world I was unfamiliar with. I signed paper after paper to be present in the room to watch the procedures. I followed up with these people after I returned back to Canada. I learned from the clinical investigator who was there as I spent hours on end with her. I drove hundreds of miles to met children and parents that were involved. Dr. Martin, the clinical investigator and myself all went to their homes. I then spoke to all of the parents and children in private and asked many questions. After I returned to Canada I then ran it by Rylie's doctors, provided them with the papers and theories and even called Dr. Martin's toughest critics and spoke at length to ask what they thought. I have done my due diligence far beyond anyone that has made a comment on this board. In fact I am the only one that has done this much research before making my decision to treat my son. I am the most informed parent in the study. I came out from behind the computer screen and put my feet to the ground. I shook hands with other people and met them face to face.

As Grace states, she would not call Dr. Martin to let him try to persuade her. I didn't either...I took real action before I ever spoke. Will she? Will you? He never tried to persuade me, hinder me or influence me. He even flew to Arkansas from California to meet me. Once again, I am the most qualified parent to make criticisms, observations and statements. I am even far more educated on this process than most Doctor’s and certainly lawyers. I am the only one who has done this much research before treating my son.

My son is showing documented marked improvements. He said "I love You" for the first time and still there are those that have been trying to take that experience away from me. It's too late for that now, I have come too far, seen to much and know too much to ever turn back now. I will concede that if it ever were to hurt my child...I would stop as with any of the parents. I would encourage everyone to call. If you will not, then you must do what I did to be taken seriously.

This is no different then when people had to fight so hard to get help for HIV. The resistance they met was just as brutal as this. As for was well worth the call. Once again my heart goes out to you. Once and only then when you have done as much due diligence as I have, then I will take your concerns & statements seriously. If not, please do not be offended when I reject your statements & views for lack of merit.


This is all very interesting, but I can't help wondering why Dr. Martin is the only one researching this issue after more than a decade?

I don't want to talk to him & see if he can persuade me - that wouldn't be worth much since I have no expertise to either argue or agree with him - I want to know why he hasn't been able to persuade anyone else in his field to pursue this research?

Mark McKelvie ( Rylies Uncle )


I wish to start by saying that this is not about you, nor me, it's not about money. It's about the children that need not fight alone through Autism, a battle that they fight everyday of the year. They need "our help" in any way possible to win this struggle.

I see there is a lot hurt and pain here and I understand this. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who are at war with this silent predator who is attacking our children.

I don’t always get to see the children everyday, as I have a work related injury which keeps me home a lot due to pain, but today I was at the mall with B.J., Francine, Rylie and my only niece Hanna. I was totally taken off guard when Rylie was talking, asking for things, saying words and even playing with me, knowing who I am. I think he’s going to be a banker as he kept saying money, dollar. He’s saying Uncle Mark, and he looks me in the eye. WOW; tears come to my eyes, tears of joy right in the mall. I realized he’s winning the war he’s engaged in battling like a soldier fighting for freedom. I am seeing positive results

I feel that Dr. Martin is helping my nephew and so many other children with this therapy and wish to thank him for this, as all I want to see is Rylie and the thousands of other children who are suffering from Autism win…

Jade~ Autism Mom


This is why I usually don't post of forums, because things are misconceived due to taking things the wrong way. I'm so sorry if my comments came off as "rude or mean" to you or others, that was not my intention. I am trying to defend my son and the study that a lot of us believe in. It is so important to me that we get the word out about this and people's opinion's can be altered right away by comments like what Mr. Doherty has said about this study. I am trying to prevent him from discrediting all of Dr. Martin's hard work. Please keep your interest in this study and again I do apologize for sounding mean. I wasn't slamming ABA therapy I'm sure it does help, but it really doesn't work for every child and this study HAS proven to. I still take my son to speech and OT every week in addition to doing this treatment. It's not a cure-all or anything but it is opening doors for our children to finally escape autism!
We have all ages 2-24 in this study and they have all seen huge improvements in their quality of life (if the study is done correctly) so far and we are only beginning! Please understand that we parents are all so excited to share this wonderful thing with people, and it's hard to not wear our hearts on our sleeves about it when we feel someone attacks our parenting or judgment because we chose something other than ABA therapy.
You're right, we ALL have been skeptics about this at first and that's why we are trying so so very hard to get people to just believe in it and give it a try. Now we are seeing too many wonderful changes in our babies to ever deny that this isn't working and making our kids BETTER! It worked for us so it could work for you....that's all I'm saying! :)

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom


My apologies for seeing anger coming from so many of us parents, but we have all been attacked, called liars and worse have been told that the progress our children are seeing, is in our heads. This unfortunately has spread from one persons blog to here now.

Imagine how it feels to have someone tell you that they somehow know your child better than you. Imagine that person attacking your child's progress, and that person is another parent of a child with autism.

Imagine how hard it has been for us to fight and defend this treatment when we have someone as diligent as Harold who is trying to destroy our message about our children's progress.

Autism has been a heart wrenching journey for all for us. All we want is to help other children and be respected for what has worked for our kids.


Your right, we are not featured in any of your medical journals, but you no what? We are a study and until a study is complete,. it isn't published in a medical journal. I know that you know this! Furthermore what do your journals have to do with my child personally? NOTHING! Have your journals ever investigated a medical cause for Autism and actually found a treatment that has not been more invasive needles, pills or behaviour modification? NO!

Only now are we starting to be embraced by the medical community, but it has been slow because we have to fight people like you in our own community. Your counter productive Harold!

We all want what is best for our children and I advocate just as hard as you do, but I don't make false promises and certainly do not attack people for trying whatever they feel they need to in order to help their child. This is something you need to stop and think about! Your hurting everyone in the autism community by trying to discredit what we as parents are reporting about our children, and you sir have NO RIGHT to do that! You do not know me or my child and certainly have no credentials to prove otherwise!

Rachel Parcher

I just wanted to add that I agree with Sara. I think people are getting worked up and need to simmer down and remember the reason behind all of this is to inform and educate the autism community about this new possibility for their children and loved ones.

Lets not get lost in a never ending war of the therapies. I learnt my lesson long ago when on a local autism support site. I asked the other parents if anyone was using GFCF and was verbally attacked by a die hard ABAer spouting insults and acusations of " swimming with the dolphins" ( a term I dislike and consider offensive ) I quit going to the site even after he eventually let it go and gave a pathetic apoligy.

I have never tried to discredit other types of therapy incuding ABA just because I feel ABA is not something I want for my child doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it.

