Mark Blaxill: The Feeling in the Room
Long Island NY: Hearings on Vaccines and Autism

Discovery Health Presents: The Kirtons, Autism x6

Autismx6_2Meet The Kirtons. Wednesday, October 1st of Discovery Health. Check your local listings. You can visit the Kirton's blog HERE.

SILVER SPRING, Md., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- When John and Robin Kirton first married, they knew they wanted to have a large family -- but like many couples, they had no idea what they were in for. Today, the Kirtons are the parents of six children -- each of whom has been diagnosed with autism.
Discovery Health presents an intimate view of life with multiple autistic children in AUTISM x6, an hour-long special premiering Wednesday, October 1, at 8 PM (ET/PT). Read more HERE.


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Wanda McMahon

Were either of the parents in the army in 90 or 91? The vaccines given to the soldiers caused autism in their children.

nathaniel baer

i need help finding diapers 4 my 15 yr. old brother he has autism,seizures waste size 18-20


I really hope this family is getting help beyond the school system. They really need help at home. I was somewhat put off by the show last night. I will watch it again though. I hope they will discuss the options like biomed, RDI, and other therapies that many families have benefitted from. I'd like to know, like some of you, what their vaccination schedule was. I'd like to know about the city they live in and the services that are offered to families living with autism. I have two children on opposite ends of the spectrum too. I was very proud of Bobby and his self help skills at home.
I wish this family many blessings but, hope they will seek help.


I'll answer your comments here as best as I can. However, our blog (link is on our site) has been up for nearly two years now and we've gone into a lot of detail there. With that said...

ALL of our children got their required shots except the youngest, Mary. She has the mildest DX with PDD-NOS. Larry King did TRY to 'get me' on the number of children we have. But, I turned around his question to state that we believe that Autism is a 'Spectrum' disorder, caused by a 'Spectrum' of reasons (including vaccines), that will need a 'Spectrum' of treatments. Doesn't matter how many children we have!

Diapers? Sarah, our big girl, wears ones we have found at Walmart. They are small pull-ups for 35-60 lbs. Works out great.

Nutrition for non-eaters? We found this company that makes a 'Spectrum' line of enzymes and vitamins that was created just for ASD kids. Its a powder that is mixed in water that tastes like a juice.

We were new to Autism in Nov 2006 when we got the DX on all six. We heard of a genetic study at the University of Utah and felt we needed to be involved. One of the Dr's (Miller) is on our documentary and you will like what she has to say.

Bio-medical? Not much yet, it's hard to afford to do it for all or to choose who to give it to if we can't do them all.

If you would like to contact us personally go to or our website:

The Dad


Were these children vaccinated?

Does anyone know? If they are all UNvaccinated, they would provide a great sample in which to study a genetic component of autism.


Can you say...
I have 4 Hg toxic kids.
It took one being dxed with Autism before I finally asked to see a shot insert.
Despite swearing up and down they stocked no shots with Thimerosal, it was still in my daughters Hep B series full strength, stunning the nurse practitioner.
Bonehead doctors still vaccinating high risk kids is the issue here.
There has been no discovery of an Autism gene only 30 or so that implicate susceptibility to mitochondria or environmental damage.
Genetics is poor excuse for 6 Autistic kids.
You can see each child in the family has different issues.
Never in time has there ever been a genetic epidemic.
These poor people. God Bless them.


saw trailer where a 'big' girl still wore son is 5...can't find a place to buy 'big' kid diapers...any help?
also i credit my sons very high level of functionality otherwise with the fact that he only received the one for hepatitus they gave shortly after birth, and the first of the vaccination series at 3 months of age...he had seizures immediately after those vaccinations and after the first one for hepatitus he slept non stop for a month...also, my son doesn't have a sense of hunger, to the point where really pediasure, 4 or 5 of them a day, are the only source of sure nutrition for him...any one else out there have a child who never knows hunger?...i've tried all sorts of tricks...

Media Scholar


I wouldn't let anything frighten me. The likelihood that all six of the Kirton kids were to so degree vaccinated is very high.

More than anything the Kirton parents represent the mainstream medicine's obfuscation of vaccine injury.


This is frightening to me. This family will add credence to the genetic theory. Those who dismiss that our kids have been vaccine injured will be saying a loud "told you so". They should find a family with a two or more kids who have been vaccinated and developed autism followed by a another one or two who never got vaccines and developed normally. Trust me, they're not hard to find. One lives just in the next town over from me.

Media Scholar

Back to the future. This is the token family traditionally used by the neurodiverse/genetics crowd over in Maryland.

They seem like nice people. Their kids are fantastic. The family is a mainstream medicine propaganda treasure galleon.

Larry King Live shredded the father some time ago for their position on birth control.

Holly Austin

I can't wait to watch this. Does anyone know if they do any biomedical treatment??

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