I have always hoped there would be something medical to help with autism over a behavioural approach and now I have the oppertunity to explore this route with my child. I don't want him to be on drugs either unless it is the only possibility.

As for ABA I will keep my opinion to myself it has been proven to work for many so for that I am happy for those families to have found something that helps their child.

Lets try to remain level headed here and answer questions honestly and with facts. And not get too emotional and defensive when people have questions or doubts. These questions should be welcomed and answered to the best of the ability of the person. I don't want people sending the wrong message and discouraging others, in the end be it GFCF, ABA, ACE Pathway, chelation, magnetic baths or hyperbaric chambers we all share a commen interest we ALL want to help our children who struggle with Autism everyday.

Take care all and keep the gloves on please.

R. Parcher


My name is Cathy Hutch, and I am the mother of a 24 year old daughter with profound autism named Kristy Everett. I am also the co-writer and co-singer of the Anthem for Autism, called "I'm In Here".

I consider myself to be a highly intelligent, sane, honest and compassionate human being. I strive, in all ways, to be open-minded and fair to others. I love my daughter....both of my daughters. I adore my grandson. And I would never allow anyone to deliberately harm any of them, ever. I took part in this trial because I will try anything that could possibly help my daughter's quality of life...provided I KNOW IT WILL NOT HARM HER IN ANY WAY. I am completely confident and at ease with this study. It has, after all, been approved by Health Canada, the FDA and the IRB. I have personally spoken with Dr. Martin and I believe absolutely that this man is an outstanding physican, scientist AND a deeply compassionate human being. He is not a quack nor a fraud nor a greedy individual looking to make a quick buck and a name for himself. Nor is BJ McKelvie.

Every word of the blog I wrote concerning my daughter is absolutely, unequivocally the truth. Feel free to call any of the staff at Mill Cove nursing home to confirm this. I would not lie or fabricate the truth about her progress. Quite honestly; I haven't expected miracles where Kristy is concerned because she is so much older and has been on a multitude of powerful anti-psychotic drugs since she was six years old. Indeed; the changes in her aren't as dramatic as in most of the younger children, but they are there and profound nevertheless. She is talking a bit more. She is maintaining more eye contact. She is not as agitated when things don't go her way. Her tastes in food are changing. She is more affectionate. Miraculous? No. Worth noting? Absolutely! And this is only after her initial series of treatments.

People are always afraid of change....of radical new ideas that challenge their perception of "how things should be". Nonetheless, humankind would not have progressed if not for those who would dare to go ahead and challenge the unknown; try new methodologies, and reach out for the unreachable. Dr. Martin is such a man, and the science is there to back him up. I, for one, have seen irrefutable proof that his treatment does indeed work. For how long? We don't know yet. That's why it's called a study, folks. But I am grateful for every little improvement I see in my daughter, and excited to witness the dramatic health improvements I have also seen in BJ's son Rylie.

With warm regards to all,

Cathy "Hutch"


I appreciate everyone who took the time to post their experiences with this treatment and study.

But, I have been following this thread - and I don't understand where all of the anger is coming from:

Melissa Smith said "For those of you who are skeptic, I say to you...'you do not know my child and have not seen the changes my husband, myself and others have seen in my child since we started this study.'" and "I am also respulsed by some of the comments I have seen here regarding BJ McKelvie and Dr. Martin."

Jade said "Believe what you may about this study, but how dare you slander BJ and Dr. Martin as human beings for trying to HELP other children?"

Shari Parker said "I've been dealing with autism for 14 years -I learned a long time ago that negative attacks are a complete waste of my time. I simply don't care what others think about the manner in which I deal with autism." and "Having conversations with my daughter is so new and so much more important than wasting time and energy trying to convince people who are frankly clueless about autism that ACE may be a viable treatment for autism." and "Don't hate my choices..."

Monica said "I can only speak for myself, when I say that I am repulsed by some of the comments on here regarding Dr. Martin and BJ McKelvie."

Cherie Peattie said "I have listened to, been attacked by, prayed for those who seek to defame all Dr. Martin has done to save these children. For those of you who seek to slander Dr. Martin and ACE Pathways... shame on you. More and more children are being treated daily and these kids are improving... Greatly!"

What comments are you referring to here? I haven't found any that slander BJ McKelvie or Dr. Martin. Just a few skeptics asking questions and pondering the legitimacy of the treatment in an open forum. Isn't that to be expected? Even some of your husbands were skeptics - as you mentioned in your testimonials. Are you perhaps reacting to comments left on another blog, thread or forum? I am just confused. I haven't read anything that someone should be "repulsed" by here on Age of Autism.

Also, on Jade's comment: "IF you don't want to spend $300 to help your child get better with this study and hopefully "DEFEAT AUTISM NOW" then keep doing what you are doing with ABA therapy, but it doesn't work for every child."

That is just... mean. We are all trying to help our children get better. Not even this treatment could possibly help every child.

Don't get me wrong - I am interested in this study. I plan to learn more about it. I'm just taken aback by all of the defensiveness.

Rev. BJ McKelvie

In response to Mr. Doherty,

More and more parents are reporting on this very site. It is Mr. Doherty that is not being taken seriously any longer.

Jade~ Autism Mom

*In response to Mr. Harold Doherty, why don't you call Dr. Martin and speak with him about his "theories"? His number is listed on the ace pathway website clearly under "contact us",

I'm sure he would LOVE to talk to you about all of your concerns/questions. He is a wonderful man and very personable, as I have spoken with him a few times myself. Don't ask someone else to do your dirty work for you. Find out for yourself instead of posting on here for people to give you facts about him.

*Also, another parent earlier posted that the cost was not shown on the website when she signed up, but in fact there is a special tab that says "cost" and there it tells you how much, why, what it goes towards, etc. IN no way are we trying to "hide" any hidden costs with this study. I have a payment plan set up and am making payments each month. They were nice enough to help me with that because they aren't about the money like people are trying to say. Actually the ONE email they sent saying where to pay and how much came August 10th, and I didn't even make my first payment until last Monday, September 15th. They didn't even call to ask where the payment was or why it was late because they don't care if it's late. Me paying is helping other families who can't afford it at all!

Melissa Smith

My name is Melissa Smith. My son Damien is 2 1/2 years old and is participating in the ACE Pathway study. For those of you who are skeptic, I say to you..."you do not know my child and have not seen the changes my husband, myself and others have seen in my child since we started this study." Damien has spoken 3 words since treatment. He has not spoken since he was about 15 months old. His eye contact is much improved. His attention to his surroundings has improved! He now feeds himself. I have been trying to do this for over a year with no results. He now sits on the couch and watches a movie instead of running circles around my living room. He is much more affectionate then he used to be. He is starting to play with his toys. Which he has never done! How can anyone state, that us as parents seeing these changes are "unfound and untrue". This is complete bull! We are not liars. Go read the online journals and see for yourself the progress all these children have made!

As for the fee of $350, in my opinion, if it helps my child, I don't care how much it cost or if I spend the rest of my life paying it off! Our children are more important then any amount of money!

I am also respulsed by some of the comments I have seen here regarding BJ McKelvie and Dr. Martin. These men are helping our children. They have big hearts and want to see the children improve. This is not a money making scheme. It is helping the children and the parents of children with ASD!

Jade~ Autism Mom

Hi, I am one of the many parents participating in the ACE PATHWAYS Study. My son Gabe is four years old and my only baby. He was dx with autism in August of 2006 and every since then I felt like it was a struggle to bring back any signs left of my precious little baby I knew before his first birthday. He is the MOST important thing in my life and the center of my world. That being said, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER blindly go in to a medical study that could potentially be harmful to him in ANY WAY. I researched this study, Dr. MArtin, BJ, and many others before I ever decided to participate. Believe what you may about this study, but how dare you slander BJ and Dr. Martin as human beings for trying to HELP other children? IF you don't want to spend $300 to help your child get better with this study and hopefully "DEFEAT AUTISM NOW" then keep doing what you are doing with ABA therapy, but it doesn't work for every child. I tried that route with Gabe....and OT, ST, PT, Music, etc. Nothing worked until this. My little boy said "thank you" to me when I handed him his drink yesterday morning. He was for the most part non-verbal before treatment, besides mumbling a few words here or there that never connected with anything correctly. He also looks me in the eye now and smiles at me when he is saying "mama". For those of you who have non-verbal children you understand how long we pray for those things to happen. Myself and Mike are usually two of the biggest skeptics around, but for some reason with this we found FAITH that God wanted this for Gabe. I can understand if it was harmful or cost thousands of dollars to be hesitant...but gosh, $300????
I've spent that money on waaaaaaaay less important things than making my baby boy get BETTER! IF anyone would like to contact me to talk or ask questions about the study or how my son is doing with everything I would LOVE to speak with you. My phone number or email address is listed on the ACE STUDY site under contact us..... Jade.
I'm going to close this with an actual diary update that Gabe's dad (the skeptic) wrote talking about Gabe's treatment. I can assure you these are his real words and they made me cry when I read what he wrote.

"It has been almost a week since we administered Gabe his first treatment and to be honest, from the start of this I have always been uncertain as what to expect. For those of you who have watched the videos you may or may not understand the details that Dr. Martin is talking about, but I can tell you spending 4 years at Rose-Hulman did me no good in having the faintest clue on any of the biological details behind this treatment. After watching it a couple of times I can recognize that the theory does make sense, and I am left to default to the following something I am somewhat uncertain of. Through life I have learned that you have to TRUST people until you have a reason not to. This is not always a good approach because over the first 23 years of my life I have learned many hard lessons because the honest to god truth is that you CAN'T trust everyone. BUT from my experience the times that I have benefited from trusting a person I didn't know far out weigh the times where someone turned their back on me. Right now I have no options but to trust in Dr. Martin and believe that this treatment and the prayers of everyone who loves Gabe's will help him to conquer the first and tallest mountain in his young life.

To continue on the treatment, I will say that I am 100% sold on the RESULTS. I am convinced that it does work and I have faith that it will work. Jade and I have spoken frequently with Rev. BJ McKelvie who is the young gentlemen who is managing the distribution of the ACE Pathway Study kits. BJ is an AMAZING person. He is so devoted to this study and getting it out there to help others that he often sacrifices not only personal financial commitments, but also time with his only family and autistic son to assist families with an autistic child. Jade was speaking with BJ yesterday and he told her a story about how God healed him from MS through prayer. Yes, this sounds bizarre but I honestly believe him. If God created the entire world and human DNA structure healing a young man who believes and has faith in him seems so simple. Miracles do happen and I believe they are from Prayer and Faith. If you are doing something in life that you don't believe in it is often not worth doing anyways. I say this while I am sitting at work which is unfortunately something I wish I didn't have to spend so much time doing. My time would be better spent at home with Jade and Gabe helping him to fight through this healing process, BUT Jade will fight that battle while I am working on this one. My reason for mentioning all of this is to ask all of you to BELIEVE. I am not one to preach or write emails like this on a regular basis, but last night in my sleep I think God sent me a message saying that a more important part of this process, rather then getting the treatment right, is belief in the healing itself and praying for Gabe in between and after the treatments. In summary. HAVE FAITH… don't be afraid to believe in something you are unsure of. Just listen to the voice in your head and follow it. I know that is what Jade and I are doing.

As everyone knows, and in so many things in life, you can't always expect results over night. If it was always this easy then most of us wouldn't have to work as hard at the things we are doing in our lives. Well sometimes I look and put myself in Gabe's shoes and I can truly appreciate this statement. Imagine not being able to communicate with someone when you know exactly what you want to say. Gabe knows what he wants and knows the words they are just trapped and lost somewhere on the way from his brain to his mouth. It is like playing Charades for everything; using the restroom, asking for food or drinking, asking to go to the park. Gabe has to devote so much of his energy just to accomplish any of these things, and often times get frustrated and would rather that Jade and I play a guessing game until we figure out what it is that he wants. This is why I am asking you to devote some of your time and energy into faith that this treatment is going to work.

Now that I have that aside I want to talk about reasons you NEED to have faith that this is working. One video I know that put this all into perspective for me was watching BJ's son, Riley, say "Thank you Dr. Martin" on a video he posted on the website. If you havent seen this I urge you to go to the website and watch it. (Maybe Jade will attach the link for me J, thanks baby).
Watching this video I remind you that before treatment Riley was more severely autistic then Gabe and in couple short months and rounds of treatment he has seen these results. Before treatment Riley not only had complications with seizures but his condition mentally was very similar to Gabe's. With NO words before the treatment this is where Riley has progressed to. Recognizing that each child is different Jade and I have no timeline for Gabe except for his own. Gabe will be healed when his body is ready and until then Jade and I wlll continue to help him through the healing process.

On to the exciting part and that is the changes I have seen in Gabe over the last 6 days:

1) Gabe now actually sits down and watches his tapes without jumping excitedly infront of the TV. We haven't bought any new tapes since we started the treatment BUT when we put in a tap that Gabe has previously watched 100 times, he sits calmly in the yellow chair in our living room and watches attentively as if it was the first time he has seen it. It as if it is the first time he has seen it, just from his new set of eyes! Also while he is watching he is not stimming with his hands. As you all know Gabe is constantly looking for a form of stimulation and this appears to slowly be changing as the treatment process continues.

2) Gabe now actually leaves his socks and shoes on. This is seriously such a big change and I know Jade mentioned it but it is worth saying again. Before the treatment EVERYWHERE we went Gabe would take his shoes and socks off. Did I say EVERYWHERE? In the car, at dinner, at church, on the bus…BUT now he has stopped. Explain that one?

3) Gabe appears to be piecing more words together in his random talking, as you all know he is always doing. It actually sounds like he is trying to say something when he is talking rather then just making fun sounds. I remember thinking to myself that Jade and I were hearing things but it is happening too often for me not to believe he is saying things. 2 perfect examples: last night Gabe was throwing his toys down the stairs which he always gets in trouble for. I looked up the stairs and told him to stop which after hear clearly said "SORRY" (in his funny Gabe way of saying it, which is hilarious BTW, I couldn't help but to laugh) and then he actually came and picked up one of the stuffed animals that only made it half way and carried it back up stairs. The second is when Gabe is done eating at his char in the kitchen we always ask him if he is "all done". Usually it is a struggle to get him to say anything to indicate he is finished. We even tried PECS for a while, with on and off success. However last night I asked him and he didn't say anything so I said "okay well let me know when you are done and I will let you down" proceeding by walking into the TV room. At this point I was blown away because as soon as I walked away Gabe let out a sigh and says "All done". I was like what? And immediately ran over and let him down. It was just funny because I picture Gabe sitting in his chair thinking alright looks like fatty Mike is gonna let me down now. And then when I walked away he was like darn it I guess he isn't. Maybe I should use my words, which is something we are continuously telling him to do. And sure enough he did.

4) He also seems to be more attentive. It is as if he is noticing things in a way he hasn't previously seen them. We were at the park the other day and Gabe ran around and noticing everything. We put him in the swing which he loves and he had a blank look on his face for the first 2 minutes he was swinging until he finally got excited. Usually it was instant that when we let him swing he would be shouting and laughing from excitement. I can't help but think this was the first time he experienced swinging from a different perspective and that his somberness was a demonstration of this.

5) Gabe usually lines all of his toys up but recently he hasn't has as much of an issue of lining them up. They have even been unsorted at times and in random piles. And if you know Gabe this is unheard of because if you have a mess you need sorted. He knows darn well which friends go together and which ones don't.

6) The biggest change that I have seen is Gabe no longer crying when he gets frustrated. We always practice making Gabe use his words to get a toy, get out of his chair, turn his tape on, get dressed, get changed …whatever it may be. This was previously always a struggle because it usually ended up in Gabe crying to get what he wanted. Which sucks because you aren't supposed to give in at this point because then he will associate crying with getting something he desires. But at the same time we don't want to listen to him cry making it hard not to give in. Since treatment Gabe has not cried once, that I can recall, when we have been trying to force him to use his words. He just looks at you longingly waiting until he usually finally gives in and makes a sound that is atleast close to what he wants. It has been awesome to see this for both Jade and I. And I know you have all read Jade's updates and heard about the time where he used the word "Car" 5 times in a row to get his toys when I was working with him.

7) The last thing is POTTY TRAINING. As most of you know Jade and I had given up for the last 6 months. Not only were we not making any progress but Gabe had enough change in his life at that point and it wasn't helping. Since the treatment, everytime we have put Gabe on the potty he has gone at least a little bit. He finally gets it! That pee-pee goes in the potty. Not knowing how to tell us is a different battle, but we will fight that one after the words come! For now we will work with putting him on the potty every so often to see if he has to go and go from there. The exciting thing is that he is using the potty everytime we sit him on it (3 – 4 times a day) when previously we got him to go in the potty maybe once a week on a good week. YAY for that!

That is all I can think of at this point but I am sure I am missing a few things. It has just been so exciting to see him going through these changes I am probably forgetting some.

Hope you all enjoy this update from my point of view and please keep believing the treatment will work and having faith it will. I know I will keep praying.

I love you all and thank you so much for the support. We couldn't do it with out you."

-Mike and his newly found best friend Gabe :)

Shari Parker

Our daughter is 14, ASD. We are currently evrolled in the ACE study. We have noticed postive improvements in expressive and receptive languauge which is verified. Our daughter was tested for oral motor function (swallowing test) at Arkansas Children's Hospital because of her apparent inability to chew and swallow meat. She is now eating turkey for the first time in her life. Is it a sensory issue - an appetite issue? I don't know. She's asking thought provoking questions since starting ACE. We were saying our prayers last night and she asked if beds were in Heaven. I told her that there could be because Jesus said he has a mansion for us in Heaven if we believe in Him. She said "I've never thought about that" then she asked what does "believe" mean. She told me this morning that she wished she were an elephant in the jungle so she could take a bath with her big trunk. She said that she was going to use her imagination to do that. She immediately increased her expressive language skills in speech therapy from being able to describe one object using category, function, color, shape - to describing 27 objects using these descriptions. All 27 in a row! I have to also say that she's becoming a little fussy at times. This is unusual because she has always been very compliant and sweet. She's still sweet - just a little more assertive in her own views and feelings. Yet, she is so much more peaceful. She hasn't had a seizure in 2 weeks since starting ACE. She's becoming aware of her place in this world. We were sitiing at our home school table and I had to get up for a minute. When I returned - she looked at me with perfect eye contact and said " I just realized that I was sitting here all alone" Yesterday, I was on the phone trying to negotiate lower interest rates. When I got off the phone she asked "what's wrong?" I told her that we needed a lower interest rate on our credit card and she sustained eye contact and interest in this entire conversation. I will not post our daughter's previuos IQ and adaptive scores - but let me say that she was tested 10 months ago using the WESHLER INTELLIGENCE SCALE FOR CHILDREN and the WESHSLER INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST and the VINELAND ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR SCALES. She will be retested on language in October. I will say that her language skills were at or below a 5 year old level less than a year ago.
I've been dealing with autism for 14 years -I learned a long time ago that negative attacks are a complete waste of my time. I simply don't care what others think about the manner in which I deal with autism. ACE therapy has helped our daughter live more peacefully and aware of her own place in this world. She asked me yesterday for the first time - out of the blue - 'Am I autistic?" She's NEVER used that word. So, I had a long talk with her. Having conversations with my daughter is so new and so much more important than wasting time and energy trying to convince people who are frankly clueless about autism that ACE may be a viable treatment for autism. Hopefully, others will be interested and try ACE for their children. However, over the past 14 years I've seen so much hatred and meaness concerning autism and various treatments from GFCF diets, ABA therapy, you name it... I don't hate anyone's choice of therapy. If it works for you precious child then you should do it. Don't hate my choices - believe me we have tried GFCF, ABA, speech, OT, PT, sensory integration, AIT (which was extremely helpful), B12 injections, other supplements, prescription medications, floor therapy, allergy therapy (which worked), chelation therapy, etc.. all of these combined still left me with a daughter who functions at a 4-5 year old level. We'll see if ACE improves this level or if it doesn't. This isn't my first "rodeo" but I'm open to the possibilities that ACE can help our daughter. So far, I'm impressed. My husband is a huge skeptic and he is even acknowledging the improvements. He only wants the best and safest treatments for our daughter.
Shari Parker

Rachel Parcher

I am currently administering this treatment on my son Manny.

I do admit I was very sceptical at first and didn't expect too much but figured it was worth a try as the expense was low and the side effects were minimal.

We noticed changes the very next morning in our son who is 4 1/2 and non verbal.

We didn't see miracles but many small changes.....too many to be coincidence.

These changes have convinced me enough to start a second round of treatment.

My son suddenly started using the bathroom by himself, has much better eye contact and is more affectionate since the treatment. He is focused and even brought tears to his nursery school teachers eyes at the changes in him.

He has become "easier" to deal with from everything from self care / grooming to dressing him, routine changes, he is pinching less and we are able to redirect him from this behaviour which was becoming a huge problem before treatment.

If I didn't feel this was working for my son I would NEVER be doing a second round of treatments on him.

The last thing I have is extra time to be wasting. I have to wait until he is sleeping to do this treatment and risk waking him the entire time...which would be a disaster. We finish at at 11 p:m and then I do my night time prep for the next morning, school etc.

When I first joined this study I was very optimistic but tried to be as sceptical as possible while maintaining an open mind. There are just too many things my son started to do immedately after treatment that he had never done before for me to not believe it is helping him.

I envite anyone to read our progress diary and contact us if they want to with any questions they may have.

As for Dr. Martin I am greatful that he has stuck it out and is trying to make a differance for some people.

But do not think that for one second that I would not pull my child out of this if I felt it was dangerous or harming him in any way. I am his mom fist and will always do what I feel is best or right for him and will protect him in any way I can.

The fact that my child no longer runs around the house yelling and flapping his arms all day is huge for us. He still yells and flaps when really excited but not for 10 hours straight. Our family dynamic has improved allot and sometimes our house is even quiet while the kids are awake.

I'm just a regular parent trying to live with autism and have found something that helps us deal with it better and my son just seems happier these days. He actually laughs and smiles at us. Even if my son never speaks I feel this treatment has improved his quality of life a great deal already.

There will always be people who are sceptical and that is their right to their opinion.... I just hope they invest the same amount of energy and thought and reseach into the treatment and results that they are placing on discrediting this study.

Thats all I have to say for now.

R. Parcher

Harold L Doherty

It would be helpful if Cherie Peattie and Rev. McKelvie could, in addition to their personal testimonials, provide information concerning independent substantiation of their beliefs and Dr. Martin's theories.

Any studies or articles by health care professionals or researchers published in credible journals would be a good start. Any literature showing that any autism experts take Dr. Martin's theories seriously would be helpful.

Harold L Doherty


I am Mom to Dawson age six who suffers from Autism. I am also a skeptic, because as someone mentioned in one of their comments...there are a lot of sharks swarming around dangling "hope" in front of parents seeking answers for their children.

That being said however, I think that some credit has to be given to those parents that have researched this therapy. As parents, we don't walk blindly into something. We check and double check and then check again before allowing our precious children to participate. I am one of the parents involved in the study with my son Dawson.

I can only speak for myself, when I say that I am repulsed by some of the comments on here regarding Dr. Martin and BJ McKelvie. Have any of you even bothered to pick up the phone and talk to either of these wonderful men??? How can you possibly make a judgment of their motives when you haven't given them a chance to speak. Both my husband and I have spoken to BJ and I have spoken to Dr. Martin. I hold both of these men in the highest regard. Neither of them are out to get rich here people!! Quite the contrary!!! BJ has he has mentioned before, has sacrificed things that his own family needs to help other families that are so desperately wanting to treat their children!!! When I spoke with Dr. Martin, one thing was abundantly clear. Dr. Martin loves children and wants to help them to get better. Bottom Line!! He is a brilliant man, and I can only speak for myself, when I say that to ignore the knowledge that he is presenting and the potential to help our children get better...well, I would be failing Dawson as his parent. I can not and will not fail him. Autism has taken so much away from Dawson and ourselves. It's time to start taking back what we all have been robbed of.

Prior to treatment, Dawson was completely non-verbal. As a matter of fact, we had not heard one single word from Dawson since he was 18 months old. Since treatment, Dawson has spoken 5 words!!!! As a parent that has longed to communicate with their child...this is more precious than anything!!! It isn't a is the treatment that has helped to clear a pathway for Dawson to start with speech.

Dawson has had many social changes as well. He is spontaneously showing affection. He is playing with other children...not just sitting on the sidelines watching as he did prior to treatment. His aggression has diminished to almost nothing. Meltdowns of GIGANTIC proportions were occurring several times a day prior to treatment. Now, they are practically non-existent. This is not my imagination, nor is it my desire as a parent to see changes and therefore I am "seeing" more progress than is really there. The progress is real. The treatment is real. We are getting our son back. No one will ever be able to convince us otherwise. We stand beside Dr. Martin and we support him. Thank you Dr. Martin for all that you are, for your devotion to our wonderful kids...and most of all, for standing up to the bureaucracy that is trying their best to silence you. We as parents will NOT allow that to happen.


The reason is money and power how many jobs would be lost if no one had another vaccine?

Cherie Peattie  - Cherie~Autism Mom

First of all a huge “THANK YOU” to Dr. W John Martin for devoting your life to helping those affected by stealth adapted viruses. These viruses have literally robbed my sons body and mind for over 4 years, and thankfully we are now getting him back now because of your hard work and commitment!

Thank you for continuing to help our children despite repeated road blocks, Nay Sayers and those who continue to remain uneducated about stealth adapted viruses and the impact they have.

Thank you for doing what is right, rather than following the crowd and allowing our children's autism and the reason for its development to remain hidden and ignored by those we have instilled trust in to keep us free from disease.

Most importantly... THANK YOU for all you have done to help my son Aidan.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity as a mother to finally experience and meet my child for the first time.

Thank you for allowing Aidan to express his sense of humor, affection, knowledge, skills and general curiosity.

Thank you for allowing Aidan the chance to experience his life the way he was meant too.

Thank you for listening to me as a parent and for helping to educate me about autism from pregnancy to now. Thank you for calming my fears about having another child. I now feel confident enough that autism can been prevented by treating myself during pregnancy. I finally do not fear trying to have another child. Thank you for calming that fear!

Thank you for increasing my sons vocabulary, increasing his food tolerances and for finally helping Aidan understand his birthday. After 5 years, my son finally understood and has shown genuine excitement for his big day. Thank you for helping my child finally blow out his birthday candles. I never knew if he would ever be able to experience a holiday and celebration like we all do and truly understand it. He does now and WOW! I still am amazed at how much information he has learned and retained!

Thank you for helping me help my son. Thank you for sponsoring my child in your study, when I had no means to do this on my own. Thank you for all of the families that you have helped do these treatments. I know the grave financial hardship you and BJ McKelvie have both suffered from for this.

BJ McKelvie thank you for all you have done to introduce me to ACE Pathways and for always being there to listen when I needed help along the way. Thank you to both of your families as well, as you have both given of yourself freely to help our children; giving so freely and expecting so little in return. I consider it a true blessing to have met you both; you have both restored my hopes for Aidan's future.

I always wondered why my son was constantly sick with colds, runny nose, fevers, darkened eyes, poor coloring, major gut related issues, excessive stimming, self harm, unable to center himself, zoning out, highly restricted diet, poor sleeping patterns, poor concentration etc... I now know... Stealth Adapted Viruses.

Dr. Martin, Thank you for helping us combat autism and thank you for giving families hope for those who have yet to be and for those facing institutions. I pray through these treatments that we can avoid institutions altogether. Our children deserve the chance to be seen and heard and I no longer view any child with Autism any different than a stroke patient. We now know that their mind is fully their but their body is working against them at such an intense volume that they are unable to even control body movements and speech. Thank you for helping my son to come out of himself enough to tell me, “I love you Mommy!”

Thank you for giving so many children and adults with Autism speech for the first time in their life. I know a very special little boy who is grateful everyday for the many challenges he faced daily that are no longer issues; Aidan!

To everyone reading this, all I can say is that ACE Pathways WORKS! It is natural to have fears and doubts. I had my own doubts and fears. I even dragged my feet for months before I finally committed to doing the study. Guess what? My son is getting better and NO ONE can say that isn't true. Just look at everything he has done. Look under the children's progress diaries.

Study Participant – Aidan
(Parent – Cherie)

Look at my videos on You Tube about the treatments and how we did them. Aidan is not suffering and in fact sings in some of them.

I have listened to, been attacked by, prayed for those who seek to defame all Dr. Martin has done to save these children. For those of you who seek to slander Dr. Martin and ACE Pathways... shame on you. More and more children are being treated daily and these kids are improving... Greatly!

Hiding this treatment is unfair to all of our children suffering with Autism. This is not a disorder to be embraced, it is a disorder to be treated and help our children heal from the damage autism and stealth adapted viruses have created. I refuse for even one more minute to leave my child in that state.

Dr. Martin... Thank you for giving families real hope, real results and real proof that these viruses do in fact exist and our children's bodies can begin to heal their bodies enough to fight off these viruses by charging the bodies immune system through your treatments. I am so happy this is 100% non invasive. Thank you for that!

Also for those who have complained about the $350 fee, let me say this... I have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on various and assorted programs, treatments, OT equipment, speech equipment, PECS etc and guess what? Nothing even came close to ACE Pathways. I have lined so many peoples pockets and have seen such little results that I would actually have to say I have been taken full advantage of as a parent and my child's autism has profited many. In this case, the only profit has been my son getting better. The $350 is literally the kit and the shipping.

Like all studies it costs money to operate programs. This study however, is being paid for solely by Dr. Martin & BJ McKelvie. Both of these men have taken money from their own pockets to help sponsor families who just cannot afford it. Dr. Martin has even said that refuses to see any child go untreated if the only thing preventing them is money. But like all things this is expensive and more and more families are in need and are limited financially. They are asking those who can afford it to pay and if we can get some type of funding, then those who cannot afford it, will be helped. Both of these men are running out of funds to continue to help everyone. BJ McKelvie also closed his own business just so he could help with ACE Pathways full time. BJ has also taken the last of his money in his own pocket, to ship a kit to a family that could not pay and put he and his family without money for days. These are not greedy people. These are people who care and who are standing on the front line trying to help our children.

Consider that before you close off ACE Pathways in your mind!

Rev. BJ McKelvie

My name is Rev. BJ McKelvie. I am one of the writers and singers on the song I’m In Here – The Anthem for Autism. I can’t speak for anyone except myself and my son. I can’t make any unfounded and untrue claims regarding my child. It is not in me. It is not right. I am just a father. My son’s name is Rylie and he battles Autism.

My precious boy struggles day to day with the horrific effects of autism. You see, I was never given the opportunity to hear my baby boy call me daddy. I was robbed of the chance to play ball with him. I have been brutally denied the everyday experiences that most get with their babies.

Desiring a hug or a kiss was nothing more than tears and a prayer at night. Many nights I cried out to God, “let me hear my boy call me daddy” or “even just look at me”. I even thought perhaps being in the Ministry that my faith would help me overcome and that I would simply see my boy healed miraculously. Trying to keep a failing marriage together as the stress of autism tore us apart and the financial devastation that has occurred as part of this disorder and I am still left with no answers.

I am simply Rylie’s father. I have no answers for him when he looks at me with that lost look in his eyes. How do I help my son overcome the terror of multiple seizures when he can’t even tell me he is scared? What am I suppose to do when he collapses with heart problems and can’t say “daddy I am scared”? What do I do when he can’t say “Daddy I hurt”?

I am simply Rylie’s father. How do I explain to him that the reason he can’t walk is because he has had an autism related seizure that has left him temporarily paralysed from the waist down? Why can’t he tell me “daddy I can’t walk today, can you carry me down to play with my toys”. Why do I have to find him dragging himself down the hall to his play room to simply play with his toys?

I am just Rylie’s dad. I am supposed to be his earthly protector, but I can’t protect him from this. I am supposed to have all the “daddy answers” but how when I can’t carry a conversation with him.

I am Rylie’s dad and I am desperate to help my son. I had a doctor approach me one day. It was an email in fact. He went on to tell a story of how he has been fighting and researching for years to help find answers for so many illnesses. As I read on he invited me to call him. I owe it to my son to call anyone at this point. You see Dr. Martin as most call him is simply a dad too. He is proud of his children. To me, he is not Dr. Martin, he is John and my friend. He is the man who has committed to trying to help my son.

John invited me to Arkansas to investigate for myself an ongoing clinical trial that was taking place regarding autism. You see it was 3000 miles and $2500 but I owe it to my son to search every avenue. I am Rylie’s dad. So I went and watched. I talked and learned. I kept and open mind also knowing very well I was in another country and did not know any of the people I was speaking with. I met parents who claimed their babies were getting better. I drove for hundreds of miles and talked to parents and children across 2 states who claimed they saw a difference after this treatment. I had the chance to be present when a child was treated. I watched her do thing before my very eyes she has never done before. I have since become friends with her mother. I trusted what I saw as I was there both before and after her treatment.

I am simply Rylie's dad. I had many conversations with John Martin, sat face to face with him and shared my heart story with him. He listened and I saw the emotion in his eyes. I then listened to his story and had emotion in my eyes. You see my son Rylie might now have a fighting chance is what I was praying.

John Martin never made any promises to me. He never made any outlandish claims, he never asked me for money and even paid the tab for dinner that night.

As I returned home my boy was still having seizure after seizure. He was in the hospital night after night. The EMT’s even knew our address by heart.

I owe it to Rylie to try anything that may help and not hurt.

I am simply Rylie's dad. I had Rylie participate in ACE Therapy. I have seen changes. Changes that can’t be argued. Changes that can’t be called unfounded and untrue. My son has now called me “Daddy”. My son has since said “I love you”. My son has made incredible improvements.

I never did tell people around me that Rylie went through treatment for sometime. They just simply commented day after day about the sudden changes in Rylie.

My son no longer battles for his life night after night from seizures. We have not seen an ambulance is almost 3 months. My wife heard ‘Mama” for the first time ever. His little sister just had Rylie call her by name. She smiled unlike I have ever seen. Her brother and best friend now knows her name. Why would I argue with people about what changes have occurred in my son? They can't argue back. I am not going to entertain people like Mr. Harold L Doherty. I am going to enjoy my son.

I am Rylie's dad. I felt obligated to help other children experience what Rylie was so blessed with. I helped get the study off the ground. I am financially broke but keep scrounging to find money to help keep it going. If there are a few flaws in the initial stages, please forgive me. I am just Rylie’s dad and so very tired. It is a money grab? Nope. I have actually spent almost every last dime to send out kits. We have even gone without groceries and gas to send a kit to children who desperately needed it. Will you ask the other desperate parents who paid for their kit? Who bought the lights and sent it to them? Who never asked for a penny in return?

Since I am just Rylie's dad, I thought it would be a wonderful idea for parents to be able to share with the world the changes they see in their babies. So I created the “Progress Diaries”. A place where other parents could share what they are seeing. I am excited for Rylie and so many other babies.

I am disappointed and embarrassed by people like Mr. Harlod L Doherty and others who continue to attack myself, the study, John, the children and parents. This is how you help my son? Please stop, I am Rylie's dad. At least call me, meet Rylie and my family, share a meal with us, then you can make your judgements.

I do believe in my heart of hearts this works. Yes! I am an avid promoter of a therapy that helped my son.

To all who have posted negative comments… I have just checked my phone messages and have none from you to verify your claims. I have checked my email and have no questions. What justifies your responses? Rylie and I would ask that you please provide the world your credentials so other parents can review them before they let you make their decisions for them.

I am Rylie’s dad. Nothing more. I am a father who is fighting for a cure not therapy. I love my son very much. The treatment worked for him. That is all I can claim. No man will ever take that away. Autism has already robbed Rylie of so much.


I had initially signed up to participate in this study. I received information in the mail along with a request to send the $300+ to be part of the study. I immediately asked to be removed from the 'study' because common sense tells me that one shouldn't have to pay to be part of a valid study. The reply from the organization was that the cost "was clearly indicated on the web-site"; it's really not as I went back to look for it and to see how I could have missed something as big as $300. Geez, that's 5 months of ASD Plex, or 3 months of PCA Rx, or 50 boxes of Ian's GF/CF fish sticks! The lack of transparency in the product, the process, the cost etc. all tells me that this isn't something that families should spend their money on unless they are just trying to get rid of $300.


I'm confused about the polio vaccine contamination. I'm well aware of the SV40 contamination. However, I can't seem to find any publications regarding contamination by simian cytomegalovirus. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Jim Witte

Virus Weaves Itself into the DNA Transferred from Parents to Babies

Effects of unique form of congenital infection unknown

University of Rochester Medical Center

Parents expect to pass on their eye or hair color, their knobby knees or their big feet to their children through their genes. But they don't expect to pass on viruses through those same genes.

New research from the University of Rochester Medical Center shows that some parents pass on the human herpes virus 6 (HHV-6) to their children because it is integrated into their chromosomes. This is the first time a virus has been shown to become part of the human DNA and then get passed to subsequent generations. This unique mode of congenital infection may be occurring in as many as 1 of every 116 newborns, and the long-term consequences for a child's development and immune system are unknown.

"At this point, we know very little about the implications of this type of infection, but the section of the chromosome into which the virus appears to integrate is important to the maintenance of normal immune function," said Caroline Breese Hall, M.D., professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and author of the study which publishes in Pediatrics this month. "With further study, we hope to discern whether this type of infection affects children differently than children infected after birth."

HHV-6 causes roseola, an infection that is nearly universal by 3 years of age. The typical roseola syndrome produces several days and up to a week of a high fever and may have variable other symptoms including mild respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms. With roseola, just as the fever breaks, the child may briefly develop a rash. A congenital infection of HHV-6 – or one that is present at birth – produces high levels of virus in the body but scientists (doctors) do not know whether it produces any developmental or immune system problems.

Some congenital infections can cause serious problems in fetuses. If a mother contracts cytomegalovirus (CMV) while pregnant, her fetus is at risk of hearing or vision loss, developmental disabilities and problems with the lungs, liver and spleen. Some of those health problems don't show up until months or years after birth. HHV-6 virus is a closely related virus to CMV, and the congenital infection rate of CMV is similar to that of congenital HHV-6 – about 1 percent. However, this research shows that a congenital HHV-6 infection differs greatly from a congenital CMV infection in that it is often integrated into the chromosomes of the baby rather than passed through the placenta.

"This is the first time a herpes virus has been recognized to integrate into the human genome. To think that it's actually a part of us – that's really fascinating," said Mary Caserta, M.D., associate professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and one of the paper's authors. "This opens up a whole new realm of exploration."

Of 254 children enrolled in this study between July 2003 and April 2007, 43 had congenital HHV-6 infections based on cord blood samples. Of 211 children without congenital infection, 42 were children who acquired an HHV-6 infection during the study. Of the infants who had congenital infections, 86 percent of them (37) had the virus integrated into their chromosomes. Only six of the congenitally infected babies were infected by the mother through the placenta .

Children who had integrated HHV-6 had higher levels of virus in the body than those who were infected through the placenta. HHV-6 DNA was found in the hair of one parent of all children with integrated virus with available parental samples (18 mothers and 11 fathers), which means the children acquired the integrated infections through their mother's egg or father's sperm at conception. The virus's DNA was not found in hair samples of parents of children who were infected after birth.



We have a failure by the medical community to “First Do No Harm” regarding mercury in vaccinations and we have another failure to “Hasten to Help” with the AAP policy of denying all medical treatment for their children if they don’t want vaccinations. Finally the CDC does not have a policy of “first prove it safe” but rather has a policy of “we can’t prove it’s unsafe.”


I'm all for exploring possible viral connections to autism, but after going to the website I am skeptical. Offers no explanation for how UV applied to a mystery concoction placed on an impermeable layer of plastic is supposed to actually do anything. Doesn't detail what's in the concoction. Mentions chlorella at one point -- a great natural chelator that binds to metals. But quite bluntly disparages parents who believe in a vaccine/autism connection having to do with toxins while at the same time claiming a vaccine/autism connection having to do with viral contamination. To me this is a chicken and egg debate -- does toxic load cause mito dysfunction and lead to viral susceptibility, or does a virus cause mito dysfunction and lead to toxic load? It's a good question, but the dismissiveness with which he treats the first theory, the lack of controls on what is supposed to be a "study", his willingness to support the CDC vax program, makes me suspicious that this is just a boondoggle. Maybe the good doctor would consent to be interviewed for this website to answer questions?


Read this quote from the CDC article about SV40:
"In 1961, the virus was found to cause tumors in rodents (Eddy et al., 1961). That same year, the federal government required that new stocks of polio vaccine be free of SV40. However, existing polio vaccine stocks were not recalled and were used until 1963."

Their reason for not immediately recalling the vaccine:
"When SV40 was discovered, researchers did not know if the virus could negatively affect people's health. Many viruses that harm animals have no effect on people because of the biological differences between animals and humans."

But, now we've learned that it probably can cause harm in humans:
"Interest in SV40 has increased in the last several years because the virus was found in certain forms of cancer in humans, for instance mesotheliomas (rare tumors located in the lungs), brain, and bone tumors (Carbone et al., 1994; Jasani et al., 2001). More recently, SV40 has also been found to be associated with some types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (Shivapurkar et al., 2002; Vilchez et al., 2002)."

Polio is a dangerous disease, but what happened to Primum non nocere (latin for "First, do no harm")?
"The phrase expresses one of the principal precepts all medical students are taught in medical school and is a fundamental principle for the emergency medical services. It reminds the physician and other health care providers that she or he must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do. This is most often mentioned when debating use of an intervention with an obvious chance of harm but a less certain chance of benefit. Since at least 1860, the phrase has been for physicians a hallowed expression of hope, intention, humility, and recognition that human acts with good intentions may have unwanted consequences."
They probably should have recalled those vaccines until they could prove that it did not harm humans. But, to argue the other side of this issue. There is also the principle of "primum succurrere - 'first, hasten to help.'" So I guess if you're in the middle of a polio epidemic, you might prefer to take your chances with a vaccine that hasn't yet been proven to harm people. So in their case, they were more afraid of polio than a possible risk of tumors. Everyone can make a mistake so I'm not trying to place blame for this decision. However, I am suggesting that an appropriate system of checks and balances would benefit the vaccine program. The more advisors on all sides of the argument, the better.

Point of this whole comment is that, doctors and scientists are only human, and therefore should not be considered by themselves or others to be infallible. If a parent tells them that something happened to their child after a vaccine, they should listen. And if it caused the child serious harm, studies should be done to find out why. Both to help find a cure for that child, and to prevent harm to other children. That's why I'm against forced vaccinations. If the government forces people to get vaccinated, then the vaccine manufacturers don't have to dot every i and cross every t to ensure that their reputation of safety is protected. That is just a formula for slackness in safety research.

Jim Witte

Abstract for "Complex intracellular inclusions in the brain of a child with a stealth virus encephalopathy."


At a conference, Dr Martin talked about a stealth virus theory then had a product to sell CONTAINING MERCURY.

I saw the bottle and the talk.

Harold L Doherty

Dr. Martin has published several articles on his Stealth Adapted Viruses and ACE Pathways since 1999. I have been unable to find any articles which comment on his theories at all.

I have published a comment expessing reservations about the "investigation" mentioned above on Facing Autism in New Brunswick. The comment is "Autism and Stealth-Adapted Viruses - Science or Non-Sense?". It was posted on Aug 25.

Sara Reider

Are any readers here participating in this study? I've been reading some negative things about it:

Just a little leery. There are a lot of sharks swarming around our vulnerable community...


oh, yes, vaccines have nothing to do with autism. "doctor - syringe ready?, cocktail compounded? - well then, let's load 'em up."


While I feel all avenues should be explored, this wouldn't explain why mostly boys are getting autism.

The polio vaccine is not the only vaccine contaminated. They are ALL contaminated - look how they are made. DISGUSTING!!!!


I'm curious about how many other people have lost a job because of research they did or attempted to do? There is Dr. Wakefield, I think David Kirby mentioned this happening to someone else in "Evidence of Harm" and now I hear about this case.

One of the arguments that apparently good scientists ask is why there isn't more of this kind of research being done. And I've mentioned the two other cases -- but I'm sure there are more.

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